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Miss Victoria's School For Girls

by Abby Rhodes



For the next six weeks I fell into a routine of classes, manipulation and evening gatherings with my friends. I also had sex with Miss Blonde about five times a week. She decided she simply had to ensure my education was sufficient and she schooled me in the finer techniques of oral stimulation and satisfaction of the female. She finally gave me a certificate of attainment to hang on my wall, just before I went off for the summer break, and on the day I turned fourteen. It read, 'To Samantha, a Very Good Girl Indeed. Awarded in recognition of oral skills.' I thought it was very funny.

My breasts were showing signs of enlargement and my nipples seemed to be increasingly responsive to touch. By the time I left for home I was filling out the A-cup bra. Miss Blonde showed me how I should continue the treatment over the break and gave me a large bottle of the oil she was using to take home with me. She said it contained an oestrogen extract that was helping my development. I had noticed that my breasts, although still small, were now slightly larger than those of two of the girls in our little evening group.

It was hard to say goodbye to my friends, and that included Miss Blonde. I kissed her on the mouth and thanked her for her training and said that I couldn't wait to see her again after summer break. She smiled and said, "My darling Samantha, just have a good time and be very discreet. When you return you can tell me all about your holiday and we will see what you remember of your lessons. Watch out for some of your mother's friends. Miss Victoria tells me they may well be lesbians and you might find a hand up your skirt, and you don't want that. Goodbye, Samantha."

I said goodbye to Miss Victoria and she said my mother had invited her to stay with us for a week or two during summer. She wasn't sure yet, but she hoped to be able to come. There was also a possibility Miss Blonde and maybe Miss French would accompany her.

As I waited for the car to pick me up a gentle breeze lifted the hem of my skirt and reminded me how much I enjoyed being a girl. I'd thought a lot about what Miss Blonde had said and I now agreed with her that being a girl with a penis was definitely the best of both worlds and I had no intention of living as a male. Every time I put on a pair of panties I knew that I was living an adventure that meant the future would be very interesting and I intended to make the most of it. I also intended to send Miss Blonde a present from Connecticut to thank her properly for her advice at a time when I was starting to actively fret about my future. She was a wonderful person.

My mother's limo arrived and the lady driver put my bags in the trunk and held the door open for me. I asked if I could ride in the front with her and she agreed immediately. She told me her name was Ingrid, that she was German and she had been working for my mother for five months. Ingrid was blonde and once she took her cap off in the car she revealed very short cropped hair. The chauffeur's uniform she was wearing was dark blue and cut to emphasise her large breasts and narrow waist. Her make-up was immaculate but heavy and she had red glossy lips and smoky eye-shadow and the most amazing long, dark eyelashes. She was very attractive and I wondered if all my mother's new help would be as gorgeous. As it turned out, they were.

The trip took quite a few hours and we chatted about the house and I tried to find out about the rest of the staff. I learned a few things, but Ingrid seemed reserved about details. I suspected she was afraid of betraying confidences. Nonetheless she was a pleasant travelling companion. I established that even the old guy who did maintenance for mother had been replaced by a woman. When I asked if she had a boyfriend, she looked at me like I'd asked if she was an alien. That sort of confirmed Miss Victoria's opinion about the people working for my mother. I smiled at her to show I wasn't fazed.

I had been thinking about my mother quite a lot recently. It was easy to believe she had switched over to the other side. Her commitment to treating me as a girl all my life was a sure sign of something, but this new phase of hiring women for everything indicated to me that she was probably going to announce a full conversion to lesbianism, if she hadn't already made an announcement.

My mother is incredibly rich. She built her real estate empire from the ground up and was widely admired for her grit and determination because she'd had to fight for everything. The rewards had been coming in for quite a few years now and she had ceased to skimp on things around the time I was born. She had three places now, one in upstate New York, the one in Connecticut and a large apartment on Park Avenue. When I was home she was always generous towards me and would buy things for me if I so much as looked at them for a few seconds. I planned to exploit that this summer by admiring clothes and cosmetics.

My mother's name is Corrine and I believed this summer would mark a change in our relationship if she was determined to go all out for single sex staff. I sometimes think she genuinely forgot I was a boy. We reached the house close to five o'clock and I climbed out of the limo as my mother came down the steps to hug me. She looked stunning. Her hair was done in a French roll and she was wearing a little something from a designer. Not quite a suit and not quite an evening gown, but it was in a dark green that set off her blonde hair brilliantly and, as ever, she had impossibly high heels on.

"Samantha darling. It's wonderful to have you home. Oh, you look so pretty. Come and meet my guests. I want to show you off." She threw her arms around me and kissed me, then led me inside the house through the entryway, the size of a large hotel lobby, and through to the reception room where it seemed a party was under way. There were ten women holding glasses of wine who all turned to look at me at once. The expressions were mixed, but I think curiosity was the main reaction. What had my mother told these people?

"Here we are, ladies. My little girl is home from school. This is my Samantha. I'll come round and introduce her to you all. Keep drinking."

I met them all one by one and it was clear my mother had been boasting about me. The ladies were all dressed in designer stuff, mostly some kind of afternoon formal like suits with beading and scarves and chiffon skirts with eight hundred dollar jackets. There were rings on fingers that could pull shoulders out of their sockets with the size of them and more gold than I'd ever seen in one room. Mostly they were nice and treated me like an intelligent human being but I detected a few patronising tones here and there. I wished I wasn't still wearing my school uniform, but I'd fix that shortly.

Circulating with drinks and finger foods were two girls wearing uniforms like cigarette girls used to wear. The uniform was a black single-breasted jacket with some braid here and there and strips of coloured ribbon sewn on above their left breasts in a military style. Having said that, the jacket had a single button at waist level and there was no sign of anything being worn under the jacket and I could clearly see quite a lot of breast. The skirts were very short, seeming to be pleated chiffon over full black petticoats and their patent pumps at the end of an impossible length of fine black hosiery had high, high heels. I was sure they were twins. They looked identical with red hair pulled back into a perky ponytail and matching make-up, again quite heavy for the hour of the day.

The ladies showed no sign of going anywhere so I asked my mother what the occasion was. She told me it was a welcome home party for me but liable to go on for a long time yet. I told her I was going to go upstairs and change into something more appropriate than my school uniform. She told me to hurry back.

I went to my room on the second floor and found my suitcase had been unpacked. I opened the wardrobe to see what I would wear. Because I had grown both up and out since I was home last I wasn't sure what I had available to wear to my party, but my mother had seen fit to stock me up on everything I might need. The wardrobe wasn't quite bulging with new clothes but it was quite full. I touched everything and held the clothes up against myself and looked in the mirror.

I decided to shower so I stripped off and put on the silk robe hanging behind my bedroom door. Once my hair and body were clean I had another look in the wardrobe and settled on a red leather skirt and a black silk top. I found my underwear drawer had been restocked as well and I put on a pair of black stretch satin panties because the skirt was reasonably tight. Best of all was a tulle and lace bra in an A-cup that I just loved. Someone from school had been talking to my mother. I found pantyhose and by the time I had my make-up and some heels on I was looking pretty stunning. I had a last look in the mirror, liked what I saw and went downstairs again. This time the ladies stood staring at me like they didn't recognise me, and some of them probably didn't.

My mother came over and said,"Good heavens, Samantha, how did you get from schoolgirl to babe in such a short time? You look gorgeous! You've certainly changed from the last time I saw you. Did you like the stuff I left in your drawers and closets? Victoria gave me sizes and stuff and I spent hours and hours finding things I thought you'd like."

"They're great, Mom," I said. "I can't wait to try them all on. This outfit makes me feel like I'm twenty instead of fourteen."

"I had some help from the twins, darling. They came with me and made suggestions. Have you met them yet? They're Diana and Carol Carroll. Don't they look fabulous?" She turned and waved to one, then caught the eye of the other one and they came over. "Samantha, this is Carol and Diana. Girls, this is my daughter Samantha. Make sure you take good care of her."

"We will, Madame," said Carol (I think). "We'll take very good care of her. " She was looking at me in a speculative fashion and I couldn't figure out what she had in mind by way of taking very good care of me.

I spoke to some of the ladies and we talked about my school. Some of them hadn't heard of it, but those who had knew it had a very good reputation. Mother told them the principal might be visiting later in the summer and she would throw another party if she did. She intimated that she was an old friend. My mother was only forty-one and I was pleased to see her breaking out into a social life. I thought Miss Victoria was slightly older than her, but perhaps she wasn't.

The party finally wound down around midnight and I kissed mother goodnight and went to bed. I showered again and found silk and satin nightgowns in one of the many drawers in my room. I picked out a pink satin gown with black lace trimming and found a robe to match. I went to bed to read but fell asleep almost immediately. I woke around three and turned off the light and snuggled down.

I woke up about six thirty, the time we had to get up at school and get ready for the day. It was good not to have to get up and go to the dining room with three hundred other girls to eat. I dozed on and off for another hour before I got up and made my way firstly to the bathroom and then downstairs.

Mother was sitting at the table in the dining room with a telephone glued to her ear, reading the paper and eating as well. She was always good at multi-tasking. She smiled at me and I sat down at the table. She was wearing a gown and robe in white silk and the robe and what little I could see of the gown were well decorated with white lace and tiny pearls. It was a beautiful outfit. She finally finished with the telephone call and rang the small bell by her right hand. Almost immediately a lady in chef's whites appeared.

"Rhonda this is my daughter Samantha. Samantha, this is Rhonda, who cooks as well as anyone in a New York restaurant. Just tell her what you'd like for breakfast and the chances are good she'll be able to make it for you."

Rhonda smiled at me and said, "It's nice to meet you Samantha. I've heard a lot about you from Corrine. Was there anything in particular you'd like?"

Rhonda was in the same mould as the chauffeur and the twins, very good-looking, pretty and sexy.




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