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My Life

by Susan Fraser


Chapter 1 - My birthday

It was the morning of my 18th birthday and I woke up early and lay there thinking. Today I would be man and the thought depressed me.

I lived with my parents and my older sister Ann and in two days time we were due to move to live in the Lake District. My father, who was an architect, had decided to move his business there and I was going to start working for him. My mother and sister were going to open a Hairdressing salon.


Mum and Dad had been to our new house and had spent some time decorating and getting it furnished. I had not even seen it yet. It was all supposed to be the start of a new life and everyone was excited. Everyone but me that was.

At least they were excited, I was dreading it. To make matters worse I was going to have a birthday party tonight and I was not looking forward to that at all. It was not that I minded being 18, it was just that I would have to get dressed up in my best suit and I would be expected to dance with the girls that my parents and sister would have invited.

It was not that I did not like girls, it was just that I did not like them in quite the way that everybody thought I should. I had many friends who were girls but no actual girlfriend. My parents were always trying to get me to ask one of them out but I just could not.

How could I tell them that when I looked at a girl I did not feel any attraction towards them. I fascinated by them, true, but what fascinated me most was they way they dressed, the way they moved and what they talked about.


My mother knocked on my bedroom door and said, "Come on, Dave, it is time you were up.It is your birthday"

I got up and put on my dressing gown and went downstairs to have a cup of coffee.

My Parents and sister were there and they wished me happy birthday.

I sat at the breakfast drinking my coffee and wondering when they were going to give me my presents. I knew my presents would be the usual things that a 18 year old boy gets and this made me even more depressed. Suddenly the room began to spin and I felt dizzy and passed out.


I woke up in a darkened room feeling confused. The curtains had been drawn and the room was quite dark. I felt strangely different and then I realised that I was no longer wearing my dressing gown. I put on the light and as the light went on I found that I was wearing a white silk nightdress and negligee. I sensed that my arms and legs felt different too and raised my arm up. I was astounded by what saw.

My arms were now smooth and hairless and my hands were different. I now had long elegant fingernails and these were painted in pink nail polish.

I was about to call out when the door opened and in came my Parents and my sister. They sat around my bed and my Mum spoke softly as she put on the bedside lamp.

"Shh Dear, and we will explain everything to you"

My head was spinning as I lay back on the bed as my mother began explaining,

She told me that her and Dad had long known that I was unhappy as a boy and that they could tell from how I talked with girls and looked at them that I was not attracted to them in the way that a real boy would be. My sister had also told them that she knew that I had tried on her clothes (I thought I had been so clever and that no one had suspected me)

"So my Dear" said Mum, "We have decided that it is time for you to make a completely fresh start. We love you too much to see you suffer just to spare our feelings. From now one you will be called Susan and you will be our youngest daughter."

I was staggered. They knew my secret and even more amazing they were going to treat me as a girl. I looked at Dad, worried at what he was thinking. But he smiled at me and said

"It is alright, Susan. I knew you could never be a real son to me and I would rather you were my happy daughter than have you to pretend to be something that you are not"

My Mum then told me to get up and look at myself in the mirror. I did so and discovered that whilst I had been asleep I had been transformed. The person I saw in the mirror was not a 18 year old boy but a pretty 18 year old girl. As well as dressing me in a white nightdress I found that they had also put a pair of white panties on me. To my surprise my penis was quite flattened by them.

Excitedly my sister told me that she and my Mum had shaved my body so that it was as smooth as theirs. Mum had dyed my hair blonde and had put in hair extensions so that now I long blonde shoulder length hair.

Ann had manicured my finger and toe nails, added nail extensions and then painted my fingers and toes.

"And you do look so pretty, little sister" said Ann.

As I stood staring at myself in the mirror Mum explained that she and Dad had known for a long time that I was unhappy as a boy and so they had talked to doctors and read up on what could be done.

Mum told me that I could have treatment that would completely make me female and they had decided that if I was not going to do anything about it then they would.

The move to the Lakes had been planned so that I could start my new life as Susan, their daughter, without anyone being any the wiser. All I had to do now was to say if I agreed.

I turned and faced my parents and almost cried with joy as I said that I did agree and that I loved them so much for making it so easy for me. Mum took hold of my hand and led me back to the bed.

Mum then went on to explain that I would start by taking female hormones which would alter my appearance, I would develop breasts and my hips and bottom would fill out just like a girls. She and Ann would help me to learn how to walk and move like a girl and, of course, dress like a girl.

"Not that you have too much to learn, Susan" said Ann. "I have seen you wearing my dresses and underwear"

I blushed as she said this. I had never imagined that I had been seen wearing Ann's clothes and pretending to be a girl just like her.

Mum explained that in time I would have to have an operation to give me a vagina. "And when that happens you will be able to make love like any other girl"

I started to cry with happiness and Mum hugged me.

Dad went downstairs while Mum and Ann went on to tell me that Dad had already taken all my clothes to the tip. Ann said that she and Mum had spent the last few days buying me some new clothes to wear as Susan.

I blushed at the thought. I knew that Ann had bought several items of lingerie recently, I had even tried them on when I thought that everyone was out. Now it seemed that all the bras and panties had been for me!

"Now let us have a good look at you, Dear" said Mum and she made me stand in front of her.

It was only then that I discovered that I had a bosom and Ann laughed she told me that while I had been drugged she and Mum had shaved my chest smooth and had used a special glue to attach silicone breasts. They felt so like real breasts and moved so like the real thing that I found that I looked just as feminine as my sister.

Mum said that I looked very pretty and much happier than I had ever been before. I told her that I was very happy but curious to know why they had decided to call me Susan.

"Not that I mind" I said, "It sounds very nice"

Mum explained that she and Dad had chosen the name Susan before I was born and I would have been christened Susan if I had been born a girl.

"Better late than never, Dear" Mum said. "From now on you will be our Susan, our daughter"

Mum then said that we were all going out that night to celebrate my birthday and there was just enough time for her to pierce my ears before I got ready. I was a bit startled to find out that I was to openly go out dressed as a girl so quickly but at the same time I was thrilled at the idea. I was Susan now and there was to be no going back.

As both Mum and Ann were trained to pierce ears I soon had them done and Mum put a pair of gold stud earrings in for me. Then she said that Ann would help me to get dressed and put on make up.

While Mum went downstairs Ann took me in to my bed room. On the bed lay all sorts of boxes and when I began opening them I found that they contained all sorts of clothes. There was blouses and skirts, panties and bras, tights and stockings and even dresses.

Ann giggled as she handed me a box that had been wrapped in birthday paper.

"Happy birthday Susan" she said "I know you will like these, you have tried mine on before but these are all for you"

I opened the box and to my delight I found it contained a beautiful white basque with matching panties. Ann told me that there was full layered underskirt to go with it and that they would look lovely under the dress that Mum and Dad had bought for me.

But first Ann said that she would help me to put on some make up. She made me sit at the dressing table and began to apply foundation to my face followed by powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.

As she worked at putting on my make up she told me how nice it was to finally have a sister with whom she could swop clothes and go shopping. I told her that it was a relief to be able to be feminine. I told her how envious I had always been of her, how I had longed to be able to wear lingerie and have a figure like hers.

As brother and sister we had got on well enough but now I knew that we would be much closer as sisters.

Ann promised that she would teach me to how put my make up on and all the other things I would need to know about being a girl, like boys. I blushed at the thought that I would have to start thinking about boys as the opposite sex. I must have gone very red as Ann giggled and said,

"I think that you will find boys will want to take you out. After all Susan you are very pretty, look" she said and told me to look in the mirror.

I looked at my face and was amazed at how I looked with properly applied make up. I looked really pretty and feminine

Ann laughed and said,

"Now Dad will have two daughters to shout at about wearing too much make up or wearing skirts that he thinks are too short. Welcome to the club, Susan"

I was amazed at how different Ann was with me now that it had decided that I would be her sister instead of her brother. She suggested that we go downstairs and have a cup of coffee before she helped me to get dressed. I looked at myself in the mirror as I stood up and was stunned at how feminine I looked. Ann handed me a pair of slippers to put on which I did. They were white satin mules and my feet looked so pretty in them.


I followed Ann downstairs and nervously entered the lounge. Mum and Dad were standing there and smiled as I followed Ann in.

"Oh you do look very pretty, Susan" said Mum and I blushed. Dad was smiling too and told me to sit down. I did so and he handed me a little box, all wrapped up in birthday paper.

"We have thrown everything out that belonged to you as our son, so you are going to need these, Susan"

I opened the present and found that the box contained a pretty gold watch, a matching gold neck chain and bracelet and a beautiful diamond ring. Mum helped me to put them on and smiled at me as I slid the ring on my right hand.

"Tomorrow, Susan, you, Ann and myself are going shopping. You can choose some more jewellery and clothes for yourself.

I smiled my thanks and while Ann made a cup of coffee Mum went on to tell me more about what would happen to me from now on. She had been slipping female hormone tablets into my food for the past month and now I would continue to take them myself. It was these hormones that had already stopped me from having an erection and in a few months they would cause me to develop breasts and make my figure much more rounded, more feminine.

They had already arranged for me to attend a clinic that would oversee my transformation. As soon as they were satisfied that my body had accepted the female hormones I would have an operation to remove my testicles. Without testicles I would find that my body would become feminine much more quickly.

At a later date I would have to have a second operation which would involve the removal of my penis and the creation of a fully functioning vagina. Despite the thought of surgery I was thrilled to discover that once my treatment was finished I would be able to function fully as a girl, even have full sexual intercourse.

"We know it is the only way that you will be truly happy, Susan. We have known that for several years" said Dad and then added "I think that you should have along talk with your Mum, Susan. There is a lot for you to learn about, especially when it comes to dealing with boys"

I blushed at the thought that Mum would have to tell me about how I should act with regard to boys and it was starting to finally sink in that, from now on, "boys" were the opposite sex and might find me attractive.

I was still in a dream at finding myself being treated as a daughter and yet I was full of questions. Did any of my relatives know what was happening?. Mum smiled and told me that Aunty Jean had guessed a long time ago that I should have been born a girl and, she added, Aunty Jean had discovered that I had dressed up in her clothes whenever I went to stay with her.

"Your Aunty Jean actually told us about you and suggested that we should help to make the change. She is coming with us tonight and she said to tell you that she is looking forward to seeing her new niece"

Mum then suggested that Ann and I should get dressed, "Ann will help you" she said. "You might need a little time to get used to your new clothes before we go out. And Ann will give you some tips on how to walk in your new shoes."

I got up and hugged Mum and Dad again and thanked them for making my dreams come true. I could already sense that they were treating me like a daughter and all the feminine emotions that I had tried to keep hidden began to surface and I felt so feminine.

Ann grabbed hold of my hand and said,

"Come on, Susan. Let's see what you look like all dolled up in your party frock"

Mum and Dad smiled at me as I followed Ann upstairs.

In the bedroom Ann told me to take off my nightdress and negligee, I stood in front of the mirror wearing only panties and was amazed how feminine I looked with my smooth skin, long hair and breasts, even if they were only "falsies"

Ann told me to remove my panties. I did so and only then did I suddenly feel self conscious of the fact that I still had a penis. It looked so out of place. I was grateful when Ann handed me a pair of white silk panties to put on. These were tight enough to fully flatten the bulge between my legs and a quick glance in the mirror showed me that I looked female again.

I was then help to put on the white silk basque. Ann showed me the best way to put it on and then started to lace up the back. She told me to lean against the dressing table and to breathe out as far as I could. As I did this she tightened the laces up so tight that even when I breathed in again my waist had been pinched right in.

This had the effect of giving me feminine figure, My new breasts were pushed up and out by the basque and my waist was now small enough to make my hips look wider. Ann grinned and me and asked me if I knew how to put on stockings.

I blushed as I admitted that I did and she passed me a pair of new stockings. They were "Candy" coloured and had lace tops. I slipped them over my feet and rolled them up my legs. It felt so thrilling putting stockings on now that I had smooth legs with no hairs. I fastened them to the suspenders on the basque and Ann showed me how to adjust the suspenders just right.

I blushed again when Ann said that I had looked very expert at putting on stockings.

I could not help admiring myself in the mirror as I stood there in my basque and stockings. I asked Ann if she prepared stockings to tights and she said that it depended on the weather. If it was warm then stockings were cooler, but during the winter tights were much better.

"Mind you" she added, "You will find that boys like the idea of you wearing stockings and some times you wear stockings just to please them"

I blushed at the mention of boys again and Ann noticed my face turn red. She grinned and said,

"Susan, you will have to get used to the idea that boys will want to take you out. You are going to be a very attractive girl and sooner or later some boy will want to take you out on a date"

I told her that I realised that and I did accept that I would end up dating boys, it was just that everything had happened so quickly that I still got goose bumps at the thought. Ann said that once the hormones had really started to transform me in to a girl I would find that I would discover that I had the same urges and needs that all girls have.

I grinned and said that it was so nice to be able to talk to her about such things and she smiled and said,

"You mean like sister to sister"

Ann then handed me an underskirt to put on. This was several layers of white net with white silk ribbons and bows. I put it on and found that it fitted around my waist so easily. It came to just on my knee and looked so full. I twirled around and revelled in the swishing sound it made.

Then came the dress that Mum had bought for me. It was beautiful, with a pink velvet bodice, sleeveless and with a white silk skirt. It had a round neckline that was not very low. It was fastened at the back with a zip.

Ann helped to step in to it and then to zip it up. It was the first time I had worn a sleeveless dress but now my arms had made smooth and the hair under my armpits had been removed, I could wear such as dress quite easily. There was a pink satin belt to match the dress and Ann fastened this around my waist.

I needed only shoes now to complete the outfit and Ann passed a pair of pink suede slingbacks to me. They had only a 2 inch heel and Ann said that it would be best not wear too high a heel for my first time out. I slipped them on and stood in front of the mirror with Ann at my side.

I was stunned, truly stunned, I looked and felt so feminine. Ann was grinning too and said that it had been crazy to think that I had ever been her brother.

I stood in front of the mirror as Ann got dressed. I was not embarrassed even when she stripped off completely and neither was she. We really did feel like two sisters.

Ann finished dressing and smiled at me as she finished putting on her own make up. She put some perfume on and showed me how to put some on. It was "Anais Anais" and smelt lovely. Ann then said that I needed a handbag of some sort and suggested that I borrow one of hers until I got my own.

I needed a handbag, said Ann, to keep things like my lipstick, compact, brush, purse and keys in. I had not even thought where I would put things like key or money. Ann gave me a soft white leather shoulder bag which I carefully put my things in, making a note that I would also have to get a purse.

With the bag on my shoulder and feeling so feminine I followed Ann back downstairs. I was even more nervous to be facing my parents now that I was fully dressed as Susan and yet I wanted to show them how pretty and feminine I looked.

Mum and Dad smiled and Dad said that I looked beautiful which made me blush. I could feel myself changing in the way I responded to both my parents and my sister. I really was beginning to feel like the youngest daughter.

I did a twirl in front of Mum and Dad and blushed again when Dad said that I had very nice legs just like Ann.

While Mum and Dad went up to get changed Ann gave me some hints on how to act when we went out. She told me how best to get in to the car wearing high heels and a dress and made me practice using a chair. She also told me that as I would probably need to use the loo while we were out I should remember that from now on I had to use the Ladies.

Being told that I had to use the Ladies made me suddenly realised just how different my life was going to be. Ann grinned and said that I should follow her when she went if I was unsure of what to do.

"But what about my voice" I asked Ann, "It is too deep"

Ann told me not to worry. All I had to do was to speak quietly and my voice would sound girlish enough. Apparently when I started my treatment properly I would have voice lessons which would make me sound more feminine. I could even have a minor operation on my larynx to make my voice higher.

As Ann was giving me advice I was sitting in the armchair with my legs crossed. It was wonderful to feel the soft lace of my basque through the bodice of my dress and the tension of my suspenders on the tops of my legs. I felt so sensual and feminine.

Mum and Dad came downstairs ready to go out and the time had come for me to go out in to the world as Susan, their daughter. Dad insisted on taking a photo of Mum, Ann and myself and I posed on one side of Mum whilst Ann stood at the other. Dad then took a photo of Ann and myself, his two daughters, and then one of me on my own.

Ann suggested that I should wear a coat to go out in as my dress had no sleeves. As I did not yet have one Ann lent me her long black coat. Dad helped me to put it on and said again how pretty I looked.

I followed Ann and my parents out to the car and sat in the back seat with Ann. She smiled as I tried to follow her instructions on how a girl gets in to car and told me that I had done it well.

The restaurant was not far away and I was feeling very nervous as we drove up and parked the car. I was going to be meeting people as Susan for the very first time. Mum told me that I had nothing to be worried about because I looked just perfect. Even so my heart was thumping as I got out of the car and followed them in to the restaurant.


Dad told the waiter that we had arrived and the waiter took our coats for us. I stood there feeling quite nervous especially when a friend of Dad's came up and said hello to him. Dad told him that we were there to celebrate my birthday and then introduced Ann and myself to him. The man smiled at us and said to Dad that he had two very pretty daughters and then he wished my "happy return".

As the man left to join his own party, Mum smiled at me and said,

"There now, Susan, What did I tell you. You look very feminine and very pretty"

We had a drink while we waited for Aunt Jean to arrive. I had never been very fond of beer and it was therefore quite easy for me to ask for a glass of wine, much more suitable for me as a girl. Then Aunt Jean arrived.

I had wondered how she would react to seeing me as Susan and I knew that she had actually suggested to my parents that I would be happier as a girl. Even so, I still wondered what she would think of seeing me sat there wearing a dress and make up.

Aunt Jean arrived and said "hello" then she turned to me and without any hesitation at all said,

"Many happy returns, Susan. I must say you are looking very pretty tonight"

She handed me a present as she spoke and I opened it to find that it contained a pair of gold earrings with matching bracelet and necklace. They looked very expensive and I thanked her very much. She grinned and sat down beside me. and asked what else I had got for my birthday. Aunt Jean smiled when I told her of the things Mum and Dad had bought me and then laughed when I added that I had also been given a new life.

It is amazing but Aunt Jean never ever referred to my past life again and from that night on treated me as her niece in every way.

I was still very nervous at being amongst so many people and dressed as I was. I just had to go to the toilet. I nudged Ann's arm and whispered that I needed to go and she smiled back and me and then stood up and said that she needed the Ladies and did I want to go to. I said yes and followed her to the Ladies.


Actually it was not such a great ordeal and I slipped in to the toilet and eased my panties down and sat on the seat. I knew that from now on I would never stand to pee again and this made me giggle.

Ann suggested that we touch up our lipstick before returning to our table and I did so feeling every inch a woman. I even made sure my hair was tidy. We returned to our table and sat down again. Ann leant over to me and whispered,

"See Susan, as far as every one is concerned you are just as much a girl as I am"

We ordered our meal and talked while we ate. The conversation turned to clothes and Aunt Jean asked whether I preferred long dresses or short dresses. I replied that it depended on the occasion and how I felt. I said that I liked the feel of a full skirt over a nice soft petticoat.

I suddenly realised how knowledgeable I sounded and blushed. Dad just smiled and said that it was nice when a girl liked to wear feminine clothes and added that too many girls dressed just like men.

I wanted to ask Mum, Ann and Aunty Jean a lot of things about dressing and living as a woman, practical things that I felt I should know, but I was too embarrassed to ask them in front of Dad.

I wanted to know what it felt like to wear a really glamorous evening gown, with a full length skirt and layers and layers of net petticoat. I had seen Ann wearing one as a bridesmaid some years before and had been really envious. But at least now that I was to live the rest of my life as a girl, I would be able to wear such a dress when the opportunity arose.

Mum told Aunty Jean that I was going shopping with her in the morning to buy the rest of my birthday present. Aunty Jean asked if she could come too and laughed when she said,

"It will be a real girl's day out!"

Aunty Jean said that there were some nice dresses in Next that I should really look at as they would suit me. They were very pretty and glamorous.

"Of course, Dear, you could do with some casual clothes too and I know where you can get some really nice skirts and jumpers."

I could not help but blush whenever I glanced at Dad, wondering how he felt about me acting so feminine in front of him. But Dad just smiled at me and he was treating me just like Ann, just like another daughter.

We finished our meal and Dad drove us home. We said goodnight to Aunty Jean, arranging to meet her in town at 10 o'clock next morning. Before she left she kissed me on my cheek and whispered in my ear.

"Happy Birthday, Susan. I really am so happy to have another niece and a pretty one at that. The next time you come to visit I am going to introduce you to all my friends so that they can see how pretty you are"


We arrived home and Dad made a drink while Mum, Ann and myself sat in the lounge and talked. Mum asked me how I had felt going out as a girl for the first time and I blushed when I told her that it had been wonderful. Ann told Mum that I had acted so much like a real girl when she and I had gone to the ladies that no one would ever have guessed my secret.

Dad came back in with our cups of coffee and he and Mum began to tell me more about what had been arranged already for me. I was to visit the Clinic as soon as we moved to the Lakes and I would begin my treatment. From now till then I would live as a girl anyway. Dad had already destroyed all my men's clothes anyway.

Dad produced a whole pile of papers which he said I needed to sign. He explained that one was to formally change my name to Susan and that the others were to have all official records, like my driving licence, social security number and passport changed, so that I would officially become Susan.

Mum said that I could either sign them now or wait a while and think about whether or not I was firmly committed to becoming a woman. I giggled and said that I would sign them straight away and that I had no doubts at all. I signed the forms and Dad said he post them in the morning.


It was soon time for bed and Mum told me that Ann would show me how to remove my make up properly. Mum also produced a jar of cream which she said I should use on my face. It was a special cream that would remove any trace of masculine hair from my face. In time my beard would be completely gone and I would have a smooth complexion just like her and Ann.

I went upstairs, undressed and put on my nightdress and slippers. Ann showed me the best way to remove my make up and after using the special cream on my face Ann insisted that I use some of her Oil of Ulay. After all she said, it was never too early for a girl to start looking after her complexion. When I was finished I was amazed at how feminine my face looked with my eyebrows shaped and my hair long. I looked like a girl even without any make up.

When I was ready for bed, Mum and Dad acme in to my room to wish me goodnight. I felt very emotional and hugged and hugged them for making my birthday so special. I had come of age, but not as their son, but as their daughter.

Ann also came and kissed me goodnight and said that I would make a lovely sister. I hugged her too and asked her if she would help to decide what I should wear the following day for our shopping trip.

I lay back on the bed to go to sleep but found it difficult.My head was in a whirl at the way my birthday had turned out and all I could think about was what my life was going to be like as Susan.

I woke up the following morning and was almost afraid to open my eyes in case yesterday had all been a dream. To my delight when I did open my eyes the first thing I saw was my painted finger nails and I knew that it had all really happened. I was going to be a girl!

I got out of bed and put on my dressing gown and slippers. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. The reflection of my face in the mirror thrilled me even more because it was a girl's face that looked back at me.

I went downstairs and found Mum, Dad and Ann already up. Mum kissed me and Dad asked me gently "How is my youngest daughter today?"

"Very happy" I replied and there was no need for them to ask me if I had changed my mind about becoming a girl.

Mum poured me a cup of coffee and gave me a tablet to take, explaining that it contained female hormones. I was to start my treatment straight away!

I swallowed the tablet knowing that over the next few months my body would begin to respond to the female hormones and would begin to change. I felt thrilled at the fact that the process was actually beginning.

"Now Susan" Mum said to me, "Have you decided what you are going to wear today?"

Before I could answer Ann suggested that it would be best to wear a silk camisole top with a skirt, tights and a white body shaper for underwear. It would be easier for me to slip in and out of when we went shopping for some more clothes.

"And only a little make up, Dear" Mum suggested.

I went upstairs to dress and Ann watched me as I put on my make up, giving me some useful hints as I did so. My hair was brushed and put in to a pony tail. Ann lent me a pink ribbon to tie it up with. Looking at myself in the mirror I was thrilled to see how girlish I looked. It was fun to be able to swing my pony tail around and to have ribbons in my hair made me feel very girlish too.

My skirt was lined so I had no need to wear an underskirt. I wore a gold belt around my waist which helped me look as if I had a girlish figure. My legs looked perfect in "nearly black" tights and black suede shoes with 3 inch heels. Ann also lent me a white anorak to wear.

Mum was downstairs when I went down and she smiled her approval at my light make up. Dad said I looked just as pretty as the night before and told me to enjoy my shopping spree.


Ann drove us all in to town and I really did feel very feminine as I sat in the car chatting with Mum and Ann about clothes and make up. It did not take very long to drive in to the town and soon Ann was parking the car in the multi storey car park. We all got out and I realised for the first time that I was about to walk around the shops as a girl, and in day light too.

We walked down the precinct and I felt so happy at hearing my high heels clicking on the pavement and feeling the breeze around my legs. The breeze was just enough to blow my pony tail and it all felt so wonderful.

Mum and Ann kept talking to me and it was obvious that they could see how happy I was. We looked in some of the shops windows and Ann would point out various dresses and skirts and ask if I liked them. I was so happy just being able to spend time looking at clothes and even asking Mum and Ann if they thought that they would suit me.

It was really a pleasure at being able to act like a girl and show a real interest in clothes without feeling as if people were looking at me. In the past I had only been able to sneak glances at women's clothes, but now I could spend time looking at them and talk about them with Mum and Ann. They really were treating me as if I was a female and it felt wonderful.

If looking at the clothes was great, being able to go in and try them on was an even more tremendous feeling. Mum said that the first thing I needed was a smart two piece for when I started work with Dad. I tried on a short red skirt with matching jacket which fitted me very well. Mum suggested that a black camisole top would go nice with it and I tried that on too. Mum paid for the skirt, jacket and top and I walked out of the shop having bought my first clothes as Susan.

Ann said that we should look at the lingerie department as I would need a black bra at least to go with the top. We walked round and around the bras, panties and underskirts, with me in a dream. It did not seem strange to either Mum or Ann that we were looking for panties and bras for me and this made me feel so contented.

I finally settled for a black lace body shaper, a black bra and several pairs of panties. I would have liked to have bought the really flimsy ones but Mum suggested in a whisper that for the time being I should wear slightly more substantial ones. She did not have to say that this was to ensure my little bulge was well hidden.

As well as underwear I also bought two nightdresses and some underskirts of various lengths. I was now well laden with shopping bags but insisted on carrying them all myself. Both Ann and Mum had bought clothes too and it had been nice to be asked for my opinions as a girl as to whether or not I liked them. As we all had several bags of shopping Ann suggested that we dump them back in the car and then go for a coffee before we met up with Aunty Jean.

 After we had put had put the bags in the boot of the car we went to the cafe for a cup of coffee. Ann and Mum sat down while I went to order the coffees.I was so full of confidence now that I would be accepted as a girl that I had no fears at all at asking the male the waiter for our order.

What did startle me though, was the way in which he spoke to me and when I returned to Ann and Mum my face was red. In answer to their questions I explained that he had actually been trying to chat me up and that I had begun to blush. Mum and Ann laughed and told me that I would get used to it, after all I did look pretty and men would find me attractive.

"How did it make you feel?" asked Ann. I thought for a minute and replied honestly that I had been very flattered, even excited. Ann grinned at me and told me that this was the normal feminine response.

Aunty Jean arrived and joined us for coffee. She asked what I had bought and I excitedly told her of all the things I had chosen.

"Well Dear" she said, "I want to buy you a nice party frock. You and Ann will be coming to my birthday party soon and I wanted to buy you both something special to wear. I was going to buy you a suit but now that you are a girl, I think that a nice cocktail dress would be better"

We finished our coffee and set on to go around the shops again. Aunty Jean ended up buying me a beautiful dress. The dress had a black silk bodice with a rounded neckline trimmed with black lace. It had three quarter length puff sleaves of black chiffon wit little black bows The skirt was of black chiffon with several layers of black net petticoat and it came to just above my knee. To finish it off the was a gold belt to wear around my waist.

It felt wonderful just trying the dress on and even though it was expensive Aunty Jean said that I looked so pretty in it that I just had to have it. She then insisted on buying me a black basque and panties to wear with it and a pair of black satin shoes with 3 inch heels.

Aunty Jean also bought Ann a really nice dress, a red velvet shift dress that really suited her slim figure.

Our shopping spree finished with Mum buying me a purse and three handbags, two them with shoulder straps. I was now completely kitted out as a girl. We said goodbye to Aunty Jean and Ann drove us home.


Once home, I excitedly told Dad about the shopping trip and showed him all the clothes I had bought. It was funny how I now felt no embarrassment at talking to Dad as his daughter and he smiled as I showed him the dress Aunty Jean had bought.

"Susan, Dear, you will look beautiful wearing that" he said.

Ann told him about me being chatted up in the coffee shop and that I had got embarrassed.Dad just grinned again and suggested that I should have a long talk with Mum and Ann about how to handle such situations. After all, he said. When O started working for him I was bound to find myself being chatted up by the men who would be working with us.

"There will always be some one prepared to chat up the boss's daughter, especially when she is pretty too" he said.

We all went to bed early that night as tomorrow was the day that we were moving and we had to get up early. I lay in my bed and dreamed of my new life as Susan.



Chapter 2 - New beginnings


We were all up early the next morning and quickly had breakfast and got dressed. As there was a lot of work to do that day, I suppose that it would have been more practical for me to wear jeans rather than a skirt, but Mum and Dad both felt that I should not wear jeans, even if they were girl's jeans, just yet. Instead I wore a short black skirt with a jumper, panties, bra and tights. Mum helped me tie my hair into a pony tail and with only a little eye shadow, mascara and lipstick, both Ann and Mum said I looked very feminine.


I was eager to help with the heavy lifting but Dad would not let me. He said that as a girl I should only lift light stuff and leave the heavier items to the removal men. Mum said that as time went on and my treatment progressed I would lose some of my strength. My muscles would reduce to that of a woman's and besides, said Mum, I had to make sure my fingernails did not get broken.

It felt strange and yet wonderful to find myself packing all my new clothes to take with us. I would be taking only girl's clothes as that was all I needed from now on. We finished all our own packing and then had a cup of coffee while we waited for the removal van to come.

We were all excited at moving to the Lakes, but I was the most excited of us all. I would be moving to a new house and neighbourhood where I would be known only as Susan. All of Dad's employees would know me as the boss's daughter. Mum had already made an appointment for me to go to the clinic in a weeks time and they would really start my transformation in to a woman.


The removal van arrived and the men began to carry everything out to the van. I blushed when one of the men tried chatting me up. He kept offering to carry the smaller items that I had begun to carry out to the van. Being chatted up made me feel even more feminine and I felt so relaxed and confident that I was accepted as a girl without even a second glance.

Once the van was loaded it set off for our new house. Dad and Mum were going in his car while I went with Ann in hers. Ann knew where the house was and so we all agreed that rather than try and keep together, Ann and I would meet Mum and Dad there. Ann and I set off while Dad made sure that everything was locked up properly.



The drive with Ann was fun. We talked about things as if we had been sisters all our lives and I learnt a lot about what it was going to be like being a girl. We talked about clothes and make up and it was a relief to be able to talk so freely about such things for the first time.

Of course the conversation turned to boys and Ann asked me if what I had felt about girls and boys while I had been living as a boy. I explained that I had always felt it easy to be friends with other girls but had been unable to feel any physical attraction towards them. I added that I had forced myself not to think of other boys in that sort of way.

Ann said that from now on I would begin to think more and more about boys. I was, she said, like a young girl who had just reached puberty. One minute a girl does not think boys are worth looking at and then suddenly she begins to feel attracted to them.

I replied that I was fully prepared for that and was happy to act as naturally as any girl. We ended up talking about what physical attributes a boy could have that would be attractive to a girl. As we talked I realised that my feelings were already changing and that one day soon I would be eager to be dated by a boy.


We stopped at the service station on the M6 and had a coffee and something to eat. To everyone about us we were two young girls travelling together and I realised that I was becoming quite pleased when men glances over at us and gave us both admiring looks. Ann smiled and said that I was well on my way.

We talked about sex of course. I was eager to learn from Ann what it would be like as a girl. Ann had already told me that she was no longer a virgin. I admitted that I had never had sex before and that I was glad now that my first time would be as a girl. Ann told me that it was not so much the actual act of intercourse that was so pleasurable, but the whole thing, being fancied by a man, foreplay and the feeling that your body just wanted to submit to his.

"Mind you, Susan" she said, "When a man finally does get into your knickers, the sensation is wonderful. It can be like being tickled non stop, and it sends shivers of pleasure all through your body"

I smiled and said that it sounded fantastic. Ann grinned and said I would soon find out for myself.

We arrived at our new house after a drive of nearly 5 hours. I was the only one who had not seen the house. Ann and Mum had been up there to help decorate and Dad had been to do some alterations.

The house was quite big. Detached with 6 bedrooms and two garages. It had large gardens to the front and back and a long driveway.

Mum and Dad were already there and opened the door as the heard the sound of Ann's car. While Dad made a cup of coffee, Mum insisted on showing me around the house. It was every bit as wonderful as it looked, but the biggest surprise was when Mum showed me my room.

The room had been decorated and fitted out for a girl. There were pink lace nets and pretty curtains. The bedspread was new and was in pink and white. There was a large dressing table with a mirror and a built in wardrobe. Mum opened the door and revealed a full length mirror.

I knew that the house had been decorated long before I began to live as a girl and Mum smiled when I asked her. She told me that she had known for a long time, even before I had known that I was really her daughter and nor her son. Mum and Dad had decided that seeing as how we were going to start a new life in the Lake District, it was the ideal time for me to begin my transformation. Mum said that it would be so much easier for me to be living somewhere where I had always been known as Susan.

"We have already told everyone we have met up here that our two daughter would be living with us. As far as anyone is concerned you always have been my daughter Susan"


I kissed her, I was so lucky to have such a family that would do so much to help me to womanhood.

After our cups of coffee, we began to sort our rooms out. It was thrilling to be putting all my girls clothes away in my new wardrobe, knowing that there had not been any male clothes there before. My room had its own en-suite bathroom and I put out all my toiletries that I now needed as a girl. My dressing table was soon filled with my make up, jewellery, knickers and tights. It was really good fun.


I did not have to go into work for the first week while Dad sorted things out. I did however have an appointment at the clinic that Mum had contacted and who would control my treatment for gender reassignment. The first appointment was for the following morning and I went to sleep that night excited that I was really getting started on the road to becoming a girl.


Mum drove me to the clinic and came in with me. I was both excited and nervous. I was interviewed by a Dr Marsh who asked me very personal questions. I was a bit afraid that he might say that I was not really a girl but when he had finished he smiled and said,

"Well Susan, I think there is little doubt that you really are female despite the way your body looks at the moment. We can soon remedy that though"

He went on to explain that the hormones I was already taking would be increased in strength. This would make the development of female characteristics much quicker. He said that in only three months I would have developed breasts. I asked what would they be like and he smiled and suggested that the most likely outcome would be that I would develop breasts similar to my sister Ann's.

I was quite pleased at this because Ann had a very nice pair of breasts, not too large or too small. Dr Marsh also said that my skin would change in texture, it would become softer and that I would lose muscle and develop a much rounder shape, around my shoulder, elbows, knees and so on. My waist would decrease and my hips and bottom would get bigger.

He then surprised me by saying that he felt that he should do one small operation as soon as possible. This would be to remove my testicles. Without them the hormone treatment would be much more effective.

"I would only suggest doing this now, where I am satisfied that you are in doubts at all at having a feminine body. There other benefit is that you will find it more comfortable wearing panties and there will be hardly any bulge left."


He went on to explain that my penis would be left until my final operation. This would be used to give me a fully functioning vagina and part of the penis would be used to line the entrance to it. He told me that such vaginas were almost identical to any other girls and that it would be just as sensitive and allow me to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse.

I blushed as he mentioned this and Dr Marsh just smiled and said that it often came as a shock to patients when he told them just how fully functioning the vagina would be.

"You see, when a male gets aroused the male hormones create the desire to penetrate with the penis, but a female when aroused has the desire to be penetrated. That is why the sexual organs are as they are. One fits into the other quite naturally and the hormones create the desire to either penetrate or be penetrated. Once you have female genitals and female hormones you can not help to desire penetration"


He suggested that the first operation be done the following day. I would only need to stay in for one night and there would not be any side affects. I left the clinic feeling excited at the fact that after tomorrow there could be no turning back and that soon I would be a complete woman.

Mum and I left the clinic and I told her that I had to go back in the morning for them to perform the operation to remove my testicles. Mum asked if I had any doubts and I smiled and said that I was never so certain about anything in my life.

"Besides, Mum. I will be able to wear those lovely panties you have bought for me"


We returned home and told Dad and Ann my news. Dad winced at the thought of me being castrated but I assured him that I was quite happy at the idea. I told them what Dr Marsh had said about how perfect a vagina he could give me and how well it would work.

"He said that I could be a complete woman inside 6 months" I said excitedly.


I hardly slept that night even though my new room was so pretty. I was taking the first irreversible step to becoming a woman and I was thrilled. Dr Marsh's words about sex kept running through my mind and the thought of having sex as a girl was beginning to stimulate me.


The next morning I dressed in a loose skirt and blouse and Mum packed me an overnight bag with my nightdress, dressing gown and slippers. Mum drove me to the clinic and walked with me inside.

We were met by a nurse who showed us to a private room and told me to get undressed. She also handed me a razor and asked me to shave the pubic hairs from around my testicles.

Mum put my stuff in the wardrobe as I undressed, shaved and slipped on my nightie. I had only just finished and had got into bed when the nurse returned with Dr Marsh.

The doctor then explained the operation in more detail to me.

"Well Susan" he said, "You will find that this operation is very simple and it is not very painful at all. We remove the testes in just the sort of way a vet neuters a tomcat and I am sure that you have seen how quick they recover from that"

He then went on to explain that the advantage of removing the testes now was that the Oestrogen I was taking would act on my body much quicker and I would soon notice the changes. I would develop breasts and my hips and bottom would get much bigger until I had a feminine figure.

They would not just remove my testes, they would actually stitch my penis down flat between my legs. I would still be able to pee through it, but as the end of penis would be roughly where my vagina would eventually be, I would have to sit to pee like any other girl.

The removal of my testes and the fact that I was taking female hormones would ensure that I could not have an erection. The result would be that I would have hardly any bulge between my legs at all and would be able to wear even delicate panties without any suggestion that I was anything other than a girl.


"You do realise, of course" said the doctor, "This operation cannot be reversed. Once your testes are removed you can never become a male again"

I replied that I fully understood and was committed to becoming as feminine as I could.

The nurse then explained that she was going to give me a pre-med which would make me drowsy.

I felt the prick of the needle and then suddenly felt very tired. Mum and the nurse left me as I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes.

I hardly noticed when the nurse and two attendants returned and lifted me on to a trolley to wheel me down to the operating theatre. I was vaguely aware of being placed on the table and my nightdress being rolled up above my waist as my legs were spread apart and my ankles fastened to two posts at either side of the table. A mask was placed over my mouth and then I was out.


I woke up back in my room feeling a little sore in my groin. The covers were raised over my waist. The nurse came in and smiled at me.

"Hello Susan" she said, "I see you are awake. You will feel a little sore for a few hours but it will soon pass. Most of our ladies are up and about in 4 to 6 hours"

She gave me an injection to help ease the discomfort and said that Dr Marsh would be in too see shortly.

When Dr Marsh came in he told me that everything had gone very well and that whilst doing the operation he had been able to assess how my vagina would be constructed.

"I am very pleased to say that you will be able to have quite a deep vagina. The size varies between women quite naturally anyway, but you have room to take quite a deep one. It will mean that it will allow greater penetration during intercourse"


He left me and in a few hours I was able to get up and walk around. I could feel the difference already at not having any balls between my legs. As I walked I knew that I was no longer a male and could never be one again.


Mum and Dad came in to see me later on and by then I was already feeling less pain between my legs. Mum said she would come for me the following day once my stitches had been removed.

The following day I had my stitches removed and was able to get dressed. My panties did fit much better and I really could cross my legs fully.

I walked with Mum to the car and thrilled to feel that I was truly on my way.


The rest of the week I took things easy. That is to say that I had time to get used to the routine things that girls do. Mum, having her own hairdressing salon, also did hair removal using electrolysis. Over the course of the next few days she completely removed my beard and the hairs on my legs and chest. Soon my body felt as smooth as her's or Ann's and I did not have to use any special creams.

During the week I had time to go out by myself and walk around as a girl. It was very satisfying to realize that I passed so easily for a girl. Even my voice was sounding more feminine as I practised every chance I got. Mum had bought me a book which explained how I could make my voice more feminine.


By the end of the week I was moving naturally like a girl, talking like a girl and as Dad said, even beginning to exhibit femininely wiles like Ann and Mum. He said this after I had persuaded him to end me some money to buy a pretty skirt I had seen in the shops.

On the Friday Dad suggested that I might like to call in at the new Office and be introduced to the rest of the staff. Mum and Ann assured me that I acted and sounded just like a girl and no one would ever guess to the contrary. I agreed.


In the end the visit proved quite enjoyable. I was introduced as the boss's daughter and soon found myself being chatted up. Mary, Dad's secretary, did not twig and soon we were getting on fine. She told me not to mind the men chatting me up, they did it all the time.

"They will chat up any girl that comes in here, and when she is pretty like you Susan, they try even harder. There not a bad bunch though, and at least we can have some fun at the Christmas parties"


She asked me if I had a boyfriend and I replied that I did not have one at the moment. Mary smiled and suggested that, in that case, I might fancy one of the lads.


Mary showed me the Ladies toilet and said that it was great that Dad was employing me. She said that I would be some one for her to talk to, girl to girl.

I returned home confident that I would easily pass as a girl when I started work the following week. In fact I had quite enjoyed the flirting with the men and the fact that they found me attractive.


The rest of the week I practised putting on my make up and experimented with different amounts. Dad said that I looked prettier with only a little make up and actually I agreed with him. Mum redid my hair extensions and styled my hair for me.


To cut a long story short I started work the following Monday and soon settled in to routine. I got on well with the men in the drawing office and enjoyed their flirting with me. Mary and I became good friends and would have girlie chats during lunch.

Of an evening Ann and I would sometimes go out and this was a chance for me to dress up in something really glamorous. Dad would lecture us before we went about being careful and it obvious that he treated us both as his daughters.


By the end of the month the hormone treatment was beginning to take affect. I had to stop wearing the artificial breasts as my own were starting to develop. My nipples were quite sensitive and Mum told me to rub moisturiser in. She also padded out my bras and each week removed some of the padding to balance the fact that my breasts had grown a little more.

By the end of two months my breasts were fully developed and they were wonderful, so full and rounded just like Ann's. My hips and bottom had also developed and naked I now had a very feminine figure. I was able to wear tighter fitting dresses to show my figure off to best advantage.

The pubic hair had grown over the area between my legs where Dr Marsh had stitched the loose skin over my penis. It meant that I now looked as if I actually had a vagina and standing naked in front of the mirror it was very hard to tell any difference between me and Ann.

I had started to go to aerobics with Ann and would do the exercises at home in the evenings. My waist was gradually getting smaller and by the end of three months my figure was every bit as feminine as Ann's or Mum's. My hair had grown quite long and I no longer needed to have any extensions put in it. Mum cut and styled my own hair so that I could grow it long. I really liked being able to tie ribbons in my hair.

As my body changed so did my thoughts and feelings. I was now embarrassed if Dad saw me half dressed. I was also conscious that I was taking an even greater interest in girlish things and that my attitudes were becoming typically feminine. I began reading love stories and women's magazines instead of Science Fictions and took an increasing interest in fashion.

In some ways it was those little things which made me realise what becoming a woman meant. For example the lack of pockets! My skirts and dresses had no pockets, of course, and even when I wore a skirt and jacket for work, the pockets in the jacket were just for decoration. I learnt just how important a girl's handbag was and soon I felt undressed without mine.

Once when Dad and I were chatting and he asked me how I felt now that I was becoming a girl, he asked me if I had got used to wearing dresses and skirts. I replied that I had and that the most surprising thing had been getting used to the variety of clothes that a girl could wear. First of all there was the choice between a dress or a skirt and then when it came to underwear the options were even more confusing.

I had begun to wear lingerie to suit myself. I liked to be able to wear soft silk underwear and to be able to feel its smoothness against my skin. I liked to wear stockings too as they made me feel so feminine but I found that sometimes wearing tights was more practical.


I attended the clinic every fortnight and Dr Marsh took measurements of my breast development, my hips and bottom. We also talked about how I was finding living as a girl and about my thoughts and feelings. He treated me just like a girl and seemed very pleased with my progress.

My attitude towards men was certainly becoming more and more feminine. Just as Dr Marsh had said I began to feel aroused by men when they flirted with me and I began to imagine more and more how sex would feel like as a woman.

I would talk to Ann about how a girl acts towards men and she gave me much useful advice. Our talks also made me think more and more about how sex would be like as a girl and one night Ann and I hired a blue video while Mum and Dad were out and we watched it together. I tried to put myself in the position of the girl in video as she was shagged in many different ways.

It was about this time that Ann asked if I would make up a foursome with her and a boy she had met. I would go with his friend. Ann said that both the boys were decent and that I would be perfectly safe. With a little apprehension I agreed.

Friday night arrived and Ann and I got ready. The boys, Danny and Ian were collecting us at 7.30 and there was just enough time to have tea, get a shower and get dressed. We were going to a pub for a drink and then on to a disco. Ann had instructed me on dancing as a girl and I was eager to try my dancing out. Especially as I had a pretty dress with a flared skirt that would swing as I danced.

I showered and sprayed by body with perfume. I wore a black silk basque, panties and stockings. My dress was of black chiffon with gold trim. It shoe string straps and the neckline was low and showed off my new cleavage delightfully. Mum brushed my hair for me and tied a black silk ribbon in it. She told me to have a wonderful time but to be careful. It was just the same advice she gave to Ann. I was always amazed at how easily they treated me as a girl.

My shoes were black sandals with a 3 inch heel and they made my legs look very elegant. I had a black patent shoulder bag to match.

When I came downstairs Dad looked at me and said I looked very pretty indeed. He to told me to be careful but that I should have a good time.

Ann was already and she said to me that I would find that Ian was very nice. He was two years older than me and quite tall.

"Danny says that Ian is quite shy, so you should not have any problems with him being too forward. Mind you, Susan, you do look very nice"


At bang on 7.30 the door bell rang to announce that Danny and Ian had arrived. Dad invited them in while Ann and I put on our coats.

Danny and Ian stood up as Ann and I entered the lounge. Ann introduced me to Danny as her sister, Susan, and Danny introduced Ian to Ann and me. Dad told us all to have a good time as we left and got into Danny's car.

Ann automatically got in the front with Danny leaving me and Ian to get in the back. Both of us where nervous but soon Ian began to talk. He told me that I looked very pretty and hoped that we would have a good time. I replied that I was sure that we would.


By the time we got to the pub, Ian and I were a bit more relaxed and I noticed Ann wink at Danny as if to say that Ian and I were getting on fine.

We pulled up at the pub car park and Ian git out and opened the door for Ann and I. Ann took hold of Danny's arm and shyly Ian took hold of mine. It felt quite sweet as he guided me to the pub doorway.

We had a couple of drinks in the pub and talked so as to get to know each other. Ian was fascinated by the fact that I was training as an architect. He was training to be a lawyer. Ann sat next to Danny and Ian sat next to me. I drank wine, same as Ann, while the two boys drank lager shandies.

When Ann and I went to the ladies, Ann was eager to see what I thought of Ian. Shyly I admitted that he was nice and very handsome.

"I can tell he likes you too, Susan. He has not taken his eyes off you all night"

By the time we left the pub we had all become quite friendly. I was only too delighted to have Ian take hold of my hand as we walked form the pub car park to the disco which was just next door. I felt very safe in his company and liked the way he looked after me.

At the disco Ann and I took our coats to the cloakroom and Ann told me what Danny had just told her.

"Ian said to Danny that you are the most beautiful girl he has seen. He really likes you Susan. I think he will ask you out on a date, just him and you. Would you go?"

I replied that I would probably go out with him, if he asked. He was rather dishy and his shyness just made him so much nicer.

We found a table and Ann and Danny got up to dance. This left Ian and I alone and he was very attentive. He admitted that he was not much of a dancer and hoped he would not spoil things for me. I just smiled at him and suggested that if we waited for the slow dances, all he would have to do was to hold me as we shuffled around the floor. I realised as I made the suggestion that what I really wanted was for him to put his arms around me and hold me tight.

When the music changed to a slower dance I took hold of Ian's hand and led him to the dance floor. He put his arms around my waist and I laid my head on his shoulder as we shuffled around. It was quite an experience for me as I felt myself eager to be his. Ian whispered to me that I was so beautiful and then tilted my head up and kissed me.

It was as if lightning had struck me. I had been kissed before, but that was when I was the man. This was my first kiss as a girl and it felt so satisfying. Our kiss lasted slightly longer than I think Ian had intended, but I could sense that he was finding it just as marvellous.

We returned to our seats and rejoined Ann and Danny. I am sure Ann sensed something because of the way Ian and I sat even closer to each other. When Ian put his arm around my waist and pulled me even closer, there could be no doubts that we were getting on fine.

While Ann and Danny were dancing Ian asked me if I would go out with him, but this time just the two of us. I was thrilled as he asked me and said that I would love to. We arranged to meet on Sunday for a walk in the park and then Sunday lunch at a pub in the country.

When it was finally time for us to leave the disco Ann and I went to the Ladies where I told her my news. She grinned and said that I had been acting just perfectly and that she was sure that Ian would make a good first boyfriend for me. She added that Ian was unlikely to come on too strong from what Danny had told her.

"You will probably have to take the lead if you want him to kiss you." Ann said. She was surprised therefore when I said that we had already had our first kiss on the dance floor. Ann was eager to find out what I had felt when Ian kissed me and I told her that it had been like lightning going through me.

"Oh Susan, I am so glad for you", was all she said.

I cuddled up to Ian in the back of the car driving back home and we had several lingering kisses. Each one was better than before as my body yielded to his. Our tongues entwined and I felt very feminine.

Dad and Mum had already gone to bed when we arrived home and so we invited the lads in for coffee. We drank it with Ann sitting on Danny's knee and after a little hesitation, me sitting on Ian's. Our coffee finished, we began to snog. I encouraged Ian to touch my breasts which he did gently. His touch felt wonderful and I felt my nipples harden as his fingers caressed them.

Of course I could not let him touch me between the legs, but this did not stop me from stroking the front of his trousers with the tip of my finger. I could feel his penis stiffen as I massaged him to an erection and I actually felt very pleased with myself for being able to provoke such a response.

Sadly they had to go home and so after some long lingering goodnight kisses we saw the them to the door. As they drove away, Ann turned to me and grinned.

"You can tell me all about in my room when we have got ready for bed" she said.

We went upstairs, undressed and took off our make up. After brushing my teeth I slipped on my nightdress and went in to Ann's room and sat on the bed.

I had to tell Ann exactly how I had felt and she was as pleased as I that I was now finding the whole idea of boys really arousing.

"Now all you need is your final operation, Susan" Ann said, "And then you will really enjoy being a woman"

I told Ann that I had been aroused just by his touch and the kiss, my first kiss as a girl, had been so stimulating.

"I could feel myself just wanting to be taken up in his arms and for him to do whatever he wanted to me."

Ann told me that they were all quite natural feelings when a girl met someone she liked.

I went to sleep that night in happy contentment. It seemed that I had already started to take an interest in boys and to want to be loved by them. Me, who only a few short months before had found it so hard to get a girlfriend now had someone wanting to me to be his girlfriend, and I was so happy at the mere thought. How I wished that my operation could be done soon.

When I finally got up on Saturday morning, both Mum and Dad were eager to ask me how my evening had gone. They were really pleased that I had enjoyed myself and when Ann said that Ian and I had made a nice couple dancing they smiled at me. I could tell that they were pleased and relieved at the fact that I was beginning to enjoy my new life as fully as possible.

I told them that I had agreed to go out with Ian again on Sunday and I think that Mum almost cried, she was so happy for me.

I spent the rest of the morning helping with the housework while Ann and Mum worked in the salon. Dad said that I had become much more helpful around the house since I had become Susan. Perhaps it was true, it was just that I enjoyed being able to act like a female even if that meant dusting and ironing. It really is funny how a change of sex makes you see things differently.

In the afternoon Ann and I went shopping. Now that we were two sisters rather than sister and brother, we had so much more in common. I also felt that I had so much more to learn about being a girl and Ann was very happy to help me.

Ann drove us in to town and we walked around looking at clothes. I really enjoyed being able to talk to Ann about what sorts of dresses I liked and Ann was always happy to tell me what would or would not suit me.

Just walking around the shops, wearing a skirt and high heels, listening to the click-click of my heels on the pavement was still so thrilling. I was also aware that we attracted the attention of men as we passed them by and it made me feel pleased that they found us both attractive.

I bought some more make up and some tights, Ann bought a skirt and blouse. I had already built up quite a collection of clothes and had become typically female in wanting more. This time, however, I wanted to buy some more nightdresses and some lingerie. It felt so good to be able to wear beautiful lingerie under even the plainest of skirts.


We arrived home just in time to put the tea on for Mum coming home from the salon. Dad had been doing some work in his study, in between watching the sport on TV. Ann and I cooked the tea between us and served it up.

Over tea Mum asked me if I was going out that evening and I told her no. I wanted to wash my hair and have a long soak in the bath. Ann grinned and said that it was because I wanted to get my beauty sleep ready for my date with Ian in the morning. I did not deny it!

After giving Ann a hand with the washing up, I watched some TV with Mum and Dad while Ann got ready to go out. Even my taste in TV programmes was changing and when the football came on I decided to go up for my bath.

I undressed while the bath was filling up. Even naked I looked very feminine now and I admired myself in the mirror. My waist was now quite small and my breasts ample and nicely rounded. I really did have a nice figure and my hair had grown long enough for it to rest on my shoulders. Before getting in to the bath I removed my make up and nail varnish.


I lay in the bath for a while, just enjoying the feel of the water over my naked body. I used perfumed soap after finally drying myself with the towel I used body lotion all over my body.

Slipping the bath towel around myself I then washed and dried my hair. I was still finding it difficult to manage my hair as a girl and was pleased when Mum came up and gave me a hand.

As Mum dried my hair for me she told how happy she and Dad were that I had settled to my life as Susan.

"It is as if you always were our little girl, you know, Susan" she said. Mum then told me that Dr Marsh had telephoned while Ann and I were out. He had said that he had looked at the results from my last visit to the clinic and he felt that it was now time for me to have the final operation to transform me fully in to a girl. I was to ring him on Monday to arrange when I would be able to go in.

"Well Dear" said Mum smiling at me, "How does it feel to know that soon you will be just like any other girl?"

I replied that I felt both scared and excited. Scared at the idea of the operation but excited at the thought that I would soon have a proper vagina.

"Your Dad and I think that the sooner you become a whole woman the better. Especially now that you are taking an interest in boys" said Mum. "It will not be long before you find that you want to have sex with a boy and although we do not want you to rush in to a sexual relationship too soon I am sure that you will want to be ready when the time comes"

Mum said that here would be no trouble getting time off work and that I should arrange to go in for my operation as soon as Dr Marsh could take me.

When Mum had finished my hair she helped me to pluck my eye brows and then left me to paint my finger and toe nails. I loved doing this and had begun to make a really good job of it. I liked doing it because it made my hands look so feminine and elegant.

Once I had finished I slipped on my nightie and dressing gown and watched TV for the rest of the evening until it was time for bed. I went to sleep dreaming of my date with Ian and of the fact that I would soon have my operation to give me a vagina.


I woke up early the following morning and after a wash I went downstairs to have a piece of toast and a cup of coffee. I felt excited about my date with Ian and Mum and Dad could clearly see my excitement as they just smiled at me.

Ian was calling for me at 11 o'clock and I finished my breakfast and set about getting ready. I had decided to wear long pink and black patterned skirt with a white silk camisole top. Underneath I wore a white body, tights and a white silk petticoat. I loved the feel of long skirts as they rustled about my legs.

I chose a pair of courts shoes with a 2 inch heel as Ian and I would be walking in the park. After putting on my make up and tying my hair in a pony tail with a white ribbon, I studied myself in the mirror. I was still amazed at how feminine I had become in such a short time.


In what seemed like only a few months I had gone from being a shy and awkward boy to a pretty and very feminine girl. Me, who had never had a girlfriend as a boy, now had a date with a handsome young man who saw me only as a girl. Soon my transformation would be completed and the thought made me feel so happy.

I went downstairs and asked Mum and Dad how I looked. Dad smiled and said that I looked very nice and Mum told me that I was very pretty and that she was sure Ian would be very pleased.

I sat waiting for Ian to arrive. I felt nervous and excited at the same time. I was nervous at the thought of going out on a proper date with a boy on my own, yet excited at the very thought of being treated just like any girl on a date.

Mum and Dad smiled at me and both told me to have a nice time and that I would be alright. It struck me how naturally they accepted me as their daughter and Dad was acting in the way any father would act when his daughter was going out with a boy.

The doorbell rang and Mum answered the door. She invited Ian in and I quickly picked up my handbag as he came in to the room.

Ian smiled at me and I could tell that he liked the way I looked. His very smile sent goose bumps down my back and made me feel very girlish.

I introduced him to Mum and Dad and they said hello to him. Mum said that I had told them that we were going for a walk and then for Sunday lunch. Ian agreed that that was the plan. Both Mum and Dad wished us a pleasant afternoon as I got up and stood by Ian's side.

He took my hand as we left the house and I noticed Mum smile at this. I could see that she was really happy for me to be accepted as a girl by such a handsome young man.

Ian walked me to his car and opened the passenger door for me. I got in and Ian got in his side and we drove off. As we drove down the road we both looked at each other and grinned.

"I am glad that is over" said Ian, "I never know what to say. Your Mum and Dad seemed nice though, Susan"

I replied that they seemed to like him too, but that I was glad that we were on our own now.


We talked as he drove us to the park. Ian was easy to talk to and we soon settled in to an easy way of chatting. When we arrived at the park, Ian stopped the car and before getting out he took hold of my hand and said,

"I was dying to see you again, Susan. I cannot tell you how much I was looking forward to seeing you again"

I smiled at him and said that I had been looking forward to seeing him again. Clumsily he leant over me and kissed me.

I could tell he was almost as nervous as me, yet my body tingled when his lips met mine and we kissed again. The second kiss was much less clumsy and it had the affect of relaxing us. It was clear that we both wanted to enjoy each other's company.

We got out of the car and Ian took hold of my hand as we walked around the lake. I felt so happy and contented walking hand in hand with Ian. I could feel the light breeze blowing around my legs and under my skirt, which served to make me feel more feminine.

We talked about our jobs, childhood and interests. I found it quite easy to talk about my childhood without giving any indication that I had been a little boy and not a little girl at the time. Even my interest in photography and folk music did not make me seem any less female.

Ian thought my job as an architect was unusual for a girl, but not unheard of, especially as I worked for my father.

As we walked Ian put his arm around my waist, sending a shiver of pleasure through my body. I really liked walking with his arm around my waist, it made me feel so safe and happy. Occasionally Ian would stop walking and kiss me. I could fell my body wanting to yield to his but fortunately we were in a public park.

Eventually we returned to his car and before driving off to the restaurant we began to kiss and cuddle. I laid my head on Ian's shoulder and happily let his hands roam over my body. He fondled my breasts and I could feel my nipples harden in response.

It was Ian who finally called a halt to our petting. I could tell that his body was responding to mine and that he had got an erection on. He coughed and said that we had better make a move or we would be late for lunch. Reluctantly I agreed and after yet another a kiss we drove away from the park.


Lunch at the restaurant was very nice. When we arrived I made for the ladies and tidied up my make up and brushed my hair. Ian ordered for both of us and we ate our meal and chatted away. It was very pleasant and we were enjoying each other's company very much. I told Ian as much and he smiled and said that he hoped that I would go out with him again.

I told him that I hoped so too. Suddenly remembering that I had to phone Dr Marsh, I to;d Ian that I might have to go away for a month on business. I blushed when Ian's face showed his disappointment and I quickly reassured him that I really did want to go out with him again. Ian's face brighten as I spoke and I knew that what I was beginning to feel for him was reciprocated.


Ian drove us home after the meal and I invited him in. I knew that the house would be empty as my parents and Ann would all be out. I made us coffee and we sat together on the settee.

Ian had his arm around my shoulders and I rested my head on his chest. We talked for a while and then he pulled me closer to him. We kissed and very soon we were lying together on the settee and exploring each other's bodies. I was relieved that Ian was too much a gentleman to touch me between the legs. Not that I did not long for him to, it was just that I was not yet ready.

Ian was happy to fondle my breasts through the silk of my camisole top and to kiss me hard. Our tongues explored each other's mouths and the feel of his tongue penetrating my mouth made me long to be penetrated in other ways.

When time came for Ian to go, I felt so relaxed and happy but sad that he was leaving. Our goodbye kisses were long and drawn out, neither of us wanted to break the spell. But soon Ian had gone, with a promise to ring me in the middle of the week when I knew whether or not I would have to go away.


After Ian had gone I sat curled up on the settee, so happy that my first real date had been so wonderful. I had felt all the emotions of a girl and all I wanted now was for my final operation that would allow me to do what my body was urging me to do, make love as a woman.


By the time that my parents came home I had changed in to my nightdress and dressing gown. Mum and Dad could see from the look on my face that I had enjoyed myself and when Ann came home, she and I spent ages in her room while I told her all about my date with Ian.

"I suppose Mum has told you that the clinic wants me to go in for my operation soon?" I asked Ann. She replied that Mum had told her and asked,

"And are you ready, Susan?"

I replied, "After today, it is the thing I want most of all. To be a whole woman at last"

"Well, Sister" Ann smiled, "You had best get in and get it done as soon as you can"


Later that night I talked with Mum and Dad about the operation. They both seemed genuinely pleased for me and only Dad asked if I was absolutely sure that I wanted it done. When I replied that I was, Dad smiled at me and said that I should ask Dr Marsh to take me in as soon as he could.

"All your Mum and I want is for our children to be happy and we both can see how really feminine you have become"


The following day, Dad let me come to work late so that I could telephone Dr Marsh. He repeated what he told Mum and said that he was more than happy that I was ready for the final stage of my transformation.

"In fact, Susan." Dr Marsh told me, "I think that you are so ready that any delay would be distressing for you"

I agreed, and despite my anxieties regarding the operation itself, I so desired the outcome that I was pleased that he wanted to admit me as soon as possible.

Dr Marsh explained that the operation could take place the day after I came in to the clinic. I would need to stay in bed for 4 or 5 days following the operation but I would be up and about after that. He recommended that I stay at the clinic for another 2 weeks to let my body heal fully before returning home.

Dad had told me that I was free to take whatever time off work I needed and so the only question remaining was what day Dr Marsh could do my operation.

I was both thrilled and stunned when he said that I could be admitted to the clinic that afternoon and that my operation could be performed the very next day. It would mean that within 36 hours I would have the complete body of a woman!

Scared as I was of the operation, there was still no way that I was going to delay it, it meant so much. I told Dr Marsh that I would come that very afternoon.

My hands were shaking when I put the phone down. Mum had been watching me and looked at me inquisitively.

Nervously I smiled and said, "I am to go in this afternoon, Mum. Dr Marsh says he will operate on me tomorrow" I then stared to cry and Mum hugged me.

"I am only crying because I am happy, Mum" I said, "And a little scared"




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