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The Pantyboy

by John jameson's


They were bright pink they shining in the light of the laundry room when I picked them up they sparkled like a disco ball they were soft and silky . they had me mesmerized they were my sisters panties and I could not resist I had to know so I went up to my room with them and sneakily tired them on oh they felt so good .They cause me to have an instant erection I touched my self in them and rubbed my self like 3times and then it happened I lost my first load of 12 year old boy cum into my sisters panties. I did not know what to do so in a panic I just hid them in my room but a day later I could not stop thinking about it , I wanted more panties I stole more from sister , over the year I stole them from mom as well . eventually I had a habit of wearing panties almost everyday , this summer I was now stealing them from friends houses and where ever I could , the prettier the panty the worse my urge was to wear them , I was about 15 or 16 when I came home to find my stash gone! I panicked I was looking furiously for them all over my room when mom walked in. "looking for something?" I made up some story about loosing my report for school. She said "well ok let's look for it together' I then was stammering something about oh its at my friends house I just go get it . She said " maybe it was in the special bag in the bottom of the closet ?' I tried to play stupid but she fired right back " what do you mean what bag , your panty bag you know the bag you had with all the stolen pretty panties in it" I could feel my face turn hot and I lost my voice , I was all those panties and donated them in the clothing drop for since that's what you were going to do with them" all I could do was nod . As she walked out all I could think about was the hard work and time it took to get all those pretties and they were gone in an instant. Later that evening when I went to get dressed after the shower I found 5 pairs of panties in my drawer they were new with tags they were plain white 4 pairs and 1 baby blue pair . they were kind of silky but not really they had a semi gloss to them but they were not like the satin ones I loved these were just cheap plain old girl panties . as I looked at the last pair I found a note that said big boys panties can't be to pretty sorry". As the years went on I have began buying panties at macys and stores like that , mom never said anything more on the subject and I made sure she never found any when I was about 18 I had this girlfriend whos mom was sexy mom , in her house I found all sorts of lingerie from garterbelts , corsets all the stuff sexy women wear . I began sneakily borrowing things and sneakily wearing it under my jeans and regular clothes . One time I was wearing a garter belt stockings and matching panties under my jeans the constant tugging and pulling of the belt and garters kept me in a state of bliss and kept me reminded of just how sexy women really are , well I had to go to the dentist I didn't have time to go change so I just went I figured whos going to know right ? well the dentist did the filing and all went good when he left the room the assistant looked me right in the eye and grabbed a garter strap through my pants and she pulled it as far as she could and let it release with a pop , she said now that's sexy baby I bet there pretty on you . I was again beet red in the face with a lost voice . she gave me the next appointment card and left the room . I did not know what to do so I just tried to leave fast and I did . never having the courage to return I just kept my love for panties and lingerie a secret for the next few years until I met my wife . before we married I told her I liked to wear them at first she thought it was weird. A few weeks later she admitted she didn't care but she didn't like it much she bought me a pair or 2 but she never showed any interest in it at all we always have good sex with or with out panties . A few years down the road I tried to explain to her I wanted to go further with the panty thing like maybe a little dirty talk and roleplaying . she took to this very slowly then one evening to my surprise she started to put a bra on me I just let her do it , it felt good to feel her doing this I felt like she was in control she did not talk about or anything the we just mad love a few times she rubbed my bra and pantied ass and gave me a a couple of light spanks , my ass was begging for a good old fashioned over the knee spanking from her but she would only go so far . this was the extent of it . I felt like she has told a friend of hers and possibly her sister about what I do , but when I ask her if she has told anyone she says no it would embarrass her if they knew but I still did not believe her . her participation in the panty /lingerie thing over the next 4 years has grown to a very very rare occasion . When I asked her about she was just like I don't care that you do it but it doesn't do anything for me so that's that .



About a month later I had to do some work for her friend lisa . Lisa is a very sexy lady and always turns heads when I went over there. She was dressed hot and I had to be there a while to do a lot of plumbing work . I remember thinking to myself how am I going to work with this hottie giving me a boner in my panties the whole time . She offered me a drink . She was smoking in her black leather skirt pantyhose or stockings I did not know but her legs looked sexy her heels were very shiny purple with a sexy purple skin tight top on god she was a dream I had a hard on looking at her . I wanted to touch her leather covered ass so bad I wanted to squeeze it and kiss it . she went in side and I watched her sit down . a few minutes later she called me in the other room she was sitting down and she looked me right in the eye and said "show me your panties ?" this shocked me how did she know what do I do ? I played stupid and laughed an excuse me? " you heard me mister drop your pants and show me your fucking panties " now" god dam it ! I was like shocked as she again said " drop your fucking pants pantyboy or I am calling gina and telling her I came home and found you in my drawers " Drop them now sissy ! I began to unzip and there she had it , I was standing infront of her with my pants around my ankles with a full blown hard on in a pair of victorias secret second skin satin panties on they were a pink floral print . " awe how cute she looks in her panties" " are you hard for me or my outfit sweetie?" I said both ! that's nice she said she then pulled me down over her lap and told me I was a naughtyboy and naughty pantyboys need to be taught a lesson . then wack her hand hit my ass with a fury then again wack. " you naughty panty wearing sissy" wack wack wack . look at my heels wack wack are they pretty ? wack I stammer out a yes wack each time she wacked my ass my cock lunged hard wack then I felt her rubbing it and she pulled my panties just off my ass " what do you want to do with my pretty heels pantysissy?" do you want to kiss them wear them ? what pantyboy?" wack wack I want to kiss them and wear them . the next wwack caused the inevitable, I blew off in the panties wack wack . you bad little pantyboy stand up .as I did she noticed what happened " awe the thought of wearing my heels made you shoot off didn't it ?" she tugged the front of the panties open and reached inside with 2 fingers she scooped up some goo and smeared it directly on my lips and said follow me slut .I was in no shape to deny her anything when we got into her room it was sort of dim "off with all your clothes and your cummy panties , I did as instructed " tonight your are my bitch" on the bed there is a box for you I know you already know how to dress ill be right back I went to the box trembling it had a floral satin bra garter belt matching panties pink heels , a pink plaid mini skirt and pink sweater style top . I put the bra on then the garter belt then I rolled up the stockings and hooked them up to the garters then I slipped into the perfect fitting satin panties by now my cock was again fully hard I sat on the bed I was about to put the heels on but I left them in box then I heard her ask " are you ready or do you need more time ?" I say ready ! as she comes in she has a look of disgust in her face your not ready come her on your knees sissy bend over the bed I did and just as I did out of the corner of my eye I seen her grab my belt she yanked my panties down and that belt went across my ass hard wack wack now pull your panties up and finish getting dressed that stung my ass like nothing I have ever felt . I put the skirt on and the the sweater and as I was working on putting the heels on she walked back in " now you got it you do as I say. you may be ginas husband but your are lisas sissy " now tell me what you are? I Said I am lisas sissy " good boy " show me what you are she says I began touching her heels rubbing her fine nylon clad legs rubbing that hot ass in that leather skirt I kissed her ass I kissed her heels the smell of her leather almost made me cum I rubbed her all over and kissed her ass in that skirt " stay pantyboy" she went inside for a min and returned with a smile " back on your knees sissy she put that leather clad ass back in my face again and I began rubbing my face on it kissing it she pushed me back a little and told me to close my eyes as she turned around she then put her finger in my mouth and began moving it in and out ." "your in for a treat she says " help me lift up my skirt sissy buy keep those eyes closed as I pushed up on the skirt I felt something hit my face my eyes opened it was a strap on cock " I tried to pull away but she grabbed my hair " come on sissy you like that don't you ?" I said no but she pulled harder on my head " you are going to service this cock like the sissy whore you are" she pushed it into my mouth I opened it and took it in I found my tongue instantly going to work as she forced my head back and forth on it . "that's it suck it cocksucker " suck that cock bitch " I was now bobbing on it with out her help . when it poped out and I licked its shaft she smiled and she said good girl see I knew you would be a good cock sucker .hum on it as you suck it slut . she made me suck this fake cock for 10 mins " that's its your lisas cocksucking bitch" you love sucking my cock don't you ? tell me bitch" I love sucking lisas cock I went back at it, she then pulled it out of my mouth and made me stand up she pulled up my pink skirt and pushed my panties down and took my hard cock in her hand she says oh poor sissy I think mine is a little bigger than yours " as she jerked me a few times with her soft expert hands I came into her hands she milked ever drop and I fell on to the bed as I did I see her now jerking her cock with the her cum covered hands she smeared all of my cum on her plastic cock then held it out for me " swallow my cum sissy" I went to that plastic cock like a pro and cleaned it with my tongue and sucking lips .when she was satisfied she pulled me off it .Then she sat on the bed and looked me in the eyes and said " now sissy this question is very serious right now do you want to suck a real cock or do you want lisa to fuck your ass you must choose sissy ?" " what do you want sissy" I said please fuck me lisa please fuck me she then had me kneel infront of the bed in a bent over position and she began lubing up her cock . she got behind me and I felt that cock at my entry point it was pushing little nudges at first then the head popped in she started slow easing it in and out a little at a time " that's my sissy bitch taking that cock" her pace was still slow but going deeper and my cock was bobbing on its own from her pushing " sissy it's a good thing you begged to get fucked because if you wanted more cock I was going to have to call my boy friend to come over so you can suck his cock" as she finished that statement she slammed her cock all the way in and was now pushing with a hard thrusting motion and I was loving it . "this is what you get for being a pantyslut " your wife don't want you wearing panties" slut she was really fucking me hard now and I was about to cum from it do you understand sissy? 'if you wear panties again in your house your will have to suck johns cock when your dressed like this in front of your wife " you sissy she don't want a sissy so if you wear her panties again you will suck his cock for her then he will fuck her like a real man should in front of you .Lisas thrusts were hard and fast I was being fucked like a cheap whore she smacked my ass then grabbed my panty covered balls . I lost it I came again in the panties . when she got off me she told me to clean up and go home . I did my wife never said anything but over the next few days I found new panties around the house pretty ones flroals and stars glossy and shiny a pair that said princess across the ass . it feels like a trap but on the the 4th day I could not resist as as I write this letter I am sitting in nothing but a pair of purple metallic panties wit silver and pink stars printed on them my wife will be home soon .




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