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Little One 2

by: Mastermind


"Hello Mrs. Crespy, how is everything going with you and Michelle?"

"Everything is well. This is my other daughter Marianne."

"Hello young lady." Turning back to Mrs. Crespy, "So you wanted some assistance with your other daughter?"

"Yes, if that is possible."

"Perfectly." Taking Marianne into the office, Dr. Lin did the samething to her as she did with Micheal. "Just have a lay down on my couch. I just want to talk to you for a bit."

Soon, Marianne fell under the trance. "I am yours to command."

As Marianne and Dr. Lin was in the office, Mrs. Crespy was thinking everything was going as planned. Marianne would soon rediscover her baby sister and Marianne would forget entire about her brother. An hour and a half later, Dr. Lin followed a less confused Marianne out of the office. However, when Mrs. Crespy had seen her eldest daughter a confused look crossed her face.

"What have you done, this is not what we had agreed?"

"You enformed my staff earlier about Marianne's accident at camp. Therefore, we have given you a chance to fix all that." Dr. Lin said with a matter of fact tone.

Knowing there would be no use in arguing, Mrs. Crespy walked over to the doctar's dood and reached for the bag containing a package of 3T-4T Girls' Huggies Pull-Ups. Just as her hand grabbed hold of the bag, Dr. Lin leaned over and softly spoke into her ear. Instantly, Mrs. Crespy snapped into a trance like state and followed Dr. Lin into her office. Moments later, both of them exited the room. What used to be Mrs. Crespy, is now a six year-old giggling care free girl.

"Maria, would you take my lovely girls down to the building's day care center?" As an after thought, Dr. Lin quickly reached back into her office and pulled out another package of Girls' Huggies Pull-Ups. "Oh and please make sure that Daniel gets put in the proper garments."

As Daniel, Marianne, and Michelle were brought to the building's day care center, Daniel stopped in her tracks and looked down at the floor. All that she was wearing was the t-shirt she had on when she entered the doctar's office.

"What did the doctar do to me?"

Hearing this Maria looked back at the confused girl. Instantly, Maria knew that the hypnosis and medication were quickly wearing off. Hastily, Maria grabbed a hold of a fighting Daniel by the arm and pulled her into the lady's room. After she finally got control of Daniel, she reached into the diaper bag, and pulled out a Luvs Diaper and the medication to make her a six year-old girl.

"Now listen here young lady, you will do as your told."

"I do not have to listen to you. I am an adult." Before Daniel could even pull away, she swolled the final pill to complete the transformation. Seconds passed when Daniel finally stopped struggling. All the memories of who she was fled her mind. A more coopertive Daniel lady calmly on the floor as Maria undid her t-shirt.

"Don't worry honey, Aunty will not harm you. Mommy asked me to put this on you when you got like this." Before too long, Daniel was completely naked accept for the Luvs Daiper now around her waste. "Are you ready honey?"


"Alright lets get you and your sisters down to day care shall we."

"Yes." Reaching the day care center ten minutes later, Daniel spoke soft once more. "Aunty, I have to use the potty."

"All right sweet heart. Take my hand." Carefully Maria brought Daniel into the bathroom; however it was too late. By the time they reached the door she had already used the diaper. Instantly as the pee left her bladder and filled the diaper, Daniel began crying getting the day care attendant's attention.

"Is everything ok here?"

"She just had a little accident."

"That is all right, we can take care of that." Quickly, the day care attendant grabbed Daniel under her butt and picked her up. Before Daniel could stop crying the day care assistant pulled out a pacifier from an unopened package. Without a second thought, Daniel grabbed it placing it in her mouth and stopped fussing. Moving even quicker, the attendant undid the diaper and pulled out another diaper from under the changing table.

"Maria is something wrong?"

"Nothing." The whole time Maria realized that she gave the medication meant for Marianne to Daniel. Now Daniel grew smaller by the instant; before much time, Daniel was the size of an infant of no more than a year-old.

"Aren't you a sweetie..." the attendant said as if she was talking to an infant. It was as if Daniel had been an infrant the whole time. Even Maria remembered bring in two infants and a toddler. "Will you be back to pick these darelings up later."

"Um... No, these are doctar Lin's children. She will be by later to pick them up. Oh, if Marianne, the oldest gets fussy...Just give her these."

"Ok." taking the bottle from Maria's hand.

For the rest of the day Daniel and Michelle used a combined total of twelve diapers. Marianne however started looking at her brother and mother in a confused mannor. "Who are these people. What happened?"

Seeing this the assistant turned to the head lady and with a nod, the assistant turned back to Marianne and gave the last pill in the bottle. As soon as Marianne swolled the pill, she laid down falling asleep seconds later. When she awoke, Marianne found that she was wet. Rushing over to an assistant, Marianne tugged on the pants.

"Yes dear."

"I am went potty."

"That is great dear." Just than the assistant looked down and saw that the Pull-Ups no longer had the flowers. "Oh I am sorry dear. Lets get you changed." Coming out of the bathroom, Dr. Lin just entered the room.


The assistant followed Marianne over to Dr. Lin. "How were my children?"

"They were perfect angles."

"Are you ready dear?" Nodding her head Marianne grabbed a hold of Dr. Lin's hand. "Alright let me get your sisters." Finding them asleep in a crib, Dr. Lin slowly lifted them up and moved them into a duel stroller.

The ride back to their home, Dr. Lin looked back in her mirror to see that all her children had fall asleep. This brought a smile to Dr. Lin's face for the first time in her life.

Pulling into their new home meant that life was going to be different. Dr. Lin already had two rooms set up for her new family. The toddler room was anything a little girl would want. It was painted in a light pastel pink with white curttens with little pink flowers spread all over them. Since this was going to be Marianne's room, Dr. Lin picked her up setting her on the bed.

"There you go sweetheart." Dr. Lin said kissing her on the forehead returning to the stroller outside the room. "I will lay your sister's down and come right back."

"Ok mommy."

Bring them into the nursery, Dr. Lin kissed them on their sleeping heads and turned on the baby moniter attaching one to her belt; before shutting the door.

"Marianne I am ready to play with you."

"Oh yay!" Marianne yelled.

"Ready lay down on your bed and I will get your play clothes out." Moments later Anne was helping Marianne change out of the infant dress that Mrs. Crespy had put on her back at the mall. Before Marianne was completely changed, Anne opened the package of Pull-Ups and put a new one on Marainne. "All right sweetheart, lay down and close your eyes."

Soon, Marianne was once more under the hypnotic trance. "Marianne, what is your last name?"


"Now your name is Marianne Louise Lin. Also, from now on you will remember being a three year-old and nothing other than what I have told you either now or back at the office."

"Yes, mommy."

"How many sisters do you have?"


"You have two sisters. Michelle Davis Lin and Simantha Daniel Lin."

"Yes, mommy."

"At the count of ten you will awake. 1, 2, 3..." Reaching ten Anne found that taking control of the family of her dreams took little work. Finally, Marianne came back around to her new surroundings and was extremely happy to be home and no longer at day care.

"Mommy play now?"

"I thought you wanted to watch a video dear?"


"Alright go and wait for me in the living room and I will go check on your sisters." Nodding, Marianne ran into the living room and Ann went to check on the infants. Opening the door, Ann found that Simantha was using the crib to hold herself up, tears falling down her puffy cheaks.

"Hey honey. What is the matter?" Taking a sniff of the air was all Ann needed to know what the problem was. With one sweep of her arm, Ann lifted her up into the air and onto the changing table sticking her pacifier into her mouth before Simantha knew herself what was happening. Humming a tune, Ann lifted up a package of baby wipes, baby powder and a fresh diaper to the top rung of the table. In a blurry flash, Ann changed Simantha's dirty diaper and had her back in the crib to continue her nap.

"Mommy, Mommy!" Marianne shouted running into the room. "Can we watch this?" holding up a DVD of Cinderella. Her yelling was all it took to wake up Michelle and get both infants to cry. Upset, Ann turned and spoke clearly to Marianne.

"Young lady, I told you to wait for me in the living room. You know everytime you come yelling for me it upsets your sisters. So you can give me the DVD and go to your room. You will not be playing today."

Crying Marianne turn and ran from the room. "Not fair."

For the next hour Anne worked at quieting down both Simantha and Michelle. Having no success, Anne brought both of them to the dinning room and put them in high chairs. Returning a short time later, Anne put three jars of baby jars down on the table, a half an hour later, Anne finished feeding both of them and set them in jump chairs.

"Mommy, I am going potty," Marianne said coming into the room.

"All right dear lets go." Coming out of the bathroom seconds afterward. Marianne was told to wait in her sister's room for now. Worried but quiet Marianne walked into her sisters' room. "Now young lady come here." Anne said in a stern voice.

Looking down Marianne knew she was in trouble. She knew this because her mother got the things ready to diaper a child. Reluctantly, Marianne walked closer to Anne.

"Mommy," Marianne said tears forming in her eyes. "I did not mean..." Before she could react to anything, Anne had her up on the changing table and pants down. "Mommy," Marianne said between cries and struggling.

"Stop this young lady," Anne said swatting her on the bottom. "You have been potty trained for a year now and I warned you if your accidents continued you will be treated like your sisters." After a couple of seconds, Marianne too found herself wearing a Luvs diaper and being brought into the dinning room and put in a high chair.

"Please stop mommy..." Marianne said trying to fight back the spoon holding baby food.

"Stop struggling or I will give you another spanking." Not wanting one, she stopped struggling and ate the food as it was put in front of her. Finishing two jars by herself, she than received a bottle full with formula.




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