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My Life

by Susan Fraser


Chapter 3 - A whole woman at last!

There was a lot to do before I went in to the clinic for my operation and I only had a few hours to get ready. Mum telephoned Dad and told him and then helped me to pack some things into a suitcase to take with me. I suddenly remembered Ian, what was I to tell him to explain why I would not be able to see him for some weeks.

Mum suggested that I ring him from the clinic and explained that Dad had wanted to go down south for him on business and that I would be away for a few weeks.

"If you take your mobile phone in with you, you can always ring him of an evening, Susan" she said. This seemed a good idea and I readily agreed.


At 1 o'clock Mum drove me to the clinic where I was shown in to a private room. I was asked to undress and put on my nightie and dressing gown and to make myself comfortable until Dr Marsh came to see me. Mum stayed for a while before kissing me goodbye and said that she and Dad would come in to see me later in the evening.

I had only been alone in the room for about half an hour when Dr Marsh came in. He sat down beside me on the small sofa.

"Good Afternoon, Susan" he said " I am going to explain what we do during the operation and give you some idea of what it will mean for you"

He then went on to explain that it was quite a simple operation these days and that I would wake as complete a woman as was possible. It would be painful for a day or two but that the pain would soon pass.

"To be honest most of the ladies we operate on feel so good that they do not notice the pain at all."

He explained that I would be given a pre-med which would make me drowsy and would then be taken down to the theatre. There I would be put on the operating table and my legs would be put up onto a cradle which would keep them apart during the operation.

As my testicles had already been removed the operation would start with the unfastening of my penis. My penis would then be "skinned" and my urethra exposed. This is what I urinate through. A cavity would then be made between my legs which would in fact become my vagina.

He would make it deep enough to accommodate even the biggest penis. My urethra would be "stitched" into it and the soft sensitive skin from my penis would be used line the inside of my vagina. What was left of my scrotal sac would be used to create my labia (the lips of my vagina) and my clitoris.

The shaft of my penis would be amputated and removed.

Dr Marsh smiled at me, "You will find that your vagina will look and function perfectly. Your vagina will be quite capable of penetration just as fully as any woman's. In fact you will find that because we use the nerve endings from your penis to form the clitoris you will have exquisite orgasms during sexual intercourse."

He spoke as if he was explaining something so simple and I just lay there listening. I could hear and understand what he was telling me and yet even now it still sounded so incredible when he talked of me having a vagina and that it would so like any other woman's that I could have sex as a woman and even enjoy the experience.

I was told that the removal of my testes had meant that my body no longer produced any male hormones and that gradually it would start to produce female hormones naturally. For the first 2 months after my operation I would continue to have to take hormone tablets until my body was producing its own.

He then told me that I would wake from the operation with some degree of discomfort as they would have to insert a mould into my new vaginal cavity until it had healed and that it would be a few days before it could be removed and the swelling go down. After that and provided that I was able to urinate through my new vagina properly I would be allowed up and about.

He told me that I would have to use a dildo to help my vaginal cavity heal properly and to keep it open. The Doctor added that most women found this highly pleasurable as the dildo would cause me to have an orgasm very easily.

After a few months my vagina would be fully healed and I would be ready to have sex as a woman.

"You will find that you enjoy sex just like any girl, especially the penetration of your vagina. You will have orgasms exactly like any other girl and will be brought to climax in exactly the same way."

Dr Marsh then told me to relax and settle in to my room and that he would see me the following morning in the operating theatre. "Just relax Susan," he said, "The operation will be fine and you will wake up a complete woman"

That evening Mum, Dad and Ann all came in to see me. Dad told me that there was no problem with me taking the time off work and Ann said she would ring Ian and let him know I had gone away but that I would ring him in a couple of days.

"And don't worry, Susan" she said "I will tell him how much you like him and that you really did have to go away"

Before they left Mum and Dad both kissed me and wished me luck.

"We know that what you are doing is right for you, Susan" said Dad, "Your Mum and I have never seen you so happy since you became our daughter"

Ann also wished me luck and whispered that soon I would feel like whole woman.

The rest of the evening I spent watching TV or reading the magazines that they had brought in for me. I went to sleep early, eager for the morrow and my final step to being a woman.


I was woken up early by the nurse who came over to me and smiled as she took hold of my arm and gave me an injection.

"Well Susan, soon you will be a whole woman and ready to start a whole new life."

I gulped, reconciled as I thought I was to the fact that I was to be changed into a woman. Now the time had come, I felt dazed. Once they had performed the operation there could be no chance of me ever becoming a man again. Even now I could have looked like a man with synthetic testicles, but once my penis had been amputated that would be it.

The injection was already making me drowsy as I was lifted on to a trolley and wheeled down to the operating theatre. There was no way I could back out now.

In the operating theatre I was lifted on to the operating table and my legs were spread wide apart and a tube was pushed into my mouth. The nurse gave me an injection and I was told to breathe deeply and count backwards from a 100. I focused my eyes on my penis as I took a deep breathe, This was to be the last time I would see it and the last time that I could call myself male. I had just said "100! when I fell asleep.

I dreamt, and my dreams were both pleasant and terrible. I was floating along on the clouds wearing a gossamer thin gown and feeling so at peace. Then I was plunging down and I felt my body being pulled and pulled. The pulling was centred on my groin and became so intense that I thought I was being turned inside out, then suddenly the pulling stopped and I floated free again.

I woke and felt a sharp stab of pain between my legs. I lay there not knowing where I was, only aware of the intense pain in my body. I heard a voice say,

"Ah you are awake. I will give you an injection for the pain now"

I felt a movement between my legs and the slowly the pain began to ease. As it eased my mind started to clear. My operation was over, I was a man no longer! From this day on I would have the body of a woman and would be able to do all the things that women did, and had done to her!

The nurse spoke again,

"You will feel better soon, Susan. Try to sleep a bit"

I did sleep and when I woke a second time my head was much clearer. Dr Marsh was standing over me and smiled,

"I just want to see how you are, Susan" he said and lifted the bedclothes from me.

I tried to see what had been done to me but I was still covered in dressings. A tube ran from the top of my thigh.

"Very nice, Susan. You will have a very nice vagina when the swelling goes down. One of the best I've done. You really are a woman now, there's no going back!"

Although I knew my penis had gone and with it the last trace of my masculinity, I tried to sense if it was still there. But the sensation was strange. Instead of feeling as if there was anything between my legs I now felt as if there was a void.

"When can I see" I asked the Doctor. He smiled and told me that the swelling should have eased in a couple of days and that I would be able to examine my vagina then.

"Don't forget that it will be some weeks before your pubic hair grows again. When it does you will look and feel just like any woman between your legs"

It turned out that it was now Wednesday, I had slept all day Tuesday following my operation. Mum and Dad came in to see me that evening, but stayed for only a short time. Dad kissed me on the forehead and whispered,

"And how is our daughter feeling?"

I was touched at the way he referred to me as his daughter. He really meant it.

The next evening I was feeling much more comfortable when Ann and my parents came to visit. Ann was so curious and asked if I had seen the results of my operation yet but I told her that I hoped to be able to see for myself in the morning. While my parents went to get a cup of coffee Ann told me that she had rung Ian and told him that I had gone away on business.

"He really fancies you, Susan, you know" Ann whispered. "It is just as well that you have had your operation, I am sure he wants you to sleep with him"

I blushed, for the first time I realised that my body was now capable of making love as a woman and the thought made me tingle.


The following day I had my dressings and tube removed and for the first time was able to see how I looked between my legs. Even though I knew what to expect, I was still shocked at what I saw.

Though swollen I now had a vagina where once I had a penis. I had not realised how much space my penis and testicles had occupied. With their complete removal my legs even looked longer than before. Despite the swelling between my legs I now looked exactly like a woman.

My new vagina looked like any other woman's and it seemed so perfect in every way that I could not resist touching it. As my finger touched my new labia for the first time I trembled, it was so sensitive that I felt my whole body shake.

"My God" I thought,"If my finger feels like this what will intercourse be like" The fact that I could now be penetrated by a man was suddenly now so real to me. I felt very vulnerable all of a sudden, and yet I was even more excited when I thought of Ian being able to enter my body in the way any man enters a woman.

That morning I had my first pee through my vagina. I had long since got used to sitting rather standing to pee but this was different. I could not direct the flow at all now and I peed just like every other women.

The rest of the day I was allowed to use the lounge, wearing just my nightie and dressing gown. Walking was different too. It was so much easier and I found that I now walked naturally in a feminine way. In the evening, after my parents had left after visiting hours, I rang Ian and we chatted away on the telephone for some time. In some ways I felt more relaxed talking to Ian now that I knew I could give him what he desired, my body!


The following day I felt even better and after Dr Marsh had examined me I was told that my vagina was healing nicely.

"You should start to use the Dildo from now for the next month. You will not be ready to have sexual intercourse for that time, at least not full penetration."

Dr Marsh told me that the nurse would show me what to do with the dildo and that I should use it at least twice a day for half an hour. He also advised me to wear stockings rather than tights for at least another week.

After he had gone I was allowed to get dressed for the first time since my operation. My panties now fitted me so tightly, no little bulge at all.

Once dressed in stockings and a pretty skirt and blouse I was allowed to walk in the clinic grounds. I stepped outside for the first time as a complete woman. Passers by could have had no idea of what I had undergone and could only see me for the girl that I really was now.

I realised that my reaction to men had changed too, I could now be fucked by them and a tingle went down my spine, if a man so much as looked at me. I could almost picture them parting my legs and thrusting their penis in to me. I was both scared and thrilled at the idea.


After a walk I returned to my room where the nurse showed me how to use the dildo. She explained it's use very thoroughly and said that I would enjoy the experience.

"I'll leave you to do it in private" she said as she left the room.

I removed my panties and lay on the bed with my legs apart. the nurse had told me to rub some KY jelly around my labia, which I did. I picked up the dildo and looked at it. The dildo was about 9 inches long and shaped very much like a man's erect penis.

As instructed by the nurse, I began by gently stroking the edges of my vagina with the dildo. To my surprise the pleasure this gave me was so delectable. Then I began to gently insert it into my vagina. Almost at once I felt my head spin with sheer ecstasy.

I was amazed at how deep I could insert the dildo into my vagina and the deeper I inserted it the more blissful the sensation. My body was trembling with enjoyment as I moved the dildo in and out of my vagina.

Of course I had masturbated as a man. But the pleasure then came suddenly and was over. Now as a woman I felt the exquisite pleasure of a multiple orgasm. The idea that a man would now be able to bring me to such a climax frightened me and at the same time thrilled me to the core. I lay back on the bed and as I slid the dildo in and out of my vagina I imagined that it was actually Ian who was shagging me. This served to intensify my orgasm to new heights and I was soon breathless, panting with pleasure.

I would have continued using the dildo for hours more had the nurse not returned. She smiled at me as I put my panties back on and whispered, "That's the best part of the operation."

I asked her how deep my vaginal cavity was and she told me that I had been very fortunate as Dr Marsh had been able to make it as deep as most women's. It seemed that I would easily be able to accommodate even the most well endowed man and the very thought made my body tense.

It was starting to come home to me just what had happened to me. From now on a man could make love to me just like any other woman. My body was now that of a girl and capable of being penetrated by a man. And I would enjoy it because I now had both the mind and body of a woman.

That evening Ann and my parents came in to see me. They were surprised to see dressed and sitting in the armchair in my room reading a magazine. I told them that Dr Marsh had said that I could go home the following day after a final check up and Mum said that she and Ann would come for me.

Ann waited for my parents to go for a coffee before asking me about my new vagina. I felt very excited when I told her that it looked perfect, although still a little swollen. I even removed my panties and let Ann have a look.

"Oh, Susan, It really is perfect. And it is hardly swollen at all now" Ann said.

I then told Ann about using the dildo and how I had experienced a real orgasm for the first time. She laughed and said that when I came home she would show me an even better dildo. I looked at her questionably, but she just laughed again.

"Oh you are stupid, Susan. How do you think I give myself pleasure sometimes?"

Our conversation was cut short as my parents returned to say goodbye.

The following morning Dr Marsh came around early and after I had removed my panties he examined my new genitalia.

"Well, Susan" he said, "Everything seems perfect. In a few weeks your pubic hairs will have grown again and you will look exactly like any other woman. You can certainly function fully as a woman now"

Dr Marsh then gave me further instructions about using the dildo for the next few months and what sorts of exercise I should avoid over the next few weeks. All this was necessary to let my new body heal fully. I would have to visit the clinic once a month for him to check on my progress before I would be given the all clear to have full sexual intercourse.

I rang Mum and she said she would collect me in about an hour. I dressed and packed my case and waited for to arrive. I was about to enter the outside world as a complete woman. I was a whole woman at last!



Chapter 4 - Sexual awakenings!

Mum and Ann both came to collect me from the clinic and as we walked across the car park and I felt the cool breeze under my skirt, I reveled in the feeling of being a complete woman at last. My body was now just as female as Mum and Ann's.

I got in to the back seat of Mum's car and as I did so I was so conscious of the fact that at the top of my thighs I now had a vagina too, a vagina covered by very thin panties.

We drove home and Mum said that she had told Dad that I would need to be off work for the next two weeks. Ann told me that she had spoken to Danny, who had told her that Ian was missing me. She then giggled and whispered to me,

"Mind you, sister Dear, he may well get the benefit of your absence later on"

I took this to mean that soon I would be able to have sex with him and this made me giggle too. At the same time every referrence to sex now had a new meaning for me. I could have sex as a woman, I could part my legs and let a man take me as a woman and I would respond naturally and with enthusiasm.


For the rest of the week I stayed around the house, resting. Much of the time I wore only my nightdress and dressing gown. As soon as I was in the house alone I stood, naked, in front of the full length mirror in my room, and looked at my now completly female body.

I was very impressed with my appearance. I had a very shapely figure, ample breasts and nicely rounded hips and bottom. My whole body was much rounder and softer now, my skin was soft and smooth and my hair was so long it came well below my shoulder blades. My legs looked longer and were very shapely. My inner thighs ended high up in to my groin where my vagina now lay. I really did look perfect in every way.

By the end of the week I felt ready to get dressed and venture out alone or with Mum and Ann. I had never anticipated the sense of sheer pleasure I would feel at wearing panties now that I now had a vagina. Nor had I fully anticipated the feeling of vulnerability I would experience when walking alone. My body had been made to be able to respond as a female sexually and this meant that I could now be used like any other girl. The feeling was scary and yet the thought that I could be raped by a man still sent a thrill through my whole body.


I kept in touch with Ian by telephone during the first three weeks after my operation, telling him that I was still away on business. By the fourth week I was feeling recovered enough to be able to return to work and to go out with Ian again.


My first "date" with Ian after my operation confirmed just how womanly I now felt. It was clear that Ian had been missing me and when I saw him I realised just how much I had missed him. We went out for a drink the weekend before I returned to work.

Ian came to the house to pick me up and as my parents and Ann were all out, I invited him in. He took me in his arms and kissed me.

"I have missed you very much, Susan" he said, pulling me closer to him. His kiss made my body tremble and I suddenly knew that I had missed him just as much. We kissed again and I said,

"I have missed you too, Dear, but I am back now"

It would have been nice to have stayed in the house rather than to have gone out, but I knew it was too soon after my operation to risk becoming too intimate. My body wanted too and I could feel an ache between my legs which I had not felt before.

I could not tell Ian of course, and so we went out for our drink. The evening was very pleasant and we sat in the pub with Ian and I holding hands. In the car coming back Ian accidently touched my knee with is hand and when he apoligised, I giggled and told him not to be silly, I had enjoyed his touch. For the rest of the drive Ian let his hand stay on top of knee.


We arrived outside my house and I invited Ian in for coffee. It was quite late and my parents had already gone to bed, however it looked as if Ann was still out. I went in to the kitchen and made the coffee. While we waited for the kettle to boil Ian stood behind me holding me about the waist. He kissed my neck just below my ear and I felt my body responding to his touch.

We took the coffee in to the lounge and Ian sat down on the settee and pulled me down on to his lap. Forgeting all about the coffee, we were soon locked in an embrace as Ian lowered me down on to the settee and lay beside me.

Our hands explored each others bodies and soon Ian had slipped his hand under my jumper and was feeling my breasts. I could feel my nipples harden and lay back to enjoy Ian's caresses. With one hand I gently stroked the front of his trousers where I could feel his penis stiff and erect. I long for him to be able to plunge it in to me but the fear of Ann coming and the fact that I knew it was still too soon served as a restraint.

I felt Ian's hand move to the hem of my skirt. My body tensed a little and I felt Ian hesitate for a moment. To encourage him and to show him that I had no objections I pressed my lips even harder against his. My body was perfect now and I had no qualms at all at letting him explore it as thoroughly as he wanted. Indeed I wanted him to touch me bewteen my legs.

Encouraged by my kiss, Ian's hand slid under the hem of my skirt and I felt his fingers gently and slowly edged their way up my inner thigh. I felt his fingers reach the tops of my stockings and then stroke the bare flesh of my inner thigh leading towards my crotch.

I braced myself as I felt Ian's fingers edge ever closer to the flimsy panties covering my vagina and just as the tip of his finger began to stroke my vagina through the soft, thin silk Ian kissed me hard on the lips.

My whole body trembled as Ian began to gently caress the edge of my vagina and my head began to spin. Being touched there by someone else was so much more arousing that doing it oneself and I was filled with delight.

Ian must have sensed that I was enjoying the experience for I felt his fingers move to the top of my panties and then I felt his hand slide down inside them, his fingers searching again for the entrance to my vagina.

I was in a sheer state of ecstasy as Ian slowly eased his finger in to my vagina, touch my clitoris as he did so. He gently caressed the lips of my vagina and all the time we kissed, our tongues deep inside each other's mouths.

I do not know how long we would have contined like this, I would not have wanted hm to stop, had it not been for the fact that we heard a car pull up outside to be followed by footsteps coming up the path to the door. We both sat up and I adjusted my skirt as Ann opened the front door.

Ann came in to the living room and saw Ian and I sitting on the settee, pretending to drink our coffee, which was now cold. Ann smiled at us and said "hello". I glanced at Ian and could hardly surpress a giggle as I noticed his trousers were still bulging at the front.

Ian said it was time that he left and promised to ring me again the following day. I walked him to the door as Ann went in to the kitchen to make herself a drink.

Ian had his arms around me and I laid my head on his shoulders,

"I hope I did not get too carried away, Susan" Ian said and I could tell that he meant it. I raised my head up and kissed him.

"Of course not, silly" I said. "I wanted you to touch me, I love being touched by you"

We kissed again and again before Ian finally left. I sighed and returned to the living room where Ann sat smiling.

"You look like the cat who has had cream for the first time, Sister dear" she said and I was forced to tell her all about our petting session.

After I had undressed I lay on my bed naked and did my exercises with the dildo. Despite the feelings of pleasure it gave me, it was not the same as Ian's finger sliding in and out of my vagina. The thought of Ian feeling my vagina did help me to acheive an orgasm as I slid the dildo in and out.

Over the next two months I continued to use the dildo and this helped to relief the frustration I felt at not being able to go all the way with Ian. Fortunately fate helped in that Ian had to go away on a course for three weeks and on the occaisions when we were able to go out together there was no oppourtunity for us to get in to a heavey petting session.

During this time I went to the clinic for routine check ups and Dr Marsh said he was pleased with my progress. Then nearly three months after my operation he finally smiled at me and said,

"Well Susan, I am very pleased with how your vagina has healed. I think you can now think about becoming fully sexual active, if you wish to of course"

I could hardly contain my glee and smiled at him and then kissed him to thank him for all he had done for me. I think he guessed that I was more than eager to have sex as a woman.

Dr Marsh told me that as far as he was concerned I was now a complete woman and that I should enjoy myself as a woman. Although I would need to take HRT for the rest of my life, there was no need for me to go back to the clinic.


I left the clinic with grin on my face. Now Ian could have me, all that was needed was the oppourtunity.

I returned home and told Mum my news. She smiled at me and said,

"I am very pleased for you, Dear. But you should not go rushing in to anything. In any event make sure he uses a condom, won't you?"

I grinned back and said that I had been waiting for the day when I would be able to really function as a woman and having sex as a woman would be the final stage of my transformation.

"And I will make sure he uses a condom, Mum" I said to reassure her.

As luck would have it the first weekend following my final visit to see Dr Marsh, was Aunty Jean's birthday party. Mum and Aunty Jean always telephoned each other during the week and on the Tuesday when Mum was speaking to Aunty Jean, she passed the telephone over to me.

"Aunty Jean wants to speak to you, Susan" she said.

I took the telephone and said "hello" to Aunty Jean. She asked how I was and then said,

"Susan, your Mum tells me that you have a boyfriend now. It would please me if you bring him with you to my party. I would love to see you on the arm of a handsome young man, Dear"

I blushed when Aunty Jean said the word "boyfriend" and Mum and Ann giggled at my embarrassment. I thanked Aunty Jean and said that I would ask Ian to come with me. But then I thought, Aunty Jean lives in Oxford and we would need to stop overnight. Although Aunty Jean's house was quite big lage I doubted if it would be big enough to take us all. I said this to Aunty Jean and was amazed to hear her reply,

"Well your Mum and I thought that it might be easier if you and your boyfriend stayed in a hotel nearby. In fact you could come down Friday and go back Monday, it is the bank holiday weekend. And, Susan" she added, "I insist on paying for the hotel"

I was really stunned and yet the thought of being able to spend a whole weekend with Ian in a hotel sent a thrill down my spine. All I would have to would be to get him to come to my room.

I was blushing as I thanked Aunty Jean and I said I would ask Ian immediately. As soon as I hung up I telephoned Ian and told him about Aunty Jeans's party and the fact that he was invited too. I was made up when he said that he would love to go with me and I then told him about Aunty Jean's suggestion that we stay in a hotel at her expense and that we go down for the whole weekend.

I prayed that Ian would agree and to my joy he had no hesitation at all.

"Actually, Susan" he said softly, "I was wondering if you would come away with me for the weekend anyway"

I blushed and whispered "I woud love to spend the weekend with you"

Although neither of us raised the question of whether we would have seperate rooms or not, I think we both assumed that Aunty Jean would actually book single rooms. Even so it was a chance to have the weekend together.


Ian said he would take Friday off and would pick me up at 10 o'clock. I looked over at Mum and she smiled and told me that she and Dad were quite happy travelling down with Ann and that I should go down with Ian.

I rang Aunty Jean back and told her that Ian would come and that we would be spending the whole weekend down in Oxford. She chuckled and said that she had been sure that we would and she had booked the hotel already.

"Mind you, Susan, you and Ian will have to share a room. The hotel was quite full, you see" she then chuckled again. I blushed as I put te phone down and Ann asked what she had said.

"I will tell you later" was my reply.

That night Ann and I sat on the bed in my room talking.

"So you and Ian will have to share a room, sister dear" grinned Ann. "I bet you Aunty Jean planned it from the start. Still it will be nice for you to have your first time in a nice hotel"

So Ann thought that Aunty Jean had deliberately arranged for Ian and I to spend the weekend in a the same hotel room. Well she had always been my favourite aunty.

The following evening Ian called to take me to the pictures. While we were driving there I let it slip out that Aunty Jean had booked the hotel.

"Oh and by the way, Aunty Jean said the hotel was quite busy and all she could book was a double room. I hope thats all right?"

Ian looked at me, smiled and said softly,

"As long as it is alright with you, Susan. Though I can not promise to keep my hands off you"

I blushed and fluttering my eye lashes I answered,

"I would be disappointed if you did, Ian" I answered bashfully.

I then added "It will be my first time, you will be gentle with me and you will use a "thingy" won't you", too embarrassed to say the word condom.

Ian replied by squeezing my knee and smiling.

As we sat in the cinema, Ian cleared his throat and said, as he put his arm around my waist,

"Actually, Susan. I was thinking of asking you to spend the weekend with me, but I was too shy to ask. I really do want you but only if you want me"

I whispered softly, "I do want you, Ian, I really do" and I raised my face upwards so that he could kiss me.

When Ian took me home that night there was only enough time for a quick kiss and cuddle in his car before dropping me off. I wanted to have a bath and wash my hair the following night and so I would not see Ian again until Friday morning when he came to collect me. However the promise of what the weekend would bring was more than enough to make parting just a little easier.


The following day it took all my concentration at work to get through the day. I was so excited at the idea of spending the whole weekend with Ian and of what that would mean, that I felt as if time itself was dragging. At last though it was time to go home and Dad drove us both home.

In the car Dad talked about Aunty Jean's party and although I knew that Mum had told him that I was going with Ian, I was still nervous as to what his reaction would be. But Dad made things easy for me when he said,

"Susan, I know Aunty Jean has booked a hotel room for you and Ian, are you sure you are ready to go that far?"

I replied that I was and that I would be careful,

"I can hardly get pregnant, Daddy" I said. I had begun to call him Daddy instead of Dad ever since I had become Susan. Ann had always called him Daddy and I think it sounded better coming from a daughter.

"I know Dear," he said "But there are other snags. I like Ian, he seems a nice sort of lad and I am sure he will be prepared and use a condom"

I blushed at the fact that Dad was so matter of fact in the way he took it for granted that Ian and would sleep together.

That evening after tea I had a long hot bath filled with nice smelling bath salts. I washed my hair and Mum helped me to dry and style it. I was really pleased with my hair now. It was long and soft and Mum had coloured it Auburn.

After slipping on my nightie and dressing gown, I trimmed my nails, which were no quite long. I had long since got used to having long finger nails and I felt that they looked very feminine. I took care putting on nail varnish and did my toe ails as well. Finally I tidied up my eyebrows, plucking a few stray hairs and curled my eye lashes. My eye lashes had also grown since I had begun to take HRT and I like the way I could flutter them.

After I had finished with myself, I began to pack a suitcase. It was the first time I had ever packed a suitcase for the express purpose of spending a romantic weekend in an hotel. I dithered when it came to choosing which nightdress to take with me and in the end it was Ann who suggested that I should take one which would look very sexy but which would come off easily. I blushed at the implied meaning but took her advice anyway.

I went to sleep that night very aware that the very next evening I would be sharing a bed with Ian. I found this thought very arousing and I fell asleep wondering what it really was going to be like being made love to as a woman.


It was early when I woke up and I quickly got out of bed and slipped on my dressing gown and slippers. I went downstairs and had breakfast with Mum and Dad before Dad went off to work. He smiled at me and said

"Well have a nice trip down to Oxford and I hope the hotel Aunty Jean has booked you in to is a good one. Your Mum and I will see you at Aunty Jean's tommorow night. I hopw you have a pleasant evening tonight"

Dad kissed Mum and I before he left and then Mum turned to me and said it was time I started to get ready.

"You want to look your prettiest for Ian, Susan" she said grinning.

I dashed upstairs and had a thorough wash. I then started to dress. It was going to be a long drive and so I decided it was better to wear tights and a white body shaper. I wore a yellow camisole top with a black and white pleated skirt, under which I wore a white silk waist slip. My shoes were black suede with 3 inch heels. I combed and brushed my hair and then tied it back in to a loose pony tail with a black silk ribbon.

I had just finished putting on my make up when Mum shouted up that Ian had arrived early. I shouted for Mum to give him a cup of coffee while I finished my make up and after a quick inspection of myself in the mirror I rushed down stairs to see Ian.


Ian was sitting in the kitchen with Mum talking when I entered and when he saw me he smiled.

"Will I do?" I asked, to which Ian responded by getting up and giving me q quick kiss on the cheek.

"You look as beautiful as ever, Susan" he said. I could see Mum smiling approvingly, she like Ian and thought he was right for me.

Ian took my suitcase out to his car while I picked up my coat and bag. Mum gave me a kiss and said quitely,

"I like Ian, and I can tell how much he likes you. But just a word of advice, Susan, do not lead him on unless you are sure, once a man is aroused it is very hard for him to stop if you change your mind"

I smiled and replied, "Don't worry, Mum, I know what I am doing and besides I will not change my mind"


I got in to Ian's car and we sent off to Oxford. It was a long drive and we had to stop a couple of times. But it was nice to be with Ian and we talked as we drove. We did not mention the eveninf before us but it was clear that we both knew that it would end in us making love.

Aunty Jean had give me directions to the hotel and Ian found it easily. It turned out to be a large five star hotel set in its own grounds in the countryside outside of Oxford. Ian was impressed as we drove up the long driveway and parked te car near to the main entrance.

We got out of the car and as Ian took the cases from the boot he said,

"This looks a fabulous hotel, Susan. Your Aunty Jean must like you very much"

I followed Ian in to the hotel foyer where a porter took our suitcases. We both felt very nervous as we approached the desk, it was the first time either of us had checked in to a hotel as part of a couple.

Ian coughed and with just a hint of nervousness in his voice asked about our reservation. The Receptionist smiled and said,

"Of course, Sir" and turning to me she smiled and said,

"You must be Jean's neice, Susan. Jean said you were very pretty and she was right. Your Aunty Jean has arranged everything and she says to tell you that you are not to worry about the cost of anything, just charge it to your room number. Now if your boyfriend would just fill in this card I will get you your key. We have put you in the Carlton Suite and I think you will find it is a very nice room, it has a very nice view"

Feeling slightly less nervous at our friendly reception, Ian filled in the card and we were shown up to our room. The room turned out to be very luxurious indeed. It was en-suite of course and had TV, sette and armchairs and large windows which opened out on to a balcony from which there was a really fabulous view.

Shyly I glance around and saw the bed. It was a kingsize four poster bed and it had silk sheets! Ian saw me looking at it and smiled which made me blush even redder.

On the coffee table by the settee was a large vase of fresh flowers with a little card propped up against it. Ian picked up the card and handed it to me. The card was addresed to me! I took it and read it.

The card and the flowers turned out to be from Aunty Jean and I blushed as I read what she had written on the card,

"To my darling neice, Susan. I hope the room is nice and that the bed suits you and Ian. See you at the party but hope you have a nice long lie in together in the morning"

We began to un pack the cases and I found I was shy when I began to put my underwear in the same drawers as Ian had put his. I could see Ian sneek little glances at some of my pretty lingerie and I giggled to myself.

"What are you giggling at, Susan" said Ian as he took hold of my waist and manouvered me to the side of the bed. The next thing I knew we were locked in and embrace and Ian was kissing me fervently on the lips and I felt my body only to willing to respond.

"The room is fantastic, Susan" said Ian as we sat down on the bed, "And this bed is something else"

I agreed and slipping off my shoes I swung my legs on to the bed and lay full length on it. Ian did likewise and we ended up lying alongside each other. Then Ian pulled me to him and we began to kiss and cuddle.

Ian hands ran through my hair and mine ran through his. It would have been so easy for me to throw caution to the wind and start to make love there and then, but as much as I wanted to I was still shy and nervous. Also the long drive had made us both tired and although it was clear that we both wanted each other we were content to just kiss and cuddle for the moment.

After a while Ian whispered in my ear. The nearness of him and the feel of his breath on my neck made we want to yeild to him.

"What would you like to do this evening, Susan. Do you want to get changed and go down for a meal, or" and he hesitated for a moment. He too was nervous, I think, and then he continued,

"Or would you prefer to get room service?"

I had no doubts what I preferred to do, but even so I felt nervous as I replied,

"I think I would like to have room service and perhaps go to bed early"

What I actually wanted was for Ian to take me to bed early, but as we were both nervous and shy Ian looked disappointed for a moment as he said.

"I am sorry Susan, I did not realise how tired you were"

I blushed as I put my finger to his lips and replied,

"I am not tired , silly, I just want to go bed early" and then added in case he still did not understand, "With you"

Ian's face brightened and I knew that he understood. He rose from the bed and got the room service menu from which we selected our evening meal. While Ian rang down to order it I went in to the bathroom and got undressed and put on my new nightdress and negligee.

My hands trembled slightly as I brushed my hair and tidied up my make up. The thought that I was preparing myself for Ian and for my first night of love as a woman was both pleasing and scary. I looked at myself in the mirror. My new nightdress was white silk with a low neckline which showed my ample breasts.

It was full length but had two side splits from the waist down. It clung to my soft body and showed of my slim waist and rounded hips and bottom. It was also sheer enough to make it clear that I was not wearing any panties at all and my bushy cunt was plain to see. I really hoped that Ian would like my body.

I took a deep breath and came out of the bathroom to find Ian had also undressed and was wearing his dressing gown.

"How do I look?" I asked as I stood before him, the light from the window shining through my sheer negligee.

Ian grinned and whistled before saying,

"Susan, you are so beautiful, so beautiful"

I smiled as his reaction. It was just what I had wanted him to say.

Ian turned on the television while we waited for our meal to arrive. When there was a knock on the door I scurried in to the bathroom while the waiter brought it in. I did not want anyone else to see me dressed in my negligee, just Ian.


When the waiter had gone I came out to find that the table had been set with our meal and Ian had opened a bottle of champagne and was pouring it in to two glasses.

"This is with the hotel's compliments, Susan" Ian said. "Your aunt must be well in with them"

We ate our meal which consisted of chicken salad, Ian and I sat facing each other and between bites we just stared in to each other's eyes. I could feel Ian's eyes explore my whole body and I could tell that he liked what he saw. I also looked at him in the same way and was pleased at how nice and strong he looked.

Ian was really very handsome and had a perfect body. Of course his dressing gown was less revealing than my negligee but I had little doubt that beneath his dressing gown he was all male.


When we had finished eating and were just finishing our wine, Ian suggested that I sit on his lap. I obeyed and it was nice to be so close to him. The splits of my nightdress left my legs uncovered exposing much of my inner thighs. I could feel Ian's hands through the thin silk as they explored my body in the way that his eyes had done so minutes before.

I found Ian's touch very arousing and I felt so happy and content. He kissed me and I put my arms around his neck as our tongues explored each other's mouths. I heard Ian whisper in my ear and my heart jumped as I realised what he was saying.

"I think we would be more comfortable on the bed, Dear. I promise to be gentle with you my darling." and as he spoke he lifted me up in his arms and carried me to the four poster bed. My body began to shake at the realisation that I was about to make love.

I let Ian carry me over to the bed and to show my willingness I kept my lips pressed against his. Ian laid me down on the bed and lent over me, he kissed me and whispered,

"I will not be a minute, I am justing niping in to the bathroom"

While Ian went to the bathroom I took off my negligee and lay back on the silk sheets to await his return. My heart was pounding and though nervous I was eager for him to make love to me. Ian returned and gt on to the bed beside me. He eased himself out of his dressing gown and let it fall to the floor.

Ian was now naked and with excitement I let my eyes go to his groin. I almost gasped when I saw Ian's penis, it was so hard and erect and oh so long, and Ian had already slipped a condom on it. There was no doubt that he intended to make love to me and I knew that soon I would feel what being a woman really meant.

Ian kissed me and I yeilded comletely to him. I was unsure how to react other than to submit totally. I felt Ian's hand under my nightdress and felt him lifting it up. I found myself instictively parting my legs as his fingers moved up my thigh and found my vagina. I braced myself for what was to happen next and all the time Ian kept kissing me.

Then I felt the soft rubber of Ian's condom covered penis touch the entrance of my vagina and Ian's finger part the hairs around it. Ian's body shuddered slightly and I felt his penis slide in to me. Ian's body pressed in to mine as he thrust his penis deep in to mu vagina. We stopped our kissing as Ian raised his body slightly and I gasped for breath. The feeling of having his penis so deep inside me was astounding and my whole body shook with such intense pleasure.

Ian then began to move his penis in and out and my pleasure reached even higher extremes. For the frst time in my life I began to experience an orgasm as a woman and it was sheer bliss. I began to moan with delight as the sensation of feeling Ian so deep inside me got ever more intense.

Ian's hands were on my breasts and I felt my nipples respond to his touch. My nipples were so sensitive and even more so during copulation. I could hear Ian begin to pant as he thrust ever more rapidly and deeper in to me. Dr Marsh had been so rigt when he said my vagina would accommadate even the largest of penis, and I was so grateful to him. I suddenly realised that I had wraped my legs around Ian and was pulling his body harder in to mine. I was responding just like any female during sexual intercourse.

Ian's breathing became increasingly laboured and I realised that he too was about to come. Suddenly with a shudder of his body Ian ejaculated and I felt his penis swell in my vagina as the condom filled with his cum. My orgasm continued for as long as Ian kept his penis inside me and it was only as Ian collapsed on top of me, exhausted, that his penis slid out of my vagina.

Ian kissed me and I felt wonderful because now I had been made love to as a woman and to my relief and jubilation I had enjoyed it unequivocally as a woman.

I was now hot and perspiring and I took off my nightdress as Ian rolled off me and naked we lay side by side for a few moments before Ian got up and went in to the bathroom to remove the condom. He returned to find me lying exhausted on the bed wearing only a smile and a look of complete satisfaction. He lay down beside me again and kissed my breasts, neck and then my lips. He whispered in my ear,

"I hope I was gentle enough, Darling?" and he kissed me again.

I grinned and felt delighted as being called "Darling" as I replied,

"You were fantastic, Darling, just fantastic. Will you do that to me again please?" I pleaded.

Ian grinned and said that he had every intention of doing it again, but said I would have to give him a chance to recover.

"Men need to recover, Darling, even if they wish they could do it again straightaway. You have a lot to learn about men, Susan."

We lay together on the bed, Ian's arms pulling me tightly to him and I could feel his now limp penis pressed tightly in between my legs. Ian would rest a minute then kiss me on the breasts, neck and lips. Each time he kissed my nipples it sent a thrill down my spine and I could feel my breasts harden in response. Ian's hands were fondling me between my legs and each time his fingers caressed the lips of my vagina I thrilled at his touch.

My hands were not idle, I felt between Ian's legs and began to stroke his wonderful penis. I wanted so much for him to stiffen again so that he could fuck me again.

As we lay there Ian switched on the TV with the remote control and flicked from channel to channel. Suddenly he came across one of the pay movie channels that was playing an adult movie. I glanced at the screen to see a man and woman lying naked on the bed and having sex.

Ian was obviously embarrased and said softly,

"Sorry, Susan. I will turn it off"

"No" I pleaded and added, "It will be interesting" Suddenly I too was embarrased as the girl on the TV began to suck her partners penis. We watched together as the girl gave the man oral sex before he then made love to her from behind "doggy style".

Although I knew that I was blushing I asked Ian if he had ever made love that way. He laughed and said,

"No Dear, I have never been that lucky, besides I am not as experienced as you think I am"

I do not know how I had the nerve to say what I said but suddenly I heard myself say,

"Would you like me to suck your penis for like that?"

Ian just smiled and I took this to mean that he would like me to do just that. I lowered my head to his lap and opened my mouth wide and wrapped my lips around his penis. Almost instantly I felt Ian respond and his penis grew quickly in my mouth. I began to lick and suck and I heard Ian begin to groqn with pleasure. Ian was feeling my nipples as I sucked and I felt very aroused.

"I think you should put this on for me, Darling" said Ian and handed me a condom. Carefully I slid down over his rigid penis and just as I finished Ian took hold of my shoulders and turned me around on the bed.

Ian manouvered me until I was kneeling, facing away from him. I heard him rise up behind me then felt the palm of hand between my legs. Gently he raise my bottom up slightly and eased my legs apart. I was now facing the TV screen and as I watched the girl on the TV being brought to an orgasm I felt Ian slide his penis between my legs and thrust it in to my vagina.

His hand cupped my breasts as he pulled my body on to his penis. As his penis slid in to my vagina my head began to spin and my whole body tremble as I began to climax like the girl on the TV. As Ian thrust in and out my orgasms just kept getting more and more intense. I could hear myself panting and I was enjoying every thrust. Ian's penis felt so hard inside me and evry fibre of my body tingled with pleasure.

Then I noticed that the couple on TV had changed postion and that the girl was now on top of the man. I glance over my shoulder at Ian and saw that he was begining to tire.

"Let me try it on top now, Darling" I said between thrusts and I felt Ian's penis being withdrawn from my vagina.

"Ok Darling" said Ian, "I am beginning to get knackered"

Ian lay on his back and I copied the girl in the film and knelt over him with my elgs either side of his waist. I felt for his penis and eased it in to my vagina and then lowered my body on to it. The effect was even more amazing that I had thought as I began to raise and lower myself on his penis. I was being penertrated even more deeply as my whole body was impaled on his penis and my orgasms returned even more intensly.

Ian began to groan with pleasure as I kept going as long as I could. I felt him shudder inside me and knew that Ian had come again. Exhausted I collapsed on top of Ian and we kissed long and hard before we fell asleep wrapped in each others arms. As I fell asleep I thought how wonderful it was to be a girl, a real girl at last.

We must have slept for several hours, even so when I woke and glanced at the clock I found it was still only just after 10 o'clock. I lay there with Ian's arms still around my naked body and felt so happy and contented at having had sexual intercourse as a girl. I longed for Ian to awake and make love to me again. Aunt Jean had arranged everything so perfectly for me to complete my transformation to womanhood.


A few minutes later Ian stirred and opened his eyes. He looked at me and smiled

"Hello, my Darling Susan" he said and kissed me. We continued to lie there together for a little while longer, happy to be in each other's embrace.

Ian asked if a I wanted a drink and when I nodded he got up, put on his dressing gown and went to put the kettle on. I slipped my nighdress over my head and put on my negligee and went in to the bathroom and brushed my hair. When I returned to the room I walked over to Ian who put his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him.

We stood by the window waiting for the kettle to boil. I felt so relaxed and content with Ian's arms around my waist. Now that we had actually made love we were no longer nervous at the idea of touching each other intimately. As we gazed out of the window Ian kissed the back of my neck and whispered softly in my ear.

"I love you, Susan" he said as he pulled me to him and kissed me tenderly. It was at that moment that I realised that I loved him too and I loved him as a woman loves a man.

"I love you too, Darling" I said and raised my face to his and let him kiss me again.

Ian made the coffee and I sat on his knee while we drank. Ian's dressing gown had fallen open and I could see he had put another condom on his penis and that he had an erection on. It was a simple matter for me to wriggle around on his lap so that his penis pressed between my legs.

"What are you doing Darling?" Ian asked with a grin. I replied

"Showing you how much I want you, my love" as I spoke I eased my thighs apart and with my hand eased the tip of his penis in to my vagina and let the weight of my body allow his penis to penertrate deep inside me.

There was no thrusting, I just sat on Ian's lap with his penis inside my vagina. Each little movemeny allowed me to enjoy the delicious sensation of Ian deep inside me as we drank our coffee.

When we had finished our coffee Ian grinned and said,

"Right my girl, you are going to get what's coming to you"

As he spoke Ian stood up lifting me and keeping his penis inside my vagina he carried me to the bed. I helped my hooking my legs around his waist so that his penis could not slip out of me. Just walking acroos the room was enough to move his penis sufficiently to induce my orgasm and by the time I was laid on the bed I was already in a state of bliss.

Ian carefully laid me on the bed keeping his penis inside me, mounted me and began to thrust deeply. I rolled my head from side to side as my body was flooded with pleasure. Each thrust from Ian raising the pitch of my orgasm ever higher.

This time Ian was able to keep up a steadier rhythm and was able to prevent ejaculating for much longer. All of which meant that I was kept in a state of ectasy for much longer. I was entirely in Ian's power and had yeilded him my body completely.

When Ian finally came, we kissed and fell asleep cuddling each other. This time we did not wake until morning and my dreams were all of Ian making love to me and of me loving him.


The following morning I woke up to find Ian's arms still around me and I felt filled with happiness. Ian woke up and kissed me goodmorning and it would have been very easy to have carried on from where we had left off he night before. But we had to get up sometime otherwise we would have spent all day making love.

We both wanted a shower before getting dressed and it seemed a nice way to start the day by having one together. I found it very arousing to be standing so close to Ian, naked and covered in soapy lather. The water ran down my breasts and dripped from the bushy pubic hairs around my vagina. Likewise the water ran down Ian's chest and dripped from the end of his penis, which only a few hours earlier had given me so much pleasure.

Showering together was a good excuse for us both to explore each other's bodies all over. I washed Ian's chest and knelt down to wash between his legs. I could not resist giving his penis a little kiss and felt Ian's response as his penis started to swell and become hard and erect. In return Ian put soap over my breasts and massaged it in and around my nipples. He also knelt and put his hands between my thighs and washed my vagina.

When Ian kissed my vagina, I could resist no longer and begged for him to take there and then. We giggled as Ian struggled to open a condom, his hands slippy with the soap and water of the shower. I ended up helping him to slide it on to his penis and then Ian pushed me gently against the wall of the shower and put his hands under my bottom. I clung to him as he lifted me of the floor and as I wrapped my legs about him he thrust his soapy penis in to my vagina.

The water ran down our bodies as Ian thrust his penis up me, with each thrust I felt myself lifted higher up the shower wall. It was heaven to me as I climaxed and kept climaxing with each repeated thrust from Ian.

When Ian finally came we collapsed on to the floor of the shower, my legs still locked around Ian's waist and Ian's penis still deep inside me. We sat there as the water kept falling over us. We laughed and laughed as the water dripped from my nipples and Ian began to lick it off. It was certainly a most enjoyable way to get showered.

When we finally got out of the shower, Ian dried himself first and then went to get dressed. I dried myself, put some body lotion on and sat naked in front of the dressing table to blow dry my hair. I found that I liked being naked with Ian around. I could tell he like my body very much and I was not at all shy at revealing all to him, my all was now entirely female and I had given it to him freely the night before.


Once my hair was dry I put on my make up before finally getting dressed. I wanted to stay naked for as long as possible with Ian looking at me.

We were only going to have breakfast and then go for a walk, so I dressed simple. I put on a white bra, panties, stockings and a suspender belt. I was hoping that Ian would make love to me again and did not want to be bothered with tights.

I wore a white camisole top with short sleaves and I knee length voile skirt in pink and white which meant I need not need an underskirt. My shoes were white sling backs with a 2 inch heel.

Once dressed I sprayed some "Amarage" perfume around my neck and wrist(and a little down my cleavage) and then asked Ian how I looked.

"Wonderful, Susan, Darling" he said and kissed me on the lips.


We went down to the dining room for breakfast, to all intents and purposes we could have been two honeymooners because we went hand in hand. I am sure that any one looking at us would have been able to guess that we were not just friends, but lovers!

We were shown to a table and the waiter smiled at me as he gave me the menu. He actually winked at Ian as he gave him a menu and I could imagine what he was thinking. I asked Ian what he wanted for breakfast and Ian grinned and said in a whisper,

"Besides you, Darling"

I blushed at his words but felt so happy at the thought. We orderd the continental breakfast and held each other's hand across the table as we ate. I could see a couple of the waitresses smiling at us.

We finished our breakfast and Ian asked if I wanted to go for a walk or return to our room for a little while. I said that I preferred to go back to our room and go for a walk a little later.

We walked back to the room and as Ian closed the door behind us I saw him out the "do not disturb" card on the outside handle. I hoped it meant what I thought it meant and sure enough once we were in the middle of the room Ian pulled me gently to him and whispered in my ear,

"I want you, Susan, I want you now."

As he spoke Ian lifted me off my feet and carried me over to the bed. He was so positive that I could not have resisted even if I had wanted to, but of course I did not want to resist.

Ian laid me on the bed and undid his trousers, took them and his underpants off and quickly put on a condom. I lay back on the bed still fully clothed but Ian simply raised my skirt and using his hand gently eased my panties down, over my shoes and threw them on the chair.

I helped by parting my legs as wide as I could as Ian lay on top of me and quickly guided his penis in to my vagina. Ian thrust and thrust and kissed me as I lay back and began to climax. I was learning how powerless a woman is to resist a man who wants to make love to her.

Ian was so full of desire that he was not long in coming and soon he lay on top of me exhausted.

"Forgive me, Darling" He said, "I just had to have you, I could not wait any longer"

I kissed him and told him that I had wanted him to take me.

"Shh, Darling, I am yours to take when ever you want to"

We lay on the bed and cuddled each other for a few minutes before Ian suggested that we go for our walk.

"If we do not go for our walk, Dear, I will only want to have you again and I am getting exhausted, besides," he added, "I am getting short of condoms already!"

I blushed, we had obviously done it more that Ian had thought we would and the weekend had only just started.

While Ian flushed the used condom down the loo, I put my panties back on, straightened my skirt and top and brushed my hair. I then touched up my smudged lipstick and put on my long coat ready for our walk.


We walked around the hotel grounds. Ian had his arm around my waist and I cuddled in to him as we walked. It was just a pleasure to be so close to him. Now that he had taken me as a woman I was utterly in his power and wanted only to please him. We talked about all sorts of things before Ian turned to me and said,

"Did you really enjoy last night, Darling?. I wanted so much to make love to you, I hope I was not too forcefull?"

I told him not to be silly, I had enjoyed every minute of it and I added, that I would have been disappointed if he had not made love to me.

"I am yours, all yours, Darling" I said and through lowered eyelashes I added,

"You were so gentle with me and you made me feel so wonderful, you can take me when ever you want, where ever you want"

We walked in to the town and I waited outside of a chemist shop while Ian went in to buy some more condoms. I blushed when the girl in the shop looked out at me as I greeted Ian when he came out of the shop.

After a stop for a cup of coffee we walked around the shops. Ian said that he wanted to buy me a present and he ended up getting me a lovely gold bracelet. As he put it on my wrist in the shop, I kissed him and thanked him.

We stopped for a cup of coffee and watched the world go by as we held hands and acted like all lovers do. Ian asked me what I wanted to do in the afternoon before we had to get ready for Aunt Jean's party. I thought for a minute and whispered,

"Well we could go back to the hotel and spend the afternoon in bed"

Ian smiled and replied that he had hoped I would say that. He paid the waiter and took my hand as we walked back to the hotel.

Arriving back at the hotel, we were releived to find that our room had been cleaned which meant that we would not be disturbed. As we entered the room Ian helped me off with my coat then took hold of me and kissed me. I put my arms around his neck as Ian began to undress me.

Soon I was standing there in just my bra, panties, suspenders and stockings. I undid the belt of Ian's trousers and then Ian carried me over to the bed. Placing me on the bed Ian removed my panties and then took of his clothes as I lay back with my legs apart waiting to receive him.

I watched as Ian slid a condom on his already erect penis and then came towards me. I was eager for him to mount me and sighed with pleasure as I felt his hands part my legs further and his penis slide in to me. As Ian began to thrust in and out of me he undid my bra and began to caress my breasts. My orgasms reached greater and greater heights as Ian took his time.

When Ian had climaxed and had lain down beside me exhausted but happy, I removed the rest of my clothes and we lay together naked. The rest of the afternoon was spent making love. We explored each other's bodies intimately and made love in as many postions as we could think of.

Ian was now so confident that I would do whatever he wanted me to. He took me from behind, had me on top, me on his lap, standing up with me clinging to him by wrapping my legs around him as he thrust his penis in to me. We gave each other oral sex and used our tongues to explore each other's bodies.


By the end of the afternoon we were both utterly exhausted but so very happy. There were no doubts at all now, that I would enjoy a full sex life as a woman or that I could satisfy a man in bed.

It would have been nice to have stayed there making love and miss Aunt Jean's party, but as she had been the one who had paid for the hotel for us, it seemed ungrateful for us not to go. Our lovemaking had left us both in need of a shower and, of course, we showered together as we had in the morning. Again we made love on the shower floor, we took every oppourtunity we could.

For the second time in the day I sat at the dressing table and dried my hair. I then usd my curling tongs to style it. Ian suggested that I wear my hair loose as he liked the way it hung down my back. I took time putting on my make up as I wanted to look nice for Aunty Jean's party. While Ian shaved and dressed I took my dress from the wardrobe and laid it out on the bed ready.

I started to dress by putting on a pair of black silk panties and a black basque. Though I did not need it, Ian helped me to fasten the basque around my waist and watched me as I slid sheer black stockings up my legs and fasten them to the basque's suspenders. The basques made my breasts really nice and Ian kissed me on the neck saying that I had a wondeful figure.

The dress itself had a black silk bodice with a low rounded neckline trimmed with black lace. It had three quarter length puff sleaves of black chiffon with little black bows. The skirt was of black chiffon with several layers of black net petticoat and it came to just above my knee. A gold belt around my waist added a touch of contrast and matched my gold jewellery on my wrists and around my neck.

My shoes were black slingbacks with a 3 inch heel which made my legs look more elegant even though they were difficult to walk in.

I brushed my hair through and let it fall about my shoulders the way Ian liked and then turned to Ian. The feel of my petticoat against my stocking clad legs was so wonderful.

"How do I look, Darling" I said. I could tell from Ian's expression that he liked the way I looked but I still thrilled when he said,

"You look stunning, Susan, very beautiful". As he spoke he took hold of me around the waist and kissed me. I realised that Ian was now so sure of himself and of me that he took it for granted that he could kiss me any time he wanted. It was not just kissing me that he took for granted, he knew he could fuck me whenever he desired and that I could not and would not resist.



Chapter 5 - Lovers!

We drove over to Aunty Jean's house where we were met at the front door by Aunty Jean. She kissed both me and Ian and took us both by the arm and walked us in to the house. As we entered the hallway Ian helped me off with my coat and Aunty Jean told him to take them upstairs and put them in one of the bedrooms. While Ian did this Aunty Jean looked at me and smiled,

"Well, Susan, I can see by the look on your's and Ian's faces that you have been enjoying yourselves in the hotel. I hope the room was alright?"

I told her that the room was perfect and that we were very grateful to her for her kindness.

"Now tell me quickly, Dear" Aunt Jean said in a low whisper, "Has he made love to you yet. I am sure he has and how did you find it?"

I blushed and said that, yes we had made love and that I had found it to be wonderful.

"In fact, Aunty Dear, we have spent all last night and all this afternoon making love as I am sure you intended for us to do"

Aunt Jean just grinned and as Ian was coming back downstairs she ushered us into the lounge. My parents, Ann and some other guests were already there and I felt my face redden as Mum and Dad smiled "hello" to me. I felt sure that they knew that I was no longer a virgin.

We stood, Ian's arm around my waist and talked with Mum and Dad. They asked if we had enjoyed the trip down and if our hotel was nice. Dad looked at me and said to Ian.

"Susan looks very pretty tonight, Ian, you must be making her happy"

Ian blushed and said,

"I think your daughter is the most beautiful girl I have ever met and I intend to make her happy as she makes me"

Mum just smiled at me as Ian spoke. She then suggested that Dad should take Ian to get us some drinks and once they had gone she said to me in a low voice.

"I can see Ian does make you happy, Susan. I can see from the way you look at each other that you are more than just friends now. Did everything go alright?"

"Yes, Mum" I replied blushing, "Everything went perfectly and everything works just as it should. I feel so lucky, Mum" I added.

Aunt Jean came over to talk to me and told me how pretty I looked,

"You have a gorgeous figure now, Dear, and I can see it is all real. You really have blossomed in to a very attractive young lady. I can see why Ian is so mad about you" she said. And then added, "I hope sex was as wonderful for you as it always is for me"

My face reddened as I admitted that I had found sex as a girl to be very wonderful indeed.

When Ian returned he put his arm around my waist and we stood talking and drinking with my parents. Aunty Jean had hired a disco and when the music started Ian and I had a few dances before sitting down to talk with Ann for a bit. When Ian had gone to get us some more drinks Ann asked me about our night in the hotel and whether we had "done it" yet. I told her that we had and that she had been right and that I had found it something special.

Ann laughed and said that she had known that I would like sex now that I was her sister. "I guess you take after me, Susan" she said.


The evening was very pleasant and Ian and I enjoyed the slow dances very much. I could sense that Mum was watching how Ian and I danced so close and that we had no inhibitions about each other's bodies anymore.

Pleasant as the party was I longed to be back at the hotel and be lying naked with Ian on top of me ramming his penis home. I think Ian was feeling the same as our slow dances were becoming more sensual as the night wore on.Aunt Jean must have noticed too as she came over to Ian and I and whispered to Ian that she would not be offended if we left to return to the hotel.

I said goodbye to Mum and Dad and though I am sure that they could guess the real reason for us returning to the hotel, Mum said that I looked tired and it would be best if Ian took me back. Dad just smiled and Ann gave me a wink of the eye.

Ian did not waste any time in driving us back to the hotel and once inside our room he helped me off with my coat and then took me in his arms,

"I have been waiting all night to get you to myself, Darling" he said as his hands began to unzip my dress, letting it fall to the floor aroun my ankles. I stepped out of it and began to undo his shirt and tie, followed by his trouser belt. Ian kicked his trousers off and lifted me up in his arms and carried me to the bed.

"This is the best place for you, my Darling" he said as he pulled my panties down and eased them over my feet. He quickly removed his boxer shorts and I could see that his penis was already hard and erect. Ian was about to go to the bedside drawer to get a condom when I whispered to him.

"Not this time, Darling. I want to feel you come inside me"

Ian smiled and came back to the bed. He soon spread my legs apart and eased his penis in to my vagina. I was amazed at how different sex was without a condom. I could feel his penis warm and wet inside me and it made my clitoris even more responsive as he began to thrust. Each inward stroke made my orgasm more intense.

It was like when someone tickles you and will not stop no matter how much you beg them. The difference was that although I did not know how much pleasure I could take, something inside me wanted more and more regardless. Even if I had wanted Ian to stop, I doubt that he could have or would have.

So I lay back and let my body be filled with ever increasing pleasure and all I could do was to roll my head from side to side and groan as I felt Ian's thrusting increase its pace as he began to come.

"Yes, Yes, Darling" I cried as I felt a sudden eruption inside my vagina, indicating that Ian had ejaculated. Ian pumped and pumped his semen in to me and I could feel it hot and wet inside me.

By the time that Ian collapsed exhausted on top of me, I could feel his semen leaking out of my vagina and I found myself lying in the "damp patch" on the bed like women always do. But in truth, I found it so satisfying to be experiencing everything that a woman feels having sex.

We spent the rest of the weekend either making love or wandering around the Hotel gardens. Ian was ready to take me at any time and I was eager to oblige him. By the time we were due to leave for home both of us were exhausted but so happy.

In the car driving back, Ian asked me if I would go away with him on holiday to Greece. He did not need to add that it would mean that we would have a whole two weeks together, to make love and enjoy each other's company. I agreed to go and said that I would look forward to it very much.

"But I will have to ask my parents first" I added. I kissed Ian's cheek and added,

"I am sure they will let me go Darling, they like you and know I would be safe with you"

When we arrived at my house, Mum and Dad were waiting for us. They could see how happy we were and when Ian told them that he had asked me to go on holiday with him, they both smiled and said that they were happy to let me go.

Before Ian drove off we said our goodbyes by the front door. After kissing several times Ian whispered in my ear,

"I will miss you tonight, Darling Susan, I really will"

"And I will miss you too, loads" I replied.

Of course what we meant was that we would both miss having wonderful sex together, but not just that we would miss each other's company.



Coming of age




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