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Maid to Serve

by Maid Candy


I couldn't believe it. After 6 years of faithful service and hard work, I was given a choice of quit or be fired. I didn't want a termination on my record, so I quit my job in middle management of a retail chain. Some say it was corporate downsizing after 9/11, but I think it was because I wasn't a member of the rod and gun club. You know the type of men who get promoted because they play golf with the boss. I just don't like sports too much. By the way, my name is Dave.

So I went home to wait for my beautiful wife Linda. She is a wonderful wife and a great lover. Unlike me, she has been continuously successful in her jobs and is regularly getting promoted. I know she works very hard and has a no nonsense attitude while at work which sometimes shows up in the home too.

Waiting at home for her, feeling like a total loser, worrying about money, I've never felt so terrible in my life. Finally I hear her car outside and I brace myself for the worst reaction to my failure. Linda gets out of her car, looking as beautiful as ever in her tailor made business suit. The jacket snuggly taught against her 34d breasts, the just above the knee skirt making gentle swooshing noises on her silky dark hose, and just an inch too high for work pumps with the narrow heel, all made for a sight to behold. That's if I didn't have such bad news to tell.

I get a strange look from her, wondering why I'm home so early. I finally tell her the bad news, "I got the choice today to quit or be fired, so I quit." I waited for her anger…. "You did the right thing, Dave. You hated that job anyways. Now you can find something you really want to do." What did I tell you, she is a wonderful wife! I burst into tears and she hugged me until I stopped.

That night, we went out for a nice dinner. Linda was quite kind and considerate of my feelings and was obviously trying to get me to relax. After dinner and a few drinks, we went home and got ready for bed.

Thinking about the day's events, I hardly noticed Linda getting in bed. She moved close to me and softly touched my penis. Looking at her loving eyes just made me melt. She slowly kissed me and started working her way down my stomach, teasing me by stopping near my now hard cock. No words were needed as she kissed my cock head and licked the precum from the tip. Slowly engulfing my shaft with her hot mouth sent me to a heaven only guys will know. She took her time, alternately sucking the shaft and stroking me with her hand, all the while cupping my balls and toying with my anus. Lets just say that she knows how to give a blowjob. As I was nearing climax, she felt my cock swell even more. Linda plunged her finger deep into my ass as she swirled her tongue around my cock head, sending me into a deep orgasm that seemed to last forever. I hate to admit it, but I fell asleep soon afterwards.

I awoke the next morning to the sounds of Linda leaving for work. A kiss goodbye and she was out the door. I started to get up, but realized that I had no job to go to and the depressed feelings started again. Well, out of habit, I got up and took a hot shower, a bit longer than my usual, and started to relax and contemplate my fate.

Having some breakfast helped my mood and I started plan some job-hunting starting the next day. I spent the rest of the day getting ready for pounding the pavement. I got a resume together and made sure my interview cloths were immaculate. Then I checked the help wanted ads in the paper. More depression. Not many jobs at all that fit my skill set. Well, I could only try.

The next days were a challenge to say the least. Either I was over qualified for a job opening or under qualified or too late or something else again. I couldn't get a break. Every turn seemed to lead to a dead end. This went on for almost two weeks.

As I was on our computer looking through job search sites, Linda arrived home and she was in a great mood. "Why are you so happy, baby?", I asked. "I just got another promotion and a big raise. I'm now the newest vice-president of marketing! The only thing is that we have to move to Baltimore." What the hell, I wasn't tied to anything here anyways. I was thrilled for her and gave her a big hug and kiss. "We have to celebrate, baby. Lets have some fun tonight. Go out and do the dinner and dancing thing." She could never pass up a chance to go dancing. I don't dance well and am a bit embarrassed at times. But my beautiful wife deserves it. She jumped at the invitation.

I went to get changed to go out and Linda followed me to the bedroom. She started to pick out a few choices and laid them on the bed. By now I was naked as I looked through my closet. Linda was holding a silky pair of hose and walked up behind me and kissed the back of my neck, put her arms around me and hugged me tight. "You are a wonderful husband. To leave your home and to move to another city at the drop of a hat, just for me, I love you Dave." She was still holding the thigh highs in her hands and the hose was dangling around my now swelling cock. Man that felt good. Linda noticed my arousal, turned me around to face her and started running the hose around my swollen rod. Teasing me, "you like the feel of my stockings, baby? You like the cool silkiness? I bet you would like me to stroke your cock with my stockings, wouldn't you?" I was breathing hard now and of course you know my answer. "Maybe later", and she left me standing there with a massive boner. What a tease! Yeah, I like her that way.

Trying to calm myself, Linda came back to me and asked which outfit she should wear. "You get your choice so long as I get to pick out yours, too." I love to see Linda in sexy things, so I went for my favorite. "Wear your black leather mini, leather thong and bra, red silk blouse, thigh highs and your 4 inch pumps." I just love that outfit. "I knew you would pick something hot, baby, so I think you should wear something hot too" She handed me a pair of her thigh highs and told me to put them on. "It will keep you hard all night and will tease the hell out of you." I started to complain, but then again, I had agreed to the outfit choosing deal. So what the heck, only we would know, and it would keep me hard like she said. I slid the hose up my legs. Felt good too! The hairs pulled a bit, but the new sensation was wonderful. My continued hard-on was proof enough.

We had a great time. A great dinner at a first class restaurant, dancing and drinking until about 2am, then back home to some fun. Getting undressed, Linda told me to leave the hose on, as she undressed down to her leather thong, bra and hose. Of course, the shoes stayed on too. Naked except for the stockings, I waited for her next command. She does get assertive at times and I like it when she does. " Lay down on the bed, face down. Good, now hands behind your back." She cuffed my hands with some of the leather cuffs we use at times in our games. She rolled me over on my back, my hips now slightly raised by my bound hands. She took my belt from my pants and wrapped it around my legs at the knees, cinching it tight. I couldn't move. She had a devilish grin on her pretty face. "I know how much you liked wearing the stockings, Dave. I think you should wear them more often. Don't you agree?" Playing along I said, "yes Mistress Linda, I should wear stockings anytime you tell me to." At that, she peeled of her leather undies and straddled my face with her dripping pussy, facing my cock. Lowering herself on to my waiting tongue, she took hold of my cock and started stroking me. Slowly at first, then with increasing tempo as her own orgasm built. When I nibbled a bit too hard on her pussy lips, she swatted by balls sharply, making me jump. "That's the punishment for not pleasing me." Stroking my cock again, "this is the reward for pleasing me. Understand, boy?" "Yes Mistress Linda." Again, I worked at her orgasm, finally pushing her over the edge, she sat upright and put her full weight on my face and smothered me with her sweet ass and pussy. She moaned and grinded my face for about a minute, a long time to be smothered, but I couldn't complain now could I. Finally coming down off her high, she reversed her position and quickly moved down and straddled my cock, sinking deep into her hot pussy in one quick stroke. " Cum now slave boy. Cum deep in my pussy"

Bouncing on my cock, hard fast strokes, I quickly went over the edge and shot huge wads into her pussy. My eyes were closed as I started to come down. Linda got off my cock, held her lips closed and again moved up to my face. "Time for a drink, slave boy" she commanded. Opening my mouth, she lowered her pussy to my face and all my cum came oozing out. This was a new one for me, but then again, so many things were changing in my life. What the hell. I licked her clean like a good slave boy. Thinking that was the end of the sex, I waited for her to release me. Instead, she just put a blanket over me and said, "goodnight, slave boy." Quickly out of the room, lights out, and down the stairs. I could hear her moving around in the guest room and finally get into the sofa bed. I was stuck like this for the night.

I must have fallen asleep because sometime later I felt Linda cuddle up next to me and release my hands. We spooned together and slept the night through. I awoke around 8 with my sexy wife in my arms and my morning erection slipping between her legs. Well, this woke her too. "Not this morning, lover boy. Time to make plans for our move. Besides didn't you have enough last night? You sure look cute in your stockings." My stockings? I guess I just took ownership of my first pair of female hose. Actually, I kind of forgot I had them still on, being so comfortable in them.

Over the next couple of weeks we were very busy arranging for the move, taking a trip to Baltimore for house hunting, packing, etc. Our love life was put on the back burner for now. Things went pretty smoothly and we actually made the move to our new home in about a month.

Linda needed to get right to her job so the majority of the unpacking was left to me. Since I didn't have a job anyways and Linda's new job paid nicely, I was in no rush to look for work outside the home. I spent the next few weeks getting the house together and taking care of the domestic duties. Linda's new position was very demanding of her time and it just worked out that I took care of the home while she brought home the money. Hmmm…maybe I don't really need to get a job after all.

On one fine spring Saturday, we got a chance to do some sight seeing. Living between Baltimore and D.C., we took the short drive into the Capitol area. The usual D.C. tours were all packed so we decided to head into historic Georgetown to get some lunch. Walking around after eating, we came across a fetish-clothing store called Dreamdresser. Look it up. They have a web page. We had to go in.

Looking around at all the fetish clothes had us both hot and bothered. All kinds of costumes, outfits, heels and bondage gear were for sale. We giggled at some of the items and stared seriously at some intriguing others, but what caught our eyes was a satin French maids outfit. Man did that get me throbbing. My wife noticed and casually rubbed against my cock, "you like that don't you, slave boy?" "Yes Mistress Linda" was all I could get out. I saw that the saleslady had been listening and gave me a knowing smile. This was the first time since our stocking bondage sex last month that she had even mentioned the "slave boy" name. I was just standing there gawking at the uniform; I didn't even notice that she had walked out the door. I quickly followed and caught up to her. "You like to be teased in public, don't you slave boy?" "Yes Mistress Linda." She took my hand in hers and we walked off to do more sight seeing. Not another word was said about the fetish shop.

Another week went by. Linda getting into her new job, me getting into the home care routine. Getting Linda breakfast, doing the laundry, making the bed, cleaning and dusting, running errands, the usual stuff. Friday morning, the doorbell rang. It was the UPS guy. A package addressed to me was signed for and the guy left. What the heck is this, I'm thinking.

Looking at the return address, my heart skipped a beat. Dreamdresser Boutique. She wouldn't have, would she? I got knife and carefully cut the tape. I opened the box, folded back tissue paper and found a French maid outfit in black. Also some heels that looked way too high were there as well as a wicked looking corset, breast forms, a pair of seamed stockings, a fluffy crinoline, frilly panties and a black wig. I spent a good hour looking over all this stuff when the phone rang.

"Did you get the package, slave boy", Linda asked? "Yes Mistress Linda." My heart was pounding. "You make such a good housekeeper, I wanted to reward you with a nice gift. Be sure to have everything on for your Mistress when she gets home." Click. She hung up.

I just sat there for a while, my mind racing. All the while, I had a stiff erection. I'm not gay but this is really turning me on. The realization that I was a crossdresser was hitting home. Man, was I excited.

It was going on 2pm. Linda would be home around five. I just had to try these things on now. Taking the whole bundle to the bedroom, I spread everything out on the bed. I undressed and took a shower, hurried back to the bedroom and figured out what to do first.

Taking the corset in my hands, looking it over and feeling its stiffness, I loosened the cords and unhooked the front. Wrapping it around my middle, I hooked the front busk and collected the drawstrings in my hands behind me. I gave a firm pull and the corset wrapped tightly around me. Looking in the mirror I could see that I still had a long way to go to fully lace up this corset. I was doubting that I ever would get it fully done. I pulled on the laces as far as I could and wrapped the now long ends around my waist, tying them off. Breathing was strained to say the least.

The breast forms were next. Inserting them into the corset cups was easy. Now looking in the mirror I saw the beginnings of a curvy figure. I grabbed the sheer panties with the frilly lace edges and pulled them up my legs, slid them past my behind and over my ever hard cock. What a fantastic feeling! So smooth and soft. The stockings I figured I already knew how to put on. But these were a bit different. First of all, it is very hard to bend over far enough in a corset to roll the stockings up your legs. And second, trying to hook the corsets garters to the stockings tops and still keep the seams straight is near impossible. But I tried.

I got the shoes next. They are black patent leather pumps with ankle straps and 5" stiletto heels. I was seriously doubting my ability to walk in them very far if at all. I tried to put them on while sitting but I couldn't really reach them. So I tried it standing up with one foot on a chair. Much better. Each foot just sort of popped into a shoe and I hooked the ankle straps in place. I could stand all right but walking was a big challenge. But you know what? My arousal kept me going. This was great!

At last, the maid's uniform. Stepping into the crinoline was fairly easy, holding on to the chair for support. It puffed out from my waist at a severe angle. I was wondering if the maid's outfit would even cover my ass. So I found out. Unzipping the back of the uniform, I stepped into it and pulled it up over my breasts (my breasts?), my arms through the puffy sleeves. Its neckline was fairly high and covered up the line where my skin meets the forms. Reaching behind me, I struggled to finally close the zipper to the top.

Slowly looking in the mirror, I was amazed to see a curvy looking me in a maid's dress. I must say that I have much better legs than I expected, a bit hairy, but not bat at all. The fake breasts were quite prominent and they were changing my center of gravity a bit along with the new height of the heels.

Getting the wig, I stood in the mirror and put it on my head. Yeah, I could tell it was still a wig, but it made a huge difference in my look.

WOW! I think I looked great. Not quite passable but not bad either. No makeup or anything, maybe Linda would help me with that later. Boy, was I getting into this.

Now it was closer to 4 o'clock. Another hour to wait for Linda. I was starting to get nervous. What would she think of me? That I was gay? My only consolation was that she was the one to actually buy this outfit. She must have an idea what it would mean to us. Heck, I'm just a submissive guy who is getting into the crossdressing fetish. You can see how I was rationalizing my situation while waiting for Linda.

I finally hear her car in the garage. My heart pounds under my tight corset. I anxiously stand up and wait for my wife to see me. Door opens, "Dave, where are you?" she called as she peeks in the door. Putting down her purse she looks into the living room and sees me standing there. A look of astonishment and surprise (I hope) but not one of anger or disapproval. "My God, you look amazing! Let me see you. Spin around for me. You move so well in those heels, a natural. Come over here, let me feel you in your new outfit." I moved to her and let her touch me all over, gently stroking here, squeezing there, enjoying the sensations of the smooth satin and the hardness of the corset, checking my stocking seams, lifting my dress to see my panties. I was in heaven and my erection proved it. " We are going to have such fun, Dave. Or should I pick a new name for you? Let's see. How about Donna? No. Your new name is Candy. I like it. Candy. And of course, my name is…?" I knew the answer to that one. "Mistress Linda." "Very good, Candy. Don't ever forget it and always use it while you are Candy. Understand?" "Yes, Mistress Linda". I was learning.

"Now, while I change out of my work clothes, you get me a drink and start dinner." She turned and left without another word. I stood there wondering what I had gotten myself into. I was horny as hell and now all I got was orders to make dinner. So, I did.

A simple dinner of steak and salad along with a couple more drinks seemed to satisfy my mistress. Even though I had prepared enough for two, I was told to wait until Linda was done with hers before I could eat. And I had to eat in the kitchen, alone. I never knew my wife had such ideas in her pretty head. After dinner, I was told to clean up and then meet Mistress in the bedroom. I hurried through my tasks. I was soooo horny by now.

Finally arriving in the bedroom, I found my Mistress waiting for me. She had changed into a new a bright red leather bra and thong set with thigh high hose and high heels. In her hands were the wrist cuffs that she had used on me the night of the face sitting. I meekly held out my arms. Attaching each cuff to a wrist, then the cuffs padlocked together behind me. I was quite helpless. She produced another set of cuffs from her dresser drawer and put these on my ankles, again locking them together. Balance was now a priority for me.

"Don't go anywhere, Candy", she told me. Yeah, like I could. She left the room for a couple minutes and returned with a shopping bag. "I looked over the cleanup from dinner and I am not pleased at all. You left dishes in the sink and your chair was left out from the table. Well, what do you have to say for yourself?" I tried to mumble an apology but was stopped short. "Enough of your whimpering. Time to silence my unworthy maid." From the bag came a nasty looking gag. I've seen them on Internet sites. I guess she got this from the Dreamdresser store too. The gag was shaped like a penis, short and stubby, and was buckled around my head, the gag pushed deep into my mouth, my jaws forced open wide. Only moans would come out of me now.

A wide collar came next. It too was buckled tight around my neck, enough to feel confining but with enough room to breath. A leather strap was now added to my wrist cuffs and then to my collar, this being drawn tight forcing my bound hands up high on my back. I have never felt so helpless and horny in all my life.

Linda slowly applied a little pressure, spun me around facing the bed and pushed me over face down onto it. She pulled my silk panties down as far as the garters would allow. From the bag came a paddle. It looked like it was leather covered and when she ran it over my ass cheeks I could tell it was fairly heavy.

"I'm going to paddle you now, Candy, for being such a poor maid. You will learn how to do a better job or your poor ass will never heal. I won't be too rough on you this time since you didn't know the rules. But now you do. Don't bother trying to get me to stop. I'll paddle you until I'm satisfied." And she did. I'm guessing somewhere near 50 strokes were applied to my ass cheeks and upper thighs over the next minutes. Some hard, some not as hard, but all of them stinging and hot. I didn't cry but I did moan a lot into my gag.

After the paddling, Linda rolled me over onto my back. My bound arms now uncomfortably making me arch my back. My aching cock was sticking out and dripping a bit. "You like this, don't you Candy?" I could only answer with a nod and a grunt.

Sitting on the bed beside me, my sexy wife took my cock in her hand and slowly started stroking me. As she did, she talked to me. "You realize Candy that since we moved here and I got promoted, you really don't need to provide any income to the home. Maybe you don't need to get a job after all. And since you don't need a job, you won't need to spend money on a car or work clothes either. I think that you need to start a new way of life. From now on you are going to be my house slave. From now on, you will do as you are told and you will wear what I tell you to wear. Maybe I'll get you some nice dresses or skirts, silk blouses and sexy undies. Of course you will need some high heels for all these outfits. But mostly, you will wear a maid's uniform." I came hard all over her hand and onto my clothes.

Taking a moment to clean up, Linda left the room. I just lay on the bed as I drifted back down off my climax. Linda returned but instead of releasing my bonds, she again sat on the bed. "Dave, I'm serious. You disliked the working for a living thing so much; I think you really need this. I'm going to roll you over to let your hands back down, but you will stay here for a little while longer." Releasing the strap that bound hands to collar, Linda moved off to the closet. I could hear her but not see anything she was doing.

About 20 minutes later, she returned. "Candy, I've taken almost all of your male clothes and locked them in the spare closet. I know you could break in there if you wanted to but I don't think you will. From now on almost everything you wear will be feminine. There may be times when you must present yourself as male, but those times will be rare. You are to begin tomorrow learning how to apply makeup and to make yourself as feminine as possible. You will keep your body totally clean-shaven except for your head. You will grow your hair out long enough to be seen as female. Above all, you will be the housemaid. I expect a clean and organized house to come home to and meals prepared to my liking. All house keeping will be performed in the appropriate attire. More maid's outfits will be purchased for that use. As you can see from tonight's fun, the punishments can become very severe and the rewards can be quite pleasant. Now I'm going to release you. When I have, you have to demonstrate your choice. Either take off your clothes and ask for the key to the closet or you will remain in your outfit and kneel before me and ask for permission to be my maid."

She uncuffed me and removed my gag and collar. Now totally unfettered I had to show her my decision. I didn't have to think for long. I stood up in front of my gorgeous wife, looked into her eyes and knelt before her. "Mistress Linda, may I please be allowed to serve you as your maid and slave?" I lowered my head to her feet.

"Get up Candy. Get your uniform cleaned up from your mess and prepare yourself for bed. We have some shopping to do tomorrow and you will need your rest. You may sleep in our bed but that may not always be the case. Good night Candy." Out the door she went.

Shopping tomorrow… I cleaned up my dress and hung it in my now empty closet. My other pieces of clothing I wiggled out of, the corset releasing its pressure was quite a shock. I felt some relief from the removal of the shoes but my feet didn't hurt as bad as I thought they would. Maybe I am a natural after all. Not having anything else to wear to bed, I stayed in my panties and crawled under the covers.

Thinking of all the wonderful and scary possibilities for the future had me awake for some time. But eventually dozing off, I dreamt of silky dresses and high heels, pretty makeup and tight corsets. What a lucky guy to have lost his job.




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