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Little One

by Mastermind


"Michael what are you doing up there?"  his mother called to him.

It was summer and since Michael was only four years-old there was no camp that would allow him to join their summer programming. His older sister Marianne, who was eight, left for camp two days prior. Michael was extremely close to his sister and almost everything he did was with her. However, there was something else about Michael that the camps would not too keen about him joining them over the summer. Michael only stood three five and weighed just over 45 pounds.

"Michael, I am warning you for the last time stop what you are doing up there and come down stairs for lunch!" his mother yelled up again.

"Coming, mother!"

He ran down the stairs as quickly as his feet would carry him. For the next few days, right about lunchtime, Mrs. Crespy, a widow of two years, would hear her son sneaking about upstairs. Each time she heard him trying to sneak about, she would call up to him. Though one day she decided not to yell up to him and go see what it was he was doing. As she neared the top of the stairs, she caught the sight of Michael coming out of his sister's room.

"Michael Anthony Crespy, what in the good lord's name, are you doing coming out of your sister's room?"

Instantly at the sound of his mother's voice coming from behind him he froze speechless. He slowly turned to face his mother's upset figure.

"I I was lookin' um For a toy, I left in her room before she left for camp."

"Well young man, you are grounded to your room for the rest of the week. Now move it."

After he closed his door, his mother had a plan on how to fix him from misbehaving again. Making sure that his room door was shut tight, she went into her room and picked up the phone.

"Hello, Dr. Lin's office how may I help you?"

"This is Mrs. Crespy. I had called a couple of days ago about my boy missing his older sister. The problem has gotten much worse and I was curious to know if I could get him in to see the doctor today instead of tomorrow afternoon."

"Please hold while I ask." Moments passed like seconds before the receptionist picked back up the phone. "Sure the doctor has a free time at 3pm today. Would you like it?"

"That would be perfect. I appreciate this."

"Not a problem. Have a good day Mrs. Crespy."

"You too."

Hanging up the phone, she looked down at her alarm clock to see how long she had before the doctor's appointment. Seeing that she had only a half an hour before 3 pm, she went to her son's room and knocked gently before opening the door.

"Sweetie, it is time to get ready. We are going out for a while, so be ready to go in a couple of minutes."

"Yes, mother," the boy, answered with his head facing towards the floor.

The whole drive to the doctor's office, Michael looked out the window and thought about all the new things he was seeing. As they pulled up to an office building, he waited patiently for his mother to come around and let him out of the car.

Inside the building, it was nothing that Michael had ever seen. The strange thing was not one of the people he saw looked like him. Everyone looked similar to his sister or at least the clothing looked like what his sister would wear. His mother went to a plaque and moved her finger down until she apparently saw what she had been looking for.

"Alright sweetie this way."

Still looking all around, he rushed over to his mother and followed her into a room with the words Dr. Anna Lin written on a plaque on the door. The room was smaller than the main lobby, but like the lobby area, the room was filled with people who looked just like his sister.

The receptionist looked up at the closing of the door and made eye contact with Mrs. Crespy. Making eye contact was all it took, and the receptionist said go right in the doctor is ready for you.

"Hello my name is Anna Lin and you must be Mrs. Crespy?"

"Yes, I am and this is my son Michael."

"Hello there Michael," the doctor said while holding her hand out so he could shake it.

Turning back towards Mrs. Crespy she motioned for them to have a seat. "You should know, that the process you ask us to do for Michael here is not uncommon among kids his age of single women parents. You should also be informed that it is a three step process."

"What are these processes?" Mrs. Crespy asked as soon as the doctor stopped talking.

"The first step is seamlessly effortless on our part and yours as well. Seeing the kids are still young and have yet to start realizing what gender is, we hypnotize them to the point in that they are entirely infants again. We than supply the parents with everything thing they need to raise a healthy baby girl up to their first birthday. The second step than takes place. It is up to the parent than to raise them as a girl, and than finally when the girl is ready to begin their menstrual cycles, we give them brand new sex organs and estrogen tablets."

"It cost nothing for the parent. But a vow to keep their kids trained to think of themselves as girls for the rest of their lives."

"I will think about it and get back to you earlier next week if that is alright with you?"

"I will be away on Monday and Tuesday but if you want I can make an appointment for us to meet again on Wednesday?"

"That is fine with me and thanks again doc for seeing us today."

"It was my pleasure."

Leaving the doctors office and lobby area, everyone seemed to have vanished. Not a single person was in sight.

Wednesday finally came and Mrs. Crespy with Michael at her side once again found themselves in Doctor Lin's office. Unlike the previous Thursday, Mrs. Crespy and Michael waited out in the waiting room until they were called into the office.

"Shall we begin?"

"I think that it would be great. Where should I be?"

"My secretary will show you where you can wait."

"Turning to Michael she spoke sternly, "Now do what the doctor says, understand?"

"Yes, mother," he said giving her a hug before sitting back down.

Once both she and the secretary had left the room, Dr. Lin pressed a button on her desk and out came a small camera attached to the wall.

"Now Michael I want you to lay down on the couch over there. Let us talk for a bit."

Moments later, Michael fell comfortably under her trace on the couch and telling Dr. Lin everything that she wanted to know from him.

"Michael, by the end of the day you will no longer be four years-old, you are now one month old and a baby girl. You will forget everything about being a little boy. You will not have control over your body. Your new name is Michelle Davis Crespy. If you understand nod your head."

Nodding his head, Dr. Lin felt confident in her services. Bringing Mrs.Crespy back into the room, she too found herself satisfied with the results. By the end of the day Michael had completely became Michelle the one month old infant. First, went his control over the bowels and bladder. Next, went his memory of being Michael and replaced by his new identity. The next couple of days went by as any other would with an infant in the house. Than Mrs. Crespy received a phone call from the camp where Marianne had been sent for the summer.

"Yes, this is she. She what? I understand I will meet them at the airport tomorrow afternoon. Thanks, you too."

As Mrs. Crespy arrived at the airport, she quickly found an airport assistant and discovered where the plane where her daughter was coming out of. Meeting them just as they came out of the gate, Mrs. Crespy found her daughter with a Councilor just as the camp's director had said the day before. The Councilor introduced herself as Lisa and she was the one in charge of all other Councilors. She also suggested that they go somewhere more private to discuss what had happened in more detail. That is when she caught sight of a young girl in a stroller behind Mrs. Crespy fast asleep.

"I see that you have met my other daughter. Her name is Michelle." All the time Lisa was being introduced to Marianne looked on confused as to what her mother was saying. As she closely followed as they walked back out of the car Mrs. Crespy looked sternly at Marianne and than Lisa asked if it would be alright if she could spend day since plane back to camp would not be available again until the next day.

Pulling into the drive an hour and a half later Mrs. Crespy noticed a diaper bag that was not the one she had received from Dr. Lin's office. Finally wanting to know what happened while her daughter was at camp and Lisa sat in the living room discussing what had happened at camp that caused Marianne to come home early. While they discussed everything Lisa explained that it was normal for children Marianne's age felt uncomfortable away from home and these types of things happened all the time. She also explained the camp will give back the 300$ deposit that Mrs. Crespy had sent for the last five weeks of camp Marianne had not stayed.

The next day after Lisa had left on the plane, Mrs. Crespy and her child made a stop at the near by Mall.

"Mother what is going on?"

"We are going to take care of what happened at camp, Miss."

"But I promised it was an accident."

Soon Marianne too found herself wearing an infant dress Mrs. Crespy had packed and the last Luvs Disposable Diaper in Michelle's diaper bag. Wiping the tears from her eldest child's face, Mrs. Crespy explained that if she could keep dry she could wear her panties again but until than she will have to wear Huggies Pull-Ups. However, they were there to pick up a package for her and stop at the baby store for more diapers for her sister.

"Where is Michael?"

"Have you not figured it out yet darling, Michael is your sister. While you were gone at camp I found your brother playing with your dolls one day and so I made some changes."

Finishing their shopping shortly afterward, they made one other stop before heading home. Again, Mrs. Crespy and her former son found themselves outside Dr. Lin's office and pushing the door open.

"Welcome back Mrs. Crespy," the receptionist said as she looked up to see who was entering the office.

"Yes, I called about my daughter here." Once more Marianne looked on curious as to what was happening. Just than, Michelle began crying loudly behind them both and Marianne turned along with her mother. "I will be back in one moment."

"Sure the doctor will be ready for you when you get back."

"Marianne I want you to wait here while I go and change your sister."

Seconds later, Mrs. Crespy and Michelle where in the lady's room. Michelle continued to cry as Mrs. Crespy lifted up her daughter's dress and pulled a clean Luvs Diaper from the diaper bag. Quickly changing her daughter's dirty diaper she soon made it back just as the doctor came out of her office.




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