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Out Of The Closet

by Jennifer White


My sister Connie had her friends over for a party, and I was excited. Being a 16 year old boy, I was very interested in girls. And here were five girls who were 17 years old (like my sister), 18 or even 19. They were all laughing and giggling together in Connie's bedroom, and I was listening in through the heating duct.

But then I had an idea: when they all went to the kitchen to get snacks, I ran into Connie's room, and hid in the closet, behind her dresses. Now I'd hear them better, and I might even get a peek at them through the door!

They came back into the room a few minutes later, and I help my breath, afraid that they'd see or hear me. But the didn't even notice! They were talking about boys, and who was dating who at school, and movies, and all sorts of things.

I was getting bored with all the girl talk, but I was able to get a view of a couple of them, and that made it worthwhile. I loved the way the one girl saw on the bed with her legs folded under her. It just excited me so much. I started rubbing myself gently between my legs as I stared at her long hair, and her pretty face. Not to mention her wonderful breasts.

"Did you hear that?" said Connie suddenly.

"No, what?" said the blond girl.

"Ssh" she said, and whispered something to the others. I strained to hear, but I couldn't make it out. I heard one of them go open the door and go out into the hallway, then return a few minutes later.

"You're right, he's not there" said the girl, although I couldn't see her.

Suddenly, the closet door was pulled open, and Connie charged in towards me.

"You little pervert! Hiding in my closet when I'm with my friends!"

"I....I...its not what it looks like..." I started to say.

"He likes hiding behind your clothes" said the brunette girl. "That gives me an idea. We should teach him a lesson."

"Yeah, teach him not to spy on the girls. That will get you in trouble."

"What kind of trouble?" I said.

"A makeover" she replied. The girls all looked at each other, and giggled.

"Sit!" ordered Connie, pointing to the chair by her vanity.

Uh-oh. I was in big trouble now.


"Okay girls, leave us alone for a minute. Just me and *her*."

"Her?" I said, as the girls filed out, sneering at me. The last one to leave was the blond, who shut the door behind her.

"Yes, *her*" said Connie. "You want to hang out with the girls? You've got to *be* one. And since you're so eager to crash our party, we're going to turn *you* into a girl. But I'm being nice to you here. I've asked the others to leave, while you strip down naked to put on panties and a bra."

"No way!" I said.

"Oh all right. Then I'll tell mom and dad that I found you in my closet playing with yourself, while spying on my friends..."

"No, please don't do that!" I said.

"Then you'll do just as I say, won't you?"

She smiled. She had me beat. I reluctantly took off all my clothes except my underwear.

"Here, put these on. I'll turn so I can't see you" she said.

I put on the purple panties she gave me. They were so soft and silky. I had never worn anything like them before in my life. And they were so snug on me, instead of being loose like my boxers were. They felt strange.

But then she put a matching bra on me, and that felt totally weird! Having something around my chest like that felt constricting. And I had never felt straps over my shoulders before either. I was really scared now, as I put on the pantyhose she gave me.

Then Connie handed me a white frilly lacy thing that looked like a skirt. But it was one of those things that girls sometimes wear under their dresses or skirts. It was only then, that she opened the door, and let the other girls back in.

"Oh look at you *Shannon*" said the blond girl. "You're so pretty."

"Yes *Shannon*" said the brunette, "you are a very pretty girl. And we haven't even started on you yet."

"Lets stuff her bra" said the redhead.

"Great idea!"

"Bad idea!" I said, but my vote didn't seem to count. I felt humiliated already, but as they stuffed the bra to make it look like I had big breasts, I must have turned bright red in embarrassment.

"Don't be upset Shannon. All girls develop breasts. Now that you're one of us, they were due to fill out anyway."

Now they went to the closet, and emerged with an outfit for me. They had me put on this white top that had long sleeves that ended in very frilly cuffs. There was also a lacy collar. Next, they made me put on a tan skirt that came down to my knees. Then came a sweater, which was short enough in the sleeves to expose the frilly cuffs of the blouse.

"You make such a pretty schoolgirl" said Connie.

With each layer of girlish clothes over me, you could see less and less that I really was a boy. The bulge between my legs was completely hidden now. I felt so weird! I was completely powerless, and they all knew it. I hoped they were done with me, but I was wrong. They were just getting started.


Next, they sat me down in front of the vanity, and began applying makeup to my face. As one girl did my face, another started painting my nails. Connie got a pair of mom's shoes, and put them on my feet. Another girl put clip-on ear rings on me, then a bracelet and a couple of rings.

The girl with the makeup finished on my face, and they sprayed me with smelly perfume. Another girl used hairspray on me, and toyed with my hair. On the one hand, it felt very good to get so much attention from pretty older girls like this. But on the downside, they were making me look like one of them!

I looked in the mirror. I had long dark eyelashes now, and makeup on my eyes, my cheeks, and my lips. My face looked pretty! Like a girl! My hair had been somehow softened up to look more girlish, and I had on jewelry.

Not to mention that I was wearing girl's clothes, and it looked like I had big breasts. And they kept calling me Shannon, a girl's name.

"You are a girl now Shannon. Just look in the mirror. You can't deny it. You *are* a girl."

"You're one of us" said the blond. "You're a girl! Just like me!"

The redhead came over to me, and stuck her chest out.

"When a boy sees these, he wants me" she said. "But you're a girl. So you just wish that yours were this big."

"Tell us that you wish your boobs were as big as Cindi's" said Connie.

"No!" I protested.

But at that moment, I looked up to see the blond taking pictures of me with her digital camera.

"If you don't want these photos sent to all your friends at school, you'll tell us" said Connie.

I was trapped. I had no choice now.

"I wish my boobs were as big as Cindi's" I said.

"And when a boy sees this ass, he wants me" said the blond. "But you're a girl, so you are just jealous. You wish you had curves like I do."

"Tell us that you want to be like Heather!" demanded Connie.

"I wish I had curves like Heather" I said.

They made me say that I wished I had as pretty of face as Annie, the brunette. And that I had cute legs like Kate did. And that I had a sexy voice like Wendy.

"I always wanted a sister" said Connie. "I'm glad that you're one of us now. Think of all the fun things we can do together sis!"

I only glared at her. I *hated* the idea of being her sister. But they were determined to treat me like I was.

"That Tony Williams is totally hot" said Cindi.

"Not like Jack Anderson in 3rd hour math. Now he's really cute."

"But he's going out with Sharon, and she's a real slut."

"When he's tired of her, he'll be ready for a *real* woman" said Heather.

"What about you Shannon. You're awful quiet" said Annie. "Tell us what boys you think are cute."

"I'm not into boys" I said.

"Oh, she's a shy one" said Annie to Connie.

"I think she has a crush on that Mark Rivers" said Connie. "She was talking to him on the phone the other day."

"He's my friend!" I protested.

"A 'friend'. Got it. You always start out as 'just friends', but one day it will bloom into a romance" said Wendy.

"Well how about movie stars?" said Cindi. "Who's hotter: Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom?"

"I don't know" I said.

"Come on, we know you go to sleep and imagine that you're with someone. Tell us which guy you're all hot for."

I was really upset now. I wasn't hot for any guy! They wouldn't lay off. They kept treating me like I was a girl. This was so unfair! The all stood around me in a ring now, and held hands.

"You're a girl" said one of them, then they all chanted that at me.

"You are female" said another one, and they chanted that now too.

"You're one of us" said Connie. "A girl."

"You are a chick" said Wendy.

"You're a little hottie" said Cindi.

"You're a girl! You're a girl! You're a girl! You're a girl!" they all said.


All of a sudden, I felt strange. Like I was dizzy. Something was wrong with me. I was short of breath. I couldn't keep on my feet. I fell down on my knees.

"Look, she's begging us to let her be one of the girls all the time" said Annie.

I looked up at them, and something was very wrong. Everything was blurry. I tingled all over. It was hard to breath.


But then suddenly, I was filled with a feeling of calmness. Warmness spread over me, and I was relaxed. I found that I could stand up again.

"Are you all right?" said Connie, suddenly concerned. "You looked a little funny there for a while."

"I'm just fine Connie, but thank you for being concerned."

I stopped as soon as I said that, and looked around. My voice sounded funny. Higher pitched, and smoother than normal.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I said. My voice was all wrong. What was going on?

"Your face..." said Annie.

"What about it?" I asked.

"It's pretty" she said.

"Yeah, yeah, you put all that makeup on me, and my face is pretty now."

"No, I mean even without makeup, it would be pretty."

I turned to look in the mirror, and I almost fell over. I didn't recognize the face in the mirror staring back at me. I was still wearing makeup like before, but I was *pretty* now. And then I realized that my shoulders were smaller now than the were before.

I also realized that even though I was wearing three inch heels, I was looking *up* at my sister, instead of looking her in the eye. I was smaller now. I had a pretty face, and a higher pitched voice. No! It couldn't be!

I touched myself on my chest, and shuddered. *They* were real. The things on my chest weren't stuffed bra cups. They were real boobs. Bigger than Cindi's. And they matched my curves, which were as sexy as Heather's.

Curves? Me? I had a nice ass. I was a hot babe. I *was* really a chick! Somehow I had been transformed. Somehow the wishes I had made out loud came true. No!!!! I touched myself between my legs, but I knew already what I would find there. Nothing.


The girls were all stunned. They hadn't expected their fun to turn serious like this. They had just wanted to teach me a lesson, but somehow things got out of hand.

"I don't blame you" I said out loud to them. "You were just trying to help me see how it is for girls, and teach me that boys shouldn't spy on girls like that. I am *so* sorry for what I did to you. But don't feel bad about this. I would hate it if you were all upset, and blamed yourselves."

I really could empathize with them, and I didn't want them to be upset. That would just make me feel worse.


It was then that there was a knock on my door. It was mom! She looked in the room, and smiled.

"Ah Shannon, your father and I are home. I'm so glad you're getting along so well with your sister's friends. Sorry to have bothered you. I just wanted to check in on everything."

As soon as she left, Connie turned to me.

"Mom thinks that you're my sister. What's going on?"

"I don't know!" I said. "You tell me! Why would she think that I'm a girl?"

"Because you are one?" said Annie.

"No, I mean how did she know that I'm Shannon? You just named me that while she was gone. And she acted like I always have been a girl."

"Lets look at your room" said Connie. "That will prove that you were a boy before."

We went next door, and looked in my room. It was just as I remembered it. My canopy bed there, with the frilly pillow shams and everything. My doll collection was in its place on the shelf. My posters of Titanic and Chicago were on the wall where they belonged. And my pretty dresses were all neatly hung in my closet.

"Wait!" I said out loud. "Why do I remember my room like this? This is a *girl's* room. Yet somehow, it seems right."

"Maybe now that you're become a girl, the world has adjusted to make up for it. Maybe this is how your room would have been if you had always been a girl."

"But I *remember* this! How can that be?"

A dreadful thought came into my mind: maybe not only had I just become a girl in body, but maybe my mind was changing also. Maybe I remembered it, because I had a girl's memories now.

"I can remember having my first period" I said to Connie.

"No you don't! You're a boy!"

"Yes, I do. And I remember when I wore my first bra. I had stolen one of yours, and you were all upset, so mom took me shopping. I felt like a big girl, because I could wear a bra. I've always been so jealous of you, and how you developed before I did."

"What are you saying? You remember being a girl?"

"And I remember you teaching me how to put on makeup. And I remember wishing I was just like you. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be like my big sister" I said.

"How can you remember things that didn't happen? You were a boy" said Connie.

"Me a boy? What kind of sick joke is that?" I said. I swear, sometimes Connie could be funny. "How could I have ever been a boy? That makes no sense."

"But you just became a girl today" she said.

"What? I've been a girl all my life Connie!" I protested. "I've never been a boy."

My sister sure could be weird sometimes.

Connie walked over to her friends.

"Wendy, tell me what we did this evening."

"Um Connie, you were there."

"I know. It sounds weird. But tell me."

"Well, we've been hanging out in your room, and your little sister keeps wanting to hang with us, but we keep telling her she's too young."

"What about my brother."

"Connie, hello? You don't have a brother."

"Are you smoking something?" said Annie.

"No, never mind. It would take too long to explain. I'll be right back girls."

Connie walked over to me, and motioned for me to follow her into my room.

"Listen to me. You were my brother before today, but something happened to you. We dressed you up like a girl, but somehow you've transformed into a girl. You have to believe me. You were not born as a girl. You were a boy."


I was so upset. How could she be so mean to me?

"Mom!" I yelled.

"What is it my little kitten?" she said.

"Connie is being mean to me. She's saying that I'm a boy!"

"Young lady, be nice to your sister. That is a very mean thing to say!" said Mom angrily as she charged into my room. "I know you're trying to keep her from butting in with your friends, but its natural for a younger girl like her to want to be with you. She's just doing it because she looks up to you so much, and admires you. She just wants to be like you. That's all."

"But mom, you don't understand!" said Connie.

"Oh, I do understand" said mom. "I had a younger sister too when I was your age. Now go back with your friends. I'll keep Shannon busy so that she leaves you alone."

Mom left the room, leaving me alone with just Connie for a moment.

"If I'm the only one who remembers, and you're not even going to try, I give up. Fine. You're my sister. I've always wanted a sister actually. I love you sis."

"Thanks sis" I said. "I hope I'm just like you when I grow up."

We hugged, and Connie went back to her friends. Mom came back in, and had her coat on.

"Come on my little angel" she said. "Lets go shopping. You need some new outfits for school, and some new bras."

"This one feels too tight" I said.

"I think you've added another half cup size dear" said mom. "You've really filled out. Young women are developing so much sooner these days it seems."

"Well I'm happy about it" I said, admiring my bust in the mirror. "I always wished that I'd be big when I grew up."

"Yes" said mom. "My little baby girl is all grown up now. You look like an adult. A young lady. Come on, lets go shopping."

I could hardly wait. There were so many cool clothes out for school this year, and I had my eye set on a skirt at the mall the other day. If only mom would let me buy some shorter tops and low rider jeans, so I could expose my tummy like the other girls did. Mom was too conservative when it came to clothes. But soon, I'd be in college, and I could dress however I wanted to.

I checked my makeup, grabbed my purse, and my coat. I walked side by side with mom as we headed out to the mall. I felt the blast of cold air on my legs, and the wind that made my skirt flutter as we walked outside. I felt shivers all over. It was a great night to be a girl.




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