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My Fault


Donna Williams


It had been a couple of weeks since I was able to indulge myself in my "French Maid" fantasy, but knowing I was free from having to work this weekend, I couldn't wait for 3 PM Friday, to head home and change.

Once I arrived home I fixed a nice, hot, relaxing, bubble bath, stripped down and slid in. After ten minutes of soaking, I picked up my three bladed razor to ensure a smooth shave, and removed what little hair I had everywhere below the eyes.

I climbed out of the bath eager to rub baby oil on my legs and arms; and then I shampooed and conditioned my hair. I try to keep my hair silky smooth every day, but have to have it in a pony tail when at work, and it feels great when I let it fly free at home.

I then set my hair in a ton of curlers so it would be quite flouncy when dry. While my hair set, I put on my white waist cincher, attached a pair of black seamed stockings and then slid on a pair of white ruffled panties. At this time I went about the procedures for properly adhering my B cup breast forms to my chest and nestled them into a white lacy underwire bra.

Now I was set to apply some dark makeup to set off my green eyes and a new, no smear lipstick, guaranteed to stay on no matter what one engaged in. After the successful application of my makeup, I removed the curlers and lightly ran a brush through my blond hair. Looking at myself in the mirror caused that ever pleasurable erection, which did not take long to relieve.

Next, I pulled the black French maid uniform from the guest bedroom closet, where all my feminine garments were kept, and slid it on, followed by a frilly petticoat, 3" high heels, frilly apron and matching cap. Now it was time to affix the false feminine nails and coat them in a dark red enamel matching my lipstick. As my nails dried I did a quick walk through of the house to see what chores I needed to catch up on, since I had let a few things go by my not having been able to indulge for a couple of weeks.

I started a load of laundry, and had just emerged from cleaning the downstairs bathroom, when I ran into my wife, Kay. She lets me dress up every now and again because she likes getting a good house cleaning from the maid, however, from the look on her face she seemed quite upset with me. All she said was, "Ohhh!" and stormed of toward the bedroom. Baffled, I followed and reaching the bedroom I asked, "What's the matter, Kay?" And said, " I didn't expect you for a couple of more hours, and thought you'd be pleased to come home to a clean house and nice hot dinner!"

Kay looked at me and angrily replied, "You have no consideration of what my plans are!"

I asked, "What ever do you mean?" "What plans?"

"See what I mean, because you were so frustrated from not being able to dress for two short weeks, you don't even remember," she said. "This is my high school reunion weekend!" Kay was very popular in school and had been a cheerleader since 7th grade. "Tonight, we were supposed to meet at the club for drinks, dinner and dancing. Then tomorrow we were to have a picnic at the park."

"I'm very sorry I forgot, dear!" "I can quickly change," I said. I turned to go change, and suddenly stopped, mumbling, "Oh no!"

"What did you say?" asked Kay.

"I said, 'oh no,' I just remembered that when I attached my breast forms I noticed the remover was nearly empty. I know there isn't enough and I figured you could get me some tomorrow, while I finished my chores," I responded.

Kay stared at me for what seemed like eternity. Suddenly, a wry smile crossed her lips, and she said, "Well, that's your fault! The store is closed now, and I won't have time tomorrow. You can remain as Donna (my feminine name) and remain my maid for the entire weekend. Too bad you will miss all the fun, and have to stay home and do your chores. I think I can find something extra for Sunday, maybe something outside?"

Startled, I pondered, "Maybe I could try some acetone?"

"Oh no, those forms were too expensive for you to ruin, you'll leave them on until I can get out and get the proper solvent," she adamantly replied.

"But, dear. . .," I started.

"Don't but dear me, and you'll address me as Mistress, as always required when you are dressed as Donna! We seem to overlooked that requirement so far tonight, but that changes now. I'll think up a suitable punishment while I'm out tonight." She not only liked not having to clean house, but also liked to be domineering at times. That was my fault too. I had asked her to play the stern mistress when I was dressed, thus insuring I got my chores done. I didn't mind, probably because I loved being able to dress up so much I would do anything.

"I'm going to take a bath now; you didn't use all the bath oil and bubbles did you?" she asked.

"No, Mistress."

"Then prepare me a bath, then come back in here and lay out my black lingerie, stockings, 4" black patent heels, and that little black dress you love seeing me in so much." "When I get out, you can dry me off, and then powder me down." "Afterwards, I want you to help me dress, apply my makeup, which your so good at now, and brush my hair." I loved brushing my wife's hair, it was so soft and a deep, dark, shiny black.

"Yes, Mistress," I said, curtsied and went to do as I was told.

Once I had prepared Kay for her night out, she made me drop my panties and lift my skirt and petticoat out of the way. She knew from past experience what effect all this would have on me. She smiled, satin, "Hold them up out of the way, I have a present for you." and reached in the dresser drawer and pulled out a strange looking contraption. "This is a chastity belt. You'll have to wear it this weekend, because it will be 'part' of your punishment, and I don't want you getting any pleasure from self relief."

"Yes, Mistress."

She went to the kitchen and came back with an ice pack to deflate me and locked the belt in place. She pointed out several of the features of the belt, but the key on a chain and hung it around her neck.

"Won't people ask what the key is for, Mistress? What if you lose it?" I worriedly asked.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about that Donna, I'll think of something, if not the truth," she said with a big grin. "Now, go call me a cab. I don't want to have to drive after a few drinks tonight."

"Yes, Mistress."

As I was making the phone call, she walked around the house making a list of chores fro me to have complete by the time she got home tonight, or there would be further punishment. When the driver arrived I wrapped a light shaw around her shoulders and said, "Have a good time Mistress."

"Oh, I think I will Donna!" "I'm not taking my house keys, so I want you to be standing ready by the door to let me in, no matter the time," she remarked as she headed toward the cab.

"Yes Mistress," I said with a curtsy. After she was gone, I looked at the list, wandering how I was to get all of it done by the time she got home. Not knowing what that time that would be, I would have to constantly stop whatever I was doing and look out the window for her.

Several hours later, the phone rang, it was Kay telling me she was on the way home, so I had wasted my time looking out the window. Giggling, she said, "Be sure to be waiting by the door to let me in, Donna. You can watch for me through the peep hole."

"Of course Mistress," I replied.

About 15 minutes later I saw the light of the cab pull into the drive, and watch through the peep hole for her to appear at the door. As soon as I spotted her, I opened the door, and with a curtsy, said, "Welcome home Mistress, I hope you had a good time." I then noticed she was accompanied by a man.

"Yes, yes I did, Donna. I told the cabby to wait, and I send my maid out with the fee," she said, and proceeded to hand be a twenty from her purse, with a wink.

Knowing better than to argue, I nervously replied, "Yes Mistress," and took the money, on shaking legs, out to the cab, glad it was dark and hoping none of the neighbors could see me. As I got the cab, the flood lights came on, my wife had thrown the switch from inside. I hurriedly paid the cabby and turned to go back inside.

"Wait, you forgot the bags," said the cabby. I then noticed a suitcase and garment bag in front of the cab. I picked them up and rushed, as fast as my heels and the bags would allow, back inside.

Once inside, Kay made the introductions, "Donna, this is Ricky. Ricky, this is my maid Donna." I curtsied as Kay expected. "Please put the bags in the guest room and get us drink, a 7 & 7 preferably, Donna," instructed my wife.

"Yes Mistress," I said with a curtsey, and went to the kitchen. My wife showed Ricky to the living room, and then followed me into the kitchen. I turned, and notice she was going over the list to see if I had marked everything off. "Mistress?" I asked, "what is. . .?"

"Shush!" she exclaimed cutting me off. "You want to give yourself away?"

"No Mistress!"

"I see you didn't finish the last task on the list," she remarked. "You love to be punished, eh?"

"No, I mean, Yes, I mean, I did finish. . ."

"It's not finished unless marked off," she said, quickly cutting me off. "Bring the drinks to the living room!"

"Yes Mistress"

In the living room, Kay was sitting in the rocker, and Ricky was sitting on the couch looking through an old year book. I handed each their drink, curtsying each time. "Will there be anything else, Mistress?" I asked.

"You stand by me, and I'll let you know," she said. She then told me that Ricky had been on the cheer leading squad also, and was her lift partner. "He's still quite strong," she said, getting a blush from Ricky. "And handsome too, don't you think Donna?"

I knew I was to agree, and blushing myself, said, "Yes Mistress, quite."

"I asked Ricky to come by, because he just got into town and didn't have a place to stay, and I wanted him to sign my yearbook. His family had to move before the books were handed out, so he didn't have a chance before. Could you find him a pen, Donna?"

I curtsied and went to the writing desk to get a pen. I had to bend at the waist to reach the bottom drawer to finally find one. I turned and noticed Ricky staring at me, he quickly lowered his eyes to the book. Kay noticed too, and was all smiles as I handed him the pen. He signed it, and handed both to me to but away. Kay kept the yearbook on the top shelf of the bookshelf, so I had to reach up on tippy toes, again exposing myself to Ricky. As I returned to stand by Kay, she laughingly remarked, "Look what you've done to the poor man, Donna," pointing out the bulge he had developed in his lap. I could tell she was very tipsy from the drinks she had had tonight.

"I'm sorry, Mistress, Sir," I relied.

Trying to change the subject, Ricky asked, "Weren't you going to tell me the story about the key on your necklace, Kay?"

"Oh, I will, in due time," she said looking up at me, "but I think you need to have your little problem taken care of, first." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Then, looking up at me again, she stated, "Of course, my husband would approve of me helping you out! Would he Donna?"

"Oh, no Mistress!" I responded.

"Well then, since you caused his problem, and since you don't have a husband. . .You don't do you Donna?"

Knowing where this appeared to be headed, all I could do was say, "No Mistress."

"Then I think you should take care of it. Think of it as punishment for todays transgressions! And why you're doing that I'll tell him about the key. Does that sound fair enough Ricky?" she asked.

"Well, I wouldn't want to impose," he replied.

"No imposition, Ricky. You see Donna likes serving as my maid so much she told me she'd do anything for me. Didn't you Donna!?

I hung my head, and said, "Yes Mistress."

"Good, now that that is taken care of, why don't you go over to Ricky, and kneel between his legs." I did as instructed. "Now reach up and undo his pants. Pull them all the way off. You might as well remove his shoes, socks and boxers, while your at it. Good girl," she said as I followed her instructions. "Look how big he is, and he has a bit of pre-cum rising from the tip. Now, reach out and lightly take hold." Shaking, I wrapped by hand around his penis, marveling at the look of my feminine fingers wrapped around it. "Ohhh, that's a good girl. Now, bend over and lick the tip. Lick the rest of the head, slowly, and sensuously, you know how you like it."

That got Ricky's attention. "What?" he asked.

"Keep going Donna, the way you like it when I do you, while I tell Ricky about the key."

He sat listening and enjoying what was happening, while I continued to bob up and down on his penis, taking him in my throat as far as I could without gagging. After a while, I was able to take it all in. In the meantime, Kay explained why I liked to dress as her maid, and then explained how it was my fault I was in my current predicament. She the told him about the chastity belt and the key, and explained how my penis was no longer available.

She stood and said, "I'll be right back. You keep doing what your doing Donna, and I expect Ricky to be satisfied by the time I get back, or else!"

I renewed my efforts and even took his balls in hand to gently play with them, the way I liked. He sat moaning, but seemed to be able to hold off no matter what I tried.

About five minutes had passed, and I was still at it, when Kay returned. She tossed a baby doll nighty to the couch, and told me to stop. "Hmmm, I wonder if all that alcohol has dulled Ricky's senses?" she asked. That must be it, I thought, or else what I was doing to him should have set him off several times. "Oh well, go into the quest room and put on the nighty Donna. We'll see if that will help."

I had just finished putting my uniform away, and slipped into the nighty when Kay brought Ricky into the room. "You know, Ricky, I heard that anal stimulation will help you get off, and I believe, with the proper technique, will help Donna get off also," she implied. She handed Ricky a tube of KY, turned to me, and said, "Have fun you two!"

I heard her laughing as she headed to bed. She called back, however, shouting, "Oh, and Donna, make sure you wake me early tomorrow, and I'll have by breakfast in bed."

Ricky stood at least 4" taller than me, and was very strong. He carried me to the bed that night, and had me any way he desired. There was nothing I could do to prevent it. It seems that he wasn't too drunk to get off, he was just able to hold off. He proved that three times that night.
First, he commented, "I like the way you were giving me head. It was so good I could barely control myself, but after Kay said 'or else' I just had to see what she would do to you next. You know Donna, you are quite pretty." He then drew me to him an kissed me, hard. I was so worked up, all I could do was respond the way a woman would, and we kissed for several minutes, which included some foreplay with his penis. Breaking off, he said, "Finish the job, Donna." I moved down between his legs and repeated the act I had been performing in the living room. This time, however, he didn't hold back, he just held be tight to his crotch while his juices slid down my throat.

He pulled me back up and we kissed some more. "That was fantastic Donna, I haven't had head like that from a guy for years!" he exclaimed.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, get the KY and lube my penis, please, and I'll tell you." While I greased him up, he said, "You see. . , OK, now turn over and get on your hands and knees." I rolled over and he grasped hold of my hips and planted the tip of his penis at the hole of my virginal ass. "This is going to hurt a little," he said and pushed in.

"Oh my God!" I yelled, seeing lights flash before my eyes. "You're killing me!" I squirmed but he was too strong and held me fast by the chastity belt.

"Just relax, it'll go in easier and then it'll start feeling much better," he said.

I folded my arms and went to my elbows, and he pushed further. I relaxed as best I could, and finally he was all the way in, all 8". He then withdrew 2-3 inches and returned, then he withdrew until only the head remained, and pushed back in. He continued this and started to pick up the pace. Every once in a while he would contact my prostate, and I would moan. Then he slowed, and I yelled, "No, keep going, that feels so good!" I could believe what I was saying.

He said, "OK, close your eyes." I saw more flashing lights as he picked up the pace even faster. I think we both reached a climax at about the same time. He fell on me and I fell to the mattress.

I couldn't believe I just had an orgasm with stimulation of my penis. He started pulling out, and I asked him, "Stop, it feels so good. Can't we stay like this the rest of the night?"

"No, I think we can have a go at it again in a few minutes. Why don't you get a wash cloth, clean me up, and then use that pretty little mouth of yours to get me hard again."

"Yes sir," I said. I went to the bathroom and brought back a warm wet cloth and proceeded clean him.

"I like that," he said.

"What?" I asked.

"You saying 'yes sir' when I give an order, he said.

"Yes sir," I said again. He smiled at that.

"You know, with all that head you've been giving me, how come your lipstick isn't smeared?" he asked.

"Mistress bought me a long wearing brand that only comes off with a special remover," I answered.

"Well then, put those sexy red lips back to work and make me hard!" he ordered.

"Yes sir!" I said and got him hard again.

He then pulled me up and kissed me again, lay me on my back and slid my feet over his shoulders. "I hope you got it nice and wet," he said, and entered me again, stopping only when he was completely in. "Close your eyes again and relax," he said, "this is going to take a little longer." He then ben forward and kissed me again. Again I saw flashing lights. Nearly 20 minutes later, he filled my hole with more cum, rolled to his side a fell asleep. I hadn't reached orgasm this time and was left frustrated. "Men!" I surprised myself by saying.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up, then crawled back in bed with Ricky.

At 6:30 AM my alarm went off. I quickly silenced it, hoping it didn't wake Ricky up. I lay there for a few minutes reflecting on yesterdays events, and wondering what was in store for me today. I knew one thing, I didn't want to give my wife anymore cause to issue more punishment, so I hopped in the shower, cleaned up, and dressed in a fresh French maids outfit.

By 7:30 I started to prepare breakfast, knowing I need to make plenty for my wife and Ricky. Shortly thereafter, I fixed a tray for my wife, set a red rose on the side, and carried it up to her. I stopped and knocked at the door. "What is it?" she sleepily asked.

"Mistress, it's Donna, you asked for an early breakfast," I answered.

"Oh, oh yes, please do come in Donna," she requested.

I entered, curtsied, and carried the tray to the bedside table. I then noticed several polaroids of me and Ricky in bed last night. I guess I wasn't seeing things last night. My wife saw me staring at the photos, smiled and said, "I just had to get a record of last night. These are only a few of the ones I took. The rest are locked in the safe in the den. I changed the combination."

"Why?" I softly asked.

"I need a little more hold on you. l tell you more about it later, in the kitchen with Ricky," she said. "Now go wake your lover and feed him. He has to maintain that strength and stamina, you know."

I curtsied, "yes Mistress." And went to wake Ricky.

After Ricky had showered, he came into the kitchen wearing a tight T-shirt that didn't hid a single muscle, a pair of khaki shorts, and docker shoes, no socks. He sat at the table and I placed his breakfast in front of him. He then pulled me into his lap and kissed me again.

"My, my," I heard my wife say, "you two really got along together. Donna, why don't you try to keep your hands off your man, and have seat in the chair instead." After I sat down, Kay explained, "Well Donna, after reaching the club last night, I ran into Ricky. No one expected to see him at the reunion, so it was quite a surprise. Well, he was talking to Jason, my old boyfriend. Wow, I thought, a double surprise, because Jason had said he wouldn't be able to make it either. When I saw them together, and it gave me a wicked idea. I walked up to them and we got to talking old times. Then I asked them how come they had changed their minds about coming to the reunion. It turns out that Jason and Ricky went into the computer business right out of high school and they were going to start a branch here. Well, anyway, as we were dancing Jason hinted that he would like to see me again, but I said my husband would not like that. He asked where you were, so I told them you wouldn't be around this weekend. Jason then asked me to go to todays picnic with him, and I agreed. Of course I couldn't cheat on my husband, so as I was dancing with Ricky I asked him where he was staying. Jason is at his parents house, by the way. Ricky said he had just got in and wasn't sure. He said his bags, were in fact, in the cloak room now. Knowing that Ricky was gay, and likes effeminate males, I hatched my plan. I let Ricky know I had an effeminate male maid at home, and asked if he'd like to come by, and maybe spend the night. He couldn't wait."

I looked over at Ricky and he said, "I didn't know she was talking about her husband, until she told me the story about the key last night. I was so turned on by your looks, I just had to go along with Kay. I though it was for your punishment, but I think it was more than that now."

Kay announced, "You are so right Ricky, no wonder your company is doing so well. I figured that if my husband had a lover, then I could see Jason again. Of course, I didn't want my husband to see another woman, so. . ."

"But why?" I finally asked.

"Because you had really pissed me off last night, and I wanted to teach you a real lesson. Finding out that Jason was going to be back and strengthened my resolve. Now that you have a lover, I can too," she said matter of factly. "Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress. Although you put up with my dressing, mainly so you wouldn't have to clean house, you wanted a man 24/7," I responded.

"Very good, Donna. Now, speaking of the picnic, Jason will be coming by at noon. I want you to put on a pretty sundress and accompany Ricky, while I go with Jason. Of course, you can say no, but don't forget about the pictures of you and Ricky. I'm sure your boss would understand."

"I'll be ready Mistress," I said.

"You don't have any objections do you Ricky?" she asked.

"No, none at all, Donna's real pretty. I can't wait to see her in a sundress," said Ricky. I blushed. "By the way, what is your husbands real name?"

"It's Donna, now," Kay said, "that's all you have to remember. If she wants to tell you later, she can. You see, she attached her boobs and doesn't have enough solvent to remove them. So, until I go get some, she will remain Donna. Oh, by the way Donna, the sex store burned to the ground last week. I guess you were too busy to notice. So it will be some time until we can remove your breasts. I don't know what you're going to do Monday for work. I guess we could inform your boss and see if he'll let you work in a dress."

I almost fainted.

"OK Donna, we're going to sit by the pool. You can come out and rub some suntan oil on Ricky, while he does me. Afterwards, you need to prepare us four a picnic lunch and get changed."

"Yes Mistress," I said getting up to gather the oil as they went outside. Once I was outside, I suddenly remembered the neighbors. I had never ventured out while dressed.

Kay saw me looking around and said, "Don't worry Donna, they won't recognize you, besides, you'll need to get used to appearing out as Donna now. I'm getting to like the service more every minute."

Ricky said, "Yes, and I like to hear her 'yes sirs' too." They laughed together.

Ricky pulled his shirt off and I started slowly rubbing the oil on. I could see this was turning him on. So could Kay. "You know Donna, we can't be having Ricky staining his nice clean shorts. Why don't you relieve him of his current condition before making our lunch?" asked Kay. "Don't worry, I don't see the neighbors, but you better hurry."

"Yes Mistress," I said and asked Ricky not to hold off like last night, because I work to do before changing. Well, he obliged, and I went to get everything ready for the picnic.

As I walked back into the living room, wearing a light linen sundress with a daisy pattern, and a pair of white 3" sandals, I noticed another man in the living room. Kay looked up and did the introductions, "Oh, there you are Donna. This is Jason, Jason this is Donna, Ricky's date."

Jason looked at Ricky then back at me and said, "Well hello. My, I can't believe Ricky has a date with a dish like you."

"Easy lover," said Kay "you have me, remember?"

"Yes, but you have a husband," said Jason.

"Well, Donna is married too, aren't you dear," she asked of me.

"Yes, I've been happily married for 5 years now. Married right out of high school," I replied.

Well, where is your husband then?" asked Jason.

Kay spoke up, "Oh she doesn't have a husband, she has a wife!"

Jason, gave a startled "What?"

"Yes, well Donna is actually my husband," said Kay. "I set her up with Ricky last night so I could be with you today. I didn't want to cheat on my husband, unless he cheated on me first. Last night, he did, as Donna and with Ricky."

"Whoa," let me sit down and you can tell me the whole story. So the story of my dressing as a French maid, the happenings leading up to Kay going out Friday night and coming home with Ricky were explained to Jason. He looked at me and asked, "you don't have a problem with that?"

I said, "I did, but I had to do as my Mistress requested, or she said she'd tell my boss. Seems, however, that I have to tell him anyway, or quit, because I can't remove my breasts."

Kay said, "Now that we have that settled, I have an idea." Oh no I thought to myself, now what. "Well, since Donna and Ricky seem to be getting along so tremendously, and since Jason wants to see me again, why don't the two of you move in here with us. Donna can keep Ricky company at night, Jason can see me, and I'll still have my maid. In fact Donna could quit her job and be our full time made, if there are no objections." I wanted to object, but knew I had no say in the matter. No one else objected, either. "Good!" she said excitedly. "Shall we go to the picnic and start our new lives together?"




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