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I stood in front of the washroom mirror, I ran my hands through my platinum blonde hair reaching over I opened my handbag and took out a lipstick. Pulling the cap from the tube I slowly spiralled the phallic tip out of the tube it was a bright pink colour as I lifted it to my lips I stopped and stared at my reflection, "How did I get here," I said to myself.

Standing in a washroom about to apply lipstick to my full pouty lips, with long platinum blonde hair (not real), I was wearing a short tight black dress, black stockings and 4in stiletto heeled shoes. I looked the any other young female secretary but I wasn't a woman, well I wasn't born one I was made one by my boss and mistress and future wife. My old life seems to be like a dream now not reality, like some kind of fantasy that happened to someone else. It started two years ago when I was 21-years-old and had just graduated from University, I went to a middle ranking university and graduated with a decent honour degree if not spectacular.

When I left university I though that it would be easy for me to get a job, even with my degree however after three months I still hadn't found a job and I was starting to get depressed.

Then one day I was reading a newspaper's appointments section when I came across this job advert, it was right up my alley but I had never heard of the company on the advert, the Labrys group. I tried to search for the company on the Internet but couldn't come up with anything, so I applied for the position, then two weeks later I got the letter back telling me that I had got an interview.

Chapter One

Two weeks later I pulled my car into the visitor's car park at the Labry's groups sprawling corporate headquarters, I made sure I had all the right paperwork and got out of the car.

I walked up and through the doors and headed for the reception desk, seated behind the desk was a very attractive young woman looking at her I noticed that she was wearing a tight white high-necked but short-sleeved sweater which covered a very impressive pair of breasts, a short black skirt, I could see her right knee peaking out from under the desk. She finally put the phone down and turned to me, "I sorry for the delay how may I help you?"

"I'm here for an interview," I said and handed over my letter telling me of the appointment.

She took the letter scanned it, "Off course if you would please take a seat over there with the those other gentlemen," she said and pointed over to a group of about six other men, "Someone will be with you shortly," she said.

"Thank you," I said and then turned and went over and joined the other men that did seem a little odd that only men were being interviewed but I didn't think it that strange if only I knew then what I know now it would have made perfect sense.

I sat down and there were a number of silent nods between me and the other men in the group. Over the course of the next five to ten minutes another five men joined us, I was sitting there when I heard the click-click of a pair of heels of a hardwood floor. I turned my attention to the noise and saw another vision she was medium height honey blonde with killer legs, they were encased in light coloured tights, on her feet were black shoes with 3in heels the tights run up under the hem of a short black skirt topped off with a red silk blouse that was matched by the colour of her lips and nails.

She walked over to the receptionist they talked and then she turned and came over to us.

"I'm here to take you through, we seem to be a couple of members short but they'll have to come late. If you'd like to follow me we'll go through."

We all got up and followed her, as we walked I couldn't take my eyes off her legs, they were so shapely and long and as she walked I could see her arse move up and down it was mesmerising.

She led us into a room which had a series of desks arranged in rows, I counted them there were fifteen desks there were twelve of us so we were indeed three short, "Please take a seat at one of the desks, I'll be back in a minute," she said then she left the room.

I sat down at a desk, the other men went and sat down at other desks, we just waited, two or three minutes later three men entered followed by the woman, "Please take a seat and thank you for your patience," she said then again she stepped out of the room.

Again we sat and waited, I could hear that some of the men were starting to get restless and disgruntled, I felt the same way I just showed it better.

Then the women returned however this time she was in tow of another woman. The contrast between the two women couldn't have been more stark, this new woman was dressed in a black trouser suit she was plain and frumpy but she had this air of authority the pretty woman was different and submissive to this new woman.

She stood in front of us "Thank you for coming today your interview is in two parts first there is an aptitude test followed by a personal interview this afternoon. My assistant Toni will now hand out the test papers and pencils, please when answering the questions don't be inhibited the freer your answers the better your chances are," she said then she nodded to Toni and she moved forward with the papers and pencils handing them out as she went.

"You have 45 minutes to complete the test, then hand your answers into Toni. Thank you again and good luck," she said then she left the room.

Toni went and sat at the table at the front, I could clearly see her there, she crossed her legs right over left and her skirt rode up revelling the inner thigh of her right leg, I simply couldn't concentrate on the test, I looked down at the paper but nothing comes into my mind, except the though of fucking Toni over that table right now.

When I eventually managed to get my mind back on the test I had only 20 minutes left so I didn't really think about the answer to the questions I put down what I felt.

"Times up," she said. "Please write your name clearly on the front of your paper then pass it down to the front of your row."

She got up and walked over and collected the papers, "If you'd like to please follow me I'll take you to the dinning room where you can have lunch on us," she said.

We got up and followed her out of the room. As we did we were met by yet another vision of beauty, "Hi Toni, Ms Ross told me to collect the papers while you see to our guests," she said.

As she spoke I gazed at her, she was the same height as Toni, she was dressed in a yellow silk blouse, short grey skirt and another pair of killer legs encased in light coloured tights and grey court shoes with the same 3in heels. The new girl had long brunette hair that cascaded down beyond her shoulders.

"Thank you Andrea," Toni replied and handed her the test papers, she then turned and walked away.

"Imagine getting the two of them alone and naked," one of the men whispered into my ear I just smiled but I knew what he meant and I couldn't help but agree with him.

We followed Toni down a corridor and up a flight of stairs, then we walked through a set of security doors and then she stopped outside a set o doors she then turned to us, "Gentlemen this is the private dinning area for our top executives you are I think in for a treat," she said, then she opened the door and we went in.

Stepping through those doors, I took one look around and I realised I had stepped into another world.

The dinning hall was large but what I saw amazed me, walking around serving the meals were all the gorgeous women dressed in French maids uniforms with black silk stockings and 4in stiletto-heeled shoes.

We followed Toni over to a table, "please take a seat?" she said. Sitting down, I found that Toni chose the seat right next to me, I had to keep my jaw from dropping, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and she had chosen to sit beside ME.

A maid walked over, "Would you care to order now?"

"Yes," Toni said and then we ordered our meals, the maid turned and walked away, as she did I couldn't help but watch her, those legs encased in sheer black stockings that had perfectly straight seems.

Something in the back of my mind started going over everything that I had seen today, taking another look around the canteen really started to nag me. The women here fell into two very distinct types; one was Toni and the maids, extremely feminine maybe even extremely so, all big hair and short skirts. The other was Ms Ross and the women I could see here in the dinning hall they were almost masculine in their dress and behaviour. Then it hit me like a brick we were the only men in the dinning hall and these were the only men I had seen all day.

"Hay did you understand the questions that were on the test?" one of the men said.

"Not really, just answered it," another replied.

I remembered the questions on the test, they were strange most of them seemed ordinary enough but the last group were all about our perceptions of women and how we would deal with being given orders by a woman, I couldn't even remember what my answer to it was. Turning my head I took a long look at Toni, she was too perfect, that's when I knew she is or maybe was a man, Toni looked at me strange, "What is it?"

"Noting," I replied then smiled.

Andrea replied, "Toni can I speak to you outside," she said, Toni got up and followed her out of the dinning hall, they returned a couple of minutes later.

"Okay, its time for your interviews. Would Tom Jackson please go with Andrea and Robert Adams come with me please," she said. They got up and followed the women out of the dinning hall. The rest of us sat there and waited for our turn to be called for interview.

In fact I was the last one called and I followed Toni down a corridor and into an office. Ms Ross was seated behind a dark oak desk and she was reading something on her desk, when she looked up at me, "Please take a seat. Toni you can go now," she said. Toni turned and left the room closing the door behind her, I pulled out the chair and sat down.

She looked up from her desk, "I'm sorry that you have had to wait so long but we had to recheck your results twice, you see you have the highest score ever on the aptitude test," she said.

I smiled, "I don't think that has ever happened to me before," I replied.

"On the strength of the alone we would like to offer you a position?"

"As what a maid or a secretary?"

I could see her raise an eyebrow, "You know?"

"Yes that's who Toni and Andrea and those maids from the dinning hall there're actually men."

"No there sissies we just trained them, Toni had the record before you, and so, are you a sissy?"

"I hate that term but yes I could be describe as that."

"Well if you accept our offer we will train you to be the best sissy that you can be."

"What if I refuse?"

"Nothing you'll leave here and go on you own way but you'll spend the rest of your life hiding your true personality."

I just sat there for what seemed an hour but turned out to be a couple of minutes. They knew all about the real me, not the mask I showed to the public but the person I was inside. Now I was given two choices to live out my fantasy and let the real me out or to continue this life of disguise, really it was no choice at all I let my heart rule my head, I could fell my heart beat in quadruple time as I spoke, "Yes I'll take the deal."

She smiled, "We knew you would join us." Reaching her hand over she switched on the intercom, "Toni come in he has agreed."

I heard the door open and the click-click of stiletto-heeled shoes on the hardwood floor of the office, turning my head I saw Toni approaching the desk I could see that she or was that he was smiling.

"I'm so glad that you said yes," Toni said. "I was just like you once I was given the same choice but what they don't know is that its no choice at all is it." I just nodded in agreement.

"Good I'll leave you in the very capable hands of Toni," she said and got up from behind her desk and she pasted Toni she patted him on the bottom, then she left the room.

"I don't mind that in fact I used to fantasy about being sexually harassed by my boss do I have to admit I rather enjoy it. Sorry now that your joining the Lybras group, you'll be sent to the Institute for further training, now given your score it you will almost certainly be placed on the advanced programme. That will be a year or less compared to the full programme the others will be on which last two years or more depending on the individual and how long it takes for them to acclimatise to the programme. I'll arrange for you to be picked up tomorrow and taken to the airport to catch the plane that will take you to the Institute. Oh please don't worry I loved it there and you will too, now just leave it to me and you'll be fine. When you graduate you'll most likely come and work here at Corporate Headquarters as an assistant to an executive the better you do the better the job. Now it's been a long day you should go home and get some rest you'll need it."

"Thanks," I said and got up and walked out of the office before I left the building I was given an envelope that contained written instructions about what to bring, which was nothing everything would be provided at the Institute, except I had to bring my passport.

Chapter Two

The car arrived to pick me up at 7am, the driver was a woman she smiled as she held the back door open for me, I smiled back at her, she was dressed in a full chuffer's uniform black trouser suit, white shirt, black tie. She had short black hair and hazel eyes, she closed the door and I saw her clime into the drivers seat and start the car.

We drove out to a medium sized airport, she parked the car and she opened the door, I climbed out, "Someone will meet you inside and have a good time. Maybe I'll see you when you get back," she said then she got back inside the car.

I watched the car drive off then I turned and entered the airport building with a real sense of growing trepidation, once inside I glanced around the foyer of the airport, it wasn't very busy so I just stood there for a minute trying to make-up my mind about what to do, when a voice from behind me said, "Glade you could make it."

I turned around and came face to face with a woman she was carrying a clipboard, she was dressed in a dark suit with a white blouse open at the neck showing a small gold crucifix, she also had on black framed glasses over blue eyes. Her face was framed by black hair cut in a classic pageboy style. "Follow me sir," she said and turned I followed her, we walked across the foyer and over to the check-in desk.

She stopped right in front of the desk, "This is a passenger for the Lybras group private flight," she said. Sitting behind the desk was another vision of femininity, though I now knew the truth, she I mean he was dressed in a white silk top, I could see the short royal blue skirt and light coloured tights as I stared over the top of the desk. Her honey blonde hair was held in a French pleat. The top was slightly see-thru so I could see the straps of her bra, which held a pair of breasts that looked real to me.

"Could I have your passport please?" she said to me, "Sure," I replied and handed it over my passport to her, she then handed it to the person behind the desk, who then started to type my name into the computer I then heard the hum of the printer.

"Here is your boarding pass," She/he said and handed it over to me but handed my passport over to the woman. I looked at her, "I'll keep that for you," she said at this another of the sissies, that is all I can think to call them appeared he was similarly dressed to the sissy behind the desk, "Please go with Natalie and she'll show you to our private lounge," she said. Natalie smiled and put her hand on my forearm and turned me round, "Come with me sir," Natalie said, I just followed her.

As we walked I could hear the click-click of her 4in stiletto-heeled shoes on the floor of the terminal building, she led me up a flight of stairs and the noise stopped when we transferred from hard tile to thick carpet.

"So is this what you do?" I said.

"Yes I'm employed as ground staff for lybras airline, which is a proper airline that carries paying passengers. We also deal with the companies private executive planes and of course these special flights, Natalie replied.

"So did you attend the Institute?" I asked.

"Of course all us sissies do. At the Institute they will decide on what area of the company suits you best, don't try and fight it, I did I always wanted to be a flight attendant they said no ground crew is where you should be. I fought it and they relented and sent me to cabin crew training which I passed, I thought I had finally fore filled my fantasy but the first time I was up on a flight I spent most of it in the toilet throwing up, I didn't knew that I got air sick but some how they knew I though it would be the end of my career but they transferred me to ground crew.

"You see they knew that I would be good with people but down here not up there.

"Well here you are, the plane won't be leaving for some time so go into the lounge and get something to eat and drink and relax. Someone will come and collect you when its time for the plane to leave," she said as we stood in front of the doors and entered the departure lounge. Looking around the lounge it had a few rows of seats and a table had been placed against one of the walls it were two of these large vacuum flasks that you have to hand pump to get the coffee or tea out off. Walking over I picked up a cup, one of the flasks was marked coffee and the other was marked tea, I poured out a cup of coffee then I picked up a couple of sachets of sweet n'low, there wasn't any sugur, (I should have guessed), and a couple of pots of low fat milk. I poured them into the cup and stirred it till the colour changed from black to dark brown, then I went and sat on one of the seats.

"Hi there," someone said.

Looking up another man had joined me, "You going to the Institute?" he said. "Yes," I replied. "So how are you feeling?" he asked me. "Scared and exhilarated. I can now live out my fantasy. I suppose that's why you're here?" I said.

"I suppose so," he said.

Within Ten minutes of his arrival the lounge had went from disserted to almost full there were now twenty men seated in the lounge.

Then the woman from the foyer of the airport came in she was flanked by two of the sissies both in full uniform except I noticed a small pair of gold wings positioned above their right breast they must be the flight attendants.

"Ladies welcome, I'm Ms Foster and I'll be in charge during your flight to the Institute. Beside me are Mary on my right and Jane on my left they are members of the cabin crew if you have a problem don't hesitate to ask either of them of their collegues on the plane, Sandy and who's the other one Mary?"

"Laura, Ms Foster."

"Yes Laura, they are here to make your journey as comfortable and plesant as possible. So when I call your name please step up to the front. Ms Alexander," she said and looked around the lounge.

Even though she had used the female designation I knew it was me so I got up and headed to the front.

"Please give Mary your boarding pass?" she said.

I handed it over to Mary who looked it over then smiled and handed it back to me, "Follow me," Jane said and then led me to the plane. As we walked to the plane another flight attendant going the other way passed us.

"Sandy," Jane said as the passed.

I stepped onto the plane and Jane showed me to a seat right at the front of the plane, "Please sit down," Jane said.

So I sat down and strapped myself in, the other flight attendant appeared from the galley, "Laura look after him while I go back," Jane said. "Sure," Laura replied and Jane then turned and left the plane. Just then Sandy returned with another of the men and he was seated next to me.

Jane and Sandy did a shuttle service escorting men to the plane and getting them seated, while Laura looked after us.

While this was going on two women entered and walked into the cockpit, they were the pilot and co-pilot.

When the last of the passengers were on board, Mary and Ms Foster boarded the plane the doors were closed and I heard the engine reeve up to full power.

The plane taxied to the runway and they it accelerated down the runway as it did I felt my stomach start to turn I hated flying.

Once we were up in the air I was fine, Mary did the voice over while Jane and Sandy demonstrated the exits and how to put on your oxygen mask if anything did go wrong.

The captain came on the intercom, "Hello I'm Captain Paula Stiles and my Co-pilot Rachel Scott are glad to welcome you to this very special flight. We will be cruising at 30,000ft flying time to our destination is will be two and a half hours. So sit back and relax your flight attendants are there to provide anything you might need during the flight."

I sat there and watched the four flight attendants go about there business as they moved up and down the aisle helping us if we needed a drink or food or even an extra pillow.

Sitting there I wondered what my fate would be and what would happen to the others on this flight. Also I couldn't help but wonder about this Institute and what went on there.

I was brought back to reality when a voice said, "Would you like something to drink?"

"Not right now. Excuses me but why did you call me Ms just now?"

"Well you're a sissy right otherwise you wouldn't be on this flight. That means that you will be joining us at the Lybras group. So to get you used to your new status we have been instructed to refer to you as Ms during this flight," Jane said.

I just sat there so this would be my future being turned into a woman. No not a woman but a sissy somewhere in-between the sexes anatomically still male but with the female breasts and looks. It may be that I knew this all along and came her knowing that this would be what would happen and deep down I couldn't wait. As I watched the flight attendants go about their work with there extreme form of femininity I kind of looked forward to it.

The plane descended and touched down, smoothly looking out the window we had arrived on an Island, somewhere in the Mediterranean.


Heather Alexander 2004




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