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My Summer in Pantyhose

by Jeremy Chandler


Chapter 2


"Jamie, Jamie. Wake up." My mother was shaking my shoulder as I opened my eyes.

"I'm going to the store for a bit. I want you to go take a shower. I'll be back soon."


She smiled then left.

I could have easily fallen back to sleep. Then I remembered what was supposed to happen today and immediately sat upright in bed. I heard the garage door and the car. Was she going out to buy my hose? Did yesterday really happen? I threw off my covers and went into the bathroom. There was a note taped to the mirror and my mother's electric shaver and a bottle of body lotion on the counter. I took down the note and read: "Take a shower then shave your legs with the shaver. Put some lotion on your legs when you get done. Love, Mom."

I hadn't planned on shaving my legs. I showered and dried off. I didn't have a lot of hair on my legs. I never did like how my hairy legs looked while wearing hose and it would grow back. I plugged in the shaver and took the plunge. This was a lot more work then I had expected. You never realize how much area your legs include until you try to go over all of it. Once done I rubbed some lotion on them. I grabbed some underwear from my room and threw on a robe. Downstairs I drank some juice and ate a bowl of cold cereal. I was still sitting in the kitchen, wondering what was in store for me, when I heard my mother return.

"Hello Jamie. Did you do what I told you?" My mother was carrying two bags--one from the grocery store and one from a department store.

I nodded.

"Great. Let's go up to your room. I have some gifts for you."

I followed her upstairs to my room where she dumped the contents of the bags on my bed. I counted ten pairs of hose and tights and two oversized t-shirts--one light blue and the other pink. "I got sheers and opaques, mostly in the styles I like. We can try some different styles over the summer. I also got you a couple sleeping tees. I think you'll find them more comfortable. Sorry for the colors but that was all they had." She smiled at me.

"These are all mine?"

"Yes, they're yours. Don't tell me you've changed your mind."

"No, I'm just kind of overwhelmed."

"Put these on with some shorts." She handed me a package of Sheer Energy in suntan. "We need to go pick up your sister. Don't worry. You can wait in the car."

I took off my underwear and put on the brand new hose. I admired my legs for a minute. They looked smooth and soft, almost feminine. As long as no one saw my toes or looked closely I didn't figure anyone would be able to tell, especially since there wasn't any hair matted against my skin. Shaving was a good idea. I put on some baggy shorts and a t-shirt then grabbed some white socks. I met my mother at the door.

She looked at my shorts and sneakers. "Hmmm. Nice legs but we'll have to get you some different shoes and shorts."

"What's wrong with them?"

"The look doesn't quite work."

"Do you think people will notice?"

"Not unless they get close."

This was my first time outside the house in hose and it certainly wouldn't be my last. The bright sunshine caused the hose to shimmer. I made for the passenger seat as quickly as possible without running. My mother smiled at me and patted my knee.

"Don't worry. Just act natural."

"Mom," I said after we were on our way. "How will we keep Mike and Todd from finding out." Mike and Todd were the only people I would call friends. They were the only guys that I spent time with outside of school. We played computer and board games together or hung out at the arcade at the mall. Unlike my sister, I wasn't very popular. I guess most people would classify me as a nerd--shy and unathletic but relatively smart. I certainly never refused to help a girl with her homework.

"Hmm. I don't know. You'll either have to tell them or wear jeans whenever they're around."

"I can't tell them! I'll be ruined."

"They might be more understanding than you think. But we'll try to be careful."

I doubted that they would be understanding. "What about all of Julie's friends?"

"What about them?"

"If Julie tells them it will be all over school."

"I think you will find most people have better things to talk about."

My mother's assurances were not any consolation. Why on earth did I say yes to this?

We stopped in the driveway of my sister's friend's house. My mother went to the door and after a few minutes my sister emerged carrying her backpack and a small black duffle bag. They put her stuff in the trunk then got in the car, my sister in the back seat. We talked about what we did the previous evening on the ride home but nothing was said about the hose incident. My heart was pounding and I kept my hands on my knees. I was so worried that Julie would lean forward and scream "Mom! Jamie's wearing pantyhose!" Nothing of the sort happened.

I headed for my room as soon as we arrived home. My sister wasn't paying much attention to me and the garage is dark even during the day. I overheard my mother tell my sister that she needed to talk to her. I went to my room and closed my door. I was starting to think I should tell my Mom I wanted to call this experiment off but then I saw all those hose scattered across my bed. MY HOSE. Yes, these were mine. Don't you want to try them I asked myself? I sat down and started reading the various packages and looking at the pictures, all of beautiful legs encased in hose or tights. No, I was going to go through with this. This was my dream come true wasn't it?

A knock at the door brought me back to reality. "Jamie?" my mother asked.

"Come in."

My mother smiled. "Looking at your new hose?"

"Yeah. I've never seen the packages up close."

My mother sat down next to me. "I talked to your sister and explained the situation. I've told her that she is NOT to ridicule you. She was upset that you might have been wearing her underwear in the past. I told her that you had only been wearing mine. Is that true?"


"Good. Okay. Why don't you put your hose away in your dresser. You can move some of your underwear and socks into the empty dresser downstairs if you need more room."

My mother hugged me then left me alone.

I took my socks and sneakers off. It felt marvelous to wriggle my hose covered toes into the carpet and my legs really did look great. I took all the hose out of their packages and put them away. When I got done, there was a pile of empty packaging next to a small pile of underwear and socks on my bed. I tried to read but found it difficult to concentrate as I kept rubbing my legs together and caressing them with my hands. I wondered how girls avoided feeling this distracted when they wore hose.

"Jamie! It's time for lunch." My mother called.

I took a deep breath and headed downstairs to the kitchen. I couldn't avoid my sister for the entire summer and my mother wouldn't let her ridicule me. My sister and I had a good relationship but as with all siblings there was a constant power struggle going on beneath the surface and I was giving Julie a very powerful tool.

Julie and my mother were making sandwiches. Julie's eyes roamed up and down my body as I entered the kitchen. She was smirking. "Hi Jamie."

"Hi Sis."

"He's got legs," Julie sang.

"Julie," said my mother. "You promised."

"Sorry Jamie. Your legs really do look cute in hose. Almost as good as mine."

"That's enough Julie."

"I was being nice," Julie protested.

"It's okay Mom. Thanks Julie. I guess."

That broke the ice and the conversation moved to other topics--helped by my mother.

"Is it okay if I talk to Jamie about his 'wardrobe change' as long as I don't make fun of him?" asked Julie.

"As long as Jamie wants to talk about it."

"So Jamie, can I talk to you about your hose?"

"Sure Julie."

"Why do you like them?"

"I like how the fabric feels on my skin."

"I guess they do feel kind of cool. I wouldn't want to wear them all the time though. What are you going to tell Mike and Todd?"

"I don't know yet. I'll probably just wear jeans when they're around. You're not going to tell all your friends are you?"

"I think they'll notice when they come over but I'll tell them to be nice to you. They'll probably think it's cute." Julie giggled.

I was feeling better. Apparently Julie was not going to make my life a living hell for the summer. After lunch I helped Mom load the dishwasher and played a computer game for a couple hours. I like the role-playing-games so it's easy to get lost in a game for hours. I even forgot I was wearing hose. I had to stop because my sister wanted to chat with one of her friends. I spent the rest of the day lounging inside. Mike and Todd were both on vacation so I wouldn't have to deal with my friends for a couple weeks. When it was time for bed my mother went up to my room with me.

"Here," she said, giving me a mesh laundry bag. "Put your worn hose in here when you change them."

"Okay. Am I supposed to sleep in them?"

"We did say 24/7. You'll get used to them. Wear one of your sleeping tees. It will be more comfortable."

I undressed except for my hose and put on the light blue t-shirt which came down to my knees. I tossed and turned; read for awhile; then tossed and turned. Eventually I fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion, wondering what the next day in hose would bring.


to be continued




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