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The Medallions of Femininity

by Ashley Eggers


I was hesitant just prior to opening the front door to Lisa's Salon, we had been friends since childhood and when she called me the previous night saying she needed to talk to me I was taken back. Her voice had sounded so determined about me seeing her the next day that I was immediately on guard. When I had tried to question her as why the big hurry she would only tell it was serious and I had to be there, and be on time as well. I promised her on her insistence and at five the following day I was the front door of her place, I walked in and Lisa was waiting inside. She asked me to sit down beside her so we could talk, I was still anxious from the previous night's call, but I sat beside Lisa and to my surprise she took my hand in hers.

Her voice cracked as she began to speak, she told me that her feelings over our friendship were causing her tremendous pain. I was to say the least stunned by her saying this to me, as I had not expected to hear these words from her. Lisa and I had been close friends since our early years and now to find out she wanted to possibly take our friendship to the next level made me feel uncomfortable. My thoughts were quickly brought back to earth as Lisa asked me to remember back to a day when we dressed up for the first time in each others clothes. Smiling I told her I did recall that day, she asked me if I could remember telling her how great it felt having her clothing on me. Again I told her yes and then questioned her as to why she was bringing this up now.

Lisa then confessed to me that she to liked the way I looked in her clothes and that we should have done it more then that one time. Laughing nervously at her remarks I asked her if she was serious, Lisa told me that she was very serious. Going on further Lisa said to me that from that one day all she had thought about was seeing me in her things. Then there was that but, and what a but it was as she told me she had also wanted me to be her best girlfriend as well. When I heard those words from her I was once more astonished as I told her she wasn't being serious and that that kind of talk was foolish.

An evil smile then came over Lisa's face as she stood up, looking down on me she told that she was dead serious, in fact she told me that before I had come in she had prepared a special treat for me. Before I could make a move Lisa had placed a medallion around my neck and I found myself unable to move. I seemed frozen to the spot, which I sat and Lisa left me there while she went off to another part of her salon. Sitting there I could feel myself becoming totally relaxed and my body seemed to be getting itchy everywhere. On Lisa's return I tried to speak, but the voice coming from me was very feminine sounding. Lisa laughed and told me the medallion was working faster then she had expected, I could feel my hair growing and it soon fell past my shoulders. My eyes opened wide as I saw my reflection in the mirror, my hair was a long auburn red shade and my face was radically altered and looking very feminine.

Lisa leaned down at this point and told me that the best was still to come as she helped me get up and over into her styling chair. Once I was settled down Lisa began to moisten my hair with a mister, she ran a comb through it sectioning it off. Then I watched as she began to roll up my new hair into perm rods, they soon covered my entire head. A horrid smelling liquid was then squirted onto each rod, when Lisa finished that she put a plastic cap over my head and set a timer for forty-five minutes. She sat down still smiling as I asked her why she was doing this to me, Lisa told me that she took to heart my wish that one day when we changed clothing. Since then she had researched her every spare moment until she found the three medallions of femininity.

As I could see she told me that the first medallion was called the features stone, it she said to me altered my voice, facial features, and hair. Lisa went on to say she would first do my hair into a fabulous style, then apply make up over my face until I was the vision of pure womanhood. I once more asked her why and she leaned back letting her head fall upwards, then as she leaned it back down she told me it was because she wanted to have me feel the beauty and passion only a woman could feel, to take that feeling and be her girlfriend, lover, and confidant. With that said to me she once more left me to sit there and contemplate what I had just heard from her.

My mind exploded in thoughts of horror at first then as I thought more I felt maybe Lisa was playing a game with me. A game I thought, no way, look at my face and hair, this was for real. My sense came back as Lisa came back into the room carrying a second medallion; she placed it down by her chair. I watched her as she removed the plastic cap first, then she wheeled me over to a sink and rinsed off my hair, a cold liquid was then applied, it sat on me for ten more minutes, and then it to was rinsed off. Lisa removed the perm rods next and then wrapped my hair into a towel and wheeled me back over to her styling station. I was positioned so I could see everything as Lisa first removed the towel to let me see a mass of springy little curls fall and frame my face.

I wanted to scream, but I found the intrigue beginning to fill my thoughts and I found myself saying to Lisa that I looked so pretty. She softly giggled and began to roll my hair once more only this it was into big curlers. As before with the perm rods my hair was now held tightly into the rollers and a dryer was brought over and turned on before Lisa situated over my head. The heat from the dryer felt wonderful as I closed my eyes, my head spun from my feelings as I thought about what else Lisa was going to do to me. I must have lost track of the time as the dryer was shut off and pushed away by Lisa, she turned me towards the mirror, and then she removed the curlers one by one. As the last one was taken out I was left sitting there with a head full of soft curls, Lisa combed them around and then began to clip my hair up until she had created the most beautiful updo on my hair. On top I had my hair pushed up and small little curls fell around my ears and temples, a good amount of spray was applied until it held firmly in place.

This style made me look every bit a woman as my new facial shape suited the style perfectly. Lisa now took my hand and helped me stand, once up she removed my clothing, I was still unable to try and stop her as I still had no strength. Now nude and standing in front of Lisa she opened a medium sized package and inside she found a bra which she put on to my chest area. A Victorian corset followed and soon my waist was reduced to an hourglass shape. An odd looking pair of panties were strapped over my manhood and nylons soon encased my legs, a much smaller size then my own foot size of high heeled shoes were pushed over my feet until they held in place. Lisa was now done and she sat me down and picked up the second medallion.

As Lisa put this on around my neck she quickly fastened the clasp and positioned it beside the first medallion. I soon found out from Lisa that this stone was called the bountiful and I could feel a sensation throughout my body. It was like I was being pulled into a vortex as my skin tightened, I looked down to see my feet shrinking until the heels I wore fit without any pain. Also New breasts formed and they filled the cups of the bra which were D in size, and in my groin area it felt like a vacuum had pulled my penis inside and I was left with a vagina and mound of soft looking pubic hair. The corset I had been wearing was now loose and Lisa removed it, I was left with a thin little waist and perfect hips, a woman would kill for this body I thought. Lisa told me that I looked fabulous and after she dressed me into an evening gown I was a vision of splendor. My appearance in the mirror only fortified my feeling as a very shapely leggy female looked back at myself, it was unreal.

Lisa sat me back down and went to work applying make up over my face. She used a small pad to put on the foundation, shadows over my eyes followed with a liner on my upper and lower inner lids. Blush was brushed onto my cheeks and a lip lining pencil traced my outer lips, a creamy lipstick filled in the rest and now I looked even more convincing as my face now was that of a woman's. Only one thing remained Lisa told me and that was for the final medallion to be put on to me. He took this one out, it was a bright pink in colour and once on I could feel my mind being injected with a millions thoughts and feelings. I asked Lisa what this medallion was called, she told me it was called the medallion of inner self, this she told me would make me think, feel, care, and have confidence as a woman would have. I looked down to see the three medallions now shining brightly, I watched as they slowly disappeared into my chest.

I was now a woman and Lisa had her new girlfriend, one who would be her partner in life, we could now talk as only a woman could to each other. I could comfort her when she was sad; make her happy when she was down and not think at anytime I would ever let her down. The three medallions of femininity were inside me forever, I would remain a woman now and Lisa would be rewarded with my love. My reward would be living as a woman, a wonderful new way of life awaited me and to think it was having a dream those many years ago, I love Lisa and she loves me and together we will fulfil one another's needs, and a man, bite your tongue, we don't need one, we have each other now.


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