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My Ex Wife's Friend




I awoke one morning and just ambled down to get some breakfast and a cup of tea, I fetched my daily paper from the floor by the front door and sat down to eat. After eating I washed the dishes and headed upstairs for the shower, stopping along the way to fetch my clean panties from my room.

I better say at this point that I have been cross-dressing for a while now, I have never had the courage to "come out" but still enjoy the feel of my feminine clothes and accessories, the silky panties feel so smooth and sexy, the feel of the stockings over the freshly shaved legs, the feeling of power I felt when standing in my thigh length black patent boots, I was a complete addict, I got dressed and made up as often as I could manage it.

Kate was a friend in a million, we first met several years ago through my ex wife, Kate was friend of hers and we hit it off from day one. She continued visiting me after my wife and I split up, my ex wife got very jealous of this and told Kate about my dressing and that turned out to be very good news for me!.

I arrived home one day after a hard days work and found Kate waiting for me in her car. She stepped out as she saw me and walked toward me, Hi Kate I said, what are you doing here? I asked her, we need to talk Pete, can we step inside the house. I agreed and we went into the house, can I get you something to drink I asked her, yes please Pete, I will have a scotch on the rocks she purred whilst grinning broadly, can I take your bag Kate I asked her realising that she was carrying a large carpet bag, no thanks Pete, you get the drinks, I am going up to freshen up, ok?, sure I replied and watched her disappear upstairs clutching her bag tightly to her body as if trying to hide something.

I poured the drinks and settled down on the settee, grabbed the remote control and had a sip of the scotch I had poured myself and started to wonder about Kate's presence so early in the evening, I mean it was only 4.45pm and she had never called before7pm, not even when my wife was here, Kate was a very good looking girl and I had thought on more than one occasion that I would not mind trying to get into her panties!. As my smile began to subside I wondered why Kate was taking so long, just at that moment Kate shouted for me to bring her drink upstairs.

I picked up the drinks without thinking about it and moved toward the staircase, pausing to switch off the TV set, and made my way upstairs. As I reached the top of the staircase I noticed that the bathroom door was wide open and Kate was not in there!, oh my god I thought to myself, what if she is in my room, my clothes, my boots and make up, I was starting panic when Kate appeared at my bedroom door, are you looking for me Pete she said twirling a pair of my panties on her finger!.

I wanted to die!, if ever the floor needed to open up, this was the time!, I think you had better come in here you sissy she said grabbing my arm and forcefully pulling me.

Oh god, what was I going to do, this was Kate, the best friend I had for years, we never clicked in a romantic way, but that was because I was married to her mate I suppose, sit on the bed sissy she said in a very stern manner, I complied still wondering how to get out of this one when she moved toward me and said softly, I know all about the dressing Pete, Claire told me all about it, she thought it would stop me seeing you, but I feel excited by it, the thought of having my own little sissy to come and see whenever I want, for him to be my slave whenever I want one, no I think this will not stop me seeing you!.

I tried to say something but could not talk as I was totally speechless, wwwhat do you mean Kate, you cant be serious I blurted out, oh but I am very serious Pete, Claire told me all about the domination, the fact that you like to be feminised and treated like a slave to your Mistress, well I am going to be your new Mistress and you will be my slave, is that understood, well what choice did I have, she knew everything, if this ever got out it could ruin my life, what a dilemma, a gorgeous women wants to feminise me and become my Mistress and I think it is a dilemma, I must be ill or mad!.

Ok I said, but she retorted immediately just hang on there sissy, we are going to have a few rules first, number one you will obey my every command when I am I your presence as your Mistress, number two, you will dress however I tell you to dress and if I tell you to wear make up, you will do as I command, number three, you will serve my every need as and when I tell you, any deviation to these commands will result in my informing your family and work colleagues, is that totally understood sissy? She asked with a big smile on her face, yes I said in a very quite tone, sorry sissy, did you say something she said in a stern voice, yes I said, yes what? She continued, yes Mistress Kate I said, good she replied, that's better, you will always address me as Mistress Kate as long as I am your Mistress, is that understood?.

What could I say I answered yes Mistress Kate as she came over and held my face in her hands, this is not going to spoil our friendship Pete, I would not want to lose you as a friend so I came up with a little plan, Claire told me about the way you liked her to dress before she feminised you, so I will only be your Mistress what I am dressed for the part, the rest of the time I will be your mate Kate as usual, ok?, WOW, speechless again!, who could refuse an offer like that, thank you Kate I said, feeling tears welling up in my eyes from the trauma of the whole thing, Kate moved her face toward mine and softly kissed my lips, now you go down and get some more drinks for us and when you get back you can wait for me in here and remove your male clothes, right!, yes Mistress I replied staring into her amazingly blue eyes, I seemed to fall into them as she stared back, now go, and be sure to do as I told you, with that she stood upright, grabbed her bag and disappeared into the bathroom.

I stumbled to my feet, my mind still buzzing and thinking of everything that had happened, I didn't know weather I loved or hated Claire for what she had done, she swore she would never tell anyone about my secret, and she only did it out of jealousy because Kate and I were still good friends, as I reached the foot of the staircase the warning that Kate issued about my non compliance was screaming in my mind, what would I do if she told, I would be ruined after so much hard work getting to a senior management position, and I was only in my middle forties, I couldn't take a chance, and my family, they would never talk to me again, I was trapped, Kate was very thorough, she knew just how to make sure I was hers.

I poured two more scotches and headed back to the stairs, as I climbed the stairway I could hear Kate singing in the bathroom, almost a celebration I would say, she had trapped her prey and now she was getting ready for the kill I thought to myself as I turned into my room. Placing the drinks on my bedside cabinet I sat on my bed and untied my shoe laces, maybe she will get fed up of the whole thing I thought, but then again she may tell someone else if she did I thought as a shiver went through me, I remove my sweat shirt and jeans and sat to remove my socks, now as well as totally trapped I felt totally vulnerable as well.

I sipped at my scotch for what seemed an eternity, then I heard the lock on the bathroom door click, my heart jumped as the door opened and then the sound of stiletto heels on the hall way carpet began to sound, as she appeared at the door I was totally naked except for my panties and all I could do was gasp as Mistress Kate appeared in the doorway. On your knees slave she ordered, I am not sure if I complied or if my knees just gave way as I stared at this Goddess before me.

Claire had done a very good job of telling Kate all about my fantasies, right down to how I liked her to dress, but she never looked as good as Kate did right now, she was absolutely stunning, she was about 5 foot six, slim with very nice breasts, she had long wavy blonde hair which made the lovely blue eyes sparkle almost, she wore a black P.V.C. mini dress, thigh length black leather boots and had put on make up to die for!, she looked absolutely fantastic, I knew my panties would not hold out if I was not careful.

Come over here slave she said pulling on a black leather gloves, I scuttled across the room and knelt before her, now kiss my boots slave, I bent down and kissed each one as she placed her hand on my head, now you will serve me as my maid, go into the bathroom, turn on the shower and wait for me, yes Mistress Kate I said, so excited by her stunning looks, I turned on the shower and waited for my Goddess, after a few minutes she appeared, now take off your panties sissy, we cant get rid of those horrible hairs if you have panties on, can we, no Mistress I said removing my panties.

My mind was still in a spin as Kate took some creams from her bag and began to cover my entire body from the neck down with them, now wait a while till I tell you to enter the shower, I must prepare some things in the bedroom Kate said as she turned away and left the room. I stood for about ten minutes when she returned, she smiled and told me to get into the shower, the feeling was tremendous as I watched my hair fall of my entire body for the first time in ages and for the first time executed by a Mistress.

Mistress Kate then inspected my body and removed any missed hairs with a razor, this was followed by the command to exit the shower which I did immediately. As I rubbed myself with the towel Mistress Kate stopped me and told me that I must not rub my skin as this will cause damage later in life and explained how I should just pat the skin lightly with the towel.

When I was completely dry Mistress Kate took some all over body moisturiser and began to massage it into my skin, starting with my legs and working her way slowly up my body, my manhood was ready to explode!, hmmm, I see you are enjoying this sissy, Mistress Kate said with a big grin on her face, Yes Mistress I said meekly, still embarrassed at the situation. She then covered my body in talcum powder and told me to return to the bedroom to shave my facial hairs.

As I entered the bedroom I noticed that she had been busy sorting out some female clothing for me to wear, she had laid out my knee length black skirt, my white satin blouse, matching bra and panties and stockings and suspenders, I shaved faster than I had ever shaved before. Go over and sit at the dressing table sissy Mistress Kate ordered as she walked into the room, I complied immediately and waited for my next instructions, do you have a female name sissy she asked, yes Mistress Kate, it is Rachael I replied, good Rachael, lets get started on you, there is a lot of work ahead!.

Mistress Kate began by combing my hair back, she then slowly applied a cleansing fluid, massaging it into my facial skin then removing it with balls of cotton wool, this was followed by a moisturiser, once again massaged but this time until my face just soaked it up. Next was the foundation which she applied perfectly, giving me a lovely looking complexion. Next she applied powder from my powder puff, taking her time and covering my face expertly once again.

The next move took me by surprise as she told me to move over and sit on the bed, as I sat I noticed her rummaging through my make up bag and remove some scarlet nail polish, this will do nicely she said as she walked toward me, put your foot on the bed Rachael she commanded and I obeyed, with this she began to paint my toe nails with the varnish, that's better, she commented, but you will need a second coat in a few minutes but for now go and sit at the dressing table again, yes Mistress I said and moved back to the table, now place your left hand on the dressing table Rachael she ordered and I obeyed once again.

She removed the pack of false nails from my make up bag and began working on my nails, she lightly filed my real nails and then put on the false nails one by one, after she had completed all of them she began to trim them to about half and inch and then put on the same nail varnish she had used on my toes, this was getting too much for me, I was in a total state of complete shock, yet I was more excited and turned on than I had been in my entire life!, back over to the bed Rachael she purred and off I went once again.

After the second coat my nails looked fantastic, she was so good at this, they looked so much better than when I did them myself I thought to myself, I returned to the dressing table and she continued with the make up. She took out the mascara and began to stroke the brush through my eyelashes, well Rachael, haven't we got very long and feminine eyelashes she whispered, yes Mistress was my feeble reply, she then removed a black eye brow pencil and brush and began to brush my eye brows, then she began working with the pencil, giving me the illusion of high sweeping brows.

She then began to apply an eyeliner, slowly covering the inside of my eyelids with a coating of this black, cold liquid, my heart was pounding as I watched her give my eyes a totally different look, she then started on my eye shadow, she took a blue liquid eyes shadow and began her magic, I used the liquid eye liners because of the feeling they gave me, the way it is so cold when it is applied, then the way it dries pulling your skin tight and the way you are always aware that you were wearing it!. After completing that task, Mistress Kate took out a blusher and brush and once again with expert strokes she applied it to my cheeks, giving me the appearance of very high and feminine cheeks.

She then retuned to my fingers applying another coat of polish, they looked fantastic, I was beginning to get aroused by my own fingers, Mistress Kate had a wicked grin on her face, she was loving this, the power, the control and now the last piece of resistance taken away by complete feminization, she knew she had won now and was now basking in her glory!. Mistress Kate then told me to get dressed which I did, I put on the panties and bra, then the suspender being sure to place the straps inside the panty legs for later convenience!, then came the stockings, wow, what a fantastic feeling as they glide up my freshly shaved legs!, then the skirt which is pretty tight to get on because I like skirts that restrict my ability to walk, and lastly the blouse, once again that feeling of satin on my skin!.

I retuned to the dressing table and Mistress Kate continued with my feminization, removing a bright red lipstick and brush from my bag, slowly she applied a thick coat to my lips, asked me to pout, placed a tissues to clear any excess and then applied a second coat, this was followed by a sealer to make sure my lips remained feminine. What a feeling was running through my body now, I had never been transformed like this before, this was so fantastic, I was so excited I was shaking, this goddess was totally transforming me and I was in heaven!.

Mistress Kate then selected a shoulder length, light brown wig and carefully place it into position, pulling gently to ensure the skull cap held firmly, she then began to lightly brush it back into shape, I was looking in the mirror at a complete stranger!, it was amazing, I didn't even know myself!. Now you must wear something on those pretty feet Rachael, go to your wardrobe and get your patent black knee boots and put them on she said, I did as ordered and I was ready to orgasm as the slid up my sensitive stockinged feet.

Now stand up and let me look at you Rachael she said, I stood and did a little twirl for her, hmmm, there is still something missing she said, I know, come over here. She took out a gold arm strap in the shape of a snake and pushed it up my arm till it reached my bicep, then were the clip on ear rings, and a small gold bracelet. Hmmm, still not quite right she said as she looked me up and down, she put her hand in her bag and removed a pair of false breast, I was totally speechless, I had dreamed about having some of those but had never actually managed to get any, she carefully placed them inside my bra and whispered, that's better, now you are Rachael.

Now go down and fix us some drinks Rachael, we have a very big night ahead of us, and with this I teeter on my 4 inch stiletto heels and head down to make some drinks, the feeling of femininity flowing through my body and yet the male part of me so turned on by this situation, this must be as close to heaven as you can get I remember thinking to myself as I poured the drinks carefully because of my nails and wondered what lay ahead for me with my new Mistress!.

The End ( Maybe! ) J




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