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My Neighbor - My Mommy

by Deewet


My story started almost a year ago, quite by accident on my part because not in my wildest dream would I think I 'd be sitting here, thickly diapered in my feet pajama's writing about my regression into being an helpless, and quite content baby girl.

I was a little man, standing only five feet tall and 90 pounds. I use the past tense here because it is hard to think of myself as a man now. Even in my dreams at night, safely tucked into my crib, I'm only a little diapered girl. Sometimes I do have nightmares where I'm thrust back into the real world and am lost like a child. I try to act like a man in those nightmares, but people treat me as a child.

Before I get started in my story, I want to apologize if my writing isn't the best and for any typos. My mind has not worked this hard in a while and my fingers are stiff, being most times they are cocooned in thumbless mittens.

Everything started innocently between me and Gloria, neighbors in a very exclusive row of townhouses along the lake. Both of us single for different reason, me for being so little and not someone women are attracted to for a husband and she was so big that most men were afraid of her size.

My days were very long, a surprise to me since I no longer had to work after making millions on the sale of my software consulting firm. I use the word firm loosely since it was only me developing a cute bit of software that a big company wanted for their own.

One evening Gloria was getting home the same time as me. She had groceries and asked if I wanted to come over for dinner. I said yes, knowing that with our size difference, meant this wouldn't go farther than just dinner.

Was I ever wrong?

The food was fantastic and we got along very well, in fact so well, I was getting vibes that something more may be in line that night. This scared the hell out of me. I was a twenty-six year old virgin with a very small penis. No way would that satisfy this woman.

Things got friendly on the couch. We watched a movie and she reached around and started messaging my neck, telling me what a cute little thing I was. Her tone was as if she was talking to a little boy instead of a man, and I would usually be insulted, but it felt so nice and safe with her. Also, years of loneliness made me vulnerable.

I'm not sure how it happened, but sometime during the movie I ended up with my head in her lap, her fingers playing with my thick hair, which since I basically stopped working after the buy-off, I'd let grow kind-of long.

Besides, a small penis, I have a small bladder. Soon, I needed to go pee badly, but didn't want to get up and possibly spoil the mood. Her fingers felt so strong and caring in my hair.

Finally, close to bursting, I had to get up from my spot in her lap. I mean to say, that I'd never had to go this bad. What happened next, would set a wild set of things in motion that ends with me in my current state as I tell this tale.

I might have made it if I didn't fumble with my zipper, but I did and before I could pull out my little penis, my bladder let loose. I managed to get most into the toilet, but still, the front of my pants were soaked.

"Are you okay?" she called out to me.

This was extremely embarrassing. I needed to get out without her seeing my accident. "I need to go over to my place," I told her from inside the bathroom. "I'll be right back."

I took a deep breath and opened the door.

My plans were gone, as she stood right outside the door.

"I was afraid you might have waited too long," she said, looking down at my wet pants.

"This has never happened to me," I explained.

She took my hand. "Don't be embarrassed. I understand," she said to me.

"Don't go home. I've got some pajamas you can wear."

I still wanted to leave, but she held my hand tightly. "Please stay."

I nodded yes and she shooed me back into the bathroom. Several minutes later, she knocked on the door. "My stuff would be too big for you, but this was something I bought for my niece when she stayed with me."

Her niece? I wonder to myself. Would she want me to wear girl pajama?

My question was answered when she handed me the pajamas. They were definitely girls, made from satin and pink. Lace went around the sleeves and leg openings. Worse were the panties she gave me. They were like boxers, but satin with lots of lace.

"I know they are a little feminine, but it's just you and me," she said from the other side of the door.

"I don't know," I replied.

She was silent for a moment. "We can have fun."

The way she said that, left no doubt, where this night headed. I took off my wet pants and underwear and replaced them with the panties and pajamas. Because the pajamas and panties added no support, my little hard penis tented the front. I couldn't go out like this.

"Come on out, chicken," she said.

I complied, not looking her in the eyes as she silently led me back to the couch. She said nothing about my condition. We laid on the couch watching the rest of the movie until her hand left my hair and strayed to the front of the satin pajamas. As she softly stroked me with one hand, the other pulled off her tee shirt leaving her ample breast exposed. Like a baby, I moved to the right breast and began to suckle on the nipple.

She moaned and applied more pressure to her stoking of me. I sucked as my mind was lost somewhere else, experience the first time someone touched me down there.

I didn't last long. In a wave of pleasure, I grew ready to come. Sensing this, she quickly pulled my pajama bottoms and panties down to my calves. I moaned around her nipple as I came into her working hand.

After I finished, she would let me stop suckling. As she pulled my pajamas and panties back up, she said, "You keep wanting to spoil your clothes, I'm going to have to put you into diapers."

At that point, I was ready to wear anything for her.


That night was so good, I stayed until she had to get up for work at eight in the morning. She had washed my wet pants and they were ready for me to wear back home. I actually felt sad to be taking off the panties and wearing my usual boring underwear. Never before had I thought about underwear, but as I walked home and for the next three days, I was keenly aware of my underwear. My attention was drawn toward anything about women's underwear on TV or in magazines.

I heard nothing from Gloria for three days, but she filled my mind. I couldn't do anything constructive, just worrying if she was waiting for me to make a move or had that night just been a fluke and she was embarrassed to see me. I was almost into a depression when she finally called.

"I was wondering if you wanted to come over for dinner tonight," she said.

The sound of her voice made me almost cry. I told I would love to come over.

Dinner was good but awkward. We didn't mention anything about the panties and pajamas of the other night, even though it was so much on my mind.

It was while drinking coffee that she hesitantly brought it up.

"I was afraid you might not want to come over again," she said.

I put down my coffee, search for the right words. "It's all I though about the last few days."

She smiled and took my hand. "I've never done something like that before, but you looked so cute in those pajamas."

"Because, I'm so little."

She squeezed my hand. "Being little really isn't so bad, you should try being my size as a woman."

I'd never thought of that, but she probably had problems getting into a relationship as me.

"Listen," she continued, "you can leave if this makes you uncomfortable, but I have a proposal."

My heart was beating so loud she had to hear. I couldn't find my voice, so I just nodded.

"I didn't call you or anything for the last few days because I wasn't sure of my feelings. Seeing you in those panties and pajamas brought something out in me I never experienced before. I felt both protective of you and excited. Maybe it is our size difference, but I would like to go farther with you in this direction."

I didn't know what to say.

"Would you be willing to let this fantasy go forward to explore a possible special relationship? I promise not to make you do anything you don't want to do."

"Okay," I managed to say.

She smiled widely. "Are you willing to be submissive to me?"

I agreed.

"If at anytime you don't want to go forward, you just tell me the special word. This word will be grown-up."

We held hands for a few quiet minutes. I never answered in words, but when she stood and I allowed her to lead me to her bedroom, I had answered.

A new nightie was laid out on her bed. This one was very short, but I didn't get a chance to look closer because she pulled me across the bedroom into the bathroom. While the water poured into her large bathtub, she peeled my clothes off, all the while, caressing my skin, telling me how cute I was. Of course, when she finished stripping me, my little penis was at attention, but she ignored it for now.

The bath was wonderful, filled with bath oils and bubbles. Very delicately, she shaved my legs and other areas until I was as hairless as a baby. The oils softened my skin, so much that I couldn't stop touching my legs.

She would let me do anything. I stood there naked, the cold making my small penis shrink to the point it almost disappeared, as she dried me with a puffy towel.

Now, it was the time to get into the new clothes waiting for me on her bed.

"Don't look," she told me back in the bedroom. "I want this to be a surprise."

From behind me she slid the nylon baby doll length nightie over my head and down on my smooth shoulders. It was really little girl stuff with a baby and pacifier print. The edge trims with wide lace.

I started to say that she didn't have to do this, but she plugged my mouth with a pacifier.

"No more talking for my baby," she said.

Next was something I didn't expect at all. On the bed, waiting for me was a disposable diaper. "This will keep baby from worrying about messing up her clothes or mommy's furniture."

If I hadn't gone this far already and was so lonely, I wouldn't have let her put the diaper on me. Completely submissively, I laid on my back while she powdered me and pulled the diaper up around me and taped it tightly. It felt even better that the satin panties for some freaky reason.


As I wrote before, I'd let my hair grow long. Now being diapered, she treated me as a mommy and put my hair in ribbons without asking. "We'll have to get those ears pierced," she commented when she showed me how cute my hair looked after she finished.

She didn't have a bottom for me to cover the diaper, so I spent the rest of the evening like a baby with my noisy pampers exposed, sucking on my pacifier as we watched a movie. On the front of my diaper was a color strip and I kept catching her glancing at it, no doubt wanting me to wet myself.

With my small bladder, she didn't have to wait long. At first, I worried that I wouldn't be able to pee lying down on the couch, but I hardly thought about it before the front of my diaper grew warm and wet. This seemed to be another step in my regression.

As I sit here writing in my wet diapers, I realize that even if I wanted to stop, it would be impossible. Just in these few word thus far, I've uncontrollably wet my diaper several times and by the rumbles in my stomach, I'll soon be soiling myself.

Since it was a Friday night, I stayed over in her bed. She came hard several times as I orally pleasured her, but I never came, nor did I really want to. For some strange reason I was content to be mothered by her.

The next morning, I climbed from bed to head to the bathroom.

"Don't you dare," she commanded me. "I bought a whole box of diapers."

I turned and saw sternness in her eyes, something that made me a little scared. Come back to bed and mommy will change you later.

"But, I have more pressing business than peeing," I pleaded.

I stood speechless as she came to me and plugged my mouth with the large rubber teat. "I found this at the drug store," she said, directing me back to the bed. "It's for bigger kids."

The pacifier brought back memories. I'd used one until a late toddler and missed it dearly when my mother threw it in the garbage in a rage.

She snuggled me back into her huge bed and brought her laptop computer over.

"I've been thinking about us," she said. "We have something special here I'd like to explore farther."

With the pacifier in my mouth, I remained silent.

"Yesterday, on the internet, I found a neat world for us." She opened her web browser. "You would not believe all the cute stuff on eBay."

I watched as she went to eBay and type "Adult Baby" in the search engine. I was stunned by the pages of baby clothes, dresses, diapers and plastic pants, styled for babies, but in adult sizes. "Can you believe this?" she asked me.

I sucked harder on my pacifier, my heart racing as I thought about where this was headed.

"All my life, I've loved little girl dresses," she said," but at my size, I never got a chance to play in ruffles, lace and petticoats. I so much want to make you my little girl."

A silence hung over the bedroom after she spoke, me sucking on my pacifier, her, rubbing the front of my diaper as she scrolled across all the items in eBay.

In the end, she selected four expensive, beautiful dresses, a romper, cloth diapers, pins, plastic pants in a colors and patterns - some of them that snap on the sides, bottles, lacy socks and a black pair of Mary Jane shoes. My silence was taken as an acceptance of my new role.

One thing I have always had is a spastic colon. When I have to go, I have to go. She had just made her last purchase when I could wait no longer. "I really have to go," I pleaded, taking out my pacifier to speak.

"Then go," she said, holding tightly on my arm, telling me to poop in my diaper.

Of course, I'd never gone while lying on my back, but that didn't cause any problems. When I had to go this bad in the past, I'd actually had little leaks as I hurried to find a bathroom. It felt nice to not fit the urge as I relaxed and fill my diaper with the hot liquid. It was quite noisy and I would have died in shame a few days ago, but now I just hugged my new mommy.

"Don't worry," she comforted me. "Mommy will clean baby."

I then decided to never go out without a thin diaper on for protection against these attacks.

Having my dirty diaper changed was another step in my regression. While now, having my diaper changed by Gloria or her friends seemed natural, that morning; it was life-changing experience, a feeling of giving yourself completely over to someone else. A bond grew between us as she removed my messy diaper and put me in the shower to clean the mess stuck to my behind.

After the quick shower, she filled the bath with hot soapy water, telling me all the while, how she would take care of her new little girl. As if taking its new role, my little penis actually seemed more withdrawn and tiny. The bath was as good as the night before and when we finished, she put me in a new diaper and a little pink shirt she had worn when she was a teenager.

I spent the remainder of the weekend in diapers, using up most of her box. Meals were fed to me and all my liquids came from a baby bottle. We watched movies and cartoons, with me pleasuring her many times. Saturday night, I feel asleep while nursing on her large nipple.


The next two days, I was completely worthless, my mind not able to let go of what happened with Gloria and the stuff she had on order. I found myself on the Internet for hours reading adult baby stories and looking at pictures of women wearing thick diapers and plastic pants. Never before had I thought about being a woman, but as I stared at the cute girls with the heavily padded buts and big plastic pants, I went into deep fantasies about being one, loved and pampered by Gloria. Sleep also didn't come easily as I found myself missing the pacifier. I also didn't eat much and lost a few more pounds, dropping me below one hundred.

It was Wednesday afternoon, when Gloria called me, excited. "The plastic pants and diapers arrived today. You have to get over here right now."

Luckily, I'd shaved everything that morning and was smooth as a baby. I almost ran to her place.

"Look at these," she said, holding up a pair of pink plastic pants with little stars. "Aren't they so cute?"

Her face glowed with excitement. Before I could respond, she placed the pacifier in my mouth. I hungrily started sucking. "Did Melinda miss her pacifier?" She pulled me toward the bedroom. "We got to get you into these."

The diaper was fluffy and pink. She also had purchased a liner for the diaper. She almost ripped my clothes off and soon had me lying on the diaper. In a cloud of powder, she got me ready for the diaper, all the while breathing hard. She seemed about to cum from the excitement.

She had also purchased diaper liners and when the diaper was pulled up and pinned, the thickness made it impossible for me to close my legs. While the disposable diaper was exciting, there was something special about being pinned into a cloth diaper. Many older adults wore the disposable diapers, but none wore pink cloth diapers and plastic pants like a little baby. Flashes of those pretty girls on the Internet, diapers and plastic pants, went through my mind. I felt like a baby girl and gladly let her put a little pink shirt on me. She had bought it today in the girls department at Sears.

Since then, I only wear disposables when we go out, but that is later in my story.

"I want to do your hair," she said.

My hair was down to my shoulders, but not cut as a girl's would be. She did the best she could by putting it in short pigtails.

By then, she was in a frenzy of horniness. She put me on the bed and motioned me to move around in my diaper and noisy plastic pants, while she watched, her hand down her pants.

Any inhibitions I had on where this was all headed, didn't seem important. I found that I loved being the focus of Gloria's attention and excitement. I moved my legs like a babies, making the pants sound even louder. The thick material between my legs felt so good as did the plastic of my pants.

After she came loudly several times, she came over and easily picked me up as you would a toddler. "I have a surprise for you in the kitchen, "she said breathlessly.

She had been busy the last few days and had found an oversized highchair, which my little body fit into nicely, only my legs a little too long for the bottom.

"Oh my," she whispered as she tied on a plastic bib. For a second, I though she would start playing with herself again.

For dinner, she fed me some peas, little bites of hot dogs and a jar of baby food carrots. We had just finished when the doorbell rang.

She looked at me frightened. "Who could that be," she whispered.

I actually got so scared I wetted my diaper without trying.

"You've got to hide," she said, working to get me out of the highchair, her face worried.

Again, the doorbell rang.

We hurried into her bedroom, my plastic pants loudly crinkling with my steps. "In here," she commanded, pushing me into the walk in closet. Before closing the door and leaving me in the dark, she pushed the pacifier in my mouth.

I sat with my knees to my chest, the thick diaper feeling heaving from my wetting, listening to see whom it might be.

Everything had been a fantasy game of being her baby, but the thought of anyone else finding out about our secret scared me to death. The voices were muffled from the living room, although I could place that the new voice was a woman's. Well, at least I thought it was a woman's. It was one of those deep woman voices that could go with either sex.

They seemed to be talking a long time until things fell quiet. I wondered if the visitor had left, but didn't want to take the chance by opening the closet. I felt around in the closet, wondering if I should take off this diaper and change into something else. The problems with that was the darkness and the fact of her being so much bigger than me, even if I found something that could pass as male clothes.

My stomach fluttered when I heard them come into the bedroom. I wasn't sure at that moment, but I thought they were on the bed. Wet noises and pillow talk came through the closed closet door. Oh no, I worried. She was on the bed making out with a man. Was this her boyfriend? What would he do to me if he found me in the closet?

I shuffled back into the corner of the closet, hoping to be hidden under the hanging clothes. Gloria had started to moan and the bed squeaked.

As I said before, I have weak bowels and my stomach began to churn. Pressure began building and I knew it would be useless to fight off the coming storm. I knelt and relaxed, letting the hot liquid fill the back of my waiting diaper, hoping the smell would not be noticeable in the bedroom.

I kept kneeing after I finished, not wanting to sit in my mess. The noise from the bedroom got louder as Gloria's moans grew in intensity. I wished I was man enough to do her like that. I was scared, knowing this had to be a big man to satisfy such a big woman.

Suddenly, the noise stopped. So did my heart, when I heard the other person say something about smelling crap. The door flew opened and I would have cried out if not for my pacifier.

"What the hell is this?"

"My little play toy," said Gloria.

"Is that the guy from next store?"

I was frozen in place. Instead of a man, it was a woman larger than Gloria. She wore only a tee shirt and a huge strap on, the rubber penis glistening from screwing Gloria.

"Crawl on out of there," said the huge woman, her penis pointing at me like a rod, huge compared to my own penis, shrunken and hidden in a wet, smelly diaper.

I crawled past her, whimpering around my pacifier in shame. "Not much of a man, is she?"

Gloria knelt on the floor, with her arms opened to hug and comfort me.

"He hasn't been screwing you?" asked the huge woman.

"If you saw his little toy, you'd know the answer to that question," said Gloria. "We just started playing together. Isn't she so cute in her diapers?"

The huge woman sat on the bed. "Get back up here," she commanded. "She can watch how to satisfy a woman."

Gloria obeyed, leaving me on the floor.

I was shocked to see Gloria passively being screwed by this huge woman. I'd never thought about her being a lesbian, but I guess it made sense with her getting excited about me being dressed as a little baby girl. I slowly backed from the bed, wanting to escape back to my place, although it would be risky, dressed in a diaper. I figured I'd grab a blanket from the couch to wrap around me.

They were not paying attention to me and I almost got to the bedroom door, when the huge woman shouted. "Now, where in the hell are you going?"

She pulled out of Gloria and descended on me with her giant dick waving as she walked. With iron hands, she grabbed me by the arm, dragging me back to the bed. "We can't have a baby wondering around by herself while I screw mommy."

The woman commanded me to kneel and not move. I heard her open a drawer behind me. She pulled my arms back and bound my wrists with a thin rope. Sometimes late at night, alone in bed, I fantasized about being tied up, but reality was much more frightening. I could tell she had done this before, since when she finished, I couldn't escape the ropes.

While she tied me, the rubber dildo caressed my head, making me cringe. She came around and it pointed at my face. "Spit out that pacifier," she commanded, holding out her hand.

I looked to Gloria for help, but saw her submissiveness with this brute offered no help. With my hand tied securely, I was helpless to resist anything.

I spat out the pacifier.

Kneeling there at the feet of this big woman made me feel so little and insignificant. The pain of my life being such a little man welled up in me and for the first time since I child, I started crying. Even sitting here in my dress, typing this story, the memory of that moment is making me cry. Women might not understand how hard it is to be a little man, ignored by woman and taller men. I only made the money I did was because of my brains and talent, but at the end of the day, I was overlooked as insignificant because of my size.

"Look up at me you sissy," she said.

My eyes rose up to meet her eyes, looking down at me from her six-foot four body.

"Don't make him do that, Sammy," pleaded Gloria.

"Shut-up, bitch," Sammy said as she pushed the rubber dildo to my closed mouth. "Open that pretty mouth or I'll beat your ass."

Her commanding voice scared the hell out me, especially since I was helpless with my wrists bound behind my back. I obeyed and opened my mouth to take in her rubber dick.

An invisible line was crossed when the penis slid past my parted lips.

"That's it little baby," growled Sammy, "suck daddy's big bottle."

The penis completely filled my small mouth, making my cheeks bulge. I'm not gay and never thought of giving a blow job, nor been ever given one from any woman, but I'd seen porn and knew what to do. I slowly began to move my head, sliding up and down on the shaft.

The only sounds in the bedroom were my crinkling plastic pants and the wet noise from my mouth around the penis. This went on for a long time, sending me into a trance, my whole world shrunken to surviving her tool, no wanting to make her angry.

I glanced over to Gloria and saw her sitting on the bed, on her knees, rubbing madly on herself as she watched me services this brute of a woman. Her mouth was opened and she breathed heavily.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, I came in my diaper. It was a violent thing, but something more different than when I masturbated. I'm not even sure if I was hard when the waves of gentle pleasure swept through me and I nicely wet my diaper with my cum. I must have moaned because Sammy laughed and said, "Looks like your sissy enjoys her mouth being full."

She pulled out of me and I settled back on my legs, tired and confused. Did I cum because I liked giving the blowjob or was it because of Gloria's excitement.

Sammy climbed back onto the bed and began screwing Gloria, the two of them leaving me bound on the floor, a diaper full of smelly poop, urine and my cum.

Twenty minutes later, they were finished and Sammy went into the bathroom. Gloria crawled across the bed and helped me off the floor. "I'm so sorry," she whispered to me. "She's leaving and I'll untie you then and get you out of that diaper."

Sammy did leave and Gloria untied my wrists. My diaper was a mess and she showered me down in hot water. Afterward, she gently dried me in a soft towel, neither of us saying anything about what had happened to me with Sammy.

Wrapped in the towel, I followed her to the bedroom, where she gave me my clothes. She seemed very sad. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was gay," she said, "but Sammy had left me months ago and had moved out of town. I never expected her to come back. I liked what we had started, but if you don't ever want to come back over here and play, I understand."

I put on my clothes and walked to the door.


That night was very long. I never felt so lonely as I tried to sleep in my empty bedroom, my mind turning over with everything that had happened at Gloria's place. I missed her terribly and started to call her several times but didn't. She'd seen me suck on a rubber dick, how could I look her in the eye. No doubt, she thought of me as gay, which wasn't a big thing since she had dressed me in diapers and plastic pants, but it seemed to have ruined our mommy/baby game.

I didn't hear from her for three days. During that time, missing being in diapers was driving me crazy. I couldn't even look at anything plastic without thinking about plastic pants. Never before had I had any fetish about clothing, but this was like being a drug addict. I had to get back into those diapers. I had to feel the protective plastic of the pants.

For hours I cruised the adult baby web sites and my need for Gloria only got worse. Without hearing from her, I figured we were through and started thinking about buying my own adult baby clothes, although doing this by myself was a downer.

By the third day, I was ready to call Gloria when the doorbell rang, an odd thing since I never get visitors. I ran to the door and found nobody there but sitting on the front step was a huge basket of flowers. I took the flowers inside, hoping they might be from Gloria.

They were.

Besides the flowers, there were plastic baby blocks, a pacifier, a baby bottle, diaper pins, two pair of plastic pants - one of those that snap up the sides, a pair of disposable diapers and two jars of baby food. A note read: "I miss my little baby girl more than ever. All the stuff and a few surprises have arrived. Won't you come over to play? Love Mommy."

As I read the note, my hand drifted to the plastic pants. They were so soft and well, babyish. What a sweet and girly thing, receiving flowers. I sat down on my couch, looking at the flowers, wondering what is happening to me. My whole body wanted to be back in her arms, safe in my diapers and plastic pants.

Despite my fear of Sammy, I couldn't resist any longer. I hurried to the bathroom and pulled off my sweat pants. I replaced my underwear with the disposable diaper and the plastic pants that snapped down the sides. Just having those on me, made my knees weak. Over the plastic pants, I put on a pair of gym shorts.

I hurried back to the basket of flowers and found a pair of very girly socks.

I decided to take a risk and put those on before putting on gym shoes. I figured no one would notice the lace around the top of the socks before I got to Gloria's.

In my excitement, I didn't check outside before leaving my house. For a moment, I almost died of embarrassment. Coming up my driveway was the mailman. I didn't dare move because of my noisy disposable diaper. He handed me my mail and my prayers that he wouldn't look down at my sock went unanswered. A gust of wind blew and I dropped one of my letters. He glanced down and surely noticed my socks.

He looked back up at me and grinned. I didn't say a thing nor dared pick up the letter, worried he would hear my diaper.

"You have a nice day," he said, suppressing a laugh.

I hesitated at Gloria's door for a moment, knowing that by coming to her, I was giving up my old self of being a man. Could I ever go back after she puts me in a dress?

Nothing about being a man had been good to me so far, alone in my house, no prospects of meeting anyone in my future.

I rang the bell.

She had to have been watching through the window, because she immediately opened the door. Without a word, she hugged me tightly, lifting me from the ground and pulling me into her place.

"Are you going to be my little girl?" she whispered in my ear, squeezing my butt, hearing the crinkle of the disposable diaper.

I nodded, afraid my voice might crack.

She carried me like a toddler into her bedroom.

"What do you think?" she asked, turning me around so I could see the additions.

Even sitting here, writing my story in that room, I still get the shivers looking at everything. She had to have spent a fortune, this in itself telling me how serious she was in our special relationship. Against the wall was a beautiful white crib, big enough for me. Matching it was a changing table, stacks of diapers and plastic pants visible on the shelves. In the opened white cabinet next to the changing table, hung a bunch of wonderful dresses and rompers, so much lace and ruffles that my eyes were overwhelmed. I started to say something, overwhelmed by the money she spent, but a pacifier being stuck in my mouth stopped my words.

I hugged her neck as she continued to carry me to the bathroom, where the tub waited for me. This bath was something I'll always remember. The bubbles and frequent oils filled the room with soft girl smells. The last bits of my old identity fell away as she took off my clothes. Clothes that never wanted to wear again. Before taking off my disposable diaper, she sat down on a stool, holding me in her lap, rubbing the plastic as she softly talked.

"Once, I put you in this tub you're mine," she said. "Everything in your life will be controlled by mommy: what you wear, eat, when you sleep, when your diaper is changed. After this you'll never use a toilet again, unless mommy says you can, but even then, it will only be because you have to act grownup for a reason."

I hugged her tightly, listening to her soft voice telling me how much she loved me, how she would protect me, how all my worries were gone and how mommy would take care of everything.

After a few minutes, she took off my diaper and lowered me into the hot, fragrant bath. It felt wonderful, as if I'd slipped into a new world of softness and comfort. My old life washed away in the water.

Gloria left me in the tub for a few minutes as she left the bathroom. I leaned back, letting the warmth cover me. When she returned I opened my eyes to a nice surprise.

"This will keep mommy from ruining her dress while giving her baby a bath," she said. The only thing she wore was a transparent, pink apron. It was long, like the old fashioned ones from the fifties. I couldn't take me eyes of her large breast, pressed against the vinyl as she knelt next to the tub, leaning over me, scrubbing me with a pink sponge. The nipples pressed teased against my smooth skin. I wanted badly to nurse them, but she kept pushing my mouth away. "You bad little girl," she said. "Mommy will feed you after your bath."

To keep my mouth out of trouble, she filled it with a pacifier, which I suckled with passion as she finished my bath.

She finally took me from the tub and dried me. She then rubbed lotion into my skin to keep me baby soft. I wasn't allowed to walk, so she carried me into the nursery corner of her bedroom and put me up on the plastic covered changing table. I was on my back, naked, sucking on a pacifier, watching her get my diaper and plastic pants ready. Her body was in complete view, only covered by the apron. It was nothing I ever dreamed of in my fantasies.

I could see that she also was very excited. Her hands shook as she pinned the fluffy new pink diaper tightly around my waist. After she pulled my plastic pants on, she was almost in a frenzy. On the bed, I saw a pink satin dress, petticoat, and black Mary Jane shoes waiting for me. My heart fluttered in anticipation.

Gloria couldn't wait any longer. She took me to the bed, only clad in my bulky diaper and plastic pants, and sat down, holding me like a baby, one arm around my shoulders. She reached up and pulled the plastic strap down from one shoulder, and pulled the apron down, exposing a wonderful breast for me.

I spat out the pacifier and sucked earnestly on the enlarged nipple, listening to her moan with pleasure as she rubbed my plastic pants. Somehow, my right hand worked around the plastic apron and I started playing with her mommy stuff. A loud moan came from mommy and her breathing became hard. "You bad little girl," she panted. "Mommy might have to spank you."

Suddenly, she cried out and arched her back, driving the nipple deeper in my mouth and her mommy stuff at my hand. She came in shuddering spasms and I came in my diaper.

For almost a half of an hour, she held me as we laid together on the bed, her in just the plastic apron, me in my diaper and plastic pants. I drifted in and out of sleep, never wanting to leave this spot, thankful to be diapered so I didn't have to get up to pee. I just let it dribble from me whenever the slightest urge occurred.

"Are you wet?" she said, waking me from my slumber, pulling at the waist of my plastic pants to check my diaper. "Not too bad, you can wait. I want to get you into your pink dress."

In a few minutes, I stood in front of the mirror, stunned at the little girl looking back at me. The pink satin dress was actually a sailor type dress, with the color lined in white. The waist was high, across my chest. The puffy sleeves made my already skinny arms look even smaller. The hem only went down a little past my waist, leaving my diapered state exposed. A diaper cover that matched the dress was over my plastic pants. The diaper cover has rows of lace on the back. The lacy socks and black Mary Jane shoes finished the outfit.

I trusted her completely and didn't argue when she took a bunch of pictures. We watched some TV until dinner, which for me was eaten in the high chair. She feed me little hot dogs and smashed peas. For desert, she surprised me with a birthday cake. "This is the birth of our new life together," she said.

I said nothing, seeing that I was sucking on my ever-present pacifier.

After the cake, she took off my dress and changed my diaper, getting me ready for bed. It was still early, but for some reason, I was sleepy.

The diaper for bedtime was super thick, with two soakers making it impossible for me to keep my legs from being spread apart. The diaper was cute, being pink with little animals. I was surprised when she didn't put any plastic pants over the diapers and was even more surprised when I saw what I'd be wearing to bed.

Obviously, she had been busy buying stuff off the web without me. First, she took my hands and pushed them into tight, small fist. Over my fist, she fitted thick rubber mittens on me, securing them around my wrists with attached straps. This made my hands useless without being bound together. Next, she had me stand while she pulled a thick plastic bag down over me, but it wasn't a bag. At the end was an opening and a hood. She tied the cord for the hood tightly under my chin.

She lifted me and put me in the baby bed. The end of bag had a zipper, which when closed, locked me in my plastic sleeping bag. Now I saw why she didn't bother with the plastic pants. The bag would protect the bed, plus the mattress was cover with a plastic sheet.

The plastic bag gave me some room to move my arms and legs, but it was shorter than me, so my legs couldn't be straightened. There was no way I could get out of bed, when she pulled up the railing.

"I'll be back with a bottle for you later," she said, turning off the lights except for a small nightlight over the changing table.

Even now, I'm put into that sleeping bag several times a week.

I wasn't at all sleepy. Helplessly, I moved around in the bag, the plastic and rubber making a lot of noise. I kept thinking about what I'd submitted to and how far did Gloria planned to take this. I really didn't know anything about her except she was a lesbian and had a mean lover.

This made me a little frightened. What if Sammy came back and found me in this bag? What would she do to me? It seemed clear that Gloria couldn't help protect me.




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