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The New Little Stepsister

by Little Bobbi

Part 4


"Sweetie, Sweetie, wake up", I heard in a quiet voice. I opened my eyes to find it was mommy this time, not Stephanie who was waking me up. "You've had an accident Sweetie". Before she finished her sentence I felt the wet bed. "Let's get you out of there and shh we don't want Laurie to see this", she said as she lifted me out of bed like a little baby and carried me to the bathroom where she stood me in the bathtub, "Let's get you out of those wet clothes", and she helped me out of my PJs and underwear. Tears ran down my cheeks as she did this and she responded, "Sweetie it's just an accident, although you are quite old to be having an accident, maybe it's all these changes. So wipe those tears, okay? This doesn't have anything to do with the girls being so much bigger than you and all does it?" That just made me feel more humiliated and I could feel my eyes welling up again. "You get showered and dressed and I'll put these wet things and your sheets in the washer. Maybe you can get them in the drier and back on your bed before the girls get up. They both sleep pretty late, but you probably already noticed that. I have to get to work and it will probably be a long day, I will see you tonight. And Sweetie don't fret about this little accident, okay?" "Thank you, mommy". She kissed me on the cheek and left. As I was drying off I heard a knock on the door, "who is it?" "Oh Bobbie its daddy, I'm off to work, is everything okay?" "Yes, daddy I'm fine". "Great, I'll see you this afternoon". "Bye daddy". I heard the font door shut, so I wrapped myself in the towel and went to my room.

I dropped my towel and started to get dressed when Laurie who I thought was asleep said, "What do you think you're doing?" I froze with one leg in my underwear, and then turned to look at her and fell flat on my face. "You are such a little bimbo". I stood up and let my underwear fall to my ankles. She got up and went to her closet and pulled out the training bra and a diaper and handed them to me without a word. I took them and looking at the floor I put them on. Then she handed me a frilly yellow dress and white anklets and white Mary Janes. She pointed to my bed and I sat down and she started with my hair. In the door mirror I saw her put two tiny little yellow ribbons in my hair to secure two little pigtails on the sides near the top of my head. If I wasn't 4'8" I would have looked convincingly 4 or 5 years old. By her smile I could tell she was very pleased with herself. "And now MOMMY knows you wet your bed too little baby. One more time and she'll probably put you in diapers, too. Let's go out to the garage and get that high chair back out so I can feed you breakfast". She took me by the wrist and pulled me along to the garage where she grabbed the high chair and had me follow her to the kitchen. She fed me rice baby cereal and a bottle of milk which I held with both hands till it was empty. "What a good little girl you were during breakfast Bobbi. Go lay on the floor and I'll turn on Barney for you". I waddled over to the floor and she turned on Barney and the she ate and put the dishes in the sink. When Stephanie finally walked in, still in her pajamas she said, "Ooh Sweetie you look adorable come give me a hug". I got up and ran to her and she lifted me up, gave me a hug and put me down. "Has Laurie been nice to you this morning?" "Yes", I said, realizing she sort of had been nice. Then noticing how quickly and easily I had stepped into the role of Stephanie's little sister and her, my big protector. "Look what I found in the hallway", she said handing me the big dolly, which I took, "why don't you two lay down and finish watching your cartoons while I eat some breakfast". I lay down with my dolly and a tear in my eye and stared at Barney. While Stephanie was eating Laurie brought me a bay bottle filled with juice. Laurie went into the bedroom and changed and didn't come back out for hours while I sat there and watched cartoons. At some point Stephanie finished her breakfast and went to her room. Finally Stephanie came back out and said, "How about some lunch Sweetie, PB& J trimmed sound yummy?" "Yes", I said realizing how hungry I was and then noticing I needed to pee, just as Laurie walked in. I sat up and said quietly, "I need to pee". "That's why you wear a diaper dummy", was Laurie's reply. I looked at her pleadingly and she suddenly cocked her hand back to slap me. That was all it took, I peed my diaper. She could tell by the look on my face what just happened and whispered, "When babies are wet they cry so mommies know to change them". I was so overwhelmed that I finished peeing, completely drenching my diaper. My eyes started to well up out of total disappointment with myself and then I just started crying. "What's wrong Sweetie? Did you wet your didy? Come here and let big sister see." She pulled out my diaper and said, "You sure did, so lie down on the floor so big sister can change your wet didy". I lay down and she grabbed the bag by the couch and changed my diaper in the living room. Stephanie walked in with lunch as she was finishing. "Thanks for changing him Laurie. What are we going to do with you Sweetie?" I just looked at her with eyes full of tears; I didn't realize how much I did not like disappointing Stephanie. "Oh it's okay Sweetie", she said as she handed me my lunch. After lunch Laurie put in a really loud, violent war movie. I had never seen that kind of movie before cause daddy never let me watch them. Stephanie asked me if I wanted to sit on the couch with her, so I did. Before I knew it she was holding me and I was hiding my head in her breasts during the scary, loud and gross parts. When the movie was over Laurie left the room and then came back with Barbies and clothes. She set them on the floor and said, "Here Bobbi sweetie you come over here and play Barbies for awhile". Stephanie pushed me lightly up and then lightly patted my butt towards the floor, so I sat down and dressed Barbies. Laurie sat down and watched music videos and Stephanie got up and went to her room.

A few minutes later the front door opened and before either of us could do anything daddy walked in. He stared at me for a minute then realized it was me and said, "What in the hell is going on in here?" Laurie stood up (she had her 3" sandals on), now only four inches shorter than daddy. She said nothing. "Why are you dressed like that?" he was pretty loud. "She made me", I said pointing to Laurie and I was starting to cry. "A ten year old girl made you dress like a baby and you didn't stop her", he said looking incredulously at Laurie. Again she said nothing. "She twisted my arm and then spanked me really hard, she's been really mean to me daddy", I stuttered between sobs. "Oh my god, are you a complete wimp?" "Hey, leave him alone", it was Stephanie walking towards daddy from the hallway. She had on a black halter top, a black mini skirt and black boots with 5 inch heels, making her 6'2" to my daddy's 5'7". Looking up 7 inches into her eyes threw him off and slightly stuttering himself he said, "Look at him, he's just a little cry baby and dressed like one too". "Oh and you're so big and tough, aren't you Paulie?", she said looking and sounding condescendingly. "What?", was all daddy said before Stephanie slapped him really hard across the face. He caught himself from falling and asked, "Why did you do that?" She slapped him again saying, "Well let's see how tough you are Paulie". He just kept himself from falling again and said, "Hey, stop hitting me". She slapped him again, "Are you gonna make me, tough guy?" He was looking a little shaky when he said, "That hurts quit hitting me". Then she slapped him even harder, but before he could fall down she slapped him with her other hand which lifted him up enough to keep him from falling over. "Please stop hitting me", he said with what to me looked like tears in his eyes, as he stepped back. "Or what? You're going to cry?", so she stepped forward and slapped him again. "Please don't hit me anymore ", he said trying to cover his face now and his eyes filled with tears. "Look Steph he's starting to cry", Laurie said. Stephanie faked a left punch to his stomach and he lowered his hands and she slapped him so hard with her right he put his hand down to catch his balance. Daddy was now crying and begged her, "Please stop hitting me". "Strip naked right now right here, crybaby or I'll start using my fists instead of slapping you". The crying got a little louder as he whimpered, "No, please, Stephanie, no". She cocked her fist back and simply said, "Now".

As the tears of pain and humiliation poured down his cheeks, daddy took off his shirt and pants. "The underwear, socks, everything", Stephanie demanded. He did and stood there naked and crying. "Look how small his dick is", Laurie said, "Is that like two inches long, wow I bet you get a four inch little stiffy out of that". Stephanie smiled at Laurie then walked over and grabbed daddy's chin, looked down into his eyes and said mockingly, "Just a little crybaby wimp aren't you?", as she squeezed his chin hard. Daddy shook his head up and down trying to look down but Stephanie held his chin up. She squeezed again, "Say it, wimp". Between sobs he said, "I am a crybaby wimp". "Laurie go get the pink one and all the stuff. You cry like a little girl and your dick is so small you should be one, Paullina". I just sat on the floor; I did not know what to do. He was my daddy, but Stephanie had stood up for me and she was obviously the strongest and biggest and toughest person in the house right now. So I just sat there. Laurie had left and now returned with a training bra, white cotton panties with ruffles, white tights and the pink party dress I had worn on one arm and some white three inch high heels in the other. Daddy saw them and crying harder again whimpered, "Please, no, no …". "God quit your crying you little baby and get these on", Stephanie said as Laurie handed them to him with a smile. Daddy had very little trouble getting them on. "You look adorable you little cutie now come to big sister little sissy girl". Daddy struggled trying to keep his balance in the heels walking over to Stephanie, he looked ridiculous and pathetic trying so hard. Standing in front of Stephanie in the heels, she was still 4" taller than him. She had pulled a chair over from the table and now she sat down in it. "Lay across my lap little sissy!" He despondently did as he was told. She pulled down his panties and said, "Now when I'm done here you'll probably be crying like a little baby girl. But when you sit down for the next couple of days I want you to remember who is in charge here and who is just a little cry baby sissy, will you do that for big sister?" "Yes", he mumbled, then pleaded, "please don't spank me". The first smack was so loud you could probably hear it outside, and daddy let out a blood curdling scream. By the third one daddy was begging for her to stop in between the screams and the crying. I got up and sat next to Laurie because I was getting scared, so she held me. When she finally stopped and let daddy up with his panties around his ankles he still was crying pretty loud. The crying got a little quieter and he started to bend down to pull the panties up ( his wiener had shriveled up smaller than mine), when Stephanie commanded, "Leave those right where they are little sissy, go stand over there with your face in the corner so we can see your red little butt". She pointed and daddy went sobbing to his corner and his butt was very red.

As his sobs turned to sniffles the front door opened, "Don't move sissy!", Stephanie said to daddy in a stern whisper. "What on earth is going on in here?", Mommy said looking around the room at daddy and me. Pointing at daddy, Stephanie said, "He cam home and started yelling at Bobbi and making fun of him so I set him straight". "Pauly, is that true, for Christ's sake Pauly get out of that corner and come here". Daddy stumbled over in his heels, and crying again mumbled, "No". "Then why are you dressed like that with your butt so red and please pull up your panties". "Tell her the truth", commanded Stephanie in a very stern voice. Daddy started crying harder. "Pauly get a grip on yourself and tell me what's going on here". "I came home and she (he pointed at Laurie) had Bobbie dressed like that playing dolls and I said something and Stephanie came out and started hitting me and made me take my clothes off and dress like this and then lay on her lap and she spanked me very hard and, and, and stand in the, the, the corner cause I'm a, a, a sissy…", and he started crying so hard he couldn't go on. "Go stand in your corner you little baby", Stephanie commanded and daddy stumbled to his corner crying. Mommy turned to Stephanie obviously amazed that all Stephanie had to do was tell daddy and he did it. She turned to Laurie and asked, "And what's his story?" "Well Mom he such a little crybaby too and cries like a little girl I made him dress that way, and he kept wetting his panties and bed all weekend so we bought him diapers cause we got tired of cleaning up the mess". Mommy just shook her head and looked at me so disappointedly, I started welling up, "God don't you start crying now and Pauly please pull up those panties and get out of that corner and come sit down. And stop crying, you little baby". Daddy took a little while trying to carefully pull up his panties so they did not rub too much. Then he stumbled in his heels to the couch beside Laurie and sat down slowly. I could see his eyes start welling up again as his butt touched the couch. "okay you two (mommy pointed to me and daddy), stay here and don't move an inch, you two go to your rooms and I'll go sit in the front room and think for a few minutes". The girls went to their rooms and Mommy went into the other room. I looked at Daddy and he looked down and tears fell off his cheeks and he tried to use his hands to keep his butt from touching the couch so hard. I knew how that felt from when Laurie had spanked me so hard. I felt so bad for daddy he looked so scared. I had had three days to adjust; this was all new to him.

Mommy came back into the room. "Both of you stand up!" Daddy winced as he pushed off from the couch and we both stood in front of her, daddy a head shorter than her in those heels and me looking up at her huge breasts. "Well since both of the girls have mopped the floor with you two sissies, I don't want to spend the rest of my life watching out for you two, so the girls are now in charge. And you wimp", she said looking at daddy, "are useless to me now, so you will move into Stephanie's room and do as your told. You have such a loser job you will get on the phone right now and quit, we don't need the little you make anyway. You'll be more use to me cleaning the house. And you will do whatever Laurie tells you to do and help keep the house clean. So I guess I thought I was getting a husband and a son but I got two sissy maids instead. So, go get your shit out of my bedroom now", she said leaning over with her face in daddy's face. Daddy walked as fast as he could in his heels. "Stephanie, Laurie get in here". Stephanie and Laurie walked in and stood in front of mommy. My eyes were at Mommy's tummy, at the bottom of Stephanie's boobs and at Laurie's neck, I was surrounded by giants. Stephanie, Paullina is moving in with you, do with her whatever you want. Laurie Bobbi is your new toy, have fun. They will do all the housework from now on. Laurie if you have any of Bobbi's old clothes throw them in the trash." I started to cry. "If you're going to cry little baby go to bed. No I mean it you go to bed now". I ran to my bed and threw myself down and cried myself to sleep. "Stephanie, little Paullina can sleep on that little frilly day bed thing in your room, put him to bed before I get back. I don't want to deal with her anymore tonight. I'm going to have a drink". And she left and Paullina slept in Stephanie's room.




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