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Man Gets Maid Or Maid Gets Man?

by Scott andrews


"Fetch me a beer, whore!" The loud demand snapped me out of my concerted efforts and I quickly extricated myself from my position kneeling between Carlos' legs and sprang up, steadied myself on my five-inch spiked heels with locking ankle straps and minced off to the kitchen. I grabbed the serving tray, a cold pilsner glass and a beer out of the refrigerator. "How in the hell did I get myself into this position?" Only five months ago I was a moderately handsome, very wealthy heir, 32 year old bachelor with a healthy appetite for women, now I was about to go into the den of my own house, kneel on the floor before this Mexican guy whom I only met a few months ago and blow him while he watches baseball on my T.V.

This will not be just any blowjob either. This one started 30 minutes earlier with me dressed as a desperate-for-sex slut, red leather mini shirt and matching bra to support my enormous 37D breast implants, heavy prostitute-like tattooed-on makeup, a totally shaven body (except a little heart shaped area above my penis), black patterned hose encased in the black spike heels, and topping it all off, teased-up dyed blonde hair, jangly bracelets and large hoop earrings. My dick is safely locked away in a metal chastity device and is pulled back between my legs and covered by a pair of filmy red thong panties. I seductively slithered in between Carlos' spread legs and pulled down his pants and underwear. I then began to tenderly suck on his balls one at a time. I then went lower, sucking gently on the area between his balls and his asshole and finally began rapidly darting my tongue in and out of his butt hole until Carlos lets out a groan. What follows are long licks up the shaft accompanied by a worshipful gaze into his eyes. He rarely looks away from the game at me, but if he does I better be looking back at him with both enthusiasm and reverence.

After an hour of this sort of slow passionate attention, Carlos gets excited enough that he desires completion and he grabs a fistful of my hair in each hand and begins to rapidly thrust his long skinny cock deep into my throat. It took me a lot of practice but now I am able to take it all for sustained periods without gagging. After he shoots off into my mouth I lick him clean, zip up his pants, and return to my other duties.

Carlos knows I am not gay and have no physical attraction to men. He also probably knows I hate his guts and think he is a lazy punk. I believe that this knowledge is a turn-on for him as he looks down at me between his legs worshiping his cock and demeaning and humiliating myself in any way he sees fit just so I won't miss my "date" with a doll: But more about that later.

It all started with a flyer taped to the door of my home, "Maid service for hire." It had a phone number and a photo of an astonishingly sexy looking woman holding a dust mop. I called the number and a voice to match the picture captivated me immediately, we arranged for her to come right over, her name was Marisol. She was even more exciting in person! I tried to control myself and keep things on a professional level but my mind was racing with lewd thoughts. We agreed on a price for my condo and she started right away. I tried to let her work but she wanted to talk while she worked and so I stayed in the same room with her. I admired her jiggling ass and perfect tits as she worked and she pretended not to notice my ogling.

The next week the day Marisol came to work was a hot one and, to my delight, she asked me if she could work in her bra and panties. I was thrilled! "Of course, I don't mind." I exclaimed a little too enthusiastically. I was even more enthusiastic when I saw her very hot and revealing undergarments. By week three we had fucked, by week four she tongued my ass while we were 69ing and I naturally returned the favor. By week five she was requiring me to do her work before she got there so we would have time for sex, and I did it gladly! Before week six Marisol was coming over three times a week and I was ecstatic with the sex. It was hot and it was kinky and it was getting kinkier every time. One of the hottest games was role reversal, I dressed as the sexy maid and Marisol was the horny customer.

This game went on growing more and more intense every day until it was a total mistress / slave game. Marisol moved in with me. I cannot explain it, but waking up Marisol by crawling under the covers at the appointed time and gently licking her pussy until she awoke was more exciting to me than straight sex. I would invariably shoot a load all over the sheets while I was bringing her to orgasm. I loved licking her ass while she watched T.V.; I loved serving her a gourmet dinner and then crawling under the table to eat her while she ate her meal. I was becoming addicted to this lifestyle.

My constant ejaculations (outside of coitus) began to anger Marisol and she told me that a chastity device was necessary so I could restrain myself until the proper time. I ordered one and she locked it on; this was the beginning of the end of my normal life.

Once the chastity was in place some new rules were instituted:

1. The slave will wear the chastity at all times unless removed by the Mistress.

2. The slave will have the opportunity to cum once a day if there were zero infractions for the proceeding 24 hours. Infractions consisted of refusing to carry out any order, however humiliating, immediately and with enthusiasm.

3. Slave will dress and act as a woman at all times, including make-up and sexy clothes.


Marisol had taken over my closet and filled it with her clothes, all my male clothes were thrown away a few at a time and replaced by outrageous outfits from sex shops and from Fredrick's of Hollywood catalogues. Every evening I was allowed to cum and my 24 hours of slavish obedience was rewarded. Sometimes I was able to enter her but that was becoming less and less frequent. More often I would jack off while she dildoed my ass or sat on my face.

One evening she came home and sat on the couch and hiked up her shirt and told me to get busy eating her out. As I began to lick her I detected the distinct taste of cum all up inside her. I almost hesitated but I knew that would result in a cum denial that evening so I continued on in earnest. Marisol said "how do you like the taste, slut?" I declared it delicious and hoped it was the answer she was looking for. "Its from by boyfriend Carlos, he put it there 20 minutes ago and he is standing behind you right now, say hello to Carlos, he is moving in with us today." Marisol went on, " you will call him Master Carlos and his orders are to be obeyed just as you would obey my own." He will be sleeping with me and you will be sleeping on a cot at the foot of the bed where you will be handy for whatever use we may have for you. Are there any objections?" I was dumbfounded, here was this total stranger looking at me dressed as a whore, kneeling, eating his cum out of his girlfriend's pussy. I said, "No Mistress Marisol, I have no objection."

After Carlos came to live with us my daily humiliations were quickly overwhelming me. Was there nothing I wouldn't do to be able to cum each night? It felt so weak and demeaned to be controlled so totally by my need to cum but every day the situations made me so hot that I was constantly desperate to get that chastity off and get relief. If I had a violation and was not allowed to cum it was way beyond disappointment, I felt genuine pain and anguish, pain that I could not show lest it result in another violation.

Soon after Carlos moved in I was given my restraint outfit. I consisted of a leather collar, two straps (with handles) that ran down to a belt around my waist, wrist cuffs with D rings attached, and straps that buckled around my legs just above my knees. The wrist cuffs would be attached to the knee straps effectively immobilizing me with my ass sticking up in a vulnerable position. The first time I had it on I was on the bed, a leash was attached to the headboard and Marisol grabbed my head and pushed her pussy down hard on my face until there was no slack on the leash and I was almost being smothered, I began to lick. Soon I felt Carlos on the bed positioning himself behind me. He pushed his cock inside me, grabbed the handles and started pumping away. It hurt like hell. After a while he pulled out and repositioned himself by my face, clean it off so I can fuck Marisol, bitch. It didn't look all that clean but I tried to look enthusiastic as I opened my mouth and sucked a cock for the first time. My cock was straining inside its metal prison. Carlos was pumping Marisol and he ordered me to lick his balls and ass while he fucked. Totally defeated, and without a scrap of remaining self-esteem, I tongued his ass and licked his balls. After he shot his wad I licked him clean once again and then Marisol slid her pussy back down and I thoroughly cleaned her out as Carlos jeered, "That bitch will do anything! I can't believe what a pervert you are, a born faggot cocksucker! I told Marisol that you would surely rebel today with all we had in mind for you but she said you would go along with everything just so you could cum tonight. She was right and I was wrong, I felt that somewhere inside you there was a remnant of self-respect. Now it looks like anything goes and in that spirit I am going to host a poker game here, at this house, and I am not bringing any money, only you. You can cover my losses with you mouth because its seems there is nothing you will not do." I was speechless but I knew deep down that he was right.

"We have a present for you!" Said Marisol. "Because of your cooperation tonight we bought you this sex doll and you will be fucking her every night for your allowed cum." Carlos brought out a life sized rubber doll and laid it on the floor, it was dressed in a corset and nylons. "Go ahead, try it out." Marisol said as she removed my chastity. It was difficult with my restraints still in place but I slid off the bed and with repeated effort I was able to get the doll pinned down with my chin on her breasts and knees on her thighs and stick my dick in her hole. I pumped once and shot a huge load into the doll. "Tomorrow, and every day after, you will follow the following procedure; you will get into your restraint gear and then I will remove your chastity. You will thank the doll for a lovely time you had the previous evening and then you will eat your stale cum out of her hole. Then you can fuck her! Once a week, if there are no violations, we will lock you in the guest room with the doll for all night without restraint or chastity. We will have all this recorded on tape by a monitor in the bedroom for our amusement or later use. I will throw in a pair of my soiled panties to add to the fun."

The promised poker game followed a week later. By this time Carlos had received numerous blowjobs from me and it was not longer a novelty. I served drinks and snacks to the players in a French maid costume from some novelty store. It "uniform" wasn't meant for anything except sex play and my ass was almost totally exposed. The guys would slap me on the ass as I walked by. Before long Carlos ordered me under the table for cocksucking duty. If he won a bet, he kept the money, if he lost the winner was paid by me, deep-throating their cock. Carlos was a reckless bettor, freed from having to pay anything for a loss. I was busy for a couple of hours till each man had come two or three times and was unwilling to take another blowjob as payment. My stomach was filled with their cum and Marisol sympathized and took me in the bedroom where I was allowed to eat her pussy and ass for as long as I wanted. Carlos came in about an hour later. He was pretty drunk and he put on my restraint and plowed my ass for 20 minutes. After I sucked him clean as his jisim ran out my asshole and down my thighs.

As I licked his cock clean I appreciated the strawberry flavor. After that first cleaning I was advised that I could keep my ass clean and oiled at all times to be ready for Carlos if I chose to. I never knew when he would want to fuck me but if I was already clean and oiled it would be much easier on me. The problem was that a week might go by between fuckings and I would need to spend many hours with butt pulgs for stretching, enemas, and application of scented oils all to avoid the chance of having to taste my ass on Carlos' cock. If I was not ready, it would be too bad for me as Carlos could not be kept waiting when he wanted satisfaction.

After two months of this Carlos said that I should be more feminine looking. My weight was way down already, my hair was long and styled in a feminine manner, I wore heavy make-up at all times, but Carlos wanted me to have breasts. Marisol thought it a great idea that would permanetly cement my status as their slave and a freak that would be unable to do anything else but continue to serve their every whim. Even though I had the money for the surgery, Carlos thought I should "earn" the "privilege" of sporting big breasts. He set me up with his friends to earn extra money by cleaning their apartments and providing sexual favors like blowjobs and ass reaming. Carlos only took half of the proceeds and I worked these extra jobs for six weeks until I had saved up enough for the procedure. When I came home from the hospital with 37 D breasts I knew it would be impossible to return to my former life. For two weeks I wasn't allowed any clothes above my waist as Carlos was excited to watch my large breasts bounce as I did the household chores. I must admit they looked really good. It was strange to see something on me that I saw as sexually exciting.

The most shocking thing about all this is that I was never "forced" to do anything. They never hit me or physically hurt me in any way. There were no punishments for disobedience (aside from the denial of the opportunity to cum). I did all this to myself. I could have asked them to leave at any time and I suppose they would have, but it filled me with indescribable dread that Marisol would leave and I would never see her again, never sniff her divine pussy again, never hear her order me to lick her ass, I felt I couldn't risk living my life without her. Now my options were gone. I was trapped in this situation and became more and more mired in it every day. After the breast implants, tattooed make-up and lip injections followed. It saved me time in the morning but it deepened my slavery and trapped me even more in my predicament. They have never tried to gain control my large inheritance that we are all living on, they know I will do anything for them anyway. I pay for everything and buy them many gifts. I am allowed to go out shopping unsupervised (dressed as a sexy woman of course) and am totally free to go away, but I can't seem to break free of my obsession with Marisol. I fact, my biggest fear is that they will leave me and I will be stuck like this and totally alone.

Months after we first met Marisol told me that I was set up from the beginning. Carlos and she put out only eight flyers to single wealthy men of my age. Two responded and she was fucking us both for two weeks until they decided I had the better potential as a slave and the other guy was dropped. Marisol said she is a nymphomaniac and saw no reason why her desires could not put to her advantage. She and Carlos wanted a nice place to live and a maid to see to their every comfort and desire. They used Marisol's willingness to spread her legs to entrap a sex-obsessed fool like me into a lifetime of abject slavery. Now I better get that beer back in there and my tongue back in Carlos' ass.




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