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Own Submission Real Story

by Anil



I am anil from India having CG habit since my childhood when I was ten. The habit reached its peak when I became twenty and joined the job. One Sunday, I had a strong urge to wear bra. I went outside to purchase it. The person selling asked me the size. I did not want him to know that I wanted it for myself so I told him approx. my size. He measured my size and it was 32" then. I became very thrilled but shy. I purchased the one and went to the garden where hardly any person would come. I immediately removed my shirt and put it on and felt very thrilling but very shy. I used to do it every Sunday. One Sunday, wearing bra and silver anklets in my legs, when I saw a man piercing nose/ears, I had a strong urge to get my nose pierced. I asked him to do so when he was alone. First of all he laughed me but then he noticed silver anklets in my legs. He asked me if he should 'lock' the ring. Not knowing the meaning and also feeling very shy from within and wishing to run away as quickly as possible, I said yes. He then pierced my nose and showed it in the mirror. He said that when I was a gal, I should have come in female dress. Then I went away from there and went to the leady selling glass bangles. I asked her to put on two dozen bangles each on my both hands. First she was confused and amused but soon she realised and then she asked me to raise my hands one by one. When I removed my one hand from my nose, she could notice that my nose was pierced. I felt very shy but quite helpless. When she started putting glass bangles on my two hands, suddenly two/three females came from somewhere. They noticed the scene and enjoyed it very much. But I was helpless.

I immediately ran away from there and went to the garden where very few people used to come. I kept sitting there in quite sensation for around half an hour. After my sensation was over, I tried to remove the ring pierced in my nose. Surprisingly, I failed in doing so and was very much afraid. I was just thinking what to do. I now realised the meaning of 'locking' so that the ring would have to be cut and could not be taken out of nose automatically. I was in jeopardy thinking what to do.

Suddenly from riverbed side four punks (who were residing in huts there) came to the garden and noticed me. They were quite happy noticing me in such a situation. They compelled me to go with them. One of the punks removed my shirt and noticed that I was wearing bra. They had instant client in me. They then put on a transparent blouse with hooks on the back side in place of the shirt I was wearing. They put on Ghaghra also and then a brand new saree. I was looking like a bride.

The punks also removed the soft weight silver anklets which I was wearing in my legs. Instead, they put on heavy weight anklets which would make a lot of noise when I would walk. They also applied henna on my hands and legs. Then They took me in an auto-rikshaw from there to a place where they were having their customers. One of the inunchs started playing with the ring pierced in my nose. He also touched the bra. Then they handed me over to one of the customers by telling that I would give utmost satisfaction to him. He then took me to the hut of the punk and started playing with me. He opened my bra and pushed my nipples also. I felt so shy but helpless as I was only responsible for such a situation. The man played with me for more than three hours. He expressed his utmost satisfaction and joy. After being completely satisfied, he went away from there saying that he shall regularly come to me. I felt very shy and like a bride but my heart was throbbing with joy. The punks then enjoyed for a new member joined with them. I was so exhausted that I remained lying on the bed with all female clothes. The punks bound my legs with a rope to the tree so that I could not escape from there. I could not sleep for the whole night and had dreams of being fucked.




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