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Nuva The Hidden Country: Story Of An Escape

by DJ711


Table of contents:

The beginning
Princess' life
The future
The U.N meeting
What a girl wants
The ship to freedom
Death of an ally
A night in the dungeon
Suicide is not an option
How this story ends


Chapter 1: The beginning

There is a country beneath the eyes of millions. Where women rule and enslave all males. It is not far off the coast of California. There it's a female paradise and a hell for all males. The government knows about Nuva. But they are afraid of them. Nuvanian women are stunning but are cruel and vicious. They believe in a goddess who rules the heaven above who made women to rule over men and men were made for sex and entertainment. This is why they didn't tell their countries. Nuvanian women speak a language called Goodesa translated to English means language of the goddess. It is a language used by the women to discuss important matters or punishments for slaves. Slaves or Nuvanian males speak fluent English as do the women so they can understand their slaves. No slave is allowed to know Goodesa, as the nuvanian's believe that males are unintelligent and worthless so they shouldn't defile the goddess' gift to all women. They believe in laws made by the goddess

Law 1: All women are free. They are always higher than males no matter what.

Law 2: All males are slaves. No exceptions

Law 3: A public place must not serve nourishment to slaves unless the mistress allows it and it must also have a place to punish slaves

Law 4: Slaves have no rights. Their owner may do anything to them. Also a mistress is allowed to punish slaves anywhere they choose.

Law 5: A slave cannot hurt a female or he faces death or extreme punishment.

Law 6: All women no matter how much money they have is entitled to have a slave.

Law 7: Slaves when born will have their ears pierced and be sent to the learning institution until they are 11. A mistress will also buy them at the age of 3.

Law 8: The queen may change the laws at any time.

The queen is a horrid woman. She is chosen by the high priestess after the old queen dies. If the queen has a daughter she will take the throne. Sex is very scary for men. It isn't like normal sex. The male is usually bound to the bed while the female rapes him sort of just enough to get her pregnant. Then he is sent to the dungeon or killed. It is the only execution of a slave that is not painful. The mistress chooses who she would like to have sex with whether the slave wants it or not. Don't be fooled the Nuvanians are a very advanced civilization. They have cures for just about everything and advanced weaponry and transportation. The queen is usually a very cruel woman in the eyes of men. The girls attend school at an early age and the boys attend the learning institution to learn how to be proper slaves. But this story is about the life of the Princess of Nuva.


Chapter 2: Princess' life

The princess awoke a bright sun and bright pink room. The princess' room was very feminine and large. She slept in a soft queen sized bed. Her maid was picking up some scattered clothes. The princess was only twelve. She was already four foot eleven inches and that was normal for Nuvanian girls. She stretched and yawned and looked at her maid. A girl whose face was heavily made up and was wearing a white and pink maids uniform.

"Maid Elise why are my clothes still on the floor?" The princess asked. Pushing her long straight blonde hair out of her eyes to looked at the maid.

"I'm sorry Mistress. It won't happen again but your mother had a ball and my fellow slaves had to clean up." Said the maid her voice was male despite the female body. Princess grabbed a whip from the wall next to her. She strode over to him.

"Mistress no!" He cried and she whipped him five times.

"I don't care. Guards! Take this rebellious slave downstairs into the dungeon and string him up. I'm sure we could use him for entertainment tonight at my twelfth birthday party." She said and his eyes were filled with fear and he fell onto his knees and bowed and he began to tear for you see entertainment having a bunch of females torture him at the party for fun.

"No Mistress! No!" He cried and two women opened the door and like all Nuvanian women they were beautiful. They chuckled and lifted him up and began to bind his wrists with rope. He began to cry

"No! Please no!" He screamed between sobs and begged and he cried harder and the Princess smiled and laughed at his dismay. One of the guards gagged him with gag made of cloth and dragged him away. The Princess' name is really Goodesa e lo rosia nari. Which in English means goddess of the red rose. But she liked being called Princess by her friends. She placed the golden pink diamond necklace around her neck then the gold tiara and then she began to get ready for her trip with her slave to the learning institution. For you see she had many slaves. Too many to count but her best slave was named Michael or Michelle. He was the least feminized of her slaves. Michelle appeared in his bright pink top and skirt. He pushed his hair out of his eyes and fixed his lipstick.

"Let's go Mistress. Please. If I'm late I'll be punished." He said and she nodded and ran out with him and they drove off in the limo. The learning institution was a large university. Princess loved coming here with her friends to torture the disobedient slaves. Princess knew the male body inside and out. She knew where all major organs were or where arteries were. She knew where the bones connected and where pressure points were. This is why her main torture instruments were a scalpel and a whip. Nuva was a modern day Amazon civilization. If fact if you wondered why the Amazons aren't found alive today then go look on Nuva. Princess stepped out along with her slave and they ran into the building.

"Mistress? Why are you so nice today?" He asked and she laughed and twirled and he looked at her

"Slave, when a nuvanian girl turns twelve. Do you know what happens?" She said and smiled

"Yes Mistress. You become a adult in the eyes of the people and you get to do anything on your own." He answered her

"Exactly! Mom can't control me anymore. I'm legal to visit Ella's all by myself." She said and smiled and Michelle fell to his knees and looked down and begged

"No Mistress! Please! I've been obedient!" He cried. Ella's simply put is where you send an unbroken slave. It's hell for men. You can shop for demeaning clothes to put them in. Give them a total makeover as a girl. Have them get breasts or permanent makeup. This was the Princess' favorite store and this is where her twelfth birthday would be held. Including her best friends and their slaves sleeping over. The large store equivalent to the size of a mansion all to herself and her closest friends and some slaves were scared to death. Princess of course still excited ran on. The institution was a school for the boys and the girls. The girls learned math, English and Goodesa, science, torture skills, gymnastics, government/social studies, weaponry and martial arts. Today was the annual girls trip to the boys side where the boys learned domestic skills, obedience, and makeup, English.

"Get up Michelle." She ordered and smiled and her slave got up and followed her into a classroom. The boys were seated in the middle while a whole group of girls stood giggling and laughing quietly

"How nice of you to join us Michelle. Don't get cocky because you're the Princess' slave." Said the teacher dressed in all black. She had three whips on her hip and looked at Michelle.

"Princess. It is an honor. Your friends are in the back. Now then this will include the girls too. By the way Princess I am Veronica. Michelle's teacher and I must say he is very obedient and good. She turned and looked at a slave tied down heavily to a metal chair.

"Why can't you boys be more like him?" She asked

And no one dared to answer. Then she turned on something and electricity crackled from the chair muffled screams of pain came from the boy and she turned it off and untied him. This was the punishment chair. It had more than just electricity though. Princess curtseyed and took her place between her two best friends. Miranda and Pricilla. Pricilla wore all pink like all the girls and had blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. She was thin but was fast and amazing with a whip. Miranda was a genius with a rare eye disorder in which her eyes were red. She was able to break and torture any guy. She was called Demon because of her red eyes and she laughed at it. The name showed her personality. Miranda groaned

"We've been here for an hour and no one got tortured yet. This isn't like normal school where we get condemned slaves to torture and break." She said

"Yeah, Demon is right besides my slave has been disobedient recently." Pricilla said and we laughed as the teacher gave the assignment.

"Princess since it's your twelfth birthday today. You can choose the activity." Said Veronica and the boys looked at her but not in the eyes in fear.

"Well then I say all the Mistresses get to give the slaves makeovers." She answered and the girls cheered and laughed and the guys sank down lower. The boys got up and they sighed and took their place among the vanities there. The girls eagerly got to work making sure that they were as feminine as ever. The bell rang and the boys grabbed their purses and books and looked down

"Well me and Michelle got to go set up for my party. See you all later. Remember to bring some pajamas and stuff. It's going to be a slumber party." Princess said and she and her slave ran out.


About 5 hours later…

The party was beginning picture if you will a large shopping mall. That was the Body Shop. Princess waited in her long silk nightgown and Michelle and some others were fixing the lobby and preparing for the party.

"Mistress. You're not going to do anything permanent to us?" They asked and she laughed staring at Elise who was tied standing shackled to the floor with a gag in his mouth and was whimpering

"To all my obedient perfect slaves like Michelle I promise you no physical harm will come to you or will I do anything permanent to you. To all my disobedient slaves this will be the worst night of your life." She said and some slaves sighed something of a relief. The door opened and her mother walked in a girl who princess knew was not a girl followed behind her. She wore a long pink dress and on top of her head was a golden crown bejeweled with flawless pink diamonds. She wore pink high heels and wore almost no makeup.

"Princess?" She asked and Princess turned and looked at her

"Yeah mom?" She answered and the queen smiled

"This is your night. Have fun." She said and Princess nodded

"As for me. I have to go to the U.S something about the U.N. Those men are idiots why won't they let us take over." She said and sighed and walked away and she walked out with her slave. The girls arrived quickly. Too busy to see all the slaves disappear into the bathrooms. One slave positioned at the door the others were talking.

"America. Where we don't have to dress like this anymore and we are free." A slave said and sighed as in a good dream. Michelle broke down by now. He was against the wall tears streaming down his face.

"These women. They treat us like dirt and make our lives miserable. If we aren't cross dressing or cleaning or entertaining, then we are in that horrible school or being tortured." Michelle said and a slave sighed

"Yeah. But we don't stand a chance against them. Even so the Queen and Princess have connections in America." He said and Michelle hit his fist against the ground

"We need to get out of here before we die." Said another slave

"Boys! Where are you?" The mistresses called and the slaves jumped up and began to pull some makeup from their purse and began to apply it. Princess walked in

"Michelle?" She asked

"We're just fixing our makeup and stuff. We'll be right out." He said and she nodded and shut the door.

"Guys we must face our fears. Promise each other no matter what we will make it to America and be free of those evil bitches!" Michelle said showing his true nature. The slaves nodded and ran out.

"I'll escape for us both big bro." Michelle said in the mirror. He ran out. Princess smiled and waited for the big night.


Chapter 3: The future

The party was beginning. Michelle had been bound to a chair while the girls played with his hair and makeup. He tried his hardest not to get angry and he kept himself calm at all times. Of course his best friend Elise wasn't doing the same thing. He was being feminized, whipped and tortured.

"Okay Shari, I say we use two coats." Said one of the girls and the other nodded. Princess approached them.

"Happy birthday Princess! Great party and I cannot believe the whole store is just for us." One said

"Hey do you mind if I speak to my slave." She asked and they shook their head no and left. She began painting his toenails

"I know all about your dream." She said and twisted his one of his toes he let out a gasp of pain.

"Stop dreaming. There is no way you will make it to America. Michelle how could you do this to me? A rebellion leader in my own house and I didn't know. I treated you like a friend." She said and he gritted his teeth, as she pressed hard on a weak spot

"You killed my brother. You burned him alive. You made me dress this way. You sent me to this horrid place and school. You treated my fellow boys and I horribly. What is there to live for? To get raped by a Mistress then get sent to the dungeon unable to see my son or daughter? Or worse shot in the head. Give me a reason why I shouldn't commit suicide. I'll never stop dreaming. When my unpainted feet touch the floorboards of a dock in California. Where I'll be free and be able to wear male clothes and not take orders from you anymore. I'll be able to have a wife and kids who love me. But you Nuvanians don't want that. You rather enslave us all and torture us for fun. You give us female names and demean us. I hear there are males who are into this kinky shit! Well why don't you get them and set us free!" He screamed and she grasped his neck and pressed hard on a pressure point.

"You bastard, In America I'll find you because I'll threaten to start a war if I don't get you back. Michelle you made a horrible mistake. The government can't save you now. Can they? I didn't think so. You males are idiots and deserve to be under female rule. Picture it, an all female world where the females rule the world. With males as our slaves." She said and whistled and three older girls came over wheeling a metal cart

"Dye his lips and eyes pink. Also inject him with some hormones. This is what happens when you cross the Princess." She said and walked away and he was left pleading.


Three hours later…

"I now present to you the new Michelle!" Princess said and pointed to the stage in the dinning hall and the curtain rose. Michelle was bound to a chair. Signs of breasts were forming and his eyes and lips were bright pink. He wore a bright red dress and his face was heavily made up. He also wore stilettos and a bra.

"Mistress stop!" He screamed and the girls applauded and laughed

"This bitch was leading a rebellion to escape to America. Seems like he didn't learn his lesson. Of course he doesn't know what's coming. Girls if you would please press the button underneath your table." She said and the girls did and an enormous amount of electricity ran through him and he screamed.

"I implanted a shock chip in him." She said and they laughed

"Dance sissy boy!!" Screamed her best friend and the room erupted into laughter

"I'll escape! I'll make it to America! When I do I'll be free. From you and your bitchy goddess!" He screamed and the room fell quiet because insulting the goddess is like shooting someone in the leg to a Nuvanian women, it hurts.

"Hurts don't it?" He said and they stared at him.

"You idiots don't know what clemency means! I may be twelve but I deserve better. I'm not supposed to be a slave. In America I'll be treated with respect and be the head of a large company and make millions and I'll have kids and a puppy and…and" He said and the girls laughed at him and he hung his head in shame and whimpered

"Are you going to cry? What happened to the big strong man that was talking to us? You're a whimpering sissy waiting for his mistress to whip his poor and pathetic ass? Face it you little bitch. You'll be enslaved until you die a horrible death." Princess said to him and he cried

"The president can't save you. I'm the damn princess of Nuva! Soon to be Queen and when I become queen at the age of sixteen my first order will be your execution!" She screamed at him and spat in his face. The boy couldn't take much more of this.

"Then I'll kill myself!" He screamed

"With what! You don't have the guts to hold your breath!" She screamed and whipped him yet again.

"I'll kill you." He whispered and went unconscious. Princess looked at him then slapped him across the face.

"You're really out cold aren't you?" She asked and then she smiled

"Girls let's have a little fun with our unconscious slave." She said with a cruel glint in her eyes. Michelle wouldn't go unconscious again until three four years later.


Four years later…

A teenage boy hung from the ceiling in a damp dungeon. Arms behind his back tied together with chain. A pink collar around his neck with the inscription "Princess' slave" and his nails were painted pink. He was wearing frilly panties and nothing else. A scar went from his shoulder to his pelvis. Fresh scars were there. He regretted ever calling the rebellion meeting in Ella's three years ago. Ever since his mistress and soon to be queen used him as a whipping boy. Every time she was angry she would walk down into the dungeon and walk into his cell and untie him and torture and feminize him. She would torture him so bad sometimes she untied him and let him stay in the cell. But he would be in too much pain and only be able to crawl forward an inch. Princess grew up in a home where she witnessed her father's death. She also witnessed the cruelty her mother had for men. She remembered one time she spilled boiling water all over a slaves bare back. She also remembered she once submerged one in a weak acid. She would never gag her slaves so the princess would wake up and fall asleep to screams. Her aunt was just as cruel but her slaves were always dressed like girls. Princess hated her slave Michelle with all the hatred she held. Princess walked in.

"Morning Michelle." She said and laughed observing the torture instruments that were on the wall in front of him.

"Honestly there hasn't been a place I haven't hurt you. Except for your downstairs but I'm going save that for when I publicly kill you." She said and laughed sharpening two knives.

"How about my neck." He asked the tone sharp.

"You would love for me to end it all. Honestly Michelle do you really think that is going to happen?" She asked and he shook his head no. She looked him over

"Today is a special day. I have a slumber party for the day before I am crowned. Now you're going to be a maid. But first I'm going to torture you until you can't struggle or move." She said and smiled and opened the cell and unlocked the lock holding him up and he dropped and she dragged him over to a chair in the center and she smiled

"Hold still." She said and laughed as she approached him with a knife and began to slash at him. He screamed and she gagged him. She then brought him to the center to a special device the Nuvanians made. It made him stand and it would shock him and secure him in place. Princess whipped him calling him names along the way. She smiled and did other things such as inject him with things or burning him. He shook unable to fall. She took her perfectly manicured hand and let it touch his bare back lightly.

"You're a slave and a dreamer. The lowest of the low!" She said putting pressure on a certain spot.

"I could strip you naked and laugh. No girl would take you. You're not fit to help give birth to a girl." She said whipping him again. He grunted and she threw him back into the cell.

"Bastard. You suck the fun out of everything." She said and walked away. Elise approached him carrying a tray of food. He bent down and placed it near him. Elise wore a maid's uniform. His face was heavily made up and his nails were painted. These boys were the oldest slaves here. There was the new kid Joey, A kid who was promised a vacation by winning a contest and sent to Nuva. He rebelled often but wasn't strong willed. Michelle was the whipping boy who was used for excruciating punishments and torture and Elise was the domestic worker. Michelle crawled forward an inch and screamed in pain. His friend grabbed the bars around the cell and in an instant the collar gave him an enormous shock. He fell backwards gripping the collar and writhing and screaming in pain. The screams echoed and Joey stared and screamed

"Let me out of here! I want to go home!" He screamed still in drag and hands tied behind his back. He was wearing all pink and a dress and stilettos. Michelle crawled forward more. The whole dungeon was filled with agony and misery. The best dream for every male here was to die. That was how much torture that they were put through. Michelle sat up and tears formed and he began to eat.

"Tell me the story again." Elise said sadly and Michelle dropped the spoon back into the burning hot soup and took a deep breath

"Outside of this horrid country there are places for us. The U.S is one of them. Where males could have houses and be respected. Someday just you and me we will escape this place. We will get a job and a house and live happily. I'll have my wife who loves me and a son and a daughter and puppy…" He said and Elise interrupted

"And I'll have the electronics company and be rich and then I'll find my grandpa!" He interrupted and Michelle nodded

"And I'll be Michael and you'll be Evan again and we will wear jeans and t-shirts and suits and never dress like girls again." He said and Elise nodded

"But we'll escape…" Said Elise

"Or die trying…" Michelle said a smile growing on his face.

"Because we are brothers and free at heart!!" Screamed Elise and Michelle laughed

"Yeah. Then when we die we will rise up and find our fathers in heaven. Where we will endure this torture no more!" Michelle said and him and his friend erupted into laughter. Princess stood in the doorway and she laughed quietly to herself

"More like sisters. Faggots." She muttered and pulled out a black tube uncapped it and twisted it to the right and pressed down and the boys screamed gripping their collars. They fell unconscious due to the shock

When the boys awoke they were naked tied up and wet. They sat in a large white tile shower room. The makeup was gone and the shower water splashed onto them lightly. They looked straight ahead and into the full-length mirror.

"Is that our reflections?" He asked and the princess laughed and they tried to find her

"That's right that is you. Fags. Can't recognize each other with out makeup. Sissies." She spat and they were enraged

"We are not gay!" They screamed and she laughed

"Smile!" Shouted another voice and a bunch of female laughter followed

"Welcome to the Rose Petal spa boys. This is where we take special care of rebellious slaves." Said an older woman.

"Well since I can't castrate you I figured making you as feminine as possible is second best." She added and they were enraged

"We are human beings. Why do you treat us this way? We are alike." Michelle said angrily and they were enraged

"The goddess does not take well to men who do not obey boys." She said

"We are better more superior than you disgusting pigs you call males. We deserve to rule. Once the war between America and Nuva is announced and we win. Females will rule the world all over. Males will be thrown into slavery and everywhere will be like Nuva." She said and spat at them

"In two days you will become beautiful girls. Fit to serve a beautiful future queen. There will be no rebellion anymore! I am not someone you wish to piss off. I will not hesitate to break you. You will eat, sleep and act like a perfect slave. Am I understood slaves?" She ordered

"Yes." Elise said and cast his gaze to the floor

"No." Michelle said and he was grabbed forced the floor and a heel was stepped down hard on his cock. He screamed in pain.

"Am I understood slave?" She asked and he nodded tears streaming down his face.

"Wow. Such a weak slave. Princess please enjoy yourself at my spa." She said and the princess laughed

"Bye fags. Be back later to pick you up and if you haven't improved…" She flicked open a knife and waved it around

"I'll cut off your dick with this knife." She said and smiled and their faces melted into fear. The women in the shower/sauna room all wore towels covering their breasts and went down to their knees. The woman whistled and two women appeared

"Yes Auntie?" They asked in unison

"Take these boys down to the salon." She ordered and they nodded and they grabbed them and led them out. Girls surrounded being waited on by slaves. Michelle was stopped and Elise was dragged away. Demon/Miranda stood over him. Her red eyes looking into his bright blue eyes. She made him kneel.

"Kiss the ring." She said extending her hand and he kissed her ruby ring and spat on it.

"Now make yourself useful." She said holding up her boot that were covered with mud.

"Lick the mud off." She ordered and the girl holding him laughed and grabbed his neck as he tried to struggle. Slowly Michelle extended his tongue and began to lick the mud off. As choked a little bit but continued. The horrid taste and his stomach felt like it was about to burst. Once both shoes were cleaned she smiled and kicked him in the face to knock him over. She then began to rub her boots on his bare chest.

"Good job. We found a use for you. A doormat." She said and laughed along with the girl holding him.

"Mistress where is the bathroom. I'm going to puke." He muttered and she brought him over to a room with a stall and forced his head above the toilet then she walked out. It wasn't long before Michelle was vomiting from the mud. The torture he had endured was just plain evil. He flushed the toilet with his head and the girl got him

"You haven't spoken at all?" He asked her and she threw him down the stairs

"Of course not." The girl replied and she laughed at him

Elise was bound in a bright pink room. Many beauty products lined in front of him as well as large mirror. He was bound to a barbershop chair and the mistress applied some lipstick to his lips.

"Not very talkative huh?" She said and he nodded his head no and she smiled

"This should be easy then." She replied


Two days later…

The Princess approached two beautiful girls. She inspected them. One wore a short skirt and a white top both with some pink. Nails manicured and face heavily made up. She stood still and at attention

"Speak faggot." She ordered

"Mistress I wish only to serve you. I have no notion of escaping. That is my existence." The girl said and it was Michelle!

"Really? Well then I should tell you that your brother escaped with your father to America. He was kidnapped by my associates and now is a she male sex slave to them." She said and Michelle was enraged but was afraid of the women around him

"Mistress I wish only to serve you." Michelle said robotically.

"Elise. What are you?" She asked the maid. Nails manicured and wearing a pink French maid uniform complete with five-inch heels.

"I am a maid." He replied like Michelle

"Good Job boys." She said and laughed

"C'mon boys." She said and smiled and they walked out


Chapter 4: The U.N meeting

The plane ride was long and harsh. The U.N meeting was scheduled for today. At twelve o'clock at night the Queen and her slaves and the Princess and her slaves left for America on a royal jet. The queen sat near her daughter. She wore a black dress and the crown of Nuva rested on her head. Her green eyes flashed as she spoke. The princess listened to her mother and her rant on her hatred of the president. The President and the Queen hated each other with all their heart. The Queens head slave Jennifer was sipping her red wine. The slave wore a woman's business suit and makeup. She was always mistaken for a woman and was not treated as a slave but as a secretary or business consultant however she was hit or beaten when disobedient. She walked into another room and approached Michelle and Elise.

"Hey boys." She said in a clear male voice.

"Fuck off Jennifer." Michelle said and Jennifer laughed

"Well, well, well wouldn't want to tell the princess you were disobedient now would we?" She threatened and smiled Jennifer was more like a mistress then a slave. She sipped her wine and looked over at the two boys

"I just wanted to tell you that the Queen is in a good mood. You know what? She might free me!" She said and smiled

"Good for you. Go through that sex surgery but I will not give up I will free my dad and twin." Michelle spat and Elise nodded

"I'll find my grandpa too." He added scared

"You're one of us! You have a cock too so don't even act all high and mighty!" Michelle added

"Yes but when I die the goddess will bless me with a female body and allow me to live in heaven while you boys stay tortured and enslaved for the rest of you're life." Jennifer added

"Enough with that Goddess shit! She doesn't exist! No one does. We rot in the ground when we die!" Michelle spat at him and she finished his wine. She held up a piece of paper

"These are the names of your father and brother and grandfathers." She said and tripped and it went into a lit candle and began to burn. Michelle watched in horror

"Whoops!" Jennifer added sarcastically

"You fucking bitch!!" Michelle shouted struggling with his bounds on his arms

"When I'm free I'll kill you!" He shouted and the Princess and Queen ran in

"Mistresses I'm so sorry I was just talking about your achievements and then Michelle cursed the goddess and the Princess." She lied and Princess was outraged

"Michelle! You bastard!" She said and grabbed Elise and threw him to the ground and tied him to the wall. Michelle looked in horror as she pulled out a whip and smiled and whipped Elise in the chest and Elise screamed in pain

"Stop!" Michelle struggled the Queen had forced his head to watch and his eyes open. She whipped his forehead the lash leaving a cut on his forehead. Then she pulled down his pants and panties and pulled out a knife.

"Well Michelle I told you what happens if you didn't obey!" She said and smiled and Elise began to cry. She then had a better idea and she smiled and untied Michelle and handed him the whip

"Forty lashes to Elise." She ordered and he wanted to drop the whip then the Queen hit him. She stripped Elise of his shirt. Then untied him and forced him against a seat back facing forward head on the head rest then she tied him up again

"I won't!" Michelle said in fear and anger. The Queen laughed and smiled

"You will!" She ordered again and shocked him and forced him to his knees. He approached Elise and whipped him. Crying hysterically. Elise screamed as he was whipped. Michelle looked at what he did and began to cry harder then. He gripped the whip and whipped the princess. She caught the whip blood coming from her hand and she smiled and approached him and he fell back and she began to whip him repeatedly and she whipped Elise again and furled the whip and placed it back on her hip. Michelle was whimpering. She tied him next to Elise in the same manner and gagged them both with ball gags and laughed at the whimpering boys and laughed. Jennifer approached them and said a prayer in Goodesa and removed the gags.

"How the hell do you know that?" Michelle asked

"I'm not considered male." She said and added a smug smile. The Princess approached the slaves and looked a Jennifer

"Jennifer I wish to speak to my slaves alone. E lo nari no soko mi sai ku ju sa nai." She added which meant and deliver the punishment they deserve

"Hisa no to nair?" Jennifer asked which meant how harsh?

"Senai hikra." The princess said and Jennifer nodded which meant cruel and harsh. The two looked at each other and said goodbye and Jennifer left. Goodesa was spoken to discuss punishments and plans. She sat down looking at the boys. She opened up a makeup kit and began to trace the light pink lipstick over Michelle's lips. The came the blush and mascara covered by a light pink sparkly eye shadow. Once the princess finished and surveyed the boys she looked at them and started on Elise with his pink lip-gloss and gave him the same treatment as Michelle. She picked up the phone next to her and dialed in a number.

"Angelica! Oh my god! Long time no see anyway mind meeting us in the royal airport in D.C? Alright see you there." She said and looked at Michelle

"I have someone I would like you to meet." She said and laughed


Three hours later…

The two boys were dragged off and they walked into a deserted airport owned by the Queen. Three women approached the princess and She hugged her and laughed. A girl trotted by their heels. Dressed in a sluttish skirt and top that was see-through. She looked up at the teenage girls around her and one slapped her

"Michelle meet Mistress Angelica and her slave Dani. The two slaves looked at each other and surveyed each other. Dani stared at the highly attractive Michelle who was just as attractive as a boy and her fake breasts while Michelle looked at the extremely attractive Dani and he sluttish attire and her long black high heels and pink nails.

"Brother?" Asked Dani

"No…No…Danny my twin bro is that you?" Michelle asked.

"That's Dani now. He's great at oral and regular sex. I should know he is my sex slave." Angelica said and the girls laughed

"Isn't that right slut?" She asked Dani and he nodded and wanted to scream out for his brother. They both tried to approach each other but the leash on Dani's chain leash and the shock collar prevented them. So close yet so far away and the woman separated and they were dragged away.

"Danny!" Michelle screamed and he cried for his brother

"Michael!" He screamed and they struggled

"We'll see each other again!" They screamed as they were dragged away. They arrived at the U.N building shortly. The Queen and Princess entered and took their place among the other countries. Their seat was right next to the female president of Germany and France. Across was the president of the U.S.

"Order, Order. I call this meeting to order." The president said standing up. He was in his late fifties and was wearing a black business suit with a American flag pin over his heart

"Who died and made you ruler of the world?" The Queen asked and some people nodded

"Who died and made you Queen." He replied

"My mother after your C.I.A and S.W.A.T shot and killed her." She replied and the room fell quiet

"I didn't do that." The president said quietly

"I thought we had diplomatic immunity?" She asked in anger

"Speaking of which has anyone seen my son?" He asked and the queen laughed

"Actually yes." She whistled and a young girl walked in. Her blonde hair was long and straight her face heavily made up. Dressed in a pink dress and high heels.

"Joey!" The president shouted and the Queen laughed

"Dad!" He screamed back and she smiled

"You killed my mother I feminize and enslave your son." She said cruelly and laughed

"You can't!" He screamed at her and she laughed harder

"I can." She said

"He signed papers giving permission to be enslaved. Even though he had no idea what was going on. You gave him permission." She said

"I'm sure he'll be just fine with my other slaves in the dungeon. You just better hope he doesn't rebel." The Princess said and giggled

"I demand you have them arrested!" He shouted and the Queen laughed

"We have diplomatic immunity and however I did not break any laws. By framing me you can be impeached." She said and laughed harder

"You bitch!" He shouted and she laughed

"I also came to declare war on the U.S." She said and they was murmurs of questioning among the crowd

"Nuva wins we get all of the U.S. You win you get Nuva and your son and our advanced technology and medical information and you may arrest me." She said and he nodded

"Fine!" He screamed back. The Queen stood up

"Accepted. I, The Queen of Nuva declare war on the U.S!" She said and the president stood up

"I, The president of the United States accept the declaration!" He said in anger and the Queen laughed

"Just think Princess billions of men to enslave." The Queen said and the Princess smiled

"Yup! All of them and your enemy in chains!" The Princess added and they laughed


Chapter 5: War

The news of the war with the hidden country was shocking. Some women wanted them to win and some didn't. It was in the newspapers and on the news at night. You would think that fighting a country whose soldiers were beautiful women would be easy right? Wrong! These women were winning the war. It was all part of the Queen's plans to enslave all men in the world. Michelle awoke to chains rattling guns firing in the distance. Joey wished for his father to find and free him. He was crying by now. Many prisoners of war were kept here so the dungeon was filled with more misery. Some men were killed in battle, they were the lucky ones because they women would take non- wounded and wounded soldiers back to camp to torture and enslave them. Some men wished to die and Michelle looked like he went through hell. The throne room was filled to the brim with guards and the Queen's friends and family. Outside was a different story. Two guards led a teenage boy into the castle. Wounded and arms behind his back in handcuffs a pink blindfold around his eyes. He breathed heavily, walking on a broken foot. He had been trained better and remembered the two suicide pills he stashed in a fake layer of skin on his arm. He would tell them nothing and give them no pleasure. He was brought into the throne room. One of the women kicked his the back of his knees so he fell onto his knees then one placed her heel onto his head and forced it down so his forehead touched the ground.

"Who do we have here?" Asked the voice he cringed at it was the Queen of Nuva.

"Answer me boy!" She asked

"Agent 71 miss bitch. Where am I?" He screamed back and felt a whip crack he fell forward a bit still on his knees the necklace he was wearing fell out and hung from his neck. His breathing pace went faster and he cringed and clenched his teeth at the crack.

"You will address me as Mistress. Got it faggot!" She screamed at him. He heard high heels click against the floor around him. Someone was walking around him and she ripped the necklace off.

"A book?" She asked and opened and inside was a picture of a man and a boy

"Your lover?" She asked and they laughed

"My dad!" He screamed back and struggled and wished he could ring her neck

"Rebellious aren't you? Funny I don't remember American soldiers having code names?" She asked and whipped him again

"I work for a agency." He answered and a guard approached the queen with his PSG-1 sniper rifle and his gun and knife.

"And what were you planning to do? Kill me?" She asked and he laughed

"I came to kill your daughter." He said and the Princess looked at him in disgust. She grabbed the burning hot soup her chef was preparing and poured it on him. He yelped and she kicked him in the groin.

"A spy came to kill me! Mother kill him!" She screamed

"Don't worry I will publicly in an execution. Which I can promise you 71 it will be painful!" She screamed at him. He laughed and spat at the queen

"I can handle pain!" He said back and they threw him into a cell downstairs.

"Be right back got to get the good makeup." She said and he laughed and smiled

"I'm not scared Princess." He shouted back and Elise walked towards him holding a tray of food. He opened the cage and placed it down and took off the blindfold slowly. 71 jumped and grabbed Elise and choked him in a headlock.

"Where's the exit bitch!" He screamed at her

"Dude, You're crushing my windpipe and I'm a slave and a maid." Elise said and he released him

"Dressing in drag is part of the job too?" He asked

"Uh no. These bitches do this to us for fun." He answered

"How did you get untied?" Elise asked

"Um I'm a secret agent from America." He replied brushing off some dirt

"Oh." Elise said and walked out. 71 dropped and looked at his food and then began to eat

"So who are you?" He asked mouth full of stew and he waved the spoon at Elise who was standing next to Michelle.

"Elise but my real name is Evan. This is my best friend Michelle or Michael." He said

"We are slaves to the princess." Michelle said eating as well.

"Huh? Well I'm 71 I guess I'm stuck here until someone bails me out." He answered

"The palace is inescapable and you can't get away. You'll be captured, beaten, tortured and executed in an instant." Michelle said. The Princess returned

"Guards take 71 and Michelle and Elise to the salon." She ordered and three women appeared and dragged them down stairs and into a beauty parlor type room. Once they were bound to chairs the guards left. Two girls walked out from another room. One was eighteen the other was seventeen. Each had bright blonde hair and blue eyes. They were best friends and the best beauticians in Nuva. They could make any male look like beautiful women. They wore pink dresses and their hands were soft and smooth. They approached 71

"Oh my god. Look at him! Why would the Princess want to feminize him? His blonde hair, His crystal blue eyes and those muscles whatever girl was born with his help would make a amazing queen." The smaller girl said and the taller one looked at her

"Yeah but she's only sixteen. She has to be twenty-one to be pregnant. Did you forget Piper? I mean Michelle looks the same way and if the Princess doesn't have sex with him. I will." The taller one said proudly pulling out hair and makeup supplies.

"True. But remember Ashley he is the Princess' slave." Piper answered choosing from a wide variety of nail polish and fake nails. Ashley looked up from plugging in a hair straightner and pulled out a blonde wig and super glued it to 71's head.

"Yeah." She said sadly and Michelle looked in horror as they talked about. What scared him more was the fact that Ashley was almost twenty-one. Ashley began to paint 71's fake nails pink.

"Huh? Not struggling?" She asked

"I am a tool of the united states. I am used in war. The tool chooses when to be broken not the user or the captor. I am a soldier and I do not fear death. I destroy myself no one else does." 71 one recited defiantly

"Wow." Piper said and pulled off his fake skin to reveal the suicide pills.

"Pills?" She asked then her face melted into fear and she dropped them

"Piper? Piper? What's wrong?" Ashley asked snapping her fingers and Piper walked backwards

"You're not supposed to exist…It was a urban legend." She spouted crying and 71 broke free and sat up

"We do exist. The last of the warriors who found Nuva after you and I am one. I came to free all these men. Noshitu naru." He said and Michelle became puzzled

'Did he just speak goodesa?' he asked the phrase that he just spoke was rebellion lives.

"The secret rebellion led by a legendary soldier who was enslaved. He kept pills by his side because if captured he'd use them to commit suicide. I am his son, I am from Nuva." He said and Ashley moved back too and they dropped in fear. He turned and got up and moved towards them and grabbed the pills. He grabbed the girls and placed one in each of there mouths. In about sixty seconds they were dead. He untied Michelle and Elise and sat down.

"Well guys. I'll take my punishment now Princess!" He shouted and from a hidden wall the princess of Nuva walked out fury on her face

"You bastard! You killed my friends." She screamed and she went to whip him and then he jumped and took out a lighter and picked up some hair spray and flicked it open and lit it and then he sprayed the hair spray at her and the spray became a flamethrower

"You captured my dad. You bitches condemned him to execution and you forced me to watch." He shouted and then there was a bang. Something nicked the can and flames shot out everywhere. Throwing him against a wall. The queen held a gun that she quickly put away and she grabbed him.

"First you endanger my family. Now you kill my friends and family. Guards secure him tightly. I will hold an execution for him tomorrow." She said and walked away. Guards holding him down securing him with chains and the Princess smiled as they dragged him away.


The next day…

Michelle and Elise dressed in black for 71. They were in a large amphitheater. Many women surrounded and were inside the place. The queen and Princess were gone. All that was in the middle of the place was a wooden stage. On it was 71. Stripped of everything. The collar around his neck was tied to a board above him. His hands were tied behind his back. He was kneeling as well. This was an execution. The Nuvanian Priestess appeared and quieted everyone down. Once done they began to pray and Michelle was worried as well as Elise and they sighed and sat down and Jennifer approached them and he smiled

"So boys what's up?" He said sitting down

"Nothing much just watching my friend executed!" Michelle shouted back. Suddenly Jennifer took out two handcuffs and tightened them around Michelle's legs and arms. So he was secured down tightly

"I wonder how they are going to kill him. They might burn him. They might stab him. Hell they might shoot him." He said with malice looking at Michelle

"You bastard." Michelle said and Jennifer laughed

"In one week I'll be a woman and you better watch your tone with me." Jennifer said and laughed and the queen walked onto the stage. Jennifer pushed Michelle to the front and forced his eyes open

"Wouldn't want to miss this." He said and laughed and watched his mistress blindfold 71. She whipped him now you could see the marks she made.

"We gathered you all here to execute agent 71. We have decided he will be tortured to death. After which he will be dressed in a pink dress and will be made up and buried. Those who defy us shall die. Let this be a lesson to slaves. I do not tolerate disobedience." The Queen said and she smiled and whipped him again. He cringed and she smiled and whipped him again. She laughed and then there was a bang. Suddenly the rope tied to the collar that kept him in place snapped. He ripped his bonds and ripped the whip from her hands. Everyone was looking around now for who freed him. He then whipped the Queen and hard. She screamed and fell

"You dare!" She began and he whipped her again.
"Huh! How does that feel you demented bitch!" He said and whipped her again then he grabbed a handgun and fired into the Princess on the balcony

"Now that you know what you've been doing to the men of Nuva. Maybe you should stop." He said then he looked all the way up and smiled as a smoke grenade was fired and it exploded spreading smoke and when it cleared it disappeared he was gone.

"Damn that spy." The Queen said and the princess cried out in pain.

"Mom that bastard shot me in the leg!" She screamed

"Yeah he whipped me too." She said and Jennifer ran down to her

"Mistress! Are you alright?" He asked helping her up

"Yeah. Thanks Jennifer." She replied and brushed herself off.

"Princess! You alright!" She screamed up

"Yeah! The doctors healed me." She said and the priestess looked at her

"He'll rot in hell for that. Breaking the sacred code." She said helping the queen brush some dirt off her dress.

"I WANT THAT BITCH IN CHAINS!!!!" The Queen screamed at the top of her lungs. The crowd dispersed following the queen's order. Assassins were dispersed through out the country.

"I'll kill him." The Princess offered. Michelle began to laugh and the queen looked at him with a glare

"What's so funny Michelle?" The queen asked and he smiled

"The goddess can't be real! He broke one of the rules and escaped!" He screamed back and laughed and the Priestess stared at him and laughed

"Do you always insult her? Honestly if you didn't then you would be free." She said placing her hand through her blonde hair and pushed it away. She stared at him with her icy blue eyes and smiled. She wore a long white robe and in her right hand was a gold scepter with a pink diamond at the top. She was in her late twenties and in the average eye she was gorgeous like queen and princess and most nuvanian women. She was smart and witty but cruel. She was the second power in Nuva selected from highly trained women she chose the queen if a daughter was not present. She also made sure that laws were up to the goddess' consent. Like all monotheistic religions it was based upon sheer belief. So in away Michelle was right. The Queen strode up to Michelle and slapped him then grabbed his neck and choked him. He gasped and struggled under her grip.

"Take this fag to the dungeon. I am sick of his rebellion. I don't care what it takes I want him taught some manners!" She screamed and Michelle's eyes widened and he began to shake in fear.

End of part 1…




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