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Mare's Tales              by:Beverly Taff


Chapter 24

Margaret and I arrived in the farmyard as they were clambering out of the chopper that had landed in the paddock. Dot had heard the clatter and warned the centaurs to hide. She appeared in the yard and joined our welcoming committee to greet my parents and the children. The older children carried the younger ones piggyback style as the scampered towards us. We braced ourselves to receive the onslaught and they crashed joyfully into us amidst squeals of joy and hugs of delight. My parents followed at a more sedate pace but the joy of our reunion was just as intense as I hugged my step mum and dad.

"Thanks for looking after them at such short notice. Have they been any trouble?"

"No trouble at all." Beamed my father. "They've been absolutely marvellous."

He kissed my cheek again as he smiled and spoke again.

"Thanks for such wonderful grandchildren Beverly. I'll really be wanting to see much more of them."

I studied my children, particularly Bernard. There was no more hiding his distinctly feminine attributes and I caught my father’s eye as he noticed my concern. My father smiled and patted my shoulder and put his other arm around his grandson. This was his way of showing that he'd accepted Bernard’s hermaphrodism. I breathed deeply with relief as I realised that that particular hurdle had been cleared. I noticed that Bernard however was wearing a pair of female cut stretch denim jeans whilst the girls were wearing frocks. There was no hiding the bulge in the crotch of his jeans that seemed totally at odds with his well-formed breasts. He caught me studying him and tried to hunch his shoulders and cross his legs as though trying to hide his dual sex. I gently hugged him again and whispered some reassurance in his ears. Then he stood tall and straight as though proud of his attributes. He was a few inches shorter than me but would probably grow taller unless he chose femininity and hormones.

With the hugging over, my father and my ‘son’ swept up the little ones and marched towards the door.

"Now Beverly; what about these strange and wonderful creatures the children keep talking about. Is it really true about what you and your friends have achieved?"

"Yes daddy. I wrote to you. Don't you believe me?"

"Well I can't wait to see them. Come on. Where are they?"

"Well a few warnings first daddy," I cautioned, "they are NOT creatures, they are still my friends. We treat each other just as we did before they were injured. They are still human, O.K."

"Anything you say Beverly, I’m itching to meet them."

"So am I." Added my stepmother.

The children squealed again with delight at the notion of meeting their centaur friends again and they set up a general hubbub of excitement, as they demanded to see them.

"Come on then," I laughed, "I know how much you little monsters like to play with them."

The centaurs were all sat around the kitchen table with their fronts sat on the backless stools whilst their rumps stuck out supported by their rear legs. They sat for all the world like a family of four sitting down to Sunday lunch. They welcomed us in and the children squealed again as they argued about who was going to sit on who's back.

"Quiet now you kids." I scolded. "We want to talk."

"Oh don’t worry about these six little terrors." Laughed Jacky as she swept Bernard up onto Jenny's back. "They'll sit quietly whilst we talk; won’t you kids?"

"I'd like a gallop," Demanded Bernard.

"And me!" Chorused Jeanette and Susan.

"Well not yet children." Teased Veronica. "We grown ups want to talk."

"Dot tempted them with some biscuits and trifle and the children tumbled into the conservatory. My father and stepmother both turned to me. They had been stunned into silence on first seeing my centaur friends and were amazed at the easy familiarity the children had shown. My father finally found his voice as the echoes of the children's laughter faded into the conservatory and garden.

"Beverly, there are going to be serious problems when all this becomes public. What on earth are the authorities going to say?"

Veronica interrupted before I could answer.

"Well first of all Mr Hart, I can say that we haven’t broken any laws. We have each voluntarily agreed to the operations so nobody can accuse us of any horror stories about cruelty or torture."

"But surely," my father persisted, "you will become objects of ridicule and curiosity wherever you go."

"We'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it," interrupted Jenny, "as far as we are concerned it was imperative to recover our mobility and this was the only way we could do it."

"But what about your missing arms?" Begged my Stepmother as she frowned at my friend’s stumps.

"Well actually Mrs Hart." Replied Jenny. "That's the next hurdle. We have nearly completed the research into that field and we aren't far off getting ourselves arms."

"About six months we guess." Added Cynthia. "Maybe even less."

"Good God!" Exclaimed my father. " Are you really that close?"

"Yes." Confirmed Jacky. "We've already tested all the theories and we are developing an acceptable pair of arms from genetically engineered great apes."

"But what about the musculature and hair," persisted my father, "they would look monstrously out of proportion and everything."

Jenny looked at Vee and I as she turned to speak to my dad.

"Mr Hart, I know you're a man of the world so you shouldn't be too squeamish. Would you like to see my coat under this unitard?"

"Why d'you ask Jenny?"

"Well you seem concerned about flesh tone, musculature and things aesthetic. I think if you saw our flanks and rumps you would realise that we have already well and truly solved those problems. Rest assured Mr Hart, when you see those apes you won't notice any difference between theirs and human skins. Here look at this."


She motioned to Cye to help her remove her unitard. Cye stepped over and completed Jenny's request. She had her torso body shaper on so her human parts were modestly covered as the unitard was peeled back completely. Jenny stood before my parents completely unabashed as my father’s face reddened when he noticed her stallion’s penis. Jenny simply ignored the signs of my father’s embarrassment as she sidled up to him. She looked over her own shoulder at her rump and invited him to inspect it.

"Now, if you're worried about texture and things, just feel my coat."

"My poor father stood mesmerised for several moments before he cautiously touched Jenny's rump. His hand lay there uncertainly for a few moments before he gently ran his hands over her rump and down her flanks. Soon he was gently stroking and squeezing her coat in sheer amazement at its velvety satiny texture. His scientific mind overcame his embarrassment and he turned to Mary my stepmother.

"It's incredible Mary! Here, you feel it. Her coat is like velvet or satin and it feels as soft as any woman’s flesh."

My stepmother reddened but stepped forward and cautiously tested Jenny's coat. She even sniffed the coat as her nose detected the delicate scent that Jenny was wearing. Finally she ran her hands through Jenny's tail before turning to me.

"Why Beverly, it’s incredible. The- the coat is like velvet and her t-tail is just like her hair."

"Who on earth managed all this?" Demanded my father.

"We all did it. It was a complete combined team effort." Replied Jenny.

"Well I'm shocked and impressed. Uh-uhhm, do you think you could get dressed again young lady. I- I'm getting a bit embarrassed."

My stepmother picked up the discarded unitard and stood bemused in front of Jenny before Jacky assisted and they both redressed Jenny. My stepfather looked on and nodded his head.

"I can see now why you want your own hands."

"Exactly Mr Hart." Replied Jenny. "And rest assured that once we've solved the hands problem, we’re going public. Not before though! I want to make sure I get some hands before any stupid lawyers get messy. With apologies to Veronica I must add."

"Don't mind me," laughed Vee, "I’m the lawyer but I feel exactly the same way."

My dad was forced to agree. We had convinced him of the justification of our work and that we should complete our endeavours before tangling with any courts or judges. It was doubtful that any judge would try to reverse a fait accompli. On this final note we prepared for dinner.

The children returned after stuffing themselves with cake and trifle and the centaurs agreed to take them riding whilst I discussed the children’s future with my parents. They set off shrieking with delight as the centaurs swept wildly across the rolling meadows with the children riding bareback. Each of the older children was an excellent rider and they held their younger siblings in front of them as the little ones gurgled and squealed with pleasure. As we settled around the table our last view was of the centaurs hurtling over the downs with the children clinging like limpets to their backs. I smiled and nodded towards the children through the window before speaking to my parents.


"You see dad, the problem is that both Bernard and Nicholas are full hermaphrodites. Margaret and I are pretty sure that they will turn out exactly like me."

My father shook his head before he replied.

"I don't know what to think. I'm so confused. I always wanted a son and grandsons and the irony is I've got them. It's just hard seeing them as girls but functioning as both male and female."

"Well it'll soon be time for Bernard to decide what he wants. He's reaching puberty earlier than the girls and the sooner the better if he elects for any surgery."

"Are you going to send the younger ones to Miss Lanes as well?" Asked Mary.

"Yes mummy. It's the same equation for Nicholas as well. He would be treated unmercifully by other pupils if he was sent to a boys school, especially when our work here becomes public."

"Hmmm, yess," pondered my father, "there is that aspect as well."

"We could educate them here ourselves but their is the social aspect and they do need to mix with other children."

"It is a problem isn't it?" Mused my father again as he turned to Margaret. "What do you intend to do with Pauline?"

"The same as Susan. She'll go to Miss Lane’s with Nicholas and Christine. She is your granddaughter as well though so what are your feelings about it."

My father shook his head again and smiled.

"Of course, I’m not forgetting that. It's just that Beverly's children are-"

He paused for a moment, embarrassed by his thoughtless display of favouritism.

"Oh I'm sorry, that's not what I mean. They're all my grandchildren and all precious to me."

Margaret smiled softly. She understood the confusion my father suffered.

A pregnant silence hung over the kitchen before Mary broke the impasse.

"So it's agreed then. Miss Lane’s for the younger children as well."

I was relieved that there was agreement about it.

"What's the youngest Miss Lane will take?" Asked Mary.

"It depends on the child really," replied Margaret. "A good example is Beverly, a transvestite child who was cross dressing at nine or ten. Seven is the youngest we've ever taken and even that was a little tricky. You need a really understanding matron for such young boys with unusual tendencies. We've even accepted some rather precocious young girls at that age but they've never proved to be no problem at all. We find that provided the little boys have female company they adjust quite readily to pettycoating."

"Well that's it then," concluded my father. "I can't think of a better place for our children with their problems."

"They are not problems dad, " I chided, "unless other people make them into problems."

"Well it'll be some time before we have to address the problem for the smaller ones, we may as well make the most of this little holiday and get this place ship-shape."

As he finished with these words, he got up from the table to emphasise his actions.


The rest of my parent’s stay was spent helping to get the place ready to continue our researches. A few weeks later they left the place in a happier frame of mind. We had only to keep it secret for a few more months and our immediate problems would be over. With this target in view we set to with a vengeance tackling the last remaining problems. There was one more little incident, which made us realise just how urgent it was for Jenny and Vee to receive their arms, and it involved the older children.

The incident occurred a month or so after my parents had left. Jenny and Vee were at a loose end one afternoon and each casually reading a novel whilst sitting in the orchard. One of the advantages to being centaurs was that they could sit on the damp grass in waterproof unitards without getting cold and they were idly chatting when the children came bounding up.

"Aunty Jenny, Aunty Vee, come and see what we've found in one of the old stables." Urged Jeanette, my older daughter.

With nothing better to do both centaurs shrugged their shoulders and followed the two girls into one of the old stables.

The electricity had not been connected to this older remote part of the outbuildings and it was fairly dark inside. Without thinking or suspecting anything Jenny and Vee strolled inside only to find themselves trapped in a holding frame like the ones used for restraining cattle whilst vets operated on them.

Just as quickly they were gagged and blindfolded because they had no human arms to defend themselves. They were as helpless as any other farm animal boxed into the frame. Despite their best efforts the children had them neatly trapped and utterly helpless before swiftly undressing them.

Suddenly Jenny and Vee found themselves being bridled and harnessed like horses until they were completely restrained and helpless between the shafts of a light carriage. Their gags were left in but their blindfolds were removed after blinkers had been fitted. They discovered that they had been neatly harnessed with Vee on a loose rein in front and Jenny in tandem behind her between the shafts.

What was the worst however was that this was no ordinary harness.

The little terrors had discovered an old saddler’s repair kit and several meters of spare leather strapping. From this they had stitched some highly controversial little additions to the normal harness.

Under the tailpiece of Vee’s harness they had stitched an extra strap leading down over her pony pussy and under her belly to attach to the girth strap. This strap had a large dildo attached and then buried deep into her pony pussy. An extra rein then lead right back under Jenny’s belly to the drivers seat so that the driver could gently tug the dildo to make it slide in and out of Vee's pony pussy. Furthermore another dildo had been attached to Vee’s farthingale and this was lodged into her front pussy. It was attached by two short straps to her forelegs so that with each step it jiggled up and down causing her girl pussy to get horny. Finally a bondage harness was fitted over her human torso so that her breasts were pushed up and out where the long whip could easily whisk her nipples.

Jenny had fared no better. She was trapped in a similar bondage harness as Vee but her farthingale dildo was attached to the rein leading from Vee's pony pussy and under her belly. Every time the driver stimulated Vee, Jenny received the same attention to her girl pussy. This ensured that they got the same instructions at the same time and performed like a well-drilled pair. A set soft leather of cock rings was fitted over Jenny’s stallion cock and these were also attached to the long dildo rein.

With each tug on the dildo rein both centaurs received sexual stimulation. In addition to this of course, both girls had human bridles over their heads and were completely at the mercy and control of the driver. The blinkers of course prevented Jenny and Vee from seeing who was driving them so there would be little to tell when they got back.

In the gloom of the barn they were gently urged forward until they were standing obedient and nervous between the large double-ended doors of the old threshing barn.

The rear doors were opened and the centaurs were presented with a view of the fields that was invisible from the house. Nobody would see them being driven out onto the fields.

Jenny and Vee tried to talk but the gagged bits prevented all but the most muffled sounds to escape their mouths.

Suddenly the reins were flicked and the dildo rein was tugged gently twice. Jenny and Vee twitched anxiously as they carefully walked forward into the field. As soon as they were behind the dip and invisible to the farmhouse they were put through their paces. The reins were flicked and the dildo rein tugged firmly as the whip flicked across their breasts and nipples. Jenny and Vee realised that whoever was driving them had certainly got excellent skills with a carriage and pair. Within a few moments they were being urged along at a brisk trot whilst the dildo rein was rhythmically tugged back and fore.

In less than a quarter of an hour both Jenny and Vee were being brought to the most desperate state. As they were driven along at a brisk trot their orgasms were building up to create a maelstrom of frustration in their controlled bodies. Each time the driver noticed them getting too excited he stopped activating the dildo rein and whisked their rumps with the whip. Both Jenny and Vee were being cleverly brought to within an inch of satisfaction before being let down again time and again.

After a full hour of this desperate tantalisation the carriage came to a sheltered glade and my poor friends were made to stop. Their bridles were tethered to a tree and they were made to wait like a pair of common hackney horses while the children enjoyed a picnic. Never had Jenny and Vee suffered such awful humiliation. What was worse was that the harnesses dredged up all the old humiliations and fears of the early days at Miss Lanes. The worst part for Jenny was that her embarrassing erection would not subside because of the cock straps and there was nothing she could do to relieve it. For Vee on the other hand, the dildo in her front pussy was a fraction too short to reach her buried clitty. By carefully kneeling down she could almost press the dildo sufficiently far up her cunny to reach her clitty but the farthingale strap simply prevented it from making the final crucial centimetre. All during the picnic poor Vee was constantly pawing with her forelegs to try and get the dildo onto her clitty. Whichever of the children had made the harnesses they certainly had an awareness beyond their years.

Eventually the children tired of their picnic and they returned to the farm. Again the centaurs were brought to within an ace of satisfaction numerous times before they finally returned to the barn exhausted and frustrated. Once inside, they were driven into the holding frames and there held helpless again whilst the giggling children unharnessed them. Finally, in the pitch darkness they were released naked and desperate as they stumbled angry and ashamed to the farmhouse. It was Dot who discovered them trudging stark naked across the farmyard with tears of anger and frustration pouring from their eyes.

She uttered an oath of surprise and called to us.

"Good God! Beverly, Margaret, all of you. Come quickly. There's something wrong with Jenny and Veronica."

We bundled out of the drawing room to meet Jenny and Vee as they staggered through the split farmhouse door. I was stunned at their exhausted mud spattered state and their helpless nudity.

"What in God's name has happened to you two?" Demanded Margaret.

Poor Vee was on the point of collapse and she sagged against the large kitchen table. Jacky and Cye rushed to support her and helped her down the hall to one of the large special settees in the drawing room. Once they were settled on comfortable settees they related their experiences.

After hearing the story I wasn’t sure what to make of it. A stunned silence settled over us as each of us mulled over the implications.

"Well?" Demanded Jenny angrily. "What are we going to do about them?"

"They must be punished somehow." Added Vee.

"And what would you suggest?" Inquired Margaret.

"Well they're your children. It's up to you and Beverly to do something."

"Point granted." I conceded. "The problem is; how?"

Again a silence settled before Jacky spoke up.

"The question we all have to address is where they learned about such activities. It's something usually beyond the comprehension of teenagers. Bondage and all that."

"Yes. That's something we'll have to find out. I'll go and get them."

With these words I stalked off to collar the children. As I marched angrily across the farmyard I spied them playing in another barn where the lights were on.

It was getting dark now and time for dinner so I called them in. As soon as they emerged from the barn they realised they were for the high jump. I ordered the three little ones to bed immediately. They had simply gone along for the ride in the cart and would have no understanding of what had passed. The older ones were my targets. They had been expecting trouble and they got it.

It's not necessary to dwell upon the punishment they received but it fitted the crime and ensured that they would never do such a terrible thing again. It was several days before I had calmed down enough to find out where they had learned about such precocious activities. Once their punishment was over I demanded an explanation. Ruefully they eventually showed me some old magazines that had been lying in the saddle-makers repair box. It was obvious that whoever had owned the farm previously had been involved in some sort of pony harnessing sports. The pictures were pretty explicit and I couldn't help suppress a smile as I studied them. I confiscated them and showed them to the others later that evening. At least we now knew that it was no fault of ours that the children had learned of such things.

Children would always go rooting especially teenaged children when they were becoming sexually aware. For us it was a warning to be a little more circumspect about our lives now that the older children were growing.


The other outcome was to re-emphasise to us just how helpless and vulnerable Vee and Jenny were. It became even more imperative to give them arms. If some evil pervert got hold of them before they had arms then they would be helplessly vulnerable to a repeat of their experiences, or worse. Jenny and Vee's behaviour changed quite appreciably in the remaining months before they got their arms.

A few days after the initial hubbub I was sitting alone with Jenny and Vee when the conversation got around to the incident. Their initial humiliation and offence was subsiding and we began to see a funny side to the whole affair. The children were still undergoing punishment and were behaving very contritely as their every need had to be attended to by us adults. Every essential body function was controlled by us adults and they had to come begging for assistance whenever their needs became urgent.

I was making sure that they would fully realise how hurtful and nasty they had been. Despite this Jenny and Vee still had trouble confronting the children and unconsciously turned away whenever they met them. It was this action that concerned me. Jenny and Vee both felt vulnerable and angry when ever they met the children. The only way was to talk their anger and fear through.

As we sat chatting I touched upon their feelings about having been harnessed so cruelly.

"Well I'm still angry and humiliated by it all." Censored Jenny. "If I had hands I would thoroughly thrash them- but then again if I'd had hands, they never would have been able to do it. Oh if only!"

She cursed quietly as she shrugged her useless shoulders and stared plaintively at me. I poured another cup of tea for her and she sipped it through her straw. I pursed my lips as I thought about how needful they both were of hands. I turned to Vee who had started sobbing quietly.

"What's the matter my love?" I whispered as I gently stroked her back.

Vee continued sobbing quietly and simply refused to speak. I stared uncomprehendingly at Jenny who motioned silently with her head and leaned forward.

"I'll tell you later. When it's more appropriate." She whispered in my ear.

I poured Vee a second cup and she turned her head away. What ever was bugging her it was neither the time nor the place to press her. I gave her a gentle hug and left the drawing room as Jenny settled down beside her and I heard them whispering. I busied my self with some notes in the library but I was too disturbed by Vee's behaviour and cocked half an ear down the corridor. It was totally impossible to hear Jenny and Vee whispering but their conversation was occasionally interrupted by a loud moan from Vee. What ever was going on, it was clear that Jenny was getting to the heart of it.

Later that evening after doing our various duties after supper, Jenny quietly approached me as Margaret and I discussed notes in the library.

"Bev; a word please." She whispered.

I excused myself from Margaret’s company and joined Jenny in the hall.

"Outside would be better." Cautioned Jenny. "There are less ears to hear."

I pulled a face as I frowned and opened the large double doors.

There was no wind but it was a calm frosty evening. The moon provided plenty of light and Jenny picked her way into the orchard. There amidst the trees she divulged Vee's secret.

"It's about this afternoon and why Vee was crying."

"Go on." I prompted.

"Well this mustn't go any further."

"Understood. My lips are sealed."

"Well Vee's upset because of what she discovered out there."

"I'm no wiser Jenny."

"Well- it’s just that she- she- Well she found out she enjoyed the little pantomime."

I stared at her for several seconds before fully grasping the jist of Jenny words.

"Good God! You mean she- she enjoyed the whole thing- the - the bondage or the horse thing or what?"

"She can’t say exactly, but she certainly felt horny and excited."

"Well you both were made horny and frustrated by it. We know that."

"I know that." Scolded Jenny, angered by my naiveté. "But Vee feels she could enjoy it again. The thought of being so utterly helpless and obedient keeps recurring in her fantasies."

"Oh!" I gasped as I realised what Jenny saying. " I see what you're driving at now."

There was a pregnant pause before Jenny replied.

"I hope that wasn't a pun."

"I- oh heck no." I giggled. "Sorry no pun intended."

"Good. The problem is. What's to do about it?"

"Has she expressed a specific desire to repeat it?"

"Not in so many words," replied Jenny, "but reading between the lines, I suspect that's her wish."

I stared long and hard across the pastures towards the southern hills. The moon was settling behind them and a dark shadow slowly settled across the orchard. It was completely dark before I spoke again.

"Does she enjoy being helpless and things, with no arms and that?"

"I shouldn't think so. That's just too dammed inconvenient. I think she would just like to occasionally be harnessed into the shafts and completely subjugated into bondage."

"Ah well." I sighed. "It takes all sorts I suppose. Does her fantasy upset her?"

"She's embarrassed to admit it. She only mentioned it to me because I've shared the experience."

"And what about you." I quizzed.

"Not flipping likely. I'll never trust those little monsters again. At least- not before I've got arms."

"Point taken."

"Do you think the others aught to know?" Wondered Jenny aloud.

"I'll talk to Vee and see what she feels. There aren't any other secrets between any of us. At least I don't know of any."

"Agreed." Replied Jenny. "It's you she usually confides in. She only told me because we shared the whole humiliation."

"Where is she now?"

"In her own bedroom reading."

"Well I won't disturb her now. I'll see her tomorrow. Let’s get some coffee."

We returned to the house and made the evening drinks. I had some thinking to do that night.


The following day I picked a suitable moment and told Vee that Jenny had divulged her secret to me. Vee had secretly hoped she would and she poured her heart out to me. We spent the whole afternoon discussing it and Vee eventually became reconciled to her strange new fantasies.

We had established though that whatever the upshot, Vee definitely wanted new arms. Our researches and developments were to continue unobstructed.

There was to be one more final wrinkle in our task and this concerned Jacky and Cye. They had both observed that it was a nuisance having arms too short to reach their rumps. Whenever their pony pussies itched they had to help each other scratch them. It was either that, or rub against a handy surface like a beast in the field. This tended to rip and tear their Lycra unitards leaving them feeling very vulnerable until someone could help them change.

I pointed out that even with arms long enough to reach their tails, they would still need help when dressing.

"To have arms long enough to reach down to reach your rear hooves would mean arms reaching the floor and this would be hopelessly unacceptable aesthetically." I argued.

"We’re not worried about our rear hooves. We can each give the other a pedicure whenever we want. It's that crucial couple of inches to our pony-pussies," pointed out Jacky, "we just can't lean back far enough to scratch or wash. Watch."

She twisted her slender spine and arched back with all the grace of an Arab thoroughbred but it was obvious that she just couldn't reach the last tantalising few inches under her tail.

"Well I can see the problem Jacky but there's not a lot we can do short of breeding yet more genetically compatible hominoid apes. That could take a few years. The apes for Becky and Vee are nearly fully grown and almost ready for the operations."

Jacky’s shoulders sagged with disappointment.

"But couldn't we use the other arms off the apes."

"What! And leave the poor creatures armless." I chided.

The laboratory apes were our best-kept secret. They had six limbs because the additional pair of arms had been grown from Jenny and Vee’s human cells implanted in the foetus. The extra arms were in fact genetic reproductions of Jenny and Vee's original arms that had been grown on the apes. The additional limbs were just ripe for amputation off the apes and grafting onto Jenny and Vee.

The apes would then be left with the normal arrangement of two arms and two legs thus suffering no ill effects. The extra arms were perfect genetic matches to Jenny and Vee.

"It's a pity that you hadn’t mentioned this earlier," I mused. "We would have had time to do something about it. To do it now would delay the whole thing for years."

"Well we didn't really consider it a problem until Jenny and Vee had that nasty experience." Mumbled Cye.

"Couldn’t we do it after going public?" Demanded Jacky.

"I suppose so but it would fraught with all sorts of legal complications. You know what lawyers are like."

"Well we're prepared to take that risk."

"What do you think about it Cye?" I queried.

" To be frank, I don't feel too threatened I’m quite happy to carry on as we are. It would be more convenient though."

"Well to be honest that surprises me. As a proper girl you'd be more vulnerable to rape than Jacky. Do you want to do it before we go public?"

"Well it's not desperate. But would you like to have to ask somebody to scratch you, every time you itched back there?" She grinned.

"O.K." I conceded. "But you'll have to wait until a suitable ape is grown and that will be after we go public. Are you prepared to risk the consequences?"

"We've no choice really, have we? Jenny and Vee are desperate to receive their arms," finished Jacky with a philosophical shrug.

On this note the discussion ended. We set about breeding suitable apes for Jacky and Cye the following week.

The final weeks passed quickly and soon our plans were ready for completion.

We had tremendous success with the arms because of the genetic origins of the material. Even an expert would not have determined their anthropoid origins.

We chose to operate on Vee first for the same reasons as before. It was easier to graft just below the elbow stumps rather than higher up the humorous as with Jenny. In Vee's case however we were able to take on board Jacky's problem and we extended the ulna and radius slightly so that she would be able to reach her rump and scratch her pony-pussy when it itched. All in all it was an excellent solution and Vee was eventually blessed with a fully functioning pair of arms.

The scars were cleverly hidden around the elbows and invisible to all but the closest inspection. We were extremely pleased with our work and the day arrived when Vee had to test her new limbs.

Veronica’s first act was to gently touch and caress every accessible inch of her body with particular attention to her 'naughty bits'.

She crooned ecstatically as she carefully stroked and probed and pinched the various parts of her newly available body. She then sensuously drew the body shaper over her flanks and up her torso before deftly easing the bra straps over her shoulders.

Dot had designed the bra cups to be 'front - loading' and Vee had little difficulty in gently filling her ripe breasts into the soft lacy cups. Her next act was to secure the poppers of her front crotch and then she courtesied with all the aplomb of an old stage trooper. We all cheered and clapped as she proceeded to slip delicately into her unitard. The vision of sensuous grace and beauty reminded me of a beautiful woman delicately donning her stockings or a ballerina in her tutu sinuously tying her dancing slippers.

Finally she stood fully dressed amidst the cheers and happiness of us all. She had become the first centaur to dress herself completely and I couldn't help notice the little looks of envy from the other centaurs, especially Jacky. I had been proved wrong about needing arms reaching to the ground. I was amazed at the flexible grace the centaurs enjoyed. Vee then proudly stepped into the kitchen and proceeded to mix us all some celebratory drinks.


There was no better way of saying 'thank you’ and there were plenty of joyful laughs as we toasted out success. I was so emotional that I had a huge lump in my throat and had trouble downing my drink. My feelings were infectious and it wasn't long before my friends were all sharing my tears. I finally recovered enough to say a few words.

"Well girls- oh- and boys. Here’s to the end of the beginning. It's all downhill from now on as far as the surgery is concerned. The next big hurdle is going public."

A silence settled upon us as each one contemplated the future.

"What will you do after we’ve gone public Bev?" Asked Vee nervously.

"Well to be honest, I need a rest. With all the royalties and patent rights to our work, we should never have to work again. I'd like to take my children around the world for a couple of years. Anybody care to join me?"

"Will you keep the island on?" Asked Jenny.

"It's not for me to say Jen. Vee tells me it's in the joint names of all of us. Isn’t that right Vee?"

"Yes." She replied. "It's deeded to all seven of us and cannot be sold without at least five of us agreeing to it. The title passes on to our heirs and issue pro-rata."

Veronica turned to Jane.

"I'm sorry Jane but this was all transacted long before you came on the scene. Years ago when our work first began and we feared being discovered or exposed."

Yet another silence descended as we all reflected upon what had passed during the long years since the accident with the train. We were all in our twenties now and my thoughts turned to my children. I had neglected them too much and now was the time to make up. I reflected on my hopes for a long holiday with them to try and recover some of the lost time. We finally enjoyed one more drink before commencing preparations for dinner. It was a joyful Vee who fed herself with her own fingers and cutlery and a wistful Jenny who eagerly anticipated her own new arms in the near future.

That evening we enjoyed some splendid gentle lovemaking as Veronica exercised her newfound opportunities. She particularly enjoyed pleasuring herself with her own dildo and finally reaching her own buried clitoris again. As she began to orgasm happily to her own tune the soft tears of relief and contentment spilled down her cheeks. We generously allowed her the privilege and right to do this. Poor Vee had been beholden to my cock for years and Jane's recent attempts with her little organ had only served to frustrate Vee. Finally, Vee exploded in a paroxysmal orgasm as all the tensions and frustrations of years of bitter helplessness finally escaped from her tortured body and soul. As the last desperate gasps and moans subsided I gently licked Vee’s tears from her cheeks and we fell asleep hugging each other amidst our encircling friends.

The next morning dawned cold and crisp. A thick frost had collected on the windows and the whole Island was covered in a sheet of virginal white crystals. From the warm cosiness of our bedroom we admired the scene that late autumn presented. There was little time to waste however. Jenny's surgery was planned for the following days and there was much preparation. After a breakfast commensurate with the demands of the day we plunged into the final phase.


Everything went as expected and within a month, as winter closed its grip, Jenny was finally released from the shackles of her dependency.

Jenny’s arms were grafted at the amputation point of her old the humorous. We had deliberately increased the normal length of her humorous to enable her to easily reach under her belly and attend to her stallion cock. The disproportionate length of her arms was just noticeable if you studied her carefully but the additional reach around her rump and into her ‘groin’ more than compensated for any slight aesthetic flaw.

Like Veronica, Jenny’s first act was to explore her various parts. Her delicate hands lingered lovingly on the stallion's cock that she had never been able to touch. After completing her various examinations she sheepishly made her excuses and disappeared to her bedroom. A knowing smile spread amongst us as the door closed behind her.

Soon amidst violent bangs and thumps, there was a loud snort and whiney as Jenny and Jet relieved certain tensions that had had existed ever since their conjoinment.

For readers of this tale who have not read the earlier tale it may interest you to learn that each centaur shared their bodies with the original horse. The original horse's brain lay buried inside the torso and communicated with the human brain. The various explanations and descriptions are described in the earlier chapters.

Soon Jenny reappeared looking somewhat the worse for wear. It was obvious that she needed a bath and we were not slow in joining her in the huge communal shower. We all shared in her delight at being able to wash almost her whole body. Only her rear hooves were inaccessible.

Winter by now had secured its long tenacious hold and we were virtually housebound except for rare days when a high pressure provided clear skies and hard frosts.

Our life during these long days was idyllic

For me the best form of thanks that the centaurs could express was the freedom they enjoyed in completing all the tedious tasks that had been down to me for years. The centaurs were now able to express their thanks for my tenacious efforts by doing everything for themselves and each other.

Of course, despite our best efforts, Cye and Jacky still had some trouble reaching their pony pussies. Even the best efforts of our surgery could not quite enable them to stretch around their rumps and totally satisfy their own needs. Short of grafting new arms like Vee and Jenny it was simply impossible to make the wrists flexible enough. They would forever be dependant upon each other for their more complicated equine urges. At first I thought that this would be a cause for discontent but I eventually realised that secretly they enjoyed ‘helping’ each other 'fiddle' with their pony pussies. It was a constant little reminder of their equine connections and their dependency upon one another.

As the winter dragged on I slowly began to feel a little guilty at the life of idle leisure the centaurs almost forced upon me as they refused to let me do anything for myself.

The last stage of our scientific work had been to lengthen Cye and Jacky’s' arms.


For the remainder of the winter we were busy modifying the transport so the centaurs would be able to drive. It was essentially a matter of removing the upright seats and installing benches to accommodate the centaur’s flanks and haunches. They simply entered through the rear doors and slid onto the benches with their fore hooves on the pedals and their hands on the wheels. From outside the vehicles it was impossible to recognise the driver as a centaur. They practised driving the vans whenever the weather allowed. Additionally we also modified one of the Landrovers so that they could practice in worse conditions.

The inevitable day arrived when we had to go public.



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