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Maid to Serve

by Maid Candy


I think that you need to start a new way of life. From now on you are going to be my house slave. From now on, you will do as you are told and you will wear what I tell you to wear. Maybe I'll get you some nice dresses or skirts, silk blouses and sexy undies. Of course you will need some high heels for all these outfits. But mostly, you will wear a maid's uniform." I came hard all over her hand and onto my clothes.

Taking a moment to clean up, Linda left the room. I just lay on the bed as I drifted back down off my climax. Linda returned but instead of releasing my bonds, she again sat on the bed. "Dave, I'm serious. You disliked the working for a living thing so much; I think you really need this. I'm going to roll you over to let your hands back down, but you will stay here for a little while longer." Releasing the strap that bound hands to collar, Linda moved off to the closet. I could hear her but not see anything she was doing.

About 20 minutes later, she returned. "Candy, I've taken almost all of your male clothes and locked them in the spare closet. I know you could break in there if you wanted to but I don't think you will. From now on almost everything you wear will be feminine. There may be times when you must present yourself as male, but those times will be rare. You are to begin tomorrow learning how to apply makeup and to make yourself as feminine as possible. You will keep your body totally clean-shaven except for your head. You will grow your hair out long enough to be seen as female. Above all, you will be the housemaid. I expect a clean and organized house to come home to and meals prepared to my liking. All housekeeping will be performed in the appropriate attire. More maids' outfits will be purchased for that use. As you can see from tonight's fun, the punishments can become very severe and the rewards can be quite pleasant. Now I'm going to release you. When I have, you have to demonstrate your choice. Either take off your clothes and ask for the key to the closet or you will remain in your outfit and kneel before me and ask for permission to be my maid."

She uncuffed me and removed my gag and collar. Now totally unfettered I had to show her my decision. I didn't have to think for long. I stood up in front of my gorgeous wife, looked into her eyes and knelt before her. "Mistress Linda, may I please be allowed to serve you as your maid and slave?" I lowered my head to her feet.

"Get up Candy. Get your uniform cleaned up from your mess and prepare yourself for bed. We have some shopping to do tomorrow and you will need your rest. You may sleep in our bed but that may not always be the case. Good night Candy." Out the door she went.

Shopping tomorrow… I cleaned up my dress and hung it in my now empty closet. My other pieces of clothing I wiggled out of, the corset releasing its pressure was quite a shock. I felt some relief from the removal of the shoes but my feet didn't hurt as bad as I thought they would. Maybe I am a natural after all. Not having anything else to wear to bed, I stayed in my panties and crawled under the covers.

Thinking of all the wonderful and scary possibilities for the future had me awake for some time. But eventually dozing off, I dreamt of silky dresses and high heels, pretty makeup and tight corsets. What a lucky guy to have lost his job.


Part 2

I woke up to the sound of my wife's voice. "Time to get up Candy. We have a lot to do today. Get showered and shaved. And I do mean shaved." I crawled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. Looking at myself in the mirror, still in my panties, all the excitement from yesterday came flooding back. I was thrilled and scared all at the same time.

I got into the shower and washed thoroughly. Using a razor, I started working at removing my body hair. Let me tell you, if you've never shaved before, it takes quite some time. The hot water was running out as I neared the end. Looking at my hairless body as I dried myself was a bit of a shock. But kind of sexy too. Linda walked in to see how I was doing. "You'll have to buy yourself some hair removal lotion. Shaving is leaving stubble and you can't have stubble if you want to look right. Finish up and come into the bedroom."

On the bed Linda had laid out my clothes for the day. "Since you are no where near ready to pass in public, we will have to settle for this today." A pair of jeans and a polo shirt disappointed me somehow. But,a pair of hose, a new garter belt, and a thong was also there. "You'll wear these under the jeans today. No socks for your deck shoes either. Just the stockings. Get dressed and let me know when you are done." The thong went on easily, its pouch cupping my cock and balls snuggly, the back strap cutting between my cheeks and pressing on my anus. Putting the garter around my waist, I hooked it tight. The garter straps tickled at my legs as I moved. The hose were simple stockings of a sheer black color. No seams or anything. Attaching the garters was easy and I looked in the mirror again. Looked cute if I say so myself. My shaved legs felt great in the smooth stockings and the look was much better than the night before. I put on the jeans and polo shirt, grabbed my deck shoes and slipped them on, literally slipped due to the stockings.

Linda was waiting for me at her vanity. "Sit down Candy. We are going to put some little touches on you for the day. We will just put enough makeup on you so that we will know you have it on but passersby won't know, unless they really look closely." She applied a very light lipstick to my lips and brushed on a bit of powder to my face. Looking at my eyes for a moment, she applied a hint of eye shadow and plucked a few wild eyebrow hairs. "We'll have to do something about your eyebrows eventually, they are much to bushy. That's enough for today since this is your first time out as Candy. Lets go shopping!"

We got in her car and started down the road towards D.C. I hadn't eaten yet and was getting hungry. I asked Linda if we could get something so she pulled over at a convenience store. Handing me some cash, "go get some coffees and pastries, I'll wait here." I was scared. But you know what, between nobody caring and my minimal makeup, it was easy. Even the clerk didn't look up while tendering my sale.

We ate on the way and I finally asked the question I had to ask. "Linda, is this going to be OK with us? I'm worried that we will somehow fall apart because of this." Her response was beautiful, to me anyways. "That's Mistress Linda, remember?", she said with a smile. "You know that you are the most important thing to me. First of all, I will never do anything that will hurt us. I will never do anything to hurt you, emotionally anyways (she winked), and since we are both enjoying this change of roles, I think we should see how far it can go. I'll make you a promise, Dave. (she used my real name) If at anytime either of us aren't comfortable or want to stop and go back to the way we were, I promise you we will and I will love you just as much." I just about broke out in tears. I told her, "let's have a good time of this. I'm enjoying the heck out of this and I want us to be happy together."

"Now that we have that out of the way, I've been thinking about your new duties. Here's what I have in mind. Talk openly now Dave, we have to agree on this. First, I will be paying you. Actually I'll be putting money aside for us to use for your new role. I think that $50.00 a week is plenty. But remember that all your expenses come out of that fund, If you spend too much, you will be in debt to the account and penalties are severe. I've decided that the starting amount in the fund will be $1000. You will be working 6 days a week, hours from 7am to 9pm. That may sound like a lot, but remember that during the day, if you are caught up on your work, you can lounge about or take a nap. Sundays will be your day off unless I tell you otherwise, then an alternate day will be made available to you. (she had really thought this out) I will be picking out your uniforms today and you will always be dressed as directed. We will get into that later. But it will not always be sexy French Maids outfits. You will have real work to do around the house and you will need something more practical. The house will be kept clean and organized at all times. Dry-cleaning and grocery shopping will be your responsibilities. Yard work will have to be done on Sundays unless you feel like cutting grass in a uniform. A light breakfast at 7:30 and dinner at 6 will be expected everyday except Sunday. We will plan out the dinners for the week in advance. Remember that I will eat before my servant eats. Finally, just like last night, penalties will be severe for a bad job, rewards will be very pleasurable. Do you have any questions, Dave?"

I could literally think of none at the moment. My head was spinning. She is truly a devilish woman and I was thrilled to call her my Mistress. " Mistress Linda, I have no questions at this time." "Good. Candy, if you do have a need to ask a question of me later, you may ask permission to do so."

We arrived back at the Dreamdresser boutique in Georgetown. Entering the store, one of the clerks approached Linda and they walked off together leaving me to wander around. I guess the clerk was the same one who made the sale on the maids outfit last week. I browsed around and felt my crotch stiffening. I didn't see any other customers at the moment. Maybe it was too early for fetishists to come out. After a couple minutes, I heard my name being called, and it wasn't Dave.

"Candy, come here." I walked over to my wife and the sales clerk. I must have been beet red. "Don't be shy, Candy. Vicki here knows all about our arrangement. She tells me that its not that uncommon at all around D.C. Be a good girl and do as Vicki tells you to do."

"Your Mistress wants you to have a couple more sexy outfits, so we will be getting you all set up for your new job. Come with me." I saw Linda leaving the store as I was walking back to the racks of clothes. Where could she be going? I was getting panicky

Vicki quickly picked out a few items of clothing as I waited nearby, wondering about my wife's whereabouts. I shouldn't have worried, she had just promised that she wouldn't hurt me, didn't she?

"Come over here candy, you will need to try these things on." I wasn't sure I would be able to dress up in front of a stranger, but I meekly did as I was told. After all, Vicki must have seen it all before. "She had selected a similar maids uniform to the black one I already had, but this one was red. A leather waist cincher with six garters, a matching leather bra and thong, and evil looking boots were all placed in the dressing room. I have to tell you about the boots. They had 5"spike heels, ankle length, zippered up the side, and a wide ankle strap that locked the zipper in place. I could see that my Mistress was getting kinky. "If you need any help, let me know, I'll be right outside", Vicki offered.

I got undressed but left the stockings on. I pulled the thong up my legs and adjusted my package as best I could. The bra was next and I managed to get it hooked behind me. "You will need these for the bra", Vicki called to me from behind the curtain. She reached in with a pair of breast forms, still in the package. "They are the same size as your other pair." I learned then that I was to sport a pair of D cups on my 38" chest. I then wrapped the cincher around me and laced it up as tight as I could. Attaching the garters was still a challenge but I finally got it done. Again, I had to use the chair to slide into the boots, but she had the right size and I zippered them up, buckling the strap around each ankle. I guess the locks were purchased later. The red uniform was the same as my black and it fit beautifully.

Now, I didn't have my wig and I was obviously a guy, so stepping out of the dressing room wasn't something I wanted to do. "Candy, come out, lets see how you look", my wife called to me. She must have come back sometime during my change. I peeked out the curtain and then stepped out a couple feet. "No Candy, over here." I had to go half way across the store to my wife and Vicki.

"You look great in red, doesn't she Linda?" Vicki asked in that salesperson way. "She will need the crinoline of course." She had one in her hand and handed it to me to put on. I turned to go to the dressing room, but Mistress stopped me. "Just step into it here, Candy. We don't mind if you show off your bottom a bit." I flushed a bit but I did as I was told. Of course, as luck would have it, a couple of guys walked in just as I was exposing my gartered stockings and bare cheeks. They didn't say anything, but I could feel their stares. Embarrassing to say the least. The uniform was complete and I wondered if I was to go change, but Mistress just walked off with Vicki again, leaving me standing there alone. A couple of times they would look over at me and smile. Vicki finally nodded her head and scurried off to pick out more things for me to wear. As I watched her, she picked out a short pleated skirt, sheer silky blouse, ruffled panties, a half cup bra, and a pair of pumps. Heading to the checkout, she stopped by the hosiery section and picked out some packages of stockings and some short pretty socks. I always loved the little socks with the pumps look. Now I was getting them for my own.

Mistress called me over and told me to get changed back into my street clothes while she waited at the checkout. I hurried along and was back at the checkout in ten minutes. Placing all my new clothes on the counter, Vicki rang them up. I hadn't even bothered to check price tags. When I saw the total my heart nearly stopped. We had just spent the $1000 starting fund and even several months worth of pay besides. I was going to have to watch spending for quite some time. Mistress paid with her charge card and we grabbed our bundles and went to the car. As Mistress opened the trunk, I saw a couple more bags already there. She smiled at me, "You probably didn't see the sex shop up the street did you. I made some purchases while you were changing. I hope you like latex and vinyl. And by the way, the bill from that store was over $600 too. You have quite a bill to pay off, Candy."


We headed home. At least I thought we were. We ended up going to a Kmart of all places. Couldn't think of why we would go there after spending so much time and money in a great place like Dreamdresser. We headed in and went straight to women's clothing. Mistress walked efficiently up each aisle, as only women can do, scanning for what she wanted. She stopped at housedresses and picked one off the rack. Holding it up to me, she thought the size was right and picked out two more. Compared to the sexy maids uniforms, these were drab and colorless. "I told you that you will need some real work clothes. These will be your daily cleaning dresses. The maids outfits are for serving dinners and special occasions." (special occasions?) You will need some regular undies too as well as some regular foundations. To the lingerie department we went, Mistress stopping to pick out some more basic bras and panties. When she got to the girdles she picked out a couple full length designs, in black and white respectively, and placed them in my arms along with the rest of the clothes. The girdles were long enough to go to mid thigh and had garters attached, the bottom of the girdle was open like a skirt, but obviously would be much tighter. I must have had a strange look on my face. "The open bottom is so that you can work without having your balls crushed all day. And besides, I picked up a little toy that will have to fit there too." HUH, I thought. " See , Candy, I don't want to hurt you , too much", that smile again. We also picked out some basic low heeled work shoes. I found out later that it is very hard to vacuum in heels. Some very basic stockings were the last of the clothes.

As we headed to the checkout, mistress picked up a cosmetics package off the shelf. "Its not very good cosmetics, but until you get better at applying it, lets use the cheaper stuff."

Out he door we went with our bags, the total was over $200 again. My debt will never get paid off. We loaded our packages in the car and headed to a restaurant for some late lunch. As we sat waiting on our food, Mistress talked about the things we had bought. She was very excited about the boots with the padlocks, (she told me she bought little combination locks) and how she would be the only one to unlock them, when she wanted to. She hinted about the "toy" she had purchased, but my attempts to get her to tell me about it went unanswered.

Finally we headed home. By now it was late afternoon and after getting all the bags from the car, Mistress decided it was time for me to model one of my new outfits. From the bags from the sex store she pulled out the surprises. First was a mini dress made out of vinyl, black with lots of pleats. I guessed it would go to about my upper thigh. It looked like it was too small to me. The top is a halter style would definitely show off my cleavage. From the bag came a pair of latex stockings. These were new to me. They had a prominent seam up the back with a Cuban heel look. Next, with a look of sheer delight, Mistress pulled out a pair of pumps, 6" spike heels and not made for walking. They too had a place for a mini lock to keep them on me until she was ready to take them off. The last thing from the bag was a device that scared and thrilled me. She had a locking penis cage. I'm sure you've seen them. Its like a handcuff with a tube attached that allows bathroom functions but no erections or self satisfaction.

"Time to get dressed, Candy. Use your new waist cincher and breasts. You will need to glue them in place so use the adhesive that I left on your dresser for that. The cock cage will need to be lubed first, so use some Vaseline on the tube before putting your cock in there. Get all dressed up and try to use some of the lipstick and powder for you first solo attempt. Call me when you are ready."

Gathering all my new clothes and toys, I went to the bedroom and set about getting dressed. First I got completely naked and found the adhesive for the breasts. I was wondering how long the glue would last as I applied some to the each form and pressed them to my chest, hoping I had the right amount of cleavage. Once I let go of them, the weight was quite noticeable. I never realized how heavy a pair of tits might be. I got some lube from the bathroom and applied some to the cage tube. I pushed my semi erect cock into the tube and clicked the cuff shut behind my balls. It felt pretty good, actually. I was hoping that it wouldn't have to stay on too long. I was getting pretty horny. The latex stockings came next and I rolled them up my legs. Man, did they feel sexy. Nice and tight and a stretchy give to them as I moved. I once again wrapped the cincher around my waist and pulled on the laces. I think I was getting better at pulling the laces from behind, the edges got closer together, but not quite closed. I had looked at the label of the cincher, size 28, my guess its in inches. Attaching the garters was getting easier and I quickly connected all six. Now for the shoes. They were the right size but the angle needed to get into them looked impossible. At the chair again, I tipped my toe into the tip and pushed down with my heel. I wiggled my foot back and forth and finally popped my foot into place. The ankle strap was cinched tight and I placed one of the combo locks on the hasp and clicked it closed. Locked on! The other shoe was the same except for the increased challenge of balancing in the now locked on heel. I t took a moment to get my balance, but I finally grabbed the mini dress and pulled it down over my head, stretched it over my tits and adjusted it for fit. The breasts fit nicely in the halter and you couldn't see the line where skin met latex. I was right, barely mid thigh and the tops of the stockings were visible. My locked package was just barely hidden under the pleats. Positioning the wig on my head, I walked slowly to the vanity and sat down with my new makeup. Using the lipstick and blush, I applied makeup to my face for the first time. I did ok , I guess. Linda didn't laugh at me later. The lipstick felt nice and creamy on my lips. I think I was ready for Mistress.

"Mistress Linda, I'm ready", I called out. Linda soon came to the bedroom and smiled at me. I knew then that she was happy with my look. She had me show off my outfit for her, moving about like a model on the catwalk (like I really could). "Those heels sure look hard to move in. Just consider it payback for all the times you wanted me to go out in stilettos. You do need some ear rings and basic jewelry to complete the look but you have made great progress today. Now come before me and tell me how much you are enjoying yourself."

"Mistress Linda, thank you for letting me get all these nice clothes today. I'll take care of them and make you happy to see me in them. I really like the bondage parts of the outfits, like the locking heels and the penis lock." My cock was trying to swell in its tube but it couldn't really go anywhere.

"I bet you do like the bondage things. I've seen how you react when I have you tied up. I think your reward for being so good today will be a bit of bondage. Get the wrist and ankle cuffs from the closet and bring them here." I did as I was told, the heels getting a bit painful on the toes. Much harder to handle than the other pumps I owned. Mistress wrapped the cuffs around my wrists and ankles and took me to the open closet door. Positioning me just under the hanger rail, she used a leather bondage belt to pull my elbows together behind me, then locked the hand cuffs together. My chest stuck out prominently. The ankle cuffs were connected next. Using one more leather strap, she put one end around my elbow strap, the other over the hanger bar, and then shortened the strap to pull my arms up a few inches. This was some strict bondage.

"I'll be back in a few…" The closet light went out and the door closed. My toes were already hurting from the height of the heels and we were just beginning. I didn't have to wait too long. The door opened again but no light came on. My sexy wife had changed into a sheer body stocking with its open crotch. I just love, make that loved to have sex with her while she wore that. My cock was aching in its tube and I could feel a drip at the end the head.

"I thought I might tease you a bit, Candy. The dim bedroom lights allowed me to see my sweet , sexy luscious wife stretch out on the bed, head propped up on pillows so she could see me, and from the nightstand, take out a thick black rubber vibrator. She turned it on slow speed and proceeded to work the vibrator's magic all over her pussy. I started to moan just about the same time she did, earning a quick "shhh" from her. She continued to play the rubber cock up and down her lips, toying with her ass and making her hips gyrate. I couldn't help myself. I spoke without permission. "I would love to lick your pussy right now." Linda jumped off the bed and closed in on me quickly, taking my face in her hand, she kissed me hard, "no more noise out of you, Candy Ass." The penis gag came out , the thick cock forced between my lips, the straps buckled behind my head much tighter than my first experience with the gag.

She went back to the bed and really enjoyed herself for almost an hour. The number of orgasms she had I could only guess at. Meanwhile, I was in bad shape, which is why I think she had the many orgasms watching me. My feet were killing me, the gag had my jaw on fire and I was drooling. My shoulders were getting sore from the pulled up elbows. And my cock needed some pressure relief. Bondage can be rough.

Finally coming down off her high, Mistress came over to me, turned on the light and looked me over. "How you doing Candy? Feeling OK? Need some relief? I bet you do", she asked rhetorically. " Let me help you with that little problem of yours." She got a key and unlocked the cock tube and pulled it off my quickly rising penis. Taking a firm grip on my cock with one hand and holding my dress up with the other, she pumped my Vaseline coated cock hard and fast. I needed to cum and I needed it now but her severe pumping actually delayed the orgasm a bit. She had never been so strong on my cock before. She started talking to me. "you like it when I take charge, don't you? I know you love being my sissy boy, don't you Candy? You like the feel of the tight corsets and silky stockings , and the feel of your tits on your chest." Pump, Pump, Pump… She held her mouth near my cock head as she felt me swell towards orgasm. That did it! I came in buckets, most of it into her hot mouth, which she swallowed completely. My orgasm drained me and the effects of the bondage became quite noticeable. She unhooked my arms from the rail, released my elbows and ankle cuffs and lead me to the bed. The gag came out and I sat down with a sigh of satisfaction.

"Like I said earlier Candy, rewards for pleasing me can be very nice." She completed my bondage release, "put your little dick back in the tube and put on my black baby doll nighty thats hanging in my closet. Then get my hairbrush and come to bed." I didn't know if the brush was for a paddling or brushing. I got changed and met Linda in bed. She had me sit up against the headboard , she backed up into me and ordered me to brush her hair.. I brushed until she actually fell asleep in my arms. What a beautiful wife!




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