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This story was inspired by, and also makes reference to events from a wonderful story by an excellent writer, Marriane's Revenge by Cissy Gaye. It's a shame nothing new has come our way from her recently I only hope she is just in a writing slump and nothing more serious. Thank you for helping this story be.


Oh Donna

by Ray Kitten


Donna Marie closed the door behind her, calling out, "Daddy, I'm home," before she remembered that her father was away on his bi-montly business trip. She locked the door. After all, a girl can never be too careful in the city, and ran up to her bedroom. First she stepped into her attached bathroom and ran a brush through her shoulder length blonde hair a few dozen times. Once she was satisfied with her hair she touched up her make-up. Donna Marie knew she wasn't the most beautiful girl in the school but with a little effort she presented a reasonably attractive package. Her legs were slender but a bit shorter than she would have liked, her breasts were nicely shaped but small, only a 36B. And then there was her little bit of a tummy.

Having freshened up Donna went back into her bedroom to do her homework while she waited for Travis to call. Tonight was the last night that the theater was playing that super new romantic drama and she had been asking him to go see it together. Around quarter to seven the phone finally rang.

"Hey Donna," Travis said, "Just wanted to let you know that I can't make it over tonight."

Her heart sank, as she reiterated that tonight was the last night for the movie.

"Come on babe, those movies are for girls. And it's Monday night, me and the guys are going to Tony's. His folks are out of town so we get the big screen."

"Of course," Donna thought to herself. "Damn that Monday night Wrestling." Travis was obsessed with that testosterone loaded garbage. He had even started growing his hair out about a year back to emulate one of his favorite wrestlers, somebody Van Damme. His hair was now actually as long as hers, and made a decent ponytail.

Travis was talking again, "Listen babe, I have to go, but why don't you and some of your friends go see that movie?"

Donna was about to explain that seeing the most romantic movie of the year without your boyfriend was pointless but Travis urgently blurted out, "Love you doll," and hung up. Donna just held the phone in her hand for a while, shocked that he put his time with his friends above her until the phone started making noise, demanding to be hung up.

* * *

About three hours later Donna Marie was sitting in a diner with two of her best friends, Cheryl and Nadine. As asinine as Travis' comment had been it seemed the only way she was going to see the movie. They had gone and caught the 8:00 showing and had all left a little hungry. This brought them to a diner near where Nadine lived.

While they sat there eating Donna just picked at her dinner unenthusiastically. "What's wrong with you, girl?" Cheryl asked, chewing a fry.

Donna sighed and spilled it all about Travis and his fixation with the guy's nights. The girls were sympathetic but they found their conversation being drowned out by the sound of laughter from a window table a couple tables away.

They glanced over and saw a table full of four middle aged women staring out the Diner window. They were cackling with laughter and pointing at something in the parking lot.

"What's going on over there?" Donna cocked her head in the women's direction.

Cheryl stood up and grabbed Donna by the hand, "Let's go find out." Nadine got up and the three of them went to the window and the rather absurd sight of a woman running alongside a slow moving car, in her slip! She was wearing a ruffled white blouse and no skirt, leaving her lacy white slip exposed to view. Her black stilettos forced her to adopt a flouncing prance that made her butt wiggle entirely too much, and still the car stayed ahead, keeping barely out of her reach.

The woman stopped and stamped her foot, like a child hanging a temper tantrum. This made her strawberry blonde ponytail bob like a puppet. The car stopped and the woman in the slip pranced up to the passenger door, as she reached for it the car moved forwards again.

By now a large crowd had drawn to the windows of the diner and they were all roaring with laughter. Donna found that she was no exception, this display had shattered her funk. Then the car backed up past the exposed woman, to back into the parking space by the diner door. Then the lights of the car flipped onto highbeams forming a spotlight on the mortified woman. She turned and started to leave, but the car stopped her with a honk of its horn as a blue skirt waved out the driver's window. She looked for a moment and then turned towards the road again, and stood trying to act as though she still had some dignity. She stood there a moment, fidgeting with the hem of her slip, but refusing to look back.

The engine of the car died down and a woman got out of the car, carrying the blue skirt with her. A few people in the crowd that had gathered to watch groaned thinking she was going to return the skirt and end the show. But the woman turned away from her friend and walked straight towards the front door. The woman in the slip made as though she was going to run and catch her friend but realized the futility of it and turned back away. She glanced over her shoulder, seemingly uneager to watch and at the same time unable to look away. The diner roared with cheers and applauds as the woman walked in, and she walked down the row right past Donna and her friends up to the four middle aged women who had first spotted the goings on.

The woman with the skirt leaned past the other four to look out the window at her humiliated friend. She chuckled, "He is so cute when he's embarrassed." The assembly gave a collective gasp of shock, and in many cases delight.

"That's a guy?" The red haired forty something gasped.

The woman with the skirt nodded, sending a buzz through the crowd as the true shame of their entertainment spread to those who were back from the action.

"Now Ladies," The woman with the skirt addressed the four. "I need your help, that sissy out there wants to join a fraternity, and my job is to embarrass him to prove he wants it bad enough. I'm going to give you his skirt, he'll have to come in and ask for it back."

Nadine leaned over the seat divider to comment to her, "If you are supposed to be embarrassing him, he seems to be doing a fair job of it without your help."

She cocked her head slightly, "How do you mean?"

Nadine grinned like the proverbial canary-fed cat. "The way he's been swishing his ass out there chasing your car, and that oh-so feminine temper flare." Everyone laughed at that.

"Yeah," she nodded. "You know what I think?" Everyone leaned closer as though afraid of missing something important. "I think he might be enjoying this. He wouldn't admit it of course, but I think he just might be having the time of his life, playing the humiliated little sissy for you all."

* * *

Later that evening Cheryl was driving Donna and Nadine home, all three of them still weak and succumbing to the occasional bout of giggling at what had just transpired.

Before their victim had been allowed to leave he had been stripped to his corset, pantyhose and white satin underwear, then had several glasses of water poured into the front of his panties. This was followed by shoveling the remnants of various customers' dinners into his panties, at least some good came of Donna's pancakes. A total of six raw eggs were broken by placing them one, two and three at a time into the back of his panties and then spanking him with a plate. One went down his corset, one more under his chin, and the last four of the dozen he was instructed to smash against his forehead. The coup de grace was watching him, dripping with egg, present his original tormentor, who had watched everything from the parking lot, with a lemon meringue pie. Of course he promptly wore this and more was shoveled into his panties and corset. After all that he returned to the diner to retrieve his clothing that he had been stripped of. Once he was wearing his blouse and slip he was informed that the women had slipped his skirt out to the woman who had started it all, and he watched as she drove away with his skirt flying like a victory flag out her window. Thoroughly humiliated, their sissy left immediately after.

Before they reached Nadine's house they passed him again, walking along in his badly stained slip and blouse. They leaned out the windows and catcalled for good measure. Then in an instant they had passed him and the girls leaned back into their seats laughing. However Cheryl and Nadine didn't know that Donna wasn't just laughing at the antics of their evenings entertainment. This had given her the barest seeds of an idea how to get what she wanted from Travis, and she had two whole months to plan.

* * *

Travis wasn't really surprised when Donna came looking for him after school. It was Monday afternoon, her father had just left town that morning, and he had noticed her excitement the last month or so. While he had expected her to track him down what transpired still came as a shock.

He was standing with his back to the vehicle where his friends were waiting. "I was hoping we could spend some time together," She pouted.

"Babe, it's Monday, me and the guys watch wrestling every Monday."

"Wrestling doesn't start till seven, they can come pick you up from my place, that is if you still want to leave." As she said this Donna took Travis' hand and guided it up her skirt to her smooth behind, which was unconfined by any form of underwear.

Travis breath caught in his throat and a warm pulse started somewhere in the vicinity of his belt buckle as Donna Marie grinned in a mischievously coy fashion. He turned his head to shout to his friends that they could pick him up at her house in such a way that didn't require him moving his hand from her beautiful flesh.

The walk to Donna Marie's house was practically like being drunk. His thoughts were a unyielding jumble, Was it finally going to happen? What had changed her mind, was today the day they would finally give their virginities to each other? He tried to speak but she shushed him, before his second word.

"The talking can wait. All things happen if you just wait until the time is right."

He staggered a moment, this was it. He had tried in vain to seduce her before, but had never made it beyond first base. His hand on her rear at the school was the first step towards second base that she had ever permitted him to take. He was delirious the entire trip to her house, which had never seemed so far before.

Donna locked the door as soon as they were inside and the curtains were already drawn. She then joined him on the living room couch. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him hard. As he felt her slick lips pressing against him her perfume filled his nose and his mind turned to cotton candy. They parted their lips and allowed their tongues to seek the comfort of each others mouths. He wrapped his arms around her and rubbed his hands up and down her back, feeling her body through her sweater. Eventually he grew emboldened by her words and more so by her actions. He gripped the bottom of her sweater and started to draw it up between them, revealing her bare skin inch by agonizing inch. When she broke their kiss, Travis thought it was so he could remove her sweater but that changed when her hands circled his wrists and her face turned from his.

He recoiled giving her room, and stammered an apology, realizing that there was something wrong. "I thought that maybe you wanted to..." Travis couldn't bring himself to say exactly what he had hoped she wanted to do; that hope was now deflating like an old balloon.

"I do want to." She replied, sounding torn. "It's just that..." Now it was Donna's turn to trail off which she punctuated with a sigh of frustration.

"It's okay," Travis encouraged, "What ever it is we can work it out."

Donna could meet his gaze and cast her eyes down. "Someone I trusted very much once assaulted me. I want to be with you but you remind me of him, so rugged and handsome."

Travis just sat and absorbed what she said, unable to think of what to say. It was no wonder she had intimacy issues. The experience had obviously affected her even more deeply than even she realized if he of all people seemed rugged. He was short and slim, just shy of being scrawny. If he had grown his hair to its current length before high school, he could have easily been mistaken for a girl who simply hadn't 'come in' yet, for his facial features were soft and subtle.

"I really want to do, what we both want to do, it's just... I don't know." She seemed to give up at the end unable to give voice to what she was thinking.

Travis swallowed nervously, he was not about to let his chance slip away like this, not if he could help it. "Is there anything I can do to set you more at ease? Maybe I could give you a massage, help you relax?"

Donna sighed again, "No, no. I don't think there is anything you can..." she paused as though a thought had blind sided her. She considered it momentarily, "No," she dismissed, "It's too much too ask."

Travis jumped at the idea, "Tell me. We both want to be together. I'll do anything to make you comfortable."

Donna chewed her lip nervously as Travis sweat, convinced he was watching his opportunity to cast off his virginity slip away. She nervously fidgeted and turned her head away from him as she spoke, "I just thought that since you remind me of him because you're so rugged, maybe if you weren't, then we could be together."

Travis put a hand under Donna's chin and turned her head back to face him so he could look her in the eyes. "Just tell me what to do."

She smiled, "just wait here." and she trotted off upstairs, leaving him to wait on the couch. While she was gone he puzzled over in his head everything she had said, and all the other times the had almost been together. It seemed to make sense, but how was she planning to make him seem less rugged, he already kept himself clean shaven, and his hair was worn in a ponytail, not the wild loose style favored by bikers and other macho types. Still, whatever she had in mind would be worth at least trying, if it might get him into her bed.

When Donna came back down the stairs she had a small bag with her. She put her hand into the bag and made a sort of presentation of it. "It's hard for a man to seem rugged in this," and with a flourish Donna revealed her master plan, panties. She held in her hand a pair of panties, panties she intended for him to wear. She saw the shock painted across Travis' face and looked crestfallen, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned it. I just thought..."

Travis cut in before she could say any more, "No, no it's okay. I'm just a bit surprised is all. If it will put you at ease I guess wearing your underwear won't really hurt me."

Donna placed her hand on his cheek sweetly and smiled, "thank you."

Travis studied the underwear, they were a soft blue, fairly plain, if it wasn't for the soft material and the little bow at the front of the waistband they could possibly have been guys briefs. She handed him the panties and turned her back while he stripped himself from the waist down and stepped into the soft undergarments. As they slid up around his pelvis he had to admit they didn't feel all that bad, even if they did make him feel a bit silly.

Donna turned around on his okay and when she saw him she giggled a bit before she managed to catch herself, which made Travis blush even more. "Take your shirt off, we're not done yet."

Once he had tossed his shirt onto the pile forming of his other clothes Donna reached back into her bag and pulled out a bra the same color as the panties. It was just as plain, it even lacked the bow, however there was no way he could even pretend this was guys clothing. Still he had agreed to this, and if he ever wanted to be with Donna, going back on his word was not the way to get there. She slid his arms through the straps and did the bra up behind his back, then she pulled out a pair of white water balloons, "best I could do on short notice," and she stuffed them into his bra cups. A shiver ran through him as the cold rubber touched his nipples. Finally she had him sit down and pulled out a pair of tan pantyhose, Travis was mildly relieved to at least note that the bag was now empty. Still he was worried, this was going much further than he had expected. Donna bunched up one leg of the pantyhose and rolled it onto his foot, then duplicating her efforts on the other side. As she started to roll them up his legs they hit a snag, his legs were too big, the crotch of the pantyhose barely came above his knees. Donna frowned but then she brightened up, "I have an idea." Travis almost suggested that they simply try with just the bra and panties but Donna cut him off by pressing her warm supple lips against his and caressing his waist along the top of the panties. She broke away and told him to take off the pantyhose and wait there. Then she disappeared again.

Travis stripped away the tight fitting nylon and then settled back to wait. Several minutes passed before Donna Marie appeared in the living room doorway, her bag once again full. "I found some stockings and a garter belt, but they don't match what you're wearing so I grabbed you a change of lingerie." Travis was starting to worry, Donna was getting too into this, but at least that meant she was becoming comfortable. Then she showed him the panties, they were bone white and almost entirely made of lace! Only the back was made out of what looked like silk. He almost protested before he remembered what this was leading up to. He held out his hand to take them from her but Donna giggled. "You can't wear panties under your garter belt, silly. You won't be able to lower them to let something else free.

Travis blushed at all this talk of 'his' garter belt, and at the fact that Donna obviously had no intention of turning around while he changed his panties. Donna smiled at his shyness, "I'll be seeing it later anyways. So the sooner you get changed, the sooner we can get on with other things."

That was all the encouragement that Travis needed and he removed what he was wearing. Donna then strapped the garter belt around his waist, and it was worse than the panties. The whole thing was delicately patterned lace, with four clasps hanging off it. The she pulled out a pair of white thigh high stockings. Travis laid back against the couch, feeling his skin tingle as Donna Marie rolled the soft nylon up his leg. Finally it reached his thigh and she clipped it to the garters. She then slipped the other stocking over his foot and started to roll it higher. When it too was clipped to the garter belt Travis ventured a glance down and was struck dumb by two observations. First that the stockings were fancier than he had imagined, featuring a pattern of roses on them, and secondly his member was semi-erect and bobbing uncertainly between his feminine clad legs. Donna giggled as she slid the intricate white lingerie up his legs and stretched it over his tentpole. Then she reached back into her bag and pulled out one last item, a lacy bra which matched the rest of his outfit. Within moments it was fastened around him and the weight of water balloons once again tugged at his bra straps.

Once he was properly attired Donna Marie lay him on the couch and positioned herself on top of him. Their mouths met and Donna gave a shiver, which Travis hoped was not because she was still being plagued by her past. He would hate to have gone through all of this for nothing. Whatever the reason she kept kissing him, dragging her tongue softly across his. While they made out her hands busily played with his bra straps and along the edges of his garter belt and panties. After kissing and caressing her back for a while Travis decided to try his luck again by grabbing the bottom edge of her sweater and gently lifting it. Donna kissed him a moment longer as the sweater bunched up around her bust, and Travis felt a small sting as Donna playfully snapped one of his garters against his thigh. This surprised him a bit and he tried to pull back instinctively but he was on his back with Donna on top of him.

Donna reeled in her tongue and broke the seal of their lips with a wet plop. She raised her arms allowing her sweater to finally depart, leaving her upper body clad in only a maroon bra. It was smooth and shinny, faux satin, no lace and only a small bow in her cleavage for decoration. She kissed him again, this time rubbing her breasts against his water balloons separated by the material of their bras. As they kissed and petted Travis started to slowly bunch her skirt towards revealing her behind. Donna slid her hands under him and fondled his ass through the soft white material, Travis took this as encouragement and continued to raise Donna's skirt until his fingers brushed the flesh of her ass.

Donna's eyes opened widely as she broke their kiss and struggled with her hands which were still pinned under Travis. Travis recognized her plight immediately and raised himself off the couch enough to release her hands, which of course involved taking his own hands off her body. Donna jumped off the couch as though it were a burning sheet of metal as soon as she was free. She grabbed her head and reeled in shock as Travis mumbled apologies, nearly incoherently.

After a moment Donna calmed down and she ventured to sit beside Travis who was on the couch giving her distance.

"I'm sorry Doll, I thought it would be okay." Travis offered and placed his hand on hers.

"It wasn't your fault, I should have known I wasn't ready to give up control like that," she reassured.

Travis' mind caught on that little spark, "If you ever want to try again, I could try to be less controlling."

Donna looked at him, "It would have to be more than a little. I think I could do it if I were totally in control, like if you were tied down or handcuffed."

Travis patted her hand, "If that is what it would take to make you comfortable I'll do it." Inwardly he grinned, he wasn't just going to have sex, he was going to have raunchy, kinky sex. He could brag about this and actually be one up on them. He just wouldn't tell them who was restrained or how he was dressed.

Donna brightened up at his offer. "Really? If you want to give it one more try I think my dad has some rope down in the basement." She ran off to find it while Travis shook his head contemplating just what he had gotten himself into. Donna returned a few minutes later with two lengths of rope. The first she looped midpoint around the leg of the couch. Then she guided Travis onto his back and put a pillow under his head. She raised his arms over his head and bound them together, wrapping the rope several times around his wrists until the rope between him and the couch was taunt. Then she took the second rope and repeated the process securing his ankles to the far end of the couch, totally immobilizing him. While she wound the rope around his feet Travis started to really worry but he reminded himself this was his ticket out of Virgin City.

Once he was imprisoned Donna Marie knelt beside him and whispered in his ear, "MMMm you look so hot like this, it just might work. My daddy would kill me if I were to lose my virginity, but there are plenty of other ways we can play."

She reached over and started rubbing the front of Travis' panties, and whispered sexy words to him in a husky voice. Travis instinctively tried to move to reciprocate with her caressing but his bonds held him tight, completely at her mercy. Although he struggled Travis was very much enjoying Donna Marie's efforts as she pleasured him through the lace of his panties. He felt the pressure building down below and opened his mouth to warn Donna but she clamped her mouth over his and rubbed until Travis felt the touch of heaven.

Travis collapsed against the couch, physically void, and emotionally spent. As he lay there he felt Donna brushing his face with her fingers, This struck him as odd but in the afterglow of his first orgasm that didn't involve masturbation he didn't care. As she brushed what felt like her pinkie finger over his eyelids Travis gradually started to regain his sense and he realized something was wrong. He could smell something odd, and those were definitely not fingers on his face. He opened his eyes just as Donna was leaning over him again. She stopped her hand less than a second before the whitish object she was holding made contact with his eye.

"Keep them closed," she scolded, "You nearly got an eyeful."

By this time she had drawn back a bit and Travis could see what was in her hand. It was a brush from her make-up kit. Suddenly Travis' brain caught up with everything else and he started to struggle, as much as he could being secured to the couch. "What are you doing? Why are you putting make-up on me?"

Donna sighed, "Oh look, it's 6:15, your friends will be getting here soon. You can go with them if you want, but I'm really not sure if I'll have time to get these knots untied before they get here." Donna got a predatory grin on her face as she traced a finger along the edge of his bra, "Maybe you could stick around and we could have some fun instead, it's really up to you. Maybe if you aren't untied when they get here I can either send them away or see if one of your friends can help get you free."

Travis quickly mulled the enormity of his situation over in his head, trying to find the best plan of action, possibly even a way out of this. He was tied down in women's lingerie with limited time. Even if Donna got him untied could he get dressed before the guys got there? And that didn't solve things with Donna Marie, He had gone along with things initially, why? There were plenty of other girls who would give him what he was after for a lot less hassle, and yet he had allowed Donna Marie to tie him down in the most feminine lingerie he had ever seen. He was pretty sure this sort of finery was usually reserved for a bride. Was it intentionally symbolic that Donna Marie had him wearing white on his last day as a virgin? And then there was the question of her reason for doing this, was she telling the truth about being raped? If not, why the lie? Even if she was that really didn't explain her sissifying him. Maybe she was a lesbian, she may have started dating him as a cover, and was now trying to make him into a woman for whatever reason. Perhaps she was angry at him and was going to have her revenge for whatever wrong she perceived before dumping him. While Travis puzzled the motives of his captor a car pulled up outside, there was no time to think, the guys were here!

"Well?" Donna Marie looked down at him, "What's it going to be?"

"All right," Travis conceded, "Tell them I'll see them tomorrow, just don't let them come in."

Donna Marie smiled, "There is no halfway. If you stay here, then you have to agree to do exactly what I say."

Travis knew he was trapped, he had no choice but to see whatever she had planned through and then go from there. "I promise, please send them away."

As Travis was making his promise the doorbell rang. Donna turned and walked out of the room to answer it. Her upper body still clad only in her soft satin bra. He heard her crack the door open enough that she could speak to whoever was on the other side, and after quickly delivering his message she closed the door and returned. As Donna Marie started to untie the ropes from his feet Travis heard a car horn in the driveway give several short honks before the engine sped away, carrying with it a chorus of hoots and catcalls. The blood rushed to his face thinking of what Donna Marie's neighbors would think of this crass display, but that was nothing compared to the reaction they would have if they could see what was going on.

Once he was untied Travis sat up and gazed questioningly, with just a little fear, at his girlfriend. She smiled in a way which dispelled any doubts that she held all the cards and she planned to play a winning hand. "So now what?" Travis asked as meekly as he could manage.

Donna Marie put a hand gently to his cheek and he marveled at how soft her skin was. "My first order is for you to relax," she said. "I promise nothing bad will happen, you've trusted me this far, see this through." Travis tried to relax, believing her kind words, believing that she was not out to do him wrong. "And then I want you to go up to my bedroom, put on what is on the bed then sit at my desk and wait for me."

Travis nodded and then obeyed. When he entered the bed he saw what was laid out for him, he knew it was meant for him because it looked far too big for Donna Marie, a fact that he had overlooked earlier. There was a denim skirt, a ruffled white silk blouse, a pair of white, heeled, sandals and a sealed package of tan pantyhose.

Travis sighed as he picked up the pantyhose, he had been lied to, that was obvious now. She had this pair, and yet she had brought down a smaller pair of pantyhose initially to manipulate him into wearing the more feminine white lingerie. He still wondered why she had gone to all this trouble, why this elaborate set up? All the same, he had given his word to cooperate and she had told him to put on these clothes, so he had better get these clothes on.

First he removed the stockings and garterbelt he was wearing, they

were unnecessary with the pantyhose, and he tried to recall how Donna Marie had put the silky nylons on him earlier. He tried to replicate these actions and on his second attempt managed to pull the thin hose over his pantied bottom and hips.

Then he unzipped the skirt and stepped into it. He zipped it up, finding the length fortunately modest by women's standards, falling to his knees. Unfortunately even this length made him feel somehow exposed and vulnerable, he couldn't imagine how girls wore these. Mini skirts would be even worse, barely keeping a girl's panties hidden from leering men, it must be absolutely nerve wracking. The idea that one wrong gust of wind or the sinister whim of some pervert could leave them with their unmentionables on public display would be the kind of thing that would keep a man awake at night.

Travis shook himself out of his fretting and picked up the blouse, it had a rounded neckline, like his T-shirts but a touch lower, and a large ruffle which ran down the front. It was the softest thing he had ever felt and hefound himself giving in to the temptation to rub it against his cheek before he put it on. Finally he picked up the shoes and carried them over to Donna's work desk. As he sat down he swept his skirt the way he had observed women do before.

Once he had slipped the sandals on the clock on the desk now read 6:57. Wrestling would be starting in just a minute, and somewhere his buddies were gathering around a television in anticipation. Instead of being with them he was preparing to spend the evening humiliated in a skirt before his girlfriend. Yet somehow Travis wasn't angry about the situation, after all it was only one show, he could watch later in the week and be filled in on what had transpired. If spending time in her clothes helped bring him and Donna Marie closer, then maybe he could live with that, besides, the soft panties felt strangely nice rubbing against his privates.

As he pondered the situation and it's ramifications the clock slowly flashed away the minutes until it read 7:10. That was when Donna walked in, once again dressed in her skirt and sweater set from school. She smiled when she saw Travis and gave him a hug. "Thank you," she whispered in his ear. "Not many men would go through this for me." She pulled back to look him in the eyes and brushed away a lock of hair that had slipped out of his ponytail. "Now let's just finish your make-up and you'll be perfect."

Perfect for what, was the question that sprang to Travis' mind but he didn't give it voice.

"Just sit tight," Donna Marie said before slipping into her bathroom.

She returned with several bags which she spread out on her desk beside her computer. She had him turn away from the desk and picked up a small bottle of flesh colored liquid. "Have you ever watched your mom getting ready to go out with your dad?" She asked as she put a sponge to the neck of the bottle and tipped it. Travis shook his head. "Then just trust me, nothing I do is going to hurt you." Then she started spreading the liquid all over his face refreshing the sponge from the bottle several times. When that was done Donna Marie took out a small black case with several different colored bricks of what, even in his ignorance, Travis recognized as eye shadow. She started with a deep bronze, stroking it gently across his eyelids, instructing him exactly how to tense his face to get the proper canvas for her to paint. After extensive work on both eyes with several shades she set the black case away and fetched a new implement of torture.

This looked like an ordinary pencil with an unusually black lead. She then used this to brush the very edges of Travis' eyes, so close that he was certain her hand was going to slip and stab him in the eye at any moment. Wouldn't that be interesting to explain to the emergency room attendant when they tried to save his vision. Despite his fears and Donna Marie's repeated instructions to hold still and stop flinching she finally managed to finish this phase of the make-over.

Then she took a tube of jet black mascara and added several coats to his lashes, stroking them to add length and fullness. She followed this with a dusting of soft pink powder on his cheeks. Finally she finished the make-up by showing Travis how to shape his mouth so that she could coat them with a vibrant pink lipstick. After a couple coats his lips were slick and pink and Donna Marie showed him how to blot his lips on a tissue.

Then she ran a comb through his hair, leaving it in the ponytail and retrieved a curling iron that had obviously been warming in the bathroom. She separated his ponytail into three separate sections and gave gentle curls to each length of hair. After this was completed she stepped back to examine the total package. She smiled, Travis wasn't sure if it was because he looked good, or because she was trying not to laugh.

Before he could find out which the doorbell rang. "take a look in the mirror if you want, but wait up here till I call you," Donna Marie said. Then she went to answer the door. Travis sat for several minutes wondering if he really wanted to see himself like this. If he really looked as ridiculous as he felt how could he face an evening of being humiliated this way in front of...

That brought another interesting question to Travis' consciousness.

What was exactly Donna Marie to him? Was she just the girl he was dating, his girlfriend? He was pretty sure there was more than that, but did he truly love her, could he see spending the rest of his life with her? A convincing point in that debate was the way he looked at the moment, would he have done this for any other girl? The answer to that was a nearly certain no, so why was Donna so special to him, he had never really thought much about their relationship. But on the other hand... this was all so confusing.

Finally Donna Marie rescued him by calling him downstairs. As he emerged from Donna Marrie's bedroom he listened below for some sign of what was going on. Silence was all he heard, the lights in the living room seemed to be off except for a single lamp, which cast a dim glow over everything. Slowly and self consciously Travis descended the stairs glancing towards the similarly dim lighted kitchen. He couldn't help but view the door with some resentment as he walked past it. It was his way out of this embarrassing situation, yet he couldn't take it, in everything that had happened he had lost track of where his clothes had ended up.

Then he walked past a mirror hanging on the wall that he had never noticed before, and before he could turn away he found he was confronted with himself, and yet it wasn't really him. He could see himself in the reflection, but it didn't really look like his face. The person he saw looked somewhat pretty, female and yet not, her eyebrows didn't look right but the rest of the face didn't look right for a guy. Somehow the face was too pretty to be a man, but too hard to be a woman, straddling both worlds but not completely in either. In frankness it was far better than Travis had been expecting. He wasn't really a joke, at least not a big one, but he didn't look so good as to bruise his masculine pride either.

Travis walked into the kitchen and was greeted by a tremendous smell. The table was laid out for two and with candles burning. A meal sat in the middle of it, it looked like roast chicken with all the trimmings, and it smelled phenomenal. It must have been delivered because he had been with Donna all day; she couldn't have prepared something like this without his knowing.

Donna Marie was there to greet him as well. She came over and kissed him on the cheek very faintly, careful not to leave a trace of her own lipstick on his face.

Then they sat at the table and shared the dinner, and for some reason Travis found the silence odd, even a little unnerving. Just the gentle clink of cutlery on plates and the sound of human breathing. "This is a great dinner," Travis said after a bit, more to break the monotony than anything else.

Donna Marie smiled across the table at him. "Thanks. I got it from Maurice's and one of the girls brought it over for me."

"Do you eat at Maurice's often?" Somehow the conversation kept flowing from there, they kept talking like they never had before. Travis' natural masculine need to dominate the conversation was cringing somewhere inside him and instead he listened a lot. He learned more about Donna than he had in the entire elationship to this point. He learned why her mother had left when she was 9, and her plans to be a music teacher when they graduated. Even after they had finished their meal they stayed at the table a while just talking.

While they whiled away the hours Donna Marie occasionally reached her feet across under the table and ran them up Tarvis' legs, causing shivers to run up and down his spine. The soft nylon encasing his legs felt so good against his skin, he could fully understand why women wore them. The thought also disturbed him however, here he was being forced to dress in sissy underwear, wearing a sissy skirt, a sissy blouse and sissy make-up.

Travis started to feel his male pride rising up in his throat and with it came a sense of true outrage at what she had done to him. She had made him into a weak looking fru-fru mockery of both man and woman and he wasn't going to stand for it. He was going to tell her to go to hell, and then he was going to tear all this garbage off and he would walk home, naked if he had to, but a man.

He locked his eyes on Donna Marie and stopped dead. She didn't seem to be aware of what he was thinking, and the look on her face was that of a woman who was truly happy, and in love with the one she was with. Travis wanted to do it, he wanted to scream at her but he found he couldn't bear to shatter the happiness he saw in her heart. Instead he swallowed his anger and his pride, staring at the table while he sought to regain the composure he had earlier.

"What's wrong," Donna Marie asked, now seeing that he was troubled.

He looked up at her, no longer angry but still troubled by a weight upon his mind. His lips parted a thin web of lipstick sticking together for less than a moment before they separated. His mouth gaped open a moment before he could find the word to speak, "Why?"

Donna Marie blinked at first uncomprehending and then looked down at her lap. "I knew this would come up, I just hoped it would be tomorrow." Another minute dragged it's feet by before she gave an answer, "Every time I want to go something nice just us, instead of going out for fun with our friends you always say romantic stuff is for girls. So I figured the only way I could get you to let go of that notion and enjoy something like this was if I made you into a girl for a day. I thought it would help bring us closer to each other."

Travis was about to ask why she didn't just ask him to do some of those nice things when his brain cut his mouth off and reminded him of several times she had done exactly that. Romantic Movies were called 'Chick Flicks', Fancy Restaurants like Maurice's were 'For old ladies and their luncheons', he had responded to a proposed trip to the city park botanical exhibition with 'and me be the only straight guy there?' As he thought about it he realized there was an odd logic to her decision, he had been enjoying the candlelight dinner that he had forgotten once or twice how he appeared. It took a lipstick mark on his glass, or glimpsing his sleeve while reaching for something to remind him. Travis sighed contritely and tried to smile, "Well, let's just see out what you have planned for tonight, maybe I can learn how to pay more attention to what you want." Donna Marie smiled, surprised at how he had taken this revelation, but he had more to say. "But you have to promise never to corner me into something like this again, okay?" Travis found now that he was slightly smiling again and that helped Donna Marie smile as well.

"All right, I can promise not to force you into something like this again, since you promise not to make me." They stood up and hugged each other for a while before blowing out the candles and going into the living room to watch a movie together, the kind of Movie Donna Marie had always wanted to watch with Travis. The plot was simple but elegant; boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, girl meets girl, girl wins girl, boy tries to win girl back. Travis soon found himself actually caring about the characters and their imaginary lives, something that hadn't happened since he was a child. Sure it could have used a little action to spice it up, but this, like a lot of other girl things, wasn't turning out to be as bad as Travis had expected. Many times during the movie he felt compelled to glance over at Donna Marie and once or twice he found her looking back at him. They would smile at each other and then go back to watching the movie.

Some time during the movie's romantic climax Travis put his arm around Donna Marie's shoulder and she lay her head on his. They watched transfixed as it played out, taking comfort in being together to watch this. In the movie's end the girl caught between the two decided she needed to be alone and she left them, lthough there were hints towards a friendship between her two suitors, based upon their mutually foolish loss.

As the credits rolled Travis and Donna Marie sat up and gazed into each other's eyes, overcome by emotion they drew their lips together. It was a unique experience for both of them, the feeling of lipsticks sliding against lipstick, soft materials covering both their bodies, and brushing against their skin.

As they held each other their passion grew and massed to volcanic proportions and then it burst loose. Their hands roamed all over each other's bodies, before long Donna Marie was hitching her skirt up around her waist and Travis did the same. They proceed to make passionate love for as long as they were able, giving their virginities to each other, and then falling asleep entangled together.

A year later Donna Marie and Travis were married, and they remained  happy and passionate for having each other. Donna Marie eventually lived her dreams of teaching music while Travis found happiness managing a hardware store. On rare occasions they played again with Travis wearing women's clothing but not with any degree of regularity. They both found their lovemaking especially intense on those occasions, but that is another story.





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