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Molly & Lolly

by Amelia Allyrw

Part Two


Oliver, is getting out of jail and is taken in by his sister and her friend. They decide that he would be better off as a girl. against his wishes. They train him but in an unconventional manner.

Part two; In this part Molly relates her experience with the cheerleaders and is then fitted for a support for her newly acquired boobs. She gets a new job as acting as hostess at college fraternities parties




The procedure was quite ingenious. The skin was softened to allow stretching. The little bladders were inserted through tiny slits just under the breast area and would eventually be sealed with just a stitch. Henries had informed us that the cut would heal overnight and be invisible, not even a visible mark or scar.

Then a chemical of some kind was injected until the proper breast size was achieved. The compound was pumped in as a liquid and in just a few moments solidified to a gel like substance that had the feel, texture and weight of a normal female breast. Not only did it feel like normal flesh, but transmitted feelings to the wearer as if it were their own flesh. It was so simple that we didn't have to remove Molly's clothes. Merely pushing up the top to disclose where the breasts will be.

Normally, Henrietta used this on women that wanted only a slight embellishment to what they have. This barely stretched the skin and would only be done in small amounts. However the experimental lotion Molly received was supposed to accommodate excess stretching.

After we left, Henrietta smeared the lotion on Molly's breast area, but due to the larger size desired, she spread it from neck to groin, spreading it a bit heavier that normal. In a few moments the lotion began doing its work, softening the skin and making it more pliable and able to accept the breast enlargement. It not only made the skin pliable, but expanded the nipples and aureoles making them more feminine appearing and more realistic than the tiny nipples on a man's chest.

The compound was injected automatically into the balloons by means of mechanical pumps. When the proper size was reached, the pumps were stopped and disconnected. The tiny incisions that were made to insert the bladders and the compound were closed by tiny

Stitches that were invisible in just a few days.

Henrietta claimed she set the pumps to cut off when the breasts reached the desired 'C' cup size. While she was at it, she decided the buttocks could also use a bit of help and set them up for augmentation too.

Once the pumps were going and the timer set, Henrietta left Molly strapped to the table, confident that when the proper breasts and buttocks size were reached, the pumps would cut off. Henrietta would then return, disconnect the pumps and seal the incisions and leave Molly with a nice pair of breasts and perfect buttocks.


The trouble was, the timer did not work properly. When Henrietta returned, she encountered Molly who was looking down at slowly enlarging breast, that were already the size of the Alps, with horror struck eyes. A gasping sound coming from her open mouth.

By the time Henrietta had stopped the process, Molly possessed a lovely pair of breasts, about size 46DD. Her buttocks were also enlarged in the same proportion. Henrieta released the straps and helped her to her feet. Molly staggered a few steps, adjusting herself to her new center of balance. She was quite top heavy

Henrietta looked at her with admiration, "Boy! When Eddie sees you she's going to be jealous of her own breastworks. You're going to attract quite a bit of attention with those new boobies."

"You can get yourself cleaned up and wait here. Eddie and Lolly will be back in a little while to get you." She reached under her dress and removed her panties. "Here, you can wear these instead of that stupid looking diaper. I have an extra pair in my office."

Molly looked at the panties in distaste. They weren't much better than her diaper. The jersey top had been tight before, now with the oversized boobs, it was stretched to its limit and beyond. Both boobs were plainly outlined and the nipples stood out like a pair of tiny signals warning the world in general of the approach of a pair of mighty teats'

The dinky little skirt was not much better. It was skimpy to start with. Now, after Henrietta filled out her bottom and hips, the little skirt flared out giving a tantalizing glimpse of the ecru and lace encrusted panties given her by Henrietta. When she was dressed, Henrietta eyed her with approval. "I must say that Eddie has a point. You do look quite attractive, but a bit oversized. If you can get Eddie to take you to Madam Tussau for a waist cincher and bra to kind of hold those bumps in place, you would be even more of a sensation when you walk down the street."

She then left Molly to await our arrival. Apparently Molly got tired of just sitting around and went out to look around. In her wandering, she inadvertently exited through a one-way fire escape and found herself on a side street with the door locked behind her. The next chapter describes in Molly's own words her experience after being locked out of the building.



Molly's tale


"When I found the door was locked behind me and I couldn't get back in, I decided to go around to the front and wait for you there. (Meaning Lolly and me.) As I was walking down the street, four girls came up behind me." One of them spoke out. " You ain't one of our cheer leaders. How come you are wearing one of our outfits?"

"I could see out of the corner of my eye that they were wearing outfits almost identical to the one I was wearing, but theirs fit better."

I was afraid to say anything, but kept on walking, kind of ignoring them and going a bit faster to get away from them. They were not to be deterred but kept up with me. Then two of them ran around in front and stopped me. They appraised me, noting my short hair, no makeup and hairy legs"

One of them, A black girl exclaimed, "Holy hell! That's not a girl that's a guy in drag. My god! Look at those false titties."

"They're not false, they're mine." I said before I thought."

"Suddenly they had to see if it was true. Pulling the jersey up about my neck, they exposed me. They were properly impressed. There was a lot of oohing and aahing and calling up the other girls to see the sights. Needless to say they were properly impressed at my oversized breasts".

Then another girl, a white one, said, "If he wants to run around in a mini skirt and a pair of oversized teats without a bra, that's his business. I just don't like to see him insulting our school colors and us cheer leaders, running around dressed up that way. We ought to teach him a lesson."

A third girl, also black, who had been quietly listening to the interchange and noting my incongruous appearance, finally said, "If the poor guy wants to be a big tittied cheer leader, we ought to help him out. Let's take him to our dressing room, put some make up on him and let him perform." As she was saying this, she had a sadistic leer on her face, knowing what a humiliating position she was suggesting me to assume.

The other girls thought this was hilarious and agreed to the suggestion. Despite my objections, two of the largest positioned themselves on each side of me and escorted me to an automobile. We all got in and off we went.

As we drove along, one of the girls said to another, "It's lucky we stopped for you, Peggy. Otherwise we wouldn't have found our new volunteer cheerleader."

There was some more teasing and bantering, deliberately making comments about my boobs and even commenting how my butt was so large that I took all the room on the car seat.

We finally stopped at a stadium, there were crowds of people streaming into the grandstand. The girl driving, waved to a guard, who waved us in. We finally pulled into a reserved parking place and I was forced from the car into the dressing room of the cheerleaders. There were several others who were already there. They looked up as we entered.

"Look here, girls." One of the girls that had forced me to accompany them called out. "We got us a brand new cheer leader that just can't wait to get out in front of the crowd and lead us into a few cheers."

She then pushed me forward, "Curtsey for the girls and tell them your name."

"My name is Molly." I said clumsily, trying to curtsy and not lose my balance in the process. Dressed as I was I didn't dare give them a masculine name.

'She's a he, girls, but SHE wants to join us and encourage the crowd to cheer our team to victory. But first, we have to make her presentable to the crowd."

Two of the girls grabbed set and me down in front of a dressing table and started applying make up. One of them began plucking my eyebrows. I don't know what she was plucking them with, but it hurt. When I made some comment about the pain, she laughed and plucked some more. Making the task even more painful. In fact it got so severe that the other girls began to complain that they couldn't apply the make up properly because my eyes were full of tears.

After they fussed over me, applying about a ton of make up, one of the girls produced a wig that looked like it was a leftover from a witch costume. It was black and stringy. She put some kind of goo on it and slapped it on my head. The brushed it out as much as possible.

When they finished, one of the girls looked me over. I think she was the chief leader, and said to me.

"You look better than I expected. I guess you'll pass."

Then she shouted, "All right girls, let's get out there and show the crowd how to cheer out team to victory." The girls grabbed their pom-poms and began running out on the field. Two of the girls, who had captured me, grabbed my arms and tied a pom-pom to each wrist. : Just so you don't lose them." One of them said dragging me out on the field, after the other girls.

"Wit, where are you taking me?" I cried out as they practically dragged me out on the field.

"Why you're all dressed up to be a cheer leader so we're going to let you"

"But I don't know how!"

"Just go out there and do like we do. No on will ever know that you're not a regular member of the squad except about twenty or thirty thousand people more or less."

By that time, we were all out on the field in front of thirty thousand people and maybe a couple of kids watching through a knothole in the fence.

I tried to keep up with the girls, but was not very successful.

When they jumped, I would jump. Not knowing the routine, I was always a step behind them. I'd jump bit late or not be in step when they did a kick step.

Also, it was quite embarrassing to have to do the high kick. The other girls wore panties that matched their costume. I was still wearing that lacy underwear that Henrietta gave me. It showed up rather conspicuously, especially in contrast to what the other girls were wearing.

I also had another problem. My new boobies were quite, well, obvious, and I didn't have a bra. Every time I did a jump or hop they would jiggle and bounce rather extravagantly, as did my big new ass.

The routine the girls and I were doing must have been quite entertaining because the crowd was shouting and cheering even before the teams came out on the field.

Suddenly the girls stopped and formed a semi circle about me, leaving me alone, facing the crowd while they were standing behind me. One of the girls said rather menacingly, "They want you to perform solo. Get with it."

"What am I supposed to do?" I cried rather helplessly.

"Just dance around do a few high kicks to show off your pretty panties and wave your pompoms. Hurry up or we'll beat the hell out of you later."

So I performed. My titties bounced, my ass cheeks jiggled and I high kicked, showing off my fancy panties. Then I suddenly realized that all this time the crowd was laughing at me! To make matters worse, in one of my high kicks, one of my shoes was thrown off and went up in the stands.

A foghorn voice called out. "Hey girl, I got your shoe. I'll give it back if I can hang it on one of your teats."

Those girls wouldn't let me stop. I had to keep on dancing and kicking around with just one shoe. While I was doing this, one of the girls grabbed a snag on my jersey top and pulled.

I quickly discovered my top was unwinding. When the crowd realized what was happening, the crowd began shouting, "Take it off!"

The unraveling continued, past my belly button, up my chest, exposing the lower part of my new breasts, when suddenly a woman about thirty, obviously a proctor or instructor appeared and cut the string, saving me from further nudity.

She then turned to the girls, "What's the big idea of bringing a strip tease artist on the field with you. Is this supposed some kind of joke?"

"We were only having a little fun, Miss Teacher. And that ain't no strip tease artist, or even a she. It's a HE. We found him all dressed up like us cheer leaders, so we decided to let him lead a cheer or so."

"You girls had better get back to your routine. The team will be out in a minute and we need to give them a good cheer."

"I'll take care of her." She continued, motioning towards me. "I mean him, dammit. I mean it, whatever."

The now abashed girls went back to their routines. Meanwhile, I noted a smile of amusement play on the face of the instructor, who I found out was name Ms, Leacher.

She looked at me, the smile fading from her stern visage, "You!' She commanded. "Follow me". She then escorted me back to the clubhouse, which was now deserted except for the two of us. As she marched off the field, me abjectly following her, one of the girls grabbed the loose thread on my top. By the time we reached the clubhouse my new breast was exposed in all their glory.

Ms. Leacher looked at me, at the bared breast. "Those ARE real!" She exclaimed. "Not falsies at all! Were the girls right about you being a male?"

I then related to her about how I came to be dressed in cheerleader costume and how Henrietta then put those permanent implants. I even told her how I was practically kidnapped and brought here by some of the cheerleaders and forced to perform with them.

Ms. Leacher listened to my tale in amazing disbelief. After I completed my tale of woe. She said, "Well, you can't stay here and go out with hose bared breasts and one shoe and I certainly can't take you. Let me think a minute."

After a few moments, she said. "We are only about from that beauty establishment where your sister and her friend left you. Now, with that wig, you look rather ugly and ludicrous, especially with those oversized boobs and that pneumatic butt that was given you, but look feminine enough to get by for a while."

"We're about the same size. I'll let you have my skirt and blouse, (if the blouse fits you) panty hose and shoes. You can then walk back to that beauty parlor where you can meet your friends without being to conspicuous. When the girls finish the game, one of them can run out and get me an exchange that I can use to wear out of here."

I didn't see any alternative. All I had was the abbreviated skirt, which by now was rather ripped and torn, one shoe and a pair of fancy panties. What else could I do?

She slipped pout of her shoes, slipped off the skirt and blouse, panty hose and shoes. She wasn't wearing a slip.

Here's no way you can get in my blouse," She said with a grin.

I started to reach for the clothes, when she stopped me. "You don't get these for nothing."

She wanted me to go down on her.

Again, what choice did I have? I got on my knees and she pulled down her panties. "Now I could give you a long tale about how I inserted my tongue and she got excited and came to orgasm, which she did violently. But just between me and the lamp post, it was an added humiliation where I had to abase myself to a strange woman. It's bad enough having to follow yours and Lolly's orders without having every Jane and Rachel boss me around."

"She was a real good looker and her natural boobs were adequate but like pygmies compared to what I was wearing."

"I finally satisfied her, by then I was rock hard and suggested that as long as I had her pussy nicely lubricated, we could maybe have a little intercourse. She would have none of it; I got a strong feeling that she wasn't keen on males. She used me because I was a novelty, something different. She did mention that dominating a male really increased her enjoyment and that maybe some day when would like to find one of her own."

"When we finished, I pulled off my little skirt and other shoe and slipped on her panty hose, skirt and shoes. We were almost the same size and the clothes kind of fit me, that is, all but the blouse which was tighter than it needed to be and my behind kind of stuck out in back."

"The shoes wee almost my size except about being a size or so to narrow. They fit, but rather snug. They were kind of a sport shoe with about an inch and a half heel."

"Ms. Leacher than came in and repaired my make up, which had gotten pretty well smeared up during our little sexual encounter. She also started to brush out my hair, when she discovered that it was stuck to me. That goo the girl had put on was glue. It was sticking to my own hair and would not come off."

"When you get back some one is going to cut off that thing off of you. Your real hair is going to be a mess." Ms Leacher commented as she brushed it out as well as she could.

"When she finished, she said, "Well you don't look real bad. I think you will pass casual observation. But don't do anything that may bring attention to yourself." She commented." Then added, "You should wear a waist nipper. With those big boobs and that bulbous butt, a small waist will improve your girlish figure so much. Be sure to tell your friends to get you one as soon as possible."

"I wasn't about to tell her that Henrietta had said almost the same thing when she first saw my new additions"

The outfit that Ms. Leacher had was almost like a girl's tennis outfit, except the skirt was pleated all the way around and reached about halfway between my hips and knees. The only problem was that my new backside caused it to hike up a few inches in the rear. The blouse was a bit dressier with a bit of lace around the collar and cuffs. It was also quite sheet. In fact it was so sheer that the nipples were quite visible under the blouse.

I had no difficulty getting into the shoes and walking in spite of me not being used to a built up heel. However they were a bit tight and the slope of the shoe forced my feet forward. I hadn't gone a block before my feet began hurting.

To alleviate the pain, I had to take short mincing steps. This caused my derriere to sway provocatively. The full pleated skirt emphasized this sway. In addition my breasts bounced about more than usual, and I already discovered that my breasts ere attracting a lot of attention, without movement. To have them bounce and sway, attracted even more of an attraction.

For that whole eight blocks I walked, I was the subject to whistles, catcalls and propositions and every humiliation s that a decent girl wouldn't expect. These advances were not limited to pedestrians. Men driving by in cars, taxis and even busses would pull over and shout at me. The worst part was when I had to pass by a policeman. I gritted my teeth and ignored the pain as much s possible as I strolled past him in as much of a normal walk as I could maintain.

Even the, I think he would have approached me, but just at that time, there was a commotion behind me. There were a few crude mails following me making crude remarks, when suddenly I heard a shout. I looked about, apparently some brat of a kid had tried to pick the pockets of one of those goons. His shout and chasing the kid made all the uproar. This uproar caused the policeman to go after the kid along with those thugs.

I know it was a bad thing of that kid trying to steal money, but if he hadn't been following me and making rude comments, he probably wouldn't have tried to tee his money. I just hope that kid gets away with everything he could carry

I finally made the eight blocks and enjoyed a glorious moment when I saw Eddie and Lolly waiting for me in spite of the fact that it was really their fault that I was in the condition I was in. But they were the on y person that knew what was going on and could help me."

That was Molly's tale of her indoctrination as a girl with big titties, but to get back to my story.

Lolly and I had left Henrietta's to do a bit of shopping. Mainly our idea was to get a few things for Molly as she would need a new brassier and other things to go along with her new female gender that Lolly and I had introduced her to.

It just so happened that when we got to the store, I saw the most divine dress that was on sale and I just had to try on. It fit perfectly and looked marvelous on me, so I just had to buy it. Meanwhile, Lolly had discovered a molt lovely outfit that she just had to try on, then buy. Well, by the time we finished our purchased it was too late to find anything for Molly.

Besides, after we spent our money we didn't have enough for Molly, so we both decided that Molly could wear some of Lolly's hand-me-downs for a while. We both agreed that there was no sense wasting money on Molly until she was feminized enough to appreciate girl's clothes.

Well, our shopping took longer that we expected and it was rather late by the time we got back to Henrietta's. Imagine our surprise when Henrietta informed us that Molly had run off. She neglected to say the enlargement process had gone out of whack and Molly now had a pair of teats and back end large enough for two or three normal girls. We were standing outside Henrietta's wondering where to go to look for Molly when I saw a strange girl about a half a block down the street who was waving rather frantically at us. She was about the strangest sight I had eve seen. She had on a white pleated skirt that ended well above the knees and a sheer blouse that hid nothing of her upper body. Every step she took, her bust would bounce and her ass would wiggle. There were about six guys following her. I don't know what they were saying, but I could imagine it wasn't polite and occasionally one of them would reach up and pat that fat fanny .


As she approached, she kept calling our names. Suddenly I perceived it was our Molly. When we left her, she was wearing a cute cheerleader's outfit, bobby socks, short hair and a flat chest.

The apparition approaching us had on white kind of tennis outfit, panty hose and a pair of shoes with a built up heel. Also, she had long stringy black hair and a pair of boobs that just wouldn't quit and an ass to match. To top it off, she was walking in a manner to flaunt every one of her feminine protuberances.

She was almost In tears and acting quite apprehensive about what her uninvited and vociferous entourage would do. I immediately interposed myself between her and those cruddy insensitive bastards that were following her and giving her a bad time.

I told that gang to get lot in no uncertain terms. One or two of them made a few insulting and threatening remarks. I responded to their word and in spades and dared them to come closer where I could get at them. They gradually slunk off like the cowards they were.

I had bound out a long time ago that a confident and determined woman could stare down any number of those loud mouth macho males that were all bluff and no guts.

After getting rid of that mob, we rushed Molly into Henrietta'/s place. As soon as Henrietta saw her she came running up, unbuttoned the blouse and closely examined her boobs.

"You idiot!" She shouted at Molly. "That skin is still flexible and the gel hasn't completely set up! You go around bobbing them in front of every man you see could cause them to sag down to your belly. Fortunately there is no serious damage. You just get a bra, right now, and wear it for at least a week to let those implants and let the skin firm up and return back to normal.

She then took a good look at Molly's face. Where in the hell did you get that make up? You look like your going to perform in a circus or something. THAT WIG! It looks like its one of those cheapy Holloween outfits". She reached up to remove it and almost took Molly's head with.

"Those girls put it on me." Molly answered with a quaver in her voice.

Henrietta stood back and took a good look at Molly, finally saying. "I'm backing off my question about where you got that make up and wig. I think I would rather not know. I'll have a better chance of saving my sanity that way."

She then turned to me and said, "I feel sort of responsible, since she got endowed with a bit more than you requested, and then I let her escape and go off on heaven knows were and get into all sorts of trouble. I think later, I may be able to get those teats down to some semblance of normal size. I'll have to talk to some experts first. Then we'll see how we can repair the damage. You take her to Madam Touseau's and get her some sort of bra on her to those teats in place so she won't do any more damage I hope I can get that big ass down to more than normal size at the same time. Maybe the Madam will have some sort of All-In-one that will do the work in both places and at the same time shrink that big fat belly that I had noting to do with."

"Bring her back the first thing tomorrow and we'll remove that funny wig and fins a presentable wig that she can wear until her regular hair grows out. We'll also remove that ugly hair that she has growing all over her face limbs and body that we haven't got to when we treated the breasts. It may take several treatments to make sure that hair is gone permanently."

She again looked rather critically at Molly. "Yes, I think if the Madam can get her body to look rather trim, we can transform this clown into a passable young lady."

Apparently that didn't go over to well with that ungrateful brother of Lolly's, who had been listening rather intently to the whole conversation. Why she had the gall to complain to what were doing for her. After all we had done and Henrietta had made a graceful offer to improve her appearance. In spite of her running off with a bunch if cheerleaders and making a spectacle of herself. Why she even wanted us to remove those lovely breasts and return her male clothing.

My goodness, how ungrateful could a stupid male be?




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