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Miss Victoria's School For Girls

by Abby Rhodes



Rhonda was in the same mould as the chauffeur and the twins. She was very good-looking and heavily made up. Wisps of dark hair were escaping from her chef's hat and she looked like she would throw off her clothes and engage in making love at the slightest hint of an invitation. She seemed to be purring, if that's possible. I ordered an omelette and she smiled and disappeared in the direction of the kitchen.

"Do you have some plan for these staff, mother?" I asked. They're all attractive, voluptuous young women made up and dressed immaculately and I swear that each of them is what I would call 'available'. Do you have something in mind?"

"Of course I do, darling. Firstly, I want to be surrounded by attractive women and secondly I want to throw myself into a state of hedonism for these six weeks. I've sent out a note to selected friends that I am now openly gay and have invited those who wish to, to come here during the summer and be hedonistic with me. The staff were chosen for their appearance, skills and sexual proclivities and I have taken great delight in interviewing each of them in depth. They are being fabulously well paid and if I don't have a good time it will be my fault, not theirs."

"The rules are simple, darling. They can do whatever they like while not actively engaged in their domestic duties. Most have a specialty like domination or bondage or fantastic talent at oral sex. A couple of them specialise in working in pitch darkness to allow one to experience sex as an art form with the sense of sight removed. You are under no obligation to do anything, my darling Samantha. Participate if you wish to, but you are only fourteen, so it is entirely up to you. I'm very impressed by the way you've suddenly grown up. Your clothes sense has also come of age all of a sudden and you've become an attractive young lady almost overnight. But your secret is still our own affair and I want it to stay that way. For that reason, a discretion clause has been built into all the contracts so no one will blab unless they want to be jailed for breach of privacy."

"Wow," was all I said.

"Wow, indeed. Expect the unexpected Sam. Have a great holiday. Ah, here's your breakfast."

Rhonda put the plate in front of me and I smelled the fresh herbs rising off it. She gave me a sultry smile and I ate.


Later that day I called my friend Melissa and arranged to meet at her place in the afternoon for a game of tennis. Melissa was glad to hear from me. We always got along well at Miss Victoria's School and to be quite honest I needed to remove myself from my mother's place to get a little reality. Just before I left I saw the cook and the chauffeur kissing in the driveway below my window. They seemed oblivious to everyone and took a long time over the kiss. Ingrid's hands wandered all over Rhonda's body and I swear I saw her caressing Rhonda's pubic mound. In any case, they looked very sexy and I wondered if it was a show put on for my benefit.

I dressed slightly more conservatively to visit Melissa and a tennis skirt and white tee was what was appropriate. I loved tennis skirts because they were shorter than most and swirled around my thighs as I played. I wore both panties just in case because obviously my backside, and possibly my frontside, would be exposed while I was playing and you never knew who was going to be watching.

I found Ingrid and asked her to take me to Melissa's place. It is only a few miles away as the crow flies, but takes about twenty minutes by car because the road is only one car wide and cuts back and forth and around. Ingrid engaged me in chat and I felt she was trying to get information from me about how I felt about sex between women. She smiled a lot and I admit she was very attractive. She was explaining about her sex drive when we arrived at Melissa's and how she needed to come to orgasm several times a day or she was unable to sleep. By the time she opened the door for me I had become hard and was glad I was wearing tight satin panties under my tennis briefs. What on earth would I do if Ingrid wanted to have sex with me?

Melissa came out as I walked up the steps and took me through the house and out the back where there was a tennis court and a swimming pool. There was a cabana by the pool and another just near the court. The house itself was a little smaller than my mother's but the pool was bigger and we didn't have a tennis court. Melissa was wearing a very short tennis dress that barely came to the top of her thighs and made my skirt look conservative by comparison. Not only that, but, as I found out during the game, she was wearing white nylon panties with row upon row of lace across the backside. She said later they used to belong to her mother and she found them very sexy to wear. She grinned at me and I started to wonder if the country air out here affected peoples sex drives. They all seemed to have one thing on their minds. After we'd played a few sets that came out even in the end, we retired to chairs by the pool. Melissa asked me if I wanted a swim but as I hadn't thought ahead I declined. I have a very tight panty that is small enough to fit under a bikini bottom or one-piece and holds me in without my penis being visible at all. I hadn't thought to bring it but I would in future.

We chatted about our parents and school and it turned out her mother was separated from her father. Her mother was in the process of seeing men again after twenty odd years of being devoted to one man. Melissa said that the main sign was sexy clothes and lingerie being brought into the house and displayed for Melissa's approval. Melissa is about a size eight, the same as her mother, and she said she'd been allowed to try it all on if she wanted and she liked dressing like an adult. I told her about my mother filling my closet.

To cut a long story short, I asked Melissa if she wanted to come over to my place that night and sleep over. I figured it would give me something to think about other than chauffeurs, gardeners, chefs, handy women and maids. Melissa was all for it and we went up to her room to find some clothes. Her bedroom was smaller than mine, especially the closets, and she took time to try on a few things, discarding them or placing them into an overnight bag. I watched her and was impressed by her lithe body with slim hips and breasts that were probably heading up to a 32B. I could see a little dark triangle through her panties and felt myself getting hard again. Miss Blonde had a bad effect on me. Melissa put on a short flirty skirt in a light blue and a little white top and she looked very sexy. By then I'd watched her put on a very small white thong as well. I telephoned Ingrid and asked her to come and get us. Melissa told her mother she would be away overnight, taking her mother by surprise. Although she was only fourteen like me she obviously was used to getting her own way. It occurred to me later that I hadn't asked my mother for permission for Melissa to stay, but I took her talk earlier in the day to mean I could basically do what I liked.

Ingrid arrived in the limo and Melissa and I sat in the back this time. I explained as best I could about the number and nature of the people living at my place and Melissa was intrigued when I mentioned they all seemed to be designed around sex in some form or another. I hoped I wasn't leading her into mischief. At school Melissa had seemed neither forward nor ignorant when we talked about sex, so I had no real idea what she thought about it, although I seemed to remember her looking forward to her first sexual experience.

When we got back to my place, Ingrid opened the car door and one of the twins took Melissa's bag from her. I presumed that, because she was waiting for us, Ingrid had called ahead from the limo to let them know there were two girls, not just one.


This got dropped off Part Three accidentally and that's why it's so short. Part five very soon.




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