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Note: This story has been previously published by a now defunct publisher.


Molly & Lolly

by Amelia Allyrw

Part One


Oliver, is getting out of jail and is taken in by his sister and her friend. They decide that he would be better off as a girl. Against his wishes. They train him but in unconventional manner

In this part Molly gets her breast enhancement and is captured by a group of cheerleaders. She has to perform with them before she is released. But that isn't all his woes


We Meet Oliver

Chapter One


My name is Edith Whayles, Eddie to my friends, often times a worse name is used by my enemies. I am a free lance photographer and a camera person. I also have a black belt in martial arts. Which pretty well guaranties that the sexual propositions I receive in my work stays on a verbal level. I make quite a lucrative living doing commercial work. My specialty is taking pictures and videos 0f various products for advertising purposes. I use live models and direct and to show and demonstrate the advertised item. You know the type of advertising I talking

Where an attractive housewife is so excited that she talks about how she found a new and improved disposal diaper that she is going to buy them until her brat is housebroken. I should also mention that I use Lolly and myself on occasion to make an extra buck.

I own, well, paying on an Exclusive, "Sister's Only" condominium. My apartment is on the fifth floor and overlooks the enclosed courtyard and recreation area. The recreation area consists of a swimming pool, various game courts and a clubhouse with an outside patio and a bar. A person could go out on my balcony practically any time of the day or night and see a bevy of luscious women lolling out below. To make it even better, several of these girls are interested in a bit of girl to girl calisthenics of an erotic nature.

I share my apartment and oft times my bed with my assistant, Olivia Ardney, better known as Lolly. She is twenty-one, just four years younger than I am. She had just finished college last spring. While attending college she worked part time for me evenings and weekends. Now that she graduated, she works full time.

Altogether, I have a pretty good setup. I really enjoy my work and am good enough to choose my jobs for the most part, to add to that, I have a fancy apartment that is luxuriously furnished and a lovely, lusty and willing bed partner. In fact, during some our more daring sexual gambols, we would go out on the balcony and gather one or more willing partners.

But into each life a little rain must eventually fall. In my case it was a drip. I mean Lilly's twin brother. Lolly came home one evening, carrying a letter she had just received. She showed it to me and said. "My brother is just getting out o jail and has no place to go.'

Hell! I didn't even know she had a brother. After a bit of questioning, she told me about him. They were twins. Just when they were getting ready to enter high school, their parents were suddenly killed. None of the surviving relatives could afford to take two kids together, so they had to split. The family that took Olivia, although financially hard pressed, encouraged her to complete her education. By dint of their help, baby sitting, and other part time jobs, she saved enough to enter college.

The family that took her brother was not quite as forthright. In fact, they were involved in several illegal practices. High among these practices was the passing of bad checks. They forced Oliver, Loll and Olly, (get it ?) to join their schemes. He got caught and was sent to jail.

Now he is about to be released on the condition that he would find a place where he could be rehabilitated. One of the conditions was that he was not to go back to the criminal environment where he was raised. In other words he had no one to turn to except Lolly. She told me the story with tears in her eyes. Originally, she and her brother were quite close and the childhood separation affected her. She then pleaded with me to allow him to stay with us until he got settled and find a place of his own.

As I said, I had a good thing going. I had an exclusive apartment and a beautiful girl living with me. If I wanted variety, all I had to do was go down to the courtyard and beckon my finger. I really didn't want a male about; also I wasn't sure how brother would act. Seeing his sister living with and obviously having sexual relations with her lady boss.

She looked deeply in my eyes and fervently assured me that there would be no trouble in that regard. The twins respected each other's life style as personal and did not judge or interfere.

Reluctantly I agreed that he could live with us but it would only be temporary until he could find a place o f his own.

Once I agreed, she started laughing and crying at the same time. She hugged my neck and started kissing me. I got aroused. She got excited. The upshot was that we repaired to my bedroom for a bit of activity before she wrote a letter, telling her brother he could stay with us, temporarily.

He arrived a few days later, wearing an ill-fitting suit, apparently given to him by the prison. That was about all of his belongings. Not even in a suitcase, Just a handkerchief that carried and extra pair of socks and a suit of underwear. There was no mistaking that he was Lolly's brother. They were both of the same height, around five feet, eight inches and of the same general build. Of course Lolly had a nice bust that was not shared by Ollie and Lolly had curves where Ollie only had angles. Discounting the make up that Lolly wore, their faces were quite alike, gray, wide setting eyes, High cheekbones and a tapering triangular facial structure.

To accommodate him, I fixed up a cot in the exercise room for his use. My apartment has three bedrooms. Two of them were used for sleeping, Lolly's and mine. Where she kept her clothes, if not her person. The third bedroom, I had converted to a miniature gym. It had a pommel horse, a trapeze set of rings that were solidly set in the ceiling joists.

We got Olly set up. I showed him where was to stay. I gave him a set of ground rules that we use to get along in the apartment. I also gave him a set of chores that he would be responsible to perform, while he was a freebie guest in our place. For all the good it did, I could have thrown them out the window. He ignored both, making no attempt to do any of the chores about the house. He left things lying round and to add insult to injury made no effort to shave or even keep him clean. In other words he did as he damned well pleased and had no regard for anyone but himself.

To put it bluntly, Olly's stay started out bad and quickly got worse, The influence of that ne'er do well family that adopted him, caused many of his bad habits to develop. To add, his stay in jail did nothing to improve his manners or attitude.

He made no attempt to get a job, claiming that he couldn't find anything worthy of his talents. He did nothing abut the apartment to help us out. I'll take that back, he did volunteer, without even being asked to empty several cans of beer every day. Why sometimes he even managed to find the trashcan to toss the empties. He left the rest for someone else to dispose of those he left laying around the house.

He was also not averse to taking a bit of money he found lying around the house. It so happens that several of my jobs require rush proofs or some special supplies that I don't have on hand. I had a few dollars laying around to pay the deliveryman for these articles. I soon noticed that some of this money turned up missing.

His manners and attitude got so bad that even Lolly quit defending his actions. She wasn't quite to the point of agreeing to throw him she was making snide remarks to him about his laziness and lack of manners.


Things came to head when the manager the condominium approached us in the courtyard as we were coming home from work one evening. She said, "You know we don't allow males to live here, except those who are completely domesticated and under the control of their mistresses or wives and wear feminine clothing so they do not look out of place in a women's condominium. We do understand that you have male relatives visiting and we don't mind them staying for a few days. But we don't expect them to be staying indefinitely."

She looked at Lolly; "Your brother has been staying here quite a while hasn't he?"

The she continued without waiting for Lolly's reply. "Another more serious thing. The other girls have been complaining that your visitor has been harassing them. He has been sexually propositioning them. When they refuse his advances, he begins to cursing, saying they of being a bunch of Lesbians. That behavior must cease immediately."

I knew that he had making propositions to some of the, because they mentioned it. However it seemed that their comments were rather innocuous. They had said nothing about the cursing, apparently not wanting to embarrass me. I had thought that he was exercising his normal crude male attitude, but not to the point of being obnoxious about it.

After the manager left, Lolly and I began talking about Olly. She was still reluctant about throwing him out and said.

"I keep remembering when we were small, I'd put a dress on him and we would play for hours without a bit of trouble. Then when Daddy and Mommy got killed. He had to go live with that terrible family and then he had to go to jail, Just because of their ill treatment and being mean and terrible."

Then she added in a rueful tone, "I'd like to take him back to those days and raise him all over again."

"You mean put him in dresses? We do have a few males living here under the control of their wives or girlfriends." I said jokingly.

We looked at each other, comprehension of the remark becoming conscious. "Maybe a period of him having to live like a girl may help his manners."

"That and a few hard spankings may knock some of that arrogance out of him."


Meet Molly

Chapter Two


Later, when we entered the apartment, we were greeted by a horrible, rancid odor. It smelled like someone went on a three-day drunk, including the hangover and all the penalties that go with it.

We started to look around the place to find out what was causing the odor. We found Olly. He had passed out cold on Molly's bed

What was worse he had discovered, then drunk the bottle of expensive wine I had purchased to celebrate Lolly's and my anniversary. Apparently he had drunk the wine then staggered into Lilly's room and passed out. To add injury to the insult, he had vomited all over the place. On the floor, on the bed and even all over himself. This was the odor we had smelled.

I don't know which of us were angrier. "Let's throw him out!" Exclaimed Lolly, "He's not worth it. I'm sorry I asked you to let him come in.""

I looked at the mess lying on the bed; the sloppy body sprawled on the bed, laying in his own puke. "Oh no! That's too easy. You're original suggestion was right. We're going to teach that bastard. We're going to feminize him, abase him, and humiliate him. And make him sorry for his sins. By the time we get through with him, he'll be sorry he was born a male. He's going to be the most polite, obedient maid and the most demure young lady you will ever meet."

"Now, let's get him into the bathroom. We each grabbed a leg and towed his unconscious body into the bathroom dumped him in the bathtub and turned on the cold water shower. He woke, spitting and swearing. He started to climb out of the tub.

I hit him and knocked him back under the shower. " You are not clean yet. You just stay there until you get well washed and I say you can get out."

He tried getting out again. I hit him again. "We can do this all day. I'm enjoying it. Meanwhile all you are going to get are bruises."

He got the message and lay back under the cold water, still swearing. I got a bar of soap and jammed it in his mouth. When he reached to grab it, I hit him again. I'm was just cleaning up that vile language.

"You must learn to talk more politely to your superiors and betters. That may allow you to be in their company of your betters. You just stay there, I'll let you out when I think you're clean enough, and that includes your vile mouth."

Finally, when he was thoroughly soaked and all that vomit was washed off, I let him out. "Strip off those wet clothes and dry yourself," I ordered.

He made one last attempt to fight back. I threw him over my shoulder and kicked him in the nuts; just hard enough to let him know I was serious and things could get worse.

He stood up, well kind of crouched, favoring his sore balls, and began stripping. He got down to his shorts, looked at the contempt on my face and dropped them.

When I saw what he had, I burst out laughing. This humiliated and embarrassed him even more than me beating him up. Actually he was almost normally endowed but I wasn't going to give him that satisfaction.

When he finished drying himself. I tossed him and old housecoat of Lolly's. "Put that on and get in there and clean up the mess you made!"

He finally began to realize the predicament he was in. He dried himself off and put on the housecoat. It was an old one but still in pretty good condition and quite feminine. It was of soft pink nylon, with lace about the collar, cuffs and down the front. After scrubbing all traces of the puke from the deep pile rug. I then made him remove all the messed bedclothes and put on clean ones.

"O.K. I ordered, "Now down to the laundry room and clean those things up."

He looked down at the dainty robe he was wearing and said, "I can't go down there looking like this."

"You're right, You can't go down there barefoot, people will think you got no culture." I then found a pair of mules that matched the robe. They were backless with big bows on the toes. "Now you look all dressed, let's go."

"people! All those girls out there, they'll see me."

"You're right again, just a minute." I went in and got a dog collar and leash that one of my friends had left by mistake. I put the collar about his neck. It was a tad tight, but I he didn't make any sudden moves, or attempt to pull away, it would be OK.

"There! This will prevent you from chasing any of those girls, which I heard you do without any sign of manners or courteous behavior."

"This is to tight, I'll be choked." he croaked.

"You'll be fine, just follow me and don't try to pull away." I headed for the door, he tamely following me, the dirty bedclothes under his arm.

We went out to the hall and then took elevator where we were joined by a couple of other women. They looked curiously at Olly and noted the leash and the robe he was wearing.

"Do you have a new kind of pet, Eddy?" She took Eddie by the chin and forced her to look directly at her.

"Why that's the dreadful person who was making dirty propositions to me, then when I refused. He began cursing me when I refused. He looks much nicer and polite in that pretty robe and collar."

The other woman remarked, "I agree he does look nice in that outfit, bit if you are going to have him wear open toed shoes, he should have his toenails painted."

"Oh, we're just getting started on him. I'm taking him to the laundry where he can wash out some things he messed up and dirtied." I replied.

When the elevator reached the ground floor, we went out into the courtyard to get to the laundry room. The courtyard was filled with a mass of girls, sunbathing and just lying about. We were greeted by a series of giggles and comments as I tugged at the leash. Since the collar was tight, Olly couldn't hesitate or hang back. He had to trot along behind me, his arms full of dirty linen and his face red with embarrassment.

We finally reached the laundry room, Olly dashing inside to get away from the gawking, giggling women who were tormenting him. There was another older woman in the room, washing her clothes. She looked at us rather curiously, but said nothing.

With a sigh of relief, Olly popped the clothes in the washer, while I reached in my pocket to pay for the machine.

The woman looked at us, and asked, "Aren't you going to wash that robe you pet is wearing. It looks a bit soiled."

It was soiled, but it was the first thing I grabbed for Olly to put on.

"I can't wash it. It's the only thing I have to wear." Said Olly.

The woman ignored Olly as if he were a male or other animal of no consequence that was not capable of human thought, and asked me. "Is he naked under that robe?"

When I nodded in assent, she remarked. "I have a large scarf and some safety pins. You can put it on him like a diaper to cover his nakedness if you wish to wash that robe."

"Why not." I thought, "Olly take off that robe and put it in the washer>"

"No!" He gasped, starting to back away.

I gave a good yank on the leash, jerking him toward me, at the same time holding out my fist. It soon met his chin. The rebellion left him. With a blush and a bit of hesitation, he removed the robe and tossed it in the washer.

While the clothes were being washed, I took the proffered scarf and made Olly lay on his back, I put it on him, it looked like an oversized diaper. It was silken, colored wildly, pink, orange, yellow, and purple. You name the color and it was there. I must say that Ollie, presented a colorful picture clad only in his gaily-painted diaper and his beribboned mules.

"His body and legs should be shaven if you are going to take him out in pubic that way." Remarked the woman after I had him all pinned up

"Oh, we're just getting started. I am sure that you will see a remarkable improvement in the next few weeks."

"If you are going to do what I think you are, Ollie is not a feminine name."

"You're right. I think Molly would be much more appropriate. We must thank you for the suggestion."

Ollie, now Molly, looked at the fierce expression on my face and decided that discretion is the better part of valor, said. "Thank you ma'am for helping us out."

"Oh, you are quite welcome, I'm glad to help. Once I domesticated and feminized a male and was so happy with him. In fact I am looking forward to finding a new one some day."

"What happened to the one you had?" I asked.

"Oh we were out canoeing one day and I happened to fall overboard. My poor darling encumbered by the long skirts I made her wear jumped overboard to save me. She did, in the process got tangled up with her clothes and drowned."

"I'm looking for a replacement, but this one will wear mini skirts when we are around water. That is, if she is satisfactory. Otherwise, back to the long skirts and the canoe again."

"Long skirts and water are an excellent way to dispose of unsatisfactory males." She added, almost as an after thought.

Finally the sheets were all washed and dried. So we made our way back to the apartment. Now if those girls thought Ollie was an odd sight going, you should hear those shrieks and comments when they saw Molly coming out of the laundry, wearing nothing but a brightly colored diaper.

She pleaded with me to allow her to wear the housecoat back. I could see no reason for her to get it dirty, wandering around the courtyard. Besides the scarf was sufficient to cover her nakedness for the short trip back.


The First Step

Chapter Three


When we arrived back to the apartment, I started Molly to folding clothes and straightening up the place. I then made a telephone call. "Henrietta, " I said when it was answered. I have a subject that needs a breast enhancement. Can you help?"

Why Eddie, you know that can only be done by a qualified medical person, licensed to do that. I can't legally do that sort of thing."

"Henrietta, this is your friend, Eddie. I know what's legal and what's not. I also know what you do. Now, can you give my friend a breast enhancement?"

"All right Eddie, but I don't do complete jobs. Does she want to go from an " ┴ " to "B". or "B" to "C"?

I was nonplussed for a moment. "You only can increase one size?"

"Normally, yes when we increase the breast size, we are limited by the elasticity of the skin. We are working on a new development that increases the skin elasticity, but it's still experimental. Why, does that give you a problem?"

"Yes, I was thinking a bit more than one size."

How much of an increase?"

"Henrietta, how does zero to "C" suit you?"

There was a moment of silence, then. "You have a guy!" She accused.

Why don't you just give him hormone shots?"

"Because I don't want to wait that long, besides I want him to retain his full male potency, at least for a while. I want to keep him horny, frustrated and celibate until he, soon, to become a she in every respects but one, learns some manners and to show respect for us women."

Finally, after a long pause, "Bring her over in the morning. I'll see what I can do. "I'll try that new skin lotion. It may soften the skin enough to get some sort of enlargement. It is still only approved for testing and I guess it would be better to try it out on a male than someone important.

Hanging up the phone, I went into the kitchen where Molly was busily scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush. Lolly was supervising the operation. She had taken the dog leash, doubled it and judiciously applied it on the exposed, protruding bottom when ever Molly showed signs of slowing down.

"Hurry her up, we're going to Henrietta's place tomorrow for some breastworks. I want her to have this place sparkling before she goes. Also, I don't see why she can't cook dinner for us tonight. Lord knows we work hard enough to afford to give her a place to eat and sleep."

"You heard Eddie." Lolly commanded, "Get a move on. ." There's lots to be done before you go to bed tonight."

Molly groaned a bit, but did move about two inches per hour faster when Lolly lightly applied the leash.

"I was still mad and disgusted with Molly. I didn't think she was moving fast enough for me. I took the folded leash from Lolly. "When you want action, you don't give love taps!" I commented bringing the leash down with a vicious swat.

It didn't speed things up very much, but I felt a bit better. Fortunately, she was almost finished with the floor and it was soon completed to our satisfaction. Lolly then put her to work cooking the evening meal while I sat back with a cool refreshing drink. I had expended a lot of energy, giving Molly a much delayed and needed lesson in obedience and manners. I felt I deserved a bit if reward. In fact, I think I deserved a double. I am sure that Molly appreciates all the lessons we were giving her. Once Lolly got Molly started, she joined me ion the sofa with her own refreshing drinks.

She had contributed quite a bit to Molly's education and also deserved a reward. So we sat arm in arm on the sofa waiting for Molly to finish, occasionally letting her know that we were getting hungry and were eager for a meal. We also let her know that any delays or messing up the meal would be subject for immediate and extreme punishment.

After we ate and then had Molly clean up the dirty dishes and the kitchen, it was getting rather late. All those new lessons we had to give Molly to start on her new life style was quite tiring and time consuming.

Lolly and I decided to celebrate of getting rid of that horrible male moocher and the acquisition of a new maid. So that we wouldn't be disturbed and to prevent Molly from leaving us without saying, "Goodbye". We felt it would be best if we would restrain her for the night. After looking over the options, we chose the pommel horse. Laying Molly astride it, laying face down. An arm and a leg were secured to each side of the horse to keep her from falling off during the night.

She tried to complain about it being so hard and uncomfortable, but I felt it. There was at least a quarter inch of padding on that horse where she Ws to lay. I also found an old nightgown, which I allowed her to wear without charge.

Lolly and I sure had a good time that night. We could occasionally hear a moan or groan from Molly, which only increased our enjoyment and let us know that she was still there. The next morning I released her and had her prepare breakfast, which she also served. I quickly discovered that she was going to have more lessons before she learns to cook and serve us properly. I would be ashamed to have her serve guests in the clumsy manner she served us.

After things were cleaned up, I called out, "Come on, We're going to visit a friend of mine." I made her remove her gown, she was still wearing the multicolor scarf as a diaper, and it was starting to sag.

"I'm sure not going to take you out in public and meet my friends looking like that. I sent her to the bath to shave and shower. When she completed her ablutions, I made her lay down so I could pin her up again.

She started to object, so I had to prove again that I was physically stronger than she was. Eventually she laid back and I replace the pins tight enough so there was no snag.

After getting the diaper properly attached, I asked Lolly, "Do you remember that little yellow and green cheer leader outfit you hat? You know, the one with the short pleated yellow skirt and the green jersey pullover with the big "M" on it?"

"Why yes, I haven't worn that outfit in a long time. I remember we got it for a Halloween party. You wanted me show off my "assets" more prominently. I went as a cheer leader and you went as a football player."

"That's the one. I thought the M for Molly is now quite appropriate and the elastic waistband will stretch enough to fit old fat ass here

As she went to get the outfit, I called out, "-And bring those Mary Jane sandals and the yellow socks."

When she returned with the clothes I had Molly put them on. She begged and pleaded to be allowed to wear a pair of pants, but I was adamant. When she finally got the skirt and top on, they looked to be a bit tight. As Lolly had mentioned, I had her get them a size or so to small so that the green shirt would show off her bust rather dramatically. Which they did not on Molly. The shoes may have been a size or so small, but that would encourage her to take small mincing steps and also discourage her from trying to run away before we could complete our improving of her mind and body.

We started to leave. I thought it would be nice to go as three girls. If it so happened that one of us insisted on wearing an extremely short skirt showing a pair of bare hairy legs, a tight sweater with a flat chest. No make up and short hair that would be fine with us. Lolly and I are broad minded (that's not a pun) in that respect.

Molly happened to see herself in a mirror and rebelled. She insisted that she looked like a guy in drag. Well, she was. However Lolly and I had no objection to her appearance while she accompanied us. But still, Molly put up a fuss. She swore that she was not going out dressed that way. She ranted and raged. She wanted her male clothes back. She simply was not being very cooperative.

I finally had enough of listening to her crap. She was coming with us wearing clothes I chose for her. If not willingly, then by force. I grabbed and held her firmly, while Lollly tied her hands behind her. I then went and got a pair of my dirty panties and a piece of two inch wide adhesive tape Cramming the panties in her mouth and then slapping the tape over it, that effectively shut her up. Lolly then got some talcum and fluffed it over the tape. She then got some lipstick and drew a perfect cupid's bow on the tape where the lips should be.

Up close the tape was rather obvious to a close observer, but after just a few feet, it was hardly noticeable to a casual glance. I threw a cardigan sweater over her shoulders to hide her bound hands. I then put that dog collar and leash on her. So, without any more back talk or sass, she came along quite willingly. I don't know why, but she gets very cooperative when the alternate is being choked.

We again had to go down the elevator and through the courtyard to get to my car. I guess that Molly was quite attractive to the girls there. They whistled and catcalled after her, in fact a couple came up and grabbed under her skirt.

It must have embarrassed Molly because as the girls grabbed her, she turned about. The girl released whatever she was holding under the skirt and planted a big kiss on the painted lips. That was enough, Molly ran toward the car. Lolly, who was holding the leash, had to run to keep up with Molly.


Henriatta's Place

Chapter Four


We finally arrived at Henrietta's establishment. Nominally it was a beauty parlor, but it was more than facials and permanents. If there was any lotion or medication available to improve a woman' s appearance, Henrietta had it; -or could get it at a price.

I might add that Henrietta not always uses legal means to accomplish her purposes, or make a buck. However, I do admit that she does have some limits. I don't think she would get involved in violent crimes, but I wouldn't trust her if it involves a new beauty or body enhanced treatment beyond what the law allows and where she could show a profit with a minimum of risk.

Her establishment took up the whole building, covering almost a whole city bock. The entrance was more appropriate to a large hotel than a beauty parlor. It had double brass doors, one reached by going up a short flight of marble stairs. It had a covered archway from the curb to the entrance so those wealthy dowagers could drive up in their limousines and never worry about rain or inclement weather. There was a doorman, complete with top hat, uniform and tails to greet the wealthy and influential customers as they rode up in their Rolls Royces.

I pulled up to the curb right in front of the canopy, beating some old dame being chauffeured in a long black limousine being. I could see the old girl looking out the window through a pair of those long fancy glasses that they hold on a stick. The snooty chauffeur leaned on the horn and let out a string of very unsnooty-like language.

I just gave him the finger. Hell! I beat him to that spot fair and square. Well, maybe I did do a bit of crowding, but how does a girl driving a little sport car compete with those oversize limousines.

The fancy doorman came up to the car and opened the door. Lolly climbed out dragging Molly on the leash. For some strange reason, Molly did not want to come out of the car, but a few hard yanks on the leash and some judicious shoving by me got her extricated.

I don't know why she was so reluctant to get out of the car. The adhesive tape covering her face was not real obvious; the painted lips were only slightly smeared from the kissing. Really, I thought she looked quite attractive with her short pleated skirt that reached down to her thighs.

The cardigan sweater effectively hid her bound hands and kind of camouflaged the fact that she didn't have very much to show where she should have boobs. She may have been rather embarrassed by the collar and leash, but all in all. I saw no reason for her to complain or be shy. For that matter, I was the one who should have been embarrassed about my outfit. You can be sure that this is the last time I come out with an orange top, lavender slacks and white and brown jogging shoes. I had been in such a rush to get Molly fixed that I had completely forgotten all about my own outfit.

For some reason there was a pretty large crowd that suddenly gathered to watch Molly appear. This included the high toned doorman and that snooty chauffeur that tried to crowd me out. Lolly turned around and shouted. "Haven't you people ever seen a sorority initiation before? Get the hell out of here and give us a break."

I looked about and was quite relieved to see that most of the people were staring at Molly and not my horrible clash of color in my clothes.

Henrietta greeted us at the door. "Eddie!" She shouted. Get In here right now and bring that monstrosity with you!"

We went into the reception hall, which was only the size of a small football stadium and about a thousand feet high. It was full of fancy dressed women who looked with disfavor at my choice of my ensemble.

Henrietta rushed us through the reception area and into a little private cubicle. "Ed, what the hell is the big idea. I can't give this guy a breast enhancement. It's a male. Besides all I can do is add a little something that's already there. You have to take this guy or whatever it is to a real doctor for real implants."

"This THING as you called it, is my friends brother, soon to be her sister. That is, if you'll cooperate with me. I don't see where your problem is regarding helping us improve its appearance. All you have to do is start with a little bit, then add a little more a few times. Why before you know it,"BIG TITS!"

"You know I can't do that!" Exploded Henrietta. "I'm walking a thin line for what I'm doing as it is. To take some guy and give him a set of breasts would be infringing on plastic surgeon's territory, and they are already complaining what I'm doing as it is. They say I'm taking business away from them and practicing medicine without a license now."

I looked at her and raised my eyes toward heaven and said. "I can remember late on evening when we were walking along the waterfront and you---."

"All Right, all right already, Just shut up." snarled Henrietta. "You win. O.K. some crackpot doctor gave me lotion that's supposed to make the skin more flexible and pliant. Then in a few days the flesh was supposed to grow and replace the air. But you have to promise that no one will know that I was involved."

"Why Henrietta, I don't even know your name." I smiled innocently.

"It'll take some time though." Henriieta said. I can't do this in just five minutes."

"How much time?"

"I figure with the size of the breasts you want, it will take about four hours."

"Well, that's great. Lolly and I want to do some shopping. It's ten A.M. now, we'll be back about two this afternoon."

"Hold on! You two aren't going anywhere yet. I'll be damned if you think I'm going to put teats on a hairy breast, We got to get that damned fuzz even before we start. Then I'm going to need some help getting him / her laid out and the process started. This has to be done on the QT, and I don't want any of the hired help getting involved."

"All right," I sighed, "If that's the way it has to be, let's get started." I guess our little Molly was eager to get her chest additions. She was yanking on the leash almost jumping up and down in her effort to talk through the adhesive gag we placed over her mouth.

We got her ready and started to leave, but Henrietta stopped us long enough to throw a smock on Molly. Now that I think about it, she was rather revealing in that dinky costume. It was all right for street wear where she could get a few admiring glances from appreciating males but not appropriate for a beauty shop, especially such an exclusive joint that Henrietta ran.

However she added a bit of insult when she handed me a smock. "Put that on. I don't want my customers to know that I would associate would associate with anyone that would wear that color combination in an outfit."

We left the office, went back through the gigantic reception room, down a hall and finally into a shower room. "OK," Said Henrietta, "We put a depilatory on her chest to get rid of that hair on his chest."

"Molly has surrendered her masculinity, Please refer to her in her proper title." I informed Henrietta loftily. Please refer to her as she."

"Okay, strip HER!"

Henrietta was properly amused when we removed Molly's short skirt and revealed the fancy diaper, which we then removed. We had to release her hands to remove the top. When we did, Molly started to struggle. Henrietta was apparently well versed in handling rebellious males. She went over and a solidly planted her knee solidly in the groin. That calmed Molly down no end.

We also removed the adhesive and my panties. That slut of a Molly had rudely gotten them wet with her saliva. When I pointed this out to Henrietta, she said for me not to worry. When we had to replace the gag, we could use one of hers.

Molly had enough of the gagging. She pleaded and begged, promising to cooperate if we would not gag her again. We gave in to her pleas, but she would be severely gagged at the first sign of rebellion.

We completed removing the ugly masculine body hair. Then Henrietta led us into another room that looked like a scene of Doctor Frankenstein's operating room. Right in the middle of the room, sitting on a pedestal was an operating table. Along the sides of the room were jars, bottles and other containers. There was some kind of liquid running through tubes from one container to another. Over the top of the table was a bundle of tubes hanging down;

We led, well dragged the reluctant Molly to the operating table and firmly strapped her arms and legs to the table

"OK. What size do you want on her?" Hentietta asked.

"Lolly has a nice set of 'C' cups and since they are twins, it would be nice if they had matching sets."

"What" Screamed Henrietta, as if we hadn't been through this before. "I can't grow that big of breasts just from scratch. All I'm set up to do is kind of improve on what's there. Maybe I can give her a size AA."

"Sure you can." I reassured her. "You said that lotion will make her skin plastic. All you got to do is kind of put that stuff on a little heavier than usual. Squirt in the boob maker gunk and you got it made."

Only partially mollified, Henrietta said. "It's not as simple as that, but we'll see what we can do." She then produced what looked like two tiny balloons. "We make an incision in each breast, insert the balloons, and spread the softening lotion all over the chest area, all the way from the neck to the groin. And hopefully, we can pump enough compound into the balloons to enhance the breasts."

"Is that all? Those little balloons don't look big enough to raise a marble."

"Those balloons have been tested to expand to twenty four inches in diameter. We won't go anywhere that far, so there is no problem there."

"But to answer your question. Yes, that's it. You and your buddy can go shopping but be back here in about four hours and you can haveŚWell, whatever it is."

Lolly and I left. It was a lot longer than four hours before we saw Molly again. What happened during this time, we have to depend on what Molly and Henrietta said and what we could surmise. Most of it was told by Molly,


Molly Gets Teats

Chapter Five


The device that Henrietta used to develop Molly's breasts was quite ingenious. The skin was softened to allow stretching. The little bladders were inserted through a tiny slit just under the breast area that would eventually be sealed with just a stitch. Henrietta had informed us that the cut would heal overnight and be invisible, not even a visible mark or scar.

Then a chemical of some kind was injected until the proper breast size was achieved. The compound was pumped in as a liquid and in just a few moments solidified to a gel like substance that had the feel, texture and weight of a normal female breast. Not only did it feel like normal flesh, but transmitted feelings to the wearer as if it were their own flesh. It was so simple that we didn't have to remove Molly's clothes. Merely pushing up the top to disclose where the breasts will be.

Normally, Henrietta used this on women that wanted only a slight embellishment to what they have. This barely stretched the skin and would only be done in small amounts. However the experimental lotion Molly received was supposed to accommodate excess stretching.

After we left, Henrietta smeared the lotion on Molly's breast area, but due to the larger size desired, she spread it from neck to groin, spreading it a bit heavier that normal. In a few moments the lotion began doing its work, softening the skin and making it more pliable and able to accept the breast enlargement. It not only made the skin pliable, but expanded the nipples and aureoles making them more feminine appearing and more realistic than the tiny nipples on a man's chest.

The compound was injected automatically into the balloons by means of mechanical pumps. When the proper size was reached, the pumps were stopped and disconnected. The tiny incisions that were made to insert the bladders and the compound were closed by tiny stitches that were invisible in just a few days.

Henrietta claimed she set the pumps to cut off when the breasts reached the desired 'C' cup size. While she was at it, she decided the buttocks could also use a bit of help and set them up for a slight augmentation too.

Once the pumps were going and the timer set, Henrietta left Molly strapped to the table, confident that when the proper breasts and buttocks size were reached, the pumps would cut off. Henrietta would then return, disconnect the pumps and seal the incisions and leave Molly with a nice pair of breasts and perfect buttocks.

The trouble was, the timer did not work properly. When Henrietta returned, she encountered Molly who was looking down at slowly enlarging breast, that were already the size of the Alps, with horror struck eyes. A gasping sound was coming from her open mouth.

By the time Henrietta had stopped the process, Molly possessed a lovely pair of breasts, about size 46DD. Her buttocks were also enlarged in the same proportion. Henrietta released the straps and helped her to her feet. Molly staggered a few steps, adjusting herself to her new center of balance. She was now quite top heavy

Henrietta looked at her with admiration, Both boobs were stretched to their limit and beyond. They were plainly outlined and the nipples stood out like a pair of tiny signals

"Boy! When Eddie sees you she's going to be jealous of her own breastworks. You're going to attract quite a bit of attention with those new boobies."

"You can get yourself cleaned up and wait here. Eddie and Lolly will be back in a little while to get you." She reached under her dress and removed her panties. "Here, you can wear these instead of that stupid looking diaper. I have an extra pair in my office."

Molly looked at the panties in distaste. They weren't much better than her diaper.

The jersey top had been tight before, now with the oversized warning the world in general of the approach of a pair of mighty teats'

The dinky little skirt was not much better. It was skimpy to start with, now, after Henrietta filled out her bottom and hips, the little skirt flared out giving a tantalizing glimpse of the ecru and lace encrusted panties given her by Henrietta. When she was dressed, Henrietta eyed her with approval. "I must say that Eddie has a point. You do look quite attractive, but a bit oversized. If you can get Eddie to take you to Madam Taussau for a waist cincher and bra to kind of hold those bumps in place, you would be even more of a sensation when you walk down the street."

She then left Molly to await our arrival. Apparently Molly got tired of just sitting around and went out to look around. In her wandering, she accidentally exited through a one-way fire escape door and found herself on a side street with the door locked behind her. The next chapter describes in Molly's own words her experience after being locked out of the building.




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