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A New Position


Heather Alexander


James stepped out of the elevator and walked through to his office. As he walked in, his boss Margaret Dawson stepped out of her office.

"James come into my office," she said, he walked into her office. Margaret was sitting behind her desk.

"Look James, this hard to say but we've been taken over and I've got to let go off some of the staff and as you're the last one in. I've got to let you go," she said, she handed over an envelope, "here's a month's salary. We'll send along your possessions with your P45."

He was shocked and he just turned around and left the office and went home.

James sat in his flat and tried to come to terms with his sudden unemployment. Opening the drinks cupboard and took out a bottle of vodka and poured out a generous measure into a glass. He drank it down in one go. Then he had another and another till he fell asleep on the sofa.

He woke up in his bed feeling okay and get out of bed and walked into the bathroom. Getting into the shower he turned it on and let the worm water wash over him.

After the shower he walked back into the bathroom, he switched on the television and opened the wardrobe. He stood still as he looked at the continents of the wardrobe. The wardrobe was full of women's clothes, skirts, dresses and high-heeled shoes. He picked up one of the shoes and noticed its size. It was his size he slipped his foot into the shoe it fitted. Turning around he saw the television, on the screen there was a young man dressed in a dark red skirt suit sitting next to an older woman dressed in a dark grey trouser suit.

James turned up the sound, "today the Prime Minister will be holding a meeting with the President of France and the President of the European Commission," the woman said. A picture appeared of Cherie Blair he turned off the TV and went down stairs. Sitting on the mat was the daily paper and a couple of letters.

Picking up the paper he went into the kitchen and picked up the kettle and filled it with water. Sitting down at the table he opened the paper, on page 3 there was a picture of a naked man. There was a pull out men's section with was full off recipes and diets and exercise's to do to keep fit. The sports section was filled with women's sports especially women's' football and Rugby. The only men featured were the synchronised swimmers and the cheerleaders of an American Football team.

The phone went, he went and answered it "hello,"

"What are you doing you going to be late," the voice said.

"Who is this?" he said.

"Its me Robert get down here fast or you'll be in Margaret's bad boos she's already pissed at you."

"What do you mean, I got fired yesterday," he said.

"Stop playing silly buggers James or you'll be fired today," then the phone went dead.

'Shit,' he though to himself and ran up the stairs and got dressed as fast as he could.

James arrived at work 25 minutes and went up to his floor. He walked past the admin room.

"Where are you going," a man said he had a name tag it read Robert Taylor. "Sorry Robert," he replied, "take off your jacket and takes these down to the South room," Robert said handing over a bundle of bounded reports. "Margaret's in a meeting tell her you picking these up and was delayed due to a problem with the binding machine." He said.

James knocked on the door, "enter," a female voice said. Opening the door he stepped inside, there was a table seated around it were a number of women. "What kept you James?" the woman at the top of the table said. "There was a problem with the binding machine," he said. "James realised that the women was Margaret, she looked so different to the way she had yesterday, "good you can go now," Margaret, said, she took the reports.

"How was she," Robert said as he sat at the computer. "Okay she didn't bite my head off it that's what you mean Robert," James said.

"That's good she was pissed off this morning," Robert said.

Later on, "James can you take over here I'm going to lunch with Barbara," Robert said.

"Sure, when will you be back?" James asked.

"About 2pm," Robert replied.

"Have a good lunch," James said then Robert left the admin office.

The office was quiet, James took a look around the office, he found a pile of photography's looking through them he found a number showing him. There was one where he was dressed in a black strapless bikini. Margaret was standing behind him he put them back and checked if there was anything to do, there wasn't.

He left the office just after 5pm. Opening the door he stepped inside and closed the door behind him, taking off his jacket and went into the Kitchen after he made himself dinner he went upstairs and into the bedroom and took off his clothes. He took out a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and went down stairs and switched on the TV.

On the set was an advert with a young very attractive man wearing only a bikini. A woman was photographing him James switched over and found Star Trek. On this show women played all the major parts and the men all wore short dresses and knee length boots. He watched the rest of the show then turned it over. It was just in time for the evening news. After that he went to bed.

The alarm woke him up at 7.45am; he got out of bed and opened the wardrobe and selected his outfit. Picking out a red short shift dress, it's jacket and red stiletto heeled shoes. Slipping on the dress he found that it was rather tight but it made him feel sexy.

Arriving at work early he picked up the mail and opened it and entered it into the incoming mail database. Then he put them on Margaret's desk. Robert arrived a couple of minutes later.

"Your in bright and early James," Robert said.

"I though I'd better make up for yesterday," James said.

"Do you want tea or coffee," he said, "tea thanks Robert," James replied.

Margaret arrived and walked into her office. He knocked on the door of her office. "Come," she said, he entered carrying her mug of coffee. "Thanks James," she said, "Wow you look great today. That's a really attractive dress and such a bright colour," she added. "Thank you Miss Watson," he replied. He left her office with a big smile across his face.

"What are you smiling about," Robert said as he finished typing out a letter.

"Margaret gave me a complement," he replied.

"What kind of complement did she give you?" he said.

"She said I looked nice and my dress was attractive," James said.

"Well that is a very sexy dress," Robert said.

"I wanted a change from the usually drab office uniform," he said.

Later on James was walking into the cafeteria when some the women stared at him. He felt good about that and sat down but the other men gave him a look that could kill, that made him smile.


The End




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