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Murder in the Night

by Austin Henshaw


A middle-aged man with graying hair by the name of Kevin Jones was mopping the halls in one of the corridors of the office building. He was whistling to himself and kept on looking at his silver watch. " Ten minutes to eleven," he said to himself and continued mopping the floor.

Meanwhile a man about the same age as Mr. Jones was in the dark bathroom. It had a dress on a sign for it. He was stripping out of his male clothing and put a silky bra on. He changed into pink skimpy underwear despite the embarrassment. He put on a graying wig and some makeup. He had already shaved his body earlier and changed into a skirt with a blue sweater.

He concealed a small cooler in a purse he bought from the goodwill and looked at himself in the mirror. He actually made a sexy looking woman he thought but that thought didn’t agree with him. He was actually indifferent about dressing up like this but he had to. He looked in his billfold and looked at a picture he had of Mr. Jones. He would pay for abandoning him, he would pay.

Mr. Jones continued whistling to himself when he saw somebody walking up to him. It appeared to be a woman about his age in tight fitting clothing. Her breasts seemed to be over defined. " Hello, good looking," she said in a raspy voice putting her hand against his chin. She had an unusually big hand for a woman. " Sorry, are you working late?" he asked in a nervous voice. " Why no dear," she said slipping her purse around his back. " I’m sorry ma’am but I’m married," he told the woman obviously trying to seduce him. " Not for long," she whispered and hit him across the face. Blood sprayed from his face as he fell down and the woman who was really a man plunged the icicle into his back. Mr. Jones screamed but a kick to the head knocked him unconscious. The woman sped down the hallway.


Robert and Anne were walking down the dark hallway. They were both office workers and they both worked late today. When they were done with their work they had hastily gathered their stuff and left for home. They were walking side by side when they heard somebody scream. " Mr. Jones, the janitor!" Anne gasped clutching her heart. They ran down a corrider and found the carcass of Mr. Jones. Scarlet blood was running down his face. There was a puddle of blood near his body. There was a melted icicle in his back and on his face was a look of abhorrence.

" I’ll go to my office and use the phone, you can come with me if you like or stay here," Robert said with tears in his eyes. Even though Mr. Jones wasn’t a substantial executive, everybody seemed to love him. " I’ll come with you, I think the murderer is near," Anne whispered to him. Robert walked down the hallway first. Anne behind him perceived every cornor. When they reached Robert’s office he hastily threw some papers onto the ground and dialed 911.

Within half an hour several police and detectives had came at the murder scene. Robert and Anne were questioned about their relationship with Mr. Jones, why they were working late, what time it was when they found the body and heard the scream, and then he told them he would have to take them down to headquarters to ask more questions.


After a couple hours at the headquarters Robert and Anne were dismissed but were informed they might be getting questions later. They both drove home, went to bed, and mourned for Mr. Jones and wondered how close they were to getting murdered or taken into custody. They weren’t completely indifferent about the case but they wanted the murderer incarcerated.

At the crime scene muddy footprints from a Nike shoe were found and they lead to a 1991 Cadillac. A knife with blood still on it was found and the police picked it up and put it in a bag. They also found near Mr. Jones’s body car key’s that matched the same car. It wasn’t Mr. Jones’s car so they figured it was the car of the murderer. They were allowed to search it and found an I.D of a James Lugfergo. It turned out he use to be a friend of Mr. Jones but Mr. Jones abandoned him when they got lost in the desert once. The next day the police went to his house and he was arrested and he was taken to jail. He was searched for weapons and they found a dagger in his left pocket and there was a gun under the table in his living room. It turned out he was also dealing drugs.

A couple months later Lugfergo was charged with first degree murder with several other charges and was given 134 years without parole. Robert and Anne thought of this as a need of celebration. They would miss Mr. Jones but the killer was still behind bars. Just about everybody who worked at those offices went to his funeral and over half of them wept and shed tears.




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