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by Arecee


Mark went to her and took her in his arm. He pressed his mouth against her and kissed her deeply. He broke the kiss and began kissing her neck and finally her breasts. He licked her nipples and felt her tremble again. Mialing had never had feelings as intense as this before and didn't know how to control her body, but all she knew was that she wanted Mark inside of her.

When she trembled Mark said, " We don't have to do this if you don't want to," interpreting her lust for fear.

"Please Mark, I've never wanted anything as badly as I want you right now," she responded.

Mark had removed all but his boxers in anticipation of his shower so removing his shorts took all of two seconds. Mark lifted Mialing onto the bed and continued kissing and caressing her. He moved to the top of her as she spread her legs in anticipation of entry. Mark took his erection in his hand and found the entrance to her vagina. He knew he had to be gentle with her as this was her first time. He pushed the head slowly into her and heard her gasp but then felt her hips lift to meet his assault. Mark continued pushing until he was all the way in to the woman of his dreams.

Mialing felt so helpless as Mark lifted her onto the bed. When he laid her on her back and kissed her, she instinctively knew what to do and opened her legs for him. She thought it would hurt when he entered her but only pleasure found its way to her soul. When he stopped she wanted him to continue and had lifted herself to accept him and when he finally pushed all the way in she knew she had made the right choice with this man and she would love him forever.

Mark was gentle with Mialing, pulling out and pushing back in slowly so as to give her the most pleasure and soon climaxed within her. Mialing felt Mark cum as he left his love deep inside of her, she had also had orgasm before he came, the first by another person other than herself. When Mark finished he held her tightly knowing that he too would love her forever.

Mark finally softened enough to fall out of Mialing.

"Did you have to come out?" she purred.

"I wish I didn't have to but that's what men do," he answered. "I'm going to take a shower and then I'll be ready to go to dinner, okay?"

"Maybe," responded Mialing.

Mark took his shower and returned to the room. Mialing hadn't moved from the bed.

"Mark honey, could we do that again before we go to eat?" Mialing said in her most seductive voice.

Mark didn't answer he just joined her in bed. This time because of obvious reasons the lovemaking lasted much longer. Mialing was satisfied beyond belief.

The couple went to dinner and then returned and made love for the rest of the night.

It was ten in the morning before Mialing woke from her sleep. Mark was still sleeping with his arm wrapped around her body cuddled up tight to her. She wondered what was poking her in the back enough to wake her and then she knew, Mark's body was being naughty. She looked at the clock and knew they would have to leave soon if she was going to get to work on time.

Mialing stretched out like a cat and purred to Mark, "Honey, we should get going, we have a long drive ahead of us."

Mark opened his eyes and saw the vision of loveliness looking at him.

"Do we have too?" he asked.

"I'm sorry but I have to be to work at eight, but there is something you might want to take care of first," Mialing said as she looked at his erection.

"Maybe I should," he said as he grabbed her and started to tickle her on her sides.

"Stop," she screamed and giggled at the same time.

"Make me," he said.

Mialing knew just what to do, she quickly rolled Mark over and sat on him, and just as quickly raised herself up and sat on his erection. Mialing felt it slide inside of her and asked, "Are you going to be a good boy now?"

Mark found it difficult to talk especially when Mialing began to lift herself up and down, pleasuring both she and Mark.

"I'll be good," he was finally able to say.

Mialing didn't respond, the intensity of her feelings were too much for her to do anything but live in the moment. She was moaning as she had her first orgasm and when Mark came she again exploded in ecstasy. She fell on the bed, unable to continue sitting on Mark. She was a satisfied woman.

It was almost eleven by the time Mialing exited the shower and Mark entered to wash the previous evenings mess from his body. Mialing brushed her hair and decided to let it dry naturally in the car. She put on some lip-gloss and mascara and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She started to giggle when she saw herself, so this is what they mean when they say she looks well fucked. There was an inner glow pouring from her body that could mean only one thing, she was well fucked.

Mialing dressed in a clean pair of shorts and blouse and waited for Mark to finish his shower. She reflected on what had occurred the previous evening. She had lost her virginity to Mark. Mark had been so gentle and made her feel so good and seemed to want to please her above all other things, that she knew he loved her. Mialing was in love with Mark, there was no doubt about that, but then she wondered what would happen when his vacation was over, would he leave her, that thought terrified her, maybe he would want to move in with her, he did after all have a job to do, as did she. She could go with him, quit her job and be his wife. God what was she thinking, wife, hell, he only told her he loved her once, and maybe that was because of what they were doing at the time, he's going to leave me, I know he is. Tears ran down Mialing's face until they fell onto her legs, her insecurity was making a wreck of her fragile personality. Mark exited the bathroom and saw his love crying.

"Mialing, what's wrong sweetheart?"

"You're going to leave me, I just know you are," she said as her tears intensified.

Mark went to her and held her tightly to his chest.

"Shh, shh, I'm not going to leave you, you'll probably find some handsome guy and dump me instead."

"I would never do that," she whimpered.

"Then what makes you think I would leave you?"

"I don't know," she answered.

"I'll never leave you Mialing, I love you. I thought I would never find a person that I could love as much as I love you, but when I first saw you, I knew I was wrong but I didn't think you could love me as much in return."

"Oh Mark, I love you so much it hurts, please don't ever leave me."

"I won't, now let me go or we'll end up back in bed and you will be late for work."

"Would that be so bad?" she giggled.

"Mialing!" Mark answered.

Mark dressed and the couple drove back to Las Vegas with Mialing sitting with her legs curled under her and cuddled up tight to her man. Mialing was truly a woman in love.

Mialing arrived at home just in time to be to work on time. Mark drove her and assured her that he would be waiting for her when her shift ended.

Mark decided to gamble some more but not in the Bellagio. If anyone were to find out that he and Mialing were seeing each other it might jeopardize her job. Mark ended up playing at a different casino. He was bored with blackjack and decided to play poker instead. How hard could it be he wondered, heck blackjack wasn't difficult once you mastered it, so he sat down at a low stakes table to pass time and try to win a few dollars. Two hours later he had lost over two thousand dollars and left with his tail between his legs, having learned a very important lesson about gambling, counting cards doesn't work at poker and lying does. Mark went back to what he did best and that was to count cards at blackjack. He played for several hours and won back about half of what he had lost and then went to pick Mialing up at the end of her shift.

Mialing finished her shift and walked out of the casino and found Mark waiting for her.

"Hi," Mialing said with a big smile.

"Hi, yourself," Mark responded as he went to open Mialing's door.

"Your such a gentleman," she giggled, loving that he was.

"I'd better be or you might leave for someone that is," he laughed. "What do you want to do today?"

"Anything you want as long as we're together," she said, as the two kissed.

Mark started the car and they soon arrived at Mialing's home. Mialing made a light breakfast for them and went to take a shower.

"Mialing, I was thinking maybe we could ride the roller coasters today, I love coasters."

"I've never done that, they frighten me."

"I'll be there to hold you, it's safe."

"First I have to shower and wash my hair, I hate it when it smells of cigarette smoke. We'll have to sleep for a while, I'm really tired from work and yesterday," she said.

"Okay, I'll watch TV while I wait."

Mark heard the water turn on in the shower and the shower door close as Mialing entered the shower. He wondered how he could be so lucky to have found such a nice girl as Mialing. He was watching a college football game when he heard the water stop and the door close. After a minute the hair drier started and he could imagine what it must be like to dry hair as long as Mialing's, a real pain in the ass. If Mark could have read Mialing's mind he would have known that she loved these moments of femininity when she luxuriated in becoming beautiful.

Mialing finished her hair and put on a short green satin robe with a tie around the waist She opened the door and walked into the living room. Mark was absorbed into the game.

"Giving me up for football already?" she laughed.

Every time she laughed Mark felt warm inside, how does she do that he wondered.

Mark looked up at Mialing and saw the very vision of loveliness. Her long black hair shown in the light and even with no makeup on, she was beautiful. Her skin was soft looking with the barest hint of a tan from the previous day and her eyes, God her eyes, those almond shaped wonders rimmed with the longest black lashes he had ever seen. Her robe was closed tight but was open just enough to show the barest amount of cleavage and he could see her nipples pushing against the fabric. The wrap followed her body down and stopped just after covering the most intimate part of her body, God he loved this woman.

"If I could see you like this every moment, I would never watch foot ball again," he responded.

"Mark, you're making me blush."

Mark went to her and took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. Mialing kissed him back and they both knew it would be a while before they would sleep or went coaster riding. Mark found the sash on her robe and untied it. The robe fell loose and dropped to the floor. Mark picked Mialing up and carried her to the bedroom and they were soon making love again. When they finished slumber came quickly to the lovers. It was after two PM before they woke.

"Mark," Mialing purred, "Do you still want to go on the coasters?"

"I'd like to stay here with you instead but I don't think my body could take it, let me shower and then we'll see what we'll do."

Mark took his shower and thought it best that they do something other than make love all the time. As much as he loved Mialing he also wanted to share other things with her.

"Honey," he yelled from the bathroom, "Would you mind if we rode a few coasters?"

"If you insist." She answered.

Mialing knew Mark wanted to ride the coasters so she was getting dressed when he came back to her bedroom. Luckily Mark had grabbed a change of clothes when Mialing was at work or he would have had to wear the same dirty clothes again. Mialing had just finished putting on a lacy wonder bra and matching thong panties. Mialing had always loved sexy intimate lingerie and this set was no exception. The bra pushed her breasts together creating the most sumptuous cleavage for Mark to see. Mialings's breasts weren't large but seemed to be perfect for her body, its as though her whole body was sculpted to be perfect. Mark entered the bedroom and saw Mialing. His towel was wrapped around his waist and he was soon sporting an erection.

"Mark, you must be magic to make your towel stand out like that," murmured Mialing.

Mark blushed, if they could bottle this girl's beauty, Viagra would go out of business, he thought.

"Come here you," he said.

"No, no, don't hurt me," she giggled.

Soon they were chasing each other around the bed laughing and giggling until the chase ended in another love making session.

"Honey, are you mad at me for making it too late to go on the coasters?" asked Mialing.

"I could never be mad at you."

"Ill make something for us to eat and we can just stay here until I have to work."

"That sounds good," he said.

Mark was thinking about his love when he remembered that she was going to tell him what had happened to Tommy after he disappeared from the facility in Colorado.

"Sweetheart, I was just wondering something, remember the other day you told me you would tell me what happened to Tommy after he ran from the relocation facility, would you tell me now?"

Mark felt Mialing grow tense when he mentioned Tommy, God I hope I didn't fuck up, he thought.

"Do you really want to know?" she asked, "Wouldn't you rather make love to me?"

"Yes, but I love you and I want to know everything about you and your friends, you know me, I'm a cop, I'm always asking questions."

"But why about Tommy, nothing can bring him back, he was a friend and it makes me sad when I talk about him."

"I'm sorry, I won't ask about him again."

"Maybe I should tell you what I know so you won't wonder about him. I knew everything about Tommy and no we were never lovers if that's what you are wondering. Tommy told me everything because he knew he could trust me to never tell anyone where he was. The last time I saw Tommy he told me what happened."


"Tommy, they called from San Francisco and said they are going to convene the grand jury next week," said Morton Web, the security advisor.

"It's about time, I've been here for four months," responded Tommy.

"It's given you time to learn your new identity."

"My new identity, crap the only thing different about me is my hair and it looks like I need a hair cut and this pathetic mustache under my nose, how is that going to fool anyone."

"It's the little things, your mannerisms and the false history of your life. We locate you in some little town in the middle of nowhere and you will be safe."

"You're scaring me Morton."

Tommy wanted to use his knick name the other relocation witnesses had given him, Moron, but thought the better of it.

"I'm going to go to bed, I'm tired," Tommy said. Being in the middle of nowhere already made one tired, boredom does that.

Tommy was in his room lying on his bed when he heard the door handle turn. No one ever entered another person's room without knocking. Tommy was still living in heightened fear and as the door opened he rolled off the bed. He heard the sound from the gun echo through the room, pow, pow, pow, and felt the bed lurch as the bullets found their mark. The assailant walked to the bed to be sure Tommy was dead and didn't expect the kick Tommy delivered to his mid section. The man curled over in pain and Tommy bolted from the room. Tommy ran out the door into the garden and made his way to an exit. A guard was standing next to the gate.

"Where are you going Tommy?" he asked.

"Just for a walk, I'll be right back."

"Be careful, we can't protect you out there."

"I'll be fine," he answered. Fine fucking job you did in there too, asshole, thought Tommy.

The compound was easy to leave, after all it wasn't jail, it was there to keep people out not keep them in. There was no moon that night and Tommy slipped into the darkness. He had been smart enough to grab his fanny-pack with all his money on the way out the door. Tommy began to run once he was far enough away not to be noticed. He ran for around twenty feet before he tripped over something hidden in the dark and fell face down. He gathered himself and spit dirt out of his mouth as he rose from the ground. I'd better walk or the desert will kill me instead of a bullet, thought Tommy as he regained his feet. Tommy was startled as the lights of the compound came on. He crouched in the brush and saw a man running toward the gate. He saw the flash a gun and the figure fall forward onto the ground. Serves the bastard right thought Tommy, but he knew he couldn't return to the compound, not after the Tong had found him there, he had to go somewhere he wouldn't be found.


Tommy stepped off the bus and looked around. So this is New York City he thought, I'd better find Chinatown and a place to stay. Tommy found a map and eventually found his way to Chinatown.

He entered a seedy hotel and rented a room. He figured that he would stand out less in Chinatown than someplace else, in other words it's easier to hide a needle in a sewing box than in a toolbox. Tommy went to his room and tried to make sense of his life. He had gone to the FBI for protection and nearly lost his life. He was supposed to testify before the grand jury in a week but if he told the FBI of his location it might be a death warrant. Better to hide and lay low for now he thought as he drifted off to sleep.

Tommy had his money stash and was able to stay in hiding for a month, and would have been able to hide indefinitely had it not been for the fact that one day while bathing someone stole his money pack. Tommy was screwed, he was going to have to find a job.

Tommy found one in a warehouse moving goods for an import export company. It was hard work but it paid the rent and left a little money for food. Tommy was stuck here until he was able to find a job that paid better.

Tommy had been working for almost a year when a strange man entered the warehouse. He went to the supervisor's office and said something to Tommy's boss and then exited the warehouse. Tommy was always watchful when strangers were around. Several minutes past and Tommy's boss called him to his office.

"Tommy, I want you to take that pallet of boxes to the building next door, use the handcart," he ordered.

"Okay boss."

Tommy thought this was strange since the boxes were supposed to be moved to the upper floor of this building. Tommy loaded four boxes onto the handcart and rolled it out the door and across the alley to the other building. He slid the large door open and pushed the cart inside and closed the door behind him. Normally there would be other workers in the building but they were all gone. Tommy thought that there was something wrong with this and wheeled the cart to a row of shelving in the middle of the warehouse. He went to move the boxes off the cart when he heard a soft shuffling sound by a stack of boxes. He turned and noticed a foot moving out into the open and dived forward and saw a muzzle flash as a round was squeezed off. The bullet missed its mark causing dust to fly from the floor near Tommy. Tommy quickly sprang to his feet and ran down the aisle and rounded the corner and dove into a pile of empty boxes. He rolled onto his feet and crouched waiting for the gunman to come into view. The gunman approached the boxes not knowing Tommy was waiting for him. Just as he past the boxes Tommy nailed him with a roundhouse kick that sent the gun sailing. Both men ran for the gun and Tommy being the quicker of the two reached it first. Tommy grabbed it and turned on his assailant firing off two rounds. The man fell dead as Tommy watched.

The gangs knew where Tommy was and he had to escape. He donned the other man's clothing and ran from the warehouse hoping to distract anyone watching long enough to escape the area. Tommy ran for many blocks and finally made his way onto the subway. He had little money on him but was able to ride the train to the end of the line. Tommy had to think, what can I do now, all my things are in my room and I'm sure it's being watched, I just killed another gang member so that about seals my fate, think Tommy, think.

Tommy began to walk and found a truck stop and went inside to buy something to eat. He struck up a conversation with a trucker and asked if he could hitch a ride with him. The trucker said it would be all right, but that he was going to Florida. Tommy didn't care as long as it was away from the city. Tommy reached Florida and had only five dollars to his name and a gun. He thought about robbing a store but then thought twice about it, he had no criminal record and had received immunity from all his other crimes so he pawned the gun instead. Tommy now had fifty dollars in his pocket but knew that wouldn't last long.

I have to try to get back to Colorado he thought. It might be risky but it's probably the safest place I can be. Tommy once again went to a truck stop and started hitching rides until he finally reached his destination. Tommy walked up to the guard at the gate.

"Stop, where do you think you're going," said the guard as he placed his hand on his gun.

"I need to get inside," responded Tommy.

"This is a secured facility, you can't enter."

"But I used to live here."

"Give me your name and I'll see if they will let you in."

"Tommy, Tommy Wong," Tommy said. It seemed strange to him to say his real name after going by aliases for the past year.

The guard got on the radio and told the receptionist that there was a Tommy Wong wanting to gain admission.

Tommy heard the voice say, "Did you say Tommy Wong? We thought he was dead, send him right in."

The guard let Tommy enter and was greeted warmly buy the receptionist. Tommy was brought to a room and was allowed to rest before any questioning would occur.


Mialing rolled over and looked at Mark and said, "And that was the last I ever heard from Tommy again. He was never seen after that, he disappeared."

"He never contacted you after that?"

"No, he was afraid that if the gangs found out about me, they would kill me too, so he never contacted me again and that's why I told you he was dead. Tommy Wong returned to the facility and he was given a new identity and could never be Tommy Wong again. As far as his friends were concerned Tommy died and someone new was born. Heck he's probably off living in some God forsaken town in the middle of nowhere working for Wall mart or something."

"That makes sense, I guess they must have relocated him with a new identity. They normally send them to small towns off the beaten path so they can at least live a somewhat normal life, I hope he's okay."

"I'm sure he is, Tommy was always a survivor. Do you feel better now, no more Tommy questions, promise?" Mialing said as she kissed Mark on his lips.

"As long as you keep kissing me like that," Mark said as he kissed her back.

"Stop," she giggled, "I have to get ready for work. What are you going to do while I'm working?"

"I have to go by my motel and get a change of clothes."

"Why don't you bring everything here and get rid of your room, we're practically living together anyway."

"Are you asking me to move in?"

"Kind of, I love you Mark and I don't want us to be apart."

Mark went to his motel to retrieve his clothing and move it to Mialing's apartment. He left his bag by the door not knowing where to store his things. After that he went out and found a tourist guide to Las Vegas, as much as he loved Mialing he wanted to do other things rather than lie in bed all day. Mark played some cards but was becoming bored with that too.

Mark picked Mialing up after work and they stopped for a bite to eat on the way home.

"What do you want to do today?" asked Mark.

"I haven't thought about it, we should shop for some food, we can't live on love alone," giggled Mialing.

"I guess we should and then maybe we can ride the coasters. I don't have much time left on my vacation and I'd like to do some other things with you. Have you ever played golf?" asked Mark.

"No, never, I don't know how to play."

"I can teach you, it's fun."

"What about golf clubs?"

"We can rent them, I'll see if we can get a time tomorrow."

The couple left the restaurant and walked to the car. Miaking took Mark's hand in hers and intertwined her delicate fingers with his. Mialing felt safe and protected with Mark, she truly loved this man. Mark opened her door for her and the couple drove home and soon were in each other's arms, fast asleep.

Mialing woke first and donned a tank top and a pair of shorts and then went to make some breakfast for Mark. She had pulled her hair back behind her ears and pinned it with barrettes. Mark woke and found his love missing from the bed. He heard her in the kitchen and quietly came up behind her and put his arms around her waist and kissed her softly on the side of her neck. "Umm," she purred as she moved her head toward the left exposing more of her delicious skin to Mark's mouth. Mark continued caressing her with his lips until she could no longer work on breakfast. Her legs began to quiver as the excitement of the seduction overwhelmed her. Her hands grabbed the edge of the sink as she felt Mark pull her shorts and panties down her legs and waited for the invasion she so much needed at this point. Her shorts fell to the floor and she was able to step out of them and then spread her legs as Mark moved his erection between her legs and then entered her. She leaned farther over the sink so Mark could go deeper into her and felt him thrust in and out of her. As her first orgasm hit her one arm flew out to the side knocking dishes everywhere and when Mark came she had her second and moaned, "Ohhhh, God," and collapsed onto the sink, her legs no longer able to support her.

Mialing finally recovered and said, "God honey, I can't believe we just did that."

"I couldn't help myself, you looked so sexy standing there."

"Yuck, like this, no shoes or makeup, you must be blind," she laughed.

"You're always beautiful, you could never be ugly no matter how hard you tried."

"Now I know you're blind."

"Mialing, beauty comes from within, that's why I love you. Sure you could win a beauty contest but the judges wouldn't be able to see what I see, an inner beauty that makes me weak."

When Mark said that, Mialing stopped laughing, how could she be so lucky to have found a man like this? A tear of joy ran down her cheek as she kissed her man deeply with love, and Mark knew he was the luckiest man in the world.

Mialing finished making breakfast and the coupled showered and went to the various coasters in the Vegas area. Everywhere they went they were hand in hand, playing kissy-face with each other not caring what people thought, they knew they were in love.

Mialing rode every ride with Mark and screamed on each one and by the time they had finished riding them all, she liked them almost as much as Mark did.

The next day they played golf with Mark trying to teach Mialing how to swing the clubs. Mark would stand behind Mialing and take her hands in his and show her how to hold the club.

"Like this, sweetheart," he would say and then kiss her on the cheek.

"How do you expect me to concentrate when you keep kissing me?" she asked.

"It makes you a stronger player, if you are distracted."

"I think you're just doing this to beat me."

"I'm doing it for different reasons and you love it."

"Maybe I do, but your not being fair."

"Okay, I'll stop."

"Don't you dare," Mialing giggled.

The couple finished their round with Mialing beating her lover by two strokes. Mark was an eight handicap golfer and could only shoot good enough to come within the two strokes of Mialing. Well maybe Mark cheated just a little so she could win but he didn't care, he loved this girl and all he wanted for her was happiness.

Mialing knew Mark had let her win and wondered how a man could be so wonderful to her, doing everything he could to please her, not just making love but in everything they did. She felt as though he was doting over her, which he was, but he always remained a man, he made her feel special. They returned home and Mialing dressed for work.

"Mark honey, I left my skirt on the ironing board, could you bring it to me please?"

"Sure," Mark answered.

Mialing had just finished her makeup and was standing with just her blouse on as Mark entered the bedroom. Her legs were exposed from where the blouse stopped all the way to her feet. Mialing had decided to wear more shadow tonight and looked hot.

"God you look good," Mark said.

"Well don't touch until I get home from work, its too much work to look like this," she responded.

"Alright, I can wait. We have to talk about what were going to do after my vacation is over, it ends in a couple of days and I have to go back to work."

"The last week has been so wonderful I hadn't even thought about that, do you have to go back to work? Wouldn't you want to be a kept man instead?" laughed Mialing. Mialing laughed a lot these days, more than she ever had before. She had finally found what was missing in her life and it made everyday special to her.

"It should be me keeping you, what kind of man would I be if I just laid around while you supported me?"

"A well rested one," giggled Mialing.

"I don't need rest for you to excite me, all I have to do is see your hair or smell your fragrance when you walk into the room and its all I can do to control myself, I love you Mialing."

"I love you too, now I'd better go or I won't want to go to work."

Mialing drove herself to work and Mark wondered where this was all going. He loved Mialing more than life itself and knew he wanted to be with her forever. He wanted to ask her to marry him the moment he met her and then after the night she had given herself to him he knew she was the one he would marry. But as he thought more about marriage he recalled what one of his friends had told him about marrying, wait until your sure. Everything seems wonderful at first because the warts never show but after the luster wears off you see the imperfections and some you might not like, so wait a little while before you jump into such a big commitment. I guess he should know, he never listened to himself and has been divorced three times. Mark wondered, what do I really know about Mialing, what's her favorite flower, her favorite food, colors, does she like sports, which ones, what's her family like, would they like me, does she have any brothers or sisters, where do they live, the only thing I really know about her is that she likes to make love and that she makes me feel like I'm walking on top of the world.

Mialing returned home from work and she and Mark fell back into their familiar pattern of making love and not much of anything else. It was time for Mark to return to work so it was time for some serious discussion.

"Mialing, I have to fly back to San Francisco tomorrow morning to go back to work. Where is that going to leave us and what do you want to do about us?" Mark asked.

"I really haven't given it much thought. When I met you, you said that you worked undercover all over the country?"

"Yes, I was in Atlantic City for three years, why do you ask?"

"Because, if your never home, home can be anywhere, can't it?"

"You have a point, I have an apartment in San Francisco but all it really is, is a place to keep my things, I'm never there. I think the only reason I keep it is that my parents still live nearby."

"Why couldn't you live here with me? You could go to your assignments and know I would be waiting for you to come home. This would be a home, not some empty place you live and we could get to know each other better. Mark, I would really like to meet your parents."

"Are you asking me to marry you?"

"No silly, you're supposed to ask me, but not yet, we don't know enough about each other."

"Mialing, not only are you pretty, you're wise, I love you."

"Do you really Mark, do you love me or just what you see?"

"The first time I saw you I fell in love, but as I've gotten to know you my love has grown deeper. I've found the real you inside and that's who I love."

"I know you think you love me, but you really don't know anything about me, just that we make each other feel good when we make love. How will you feel about me when I'm old and toothless and my skin is all wrinkled, my boobs have sagged down to my stomach and my hair is gray, will you still want me then?"

"I can ask you the same question, will you love me when my hair is gone and I have bags under my eyes, my stomach has a paunch and my skin is all loose and saggy?"

"Mark, that's a stupid question to ask me, do you think I would have given myself to you if I didn't like what I saw inside of you that night, I fell in love with the Mark you can't see, not the one you can."

"Mialing, all I can tell you is that I love you. I shouldn't have to prove that to you, you should know how I feel about you."

"I know Mark and I know you love me but you have to be patient with me, I may project a woman with confidence but I'm very insecure and I worry that you might leave me and if that were to happen, I just don't know what I would do. You are the only man I have ever slept with and only did because I knew you were someone special, so please don't think I'm trying to place a burden on you, it's just that I gave you as much as I could give, I gave you myself."

"Mialing, I love you, I wish there was someway for me to show you that."

"Then be with me."

"I will, I'll move my things into storage and live here with you. When I'm away I'll have you to think about to keep me happy and who knows, maybe one day we will marry."

"Oh Mark," Mialing said as she fell into Mark's arms and the two made love.

The following morning Mark flew to San Francisco after a tearful goodbye with Mialing.

"Mark, please call me when you land or I'll be worried sick."

"I will sweetheart, I love you."

"I love you too."


Mark walked to the plane and it departed on time. As soon as it landed in San Francisco Mark called Mialing that he had arrived. Mialing was able to go home and sleep knowing her love was safe.

Mark went directly to the federal building and reported for assignment.

"Mark, welcome back, how were your two weeks off?" asked Ted Lemon. Ted and Mark entered the academy at the same time and had both gone onto undercover work for the excitement. Ted walked with a slight limp from a drug bust gone bad and was shot in the leg only after being shot in the chest and having his Kevlar vest save his life. He preferred desk duty after that and when he married, his wife laid the law down, no more undercover work.

"It was the most incredible two weeks I've ever had."

"Cool, you can tell me about it after work."

Mark and Ted enter a small conference room for briefing on Mark's next assignment. Ted would be his contact from the field and the two felt comfortable working together.

Mark's supervisor was Rich Williams, a large black man who also had left the field after being slashed in a knife attack. He wanted to return but the service felt he was more useful in the office because he was one of those rare individuals who can multitask and not forget details about every case he is running.

"Mark, we want to send you to Chicago. There is a land scam there that sells property that doesn't exist and we need to find out how they are able to record nonexistent land in all of the recorder's offices. This should probably take six or eight weeks. It will be safer than your last assignment. I don't think these people are too dangerous so I wouldn't worry too much. Do you have any questions?"


"Good, tomorrow morning you are to fly to Chicago and meet Roger Crane at FBI headquarters there and he will brief you on how you're to infiltrate the operation. You might as well go home and get ready, tomorrow's going to be a long day, by the way how was your vacation?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"That good huh?"

"Yep, that good," Mark said with a smile.

Mark and Ted walked back to Ted's office and Ted asked, "Hey, Jack, Will, and I are meeting for drinks later, you want to join us?"

"Sure, what time?"

"Five-thirty at the Shipper's Lounge, see you then."

Mark went home and packed for his trip to Chicago, a weeks worth of clothes. He would find a laundry service to keep his clothes clean, no sense over packing. Mark finished packing and phoned Mialing.

Mialing's phone rang several times and then the answering machine clicked on.

"Hi honey, it's me Mark. I'm just calling to tell you that I love you and miss you already. I have to go to Chicago tomorrow and I'll be there for six or eight weeks but I'll try to call you every day. I'm going out with some of the guys from work and should be home by nine I know you will be working but call and leave a message anyway, you have my number, love you," Mark said as he hung up the phone.

Mark phoned his parents to tell them of his good luck and that they might be having a daughter-in-law soon, but decided it would be better if he did it in person.

"Mom, I'm coming over for a few minutes, I have something to tell you."

"Okay Mark, dad and I will be waiting for you."

Mark drove to his parent's house out in the avenues of San Francisco. He hugged both of his parents, as they hadn't seen him for several years. They kept in touch but they knew how dangerous his job was and that he could be gone for months on end.

"Mom, dad, I've missed you."

"We've missed you too son, how have you been?" asked his father.

"I've been wonderful, great, mom dad, I'm in love. I met the most incredible girl while I was on vacation and I think I'm going to ask her to marry me."

"You're going to ask her to marry you? Don't you think two weeks is kind of soon, what do you know about this girl?" asked his mother.

"I know that I love her, isn't that enough?"

"Love is for fairy tales, you need more than that to build a marriage, what does she do?"

"She deals cards at a casino."

"She's a gambler?"

"No mom, she just deals cards, I don't think she even gambles with her money, I know she doesn't drink alcohol, she's just special mom."

"Is she pretty?"

"Mom, she's the prettiest woman I've ever met, not just outside but inside too. I don't know how to describe how she makes me feel, I look at her and, it's just the way she is, she talks to me and her voice is magic and when she moves she has the grace of a cat and her laugh, God her laugh, it makes me want to run in the streets yelling I love you Mialing."

"Mialing, is she Chinese?"

"Yes, mom, she's Chinese, do you have a problem with that?"

"Uhh, well no, I just thought you would marry a nice white girl."

"Christ mom, this is the twenty-first century not nineteen twenty for God's sake. You have to start looking past a persons exterior and see the real person inside mom and Mialing is a special person inside, she's giving and thoughtful, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for her, I love her so much."

"Yes but what do you think the neighbors are going to say when they see you with that girl?"

"Well mom, the men are going to say, that lucky son of a bitch and the women will want to know how she keeps her hair so pretty, get over it mom, I'm going to marry Mialing. Do you remember when Mr. Wong down the street had a fit when his daughter dated that white boy years ago and you said he should get over it, what's the difference now?"

"I don't know, maybe its because we haven't met the girl yet and that's the way parents are, nobody is good enough for their children."

"Mom you're going to love Mialing, she's perfect."

"Yes, I suppose she is."

"Mom, dad, I'm meeting the guys for a drink and have to be going, I just wanted to tell you about Mialing. I have to go to Chicago for a while and then I'll bring her by to meet you, I'll see you when I get back, love you guys."

"We love you too Mark."

Mark joined Ted and the guys for drinks at the lounge and everyone wanted to know if he had fun in Vegas.

"So how was Vegas Mark?" asked Will. Will and Jack were both single and still a bit wild as was Mark before meeting Mialing.

"It was great, I'm thinking of moving there."

"Whoa dude, you must have had some fun. Did you see any shows?'

"Yeah a couple, you know Celine Dion and Penn and Teller, man those guys are funny."

"Didn't you go to any of the chick show's just off the strip?"

"No, I didn't have time."

"You didn't have time, there's always time for that."

"Not this time, I was really busy."

"After here let's go over to Mitchell Brothers for some fun with titties," said Jack.

"No I can't, it wouldn't be right," answered Mark.

"What? What did you do get married or something while you were away, that didn't sound like the Mark Conrad I know."

"No, I didn't get married."

"You met a girl didn't you?" asked Ted.

"Yes, I did."

"I knew it, there was something different about you this morning. I told my wife a long time ago when you met the woman for you, you would fall hard. I could tell when I saw you this morning, you had this silly shit-eating grin on your face that said it all. Who is she?"

"She's the most incredible woman I've ever met. She's beautiful and funny and to be perfectly honest I worship the ground she walks on."

"Where did you meet her?"

"At the Bellagio, she's a dealer there. Her name's Mialing."

"Did you say Mialing?" asked Will.

"Yes, why?"

"Dude, your dating Mialing, shit I was in Vegas at a bachelor party and was playing cards there and saw her. Shit I dropped fifteen hundred dollars trying to get her to go out with me. I'd look in those eyes of hers and my brain would turn stupid, hell I even hit on nineteen once. She looked at me and asked if I wanted a hit and I said yes, it was all I could do to keep from jumping her right there, God what a sexy woman she was."

"Did she go out with you?"

"Not a chance in hell, I followed her after she got off work and asked her again and she told me her husband wouldn't let her. I know she was just saying that to blow me off but it was nice the way she did it, and now you're dating her?"

"Yep, and I'm going to move in with her after I get back from Chicago."

"You lucky bastard, well congratulations any way, invite me to the wedding, at least I'll be able to dance with the bride."

The guys finished their drinks and went home, Mark feeling so much the better for not doing anything to jeopardize his relationship with Mialing and the guys not believing how lucky Mark was.

Mark got home and Mialing had left a message on his machine.

"Hi baby, I miss you so much, I got your message, call me when you get to Chicago, you know me, I worry a lot, especially about you, if anything were to happen to you, I'd just die. I'm going to take a shower now before I go to work so think about me, I love you."

Mark went to bed smiling that night.


The next day found Mark in the offices of the FBI in Chicago.

"Here's the way we're going to work this Mark. Your new name is Bill Jepson. You were a real estate agent and lost your license because of fraud. You just got out of prison and need a job. We've built a paper trail for you so if they check up on you they'll find everything we want them to find. Swing by their offices tomorrow and put in a job application and after they check you out, I'm sure they'll offer you a job. Here's the numbers of your contact in Chicago, this should go pretty smooth but we aren't sure who's behind this but I'm sure we'll find out. Be careful Mark."

Mark found a cheap apartment to rent. Just coming out of prison meant that he had no money and this dive would be the best he could afford.

He called Mialing and caught her just before she had to go to work.

"Hello," she said as she answered the phone.

Mialing's voice ate right through him again, he couldn't believe a voice would affect him like that but it did. He felt as though she was there with him.

"Hi honey, I just wanted to call, I miss you so much, I don't know how I'm going to last for all this time without you."

"I miss you too Mark, you left one of you shirts here, I'll wash it for you so it will be clean when you come back. What are you doing there?"

"Just working on a realty scam, nothing dangerous."

"Promise, I don't want you to get hurt."

"I promise, it's just some scam artists, I don't even think they know how to fire a gun."

"Okay, but I still worry. I have to run now or I'll be late for work and you know how I am about time, I'll talk to you tomorrow, I love you."

After talking to Mialing Mark could care less where he was living as long as he had her waiting for him when he came home, to their home.

Mark started the next day by putting the sting in action with the FBI. He applied for a job with The Mid West Lots For Sale group by filling out an application. He made sure to lie on the application so when they checked it out they would see he was a man not to be trusted, he was one of their kind of guys. He was called back for an interview.

"Good morning Bill, I'm Charles Rangle. I'm the office manager and Vice President of Mid West Lots," Charles said as the men shook hands. "I'll make this brief Bill, we reviewed your job application and I think we might be able to use you. We're the kind of company that likes to help people that are down on their luck. I see that you just got out of prison, what were you in for?"

"I was convicted of fraud," answered Mark.

"Can you tell me what happened?"

"I really don't want to but if it means the difference between getting the job or not, I'll tell you what I did. I falsified some documents on a real estate deal I was involved with. I ended up in prison for it but I learned my lesson, it's the straight and narrow for me from now on."

Charles couldn't believe what he was hearing from Bill, this guy will fit right in and if there is a problem with some deal they can always blame him, he'll let him fry for their mistake.

"You know Bill, I've always been the type of person that likes to give a guy a second chance and since you learned your lesson and what the heck you only made a little mistake, I think I'll hire you."

"Really Mr. Rangle, wow, thanks, I need all the breaks I can get," Mark said as he groveled to Charles.

"Hey, call me Charles, were just one big family here, when can you start?"

"Right now if you want, its not like I have a lot to do."

"Done deal Bill, let me introduce you around the office and get you set up, we've got a lot of property to sell."

Charles introduced Mark around the office and showed him his desk. He handed him a stack of leads to call on in the hopes he might find one sucker in the bunch, to buy the nonexistent property.

"Here you go Bill, if you have any questions see my assistant," Charles said as he turned his back to Mark and walked away with a smug smile on his face. What a rube, thought Charles, he'll be back in prison so fast, it'll make his head spin.

Mark finished work and called his contact at the FBI.

"Johnson's Appliances." said the voice on the phone. This introduction was used just in case the number found its way into the wrong hands. The agents always used a cell phone to call with a secure number so they wouldn't be tapped.

"This is Mark Conrad."

"Hello Mark, how are things going?"

"Good, they already hired me and put me to work today. I think they must have thought they died and went to heaven when they read my job application. I know my boss did, I could tell he would use me as a scapegoat if anything happens with their operation. You know how greed is, if its too good to be true than it probably is too good to be true, anyway I'm in and I'll check back with you at the end of the week whether anything happens or not."

Mialing had just finished her first shift and went to eat her lunch. She walked to a table with two women that were talking.

"Hi Sarah, do you mind if I sit with you and Marlene?" asked Mialing.

"Sure Mialing, don't you usually sit with the wild single girls? What do you want from a couple of old married women like us?" asked Sarah laughed.

"I thought it would be nice to talk about something other than guys for a change," Mialing said as she sat at the table.

"A pretty girl like you not talking about guys, why the big change, oops, wait a minute, you've found someone haven't you, tell us everything Mialing," said Marlene.

"You're making me blush," responded Mialing.

"You are blushing, you must really like this guy, tell us all about him."

"His name is Mark and he's so nice to me, God I love him so much, its making me crazy being apart."

"Wow Mialing he sounds really special to have won your heart like this, what does he do for a living, he's not a dealer is he?" asked Sarah. Sarah was concerned because her husband dealt cards at MGM and he was always cheating on her with some floozy he met at the tables. Everyone knew what a nice girl Mialing was and didn't want to see her hurt by some asshole.

"My goodness no, he works for the FBI and he does undercover work."

"That sounds exciting," said Marlene, "Don't you worry he might get shot or something?" Marlene was a sweet girl. She was only twenty-four years old but had three children, two boys and a girl. She was a cocktail waitress because she needed the tips. Marlene was one of those girls that developed early and fast in school. She had D size breasts by the second year of school and as such attracted the attention of any male she past. During her third year of high school she met a guy seven years her senior and was impressed with being with an older man. She was knocked up two months later and dropped out of school. She moved in with him and had two more kids by the time she was twenty-one. Marlene was very pretty and her "old man" would strut his stuff whenever they went out together. Having children put a brake on activity like that so it didn't take her boyfriend long to stray. They had children but never found time to marry, or at least her boy friend never found time, why should he, it would cut into his time away from Marlene. Her boyfriend came home one night with lipstick all over his face and his pants were unzipped. Marlene confronted him and he hit her and that was that, she kicked him out. Marlene never trusted a man enough to form a relationship after that, and besides there aren't a lot of men that want to take on the responsibility of a readymade family. Now her concern was for Mialing, she didn't want Mialing to be left like she was.

"I do worry, but I'm sure he'll be alright, he says he's going to move in with me after he finishes his next assignment, I'm so excited."

"Oow, you went to bed with him didn't you?" giggled Sarah.

Mialing blushed and said, "Yes."

"Was he good?" Sarah asked.

Women can be just as naughty as guys except they do it in a much nicer way. A guy would say, "Did you fuck her?" but a woman would say, "Did you make love?" With a guy it's all about the physical part of fucking, the intense rush of coming. With a woman it's the mental aspect of making love and having your partner bring you to orgasm and then cuddling afterward, showing that he loves you. If it was up to the guy he couldn't wait to grab a beer and watch the game, he did his part, he got off, wasn't that enough?

Mialing was blushing again, "Yes he was wonderful."

"Did he hold you afterward?"

"Yes, he held me all night as though someone might steal me."

"You're so lucky, God when Ralph and I make love, he can't get finished quick enough, wham, bam, thank you mam, he could set the world record, I swear," laughed Sarah.

Sarah's life had been no bowl of cherries either. She and Ralph had two children, a boy and a girl. They lived in a rundown apartment complex just off the strip. Ralph had been a contractor and had his leg nearly taken off in an accident on a job. Since it was his company he had no insurance on himself and ended up in the hospital for months. His business went to hell and failed. When he got out of the hospital he had no job and was in debt. He couldn't find a loan to start over again and his leg didn't allow him to work in construction so he went to work in the casinos. He was bitter with his life and took it out on Sarah by cheating on her, screwing anything with skirts. Sarah looked the other way because she needed his money to help raise their kids. Sarah laughed a lot, not because she was happy but used it as a shield to hide her real feelings. Sarah was bitter with life, her husband was a cheat and she had to work to keep food on the table. Her kids had grown up without her and were in trouble all the time. The boy was fifteen and the girl was twelve going on twenty. She knew her daughter had already had sex with some low life and had put her on the pill but she was worried that she would pickup some disease from some idiot that didn't use a condom.

"Are you two going to get married?" asked Marlene.

"I hope so, he hasn't asked me yet." answered Mialing.

"Well you be sure before you tie the knot, make sure he's a good man and not like my Ralph," said Sarah.

"Where did you meet him?" asked Marlene.

"He was playing at my table and he asked me out."

"Lots of guys ask you out, why did you go with this one?"

"I don't know, he seemed so nice that I couldn't resist his charms," giggled Mialing.

"Look how time flies, it's time to go back to work, you have to let us meet your guy before you marry him so we can make sure he's right for you," said Marlene.

"I'll invite you over to my place when he comes back," responded Mialing.

The ladies rose and walked back into the casino to go back to work.


Mark started his second week of work by selling some property to a fictitious client. The client was actually the FBI but the sale needed to be done in order to make a bust on the operation. The deposit check arrived on Thursday and Charles was quite pleased.

"Good job Bill, keep those checks coming in, my partners will be pleased."

"Thanks Charles," answered Bill.

That afternoon Mark saw a man enter Charles' office. He looks familiar Mark thought but couldn't place the man. The man walked back out of Charles' office and looked at Mark. He seemed to recognize Mark and yet he didn't, it was a strange experience. All of a sudden a light went off in Mark's head, that guy was one of the hoods involved in the gambling scheme in Atlantic City. While Mark was undercover he had sported a beard and mustache but now he was clean-shaven. Shit, I hope that idiot doesn't recognize me, Mark thought.

"Who is that new guy?" asked the man.

"That's Bill Jepson, we just hired him. I checked him out, he's cool, he's already sold some property," said Charles.

"I don't know, there's something about him I don't like. If worse comes to worse, we can always off him, I'll be back next week."

Mark called his contact and told them of his chance encounter with the Atlantic City hood.

"Johnson's Appliances."

"It's Mark Conrad, I have some news for you."

"Hi Mark, everything is going well I hope."

"Yes and no. This guy came by our offices today and I recognized him as one of the guys involved with the gambling thing back east and I'm not sure but I think he might have recognized me or at least thought he had seen me before."

"That sucks, we're getting close to making the bust but if you think you're in danger maybe we should pull you out?"

"I'd hate to do that now, I'm sure we should be able to bring these guys down by the end of next week. This has gone smoother than we thought it would and besides with the connection to the group in Atlantic City it would be a shame to have to start all over again. If we tip our hand now the rats might scatter and we'll lose everything, I'd better stay."

"Okay, good luck, but if you do have a problem we'll bring you out whether you want to or not."

"That's a deal."

When Mark was in his previous assignments he would throw caution to the wind because he didn't have anyone to worry about other than himself, but now he had Mialing and the thought of not seeing her again scared him. Mark missed her terribly. He wanted to hold her and feel her touch as she caressed his back with her fingers while they made love. Mark was even considering working a desk just so he wouldn't have to be away from the girl who had stolen his heart. Mark picked up the phone and called his love.

"Hi sweetheart, how's everything going?"

"Mark, hi, I miss you, how much longer are you going to be?"

"Maybe a few more weeks, it's actually going better than we thought."

"I wish you were here to hold me," Mialing said.

"I wish I was too."

"I have to go to work now baby, call me tomorrow?"

"Of coarse I will, just hearing your voice makes my life worth living."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Mark lowered the phone and changed clothes. It was time to have dinner at his customary restaurant. Mark was also bothered by the thought that the stranger had recognized him. He usually left his pistol hidden in his luggage but now he decided to bring it with him. He always carried a backup strapped to his leg, a small 22 automatic pistol, but he felt he should carry more fire power with him, so he decided to bring the 9mm. Mark walked to the corner dive and ordered the pork chop, he had eaten one before and it was tasty so he figured why not again.

Mark had just finished his meal when a man came into the coffee shop and pulled a gun on the waitress.

"Give me all your cash and nobody make a move," he yelled as he held his gun to the girl's head. "You cook, get out here!" he pulled the waitress to the cash register and made her open the drawer. There was maybe two hundred dollars in the register.

"Is this all?" he demanded.

"It's a slow night," she responded.

"Everybody, empty your pockets," the man yelled.

Mark was in a quandary. He could drop the gun-man when he released the waitress but that would blow his cover, he could give the guy his money and hoped that he wouldn't find his gun or he could blow the man's brains out and run from the scene and hope no one knew who he was, which probably wouldn't work seeing as how he had eaten there almost everyday. He decided giving his money to the robber would be the most prudent move. Mark emptied his pockets and laid his money on the table. The robber came and took it and counted it.

"Almost a hundred fifty, is that all you have."

"That's it, I don't want any trouble."

The robber sneered at Mark and walked away. He left the restaurant and ran down the street.

"Where's a cop when you need one?" asked the waitress.

"Probably down the street eating doughnuts," laughed Mark.

The waitress called 911 and the police were there minutes later. They interviewed each person and finally got to Mark. Mark knew the drill, probably better than the cop asking the questions but he played dumb, nobody could know he was undercover on a case.

"What's your name sir?"

"Bill, Bill Jepson."

"Tell us what you saw Bill."

"This guy came in and held a gun to the girl's head and then robbed everyone. Man he scared the crap out of me. I gave him all the money I had on me, almost a hundred fifty dollars."

"That's a lot for this neighborhood, how come you're carrying so much loot?"

"I just went to the bank for some cash to pay my rent."

"I might need to talk to you some more. I'll need your address and where you work."

Mark gave him the information he asked for and went home. He told the waitress he would be back tomorrow to pay his bill. Mark was angry because he couldn't do anything about the robbery. If he wasn't undercover he could have but as it was he didn't need this attention and worried that the police might find Bill's alleged past and open him up to scrutiny by Charles and the gang. Mark was cursing his bad luck. The only thing that would make him feel better was talking to Mialing.

Mialing answered the phone on the second ring. She knew it was Mark because he called at this time everyday. "Hello."

"Hi baby, I miss you, how's your day going?"

"Great, I went shopping and bought all kinds of clothes. I'll model them for you when you get home. I'll save the sexiest one for last because I know what you will do to me when you see it."

"And what do you think I'll do when I see you in it?"

"If you don't know, I'll be disappointed," she giggled softly.

Mark felt his penis twitch when he heard her giggle. How does she do that he wondered.

"How was your day?" she asked.

"It was the pits, I got held up by some low life and couldn't do anything about it. I just gave him my money and let him leave."

"You poor thing, are you alright?" Mialing asked with concern in her voice.

"I'm fine, I could have shot him but that would have blown my cover and I can't let that happen."

"Be careful sweetheart, I'll talk to you tomorrow, I love you."

"I love you." Mark said as he hung up the phone.

Mark was at work the next day when a police officer entered the office and asked for Bill Jepson.

The receptionist pointed at Mark and the officer walked over to his desk. Everyone in the office watched as he questioned Bill.

"Bill, I'm officer Watts and I need to talk to you some more about last night. We happened to run your name and found that you just got out of prison, can you explain that?"

"I was released last month, what difference does that make?"

"We thought maybe you might have been that guy's partner, you know, case a joint and then rob it. You're there to make sure there are no cops in the place and signal your partner that it's okay, the place is safe."

"You can't be serious." Mark said with exasperation in his voice.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm working now, why would I blow a good job for a couple hundred bucks?"

"How did you know how much money was taken?"

"The waitress explained that it was a slow night and that's all there was. That's why he robbed the rest of us."

"Is there anything else you can tell us about the robbery?"

"Just what I told them last night, nothing more."

"Here's my card, if you remember anything else call me and don't leave town."

"I won't, my probation officer won't let me," answered Mark in a sarcastic tone of voice.

The officer left and it took Charles all of three seconds to reach mark's desk.

"What was that all about, Bill?"

"I was held up last night at the coffee shop I eat at all the time. The bastard got me for a hundred fifty bucks, man now I'm really broke."

"I'll tell you what I can do for you, I'll have a check drawn from one of the escrow accounts to tide you over until payday, how's that sound?"

"Wow, that would be great Charles, thank you very much."

"No problem Bill, I like you."

Charles liked Bill all right, by giving him money from an illegal deal he was implicating him in the scheme. Once he took the money Charles would own him.

Mark received the check that afternoon and brought it to the FBI to have it put into evidence. They would photocopy the check before Mark cashed it. He had to cash it or Charles would know something was up, if he was so broke why hadn't he cashed the check. Mark went to a check-cashing store and cashed the check and brought the money back to the FBI as proof he had indeed received cash from Charles. He then drew money from the department to live on and went back to work the next day.

It was a Friday and things were quiet around the office. Charles decided to treat the staff to lunch. Someone would have to stay behind to answer the phones so Mark volunteered since he was the newest employee.

Everyone left and Mark finally had his opportunity to search through the files. Mark only had a short amount of time so he rushed through as many files as he could. He didn't find much, not nearly as much as he expected. The only file he couldn't see was the one in Charles office. Charles had locked his office door and Mark didn't have time to pick the lock. He copied everything he thought was pertinent and closed the files back up. What Mark didn't realize was that one of the files slid down and when he returned the files he had copied he placed them on top of the errant file. Cecilia would find the file the following Monday.

Mark brought the copied files to the FBI and dropped them off to be analyzed. It would be several days before anything could be determined and if there was anything useful in what Mark had gathered. Mark decided he would break into the office over the weekend and see what Charles had in his office. He was getting worried that his cover might have been blown by the robbery and he didn't want to take a chance of being discovered.

Mark was an expert at picking locks, it was part of his FBI training so it didn't take long for him to enter Charles office Sunday morning. He found Charles file cabinet and opened it. Finally this was what he was looking for, all the false deeds and the contact at the recorder's office, the escrow officer that was on the payroll and falsifying documents, the whole package. Mark spent the next three hours making copies of the incriminating evidence, and he thought to himself, these people were going down. Mark finished and locked everything back up and brought the evidence to the bureau. The only thing lacking was a firm tie-in to the mob back east. There were references, but nothing solid they could use in a court of law, these people were careful.

Monday came and Cecilia went to Charles office with the information that someone had been in the file cabinets. Charles figured he knew who it was, so he called Mark into his office.


"Bill, I'm disappointed in you. I trusted you enough to leave you alone when we went to lunch and you snooped through the file cabinets. Do you want to tell me what you were looking for?" Charles asked.

Mark was so busted. He was always careful when he searched files, what happened he wondered. These people weren't dangerous he thought, they were just scam artists. He figured he could lie out of this.

"I'm sorry, Charles, I was just curious and I thought I could learn more so I could be a better salesman."

"You're not to go in those files again, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Charles." Mark groveled.

"Oh and one other thing, if you think you will be able to use any of that stuff, I want you to remember something. The money I gave you last week was part of an illegal deal so you're implicated in it now. You will go back to prison if anything happens."

Mark left Charles' office thinking to himself, what a prick, he thinks I'll go to jail if anything happens to him, boy is he going to be surprised.

Tuesday was uneventful for Mark, he called Mialing and confirmed his undying love for her and pretty much called it a day.

Wednesday found Mark trying to sell property again. The man Mark had noticed when he first started working here was back talking to Charles. As the talked they would glance at Mark. Now he knew, they were on to him. He was going to have to end the charade. What he wasn't sure of though was whether or not they knew he was FBI. His cover was perfect, there was no way it would lead them to the bureau, maybe they were afraid he would blackmail them, but there wasn't enough information in the discovered files for them to worry about, man I wish I was a fly on the wall right now, he thought.

It's too bad he wasn't, because he would have been very interested in what was being said.

"Charles, I'm glad you called me about this problem," said Byron.

Byron was the stranger from back east and he didn't like Bill, there was something about him that made him uneasy. He had been around criminals for years, sleazy ones and violent ones, but Bill put him on edge.

"I had to Byron, I think he might want to try extortion with us. He probably thinks he can scare us."

"How much knowledge does he have about the operation?"

"He can't have much, the files he did see were pretty innocent. My office was locked when we were gone and the lock's a hard one to pick so I know he didn't go in there."

"I think we should get rid of him anyway. I told you the first day he was here that I didn't like him, better safe than sorry."

"It's your call, I'll go along with what ever you think is best."

"I say kill him, that way there's no problem. I'll call an exterminator and see what he can do for us. Do you know where he lives? We don't want anything to happen around here or we might draw attention to ourselves."

"I don't know where he lives. He mentioned some dive hotel but not where it was. It has to be in the bad part of town, so if he's killed it'll look like a robbery gone bad."

"Good thinking."

Byron made the call and talked to his hit man and made the arrangements.

"Okay Charles, it's done. My guy will follow him home to learn where he lives and then he'll off him the next day."

"I hate to do this, I kind of like the guy but if he's a danger to the operation it's for the best."

Mark finished the day and went home. He used public transit because he was supposed to be too poor to own a car. The hit man followed him home and learned where Mark was staying. Little did the hit man know that because of his training Mark could feel something wasn't right as the hit man followed Mark in the shadows. Mark arrived at the hotel and went up to his room. The hit man asked the clerk which room the man that just entered, rented, after slipping him twenty dollars. The man got the number and left, knowing he would be waiting for Mark when he got home.

Mark knew something was going on so he called his contact.

"Johnson's Appliances."

"This is Mark Conrad."

"How's it going Mark?"

"Not so good, I think they're on to me, I should probably come in."

"Hold on, let me ask the supervisor if that would be okay."

There was a pause and Mark wondered if they had enough to bust the group, if they had then Mark would be arrested with the rest of the employees so as not to blow his cover, and then he could go home to Mialing and move in with her, God he missed her.

"Mark, I talked to the super and he agrees. They will take down the operation the day after next, so you only have to live in that flea infested hole for two more days."

"Thank God, that place is such a hole. I hate having to share a toilet all the time and you can forget about taking a shower, the floor has green scum all over it. Maybe we can take the owners of that place down too. There must be a law against renting places like that."

"I'll talk to the boss maybe we can hit that joint at the same time, you know a two for one offer."

"Yeah, that would be a kick, see you in a couple of days."

What Mark didn't know was that if it was up to Charles and Byron, he wouldn't be seeing anyone ever again, they would see to that.

Mark went to his favorite restaurant again and ordered the meatloaf. At least they did a good job on that. Sally the waitress liked when Mark came in for dinner. He wasn't like most of the other diners that frequented the café, he was polite and fun to talk to.

"Having the meatloaf again Bill?"

"Yeah I guess, I've only had it twice this week," he laughed.

Mark liked Sally. She was a sweet girl, kind of cute and had a really nice personality. He could tell she had a great figure even with her uniform on and he wondered why she worked in a place like this, she could work in a nicer restaurant and get much better tips, she must have some history, maybe drugs, he wondered. Mark would have asked her out if it hadn't have been for Mialing. They weren't married and yet he didn't want to do anything to jeopardize what he had with her.

Sally also liked Mark, she was sure he knew that, God she had hinted enough to him that she would like to go out with him, maybe he was gay, she didn't know.

"Here's your gourmet delight, Bill," she said as she put the plate down. She looked at him and decided not to wait for him to make a move on her, she would be the aggressor.

"Bill, when are you going to ask me out?"

Mark was taken off guard, "Uhh, I didn't know you wanted to go out with me."

"I dropped enough hints to write a book, you're not gay are you?"

"Good grief no, it's just that I already have a girl friend."

"I never see you with her."

"She lives in Las Vegas."

"Then take me out, she'll never know."

"I'd feel guilty."

"I just want to go out and have some fun, not go to bed, come on, please?" Sally pleaded.

"Okay Sally, you win, when?"

"After I get off of work?"

"Okay, I'll see you after you get off, where do you want me to meet you?"

"I live in an apartment upstairs from here, meet me at nine-thirty."

"What should I wear?" asked Mark.

"Come as you are. I have to change, I don't want to go out in my waitress uniform."

"Come on Sally, I've always been partial to women in uniform."

"Bill, you're silly," laughed Sally.

Mark finished his meal and walked home. He felt flattered that Sally wanted to go out with him and yet he felt guilty, as though he was cheating on Mialing. Another reason he had agreed to see Sally was the tension of his job and knowing that he was being targeted as a threat to the organization he was working for, he never knew if he would be alive from day to day and what harm could come from an innocent date?


Mialing was enjoying her new friendship with Sarah and Marlene. It was nice to interact with other women without everything revolving around men. They would talk about fashion and where to find the best prices, things that women with responsibilities talked about. It made her feel more like a mature woman rather than the sex object she projected in the casino.

"Mialing, can you find someone to take your shift tonight? Marlene and I want to go dancing and it would be even more fun if you came along," said Sarah.

"I thought you were married?" asked Mialing.

"I am, we just want to go out and have some fun for a change. All we're going to do is dance."

"I think I can get Brenda to cover for me, she owes me a favor. What time do you want to go?"

"We can leave around seven and get something to eat. When we're finished it should be around nine so it will be about right for dancing, I'll pick you up."

"Okay, see you then," said Mialing.

Mialing called Brenda and told her something had come up and she needed her to cover for her. Brenda said she would since Mialing had covered for Brenda many times before.

Mialing went and took a bath. She wanted to have fun tonight and decided a bubble bath would put her in the mood for fun. She washed her hair knowing it would take a while to dry. There are some disadvantages to having hair as long as Mialing's and one of them is the upkeep on it, but the advantages far outweigh that. She loved the way it would swing back and forth when she walked and the attention it caused with men. Having hair that long was one of the sexiest things a woman could do.

Mialing exited the tub and wrapped her towel around her self and went into her bedroom. What to wear, she wondered. Shall I be proper or should I let my hair down so to speak and dress a little sexy. Mialing's outlook had changed about men ever since she and Mark had been together. She found that she now liked to flirt with them, even going so far as to wonder what some of them might be like in bed. She no longer felt she had to ignore them, but would actually initiate a flirting session. The only thing she hadn't done was to go out with anyone yet.

Mialing finished drying her hair and put on a pair black of lacy thong panties and a matching lacy push up bra. Mialing didn't have large breasts, just a B cup but the bra did wonders with what she had, creating very sexy cleavage. Mialing knew exactly which dress she was going to wear tonight, the one with the neckline that barely covered her bra and had little sleeves that ended just below her underarms The hem stopped at mid thigh and had flirty ruffles starting at her waist and curving around her front and finally going all around the hem. She found a garter belt and sheer charcoal nylons to wear with her black T strap pumps with the four-inch heels. Mialing was going to look hot tonight.

She was just going to start her makeup when the phone rang.


"Hi honey it's me, what are you doing?" Mark asked.

"I'm getting ready to go out with Marlene and Sarah. What are you doing?"

"Oh nothing, just hanging out, thinking of you," Mark said as the guilt's hit him.

"We're going to have dinner and go dancing, you don't mind do you, I'll behave."

"I'm sure you will, well, I'd better let you get ready."

"Are you doing anything tonight, or are you just going to watch television?"

"I'll just watch TV, well I'll talk to you tomorrow, I love you."

"I love you too," answered Mialing.

Mialing felt good knowing Mark was confident enough about their relationship to trust her to go dancing, he was a wonderful man. Mark on the other hand felt like shit. He had just lied to Mialing about staying home and he was about to go out with Sally, and now he was worried because Mialing would be dancing with another man while he was cheating on her. Maybe he would go to Sally's and tell her he couldn't go out with her, it just wasn't right.

Mialing put on her makeup but unlike her work look, she was going to be bold. She put on three different shadows, lined her eyes and put on three coats of mascara. She lined her lips and added lipstick and gloss. Her dress was lined so she didn't have to wear a slip so she lowered the dress down over her head and zipped the back. She finished her look with some hoops in her ears, a few bracelets and a necklace with a pendant that drew attention to her cleavage. She slipped on her heels and looked in the mirror to be sure everything was perfect. Everything was perfect, actually more than perfect, Mialing looked like a walking wet dream. Her legs perched on the heels made her legs look as though they went on forever and the sheerness of her nylons said sex. Her soft glowing skin from her breasts to her neck said kiss me and her face and flowing hair were going to make men weak, Mialing was a vision of wanton loveliness.


Mark decided to walk to Sally's to break the date. He was being wary of the situation at work so he pulled a couple of hairs from his head and put them between the door and jamb with the ends sticking out. Unless you knew they were there you wouldn't see them and if someone opened the door they would fall to the floor and Mark would know someone was in the room.

Sally was a nice girl but he didn't feel right about going out with her. He just couldn't do this to Mialing. It was nine-thirty and he knew Sally would be waiting for him. He felt like a heel but he had to do this thing, he had to tell Sally he couldn't go out with her. He knocked on Sally's door and heard her heels as she walked down the hallway. Sally opened the door and Mark opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Sally looked hot, actually way beyond hot, Mark wanted to jump her right there when he saw her. Sally didn't look like Sally the waitress anymore, she looked like the jump my bones right now Sally. Sally was wearing a very short red dress that barely covered her most private part. The neck was cut low enough to barely cover her nipples. She had on four-inch red sandals and no nylons. She liked to tan her self and her legs showed it, they looked hot. Her makeup was done in such a way as to impart sex and her blonde hair was pulled up and back with curls cascading down to her shoulders. What Mark hadn't noticed when Sally wore her uniform was her figure, the uniform was too loose to really show what she had, but now he saw, God did he see. Sally it seems was a photography model before she went to jail. She was one of those girls that graced the covers of biker and car magazines and was in much demand at one time.

Sally had a very tough life from the moment she was born. Her mother was an alcoholic and her father was in and out of prison more times than she could remember. Sally grew sick of all the bull shit and ran away when she was sixteen. She was living on the streets of New York City when a guy about thirty found her and brought her home with him. It didn't take long for him to get her in bed and being so young found it flattering that an older man found her attractive. He cleaned her up and noticed what a hot looking girl she was. He had a portfolio made and soon was trying to land modeling jobs for her. Sally had an incredible figure, thirty-four inch hips, a twenty-two inch waist and nice thirty-four inch B cup breasts. Her face was to die for and her natural blond hair made her stand out from other women. There were only two problems, one was that Sally was only five foot one so she couldn't do runway modeling and secondly her breasts weren't big enough for the type of modeling she could do. Her boyfriend decided implants were the answer so Sally was soon sporting D cup breasts. With the breasts came work, lots of work, Sally was shooting photo layouts all the time. She would do anything for the camera other than straight out sex. She was becoming tired and wanted to rest but her boyfriend wanted her to keep working so his investment in her would pay off handsomely. That's when she started on the meth. Soon, she was craving it more than life itself, she had to have it. With the drug came the side effects, the need for sleep, many hours of it and the loss of time, not showing up for a photo shoot and finally the haggard look that the drug induces on a person's face. Sally lost her modeling jobs but didn't care as long as she had her drugs. Her boyfriend wasn't going to put up with some lazy bitch lying around all day so he got her a job in a strip club and she had just turned twenty-one. Because of the drugs, that lasted for a year and then the club manger couldn't take her tardiness anymore and fired her. Her boyfriend had started selling drugs to make ends meet and was busted by the cops. Unfortunately Sally was home at the time and ended spending a year in jail. Sally reflected on what her life was becoming and after being clean and sober for a year decided to clean up her act. She enrolled in a drug rehabilitation program and took the waitress job just to keep out of trouble. When she felt secure enough she would try modeling again, but for now she just wanted to be Sally, a girl finding herself.

Sally knew what turned men on. She liked Mark, he was different from the other men that came into the café. She could tell he wasn't a drug user, hell she could spot them a mile away, and there was something else about him, he had a purpose and what he was doing in that neighborhood made no sense. Sally liked what she saw in Mark and to be perfectly blunt, she wanted him, never mind the other girl friend, she was going to do all she could to steal him away from that girl.

"Cat got your tongue?" giggled Sally.

Mark finally composed himself and said, "You look fabulous."

"Thank you, do you like it?" Sally asked as she turned around to give Mark all the looks he would need to succumb to her advances.

"Like it, when you opened the door I thought I had died and went to heaven. Where do you want to go?" asked Mark as he totally forgot he was going to tell Sally he didn't want to go out with her. After seeing her, Mialing could have walked by and Mark would have ignored her, Sally was having the impression on Mark she desired.

"There's a club down the street that's close enough to walk to. It's not real nice but it's fun, you'll like it."

"Sounds good to me."

Sticking bamboo shoots under his fingernails would have sounded good to Mark by the way he was staring at Sally.

Sally grabbed her wrap and then grabbed Mark's arm pulling it tight against her breast and pulled him out the door. Mark had never met a girl like this, first the visual effect and now her breast rubbing gently against his upper arm as they walked. All this was making Mark wonder if he ever wanted to go back to Vegas.

Mark and Sally entered the club and found an empty table.

"Would you like something to drink?" he asked.

"Just a coke would be fine."

Mark ordered a coke and a vodka cranberry for himself. He needed a drink to calm down, damn she's hot, he thought, as he looked at her.

Mark brought the drinks back to the table and asked Sally to dance. The music was fast and soon they were having fun. Mark was getting warm and asked Sally if she wanted to sit for a moment. The couple returned to the table and finished their drinks.

Mark was growing curious about this hot little number he was with and asked Sally about herself.

"Sally, I know it's none of my business but why do you work at the café?"

"It's the best place for me right now."

"You could do much better than that place."

"It's comfortable for me, it's where I want to be."


"I can't tell you here, maybe later."

A slow song came on and Sally grabbed Mark's hand and pulled him to the dance floor. She put both hands around his neck and pulled him tight against her body. Her breasts pushed firmly against his chest and he could feel them caressing his body. They had a firm softness about them that was making Mark forget about Mialing, he was in another place. He closed his eyes and drifted into Sally's mind and soul, he wanted this woman, he wanted her as much as he had wanted Mialing. He felt himself becoming aroused against her hip and when Sally felt it she pulled him tighter and moved her hip to increase the pleasure Mark was feeling. Sally knew if she kept this up she would make Mark forget the name of his girl friend and he would be hers.

Mark and Sally had been at the club for a little over an hour but Sally knew her seduction had worked and it was now time to finish the act.

"Bill, I'm getting tired, would you walk me home? If you come up I can tell you more about myself."

"Sure, let's go."

Mark and Sally walked back to Sally's place and went up stairs. Sally opened the door and stepped inside and closed the door behind Mark. Sally wasn't going to leave anything to chance, she had Mark where she wanted him, in her apartment, so she turned to him, looked into his eyes, put her arms around his neck and pulled his face down to hers and kissed him. This wasn't a sweet little kiss, it was deep and loving and full of want. Mark felt Sally's breasts push against him again and then her lips parted, she wanted his tongue. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and heard her moan, God she was hot. Mark moved his hand to her breast and felt her melt into his body. His penis was becoming erect and Sally pushed her hips against it with a purpose. Sally moved her mouth from his.

"Take me to bed," she panted. Sally had initiated the seduction but now she wanted Mark to take control, she wanted him to make love to her. Mark picked her up and carried her to her bed and laid her on it. She slipped off her panties and waited for him to remove his clothes. Mark crawled onto the bed and slid his penis into her, there would be no more foreplay. Sally wanted Mark inside her where he could do the most good. Sally felt Mark moving in and out, he penis rubbing her vaginal walls, stimulateing her toward orgasm. It came and she grabbed him and moaned. This stimulated Mark to go faster until he came. He felt as though he had buckets when he did, God this woman is good he thought. Mark held Sally, not wanting to let go, he was having feelings for her.

Sally felt Mark holding her, as he cuddled her. She had never slept with a man that cared for her before and being held by him, they would just roll off afterward and most of the time before she had orgasm. She was falling in love with Mark. Mark finally softened and fell out of Sally but he still held her. Sally finally asked Mark to let her go so she could remove her dress and heels, she didn't want anything between her and the man she loved. Sally removed her dress and heels while Mark watched. When she was naked he couldn't believe what a beautiful girl she was, her breasts stood full and proud, her waist was so tiny and her hips so round. She had a soft femininity about her that he had never seen in a woman. He was becoming aroused again.

Sally saw what she was doing to Mark and loved that she was, he'll never want to leave she thought.

"See something you like sailor?" she giggled. Sally's giggle was cute, it was fun, and playful, not like Mialings. Mialing's giggle went to your soul. It made you feel as though she was the only person on earth when she laughed, Sally's was just fun.

"And what makes you think I see something I like?"

"Because you're standing at attention," she laughed.

"Maybe he should stand at ease then."

"Don't you dare," she said as she came to him.

Mark eased himself into her again and then met her lips. They stayed that way until she had orgasm and couldn't breathe. Mark continued his motion very slowly bringing Sally to orgasm after orgasm. Sally had never had a man pleasure her like this, thinking of her before his own enjoyment and it was having a profound effect on her, she wanted to have his baby, she wanted to marry this man, she never wanted to let him go. Mark started to speed his thrusts and came deeply in the girl he was falling in love with. Mark finished and held his new love as they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Sally woke first as the chill of the night brushed her bare skin. She felt a shiver run through her body.

"Bill, wake up, we have to get under the covers."

Mark opened his eyes and saw the innocent look on Sally's face. God she's pretty, he thought.

"Bill, it's cold lets get under the covers." Sally said.

"What time is it?" he asked.

"It's three in the morning, we fell asleep."

"I should go, I have to work in the morning."

"Stay here, I'll get you off in time."

"You make it hard to resist Sally, okay I'll stay. Get me up so I can go home and change."

"I will. Bill, I think I love you."

'Sally, I'm having feelings for you too, but there are things about me you don't know about and after I tell you, you might not like me."

"You're not married are you?'

"Oh no. I've never been married and half the reason is my job, and the other half is that I've never met the right girl."

"What do you mean your job, what are you a hired hit man?" giggled Sally.

"No, just the opposite, I'm with the FBI and my name isn't Bill, it's Mark, Mark Conrad."

"You're a cop? Why should that make a difference? I was in jail once, does that mean you hate me?" Sally said as a tear fell from her eye.

Mark pulled her to him and held her. Mark was having very strong feelings for this girl and he needed to comfort her.

"I could never hate you Sally, in fact I think I might be falling for you."

Sally pulled Mark tight. She was feeling something else for this man other than the lust they had earlier, she felt protected. She had never had a man make her feel this way before, all they ever did was fuck her or make her give them blowjobs, but this man wasn't forcing anything on her, he just wanted her to feel safe. Sally began to cry, she couldn't control her feelings, she felt like a person again, not some sex object. If she were to lose this man she didn't know what would happen to her, she couldn't lose him.

Mark felt Sally crying and just let her be, he knew why she was crying, because he made her feel safe.

Sally turned the lights off and wanted to go back to sleep but as she felt Mark cuddling against her she placed his hand on her breast. She felt comforted when his hand was there. Mark felt his girlfriend's breast and marveled at how good it felt, soft and sexy but with the smallest amount of sag. He began to caress it and felt her nipple become hard. He too was becoming aroused and soon was fully erect. Sally was moaning as he took her from behind and they made love until they came and found blessed sleep with Mark still deep within her.






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