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Office Revenge


Heather Alexander



I stepped into the elevator and pressed for the 8th floor, the doors closed and I stood there in trepidation. The doors opened and stepped out, it was late at night so the office was deserted except for a light in the director's office. A office that only a few days ago had been my office, then suddenly we had been subject to a hostile take over, and I had not been told whether the new owners would be keeping me on or firing me. So tonight I had made a decision that I would come and see the new divisional director and if necessary beg for a job (hopping that would not be necessary as he would see my talents and my record and he would know that I had to be keeped on).


I knocked on the door there was no answer, so I knocked again this time I heard a voice say, "Come in". Opening the door to the office I walked in, the new director was sitting in the chair but with the chairs back to me. "Hallo my names Allister Rae I use to run this division under the old management. I have come here tonight and I hope that I am not disturbing you for your work to ask if I could have a position in this division, after all I have spent six years working here and I know the market intimately, there is no one better qualified than me. So what do you say," I said.

The chair turned round slowly and for the first time I saw the new director it was a woman, I felt a lump grow in my throat as I recognised her, she was smiling a large smile of satisfaction. My heart started to pound.

Her name is Lauren Smart about 4 years ago she had been my secretary, I had made a sexual advance on her late on night in this very office. She slapped my face and made a complaint against me for sexual harassment, it was her word against mine I won and I fired her for gross misconduct.

"Hallo David it's been long time" she said getting up from the chair she walked over to me, "hallo Lauren" I said "that's Miss Smart to you" she said. "Sorry Miss Smart," I said "but cant we forget the past".

"No we can't, let me tell you what happened to me after you fired me on that trumpeted up charge of gross misconduct. Well I couldn't get a job for two years, then luckily one day Iran into a woman who needed a secretary fast so she hired me. She helped me see my full potential and soon I was rising through the company structure. So when it was decided to take over this company I chose this division I made sure that you were not told your fate so you would be forced to come to me" she said.

"Why so you can have the satisfaction of telling me that I haven't got a job" I said and turned to leave. "O but I do have a position in mind for you, as you said your self you have an unequalled knowledge of the market that this division is in and I would not be doing my job if I let personal feelings affect my job responsibilities, so I' am going to offer you a position. However it will be the only position that I will offer you and the only one you will get in this company. And I will make it impossible for you to get a job in any other major firm if you do not accept my offer. That was to give you more incentive to say yes, the position is that of my secretary what do you say David?" she said.

I thought for a moment this was her revenge telling me that I didn't have a job would have been enjoyable for her, but not as enjoyable as being able to rub my noise in it everyday if she wanted. There was no doubt that she could make it impossible for me to find a job with a major firm, so I was forced to accept her offer.

"Okay you have a secretary," I said,

"Good for you I knew that you'd see my way of thinking eventually," she replied. "Now I never like your name David so I think I'll call you doll face because so are so dammed cute you keep in shape well especially your legs so I want to see them I thought about shorts but they don't show enough thigh isn't that what you said to me when I started to work for you, you liked to see lots of thigh. Well so do I so I want you to wear short skirts, that will show lots of leg and thigh's when you're in here for dictation you know what I mean," she said.

"Where will I get that type of skirt and such a late hour if you want me to start tomorrow" I said.

"Your in luck" she said and went back behind her desk and brought out and couple of plastic bags and gave them to me, I looked inside in each bag there were 5 short skirts of different colours and designs.

"Put one on" she said and pulled one for a bag " this one" she handed it to me and I left the office and went into her private bathroom and got changed. It was a black wrap front skirt that came to my mid thigh. I walked out of the bathroom and back into the office she gave me a wolf whistle "very good, give us a twirl" she said. I did "take a seat and cross your legs" she said, I did she looked closely she put her hand on my thigh "yes just right" she said. "There are a few other points that I would like to cover so you know the ground rules if I tell you to do something the only words I want to hear from your lips are yes Miss Smart, right away Miss Smart. I like a cup of coffee first thing in the morning I expect my secretary to make it and if I am delayed to keep a warm cup of coffee on my desk till I arrive in I expect you to take my dry cleaning to the cleaners and pick it back up again if I want you to do some household shopping or buying presents for me to give out on birthdays and at Christmas then I expect you to do it. Also I expect you to remind me of any important dates and expect you to do unpaid overtime when want you to, you have no right to say no any violation of these ground rules and you will be immediately fired with all the consequences that I set out earlier, do you understand your duties?" she said.

"I do understand and I' am wiling to comply with them" I said.

"Good I also reserve the right to alter your terms and conditions of employment without consolation," she said. I nodded in agreement what else could I do, "you can go know" she said I got up from my seat and headed for the bathroom.

"Where do you think you are going?" she said.

"I' m going to the bathroom to get changed," I said.

"No your not" she said and she got up form her seat and walked me to the door, "I expect you in bright and early before 9am and wear that skirt" she said, and as I left she pinched me on the bottom. I turned round and she just smiled, as I walked away I heard her say; "revenge is sweet and it's getting sweeter".




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