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Julia Manchester





Beth did get the promotion the following Monday. Her new title was "Vice President Of Print Media Productions," which gave her control of all text and photo inserts in hundreds of magazines and newspapers. As such, she would have the final approval in the media campaigns for hundreds of clients, and her salary shot through the roof. However, a few days later she received news that was far less welcome.

When Lloyd found out that Beth was pregnant he was overjoyed, concerned, and confused -- all at once. He was thrilled that they would be having another child after all these years, but he could not understand how it had happened, with his inert sperm. Finally, he wondered whether Beth was up to being a mother at the age of 37.

Beth assured him that her age would not be a problem, and she explained that, like many women, her ova had apparently gained the ability to seek out a sperm and then re-attach itself to her uterus.

The real problem, she reminded him, was that she had just had her breasts removed.

"I can't nurse a baby now, and even if I could, there's no way I could take the time off from work to do it," she lamented.

"You -- you're not thinking about having an abortion, are you?" Lloyd asked, suddenly realizing Beth might be tempted to simply end the pregnancy.

"No, of course not," she reassured him. "I couldn't do that. Besides, if the baby is male, an abortion would be illegal, remember?"

Lloyd nodded. He'd forgotten that one of the new laws -- In fact it was a Constitutional Amendment -- made it illegal to perform an abortion before the sex of the baby was determined, and even after if the baby was male.

"So, what are you going to do?"

Beth shrugged. "There really isn't anything I can do. If the baby is female, there shouldn't be any problem, though you would have to care for her and feed her a good formula. But, if it's male, we'll have to give him up, unless --"

"Give him up! Why?" Lloyd interrupted loudly.

Beth sighed. "Honey, you haven't been keeping up with the news. The Department of Health and Human Services issued a new regulation, about six months ago that requires infant males to be fed breast milk. They did some studies that found that baby boys raised on commercial formula are more likely to be subject to diseases and other ailments than those who are nursed. Due to the critical shortage of males, HHS will remove any infant males from a home if they aren't being breast fed, and place them with another family."

"That's outrageous!" Lloyd snapped. "What gives them the right to steal a child?"

"Its another one of the 'emergency regulations,' and I'm not any happier about it than you are," Beth told him.

"Isn't there any alternative?" Lloyd asked.

"Yes there is, and I was trying to tell you about it before you interrupted me," Beth replied with a touch of impatience.

"First of all, we don't even know whether the baby is male or female, so we might not have a problem, but if it is a boy, it will be up to you to decide whether we keep him."

"Me?" Lloyd asked, confused.

"Yes, you," his wife replied. "Since I couldn't possibly nurse him, the only way we could keep a male baby is if you were to take Mammeform."

"Mammeform! You mean you want ME to nurse the baby?" Lloyd asked, shocked at the very idea.

"Honey, it's not a question of what I want. Of the two of us, YOU are the only one who could possibly breast feed a baby now."


Beth sat silently as her husband considered the implications of her statement.

"Does this . . . Mammeform . . . really work?" Lloyd asked, feeling very strange about the whole conversation.

"Yes it does," Beth confirmed. "The first injection stimulates the growth of breast tissue, and about six weeks before the baby is born, a second injection starts the milk production. The second injection only last about 90 days, so at least two booster shots are required to maintain lactation until the baby is weaned, sometimes three or four. After that, you simply discontinue the injections."

"But I would still have breast," Lloyd observed sourly.

"Honey, you already HAVE breasts," Beth said soothingly. "They would just be a bit larger."

Lloyd glanced down at the small domes protruding from his chest and tried to envision them twice or even three times as large, and he simply couldn't imagine how they'd look.

"Would my -- I mean, a father's milk work as well as a mother's?" he asked.

"Sure, hon. They've found that the milk of Mammeformed males has the same protein, nutrients and antibodies as mother's milk. The babies thrive on it," she added.

"Really?" Lloyd asked.

"There's absolutely no difference," Beth assured him.

"Still, it would be so weird . . ."

"Well, try not to think about it now. After all, the chances of the baby being male are slim at best. "



But Lloyd couldn't help but think about it. He knew the chances of the baby being male were very slight, especially since they already had one make child, but he also knew that male children tended to run in families. He dreaded the thought of having to choose between taking Mammeform and giving up his own flesh and blood.

Things had gone too far as it was, he thought. It was bad enough that his wife was taller and stronger than he, and that he had been reduced to nothing more than a house spouse. Asking him -- a male -- to grow breasts and nurse a baby was just too demeaning to consider. He just couldn't do it, even if Lane didn't see anything wrong about it.

When Beth and Lloyd told Lane that he would soon have a new brother or sister, the boy was shocked but overjoyed. He loved the idea of having a baby around the house, and he began helping Beth and Lloyd plan for the big event. Then, when Lloyd explained the decision he faced if the baby was male, Lane could not understand why his father would even hesitate. Of course, Lane was a "modern male," and thoroughly indoctrinated to the new social mores. However, despite the outward appearances, Lloyd was still an old fashioned male, and just the thought of taking Mammeform was anathema to him.



Two months later Lloyd's worst fears were confirmed. Beth came home one evening after seeing her doctor, and announced that the baby was male. After Lloyd did the dinner dishes, she led him over to the kitchen table and sat him down to discuss the matter.

"Honey, have you made a decision yet?" she asked.

Lloyd just shook his head, unable to meet his wife's questioning gaze. In the time since Beth had taken FGH, he had made very few decisions, and most of those involved planning the evening meal. Beth had assumed the role of dominant female in their house, and in truth, Lloyd had grown accustomed to her leadership. He was now dependent on his wife's decisive judgment, and it was comforting to have her sharp mind and keen analytic powers to look to. Having abdicated his role, Lloyd had become completely incapable of making tough decisions, and he was terrified of making a bad decision.

"Okay, I know it's a tough choice, but the time has come to act," she told him.

"What do you think I should do?" he asked in a frightened voice.

"Honey, it's not for me to say -- it's your body and your choice, but if you're not sure maybe we should give up the baby," she suggested.

"No, I didn't say that -- it's just that . . ."

"I understand," she said gently, placing her hand on his shoulder. "Why don't you go see my doctor and talk to her? She can answer any questions you might have, and maybe that would help you come to a decision."

Lloyd sighed in relief. "That's a great idea," he agreed, thinking that at least he could put off the decision for a bit longer. He might also get some useful information from the doctor.



Two days later, Lloyd was ushered in to see Dr. K.C. (Casey) Steele. The doctor was a large, imposing, middle age woman whose forearms were as large as Lloyd's thighs. Her flat muscular chest and healthy tan testified to a rigorous exercise program and a penchant for the outdoors. Dr. Steele had a pleasant smile and intelligent eyes, and listened patiently as Lloyd explained his dilemma.

"Well I certainly understand your concerns," Dr. Steele told Lloyd with the faintest trace of a smirk on her face. "In fact your concerns are quite common among males over the age of 30. Especially in light of the side-effect."

"Side effects?" Lloyd asked.

"Yes, there are, ah, several," Dr. Steele confirmed. "I have a brochure which explains them, and I'll make sure you have a copy before you leave today. The pharmaceutical company that markets Mammeform has produced a video that examines all of those, and also the points you raised. I've found it to be very helpful in assisting males to reach a decision. Would you care to see it?"

"I guess so," Lloyd responded, thinking he should have all possible information before he made a decision this momentous.

"Good. It's about an hour long, but I believe you'll find it to very useful," the doctor said with that same smile.

The doctor's receptionist, a tiny male who had obviously taken Mammeform himself, took Lloyd into a small room. Lloyd found it hard not to stare at the boy's large breasts, which were far larger than his own.

The receptionist seated him in a very comfortable, reclining seat that faced a large video panel on a wall, and got him a soft drink before dimming the lights and leaving the room. The video began with a very peaceful, pastoral scene, and the narrator spoke in a soft voice over a soothing musical score. Lloyd thought he heard something else too -- something just beyond his ability to perceive, but he quickly dismissed that as an overactive imagination, and he became engrossed in the film. Slowly, the film covered the changes Mammeform would create in his body, and while Lloyd was initially shocked and appalled at what he saw, those feelings seemed more and more muted as the film continued to run.

As the video listed all of the benefits of Mammeform, Lloyd found himself thinking that the drug was truly a wonder and a benefit to humanity. The video pointed out that, since females had become the stronger, dominant gender, they were needed to perform the serious work and "heavy lifting" of society, and they could not be spared for something as mundane as child care or breast feeding. Now that males were the smaller, weaker sex, their job was to assume the role that women had once played, and support their spouses and families as best as they could in their limited but important role.

That was where Mammeform came in. Mammeform, developed by the Upjane Company, allowed males to produce nutritious breast milk to nurse their children, allowing their spouses to continue their careers with a minimum of interruption, and at the same affording males the ability to perfect their new role in society, giving them a sense of fulfillment and usefulness.

At the conclusion of the video, Lloyd sat practically motionless. His mind had absorbed every detail of the film, and when the lights gradually came up, he felt a new sense of peace. He had been silly to worry about the effects of Mammeform, he realized. Yes, there would be many changes, and not all would be easy to take, but the narrator had made a lot of sense. Beth was not only the sole breadwinner in their home, but she had an important job to do and it was up to Lloyd to do everything he could to make her life easier. After all, he was just a house spouse, and his wife's time was far too valuable to waste on things like childcare. That was where he came in. Though he couldn't possibly hope to compete against women in any field of endeavor, he could support his wife in her effort to care for him and his children.

He had an auxiliary role, but caring for their child was both respectable and important. There was certainly no shame in assuming those duties in addition to his housework, and this was especially important when the baby was a male. Everyone knew males were smaller, weaker, and more subject to diseases than their stronger female sisters, and the regulation prohibiting commercial formula for boy babies was nothing more than a sensible precaution to protect the weakest members of society. He felt grateful the women in the government were wise enough to recognize that baby boys, indeed males of all ages, needed protection and help from their women.

"Well Msm. Vincent, did the film help you with your decision?" Dr. Steele asked.

"Oh yes, Dr. Steele," Lloyd replied enthusiastically. "I can see now where I was looking at this all wrong. I guess I was just afraid. That was silly of me, wasn't it?"

"Well, don't be too harsh on yourself, my dear. Most boys have the same fears. It's not uncommon really. I take it you now have no objection to taking Mammeform?"

"No doctor, none at all. In fact, I would like to have it done as soon as possible so I can be certain I'll be ready for my baby."

"A wise decision, Msm. Vincent. Why don't you go with my nurse and he'll take you to the treatment room. I'll be along shortly to administer the injection."

"Thank you doctor."



Both Beth and Lane were pleased with Lloyd's decision, and though nagging doubts in the back of his mind occasionally troubled him; he put them aside and continued his preparations for the baby. It was too late to worry about it anyway since the changes had already begun, and they were irreversible.

A few days after his injection, Lloyd noticed that his nipples were a bit more prominent and that his chest itched a bit. Then, he felt the flue-like symptoms the video had warned him to expect, and with it came the weight loss and other side effects. Over the next month Lloyd's waist thinned out even more as he lost his appetite, and his scrotum began to tighten up. His skin became flushed, and for some time Lloyd looked like he had a bad case of sunburn. But then the "burn" gradually faded, and he was left with a blemish free, peaches and cream complexion. His weight also stabilized at 125 pounds, which wasn't too bad, he thought, considering he'd lost another two inches in height. At the same time, his breasts began to grow, and at the end of the first month he was a full A cup.

He also noticed that his features appeared softer and more refined when he looked in a mirror, and what little facial hair he had once possessed disappeared like water poured out on sand. Meanwhile his scrotum had continued to shrink until they were nothing more than small, empty flaps of skin, and his testes felt cramped, as if they had attached themselves to his lower abdomen.

His hips also broadened a bit, and his bottom rounded out to a degree Lloyd had not thought possible. But the biggest change was in his penis, which appeared shorter every day. Lloyd knew it wasn't really shorter, but that it was retracting into his body. Soon only a bit of the tip would be visible, and that would be angled downward instead of pointing straight out.

The changes in his genitalia both fascinated and concerned Lloyd. He could still grasp about two inches of his retreating stub and gently pull it from his "penile sheath," but it was becoming harder to do every day, and soon he knew it would only reappear when Beth made love to him. In a matter of days he would no longer be able to stand when heeding the call of nature, but the film had warned him of this too, and he was willing to endure anything for his baby.

Much less noticeable to Lloyd were the psychological changes taking place. Of course the video had been silent on that point, and it wasn't until a couple of months after the injection that Lloyd realized he had become far more emotional than before. He seemed to cry at the drop of a hat, and when something struck him as humorous he would giggle like a schoolboy. He also became even more passive than before, and far more attentive to Beth. He seemed to be able to sense her moods much better, and he looked for nuances in her speech to decipher her preferences.

Lloyd also sensed a growing need for Beth's approval. If she complimented him on dinner or the way the house looked he was deliriously happy, and when she told him that he looked good in a particular outfit he blushed and made a mental note of her comment. So it was that as Beth's pregnancy progressed, Lloyd abandoned all of his former male clothing and took to wearing nothing but "modern" outfits, even though it wasn't necessary at home.



Beth didn't know the complete story behind Lloyd's sudden decision to take the Mammeform, but she had known something was up when she sent him to her doctor. "Casey" was also a golfing buddy, and she had told Beth to send her spouse to see her, hinting that she would take care of the problem. Beth knew Casey as one of the most vigorous advocates of the new order, and she was constantly talking about the need for males to accept the inevitability of female dominance. Yet she had sent Lloyd to see her, and now he was a changed boy with a very docile personality.

She felt a little guilty about it at first, but the formerly old fashioned housewife had undergone a remarkable transformation of her own since taking FGH. She loved being in a real position of power, and she loved the challenges she faced. Her work was exciting, and she could not imagine ever going back to her mundane existence as a housewife. Her augmented body was also a tremendous turn-on. She loved being tall and strong, and going out at night without being afraid of rape. All that went a long way towards assuaging her guilt. It also helped that Lloyd did seem to know his place. She treated him kindly, but there was no longer any doubt that she was the boss, and he would do as he was told. She was also delighted that her spouse was now dressing in a manner befitting his new station in life, in a way that would have been called "girlish" back when they first married.

Lloyd was only dimly aware of Beth's change of attitude, but he accepted it as normal. It was truly a woman's world and he took new pride in serving his spouse.



Lloyd's strength was dramatically affected by the loss of what little muscle mass he previously had. He had never been particularly strong, but even items that he once lifted were now beyond his ability. While he was busy re-converting Beth's office into a nursery for the baby, Lloyd found it impossible to move her desk, though he had been able to slide it around to vacuum under it before. He was forced to go to his wife and ask her to move it for him. He felt like a wimp, asking a pregnant woman to move heavy items he couldn't handle, but he really had no choice -- since the Mammeform, he had lost a tremendous amount of strength, and now his wife was several times stronger.

It was hard for Lloyd to believe she was pregnant though. After three months Beth had not experienced one problem, and she hadn't gained more than a pound or two from the look of her. She golfed every weekend, and still went out and lifted weights with the other women.

In fact, Lloyd thought he had changed far more than she. His weight was down to the point where his waist was positively skinny, yet his breasts had grown to a full B cup. His skin was completely smooth, and he had lost all muscular definition in his arms, legs, shoulders, back and stomach. His features had become soft and delicate, and he also let his hair grow out some more so he could try out some of the new modern styles for boys.

But the biggest change was not outwardly visible. His penis was now completely retracted and seemed to be lower on his body, and his scrotum had split and become nothing more than two soft folds of skin. His testes were barely visible as two small lumps affixed to his abdomen between his legs, and his pubic hair had diminished to a small strip of fuzz surrounding the opening of his "penile sheath." When Lloyd pulled on a pair of his silky new high rise briefs, his abdomen looked completely smooth.

It had bothered him at first, especially when his penis had actually disappeared between the folds of soft skin that had once been his scrotum, forcing him to sit like a woman to urinate, but he gradually became accustomed to the new position. It was ironic that Beth, with her "enhanced" genitals, actually presented a pretty decent bulge beneath her briefs -- much more so than his hidden equipment.

But that large bulge of hers came in pretty handy, Lloyd mused, blushing a bit as he recalled the first time she had made love to him after Mammeform had changed him. He had just modeled one of the new two-piece skorts he had just bought -- the kind with the detached panties -- and she had told him he looked adorable in it, making him blush with pride. Before he could respond, she had risen from her chair, picked him up and carried him into the bedroom.

It felt incredibly weird being carried into their bedroom by Beth, but at the same time, he felt very comfortable and secure in her arms, and he wrapped his own arms around her neck. She sat him on the edge of their bed and Lloyd wiggled his skort down past his hips without taking his eyes off Beth. She was grinning down at him as she unbuttoned her shirt, and Lloyd smiled back shyly as he slid his panties down his sculptured legs. Beth caressed the side of his face gently, and then undid her trousers. Lloyd responded by crossing his arms in front of himself and lifting his knit top and pulling it over his head, exposing his enlarged breasts.

Beth gazed down at her small, shapely spouse and whistled softly. "You are gorgeous, Hon," she whispered, completely dazzled by the sight.

Lloyd blushed again and felt a wave of contentment flow over him and he lowered his gaze modestly. His breasts completely filled his new, lace trimmed Boy-Bra, and they rose and fell rhythmically as he breathed, and his newly enlarged nipples poked shamelessly into the satiny cups. He reached behind his back with both hands and unhooked his bra then shrugged out of it and laid back on the bed.

Beth descended on him and his legs parted automatically. He was accustomed to the submissive position now, and it seemed completely natural to him. Any questions, any sense of wrongness, had long since fled, banished by his desire to please his mate and his yearnings to be loved by her. And it seemed easier for him every time Beth did him. His leg muscles were now trained to accommodate her between his thighs, and his new, softer form yielded to her hard, muscular shape perfectly.

Lloyd felt Beth's new, bulging organ press against his own hidden member as she mounted him, and when she ground her hips against his, his new equipment responded to hers, and emerged a bit from its shelter, only to be captured and literally pulled inside his wife's domain. He was stunned by the ease with which she absorbed him and the power of her internal muscles. She had seized him almost without effort, and held him firmly within herself. Soon, Lloyd felt the rhythmic pulsing of Beth's internal muscles, and he gasped as he felt himself being manipulated deep within her. As the pulsing grew stronger Lloyd's hips began to buck, rising to meet Beth's body, and his back arched as the sensations continued to build.

Suddenly Lloyd felt a shattering contraction deep within himself, and an electric charge shot through him, from his belly to every extremity. He moaned and thrashed beneath his wife as he felt her milking him, but this time he did not ejaculate as before. A fair amount of fluid found its way out of his remodeled member, but it was more of an ooze than a stream, and there wasn't as much of it as before, but a few seconds later Lloyd felt Beth's entire body tense up and then a fair amount of warm fluid seemed to spout from somewhere within his spouse. It seemed to completely drench his modified member until Beth finally released him a minute later.

Lloyd lay beneath his woman and clung to her, as the tremors continued to affect him like the aftershocks of an earthquake. His legs had somehow wrapped themselves around Beth, and his hands explored the hardness of her back while his heart gradually slowed. He basked in the warmth that still pervaded his body, and a dreamy smile formed on his lips as he replayed Beth's actions in his mind.

Later, after Beth had rolled off him, Lloyd rose and walked naked into the bathroom to clean up. He took a quick shower, taking care to keep his hair from getting wet, then wrapped a towel around his chest and sat down to take care of the last bit of hygiene. Following the instructions in the brochure received from Dr. Steele, he pinched both sides of the opening to his penile sheath and grasped his hidden member when it emerged an inch or so. Gently pulling it from its cocoon, he washed it carefully, marveling at its altered appearance. His Mammefied member was as long and thick as it had ever been, but it was now bright pink and twice as sensitive. It was also constantly damp, an internal organ for the most part, and the natural fluid that covered it was somewhat sticky to the touch.

His body required a lot more maintenance now, but Lloyd really didn't mind. He had come to enjoy primping and caring for his appearance. Beth had made her preferences known during the first weeks after he had taken the Mammeform injection, and he was anxious to please her, to win her approval. When she complimented him on his new willingness to use a few cosmetics, Lloyd went to a nice department store and the boy behind the cosmetics counter give him a complete makeover. He had returned home with a shopping bag full of makeup, and had used them ever since, much to Beth's delight and Lane's surprise. When Beth pointed out a male with one of the modern hairstyles, Lloyd took careful note of the style and a few days later he booked an appointment at a salon. Now his tinted hair fell past his shoulders in soft waves, and his eyebrows were thin and highly arched.

Of course clothes were an important part of a boy's life, and Lloyd was no exception now. He dressed to please his spouse, and Beth liked him in short skorts, tight tops, and high heels. His favorite outfit was a darling little floral print A-line skort with a pale blue background, with a white knit, sleeveless top, white thigh high stockings and pale blue sandals with three inch tapered heels, but he had even racier outfits for evenings. Though he wasn't a teenager anymore, the Mammeform had given him a second youth as it were, and Lloyd now looked about ten years younger than his true age, and that pleased him no end.



Time passed far too quickly for Lloyd. Not only did he have to finish his preparations for the baby, Lane and Erin had set a date for their wedding that was only a month after the due date. Every evening Lloyd and Lane worked on the guest list or other detail of the wedding, with Lane writing notes while Lloyd knitted for the baby. Meanwhile Beth looked fantastic for someone who was six months pregnant. She had gained some weight, about twelve pounds at that point, but it hardly showed on her 180 pound, six foot plus frame. Nor did she ever develop any morning sickness or varicose veins. In fact, her pregnancy hardly seemed to affect her at all.

From Beth's point of view, it was great. She remembered all too well the difficulties she had when she was pregnant with Lane, and this was a cakewalk by comparison. No strange cravings, no swollen ankles or distended belly, and Casey had informed her that most women who had taken FGH only took about two weeks off -- one week before their due date, and another following the birth. Aside from that, she wouldn't miss any work, and Beth had already made arrangements to do a lot of her work at home.

Now that she was a Vice President and making a lot more money, Beth decided to move her family into a bigger house in a more prestigious neighborhood. But that would have to wait until after the baby, she realized, especially since Lloyd had spent so much time on the nursery. She didn't want to hurt the poor boy's feelings by moving them out before the baby had even slept in his lovingly prepared room.




When Beth was just over seven months along, she took Lloyd with her to see Dr. Steele. It was about time for him to receive the second injection in the Mammeform regimen, and Beth was due for her monthly checkup. By this time Lloyd was actually looking forward to nursing his baby, and he was quite eager to see the doctor. The physical changes from the initial injection had eventually slowed, then ceased completely, leaving Lloyd with a 36 - 26 - 37 figure on a 124 pound, five foot six inch frame. His breasts had grown to a full C cup, though the lactation induced by the second injection would probably add a full cup size to that. His voice was a few notes higher too, and had a pleasing lilt to it.

He was now completely at home in short skorts and high heels, and Beth had even talked him into buying a bikini for the beach -- and he looked fantastic in it too. His slim figure was just busty enough to turn heads, and his legs had become soft and sexy. His hips swayed delightfully when he walked, and without any external organs between his legs Lloyd's thighs brushed together with each step he took. His posture was now completely "feminine," and he was also becoming very good at applying makeup and doing his hair and nails. It pleased Beth when he made the effort to look good so he took the time every day, and when they walked into Casey's office, Lloyd looked as pretty as a picture.

Dr. Steele was gracious as always, referring to him as "my dear," and holding his chair for him, but she was all business when it came to the Mammeform process. She asked him how he felt about the changes that had occurred, and Lloyd was honest with her, telling her that he was generally very happy, but that he occasionally had some lingering doubts, though he was certain he wanted to complete the process so he could nurse his new baby.

After Dr. Steele administered the second injection, she told Lloyd she had another of the instruction videos to look at, and wondered if he had the time.

"This video is only about a half hour, but it is very informative and delves into the intricacies of breast feeding, which of course will be very important to you soon," she told him.

Lloyd agreed to view the video, if Beth had the time, and after obtaining the approval of his spouse he sat in the same seat in the very room he had viewed the first video. The same soothing announcer's voice explained what the second injection would do, and also imparted specific instructions on the care and feeding of babies. As before, Lloyd had a strange sense that something else was happening, just outside the range of his consciousness, but he was so engrossed in the video that it barely registered.

Lloyd had a far better understanding of breast feeding when the film ended, and he also felt a sense of pride that, soon, only men would be able to nurture their children. It was an important job, and a part of him felt that modern women were crazy for letting themselves get so caught up in the business world that they had no time to nurse. Of course, he also recognized that someone had to earn a living, and he realized that women were much better suited to be the providers than boys like him.



Two weeks after the second injection Lloyd noticed his breasts growing fuller, and a week after that, small pearls of breast milk appeared at his nipples when he dried himself after a shower. Thereafter his breasts began to produce milk at an increasing rate, and after one month he was completely capable of nursing a baby. Lloyd was overjoyed that everything had worked, and he was anxious for Beth to give birth so he could begin to suckle his baby.

His spouse was finally beginning to look pregnant, and Lloyd thought it was about time too. After eight months, Beth gained about twenty pounds and had a noticeable little belly, but it was nothing like she's had when she was carrying Lane. Her maternity clothes consisted of normal looking suits with slacks that had small V shaped elastic panels at the sides. The slacks were held up with suspenders instead of belts, but with her suit coat on and buttoned Lloyd could still barely tell Beth was pregnant. At home she wore casual slacks with similar panels, and while she looked good it hardly seemed that she was about to give birth.

Beth also felt great. Casey had given her special vitamins to take, and she had done so religiously. Aside from an occasional cramp, and some very simple limitations on lifting, she was fine, which was more than Lloyd could say.

For the past week Lloyd had been nauseous on and off, and subject to fits of depression. Beth became concerned when the symptoms continued into a second week, and she made an appointment for Lloyd to see Dr. Steele. Lloyd was afraid he was suffering from a reaction to the Mammeform, but when they saw the doctor they discovered it was something far different.

"I'm WHAT?" Lloyd shrieked, unable to believe what the doctor had told him.

"I'm sorry, Msm Vincent, I know this is a shock, but the test results confirm it. You are pregnant."

"She's the one who's pregnant, remember? I'm the male of the family," Lloyd retorted, verging on the edge of incoherence.

"I'm afraid you're both pregnant," Dr. Steele said, ignoring Lloyd's protest as merely the outburst of another hysterical male.

"But -- That's IMPOSSIBLE!" Beth's spouse replied.

"Well, that's not exactly correct anymore," the doctor informed him. "We've been seeing this with increasing frequency in the last few months, and from what we can determine, the same locomotive power that allows a female's egg to search for a viable sperm and then re-attach itself to the uterus can cause pregnancy in males. What happens, we think, is that a Mammeformed male has less ejaculative power, and when the ovum travels out to find its mate, it now has farther to go. Either because it is incapable of returning to the womb or because, as in this case, the woman is already pregnant and the lining of the uterus will not accept another fertilized egg; the zygote lingers in the area of the male's penis. When the penis retracts into its protective sheath, the fertilized egg is drawn into the male's body where it attaches itself to the nearest supply of nutrients -- usually the lower intestine, and the male becomes pregnant."

"What is going to happen to me?" Lloyd whimpered.

"Fortunately you're not the first boy to become pregnant," Dr. Steele told his distraught patient. "We have learned quite a bit about this, and I can tell you it's nothing to worry about. There is an area beneath the penile sheath that we refer to as the proto-vaginal region, which is the area where your vagina would have developed had you been born female. In other pregnant males, we have notice a definite thinning of the skin tissue in this area, along with a slight depression that seems to become more defined as the pregnancy progresses."

"Now, no male has yet given birth, but we believe that, as the time for delivery approaches, an opening will develop in the proto-vagina to allow the male to deliver normally. Of course if this does not occur, we will take the baby with a C section, but I have every reason to believe that won't be necessary."

"I don't believe this!" Lloyd groaned.

"Believe it," Dr. Steele told him. "I want to see you back here every two weeks for the first few months, and in the meantime I have some vitamins and a list of do's and don'ts for a prospective mother that I want you to follow religiously."



"What do you mean you're BOTH pregnant?" Lane asked when they got home.

Lloyd told his boy what the doctor had said, giving as much detail as he could remember, and Lane was astonished. As Lloyd continued with his narrative, a wide smile came to his son's face and when he finished, Lane hugged him.

"Daddy, I'm so happy for you. Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?" he asked enthusiastically.

"I'm hoping to wake up and find that this is all a bad dream!" Lloyd replied as forcefully as his soft high voice could manage.

"But, why? I would just LOVE to have a baby," Lane said sincerely.

"Lane, you don't know what you're saying," Lloyd retorted. "Pregnancy is no picnic, especially for a boy my age."

"But mom hasn't had any trouble at all," Lane objected.

"She's a woman." Lloyd snapped. "She's nearly six foot three and weighs about 180 pounds. The twenty pounds she's gained is just a bit over ten percent of her body weight. If I gained the same amount it would be half again as much for me, on a much shorter frame," he pointed out. "Besides, males aren't supposed to get pregnant, and I probably wouldn't have either, except for Mammeform."

"Now honey, don't blame Mammeform for this," Beth told him, coming into the room. "We have better things to do than fix blame anyway. We now have to prepare for a second child, and even though you're only about six weeks along, we have to move fast. When I deliver you'll be so busy with the baby you won't have time to plan for the second."



One of the first problems they faced was that absolutely nobody made maternitywear for boys. Lloyd could hardly wear Beth's things, so they racked their brains for ideas. Finally, Beth suggested they look into obtaining old dress patterns that women used to make their own outfits before FGH. Of course Lloyd would have to sew all of his own clothes, or get Lane to help, but at least he would have something to wear. Fortunately he had some time before he would begin to "show," and Lloyd was glad he had been learning to sew and knit for the baby -- Beth's baby. Now that he would have one of his own, literally, sewing would become a survival skill.

Beth took note of the need and had a little talk with Casey. Her friend told her that the male pregnancies she had seen were not isolated incidents, but the first drops of a downpour. Mammeform had apparently weakened the male in ways the scientists had not anticipated, and nature had once again stepped in to insure the survival of the species. A union between a female who had taken FGH and a Mammeformed male produced male, not female pregnancies. As the use of Mammeform spread (and the women were determined to make it universal), females would no longer become pregnant. Instead the males would carry the babies to term and, thanks to Mammeform, nurse their young as women once had. One of the best aspects of the changes was that they were genetic. They affected the very DNA of females and males, and would be passed down to their offspring as any other trait.

Casey told her that they were witnessing the most remarkable evolution in human sexuality since the beginning of the species, and once it was complete, women would never relinquish control.

Beth smiled at Casey, but her own feelings were somewhat conflicted. She truly enjoyed her new role, and had no desire to give up the power she now possessed, but many of the new female power elites seemed to harbor a grudge towards males in general. Beth could understand being bitter and vindictive towards a formerly abusive spouse or boyfriend, but she could not understand how someone could hate an entire gender, over a third of the human race.



Meanwhile Lloyd was discovering that Mammeform worked almost too well. He was producing milk like Elsie the cow, and spending an awful lot of time with his trusty breast pump. He quickly discovered that if he didn't use it regularly, his breasts became swollen and sore from all the milk, yet the more he used it, the more milk he seemed to produce. It was a vicious cycle, and Lloyd hoped the baby arrived before someone tied a blue ribbon to his ear as the champion milk producer.

But the baby was slow in coming. For some reason the little boy was happy where he was, and Beth didn't deliver until nearly two weeks after the due date. Lloyd was right there in the delivery room when it happened, and the birth seemed almost effortless compared to what she went through with Lane. She was uncomfortable, and the contractions clearly weren't fun, but four easy pushes delivered the latest member of the Vincent family.

The nurse took little Lonnie over to a scale, and announced he was 6 pounds 10 ounces, and 15 inches long. Then she affixed an identification bracelet to his tiny arm, took a minute blood sample, and injected him with Mammeform.

Lloyd had mixed feelings about that last item, but when the nurse brought his baby over and placed Lonnie in his arms he was overcome with emotion as he gazed down at the tiny figure. He immediately sat down, pulled up his top, and opened the velcro cup of his nursing bra. He positioned the baby near his nipple and held him gently to himself. Lonnie's mouth brushed across his nipple once, then the baby fastened on to it and Lloyd felt the gentlest sensation he'd ever known as his baby began suckling. He could feel his milk flow as the tiny child took nourishment, and it was the most exquisite sensation Lloyd had ever experienced. He leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes, savoring the experience of breast-feeding his baby for the first time.

Meanwhile, Beth had delivered the placenta easily, and if not for the doctor's insistence that she remain prone, she would have gotten up and gone to her spouse and child. She recalled the magical feeling of nursing Lane for the first time, and she actually envied her spouse. She watched him close his eyes, and she knew exactly how he felt. Soon, he would experience the rest of it, and there was nothing magical about labor pains, except the end of them.



The next several weeks were happy ones for the Vincent family. Though Lloyd had to handle the 3AM feedings in addition to his normal housework, he was perfectly content. He loved to sit and rock little Lonnie in the rocking chair he had bought for Beth when she was pregnant with Lane, and breast feeding his baby created a bond between them that Lloyd had never know with Lane. Though only beginning to show, Lloyd began wearing the tops of his homemade maternity clothes to make it easier to breast feed Lonnie, and he was delighted to find they fit him quite well, even if they were a bit frilly and girlish.

After a few days even the style of the clothes ceased to concern Lloyd. After all, he was a house-spouse nursing his baby. To his way of thinking there was nothing that was more "feminine," or "girlish," even if those terms meant something quite different now. The fact that he was doing something that Beth could no longer do, and that it was so important to the development of his baby, gave Lloyd a sense of pride, too, and that surprised him at first. Then he realized his pride came from the sense that he was now contributing to the family as more than a mere maid. Though he found housework very fulfilling and satisfying, he realized that Beth was making enough to hire the work done, and that had bothered him. But now he was performing a role that was beyond what any hired help would do, and that gave him a certain status in his own eyes. Maybe he was the junior partner in their marriage now, but he was contributing in a very special way.

As the weeks progressed and his pregnancy began to show, Lloyd gradually shifted over to his maternity outfits. These consisted mostly of skirts and jumpers with elasticized waists, and even one pair of bib overalls, but he avoided those when he noticed a look of disapproval on Beth's face. He was now in old-fashioned skirts and dresses all the time, and it didn't bother him at all. In fact, he liked the old styles -- they were cool and comfortable, which was important as his girth increased.

Meanwhile, Little Lonnie seemed to thrive on Lloyd's milk, and the baby gained weight and size. As Lloyd continued to get bigger, Lane helped with the housework, and he was a real blessing to his pregnant father. One day, after Lane had finished the dishes, he came over and sat next to Lloyd as he nursed Lonnie.

"He's so beautiful," Lane said almost reverently. "I can't wait to have kids of my own."

"I'm sure you'll be a good father," Lloyd told his son, running his free hand through Lane's long hair.

"I'll never be a father, but I will be a mother. Erin wants me to have Mammeform before the wedding," he explained.

"But, you'll still be the father," Lloyd told his boy.

"Not if I'm the one who gets pregnant," Lane replied. "Under the law, the parent who gives birth is the mother, regardless of gender. You're lucky because you've been a father, and soon you'll be a mother."

Lloyd hadn't considered the question before. He just assumed that the father was the one who provided the sperm, but now that Lane mentioned it, there was a certain logic in what he said.




The following week Lloyd accompanied Lane to the medical center to receive his first Mammeform injection. It was the first real excursion outside the house for the baby, and Lloyd's first chance to use the stroller Beth had given him. Since it was a beautiful spring day the boys decided to walk to the center, which was only about a mile away. Lloyd was looking forward to the trip as a way to get out of the house for a while, and also to stretch his legs. He wore one of his new maternity outfits, even though he really wasn't too big yet. The light yellow sundress and matching high heeled sandals and purse looked "very smart," according to Lane, who wore a very short skort with a cropped tee shirt. Lloyd noticed that Lane had really padded his Boy-Bra to make it appear he was already Mammefied, but he didn't say anything because he figured Lane would probably look much the same in a few weeks.

The trip was very enjoyable for Lloyd, who had been stuck in the house since Lonnie was born. He enjoyed the leisurely pace, which gave him a chance to get used to walking long distances in high heels. He was surprised at how his gait had changed since the Mammeform treatment, and the way his hips rolled and his thighs brushed each other as he walked down the street. With his exterior organs fully retracted, Lloyd discovered that he tended to place one foot directly in front of the other, which seemed to activate his hips and bottom, and with his heels restricting his stride he had a very sexy walk.

After the injection, Lloyd sat with Lane as his boy watched the same video he was shown after his own treatment, and once again Lloyd sensed that there was something just outside his range of perception in the film. He decided there was a problem with the sound track, but forgot about it after the video ended.

The Mammeform seemed particularly effective with Lane, and though he was already small and somewhat delicate, he developed into a real beauty over the next month and a half. He lost a full four inches in height, until he was no more than five foot five, and his weight dropped to 120 pounds. His shoulders narrowed like Lloyd's had, and his waist shrunk from 29 inches to a mere 24. His hips widened and his bottom became full and round, and his legs and arms thinned as his muscles diminished to pre-puberty levels. The tone of his voice seemed to elevate several notches, and it became soft and sultry, while his complexion became smooth and soft. Finally, his feet and hands seemed to shrink a bit.

Lane was thrilled with the changes, especially those involving his breasts and groin. Within a week his little Boy-Bras were obsolete as his boobs began to balloon, and they continued to grow until they reached a very full C cup, which was very impressive on his slight frame. As his penis retracted and re-positioned itself and his scrotum shrank into oblivion, his groin matched Lloyd's for smoothness, and Lane began wearing the new tight, skimpy shorts for boys known as "hotties" when he wasn't in a skort. His tops were tight and revealing, and he wore nothing but very high, tapered heel sandals.

Lloyd tried to curb his boy's flamboyant taste in clothes, but Lane refused to wear his "old stuff."

"Oh daddy, all the boys are wearing these," he protested, gesturing to his skin-tight hotties. "The women love them and, besides, I'll be a married boy soon."

While Lloyd understood the need for the changes that Mammeform brought and accepted them as necessary, Lane embraced them and reveled in the new role and status of males. And it wasn't only Lane who delighted in the new order. Many males enthusiastically adopted their new status and station in society, especially those who had undergone Mammenization, and Lloyd began to question whether they weren't right. After all, women did appear to be more capable of running society. Not only were they bigger and stronger, Lloyd had to admit that Beth was a far better provider than he had been. The fact that ability to earn a living was due to his gender could have been because boys weren't suited for the business world, he reasoned, completely forgetting the feelings he had at the time.



While Lloyd was preoccupied with the baby, Lane's wedding, and his own pregnancy, he barely took note of larger forces at work in the world. With women controlling virtually every aspect of society, and the development of both FGH and the Mammeform process, new forms of address were needed, and they evolved quite quickly. The term Ms. was, of course, used for all females, but the shortage of males, and the fact that females were now the pursuers in the mating game made it important (to them, anyway) to know whether a male was "attached," or "fair game." So, married males were designated as Msm. (pronounced mizem), which stood for "Ms. mate." Unmarried Mammefied males were referred to as Mamm., which stood for Mammefied male, and the shrinking number of males who had not taken Mammeform were referred to as Msr., which was a new abbreviation for mister.

Other terms had also worked their way into popular culture, helped in no small part by their pervasive use in the media, and these terms tended to replace older expressions that were regarded as "old fashioned," or "inappropriate," by the women who controlled the press. So it was that married women were now being referred to as "my guide," by their attractive male spouses, in movies and television programs, as well as the print media. Male spouses were referred to as "my beau," by good looking, muscular women, and sometimes as "mates," or "wards." It did not take long for these terms to trickle down to the general population, especially with children and teens. Teachers used the new terms almost exclusively, and the pervasiveness of American culture spread the expressions around the world.

Not to be outdone, the Congress passed the Family Name Restoration Act, which required all females to use their original surnames, in place of their "married" names. Henceforth males would take the female's surname when they were married, as would any children born of the union, and the act was retroactive, requiring a massive change in records. Lloyd's first experience with this was when he had to sign the joint tax return Beth had prepared, which listed him as "Msm. Lloyd Carpenter," on the line beneath Beth's, titled "dependent ward." The very idea that he was a dependent was demeaning to Lloyd, and the idea that he was Bath's "ward," was humiliating, but there was nothing he could do about it.

As long as she had to register the return to "Carpenter," her maiden name, Beth took the opportunity to change her first name as well. She had long thought that Beth, or Elizabeth, seemed too frivolous for her new status and occupation, and she toyed with E.L.B. Carpenter, but eventually she chose the name "E. Beth Carpenter." Erin had also changed her first name to "Aryn," so it was that Lane's wedding announcement was worded:

"Ms. and Msm. E. Beth Carpenter wish to announce the engagement of their son, Lane to Aryn L. Matthews. Ms. Matthews is the daughter of Dr. and Msr. Elaine T. Matthews, and will be graduating from Central State University with a degree in engineering. Mamm. Lane Carpenter has just completed his studies at Webster High School, where he was on the cheerleading squad and a member of the future homemakers club. The couple plans a June wedding."



Lloyd understood the logic behind the new titles, but he saw no reason to change surnames after all those years of marriage, and he definitely did not like being referred to as Msm. E. Beth Carpenter. He felt as if his very identity had been stolen, and he wasn't happy with Beth's decision to change her name, either. But she had not even consulted him before she did it, and when he tried to talk to her about it she cut him off, saying, "It's my name. I'll call myself what I want."

Just as Beth said that, Lloyd felt the baby kick and his eyes filled with tears. For some reason, he felt so emotional lately and so incredibly vulnerable. He turned and fled the room, and his spouse found him curled up on the bed, sobbing uncontrollably, a few minutes later. Beth suddenly felt very guilty about snapping at her husband, and remembered how it was the first time she was pregnant. Her last pregnancy had barely affected her, but she recalled how weepy she used to get when she was carrying Lane. She also realized that she had not only usurped Lloyd's role, but that she was becoming a bit of a tyrant in the process. He had shown far more patience with her when he was the breadwinner than she had shown him, and she was ashamed of herself.

"Honey, I'm very sorry," she said gently as she sat beside him on the bed. "I should have talked it over with you before I changed my name, just like I should have talked to you before I took the FGH," she admitted.

Lloyd slowly gained control of his emotions, which took much longer than he expected, and while he hiccupped a few times from crying so hard, he felt Beth stroking his hair lovingly, which helped a lot for some reason.

"No, you were right," he told her. "It's your name."

"Sweetie, I could never be upset with you, not really," she reassured him. "Let me take you out to dinner tonight, and maybe we can see a movie afterward."

Lloyd sniffed and wiped away the last tears as he sat up and dangled his feet off the edge of the bed. "Are you sure you want to be seen with a fat boy like me?" he asked playfully.

"Fat! You're not fat, you're pregnant, and I think you're beautiful," his wife replied, which caused Lloyd's eyes to mist up again.

"I'd love to go then," he told her. "I'll get into something nice -- I'll just be a few minutes."

"That's my boy," Beth said with a broad grin, slapping Lloyd on the bottom as he scurried past her.



The next several weeks were a blur for Lloyd. Between the wedding, caring for Lonnie, doing the housework and planning for the baby, there were so many things to do that he was almost beside himself. Dr. Steele had done an ultrasound and informed Lloyd that his baby was female, and Lloyd believed it. The little tike was growing like a weed inside him, and very "active."

Beth was overjoyed to hear the baby was a girl. She told Lloyd the reason she was happy was they already had two boys, but Lloyd thought the real reason was that there would now be a female to carry on the family name. With things as they were, their oldest child would soon be known as Msm. Aryn Matthews, and when it was Lonnie's turn to marry he would take his spouse's name too. Now Beth would have a girl, and Lloyd wondered if she would be treated differently than the boys.

Of course she would, Lloyd realized. Even discounting the influence in their home, his daughter would be given FGH at birth, and she would grow up tall and muscular, like Beth. She would be taught to be strong and competitive, and she would learn to be aggressive in pursuing a mate, like all the other girls. Unlike his sons, she wouldn't have to be concerned with her personal safety when she ventured out after dark, something few boys did now, and she would be expected to protect and provide for her family after she was married. Lonnie, on the other hand, had been given Mammeform at his birth. He would grow up to be soft and shapely, and perhaps pretty. He would be far smaller than his yet unborn sister, and he would be trained to keep house, care for his babies, and play a subordinate role to his "guide."

Sometimes Lloyd thought the changes in society were nothing but a bad dream, but then the baby would kick, or it would be time to nurse Lonnie, and Lloyd knew it was all real -- too real. It wasn't that he didn't like staying home with Lonnie -- he really loved taking care of the baby and nursing him was a truly wonderful experience -- but he sensed that he had lost complete control of his life. He knew there were other boys who felt as he did, but they too were powerless, Mammefied wards of their women. The worst part, though, was that the younger generation saw nothing wrong with the current sex roles of females and males. In a generation, no one would remember what it was like when real men ran the world.



The fashion industry quickly caught up with society as more and more males became pregnant. A full line of maternity wear soon appeared in the stores, and Lloyd was able to buy several dresses, jumpers, and skirts, along with some tops that actually looked good. Since he was already nursing Lonnie, Lloyd preferred skirts with button down blouses or shirt dresses for casual wear, but he also bought a few knit pullovers and a denim jumper. With the baby growing more "active," Lloyd's kidneys seemed to be taking a beating, and he found dresses much easier to handle in his frequent trips to the rest room. He also found some low-heeled slip on shoes, styled like pumps, that didn't require him to bend over to put on. Bending was becoming increasingly difficult as the baby grew.

One of Lloyd's biggest problems was finding something to wear for Lane's wedding. Despite the fashion industry's recent explosion of new styles for boys, it seemed that nobody had considered the father of the ward might need a maternity dress, and Lloyd looked everywhere for something appropriate to wear. Finally Lane took things in hand and scheduled a full day to help his father find a nice dress for the wedding. It turned out to be quite an excursion since they needed a stroller and a diaper bag for Lonnie. They wound up at the local mall and tried store after store, until they found something that both males could agree on.

They finally settled on a light yellow, empire waist dress with short, lace trimmed sleeves and a hem that Lloyd thought was far too short -- mid thigh -- but Lane loved. The hem and the bodice were also trimmed in lace, and though Lloyd felt it showed too much of his legs, Lane told him his legs looked great and should be displayed a bit. They found a pair of matching mid-heeled sandals and a purse to go with the dress, and then Lane took his father to have his ears pierced.

Lloyd felt silly with pierced ears, but Lane insisted and he was too tired to argue. At least it gave him a chance to sit down for a while. The sting from the stud gun wasn't half as bad as he had imagined it to be. The small diamond studs would have to be rotated, and he had to use peroxide to keep them clean, but Lane was happy. He bought his father a pair of small daisy earrings to go with the dress, and Lloyd didn't have the heart to tell him he had no use for daisies in his ears. It was HIS wedding after all, and Lloyd did not want to do anything to upset Lane.




On the morning of the wedding, Lane was a wreck. He ran through the living room while Lloyd was feeding Lonnie, and Lloyd was amazed at the sight. Lane was only half-dressed, and flew by wearing a skimpy white satin thong with a matching low cut bra, gorgeous sheer white thigh high stockings, and white sandals with very high, stiletto heels. His makeup was flawless, and his eyes looked wide and innocent, while his lips looked sultry, with a red, high gloss color.

With his tiny waist, well-endowed bust, nicely flared hips and softly rounded tusch, Lane looked like a Play-Fem centerfold, and Lloyd suddenly felt like he was stuck in a time warp. Since Mammeformed males had no visible penis and no scrotum at all, Lane's tiny thong panties revealed a completely smooth, softly curved abdomen. To the entire world, Lane looked like a beautiful young maiden of a few decades before. In fact, Lloyd knew from experience that Mammeformed males looked more like females than modern women. Since FGH, Beth's pudendum now bulged forward, not unlike his own equipment once had, and Lloyd had heard rumors that briefs for women would soon be available with plackets, since they could now relieve themselves while standing.

Lloyd gently disengaged Lonnie from his nipple, and after wiping the baby's mouth and his breast with a soft towel, he re-attached the velcro closure of his nursing bra and peeled the other side open to finish the feeding. He really hoped the baby would nurse well and sleep after that so he could get dressed too. The sensation of little Lonnie's soft mouth against his sensitive nipple and his gentle sucking was almost spiritual. Lloyd closed his eyes and leaned back in the rocking chair and felt his milk flow, nourishing his baby. At the same time that he felt the pressure ease in his breast while he gazed lovingly at his baby, he was struck by the special bond he had with Lonnie. It was much closer than anything he had felt with Lane, though he loved his older boy dearly.

He stroked Lonnie's fine, soft hair and hummed softly, causing the baby to pause for just a moment. Lloyd knew Lonnie already recognized his voice, and he always spoke in soft, dulcet tones to the baby. It was important to Lloyd that his baby would always associate his voice with love and comfort. It was his way of telling Lonnie that he would always be there for him; always love him, and protect him from harm.

When Lonnie finally fell asleep, Lloyd laid him in his crib and went to change.



Lloyd was seated in the front row of the congregation, dressed in his yellow dress, white stockings and yellow sandals. Lonnie was in a baby carrier, next to Lloyd in the pew, wearing a cute little yellow dress, white tights, and yellow booties, an outfit that nearly matched his father's. Aryn stood across the aisle with her Best Woman, both wearing tuxedos, as she waited nervously for the ceremony to begin. Finally, the organ began playing the wedding march, and the congregation stood and turned as Beth escorted her boy down the aisle.

Lane looked radiant, even behind the veil, as he and Beth proceeded behind his best friend, Ronnie Davis, his Belle of Honor. His short, translucent veil was attached to a silver tiara, covering only his eyes, as was the style. His white, satin dress had a simple scoop neck, 3/4 length sleeves, and a very short hem that ended three inches above his knees. Imitation pearls and lace decorated the bodice, and a silk ribbon that encircled and emphasized his narrow waist was tied in back, with the trailing ribbons falling to his calves. His long, perfectly coifed hair cascaded down his back like a golden cape, catching the afternoon sunlight and glimmering as he moved.

He looked so vulnerable yet completely serene, and Lloyd felt a surge of emotions welling up within him. As with all Mammeformed males, his emotions were always just below the surface and they tended to get the better of him at times as they did now. Tears filled his eyes, though he was deliriously happy for his child. He dabbed at his eyes with his small, lace-trimmed hanky to clear his vision, and watched as his spouse handed their boy off to his new protector.

After an all too brief ceremony in which Lane promised to ". . .love, honor, and obey . . ." and Aryn vowed to ". . . love, honor, and cherish . . ." the victorious sounds of the organ attended the new couple's exit from the church. Lloyd felt completely overwhelmed and he was grateful to feel Beth's strong arm encircle his shoulders protectively. He smiled up at his spouse as she led him from the church.

The reception was fun for Lloyd, but the baby awoke and Lloyd took Lonnie to a secluded corner of the room to feed him. Lloyd had lost most of his shyness about public breast feeding -- it had become quite acceptable for boys now -- but he did feel a bit odd when a group of young boys in party dresses gathered around him to fawn over the baby and ask questions about nursing. Later, they followed him into the boy's room and watched as he changed Lonnie's diaper. Lloyd explained how to do it properly, thinking that it was good training for when they had their own babies.

When they returned to the ballroom, Aryn was on one knee, sliding Lane's garter off his shapely leg. His leg was displayed quite well since one of his high - heeled sandals was resting on the seat of a chair, and the short satin skirt of his dress had ridden up his thigh.

After Aryn slipped the baby blue garter past Lane's sandal, she turned towards a group of young, muscular women -- mostly friends from college - and tossed the garter into the group. A mad scramble ensued, and the eventual winner held the tiny elastic garter over her head like a trophy.

Finally it was Lane's turn, and he turned his back on the small group of boys in formal dresses and tossed his bouquet over his shoulder. A much more dainty and restrained effort ensued and the boy who caught it clumsily, smiled dreamily as he sniffed the fragrant bouquet.



Since he became pregnant, Lloyd had begun to take an increasing interest in the birth announcements in the local newspaper. He noticed that with each passing week fewer and fewer babies were being born to females, and more and more were being birthed by males. Now, male mothers outnumbered females by five or six to one, and the ratio was growing. He also read where male babies delivered by male mothers no longer required Mammeform injections to develop "correctly," and the same was true of female babies and FGH. Apparently once the drugs were administered, they altered the very DNA of the recipient, and that included inheritable, gender specific characteristics.

When Lloyd read that, he realized that there was no going back now. Society, indeed the entire human race, had undergone a major evolution that had completely changed the world. The female of the species was now absolutely dominant -- taller, stronger, and far more aggressive than the smaller, weaker male. The vastly diminished male was now reduced to a secondary role -- a domesticated ward of the female who looked to her for protection, support, and fulfillment.

It was already rare to see a male in public life, and there were fewer of them every day. The last male holdouts in business and politics were being rapidly replaced, and Lloyd could not seem to get worked up over it. Since taking Mammeform and viewing the special films, he found he was far more concerned with caring for Lonnie, preparing for his new baby, and making sure the house was spotless. He rarely bothered to watch the news and he only read the boys' pages in the newspaper. When Beth spoke about national or world events, he smiled and pretended to be interested, but he really did not understand much of it anymore. Even some of the areas he once knew quite well seemed awfully complicated now.

Occasionally that bothered him, but it seemed less and less important as he prepared for his new child. What did he care about the debate over male suffrage, whatever that was? It just wasn't important to him -- not like getting a good dinner on the table for his spouse or finding the perfect outfit for Lonnie's baptism.




As Lloyd's due date drew near, Aryn let Lane come home and stayed with his parents so he could help his father. By then, Lloyd felt huge and he was rarely able to get comfortable. Though he could no longer bend over, he had used a compact mirror to examine himself and had immediately noticed the redness in the area of his proto-vagina. A thickening of the tissue on either side of a deep red line told him he was almost due and one evening while he was nursing Lonnie, he felt the first contraction.

He was able to finish the feeding while Lane prepared to care for his baby brother and Beth put Lloyd's suitcase in the car. Fortunately, Lloyd had used his breast pump to produce enough milk for Lonnie to last a couple of days and he gave Lane some last minute instructions as his second contraction came. Beth helped her tiny spouse out to the car and after strapping Lloyd's seat belt around his expanded girth; she drove them to the hospital.

Lloyd gasped and clutched his spouse's hand as he was helped into a wheelchair. The contractions seemed to be coming rapidly now, at least to him, and the Mammefied male was amazed at the speed with which events were moving. Beth had spent hours and hours in labor before Lane was born; yet the gush of fluid that had just dampened his thigh told the pregnant male that his water had already broken. From his previous experience and the knowledge gained from his pre-natal class, Lloyd knew it would not be long now.

The nurse helped Lloyd out of his clothes and into a hospital smock while Beth conferred with the doctor. It took a bit longer than usual because Lloyd suffered through two more painful contractions, and as soon as the nurse finished, an orderly appeared with a gurney.

Beth accompanied her spouse to the delivery room dressed in surgical greens, while she held his hand and smiled reassuringly at him -- as he once done for her -- as he was placed on the birthing table. Lloyd's legs were secured in the stirrups and the table was adjusted to allow the doctor access to his birth canal. Beth couldn't help but observe that her husband's proto-vagina looked exactly as hers once had. The only difference was that Lloyd had no clitoris, and the glans of his penis appeared as a smooth, hairless patch amid his soft, feminine-appearing pubic hair.

The doctor positioned herself on a short stool while Beth held Lloyd's hand and swabbed his forehead with a cool, moist cloth. Lloyd screamed in his new, high-pitched voice as a particularly vicious contraction wracked his small, fragile body. The doc told her patient to push and remember his breathing, and in an astonishingly short time she announced, "I can see the head!"

She exhorted her patient to give her another big push, and Lloyd grunted with the strain. Then, after only a few more efforts, the baby was delivered. Lloyd felt the mass of the baby leave his body, and he cried and laughed with a sense of supreme accomplishment, while he gasped from the pain. The doctor did a quick check of the infant, who was breathing on her own, and passed the tiny reddish-purple little child to a nurse for cleaning and some quick, routine tests.

"That was amazingly fast -- especially for a first-time mother," Beth remarked to the doctor.

"Yeah, well, almost all the male births are like that," the doctor replied, adding: "Once they've been mammefied, these boys turn into real baby machines. They're naturals at this."

Lloyd heard that remark just as he was delivering the placenta, and he was mortified to be referred to as a "baby machine," but then the nurse propped him up and presented him with his newborn daughter -- and Lloyd forgot all about it. He couldn't take his eyes off his new baby, and he touched her tiny hands and face tenderly.

"Nine pounds, eight ounces, twenty-one inches -- she's a big one," the nurse commented, adding: "She's positive for FGH, doctor, and no detectable abnormalities."

"Well Mizem Carpenter, you have a healthy, strapping female baby. Now I need a name for the birth certificate."

"Her name is E. Beth Carpenter, Jr." Beth replied, surprising Lloyd.



". . . In other news, the Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to the 33rd Amendment today and with that decision, the attempt to restore voting rights for males was effectively killed. The small group of masculinists that appeared at the court seemed disheartened, and several protested the decision by removing their blouses and baring their breasts. They were promptly arrested."

"I'm glad they didn't show any footage of that!" Lloyd remarked as he nursed Lonnie and little Beth Jr. at the same time. In only three months, Little Beth had grown like a weed and was now as big as her older brother.

The fact that males had just irrevocably lost the right to vote, to hold public office, sign contracts, and own property was somehow less important to Lloyd than the possibility that the network might show those foolish boys exposing themselves in a futile protest against complete female domination of society. Lloyd expressed satisfaction that the women running the network had the good sense to edit that part out, and he wondered about the upbringing of boys like that. HIS babies would be raised properly, just like his older boy, and Lonnie would never be allowed to exhibit himself in public like those shameless malcontents. It was all fine and good for women to show their muscular chests in public -- it was only natural, and privately Lloyd found it very thrilling to see a strong woman's physique -- but boys were different. Their breasts were made for nurturing, as he was doing now, or attracting females. Besides, most boys NEEDED the support of a good bra.

Lloyd looked down at himself and smiled. He needed a lot of support himself, and always would, but he was proud of the way he had been able to recover his form after the birth. It was hard work of course, but he had his figure back without any stretch marks or varicose veins, and he knew his spouse was proud of him because of the way she made love to him on a regular basis. He thought back to all that happened in the past year and he realized that he had once been as foolish as those boys on television. He had harbored all those old fashioned ideas that the male was supposed to be the provider, the protector, and the head of the household. Now he clearly saw that FEMALES were far superior to males in those areas.

When Lloyd took the babies to the nursery, Beth turned off the television and took the newspaper to her office. After a few minutes, she heard the vacuum cleaner, and she set the paper aside.

Occasionally she still felt guilty -- still felt a twinge of regret -- but with each passing day, she was more and more at peace with her decision. There was just no way things could have continued as they were, and Lloyd would have never agreed to the changes if he knew the full truth.

The truth was women no longer needed or wanted strong men to be the provider and protector. The advent of FGH had made men all but obsolete, except for breeding the next generation, and males no longer needed strength, analytical minds, nor aggressiveness for that role. Females had become plenty strong and aggressive in their competition for mates, and two strong, dynamic personalities in a marriage would never work. It was only logical that males assume the submissive role in the family.

Of course they would never do so willingly, and that was why males were never told about the interesting psychological effects of Mammeform, or of the various techniques designed to break down their resistance to taking the drug.

Was she part of a conspiracy? Of course she was, although as a latecomer, she had no inkling of it before taking FGH. She still loved her spouse as much as ever and she had seen how holding on to the past was killing Lloyd. What she had done was for his own good.

He was much happier now that he didn't have to compete against the far more capable and aggressive females in the business world. Lloyd did not realize the full extent of the changes that Mammeform had wrought. His recently acquired domestic instincts, his submissiveness and his reluctance to leave the house without female protection were the direct result of the Mammeform. Added to that was a very real reduction in the ability of Mammeformed males to process abstract concepts and most scientific and technical information. Such things tended to bore and confuse them now -- even the ones who had once been physicians and scientists.

Beth did not agree with that aspect, but she was informed that it was a "package deal," and it was all or nothing. Of course she hadn't been told until after she had taken the FGH, so she had little choice but to continue -- which was exactly what the designers had intended. Once they had wrested control of society from males, they had to make certain the males could never again regain primacy, and there was little chance of that if males were incapable of understanding the basic concepts of science or medicine. Soon the entire sex would be reduced to timid, submissive baby machines and domestic servants.

But Beth had vowed that she would never treat Lloyd like that. She loved him too much to regard him as a mere servant. She had resolved to discuss important matters with her spouse and get his input before making any major decisions. The only problem was that Lloyd no longer understood many of the issues she brought up, and he was quite willing to let her handle matters. So, despite her resolve, Beth found herself treating Lloyd in much the same way as other females treated their spouses, albeit more kindly.

Beth's reverie was interrupted by a soft knock on her office door, and she rose to open it.

"Sorry to bother you, hon, but I'm vacuuming in the sun room and I need some help with that old chest. It's too heavy for me, and I was wondering if you could move it," Lloyd asked humbly.

Beth smiled down at her pretty spouse. "Sure sweetie," she replied.

Beth followed her diminutive spouse to the sunroom and grasped the chest, lifting it with ease. She couldn't help remembering the time she needed help with this very item, and she smirked as she considered how much had changed.

Meanwhile, Lloyd fired up the vacuum and quickly finished the carpet, then stood back and watched in admiration as his spouse replaced the chest, maneuvering it as if it weighed nothing at all. Beth's bulging biceps, which rippled from the exertion, fascinated him and the more he stared, the more majestic they appeared.

"It sure is nice to have a woman around the house," he remarked as he wrapped his thin arms around Beth's waist.

His spouse grinned down at him, then suddenly swept him up in her arms and carried him to their room.






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