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Oliver, is getting out of jail and is taken in by his sister and her friend. They decide that he would be better off as a girl. Against his wishes They train him, but in an unconventional manner.


Molly & Lolly

by Amelia Allyrw

Part Three


Part three: Molly continues her job as hostess,. She attends a girl's only nightclub and wins a wet 'T' shirt contest, another woman rapes her. Her breasts are reshaped to a more normal size. She continues her workouts with the cheerleading squad and performs in the Rose parade. Then, if you will believe it, she lives happy ever after




About a week after we got Molly back from Henrietta's. She still had to wait for her breast to heal before they could be reduced back to a more normal size A bunch of the girls from the apartment complex came by and we wound up having an impromptu party. The beer and booze flowed pretty freely and in just a little while everyone was getting a little happy and boisterous.

After about an hour later, Lolly came up to me and said that Molly had disappeared. We both began checking and sure enough. No Molly.

I then started asking some of the girls if they had seen her.

One of the girls then volunteered. "Lucie and Norma mentioned that there was a wet 'T' shirt contest at the PINK RIBBON'"

They were sure that Molly would be an easy winner in that contest. "I'll bet that's where they took her."

Now the PINK RIBBON is a place where girls go to look for other girls, if you know what I mean. Men are not allowed in the place. Except of course, those men who have the proper respect for female superiority, do not wear masculine attire and are known and accepted by the management. There is a couple of female Amazon bouncers who enforce the ban

"Holy hell"! I exclaimed. "That Lucie will do anything for a joke. We better get down there and save Molly from a fate better than death. That is, of course, if she wins the contest."

With that the whole gang of us took off and a short time later we were all ensconced around a table, drinks for everyone.

One of the girls asked me. "Aren't you going too see if Molly's entered in the contest?"

"Well', I answered. "If Molly is not here, I have to finish this drink before we go somewhere else. If she's here, she's in the contest. So we may as well wait a while."

"Besides, the contestants will be out on the stage in just a few minutes and we can see if Molly is with them.

If she is, with her breast, she is a cinch to win the prize. I want to see how she acts when she wins and gets the prize."

"What's the prize?" Someone asked.

"I don't know what it is tonight. Last week it was a ten-inch dildo with an attached vibrator. I'd bet those teats would really jiggle with that thing in action."

Now, the establishment has various functions and contests for the amusement and edification for its lady customers. Among these contest was a weekly WET 'T' SHIRT contest night and tonight was the night! This occasion always attracted a bunch of butches looking for a bed partner. Tonight was no exception. Once we got settled and received our drinks, Lolly went up to the bar and asked if three women came in, one with a set of huge teats.

"Oh yes." The bartender answered. "Two f the girls were practically dragging the other, a big titted girl and entered her in the contest. She didn't seem enthusiastic about entering. I don't know why, She was a sure winner. Any way, one of the other girls kind of nudged her and whispered something in her ear. It must have been pretty drastic because she kind of trembled a bit, then signed her name as an entrant."

She then continued, "If you want to see them they're in the back room getting ready. They have a 'T' shirt that is size extra small and are working like beavers to get it on her and still keep it intact and in one piece. I heard one of them mention that they would sure like to get something to show off that big ass too.

I told them to see if they could find an oversize bra that had cups to fit the ass cheeks. Do you know, I think they took that seriously."

Lolly than came back and informed us of the news, quoting the bartender almost verbatim. Well, we now know that Molly is here and relatively safe.

"Let's stick around and see what she does when she is awarded the prize and those butches come up and proposition her."

It wasn't but a few moments later when the contestants came parading out and stood in a little kind of stage. They each had a bag over their head to hide their identity; however, there was no mistaking Molly. She didn't need her face to be identified. Just the huge front section of her with the erect nipples, the oversized bottom and trying to keep erect with her female attributes was enough to identify here immediately.

In addition to the bag over her head, there was a belt strapped about her waist. To this belt, Molly's wrists were securely bound in them holding the arms to her sides, The 'T; shirt had been pulled down over her arms.

Some of the girls in the audience were heard to make comments on the restraints, but the mistress of the contest announced. "The contestants are required to keep their arms at their sides during the exhibition and the judging. In our experience we have discovered that some of the contestants get bashful at the last minute and try to cover their boobies. When they do that, it is necessary to restrain their hands so the judging will be fair. It just so happens that one of the contestants was quite shy so we had had to keep her arms down. In any event, her appearance was enough to

Attract the crowd's attention at the expense of the other contestants because when she appeared and the Mistress ceremonies made the announcement, there was a huge cheer.

Then someone in the audience shout, "Pull off that 'T' shirt and make sure that is all her. "Those boobs look to big to be one person."

The judge was quite agreeable to this suggestion and despite Molly's vocal objections and futile struggles the shirt was removed. / However during the altercation, she caught Molly's wig and pulled that off also.

A surprised roar went up from the crowd, then someone shouted, "I'll bet that's a guy!

Then a lot of noise came from the crowd, arguing as to whether Molly was a male or female. Finally some one shouted to pull off the rest of her clothes and we'll find out in a hurry.

The dinky mini skirt as well s the panty girdle I made her wear during the day was removed and the hairless cock and balls hung down in all their glory.

There were shouts and catcalls when the genitals were exposed. However the Mistress of Ceremonies pointed out that there was nothing in the rules that forbade a male to enter the contest.

She then went on to say that Molly had entered the contest under false pretenses, she deserved a lesson. She then asked the crowd. "Is there anyone in the audience that would like to try this he/she out?"

There was a moment of silence, then a voice cried out, "I'll try it. That is, if I can demonstrate to future guys that try to take advantage of us helpless women."

When the MC gave her assent, there was a movement in the crowd caused by the movement of a large body working it's way through the crowd. Then the body began climbing the steps to the small stage. I recognized her immediately. It was Vida, Henrietta; s body guard/bouncer.

As she came up the steps, I said to Molly, "I recognize you. You were the girl acting as Henrietta's doorgirl during the female impersonator's convention. I wanted to try you out then, but I didn't have the chance."

She reached down, and began fondling Molly's genitals, saying to the crowd, "My goodness, I do believe that my clitoris is larger than hers, but then I don't have peanuts hanging down from it."

I could see the little penis was starting to react from the fondling, engorging and enlarging. However, Vida wasn't ready for sex yet. She half, led half dragged her over to a chair. She then forced Molly on her lap and began spanking her bare bottom. Since Molly's wrists were pinioned, she could not even try to defend herself.

Now I had found our in previous spankings I had to give her for some wrong doings, the extra padding that Henrietta had given her seemed to increase her sensitivity to the whippings. Vida was not sparing her in inflicting punishment. The pain obviously began with just a few whacks on the bottom. Molly was soon crying out in pain. I, and the rest of the audience, quickly noticed that in addition to making pain, the whipping was acting as an aphrodisiac. In just a few moments the penis was hard and erect. It seemed that the harder Vida spanked her, the more the penis grew and stiffened,

Vida could feel the hard prick pressing against her thighs and when she deemed it necessary, she forced Molly off her lap and stood her up. She quickly removed her slacks and panties, bring her cunt, saying, "Come here little girl. I'll give you a nice big hole to put your little clit in"

The direct invitation to fuck and the shouts of encouragement from the crowd and made Molly nervous and she began to lose her erection. Within moments it ha shrunk down to its dinky stage, finally disappearing almost altogether.

"Well." Sid Vida philosophically. If you can't satisfy me with your clit, you'll have to do it with your tongue. Stick it out and let's see what it looks like."

When Molly complied, Vida then ordered, now let me see you lick your eyebrows." Molly complied but couldn't even reach to the tip of her nose.

"Well, if that's all you got, we will have to do with what you have. If you don't satisfy me, I'll stick your whole head in my pussy."

Vida lay back and guided Molly's head to her crotch. Forcing it down on the damp wet open device, she quickly jammed it into position. Molly must have been doing some good because Vida kept squirming and moaning. She would release Molly's head for a moment to allow her to catch her breath. However as the moans and squirming grew more frantic, the sessions of breathing sessions were shortened or reduced. It became apparent that she was approaching orgasm. As she finally came with a groan and thrashing, she pulled Molly's head even deeper.

Then with a loud groan, she relaxed, releasing Molly. Molly lay still for a long time, obviously trying to recover her breath. Now I don't think Vida got Molly's whole head in her, but I did notice that her ears were wet.

It was anticlimax after that. It seems that a lot of the girls was reacting to Vida and also reached orgasm and was now in a state of relaxation.

The Mistress of Ceremonies again took charge and announced that after such an exhibition of female activity, Molly was made an honorary female and the winner of the big tits contest. The audience with vociferous cheers and shouts greeted this announcement. They wanted Molly to compete in future 'T' shirt contests. She would not be required to even wear a shirt or anything else up on the stage.

After the ceremonies, I went up to get Molly. She immediately began complaining because I didn't come and help her sooner. I quickly informed her that it wasn't my idea that she should enter any kind of breast contest. I couldn't help it if she was so proud of her boobs that she got a couple of the other girls to help her sneak out of the apartment and come here and compete. In fact I told her that she should be punished for leaving the apartment without permission.





When we reached the apartment, Molly again tried to explain that she was forced to accompany those women and it was they who entered her in the contest. Neither Lolly nor I accepted such a transparent excuse. We both knew that any girl who possessed such a set of boobs like Molly's would be chomping at the bit to show them off.

Lolly really got on her case. "Look at you! You wander around here looking like a slut. You don't keep your hair neat, clean and brushed. Eddie and I have tried to teach you better. Your make up is always sloppily applied. You don't seem to keep your nail manicured and the polish seems to be always chipped. You don't take any pride In your dressing and even your pantyhose sags and you look like you have been on a three day fuck."

Lolly continued, even more angrily. "When the only time you look halfway decent is just before Eddie or I check you before we let you go out on a modeling job."

"But Lolly," Molly would try to explain. "I'm not a girl, I'm really a male. I shouldn't even be wearing panty hose or have my nails painted"

"You used to be a male, or at least try to pass for one. But not anymore. You had your chance and blew it. As a male, you couldn't even make it through school. The only thing you did is wind up in jail. Then you come here and take advantage of our mercy and act like a sloppy boar hog.

Well I've had it! You have a choice. Accept the protection security and guidance that Eddie and I give you or its back to jail you go! And with those huge and very noticeable tits, I'm sure you will be very popular back there!"

The diatribe that Lolly threw at Molly about her personal appearance must have done a lot of good. The next morning she appeared with her hair brushed out and her clothes neatly arranged, however, the light make up that Lolly and I had taught her to use was still sloppy, although there was an apparent try to do better. Still and all there was plenty of room for improvement and a lot to be desired.

Also her clothing selection and method of wearing them was not of the best. I tried to teach her but she just couldn't seem to adopt the delicate feminine movements in her walking and normal everyday movements. But as long as she tried, Lolly and I appreciated the improvement.


* * * *


That evening, Mabel Leacher came by to pick up Molly to act as hostess for another fraternity party. She assured us there would be no repetition of the wild time that occurred at the last party.

She went on to explain that after I left, one of the fraternity brothers discovered that Molly was a male and secretly made plans to bugger her during the Show-And-Tell" session of the party. Another one, hearing of these plans, suggested they get "Wild Wilma", a profligate Coed to share in the festivities. Then they could make a sandwich of Molly.

Mabel had discovered these secret plans and in order to protect Molly, got to her early before the fraternity boys plan could be started, got up and announced that for her "Show-And-Tell session, she would give an exhibition of Lesbian love.

For this demonstration, she and Molly would be required to strip down in front of the crowd. Some how she managed to keep from removing Molly's panties and able to hide her genitals. However, she did allow the boobs to fall free in all their glory. She then forced Molly to go down on her and give her head in front of the entire throng, who cheered lustily at Molly's efforts to excite Mabel. Interrupting herself, she asked, "Did you ever have Molly go down on you?"

I had to confess that Lolly and I had excluded Molly from our love sessions. Part of it was that in spite of her size 46DD boobs, Molly was not very sexy. I don't really think it was all in her appearance. When Oliver, was a male and first came to live with us, he was rude, boorish and so male macho that he was impossible to live with. Also, Lolly, being a sister just could not imagine him/her as a sex companion. I guess by the osmosis of being with Lolly, I accepted the same viewpoint.

"Well you are missing a bet. I noted that even the first time in that football stadium, that her tongue was a bit longer than average and it could be educated to make future sessions even better. She could give all kinds of thrills to a gal with that tongue."

"I wasn't there." She continued, "But I heard that she gave orgasm to that woman in the Pink Ribbon, and was able to do it in front of a screeching mob."

She then got back to describing the events at the Fraternity party. "Well, it wasn't but a few minutes when I could feel my juices run and I began squirming and moaning. That must have erotically stimulated everybody else at the party because they started grabbing each other and were really getting on with it."

She went on to describe that Molly had even got herself aroused and wasn't quite ready to quit. But Mabel got them both dressed and outs of there. She noted that while she was forcing Molly to get dressed, she noted that her panties were stained like she had ejaculated during the session.

After describing the action that happened at the party, she went on to add that the school administration had gotten word of the wild party and some of the events that took place. They then put a clamp on future activities of that nature and from now on, all of Molly's performance during these parties would be much more discrete.

Mabel then went on to discuss Molly a bit more generally. "Molly has the basic structure and would make a pretty girl once those boobs and butt could be corrected to more normal size." She added that Molly needed improvement in her overall feminine appearance. This improvement went all the way from the top of her poorly brushed out hair to the sloppy applied pedicure and also need a lot of training and educating in her general appearance and actions.

She then made a proposal. "You know, I've always had a desire to see if I could take male and prettify him into being a lovely lady. Once she gets her body back to normal and completes her body and facial hair removal process, she should be a perfect lady.

I already have considerable experience in disciplining and teaching girls in all phases of femininity in my cheerleading lessons. I discovered that they learn quicker and more thoroughly when they are part of a group. By teaching such a mob at one time, I have learned to inflict all manner of discipline to various recalcitrant girls. Not only that, but once the training gets underway, the girls seem to teach and discipline each other so they would all appear to be perfect ladies. That means that Molly will have several teachers to make sure she does not embarrass the group. She would be indoctrinated with proper make up, action and manners as a perfectly coordinated group. Training Molly with that group would be a piece of cake."

I listened to Mabel with open mouth wonder. Here was a person that volunteered to teach Molly all aspects of feminine behavior. It was too good to be true.

Mabel wrapped up in her own words, was not paying any attention to my open mouth wonder, but continued on. "What I would like to do is teach Molly how to improve her womanly appearance and manners. I believe that if I put her in training with my cheerleading squad she would not only get personal instructions from me but also the other girls would encourage her and help her.

Not only help her but also if she should screw up, well, some of those girls can get pretty mean if one of the squad member's actions mess up the squad's appearance. They feel that it's an embarrassment to the entire squad and they don't intend that to happen."

"Of course she will need some private lessons to get her started and if you don 't mind, we could conduct them here."

My Goodness! Here was an offer that not only could I not refuse, but welcomed with open arms. Although Lolly and I had tried to teach Molly and would berate her for sloppiness even to the point of spanking with a hairbrush and even more potent devices. We even tried to use other methods of punishment with no more success. Either Molly could nor or would not learn from us.

Naturally, I gave Mabel immediate and enthusiastic permission to train, educate, teach, and what ever would be required to make, and/or take any other measures she wished or deemed necessary, including physical punishment, (emphasis on the physical) to get Molly to look and act feminine. I even hinted, well, told her right out, that perhaps a bit of bondage or the wearing of restraining devices would be acceptable to Lolly and me.

After that Mabel became a regular and frequent visitor. She started out by giving her a few private lessons in the apartment with Lolly and me present. At first her lessons were no better than Lolly's and mine. Then she moved into the room that I had previously used as a gym. Now Molly's cot was installed there. Even with the door shut I could hear her shouting at Molly for some infraction or other.



Mabel finally came to me and said. "It's very slow going here. I do believe that if I add her to the squad now, and train her there, I can improve her much more. The other girls in the group are proud of their appearance and coordination, both as individuals and as a team. What I can't get through to Molly, I am sure those girls will. Especially once they realize that Molly will reappearing in public with them."

After about a week of Molly working with the squad, I could see a slight improvement in her. When I mentioned this to Mabel, she invited me to attend a practice session with the squad and watch the procedures.

Now the regular squad members were all college girls. About three or four years younger than Molly. They also remembered her from the escapade with them and knew she was actually a male. With this combination, they seemed to lord it over Molly. They would brook no sloppy appearance or poor behavior that would score points against them in cheerleading contests.

This taboo applied especially to Molly with her oversized breast and butt. She would immediately stand out in any public appearance.

It was quite interesting about how they treated Molly. Before the group would go out for a training session, there would be a short period for make up, dressing and the other functions of getting ready. Since the practice sessions were informal, most of the girls would be quite casual. Not Molly! Those girls would review her before each session to make sure that she was letter perfect in her make up, clothes and general appearance. They were not gentle about letting her know of any imperfections. In fact, if she was caught in less than letter perfect, all the girls would line up and force Molly to crawl along between their legs while each of them took a swipe or two at Molly's bottom. How many wacks they got depended on how fast Molly could crawl. Mabel mentioned that for the first few sessions, Molly would have to make to or three crawls in a row for making mistakes. She then mentioned that those crawls got Molly's attention and it wasn't very long before she began making strenuous efforts to improve her feminine skills

Ordinarily, except for actual exhibitions, the girls would dress quite casually for these practice sessions. Usually they would wear shorts, leotards. Sweats, you Name it as long s it was casual. Molly really didn't have any proper clothes for these practices as I didn't want to spend a lot of money until she got her proper body back to more normal appearances. However Mabel convinced me to get a set of tights and leotards in the school colors of gold and green for Molly. The tights were a bright green. The gold leotard had short sleeves, a scoop neck and a deep 'V' crotch so that the green tights showed almost to the hips. They were both in bright florescent colors.

Mabel explained that she wanted tight exercise clothes for Molly and wanted them in bright colors so that she could quickly spot any changes in weight or size. Also she wanted a tight crotch to make sure that Molly fully concealed her male genitals during any public appearances

To get back to my visit. It was quite revealing. Before they began their practice, one girl, a short attractive blonde, went down the line and inspected each girls make up and posture. Most of the girls, she checked rather perfunctorily, but with Molly, the review was quite detailed. While she went through her inspection, she was followed by a taller, more athletic appearing girl.

Mabel explained that the short girl, Patty was the team captain. The other girl was Veronica. She was second in command, effectively, the enforcer. What Patty couldn't enforce by talking, Veronica did with physical effort. She also went on to explain that most of the girls knew what was expected of them and presented minor offences of forgetfulness or something similar. Molly was another case.

At first she resented being there In the first place. She kept stating that she was really a male. Not subject to this girlish crap. She claimed she was not part of the college and therefor not subject to the squad rules.

Patty did not accept these excuses. When Molly first made these remarks to her about not being subject to their rules. Patty blew up. "I don't care if you're a purple people eater. Once Ms. leacher assigned you to this organization, you became a girl. You are subject to all the rules and regulations. Therefore you re going to look as attractive as you can. Not only look attractive but act graceful and feminine at all times."

When Molly started to protest further, Patty merely made a gesture. Veronica grabbed Molly and marched her over to a bench, sat down and pulled Molly over her lap and proceeded to give her a very sound and thorough spanking right in front of the assembled throng which consisted not only of the rest of the girls, but their boyfriends and passers-by, attracted by the tumult, had gathered to watch the show.

Mabel explained that Veronica was the regional champion of martial arts and was also involved in weight lifting. She went on to state the rest of the girls in the squad were quite athletic and all of them were on various teams of their own.

The net result was that Molly discovered that her pleas for special attention were just being ignored. She was expected to be just a girl among other girls. Once Veronica soundly thrashed her, the initial resistance was broken and complete capitulation soon followed. I had the opportunity to see Patty and Veronica in action. I was impressed.

I had an opportunity to see the girls in action. The girls all, arms and fingers extended and there palm down. They were supposed do a high step with the toes pointed down on the upraised leg.

Patty was not happy with Molly's performance and would kept reminding her about her hands and toes in the proper position. Finally with a shrug of desperation, she motioned Veronica to take over.

When Molly saw Veronica approach, she cringed and began pleading that she would try harder. It was too late. Without a word, grabbed Molly and looked for a place to sit down. She found a bench and drew Molly across her knees began whipping her, hard.

As veronica continued the spanking, Mabel explained that the butt inserts that Henrietta had pumped into Molly's behind, not only tenderized the cheek flesh, but the stretched skin made the butt even more sensitive to spanking. Veronica had discovered that the stretched skin had also reached down to her thighs and made the sensitive also. Naturally she took advantage of the fact.

The spanking was quite effective. Thereafter it was quite obvious that Molly made a greater effort to be more graceful. Mabel said, "with Molly's enhanced breasts and butt, she is at a disadvantage in her marching and is off balance. She would always be clumsy as long as that situation lasted. But, she said, that it was no excuse for not trying.


* * * *

Molly's training continued under Mabel's tutelage. Infractions in behavior manners and appearance were invitations to discipline under Veronica's and the other girl's threats of punishment. Mabel had mentioned that other girls had expressed a desire to spank Molly. Veronica would oblige with the stipulation that the whippings would be as hard, or harder that Veronica would have.

It was immaterial whether the mistakes were accidental or deliberate. The punishment was quick, sure and severe. In vain Molly would complain that her errors were a result of her overbalancing her during her marching or exercises was the result of her oversized additions.

She was curtly informed that all girls had asses and butts and it didn't make them overbalanced or clumsy.

It just so happened that after my visit to see Molly in action with the squad, I was called out of town for a photographic session. When I returned, I was amazed to see the improvement in Molly's appearance and behavior. I felt the improvement was almost worth the money that Mabel had talked me out of for Molly's outfits. I had tried to argue that I could save money by going to Goodwill or a similar used clothing store.

It was also about this time that Henrietta contacted me and I should bring Molly in for her protuberance reduction. Lolly and I wasted no time in getting her there. Those oversized teats and butt were not only a discomfort and embarrassment to Molly, but what was worse; it was a problem to Lolly and me. She couldn't serve our meals without us getting a fateful of teats. At first it was humorous and mildly erotic, but after a while it got old. It was also inconvenient. Molly, because of her huge teats, could not lean over to pick up something off the floor without getting overbalanced. Molly's tits were just to big, let's face it, she was a freak.


* * * *

The operation was a huge success. The exercises and diet imposed by Mabel Leacher on Molly had slimmed her waist and had developed an attractive pair of legs. With her new bust and derriere, she now had a figure that any girl would be proud to show off.

Henrietta, for a few dollars more, made some other Improvement to Molly besides adjusting her oversized body parts, For one thing; she permanently removed Molly's facial and body hair. Oliver had a slight beard and some body fuzz. Now they were gone forever.

She also removed the hair about her genitals and did something to her scrotum so that it was not so noticeable and much easier to hide. Her prick, still almost normal size, was no problem to hide it with all the excess flesh removed. Now, don't get me wrong, she still had cock and balls, they were just easier to cover now. She also did something to her body. Molly now had very feminine curves and so sign of the ugly masculine stringy tendons.

All in all, Lolly and I were quite pleased with the new Molly. Why even Molly herself couldn't resist posing and preening in front of a mirror, showing off her new feminine attributes. I'm beginning to believe that my woes with making Molly into a love female was beginning to be resolved. The first thing we did was go and buy a new set of clothes for Molly. We also stopped at Madame Trussau's and get Molly's all in one adapted to her new dimensions. Although she really didn't need It much more. I made note that the little stick was still operational.

Mabel mentioned that she would still like to have Molly in all performances other than those that were strictly for the school, we agreed hat she could remain and even allow Molly to hold her head high during her performances. But we were adamant that she maintains a proper attitude of submission at all other times. She was never allowed to forget that she was only a second class girl and subject to the whims and orders of us superior women.

We selected some nice outfits for her, ones that she could show off her new attributes in their glorious loveliness. Since I already had a sewing machine, we also got some patterns for Molly so she could learn to make her own clothes. I could see no reason why we couldn't save some money by just purchasing the material and let her make her own outfit,

and not have to buy expensive new outfit every day, Also, she could repair, alter and even make some outfits for Lolly and me.

Naturally, while we were procuring clothes for Molly, we couldn't help seeing some lovely outfits for Lolly and me that we managed to buy. I should note that I haven't forgot to get a couple of matching outfits for the now twin girls.

When we got back to the apartment, we decided that this was the perfect time for Molly to try and show off her new possessions. We had a vote on it and for once there was a unanimous vote of yes. Molly, forgetting her male gender was eager to show off as any teen-age girl wanting to pose in her new formal.

The first outfit was a skirt combination that had its own little vest like garment of the same material as the skirt. The skirt and vest were of n old ivory color and the blouse was a light gray silk with an open collar showing the proper amount of cleavage. Another inch lower and she would be showing a more proper mount. The sleeves were long and full. She looked quite attractive in it. She managed to pose and strut in a quite confident manner. Both Lolly and I were impressed with the way Molly showed it off.

The next outfit was a sort of cocktail dress. When Molly started to go in the bedroom to change, Lolly remarked that since we were all girls together, Molly could save time to change here in the den where we were sitting.

Molly sipped off the vest and began to unbutton and removing the blouse. Since it was new, the buttonholes were tight; Molly had a difficult time slipping it off, making quite a production of it.

After removing the blouse, she unzipped the skirt and let it slowly slide down about her legs, ending in a small heap about her legs.

Since the cocktail dress had its own slip, Molly slowly pulled the slip over her head and let it also fall to the floor. She stood there a moment, clad only in her hose, bra and girdle which we made her use to hide her male genitals.

Now the modeling and undressing in front of us must have been quite erotic, because we could see the signs of an arousal in her prick in spite of the restriction imposed by the girdle. Neither Lolly nor I are particularly interested men. Preferring to love the soft tender form and the gentle lovemaking techniques practiced by us women. However, the slight bulge in the genital area only accented the lovely female body exposed by Molly

It was a bit much for Lolly and me. Now I mentioned before that although we made Molly wear feminine clothes and act like a woman, she was not particularly sexually attractive to us. The new, perfect sized boobs changed that.

Molly kept insisting that since she and Molly were siblings, it was wrong for her to be THAT way with her. I kind of went along with Lolly's wishes so I kind of went along and didn't think of Molly that way either, although Mabel kept insisting that Molly was an excellent sexual partner.

I guess Lolly's reluctance about having sex with male siblings did not extend to male siblings with oversized teats because she rose from her chair and went over and gave Molly a big kiss and not a sisterly one either. I could see the way she inserted her tongue in Molly's mouth and her hand reaching down to caress the bulging panty girdle that she was exhibiting a lot more than just sisterly affection.

As I watched, Molly's bulge grew more pronounced and a definite out line of an erect rod grew more pronounced. As they continued kissing hands went up to Molly's shoulders and she began exerting pressure. Molly took the hint; I guess Mabel had been doing some other kinds of teaching besides make up and deportment as Molly slowly dropped to her knees and put her head under skirt. In few moments, the head reappeared, this time holding the waistband of Molly's panties in its teeth. Leaving the panties bunched up about the knees. The head again disappeared. It was obviously doing its assigned task as I saw Lolly suddenly tense up and kind of thrust her hips forward. There was no need for words to make us all of become aware as to what was happening.

Lolly, holding the head in position up under her skirt, slowly sank to her knees, then lay down on her back, making sure that the busy tongue was doing it duty and did not lose its place or vigor.

I was not going to stay there and watch. Some people may get their kicks from just voyageur, but I wanted to get with the action. Putting action to the thought, I removed my panties and positioned my warm wet pussy down on Lolly's face. She got the hint and almost immediately her tongue got busy. As you can guess, both Molly and I soon reached orgasm.

Since no one was doing anything for Molly, except of course to exhibit our own emotions. She was frustrated in her attempts to reach any sort of orgasm. I could see that she was quite ready for something as she was stretching the tight girdle she was wearing almost to its breaking point.

Now Lolly, although she had no qualms about accepting his tongue as homage and on rare, very rare occasions she would give her head, but would not engage to penis to vagina intercourse with a brother. I had no inhibitions so just as soon as I recovered from Lolly's ministrations, I pulled down Molly's girdle and made haste to put his turgid member into my feminine orifice.

It was quite adequate and exciting. Molly was not near an expert with her penis as Lolly was with a dildo. I guess it was because Lolly knew all the moves that would stimulate and satisfy me Molly did not have that skill. However there was a difference. The penis was alive; I could feel its warm pulses that a dildo could never equal. If there was only some way a girl, knowing all the pleasure spots, could use a real penis, she would have just about every other girl in the world chasing after her.

In any event, my vagina sucked up that penis and practically milked it dry, and me, enjoying every minute of it. I guess Molly did too because she reached orgasm under me, she let out a huge sigh of contentment just about the same time I reached orgasm and I could feel her sperm come deep inside me. I was sure happy that I took birth control pills. As I said, I prefer feminine companionship during my sexual interludes, but I am not averse to being satisfied by a male if the mood strikes me. Even so, Molly swore that she was a virgin and the gynecologist tended to believe her. The doctor could not actually swear to it, but she indicated that from her examination Molly's sperm count was low and her actions during the examination tended to support the decision that she was still a virgin. Before we had our little tryst, I mean.

Although I had reached orgasm, I was still not through. Mabel Leacher and then Lolly indicated that Molly had a very satisfactory tongue technique. So as her now shriveled, dripping and flaccid member dropped from my cunt, I crawled up her body and planted my bottom on her face, positioning my now wet vagina firmly on Molly's mouth. Where she could do it the most good

She said she was not quite ready to continual our sexual orgy, claiming she was too tired out. I curtly informed her that I would sit on her face until she was suffocated.

She got the idea and in just a few minutes I could feel a stiff but flexible tongue invading my secret place. Oh! It was wonderful. It beat her penis work all to hell. No wonder Mabel bragged so much about Molly. Her tongue was a bit longer than average and she managed keep it slender and stiff as it searched all the nooks and crannies of my of my female parts.

I had several persons practice cunninglingus performed on me by both sexes but without exception, this was one of the best. The only drawback was that Molly was inexperienced. I guess that Mabel had trained her somewhat, but she needed a few more lessons. I decided right then and there that Lolly and I would do some pleasant training in that regard.

I might add that while Molly did her tongue searching, Lolly, taking advantage of me, scooted up so that my mouth and tongue could also invade her female organs. Naturally, I did not hesitate and as my innards were being sent to the moon by Molly's active mouthparts, I was doing the same to Lolly.

It just couldn't last. We finally reached a point of temporary satiation. Since we were all damp, sweaty and sticky, we decided to have a group shower. Now my shower stall fits two quite comfortably, with three of us in there, a bit of excitement was generated as fingers and hands touched each other's sensitive areas.

Lolly and I having two or three orgasms were ready to cool it for a while. Molly, having only orgasm once, began getting ideas and her little penis began to rise a bit. Well, we couldn't that kind of goings on. We made it perfectly clear that any sexual orgy that we allowed her to participate would be initiated by us and her role would be to satisfy us. Any orgasm she got in the process would only be what we permitted.

To make sure that she got the message, after the shower, we put her in Madame Tussau's devilish device where the little needles in the chastity device would discourage any erection. After putting it on her we drew the laces up as tight as possible and setting the spike so that her head was submissively bowed.

We then allowed her to get dressed and prepare a meal for us. I would like to add that hose little needles did wonders. Molly's amorous ideas disappeared almost immediately.

We had dinner, served by Molly of course. After she ate and cleaned up the kitchen, we allowed her to try on, and model, the rest of the clothes we had procured for her. She did an excellent job. I was quite sure that Mabel Leacher was teaching Molly feminine mannerisms and movements. Lolly and I were amazed at the improvement in Molly's appearance and deportment. She seemed quite proud of her new clothes and would pose and posture to display them.

Later that evening we decided to allow Molly to wear the chastity device to bed. We surely didn't want her to develop any bad habits at night and a penis surrounded by needles is going to remain a soft penis.

Although the new clothes did cost me a pretty penny, I made it up rather quickly. There was no lack of work. Who wouldn't want to display a couple of beautiful women showing off their canned peas or bras? Things were going quite smoothly until one day while we were doing a commercial, there was a sequence that required only one of the twins would appear. Naturally, the sponsors were not aware that one of the models was not a genetic female. I had selected Lolly to do the sequence on the assumption that since she was a genetic female, he would project a prettier and more feminine appearance.

However to my surprise, the sponsor vetoed my suggestion and chose Molly instead. The sponsor pointed out that although their appearances were quite similar and it was obvious they were twins. Molly was a bit more trim. Her waist was slimmer and her legs showed a bit more curve.

Although there was no lack of jobs and the differences between both girls were barely noticeable, the choice of Molly over her, upset Lolly to no end.

"Imagine!" She exclaimed, "They selected my brother, a MALE. They said she was prettier than I was. I just won't have it."


* * * *


Meanwhile under the strict tutelage of Mabel Leacher, Molly continued her workouts and feminizing sessions with the cheer leading squad. The breast and butt reductions and improved performance resulted a step upward as far as the squad was concerned. Previously, although she tried hard and the girls were sympathetic toward her, she was really a comic relief of the squad.

It seemed that no matter how hard she tried with the squad, working with her, and no sort of intricate maneuvers they performed, attention was always centered on Molly with her bouncing boobs and bottom.

Now that her proportions were back to normal, well, let's say better than normal, actually approaching the ideal feminine proportions, she became a definite asset to the team.

The harsh teachings by Mabel and the prodding by the other girls in the squad when she first began working out with them were now being paid off. Her steps were high and precise, the toes pointed down, showing off the handsome curve in the leg. Her hands and arm movement were graceful, harmonious and in perfect time.

Overall, she projected a trim and attractive appearance. All in all she moved in perfect synchronization with the rest of the girls on the squad. Suddenly she was an object to be emulated rather than being scorned.

It wasn't long after her return to normal proportions that Mabel Leacher came by and announced that the squad had been selected to march in the Rose parade and afterward to compete against other squads for the National championship

She said that Molly had so I improved in her performance on the squad and now that she was so lovely appearing they were going to train her to do some solo appearances as a baton twirler. She also asked if Lolly and I would be interested in performing with the group. We could not perform for school functions but she had said that the girls would also perform for a semi pro football tem and we could work with the squad on those occasions. She also said that since some of the girls could not make the trip and they wanted a full squad for the parade and competition they would allow us to perform with them.

Both Lolly and I giggled about the idea of working out with a bunch of younger kids, wearing dinky shorts and halters and high-heeled boots in front of a gawking crowd. It was all right for Molly to perform with them because she needed the exercise and training as well as getting used appearing in public as a girl.

Mabel also mentioned in an off-hand way that the girls had made Molly agree to do something for them if they received high marks in the parade and won the competition. She explained that the girls insisted on this because they went to a lot of trouble and time in converting Molly from a shambling clumsy male with a set of oversized teats to a lovely young lady. Molly was so excited about being invited and able to perform with the girls that she agreed on the condition that some of the girls reciprocate. Patty and Veronica since they were the leaders, they would do the same for Molly. After they agreed, several of the other girls said they would also reciprocate. When we pressed Mabel, she would say no more that the deal was a secret to be shared only by the members of the squad.

Meanwhile the three of us were kept quite busy doing commercials. Molly and Lolly acted as twins and me doing the directing and photographing. Things went along well for few weeks, when again, only one of the girls would be selected to appear and the sponsor selected Molly.

After Molly went to practice with the squad and Lolly and I went back to the house, Lolly doing a slow burn all the way home. She was Jealous of having Molly selected instead of her.

When we got back it was exercise time so we donned our tights and leotards in preparation of doing the aerobics under the direction of some Hollywood personality performing on videotape. We had no sooner started than Lolly stopped and looked at herself in the full-length mirror. "I can see what's the matter with me." She exclaimed. "Look at me, I'm getting fat!"

I knew that she was referring to Molly being selected in the commercials instead of her, but I dutifully asked, "Why, what do you mean."

"I mean why Molly was being selected instead of me." "Then she added, "You know we go through the motion about taking our exercise but if we get the least bit tired or bored we stop. We don't really get any benefit of them. We make Molly work out with the cheerleading squad and no matter how tired or bored she gets, she still has to perform. Now look how neat an trim she is as compared to us," I guess I need someone to push me into completing my exercising whether I like it or not."

"Well, I guess we can work a bit harder and complete our exercise instead of stopping whenever the mood strikes us." I stated.

"That's not enough. We say that every time we start on this routine."

"What's your next best choice," I asked rather sarcastically.

"I'm going to take Mabel Leacher up on her offer to join the squad. Look at the way Molly has got, so neat and trim. Its because they make her exercise regularly and not quit when she's tired and that's what I need too. Besides, I found out what Molly agreed to do or the squad if they won."

My curiosity was aroused, "What is she going to do"

"If they win the contest, Molly has agreed to tongue fuck very girl in the squad on the condition that if one or more agree to do the same to her. Both Patty and Veronica had agreed and several others also agreed. That would be interesting to watch, and even nicer to be a part of it. Besides I want to see those uppity girls, Patty and Veronica go down on Molly"\

Lolly then left the room to get ready to join the squad. While she was doing this, I took the opportunity to look at myself in the mirror, I wasn't happy with what I saw.

I looked OK topside, my face and hair were both done up nice. My breast was still upright and bold without any sign of flab or sag. However, looking at me from the waist down, it was another story. My tummy that used to be taut and flat, it now showed signs of pooching out a bit and rounding. My waist was much thicker than I realized or thought proper. No wonder my skirts and slacks were beginning to feel tight and uncomfortable. My hips and bottom were beginning to show definite signs of flab.

I looked at myself and thinking that if I took Mabel on her offer and joined the squad, not only would I get some much exercise, but in my college days, I used to be a really good baton twirler. The thought of performing again really excited me. Not only that but I could join in the tongue fucking festivities and I bet I could get those uppity Patty and Veronica to perform on me too.

Suiting action to the thought, I called out to Lolly, "Hey, wait for me, I'm going with you."

* * * *


Well, Lolly and I joined. We both are now neat and trim again. Needless to say we won the championship and had a real orgy with the tongue fucking. It was amazing how some of those girls were so original for the session. A bunch of them poured champagne in their pussies and made Molly lick it out. Others put jam or whipped on themselves for their session with Molly. I put a bunch of marshmallows in my cunt and made Molly find them with her tongue, then I made her masticate and swallow them with her tongue in my vaginal orifice.

It appears that Lolly and I will be losing Molly. It seems that she appreciated the training Mabel gave her that she wants to marry her. They intended to live together as two women. In fact they even indicated that they would have children. In today's climate, its not unusual for two women living together to raise children. In fact Lolly and I discussed it ourselves about having children. We're not getting any younger you know.

Mabel indicated that she would lend me Molly to act as the new father. She would impregnate me and I would have the baby, it would be genetically as near as possible to both Molly and me so that we both would be naturally bonded to it.

You know. In spite of our travails and problems, I'm glad Oliver came to live with us.





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