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Percy Periwinkle's Passage

by sissystevie

Part I Prissy's Plight


"Another great brainstorm gone afoul!" the young man thought. "A tea party at the Society of Enlightened Ladies in friggin' Fromage, Wisconsin, now that sounds like a rockin' good time! Gimme a break!

"How in God's name did I end up like this? Another stupid outfit that I can't move in is bad enough, but why out in public? How in hell's name can they dress a boy like this? And what little treats does that crazy bitch have in store for me today?"

Of course, he already knew most of the answers to his rhetorical questions. They were frightening enough. However, what really terrified the lad was the glimpse into the obvious that he was starting to accept all of this 'stuff.' Each time Percy accepted one thing, such as his pretty frilly panties, two more things were added.

Percy instinctively knew where all this would take him, but he simply refused to face it. It was like the early childhood monster under the stairs. He 'knew' it was there, but if he just did not think about it, it seemed to go away.

"Yeah," he lamely rationalized, "she can control my cock, but it's just by teasing me with all these soft frilly things. And, yeah, all those sexy get-ups that she flaunts before me. What guy wouldn't get a hard on lookin' at that chick? Jeeze, those high heels and stockings were a whole wet dream group topic unto themselves.

"And I wish to hell that this car would stop rocking about. All this soft stuff rubbin' against me and that damn thing up my ass are driving me nuts!"

His just wished that he could rub his swollen nipples, but that was quite impossible at the moment. It was bad enough being coiffed and hairless like a girl, but now, to his considerable distress, he appeared to be growing little girlie mounds and huge round nipples as well.

Percy Prigmoore Periwinkle was a very foolish sissy. Things certainly had not gone according to his pitiful plan, and they were about to get a whole lot worse for the hapless milksop.


It all began a month ago.

Percival Periwinkle had badly underestimated his new stepmother, just as he badly calculated most things in life. He was a near-do-well officious little twit who managed to irritate virtually every living soul with whom he came in contact. Even animals despised him.

The more charitable people, of whom there were very few, said his quite dismal behavior was the result of his girlish looks. They said that he was just overreacting to compensate for his beautiful flowing mane of blond hair, pretty blue eyes and frail figure. And then, of course, there was the issue of Percy's rather pathetic penis. However, that was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Percival Periwinkle had a deeper secret that he was afraid even to admit to himself.

He knew he was in big trouble when he attacked his younger stepsister, despite her "asking for it with that short skirt and high heels." Worse, it could become even bigger trouble if his stepmother found out about some special things he 'collected.' Thus, when she suggested the two step siblings be separated for the summer, Percy had snapped at the option 'to get out of Dodge.' A grand country estate owned by a really sexy bitch seemed to be just the ticket.

A 'ticket' it most assuredly was indeed. However it was most unfortunate that Percival, ever the arrogant little twit, had failed to check its destination.

Percy Prigmoore Periwinkle was also a very dimwitted sissy. His grand summer frolic ended mere seconds after he entered the foyer of Wilhelmina Waxwell's grand house.


Wilhelmina Willing Waxwell was a most accomplished woman. She was also a stunning beauty with ebony hair, searing emerald green eyes and alabaster skin who had a penchant for breaking masculine wills. To her, all men were simply 'dumbsticks' who were ruled by their 'little heads' and disgusting flows of testosterone. Emasculation of any man was grand sport.

However, young, pretty sissies were her preoccupation. She adored the little prissy pantywaists. Nancyboys were literally the perfect 'gift that keeps on giving.' And her greatest passion within that preoccupation was their initial training - not that any sissy ever becomes perfectly trained, which, of course, was their special 'ever-giving gift.'

Percy was one of the best. He was not only breathtakingly beautiful, but he also was putting up a grand fight. Of course the little twit was a hopeless sissy, and had always been thus, but he still harbored delusions of actually being a real boy.

"Well, he sure doesn't look like one now!" she silently congratulated herself. "And if the pathetic pansy thinks things are bad now, just wait 'till we get to our little 'gathering!'

"The little dear looks as if he could use a little extra distraction, not that the penis-shaped butt plug and gag are distractions enough," she chuckled to herself. "The little lamb will be led to his slaughter soon enough! I can't wait to see his expression when he sees his stepmother and sister. This really is just too much fun!"

Wilhelmina allowed her mauve silk pencil skirt to ride further up her long perfect legs so that the hapless little milksop could feast on her suspender tabs. Early on she recognized how fetishistic Percy was and delighted in how he continued to deny it. The simple fact was that it was a toss-up as to whose suspenders Percy liked more - hers or his.

Like a lemming to the sea, Percy openly gawked at her slim legs and full fashion sheer taupe stockings. She teasingly allowed her hem to slip slightly above the exposed stocking top so Percy could see the black satin ribbon that covered her suspender's clasp.

She knowingly smiled as Percy rubbed his own stockinged legs together and thought, "Nope, no fetish there!" she chuckled to herself.

"My God, they all are really so easy."

Thinking about - well, actually wanting - a little more titillation, and realizing that there were at least another ten miles of Federal Highway 53, she slipped her 600-Class Mercedes into cruise control and brought her five inch mauve leather stiletto heels back to the seat for her fetishistic sissy to feast upon.

After checking traffic about her, she pulled down the visor vanity mirror to check her makeup and hair. The little prissy wannabe pussy was entirely in her thrall as she checked the chignon atop her head, carefully allowing dark tendrils to dangle about her fair face and neck. She pursed her moist lilac lips.

After pushing the driving safety factor, she closed the mirror and 'idly' began to touch her right breast. Like Pavlov's dog, Percy's eye's followed. He simply could not resist her perfect female charms despite the horrible humiliations she piled upon him. This was certainly the worst of all humiliations she had heaped upon Percy to date, but it was also the greatest presentation of the perfection of true womanhood that Wilhelmina had offered in return.

Her bosom was spectacularly displayed in her sheer white Gibson Girl, circa 1910 silk blouse with its high, jaw-framing lace collar. A beautiful mauve enameled broach with a curious old world crest was pinned at the center of her neck.


Soon enough Wilhelmina Waxwell wheeled the big Mercedes sedan into the parking lot of an elegant clubhouse. She drove directly to its entrance where a muscular valet in very tight short pants and weskit opened her door and bowed deeply.

"Good afternoon Mistress Waxwell, do you require assistance with your sissy, Ma'am?" he said.

"Yes, Wally, I shall, but just to get the little dear on his feet. I'm afraid the poor dear is somewhat restricted in his movements," she matter-of-factly replied.

After Wally had extracted Percy from his car seat, Wilhelmina took stock of her charge.

His hair was nicely curled, albeit still quite boyish. However, it was growing out to her satisfaction and soon would become more feminine. That morning her governess in residence, Fanny Frillimost had managed to place it in cute wavy pixyish style with a huge pink taffeta double bow atop his head. The bow's ends smartly streamed down either side, just forward of his small flat ears.

Now that his double ear piercings had heeled, Percy wore large dangling pink sparkling balls from each lobe. In the second piercing behind the hanging orbs, he had little silver bells that lightly jingled as he moved. Makeup was far heavier than usual. Miss Frillimost had used a pale, almost ashen toned base to create a poor waifish gamine look, which contrasted nicely with the two pink hearts painted on his cheeks. His naturally doe-like eyes were heavily done into a 'deer-in-the-headlights' wide-eyed look of perpetual surprise. His dyed pink lips were still partially covered by the penis gag.

Percy was literally a living doll.

The naive sissy had no idea that after a few more treatments his eye and lip makeup would be virtually permanent. He already was quite concerned that it never seemed to come off.

His dress was made from shiny sheer pink taffeta and transparent white organza and was most noteworthy for what it failed to cover. The only substantial part of the dress was a broad pink taffeta sash that went about him high on his slim waist and tied into a gigantic, puffy eighteen inch bow at his rear.

The bodice was made from a single layer of sheer white organza and extended from the sash to a large round Peter Pan collar that was made from white taffeta. The organza was twice doubled up to form little girl's short very puffy sleeves. The sleeves ended in tight white bands with three inch pink taffeta bows attached on their outsides. At the center of his front collar was yet another huge pink taffeta bow that reached out to his slender shoulders.

The dress was fasted up with many tiny white taffeta-covered buttons, and Percy's open tip ruffled and lace pink bra was clearly visible through the bodice's tight top. More humiliating, two long strands of pearls hung down from under his collar to frame his puffy and urgently hard exposed nipples.

However, the bottom of the dress was an even greater humiliation. The skirt ended just above the bottom of his frilly panties and had four layers. Under the pink taffeta top was a slightly longer white taffeta slip that ended in a row of frills and lace that hung just under the pink top layer. These were followed by a crinoline net layer and a second sheer white taffeta slip.

The effects were twofold. One, any movement whatsoever caused the layers to put forth a veritable symphony of sweet sissy swishing sounds. Secondly, the skirt took on a tutu-like shape that billowed out from its high waist - at least about his sides. The front and back of the skirt were an entirely different matter.

Although no part of the skirt even attempted to cover his delicate lace suspenders or bare flesh over his stocking tops, the front and back were cut open to completely reveal his scandalous pink satin panties, or what purported to be his panties. They began as typical sissy panties that covered his lacy garter belt with a high waist and were trimmed about their numerous openings with tons of white frills and lace. Large white satin bows adorned the bottom edge of each side.

However, in front, these panties had an elasticized lace-lined hole through which his entire teapot had been pulled. In back a row of small fabric covered button went from under his bum half way up to his waist. On his left cheek the word 'Pansy' was embroidered in white silk thread, which matched 'Percy' on his right flank.

Percy had assumed that the button-upped opening was to remove his butt plug. Again the hapless half-witted fop was only half-right.

Worse, which seemed to be a developing trend for the hapless pantywaist, at the base of his silk purse a tight white satin collar with a 'D' ring had been laced into place. It caused his little plums to puff out like little pink bubblegum bubbles. His little stiff peenie had a bonnet-like fluff of white lace tied about the base of its shaft. Percy's 'little head' obscenely poked out from its top like a tiny pink rosebud.

The gently rounded cut in the skirt's front and its three under-layers framed Percy's peenie predicament. The little fluff about his peenie tickled him in the most provocative manner, insuring its continued erect state. The poor boy was simply a mess.

From his panties, four thin white lace covered suspenders extended down to Percy's white lace stockings, where their clasps were covered in two inch cute pink satin bows. Wilhelmina adjusted each suspender so that the back ones attached exactly over the stockings' seams and the front ones went smartly straight down his thighs to tautly hold the delicate hosiery in place.

About each of Percy's lower thighs, was a broad pink satin ribbon tied into a huge side-facing eight inch pink bow. The two ribbons had been sewn together so that the befuddled sissy could only make the smallest of mincing steps.

Percy's five inch stiletto satin heels were dyed to perfectly match his dress. Each shoe had long satin ribbons that crisscrossed his foot and were tied in back of his ankle with a pretty three inch bow. Each toe was adorned by a similar three inch bow.

Perfect as all that was, the coup de sissy was his bondage gloves.

They were deliciously unique over-the-elbow white lace gloves that were a gift to Wilhelmina from a dear friend in another secret organization to which both belonged. Although the lace appeared delicate, it was made from incredibility strong military grade Gortex and tightly gripped his hands and arms. The glove ended in broad lace ruffles above well above his elbows. Its fine lace allowed Percy's finely lacquered pink long nails to clearly show thought. The gloves even included embedded pink enameled and pearl pinky rings.

Their four fingers were sewn together and the index finger's tip was sewn to the thumb's tip. Dangling down from a little hook placed where his thumbs and index fingers met were a delicate chiffon pink hankie on one hand and a tiny pink heart shaped satin purse from the other.

However, the genius of the gloves was the thin transparent 'space age plastic' forty-degree angle inserts over which the gloves had been tugged into place. An orthopedic brace-like pair forced his elbow to a rigid upward forty-five degree angle. A second pair was about his wrist and hand under a tightly zippered slit. Once joined, they forced his wrists downward at the opposite angle.

The two parts of each brace set were doubly secured together with sweet pink satin ribbons tied in the most delightful bows at his wrists and elbows. Little rings sewn into Percy's elbow ribbons were attached to hooks attached to his dress' waist sash.

The overall effect not only rendered the sissy completely helpless, but also constantly presented him in the most humiliating limp-wristed milksop pansy pose possible. A sight that deeply moistened Wilhelmina Willing Waxwell's panties.

"Can life 'ever' get better?" she mused.

However, she knew the answer. It would...and shortly! Today was planned to rock the little twit's sexual and cross-dressing roots.

"I must talk with his stepmother about keeping him at this point even longer," she resolved.

Satisfied with his presentation, Wilhelmina attached perhaps the most humiliating thing of all - a white satin leash to the ring on his proffered plums' collar. The pathetic pansy was to be led into the party literally by his tessies! Worse, his little erection simply refused to soften in the least. A small tear came to Percy's eye as he realized precisely what everyone would think when the saw it - they would 'know' his 'secret!'

"Come along my swishy little milksop. The members and their sissies are just going to 'adore' you! And we even have some very special guests today!

"What grand fun!" Wilhelmina enthused.

As he started his outlandish mince, Percy was horrified by the sound his ringing ear bells and swishy dress made. Not only was the nascent nancyboy a sight, but he also was a sound!

They entered the elegant clubhouse and passed through the main entry hall into a ballroom with hardwood floors and high french doors overlooking a small lake. The music of P. I. Tchaikovsky filled the room. About the doors and the opposite windows hung elegant pastel curtains. Several tables covered in plush linens were set up about the edges of the dance floor with elegant women seated at them.

The women, twenty or so strong, were dressed in the same elegant manner and style as Wilhelmina. They were clearly cut from the same superior female cloth. Several of the women had sissies either standing or kneeling by their sides. All were watching a little dance performance put on by two younger sissies. A couple of frilly sissy maids scurried about serving the ladies.

The dancing sissies were dressed in ballet frocks as frilly flowers - one in peach and the other in lilac. They appeared as perfectly presented little ballerinas in all respects except one. Neither wore panties and their precious little four inch be-ribboned peenies were stiffly flapping about as they went though their sensuous routine. Appropriately enough the piece playing was "Waltz of the Flowers" from "The Nutcracker."

"Just perfect," sneered Percy, relieved not be the center of attention, "'flowers' dancing and real 'nutcrackers' watching!"

Percy, of course, once again ignored the obvious. His peenie was throbbing with delight. Wilhelmina, however, did notice precisely what was occurring deep within her sissy's psyche.

The dance soon came to an end as the two comely sissies offered up deep curtsies and then shamelessly kissed each other deeply, clasped hands and minced their way to their mistresses' table.

Wilhelmina tugged on Percy's lead and said, "Okay, my little queer cumquat, time to meet the ladies of our little Society - and maybe a few of your simpering sister sissies. Yes, my little dear, you're one of them now!"

They started out walking to their right, away from the open french doors. Wilhelmina intended to take a full tour of the room's perimeter, visiting each table.

Walking, if one could call it that, for Percy was an adventure in pure torment for him and exquisite joy for all those watching - which was practically everybody in the room.

This was dictated by the carefully constructed combination of his high heels, bound thighs, invaded derriere and mouth, and bizarrely bound arms - all controlled by his tethered tessies. Sometimes things are just perfect, and Percy was indeed pure perfection as he minced into the room.

Percy could only manage a parody of a curtsey at each table, which delighted the women and tantalized the sissies. At several tables he was require to repeat his awkward little dip two or three times. Every woman sat with properly crossed legs and seemed to move about one of her high heels for Percy to feast upon.

However, the sissies' gaping stares of raw lust entirely unnerved Percy. One even silently mouthed, "I love you." to him. All of them wet and pursed their lips. Despite his mini oaths of 'faggots' and 'queers,' Percy was increasingly drawn to their frilly delicate boy-girl beauty. Their frilly outfits, though not quite as over the top as Percy's, increasingly made him feel more comfortable.

Although pitiful Percy would never admit it, his eyes drifted more towards each sissy's panties or, in the dancers' case, fully exposed clitties.

"Just like a moth to an open flame," thought a very pleased Wilhelmina. "I so hope he doesn't fold too quickly. This is just too delicious!"

The last table was next to the french doors. It was, as they say, the 'money' table.

As a somewhat settled Percy approached the table in his peculiar mince, all he could see was the backs of two elegantly dressed females. They appeared to be a mother and daughter.

Indeed they were! His stepmother and daughter!

Oh, no!

Game, set, match!

Percy emitted a heavenly - well, to some - squeal that was a high pitched muffled melody. His cheeks turned as pink as the hearts painted upon them. His knees knocked. His stiff clitty twitched.

Everyone other than poor pitiful Percy loved it. He only thought that it was the worst moment of his life.

As tiresome as it may sound, he was once again a very silly sissy. It was only the beginning of the worst moments of his life!

"Oh, just look at the arrogant little twit! He finally found a better collection of frilly things than he could steal from us!" exclaimed his step mother. "Just look at how the little lingerie licker has progressed! I guess some things were always meant to be. His little leaky sissy stick tells us all we need to know!"

As the women laughed out loud, Percy was praying for a seam in the floorboards to swallow him up.

Wilhelmina finally recovered enough from her laughing to say, "Well, how quickly he gets 'fully' there is a topic I want to go over with your ladies, but now, speaking of leaky things, it's time for Percy to meet his new sissy friends...Something that's always a special moment here at the Society of Enlightened Ladies!"

"Well," his stepmother replied, "I'm sure it will be appropriate for his new station in life. My God, I knew that he was a sissy, but never dreamed that he would become the living, breathing parody of an effeminate milksop. The only boy thing' about him now is that he apparently likes other boys!"

Wilhelmina snickered and said, "Well, we shall see about that little matter directly! Excuse us, ladies, Percy is about to be introduced to an entirely new type of 'receiving' line."

She tugged the dumbfounded mincing Percy to the center of the dance floor where a small puffy white satin pillow sat on the floor. Large pink silk tassels extended from its corners. Wally, the parking valet, was standing just to the right of it - this time with a very prominent bulge in his tight shorts. He was also holding what appeared to be a long white rubber bibbed apron and long matching gloves.

Percy hesitated, sensing that something very, very bad was about to happen to him.

For the first time in a very, very long time, the helpless twit was correct!

Wilhelmina led him to the pillow and Wally and she helped Percy to kneel upon it. He was facing the entrance with the window side of the room, where all the ladies had gathered in chairs, on his left.

Wilhelmina handed Percy's tessie lead to Wally and said, "If he offers any resistance whatsoever, pull firmly. I frankly could not care less if you pull the worthless things off. It would just shorten the entire process and make things a lot easier for everybody."

She took the white apron and gloves from Wally, turned to a truly terrified Percy, and continued, "Well, sweet cheeks, you're dressed the part, now you can 'be' the part. I really don't think I have to define 'the part,' even to a dim-bulb such as you!

Percy broke down into tears.

"Oh, no, my baby is crying," Wilhelmina mocked as she donned the long gloves and tied the rubber apron about her. "I said you could be the part for which you are so aptly dressed; do I also have to add that we all know this is your deepest little secret fantasy?

'Just look at your pathetic little peenie - it's about to squirt! And we all have wagers as to how soon and often it squirts. So just get over it and accept your sissy fate!"

Pausing to look around, she continued in a somewhat louder voice, "First up we have the 'sissy six-pack' - our version of one of those tacky chug-a-lug fraternity parties. After all, it's all 'boys' - well, errr, after a fashion anyway - and 'chug' Pansy Percy certainly shall! Then he'll find out why the other sissies call our beloved valet 'Wally Wonder!'"

Percy was so distraught by the entire proceeding that he failed to notice the six sissies who had assembled in front of him.

Wilhelmina moved to Percy's left, flourished her rubber gloved arm and said, "Percy, meet your six little cans full of the sweetest of sweet sissy 'brew' - aren't they just sooo adorable?

"Wally will you please remove his gag. We have some wonderful replacements available that I just know our little pansy can't wait to gobble up. If he utters one word, pull his tessies until he shuts up."

Once the penis gag was removed, Percy's first reaction was to cry out, but a sharp tug on his tessie lead made him decide otherwise. Anyway, it was just good to be able to move his jaws about again. It was about the only thing he could move. With his thigh ribbon bindings there was no way he could stand up on his own, and his arms remained completely immobilized in their limp wristed permanent pose.

He finally looked at what confronted him. The sissies were lined up according to size. The two young dancers, Peaches and Lilac, were first. Four others followed. Now all the sissies had their urgently stiff peenies exposed. A couple of the older ones were lightly playing with their surprisingly large penises with looks of sheer lust in their eyes.

About the only thing Percy was thankful for was that they had not removed his butt plug. Silly sissy! As cowboy Curley said in the movie, "Day's early!"

"Showtime!" announced Wilhelmina as she motioned Peaches forward. She took Percy's left ear into her hand and pinched it. Still holding onto it, she continued, "I think you know what is expected of you, my little pansy. You 'will' suck him off, and you 'will' swallow all of his sweet sissy cream. And then, my little cocksucker, you will tell the little dear how much you enjoyed it!"

Peaches came forward and, after a tug to his tessies and a twist to his ear, Percy did just that - although the last part was done between gags.

Lilac 'came' next and it was somewhat easier for Percy. He rationalized that he just wanted to get the whole thing over with. Everyone else would have laughed out loud at such a silly sissy thought.

The next two boys were amazingly pretty. They held up their matching party dresses and petticoats and made the most delightful squeal as Percy's lips and tongue worked about their throbbing peenies. Wilhelmina was now offering up suggestions to improve his technique, which Percy actually followed - entirely unaware that he was becoming a charter member of the cocksucking fraternity.

They came in larger amounts and several drops were beginning to leak out of the sides of Percy's mouth and down onto his chin. His 'thank you' was slurred because of the accumulated sweet sticky sissy cream in his mouth and throat.

The last two were the oldest and wore anklet frilly socks, mary janes, tight satin shorts and pretty large square collared frilly blouses. Their shorts had double rows of buttons on their fronts that were undone to fully expose their five inch rock hard penises. They approached Percy together with their arms around each other.

"And last, but by no means least," Wilhelmina gushed, "we have our star-crossed panty boy lovers, Roger and Randy.

Boys, let our newest little cocksucker feast on your peenie poles for a bit and then christen him in a way befitting his lowly station in life. I do hope you 'saved up' for today so donning my apron will not be wasted! You may kiss each other. We all love to watch, and it will make you squirt so much more."

Well, Roger was 'randy' and Randy knew how to 'roger.' They deeply kissed, embracing one-another with their inner arms while their outside hands alternately stroked or guided their pretty, love drop lubricated seven inch penises into Percy's quite willing mouth.

Wilhelmina had moved behind him, but she still maintained her firm grasp on his left ear. Her other arm moved about his right side and took his throbbing 'little man' in her rubber glove.

Percy had so gotten into sucking their boy meat and having his little peenie played with that he was started when they both drew back and began enthusiastically stroking their dripping dicks.

At the same moment, Wilhelmina likewise began vigorously stroking Percy's peenie. She knew that it would not take much effort to milk the now very compliant sissy.

Just as he realized what was going to happen and opened his mouth the say 'oh, no,' the two boys erupted - and erupted - and erupted. Oddly, and without conscious thought, his mouth remained open and a favored target of the two boys.

As the boys showered Percy with their 'favors,' his very own little peenie gushed forth its milk in almost perfect timing with Roger and Randy. He squirted all over the two boys anklets and pretty black patent mary janes.

Percy was indeed being christened in cum. Their estimable number of shots left Percy drenched from his hair to his dress' sash. The pearly prizes dripped down off his face to create large sticky wet blotches over the sheer top of his dress, more fully exposing his nipples and bra.

Throughout the entire humiliating process, Percy's braced arms remained in their limp wristed pansy pose. The contrast of daintily 'holding' his tiny heart shaped bag and chiffon hankie was especially delightful to those viewing the spectacle.

Wilhelmina stepping away from the dripping spectacle, thankful for her rubber protections, and announced, "Well, ladies that just about 'covers' the first part of this pansy's introduction to our little Society. Now that Percy is an established little sucker there only remains the second 'introduction.'

"That task I shall leave to Wally Wonder's very special talents. Roger and Randy, would you be dears and assist Wally. Percy needs to be tipped forward. Once there, you might have him clean up the mess the little squirter made on your pretty shoes."

The boys sat to either side of Percy with one leg each extended perpendicular to him in front of the pillow. They took his bound arms into their hands while Wally came around to stand in front of Percy.

"Wally, dear, please show my little pansy why they call you a 'wonder,'" Wilhelmina said.

Wally unzipped his tight shorts and a massive nine inch very manly cock burst out. Absolutely pendulous semen-filled balls followed.

Roger and Randy moaned in delight. Several ladies and sissies applauded. Percy almost fainted.

When the two boys gently lowered his chest down to their outstretched legs, Percy knew the worst and began to whimper. Unable to do anything to protect himself, his knees remained on the cushion with his derriere obscenely swaying in the air.

Roger extended his other foot so that his soiled shoe was in Percy's face. A still whimpering, but resigned Percy gently began lapping up his own juices from its shiny surface.

Meanwhile Wally had turned to untying Percy's thigh ribbon bindings and undoing the row of panty buttons covering his rear. He extracted a tube of lubricant from a small plastic bag, setting both on the floor beside him. His hand went through the panty opening and quickly withdrew Percy's plug, which resulted both a loud popping sound and a high pitched squeal from the unsuspecting sissy.

After Wally placed the removed plug into the plastic bag and lubricated his prodigious prong, he knelt behind Percy's proffered pussy and took up the dangling leash, drawing his tessies backward.

Percy now fully realized that his absolute darkest fantasy was about to happen, and he was helpless to do anything to stop it. Or was that part of the fantasy anyway? Whatever his conscious thought, he continued licking away at the mary jane before him - now the one belonging to Randy.

He was about to be quite publicly deflowered by a monster-sized tool, but his recently milked peenie was again at rigid attention.

Wally again picked up the lubricant and applied some about Percy's rosebud, gently working it open. Not surprisingly, the little fairy began to moan.

"Oh, yes," Wally thought, "this one is going to be sweet, and so well worth depriving himself of release for a full week. Soon this comely cumquat's cup will be flowing over."

He wanted just to thrust forward and take the pansy with force, but Mistress Wilhelmina had been very specific in her instructions, and the last person Wally wished to tangle with was that woman. The last time had been far too painful.

Thusly he entered Percy both slowly and with great gentleness. By the time he reached full impalement, the little trollop was moaning just like an experience sissy bitch.

"Maybe the mistress does know better," Wally thought. "This is going to be one helluva ride!"

Indeed it was!

Percy began meeting Wally thrust for trust as high pitched squeals came of his mouth. When Wally unleashed his massive cargo into the Percy's pussy, the little fairy's peenie erupted for a second time in less than a half hour.

Percy now was what he always feared he would become.

Turning to the two handsome boys and Wally, a most pleased Wilhelmina said, "Remove his arm braces, replace his gag and roll him up in a plastic sheet with bindings. Then put the pansy in the trunk of my car. Maybe he'll drip dry by the time I get him home."

To be continued...


Reference to Fromage, Wisconsin is with the kind permission of Gingerfred Man.




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