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Isobel Hunt was sitting at her desk outside her boss's office she was typing away at the keyboard of her computer finishing off the dictation that he had given her earlier that day. When she felt and a pair of hands grab her around the shoulders; which was made her jump out of her skin she looked up and saw the smiling face of her boss looking down at her; his beady his had a glint in them which made her feel queasy.

"How's my little doll getting on, is that too much work for poor little you," he said with a smile. Then he let her go and walked back into his office but before he closed the door he turned to her and said, "When you're done with that get me a cup of coffee," then the door closed.

She stopped typing and stared hard at the door if she could she would have killed him with the stare that she was giving the door, she hated that guy he was rude and patronising and he treated her like his own private slave he liked to humiliate her in front of her co-workers especially the other bosses once he even made her cry when she did he just smiled and called her an emotional female and made some crack about her time of the month that really pissed her off.

After work she stopped her car and walked down the street and she noticed the bar she had never seen it before but after the day she had she pushed open the door and entered the bar.

It was quite dingy there were few people inside and she walked over and found a seat at the bar, the barman came over, "What can I get you?" he said.

"Vodka straight," she replied, he walked over and poured her a glass and brought it over to her and placed it in front of her; she picked it up and downed it in one shot. "Another," she said, again she finished it in one shot she pointed at the glass and nodded again.

"Wow there," a voice said from behind her and Isobel turned round to come face-to-face with a woman with piercing red hair and green eyes; she sat down on the chair next to Isobel and looked at her.

"I've been watching you since you entered what's up?" she said.

"What do you care," Isobel said turning and looking at her.

"You seem troubled, so what is wrong?" she said.

"I've got a bastard for a boss, he treats me like a some sort of eye candy even though I could do his job better than he can. He's an arrogant male chauvinist pig."

"So do you think you could do better?"

"Yes but not just me; it's this system that puts men unfairly in charge women could be a much better job than those walking penis's. We need to take over and force them to live the way we have for years treated like second class citizens; where our looks are more important than our brains and where the shorter the hem of our skirts the better we're treated. Oh yes have them wear these clothes," she said pointing to her short skirt and 4in high heeled shoes. "There uncomfortable to wear and these shoes hurt like hell let them spend some time having to deal with these clothes and the high maintenance that it takes to be a woman in this time. They wont like it, I can tell you that," she added as she drunk another vodka shot.

The woman looked at Isobel and smiled, "That is a great idea," she said then she ordered another couple of vodka's for Isobel, how smiled at her and collapsed face down on the counter of the bar.


Isobel woke up and found herself in an office she looked around and realised that she knew it. It was the corner office that her boss used. Then there was a knock on the office door.

"Enter" she said, the door opened and a figure entered she focused and then she realised that she knew the figure it was Paul who worked in the office but this Paul was dressed in a white silk shirt, short tight chocolate brown skirt, light coloured tights and chocolate brown kitten heeled shoes. He also looked more feminine with small breasts peaking out of the shirt. "Yes Paul" she said, "your three o'clock appointment is here," he said.

"Well show them in" she said, he turned and left the office then returned with a women who looked very familiar to Isobel.

"Would you like anything to drink," he said.

"No" Isobel said.

"I'm fine," said the woman.

"You can go now Paul" Isobel said.

"I know you from somewhere?" Isobel said to the woman.

"Yes we met in a bar last night you had a little too much to drink and you wished that you could have your bosses job then you wished that men dressed and acted like women and that women were in control. I was so intrigued by your wish that I granted it," she said smiling.

"Can I get it back?" she said

"Sure you can just wish it back to the way that it was and I'll turn it back but why would you want to do that. Why don't you give this a try and see how it feels to you" she said and handed Isobel a business card. "You can contact when with that at anytime and I'll change it back but look at this office it's yours instead of sitting out there and getting your bottom pinched by some man who is less intelligent than you. You can now do what you were meant to do and if you want you can do the butt pinching on your rather attractive secretary". She reached over and picked up a photo frame "just look at this" she said and handed it to her. It showed a picture of Isobel and a man she recognised "that's the male model that blow you off last month here he is you husband your stay at home husband" the woman said. Isobel looked at the card "okay I'll let it run for a while and see what my life will be like here" Isobel said. The woman laughed and got up and left the office.

After a while she got up and left the office she walked past Paul who was sitting at his desk, a desk she had sat at everyday for the past three years. "Can I help you with something?" he said looking up from his typing.

"No I was just taking a walk" she said and continued to walk through the office. As she looked around she noticed that all of the clerical staff were men and they were all young and attractive, one walked past her he was dressed in a very short black skirt and cropped white top that showed off a very attractive figure.

"Hay Isobel" a voice said from behind her she tuned around and saw Laura walking along the floor.

"Hay Laura what's up" she said "just came to see if you were still coming out tonight with the girls. We're going to Kane's tonight it should be a laugh what'd you say" she said. "Sure I'll come along" Isobel said and they walked back to her office.

Isobel stepped out of the taxi and walked up the street along with the other girls from the office. They were heading for Kane's the themed restaurant. It had a large neon lights over it and the entered the double front doors. The noise was loud, standing by the entrance was a woman dressed in teacher's robes and a mortarboard and she carried a Kane, "Come on inside and enjoy the lesson" she said to the group, "I'll have one of our prefects show you the way to a table". She beckoned over a young man he was dressed in a school uniform. Which consisted of a red blazer over a tight white shirt red tie, a short black skirt black thighs and stiletto heeled shoes. "Follow me," he said with a smile and led them down into the main area of the restaurant.

He showed them to a free table, the place was very busy with women sitting around while young men without blazers waited on them. They sat down at the table and the prefect beckoned one of the waiters over. As well as not having a blazer the waiters wore short grey skirts and long grey socks and chunky heeled shoes. "My name is John and I'll be your waiter for this evening," he said handing out the menus to the six women seated around the table. They ordered a drink and sat back and watched.

About 15 minutes later a spotlight illuminated the stage that sat at one end of the room and on stepped the women in the teachers gown. "Tonight for your entertainment the prefects will perform a number of dances", behind her a group of about a dozen prefects appeared on the stage, they were dressed in cheerleader's uniforms. She turned and left then the music filled the room and the prefects started to dance then stepped off the stage and went over the main area that was left empty and approached tables at random and started to dance to the women at the table.

One of the prefects approached the table where Isobel and the women were seated Laura grabbed him and pulled him down on to her. He straddled her lap. She slipped a 5 note down the front of his short sleeveless sweater. Laura had quite a few drinks and slipped her hands up the inside of his skirt. He then tried to pull away she just grabbed on tighter. It was ended when one of the bouncers came over and pulled her off him. He slapped her on the face as he was led away by the bouncer. They were asked to keep it down. Which they did for the rest of the night, then they left a little after 10pm and headed for a nightclub.

Isobel returned home just after 1am in the morning. She quietly walked up the stairs and into the bedroom her husband was sleeping she slipped into the bed beside him. She looked at him he was indeed that same model that had blown her off when she had plucked up the courage to ask him out. Now he lay there in her bed and he carried her last name she found that out when she came home and found a letter. It read Ms and Mr Hunt. She slipped off to sleep knowing now that she was in heaven, there was no way know that she was going to call that woman and get her to turn it back the way it was. No not know she was going to enjoy this to the full.


The alarm on the bedside table woke her up; she reached over and switched it off.

"Good morning dear," he said leaning over then kissed her then he throw back the covers and got out of bed. She looked at him he was gorgeous long red hair framed his face and he looked at her strangely with those beautiful green eyes that had so attracted her last mouth.

"Is there something wrong?" he asked.

"Why would you ask that," she replied still watching him intensely.

"You're looking at me funny," he said.

"Oh, sorry I just realised exactly how beautiful you are; I can't believe that you married me," she said.

He started to smile and he padded back over to the bad and bent down and kissed her; "You always say the most wonderful things," he said.

Isobel pulled him down and they started to kiss more passionately.

"Do you want me to call and say your ill we could have a long weekend in bed," he said as he looked down with those beautiful green eyes.

Oh how she wanted to scream yes but she wanted to get to know more about this world; also she wasn't even sure how to make love here did that change as well as everything else could she even perform; she wasn't that experience with sex in the normal world would he suspect something if she couldn't perform up to standard.

"Sorry I have to get into the office," she said.

He smiled but his eyes showed disappointment; he got up. "I'll make your breakfast if you want to grad a shower. I'll also get your suit ready what do you want to wear black or navy?" he asked as he opened a wardrobe.

"Black I think," she said as she headed for the bathroom. She opened the shower cubicle and stepped inside after closing the door she turned on the hot water, which soon filled the cubicle with steam. Isobel stood there and let the water run over her; it was invigorating as she did that she started going over some of what happened. Part of her couldn't rally believe it, she met a strange woman in a bar bitch about her boss and the place of women in the world and she makes a wish that the boot was on the other foot to this woman who turns out to be some sort of witch and she grants it; so here she is in a world where women are in charge and men are seen as nothing more than sexual objects.

This must be some kind of weird dream right; then she takes a look at her own reflection; its still the some face except for much shorter hair well her face is now she takes a long hard look less round and not so soft; now come to think of it so was Laura and other women from last night. It's not so noticeable but yes there faces are a lot harder and angular while the men were softer and rounder. More feminine then what she's used to.

She switched off the water and climbed out of the cubicle and dried off and padded back into the bedroom; a black suit lay on the bed. It was just as she'd wished for the women wore the trousers. She was nearly dressed the physical changes included breasts that had almost disappeared so no need to wear a bra. She pulled on the white blouse and found that the button still fastened from the same side as before but ties were new to her she handed wore a tie since school and she had forgotten how to tie one. After all she had woken up with one on yesterday; she picked out a nice blue one that went well with the suit and tried several ties to get it tied eventually doing it up to her satisfaction; she picked up her jacket and went downstairs.

She heard whistling coming from the kitchen and entered he was standing by the cooker whistling some sort of tune she didn't recognise it.

He didn't see her enter; so she sneaked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his slim waist and kissed him on the neck, "My, my that smells good," she said.

"Get off or I'll ruin your breakfast. Why don't you go and sit down at the table and read the newspaper," he said and kissed her back.

She let go but before moving away she gave him a playful out on the bottom, "Hay," he said turning and smiling at her.

Pulling out the chair from the table she sat down at the table and picked up the newspaper and opened it at page one. Front page headline, "New crisis at the White House, President alleged to have joined mile high club with secretary at centre of scandal. She read on; President Laura Clarke has been alleged to have, had sex with White House secretary David Huston on board Air Force One; while flying back from a campaigning stop in Florida during her recent successful re-election campaign. White House sources close to the President have called this mud-slinging by her defeated opponent.'

Isobel put down the paper and smiled, "Guess something's never really change," she though to herself.

"What are you smiling about?" he asked.

"Just the front page."

"Oh that's disgraceful I really feel sorry for her husband and son, I mean having to put up with these lurid allegations day in, day out."

He stood at the door and waved as Isobel drove off in her car and headed for the office. As she drove through the city she stopped at a set of traffic lights. She looked up at a set of billboards and she did a double take, it showed a picture of a very attractive young man dressed in a bikini laying seductively across the bonnet of a BMW, "Well I guess there isn't a men's lib movement in this world," she said out loud smiling.

She parked her car in the car park she walked into the building where she headed straight for the bank of elevators. Stepping into an empty one; she pressed for the fourth floor. The doors were about to close; when a voice shouted, "Hold the doors." Isobel reached out and put her hand between the closing doors where the sensor opened then again.

A young man stood in front of her. "Thank you," he said as stepped into the elevator.

"What floor?" she asked.

"Three, thank you," he said.

She reached over and pressed the button for the third floor, the doors closed then the elevator moved up she couldn't stop herself she started to check him out. He was about 5ft 6ins tall though he stood taller due to his 3in heels, black silk, though she couldn't tell if they were stockings or tights, a short red skirt and a short red jacket over a black blouse and he was carrying a black shoulder bag. Isobel though that he could sense because he turned his head round and looked at her, she smiled back at him.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened and he stepped out; she watched him go he had a rather cute butt. Then the doors closed again and moved up to the fourth floor, it stopped and the doors opened she stepped out then headed for her office.

As she entered her office she found Paul sitting at his desk; he looked up and smiled, "Good morning I've left your messages on your desk," he said.

"Thank you," she said and headed for his private office but as she opened the door she stopped and turned around, "Paul could you do me a favour and send me some flowers out to my husband. What do you think? Roses," she asked.

"That's a good safe choice but what about Orchids as an unusual choice?" he replied.

"Would he like them?"

"I would."

"Okay just bill it to me," she said then Isobel turned and entered the private office.

Isobel was sitting at her desk working through the paperwork that she would normally have only typed up for that pig of a boss who used to say that this was hard work. She always knew that she was more intelligent than that scumbag. She heard a noise, looking up she saw Paul enter he was carrying a tray, on which was a cup.

"Your coffee," he said and put the cup down on the desk in front of her.

"Thanks Paul," she said.

He smiled as he left the cup of the desk then turned around to leave. She noticed the dress he wore it was an Asian style dress in purple and gold it was tight to his body and accentuated every curve of his slim figure. Also she wore black 4in stiletto-heeled shoes. His dark hair hung loosely around his shoulders.

"Oh Paul nice dress," she said.

"Thank you," he replied with a hint of a blush.

Isobel stepped out of the office, Paul immediately turned to her, "Can I help?"

"No Paul I'm going out for a while so could you hold all me calls," she said then walked put heading for the elevators.

Stepping out of the building she decided to walk into the centre of town, it was only a ten-minute walk.

As she walked she immediately noticed that the streets were cleaner than she remembered them, and walking was easier than it was in 4in heels. She still remembered how they bit into her heels and the feeling that every step killed; she was now in a quandary. After all she felt sorry for the men now that they had to wear those killer heels but she also now saw the effect that they had on the figure of the men that she saw in the office and in the street. "So this must be what it's like to be a guy. I like it," she said to herself, just as two attractive young men walked past her. They were both wearing short skirts that showed off their long legs and ended in stiletto-heeled shoes, they looked back at her and burst out into a fit of giggles.

Isobel stopped a little coffee shop she walked over and pushed the door open there was an electronic 'bing-bing' sound and she went over and found herself an empty table and sat down. She picked up the menu and started but was distracted but the glimpse of bare flesh that cot her eye; she raised her eyes and focused on that glimpse. It came from one of the waiters; he was dressed in a short black and green plaid mini-kilt, a tight black T-shirt and black shoes. His long black hair was tied back into a long ponytail that reached to his shoulders.

"Can I take your order?" a voice said from her left.

She turned and her head and found another waiter identically dressed as the last one except he had brown hair cut into a bob that hung below his jaw and he had brown eyes.

"Ma'am can I take your order?"

"Sure a cappuccino and a chocolate donut," Isobel said, great not to be on that constant diet, she though to herself as she exchanged smiles with the waiter; who turned and walked over to the kitchen and talked to someone there.

Reaching over she picked up one of the newspapers lying there on a side table. She opened it up and was immediately drawn to the picture of the naked young man on page 3. The rest of the paper was light on news heavy on gossip. The President's supposed liaison with a White House Secretary in the bathroom of Air Force One was big news they even gave an illustrated diagram of how it could take place; it was quite graphic. There were other stories about which celebrity was sleeping with whom, the same people were doing the same things here but there were obvious differences about who were doing what for example Brittany Spears a successful female singer is married to Justin Timberlake who had made his name as a pop prince with Baby hit me one more time, she found out.

The waiter came over and put the cappuccino down in front of her with the muffin. She watched him walk away then she returned to the paper. She flipped to the back page and right away she noticed that it was women's football that was the big sport there was a big picture of star striker Julie Fleeting scoring for Scotland in there victory over England for qualification to the World Cup. Reading on she found a small paragraph on men's football in the inside pages.

After drinking the coffee she opened her wallet and pulled out a bank note they were similar to the ones in the real world (as she still though of it) but they had pictures of famous women on them, women she'd never heard of before her wish it seems had changed the course of history as well. The woman on the 5 note was Josephine Wentworth who it seems invented the telephone in the mid1800s.

The waiter took the money and rung up the bill handing back her change, "Please come again," he said as she headed out of the door.

Back on the streets she walked down along a row of shops, she spotted several young men pushing prams along the road she stopped and watched this one particular young man he couldn't have been more that twenty-years old yet he was pushing a double buggy down the street with two young children inside they were screaming and crying and he stopped to calm them down. 'Children are the same very where' she though to herself as she walked on.

Stepping into the newsagents she took a look at the top shelf magazines and right enough instead of Playboy there was Playgirl there was also hustler but now there was a naked man on the front cover. She reached for the middle shelf magazine Cosmopolitan and on the front cover was a nearly naked man he was some young pop star he was dressed in a black see thru dress that hung of one shoulder, the shot was in black and white which she bet they still used the excuse that it was artistic rather than exploitive.

She wanted to know something so she picked up a copy of GQ and flicked through it and its contents were more like the ones you would get in the Cosmopolitan in the real world, all fashion and how to keep a girl once you had her, it had a relationship quiz and a what women really mean section.

She carried over the copy of Cosmopolitan and paid for it then she walked back to her office.

Stepping back inside she saw Paul he was standing with his back to her he was bent over a filing cabinet.

"What are you up to?"

"Just though I'd get this filing done while you were out it's been needing done for a while now."

"Where there any calls for me while I was out?"

"Yes one from a Ms. Karen Purcell, she said it was about a problem with a marketing campaign."

"Okay could you call her back."

"Sure," he said and stood up and smoothed down the sides of his rumpled clothes and walked back over to his desk and sat down. She walked into her office and sat down behind her desk and waited the phone to ring.

The call lasted a good five minutes, as they had to iron out some problems with this advertising campaign that the company were running and she seems to have been in charge, even though she had no idea what this woman was talking about.

When she put the phone down on the desk she put her head in her hands and sighed, 'I'm an idiot to think that I can do this job what was I thinking when I made that wish. She must have though that I was an idiot not knowing what the hell she was talking about.'

Getting up she walked over and opened the door.

"Paul how many campaigns are we running right now?"

"About three major campaigns and preparing two more for the seasonal period."

Okay she though that was a lot of work and how could she keep all that information in her head, she felt relived at that. She returned to the desk and sat there she turned and turned to her computer and started to the read through its contents.

There was a list of file folders she went through each of them and started to read through them, each file folder represented a campaign that she was in charge of, the one that the phone call represented was for the Christmas period and not due for another couple of months.

She got home a little after six pm. Opening the door she stepped in and found her husband standing in the kitchen preparing dinner.

"You look tired," he said as he came over and slipped his arms round her neck and gave her a kiss.

"Yea it was bad."

"Dinner's nearly ready, go and get a drink and I'll call you when dinners ready."

She walked through to the living room and opened the drinks cabinet and started to go though its contents she picked up a bottle of whiskey and poured out a finger then drained it in one go. She stopped herself as she lifted the bottle and was about to fill the glass up again.

"Oh I remembered to say I got a call this morning from my father he was wondering if we could take James for some time over the school holidays."


He entered the room I said "could we take James during the holidays?"

"Sure I don't see why not."

"Great I'll call them tomorrow. Dinners ready."

She put down the glass and turned and followed him into the dinning room where the table was set.

After dinner she walked up stairs and into the bedroom where she took off her suit and laid down on the bed.




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