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The Play

by Georgina


"What play are you doing?"

"It's a modern one, mother." The thirteen year old boy blushed as he added. "I'm playing the part of a girl."

"Really, and you want me to supply the costumes?"

The young child nodded and blushed as he looked at his mother as she sat across from him on her chaise longue.

"Just one, mother." He whispered as he admired his mother's beauty. "The play is about a country house ball and I have to have an evening dress."

Lianne felt a small frisson of excitement rise in her body as she gazed speculatively at her only son. He was, she admitted to herself, extremely pretty, in a feminine way, and the thought of seeing him dressed as a woman started strange thoughts in her ever fertile mind. Since the death of her husband three years before, she had only had her son for company and she had felt a strange awe as she realised how beautiful he had become.

Lianne was trembling inside as she slowly stood up from the couch, stretching her slim, petite frame as she did so. Turning half away, she ran her hands down the side of her sleekly satin sheathed hips, she was dressed in a gorgeous, black, silk-satin tailored slip, suspender belt, black, sheer, seamed stockings, and nothing else. She loved to walk around the house in her lingerie, and had done so ever since her husband had died. Just recently, she had caught her son sneaking more than innocent glances at her and now, she resolved to tease him a little.

Slowly, her hands slid up her hips, then brushed across her tiny, flat belly. She glanced across to the wall mirror and saw that her son was avidly gazing at her, unaware that she could see him. With a thrill she realised that he was sexually aroused, his face was slightly flushed and his hand was in his lap, pressing down on what was obviously an erection. Although she had seen him so aroused in her presence before, never had she been so blatant in her teasing and now, when she slid her hands over her small, but firm and proud, breasts, she heard him give a tiny gasp. The still young and exceedingly beautiful mother dropped her hands back to her sides and turned back to her aroused son.

Smiling softly at his blushing features, she extended a small, elegant hand to him.

"Come on upstairs, baby." She said throatily. "Let's see what we can find for you to wear."

"What now, mother?" He asked, startled. "But the play isn't on for two months yet."

"Oh, you silly." She laughed as she walked over to him and pulled him to her feet. "Although you seem to be about my size we have to make sure that it fits you. We can't have you looking silly in ill fitting clothes, can we?"

Almost unwillingly, desperately trying to hide his erection in his trousers, Lianne's young son followed his mother up to her opulent bedroom. This place always held a special wonder to the delicate and beautiful child, with a plethora of satins, silks and velvets. Lianne was an utter sensualist and she adored all the sexy fabrics, having masses of clothes, lingerie and bedlinen of satin and silk. He followed his mother up the stairs and into the softly perfumed boudoir of his beautiful mother, all the time admiring the sway of her tiny, slim and shapely figure as she walked on her high, stiletto heeled, court shoes. His erection, the one he was desperately hoping would go down, only increased in hardness and length. He had managed though, to move it up so that it lay flat against his belly, rearing up almost to his waist, but now, less obtrusive.

They entered the room and Lianne sat her son down on the satin canopied bed as she went across to her dressing room. While she was gone her son waited, still fiercely erect, in a strange mixture of trepidation and excitement, wondering what was going to happen, aware that there was a new and highly piquant feeling in the air, and that he would be the recipient of it.

In the dressing room, Lianne stood still for a moment, calming herself. She too was aroused with the feelings that assailed her and she was aware that her breasts were tingling underneath the heavy, lusciously smooth and slinky satin of her slip and that the secret place between her thighs was pleasantly warm and damp. She too knew that today was going to be a special day in her and her son's life.

Lianne was no stranger to deviant sexual feelings, and in fact, preferred the company of ladies to men, they were so much gentler than men, yet she was not a lesbian, she just loved both men and women. She, her sister and her mother had all indulged themselves in a gentle love affair, drawn to each other by the violence of their father, now unlamentably dead in the same accident that had taken her husband, who had also been tarred slightly with the same brush. The son he had given her she had raised to be gentle with, and adore, women. She thought she had succeeded. She would soon find out.

She went across to her dressing table and took out of the drawers a selection of lingerie and hosiery. First, she placed on the chair a lovely basque in black, lustrous satin. Stapless, yet with full cups, it had six dangly suspenders that would hold up a pair of sheer, black nylon stockings. On top of that, she laid a pair of satin french knickers, also in black, of course and a pair of the sheerest stockings she had. Reaching into another drawer, Lianne pulled out a pair of foam breast falsies that she had worn when, as a younger girl, she had wanted to increase her bust size, they would be useful now, she thought.

Not sure of his foot size, but aware that they were not to different to hers, she placed a pair of strappy, two and a half inch stiletto heeled, evening sandals on the floor beside the chair.

Humming softly to herself, she went across to the wardrobes and opened the one that held her evening gowns. She had many, all in lusciously sensual satins, silks and velvets, but she knew there was only one for him. Reaching inside Lianne quickly found it and lifted it out. The soft light in the dressing room glistened on the heavy black satin of her best dress, a wonderfully sensuous strapless gown that fitted her upper body like a second skin, yet had a lovely full skirt that swished sexily as she walked, exciting everyone who heard it, man and woman alike, she had had it lined with pure silk taffeta.

Gathering everything up in her arms, Lianne went back into the bedroom. Her son hadn't moved and as he saw what his mother was carrying he protested.

"Mother!" He gasped. "All I need is a dress."

Lianne shook her head. "If you are wearing a dress then you have to wear everything else with it."

She smiled as she put all the sexy articles on the bed beside her son.

"You certainly cannot wear this without a support." She smiled as she held up the gown. "And," She continued. "No way will I let you wear your boots with this gown, you could tear it, so it will have to be these stiletto shoes, and with those, you have to wear stockings."

"But knickers." He protested.

"They go with the ensemble." Lianne smiled again and, taking hold of his hands, drew him to his feet. "Come on then, let's see how you look."

With those words she started to take off his shirt, but he tried to stop her, saying.

"It's all right mother, I can manage."

Lianne took no notice of her son's protest and took off his shirt. Underneath that he was wearing a tight vest.

"God." She said as she saw it. "That's far too tight for you, we will have to get you some new ones, OH!"

The exclamation was brought about as she pulled off his vest and as his chest came free off the tight constriction caused by the vest, a delightfully firm pair of feminine breasts sprang into view. Her son blushed a deep shade of crimson as he looked down at the floor.

For several seconds, Lianne gazed entranced at the firm little titties, aware that they were the same size as hers. A raw heat flooded the mother's body and her hands tentatively touched the soft flesh. All time seemed to freeze, only a shudder from her son, and a quick intake of breath, disturbed the silence, but lianne was astounded to see his tender little nipples erect and harden at her caress. The now hot mother slid her index fingers over the erectile nubbins and was rewarded by a low soft moan as the sensations washed over his tense body.

Slowly, her son raised his head and looked his mother in the eye. What he saw there amazed and frightened the small child. He could see, instead of laughter or ridicule, a wonder and admiration as his beautiful mother gently fondled his sensitive breasts. This was allied with a strangely hot look and this is what caused his apprehension. Ever since they had started to grow, two years ago, he had hidden them from a11 but his own eyes, but, aware of the pleasure they gave him through caressing and fondling, he had never thought of going to the doctor and having something done about them. In fact he had lately even managed to bring himself to orgasm just by touching and caressing them.

He was still hot and now his mother's tender caressing was making him hotter still. The fact that it was his own mother that was caressing him made the whole episode even more excitingly delicious and bizarre. His hard body, trapped underneath his trousers thrummed madly with lust. he had always been excited by his mother, but lately, deep, dark thoughts of nameless desire had continuously occupied his waking thoughts and even the thoughts of kissing and caressing his mother had almost brought him to a peak of lust. A lust that was assuaged in the cool, dark privacy of his own bedroom.

Lianne looked at her son and knew that she had to move fast, before he took fright at the dark thoughts that, unknown to him, blazed through both their minds, she had to get him undressed. Quickly, before he had time to protest, she opened the fly of the trousers and, stooping down, pulled both them, and his underpants down, whereupon, she had a second shock as his hard erect body sprang out into view, an inch before her eyes.

Mortified, her son stood, rooted to the spot, tears of shame and embarrassment running down his face.

"I'm sorry, mother." He sobbed brokenly. "I can't help it." Lianne stood up and gently took her son's tearstained face in her hands.

"It's all right, baby." She crooned as she gazed into his face, he fingers wiping away the tears from his cheeks. "Mother understands." She smiled, then continued. "You are a young boy and at the time of your sexual awakening. your body is eager and can't control itself."

She bent forward and her lips touched a small drop of tear on his cheek. His eyes were still open as he cried, gazing deep into those of his mother, searching for any sign of revulsion or condemnation. He couldn't help it and his mother's gentle caresses only served to increase his frantic excitement.

Lianne moved her face to his other cheek and kissed away the other tear that ran down his face. Her son, almost without thinking, slid his hands onto his mother's waist and gently ran them over her satin sheathing, unconsciously delighting in the sensuous feel of the opulent fabric on the palms of his hands, feeling the warmth of her body seeping through the cool material. Lianne shivered at her son's caress and the heat blazed through her, making her head spin with a perverse desire to make love to her son. Her son, unaware of his mother's full arousal, continued to caress her, still crying. Lianne pulled back and gazed once more at him. His eyes were open as he cried and the tears welled out in a steady stream, but she noticed with a quick downward glance that he was, if anything, even more excited than before. Slowly, ever so slowly, she bent forward and her blips parted slightly as she neared his trembling, yet full and kissable lips.

Lips touched lips in a featherlight touch yet the fire blazed into an instant conflagration as wild incestuous heat ripped through both their yearning bodies. With a cry of desire, the young boy surrendered to the wild seduction of his mother's soft and tender lips, and melted into her body. The very act of submission to his mother's embrace would have been enough to send him into ecstasy but an added sensation ripped his body apart and sent him into a wild, orgasmic frenzy.

His hard and throbbing body met his beautiful mother's satin sheathed belly and the sensitive glans slid over the sensuous fabric, sliding over it till Lianne, who, on her high heels was slightly taller, slid her limbs apart and, with a slight forward movement of her belly, guided the eager erection between the juncture of her thighs, to rub over the aching and throbbing lips of her own depilated, aching passion.

All the time, the kiss never broke, only grew deeper and more passionate as their wild passions rose to a new height. Lianne was almost as hot as her son and was revelling in the

feel of the bulbous head of his body as, separated from her nakedness only by the flimsy barrier of her satin slip, it teased the sensitive, outer lips of her yearning sex. They were close, very close, to breaking that most forbidden of taboos, that of mother and son incest.

It was, she acknowledged to herself, too early to consummate their mutual passions and desires, and she had to regain both his and her composure. There was only one way and that was to drain his immediate lusts from his body. Later they would be more mutually disposed to assuaging their passions in a more controlled and satisfying way.

With her decision made, Lianne proceeded to carry it out and her hands left his face and glided down his naked body to the firm breasts that lay against her own tender and throbbing breasts. She could feel her own nipples, hard and erect with incestuous desire, stabbing into her son's hard nipples and she now added her knowing fingers to the passionate caress by sliding them over the swelling, lower slopes of the burgeoning titties.

The young child moaned into the hot and rapacious mouth of his mother and, with a shock he felt her belly start to writhe against his own belly. His sensitive, erect body, trapped

between his mother's thighs, imprisoned in a soft and slinky satin prison, bathed in the wet juices of his mother's arousal, started to twitch as his orgasm rose in him. Lianne could feel it and she gloried in it. Soon, she told herself, it would be burying its way deep into her yearning body, thrusting in and out of her and sending her into a mad, passionate ecstasy. But, she was prepared to wait till the time was right, first, she had to get him dressed and more amenable to her desires for love and gentleness. She also, due to her bisexual tendencies, desired very much to make her son into a woman, albeit, as she could feel, with a highly potent body, but his feminine beauty was there and only needed her nurturing to bring out.

With those thoughts in mind, Lianne urged her son on, panting salacious words and ideas into his soft wet lips. "Come, baby." She breathed into his mouth. "Come for mother my child, let mother feel your hot and wet seed against, Give mother your precious seed!"

Her son needed no more urging and, with a flick of his hips, he drove his steel hard erection against the soft, pouting lips of his mother's pussy, sending her too into an orgasm. Lianne raised herself on tiptoes, her hands ravishing her son's titties and she screamed into his mouth, still writhing her hips as her legs slid wider apart. With a wild orgasmic shock, she felt the steel hard body of her son part her lust engorged pussy lips, bunching the slick, juice soaked satin as it endeavoured to slide its incestuous way deep into the body it had come out of, thirteen years before.

Her son, feeling the resistance slackening as he pushed forward, moaned in wild and forbidden lust. It entered, a scant inch only, but the bulbous head, still swathed in the satin of the slip. felt the walls of the maternal body clamp around its hardness. The heat was incredible and he tried to push more of it in.

"No." His mother panted. "No, baby, not yet, not yet my baby." But she had neither the strength nor the willpower to resist her son and it was only the barrier of the fabric that stopped the full consummation as, trying to get a better angle on his body and, withdrawing slightly, he slipped out.

Lianne, quick as a flash, slid her right hand down and wrapped it around the creaming body caressing the full length, raising it to slide against her satin slipped belly. The young child screamed as the caress of his mother's hand slid him into a wild orgasm. he spurted his milky, sticky seed against her belly and Lianne felt it soak into the luscious satin of her black slip.

"Yes, my baby, come for mother, come for mother." She chanted as her own orgasm overwhelmed her. They both, mother and son collapsed onto the maternal bed, still clasped, lips to lips, breast to breast, belly to belly in their perverted, incestuous embrace, glorying in the ecstatic feelings that both joined them together and threatened to rip them apart with their intensity. At last, the spasms lessened then stopped. Staggering, they made it to the bed and fell onto it, still breast to breast, and the languor of sleep stole over their embracing bodies.


Lianne woke up and stretched her arms above her head as she writhed luxuriously on the satin counterpane of her bed. beside her, her son still slept, recovering from the shattering orgasm of a bare hour before. She sat up and looked down at his naked body. Once more, she marvelled at his prominent titties and the curvaceous lines of his body. The only thing about him that was masculine was his manhood and that, she observed with awe, was erect again, pulsing proudly against his belly, trembling in time to his soft, even breaths.

The beautiful mother then looked down at her satin slip where the results of his orgasm had dried to form a stiff stain on the glossy fabric. she smiled as she remembered the wild orgasmic feelings that had ripped their bodies apart. She leaned over the sleeping body of her young son and kissed him softly on his parted lips.

He awoke to the tender caresses of his beloved mother and, mewling with pleasure, he reached up with his arms and wrapped them around her neck, at the same time, parting his lips to allow her hot, pointed tongue to enter the soft, wet cavern of his mouth and duel sexily with his own tongue.

"OHHHH MOTHER!" he panted into her rapacious mouth. "I do love you!"

At the same time, the wildly aroused child writhed his excited body against the satin slipped beauty of his own mother. She pulled her face away from her sons and, smiling down at him, she shook her head.

"No my baby." She whispered. "Let's get you dressed. I want to see what you look like as a girl."

"Mother," he pouted at her. "Why do you want me like that?" "Because I think you will like it. I saw how you rubbed against the satin of my slip, just think how much nicer it feels when you have it on your body. Anyway," She added. "I would like it."

Lianne laughed and, jumping to her feet, she pulled her son to his. He fell against her and once more, mother and son were glued together in a wild, incestuous embrace.

With a feeling of regret, Lianne broke away from her son's caressing hands and reached down for the basque. He tried protest, but she laughingly overuled him and placed the cool satin garment around his trembling body. Her son shivered as the sexy garment tightened around his slim body, especially when his mother fitted his tender titties into the cups of the strapless brassiere. He was amazed at the exciting feelings that washed over him. His breasts fitted the cups perfectly and gave him a very definite cleavage. The cool satin lining of the cups was heavenly on his skin and the constriction excited him even more, to the point where his nipples were so hard that they punched out the glossy material, visible to his mother's hot gaze. Glancing down, she saw that he was still highly aroused and his erect body trembled against his satin sheathed belly.

Sitting her son down on the bed, Lianne carefully slid the gossamer thin stockings up his slim and sexy legs, fist one then the other. Then she pulled him to his feet and attached the suspenders to the stocking welts. her son was amazed at the sensuous feelings that invaded his body and he revelled in them. Never in his whole life had he thought that this could be so much fun.

Gazing down at his mother who crouched before him, he marvelled once more at her beauty. He saw a slim, yet curvaceous woman, dressed in a sexy satin slip and, as she raised her face to look at him, his own eyes were drawn to the breasts that nestled in the cups of the slinky satin slip. With a feeling of amazement he saw her own nipples were hard with desire and they too were as prominent as his.

Lifting up the shoes from beside the bed, Lianne fitted them onto her son's feet. He was surprised how comfortable they felt and not at all awkward to wear. He let his mother then slide the satin french knickers on to his body and he shivered, once more, as the sensuous, scrap of satin was slid up his nyloned limbs and finally encased his aroused body, holding it in a sensual caress.

"Mother!" He panted. "I never thought it could be so much fun to do this."

She gave her soft, tinkling laugh and urged him to walk around the room. With undisguised pleasure and lust, the sexy, highly aroused mother admired her son as he twirled on his heels and, admiring his beauty in the mirror, ran his hands over his satined curves, cupping and caressing his throbbing breasts.

"You are enioying yourself, aren't you?" His mother cooed as she stood up and glided up to her exquisitely dressed son as he pirouetted in front of the mirror.

"Mother!" He squealed as he turned to her and threw himself into her embrace. "I'm in heaven!"

He buried his face in between his mother's pert breasts and eagerly inhaled her perfume. Lianne, her head thrown back in ecstasy, moaned as the wild fire of incestuous desire flashed through her body, then screamed as her son's lips nibbled at her aroused nipple. Her own son's body, the fruit of her loins was driving her wild with lust and she knew that they could not wait for the final addition of the gown. All was to be consummated now.

They fell onto the bed in a welter of nyloned limbs and satin sheathed bodies, hands delving beneath the opulent fabrics and finding their respective centres of desire. Lianne screamed as her son's fingers found the hot, buttery folds of her sex, wet and throbbing with lust, as she grasped the steel hard erection and slid it out through the wide leg of the satin knickers. The hissing of nylon on nylon, satin on satin, mingled with their panting moans of perverted lust. They were wild to possess each other, and the time was now, that very instant. Pulling her hot son on top of her body, between her outspread limbs, the hot mother guided the head of his eager cock along the soft,

aching lips, drawing herself ever higher as the hard glans teased her sensitive tissues. Now, at last, she was to taste the full fruits of her incestuous desire, she was going to take her son's body deep into the very core of her sexual body, back to where he had come from, in a wild, forbidden copulation.

Her son was in a wild frenzy of utter desire and, as his beloved mother pulled his basqued and nyloned body on top of hers he was almost whimpering in his wild lust. he knew what was about to happen and had dreamed of this for over a year, but not dressed as this and he realised that his wildest dreams were about to come completely true.

"Mother!" He panted as she guided his aching, wanting cock to the furnace of her wet pussy and, when he felt the wet, hot tissues gliding over the sensitive glans of his erect body he thrust forward with his hips. "I love you!"

"Oh yes, baby." Lianne answered her transvestite son. "Mother loves her little boy-girl son too and mother wants to make her little girl scream with forbidden lust!"

It was at that moment, when mother and son were whispering their highly perverted words to each other that he slid deep into the clasping, flamingly hot cavern of his mother's secret body. A high, girlish scream of ecstasy burst from his lips as he felt the muscles clamp around his invading, filial cock and the die was cast.

"AAAAAAHHHH!!!" He screamed as the walls milked his thrusting penis. Eagerly he thrust at the writhing body of his mother, at the same time seeking her carmined lips and, finding them, he raped her panting mouth with his tongue, timing the thrusts to those of his trim, satin knickered buttocks.

"Fuck me, fuck me my baby!" Lianne moaned as she broke her kiss and gazed up at her potently erect son. Her hands slid up to cup and caress his tender titties and, as she nipped at the sensitive nubbins of his hard nipples, her long, nyloned limbs climbed up to slide over his buttocks, driving him on as if she was spurring on her horse,

"Ride mother, baby." She panted as the waves of ecstasy washed over her. "Ride mother, fuck mother, make your hot mother scream!"

It was what her son was determined to do and, encased in those arousing garments of absolute femininity, he was going to do the same himself, scream with maniacal ecstasy as well.

The time was fast approaching when mother and transvestite son would at last taste the full fruits of their wild, incestuous desires, when they would be joined irrevocably in their incestuous love by the unbreakable cement of the filial seed.

"Come my little baby, come in mother!" Lianne moaned into her transvestite son's ear as she felt the waves of her orgasm start to build to a hurricane of wild, cataclysmic emotion. She was higher than she ever had been before in her life. There was a loud roaring in her head as the nerves in her body screamed out for fulfilment and the incestuous desires peaked in a maelstrom of passionate ecstasy. She knew, with an utter certainty that she would never feel such a wild storm of passionate frenzy as this with anyone else but her own son and lover.

"Give me your seed!" She screamed out in desperation as the orgasmic waves burst through her shuddering, wildly writhing body and the flashes of fire raced through the taut muscles of her spasming pussy. "Spurt into me, my lovely little baby, give your seed to mother."

"Coming, mother!" The sexily dressed boy-girl screamed shrilly as the deeply buried cock spat out its load of milky, glutinous seed in wildly frenetic bursts of incestuous delirium.

She felt him, every single twitch and judder as he screamed in a passionate frenzy of satin inspired, incest boosted emotion and the heat of his seed flowed into the very depths of her clasping, grasping womb. It was the final straw and the wild flashes of fire turned to a blaze of incandescent lust of such massive proportions that she could not encompass the wild pleasures she felt.

"Coming!" She moaned. "Mother is coming, mother's little baby is making mother come."

It was the final straw for the incestuously joined couple and, as they writhed in each others arms, they savaged each others tender, throbbing, satin sheathed breasts with their avidly exploring hands and, at the same time, they kissed in a wild ague of sheer lust and desire.

Mother and son were joined irrevocably in their orgasm and both knew, with absolute certainty, that never again would they sleep apart. They would be total lovers, forever. The orgasm

slowed, then faded away to a quiet stillness that was broken only by the soft, sighing moans of the two, still joined lovers, as they gloried in their totally forbidden, utterly perverted embrace.

"I love you, mother." The young boy whispered as the mists of sleep swept through his exhausted body. "I truly love you mother."

Lianne pressed her full, firm, hard nippled breasts to her son's, satin sheathed beauties and softly caressed his trembling back.

"I love you too, my sweet baby." She whispered. "I will always love you."

Gently, softly, the sexy transvestite moved his head down to his beloved mother's breast and softly nibbled at the still hard nipple. Lianne groaned as the feelings washed through her sleepy body and, clasping her son to her body, still joined to her, she drifted off to a long, dream filled sleep.




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