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Part II


Lynn's first stop was Miss Benson's office to change her schedule.

"Good morning Lynn, you look very nice this morning," Miss Benson said. She couldn't believe this was the boy she tried to discipline by making him dress as a girl, Lynn was just another girl student only much prettier than most.

"Thank you Miss Benson, did my mother call you so I can drop P.E.?"

"Yes she did, you will be in study hall fifth period. I told your P.E. instructor that you moved away so there won't be any questions."

"Thank you Miss Benson."

"You had better hurry to class now or you will be late."

Lynn rushed to Mr. Copeland's class and just made it before the bell rang.

Mr. Copeland took role and had to remark on Lynn's appearance.

"Good morning Miss Collins, it's nice of you to take some pride in your appearance for a change."

"Yes Mr. Copeland."

Lynn felt like crawling under her desk, now everyone will know that I'm a boy dressing as a girl, shit, I'm dead.

"See, I told you he was really a girl," stated Tom Lotti.

"I did too," said Sharon Smith, not wanting to feel as though someone had put something over on her.

Dustin, who sat next to Lynn asked, "Why did you pretend to be a boy?"

Lynn who was now relieved answered, "I was just joking around, but my mom found out and made me stop doing it."

"I'm glad she did, now I get to sit next to the prettiest girl in school."

Lynn just blushed and said, "Thank you."

And so the day went, each class decided that Lynn had been playing a joke on them and he was much prettier as the girl they thought he was.

Tuesday found Lynn back at Dr. Jackson's office with Mindy in tow.

"Good afternoon Lynn, I see that you've decided to dress as a girl today."

"Yes Dr."

"Did you attend school like that?"

"Yes, and I did yesterday too."

"How did that go?"

"It went fine, everyone thought I was a girl all the time from when school first started."

"I guess that made the transition easier then."

"Yes it did."

"Did you bring Mindy with you today?"


"Would you ask her to come in here for a moment, I'd like to talk to her alone."

"Yes Dr."

Lynn went and asked Mindy to talk to the Dr. while she waited in the reception room.

"Thank you for coming today, Mindy. The reason that I asked Lynn to bring you is that I wanted talk to you about Lynn's transition into a girl. Could you tell me a little about when you first noticed a change in Lynn?"

"I guess it was when I first dressed him as a girl. I tried to teach him how to act and it came naturally to him, it was kind of creepy."

"Did it bother you that it was so easy for him?"

"Not at first, I just wanted him to be able to get away with the deception but as we did it more I didn't like where it was going."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I took Lynn shopping and some boys started to flirt with us. I just ignored them but Lynn flirted back with one of them, not like a boy being silly, but he was flirting like a girl and it was then that I knew he was becoming a girl. I told our councilor at school what was happening but she said that was good because she didn't want Lynn to get caught pretending to be a girl and not to worry that Lynn would be more than happy to be a boy again after his punishment."

"What happened next, did Lynn say anything about wanting to be a boy again?"

"No, and things just got worse, we met some guys and Lynn fell for one of them."

"Did they have sex?"

"Oh God no, nothing like that, they just made out but when we left the boys Lynn gave his phone number to the boy just like a girl would. I think he forgot he was a boy and acted just like a girl."

"Did he see the boy after that?"

"No, he didn't have time. He had to take care of all his duties as princess and then when he had his make over done, it was as though they wiped the boy away, there was only a girl left."

"How do you feel about all of this?"

"At first I was having fun making Lynn into a girl but then it got serious when he became one and I didn't like what I had done, after all if I had never asked Lynn to play that prank none of this would have ever happened, but now, I love my new girl friend and would do anything for her."

"Do you feel that Lynn has truly become a girl, other than her male parts?"

"Oh yes, there is no boy left."

"Thank you Mindy, would you send Lynn back in here?"

Lynn returned to the office.

"Lynn, after talking to Mindy there is no doubt that you are a girl and that the boy Lynn is gone forever. I know I should give you permission to start hormones and I'm sure I will but you are so young and I have to be sure it's the right thing to do. I'm going to talk to a specialist about you and what the hormones will do to someone as young as you and will give you my answer as to that decision on Thursday, see you then."

"Thank you Dr."

"Oh by the way please have your mother come in with you."

"I will."

Lynn returned to school on Wednesday and discovered something new, she was popular. The boys thought they had gone to heaven when they saw her and the girls liked her because she was nice and she attracted boys like honey did to bees. As the day wore on girls all wanted to be her best friend. There were slumber parties and regular parties she was invited to, and the boys, God the boys, go to the movies with me, how about a party, meet my parents, study with me, it was overwhelming. Lynn went home and just wanted to be alone.

Thursday came and it was the same thing all over except this time she put it into perspective. Where were these people when she was Lynn the boy? She knew they wanted to be with her because she was pretty but had no clue as to what kind of person she was. At least she knew Mindy loved her for the person she was and decided that if she went to a party, Mindy would go too and besides Mindy would watch out for her. Lynn knew she needed help when it came to social skills as a girl and her best friend would guide her.

That afternoon Lynn and her mother were in Dr. Jackson's office.

"I'm glad you both could make it this afternoon. I wanted you here Susan because I've come to a decision about hormones for Lynn. I looked into the plusses and minuses of hormone therapy for Lynn and have found that if he were to do this now it would be best if indeed he wants to become a woman. If we wait then there will be masculine traits to overcome. The only down side to this is that Lynn would never be able to be a functioning male after treatment begins. Well actually he would able to after several months but realistically he will be a woman for the rest of his life. After reviewing my sessions with Lynn I don't think that will be a problem. At this time I would consider Lynn a girl waiting to start puberty and would recommend hormone treatment for him. Now you two must decide which coarse to take."

"Lynn, what do you want to do?" asked Susan.

"Mom, please let me be your girl," Lynn answered excitedly.

"Then that's what we will do, Dr. Jackson, does that answer your question?"

"Yes it does, I'll have Dr. Bruce start as soon as possible."

"Thank you Dr. Jackson," said Lynn as she and her mother left.

Susan called Dr. Bruce right away with Dr. Jackson's referral.

"Susan, you might as well come in now, it will only take a few minutes to inject Lynn and that way we don't lose any time."

"Thank you so much," said Susan.

Lynn and Susan drove directly to Dr. Bruce's office for Lynn's first injection.

"Lynn I'm going to inject you with a testosterone blocker and with estrogen for you to develop a girls figure. I want you to come here once a month for injections and I will prescribe some pills for you to take everyday. After a while I might recommend removal of your testicles so you won't have to take the testosterone blockers but that will be in the future, maybe in a year or so. Okay here we go, please lower your jeans so I can welcome you to our side of the aisle. This won't hurt too much, I'm going to do both sides of your butt so please don't move."

Dr. Bruce injected Lynn on both cheeks of her butt without much ado. Lynn felt the serum flow into her and knew that now she was truly a woman. As the hormones coursed through her system she felt giddy, she felt like such a woman.

"Dr. I feel so feminine, so womanly, thank you," said Lynn with the excitement reserved for fourteen year old children.

"Lynn, I hate to burst your bubble but you aren't going to feel anything different for months, I know your excited about doing this but what you're doing takes time, you won't have breasts over night, but still I can feel your excitement, what you have done is a big step and I'll be here for you."

Lynn and her mother left and went home. Lynn could hardly wait to tell Mindy that she was now a woman.

"Mindy, guess what, I'm like you now, I'm really a girl."

"You are?"

"Yes, I just got my first hormone shot, now we're both women."

"Wow Lynn that's so cool, but were not women yet, we're still girls."

"You know what I mean, I won't have to wear my breast forms anymore."

"You grew boobs already?"

"No silly, I mean after a while."

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow, I have so much homework to get done, God my math class is so hard, I hate it."

"I think math is easy, I wish you still lived next door so I could help you, okay, see you tomorrow."


Lynn went and did her homework like good girl and then went to bed and dreamed of the girl she was going to become.

Susan sat on the hard marble bench and remembered how the months past and watched as the hormones changed her little girl. She couldn't help but giggle at some of the conversations she had with her daughter. She especially remembered when Lynn finally started to develop in the chest area.

"Mom, my chest hurts," complained Lynn.

"Let me see honey, take your top off."

Lynn removed her top and bra. She still wore her forms because she didn't want to go from a B cup to a zero cup over night. If she did the other students would have thought she was indeed a boy and not the girl she claimed to be. The cement had started to irritate Lynn's skin so she had stopped gluing the forms on her chest butt now she again had irritation. Susan examined Lynn's chest and smiled. Lynn's nipples were inflamed and there was a puffiness under them, my baby's becoming a woman she thought.

"Lynn honey, the reason your chest hurts is that your breasts are beginning to grow, you're becoming a woman."

"But it hurts," whined Lynn.

"It doesn't hurt that bad, remember I went through the same thing and it only lasts for a little while and just think of the improvement when you've finished growing," giggled Susan.

"You're right Mom, I'll try not to be such a baby," Lynn said as she put her clothes back on.

Two more weeks past and Lynn was once again upset.

"Mom, I'm getting fat, I can't button my jeans," wailed Lynn.

"Let me see," answered Susan.

Susan inspected Lynn and came to the logical conclusion.

"Lynn, you're starting to develop into a woman. Remember last week you complained about your chest hurting and I explained that your breasts are starting to grow, well that's not the only thing that's going to grow, your hips are too. Your jeans aren't going to fit anymore because we bought them to fit your figure and at the time you had a boy's figure or a little girls figure but now the hormones are making you develop into a woman. Your waist isn't growing but you hips and breasts are, this is a very awkward time for a girl. Your clothes won't fit properly until you've finished maturing, but there is one good thing about this period of time, we girls get to shop a lot."

"Mom, you're so silly sometimes, I love you."

"I love you too and this weekend I'll buy you some new jeans."

"Thanks Mom."

It was about a month later that Lynn came running to Susan to ask her the most important question of her life,

"Mom, Mom, may I go to a school dance, please," Lynn begged.

"A school dance, with whom?"

"Rex asked me."

"Who's Rex?"

Susan had forgotten about when Lynn came home with smeared lipstick and Lynn wasn't going to remind her mother that this was the boy with whom she had been making out with.

"He's a friend of Mindys."

"What kind of dance is it?"

"It's the spring formal, please say yes, I'll love you forever."

"Do you mean you won't love me if I don't let you go?"

"Come on Mom, please, you know I would love you no matter what, please let me go."

"All right, you can go, but I want to meet this boy Rex and his parents too, where is the dance going to be held?"

"In the St. Patrick's gym."

"What are you supposed to wear?"

"Rex has to wear a suit and I have to wear a dress."

"When is the dance?"

"The weekend after next, the tenth of May."

"Alright, I'll have to make an appointment to have your hair and nails done and we have to find you a dress to wear, who else is going?"

"Mindy and some of my girl friends from school."

"Isn't St. Patrick's an all boys school?"

"Yes, that's why the boys ask the girls from our school to go with them."

"I hope this boy is nice."

"He is Mom."

"I hope so."

This was the day Susan had dreaded, boys wanted her little girl and boys that age didn't want girls to pamper and love, they wanted them for something all together different. She knew what they wanted and even worse she knew that some of the girls wanted the same thing. Her only hope was that Lynn had enough sense to behave herself.

"Lynn this Saturday I'll take you to find a dress and shoes to go with it."

"I could wear my heels I found when Mindy and I went shopping in San Francisco."

"I guess you could, they're awfully sexy though especially for a girl your age."

"Please Mom they're so cute."

"And sexy, I guess it would be alright."

Saturday came and Susan brought Lynn to find a dress for the dance.

"Let's look at Macy's, they probably have the best selection for a girl your age."

Lynn and Susan found the junior department and the search began.

"Mom, look at this one, I have to have it, its gorgeous."

"It is beautiful except you can't wear it, it's strapless and you don't have the boobs to hold it up just yet, keep looking."

Lynn found a black dress that had lace all the way to the collar and had to try it on.

"Mom, this one is perfect, I want to try it on."

"Okay, I'll keep looking to see if I can find another one for you."

Lynn went into the dressing room and removed her jeans and blouse. She lifted the dress over her head and lowered it into place. It was lined with satin and had support built in for her bust. It had a keyhole back and Lynn was going to need help to zip it up. Luckily there was an attendant to help her. When it was zipped she looked in the mirror and knew this was the dress she wanted. She went to show her mother.

"Mom look, I love this dress, what do you think, can I have it, please?"

"Oh Lynn, you look so pretty in that, but isn't it kind of short?"

Lynn loved the dress and how it caressed her skin as she walked but she also liked the way it fell to mid-thigh and showed her legs. Susan however was concerned with her daughter's legs being on display and especially for her daughter's date to look at.

"Mom, its perfect, please, may I have it?"

"As long as the boy is as nice as you say he is, I'll let you have it."

"Thank you Mom, oh thank you, thank you, thank you."

Susan purchased the dress for Lynn and Mother and daughter finished the day buying more clothes for Lynn as the hormones were developing her figure at a much more rapid rate as is typical with young girls, they graduate from eighth grade looking like little girls and three months later they enter high school with a figure that stops boys from talking.

Lynn was far from having such a womanly figure but she was developing some feminine curves and much to Susan's concern Lynn was developing womanly thoughts, especially about boys.

"Mom, look at that boy, God he's so cute."

"Yes I guess he is, but I think he's a little old for you."

"He's only sixteen."

"And your fourteen, so don't get any big ideas young lady. I don't want you dating yet and the only reason I'm letting you go to this dance is that dances like this are special for girls growing up, it's part of becoming a woman."

"Yes Mom."

The week past and it was time for Lynn to have her hair done for the dance. She went back to Styles Spa to have it done by Sondra.

"Lynn how have you been, I haven't seen you since the homecoming dance, so what's the occasion this time?"

"It's the spring formal at St. Patrick's school."

"Let me look at your hair," Sondra said as she fluffed it with her fingers, "My it's grown since you were here last. It looks like I have some work to do, you should see me every month at least for a trim, your so pretty that it's a shame to let you hair go like this."

"I didn't think it was that bad."

"Tsk, tsk, being well groomed is the first lesson a young woman should learn, come back here and let me wash your hair."

Sondra washed Lynn's hair and conditioned it. When she was done she wrapped it in a towel forming a turban.

"What would you like to do with your hair this time?"

"I liked what you did last time can you do the same to it?"

"Sure I can, in fact it will look better in the back because your hair is longer now and it should fall to between your shoulder blades, very sexy. How would you feel about some highlights, they would make the style perfect?"

"I guess my Mom won't mind."

"Good, now tell me about your date."

Sondra started to work on Lynn's hair and unlike the first time she wanted it to be as feminine as possible. Lynn told Sondra all about Rex and also about the homecoming dance and her kiss with Jason. By the time Lynn was finished with her stories Sondra had just finished rolling her hair to set it.

"Does your Mom want us to do your nails and makeup?" asked Sondra, "Your brows need some touching up."

"I'm not sure, would it be okay if I called her?"

"Sure use the phone on the front desk."

Lynn walked to the phone and called her mother.

"Mom, would it be okay if I had my nails and makeup done?"

"I wasn't planning on it but since this is your first dance, I guess it would be alright."

"Thanks Mom."

Lynn hung up the phone and told Sondra that she could have the works.

"Good that way we can do everything while you hair dries."

Sondra called Judy to do Lynn's nails When she was done they were a deep burgundy color. Next Rachel did Lynn's makeup.

"Lynn you have to take better care of your eyebrows, you should get in the habit of cleaning them up at least once a week, let me do it for you."

Rachel plucked Lynn's brows until they were even more feminine then the last time she had been here. She then made up Lynn's face. When she was done Sondra brought Lynn back to her station and finished styling her hair. When she was finished Lynn was awe struck, she thought she looked good last time but with the highlights and new makeup, she knew Rex would be impressed, in fact she was impressed with her appearance. Lynn's mother arrived to pay the bill and when she saw her daughter tears formed in her eyes, she looks so grown up she thought.

"Thank you Sondra for doing such a nice job on my daughter."

"Honey, it's a pleasure working on her, she so pretty to start with that it makes my work easy."

Susan drove Lynn home so she could have a bite to eat and then dress for the dance.

"Lynn, take a bath and shave your legs and underarms while you're in the bath. Be careful not to get you hair wet and don't muss your makeup."

"Yes Mom."

Lynn filled the tub with warm water and lowered herself in and felt the relaxing water envelope her body. She lay in the water and thought about he exciting evening she was about to experience. The water started to cool so she lathered her legs and carefully pulled the razor up her legs being careful not to nick herself and then she did her underarms and exited the tub. Lynn wrapped the towel around her body and went to her room. When she removed the towel she looked in the mirror and called her mother.

"Mom, come here please."

"What's wrong honey?"

"My chest looks swollen and it hurts and I think I'm getting fat, maybe I should diet."

"Let me see sweetheart, well it looks like my little girl won't be little much longer, your developing breasts and your hips are growing, it looks as though your hormones are working. I doubt that you will have to diet for a while unless your stomach grows too and it looks as though that isn't happening, you're just becoming a young lady. Let's get you dressed now so I can take some pictures of you."


Lynn pulled a pair of black thong panties up her legs and nestled her tiny penis and scrotum into them. Never having gone through male puberty had its pluses as it made hiding her male parts easy. Next Susan helped glue on Lynn's breast forms and secured them with a black strapless bra.

"Mom, may I borrow your garter belt tonight?"

"Not in your life, you're much too young for something that sexy. I bought a new pair of pantyhose for you, they're on your night stand."

Lynn tore open the package of hosiery and rolled them up her legs. When she reached the top she pulled them until they fit perfectly. They were a pair of sheer tan hose and Lynn felt the smoothness with her hand and got lost in the feel of them. Susan watched as her daughter lost herself in the femininity of her feelings.

"Mom, would you help me with my dress?"

"Of coarse sweetheart."

Susan lowered the dress down over Lynn's head and pulled it down until it fit like a glove. She then buttoned the collar behind Lynn's neck. Susan then helped Lynn with her heels that she had bought while shopping with Mindy.

Susan started to cry. She couldn't believe how pretty her daughter was. She looked elegant, the dress showed her shoulders and arms and just a little of her back was seen through the keyhole just below her neck. The hem stopped at mid-thigh. Her hair and makeup were flawless. Her legs looked tan and shapely as they curved seductively down to her feet and their Chinese Laundry sandals.

"Mom, why are you crying?"

"Because you're so beautiful, come into the living room so I can take your picture."

Lynn turned and looked at her reflection in her mirror. She stared and thought, I hope Rex is impressed when he sees me. Lynn glided slowly down the hallway to the living room walking slowly so as not to trip. She wasn't used to wearing heels as high as this, they were just shy of four inches. Lynn loved the seductive click the heels make on the hardwood floor.

"Honey, stand in front of the fireplace and face me."

"Okay mom."

"Alright ready, smile," flash, flash, "Now turn a little to the side, perfect," flash, flash, "Now turn a little more, that's it, " flash, flash went the camera as Susan took the pictures. "When Rex gets here I want to take pictures of the both of you," Susan said.

"Yes mom."

Five minutes later there was a knock at the front door.

"Go back and wait in your room until I call you, your entrance is almost as important as what you wear."

"Okay Mom." Lynn returned to her room and Susan answered the door. She opened it and gazed at the creature that wanted to steal her baby from her. Rex was very nervous and he did look kind of cute, Susan was enjoying the young man's discomfort, maybe Lynn would be alright after all.

"Come in," Susan said as Rex and his father entered the house. "I'm Susan Collins," she said as she extended her hand to Rex's father.

"I'm Roger Shipley, Rex's father, it's nice to meet you," he said as he took Susan's hand in his, "and this is Rex."

"It's nice to meet you Rex."

"I'm sorry my wife was unable to meet you tonight but she had to attend a meeting at the hospital to raise money for the children's wing addition."

"Well at least I was able to meet you. Aren't you the Roger Shipley that owns the Chevy dealership across town?"

"One in the same, please don't hold it against me."

"I won't," laughed Susan, "Lynn, your guest is here." Susan would be damned if she was going to call Rex her date, she was too young to date and besides this was just a dance so it was just, you know something special, but not a date.

Lynn walked down the hallway into the living room, her heels announcing her arrival.

"Hi," Lynn said cheerily.

"Gulp, hhhi," Rex stammered when he saw Lynn.

"Lynn this is Mister Shipley, Rex's father," Susan said.

"It's nice to meet you Mister Shipley," said Lynn with her biggest smile and extending her hand to shake his. The light danced off her nails as Roger took Lynn's hand in his and shook it softly.

"It's nice to meet you Lynn, it's easy to see why Rex is so infatuated with you, you're very pretty."

"Dad," Rex said as he whined with embarrassment.

Susan didn't like the way Roger was looking at her daughter but she really couldn't blame him as Lynn's makeup made her look older so she would forgive him this time.

"You two stand in front of the fireplace and Rex you place your arm around Lynn's back and hold her around her waist, that's perfect, now hold still," Susan said as she took the pictures of the couple.

"Okay kids, what time is the dance over?"

"I think around Ten-thirty."

"Alright, I expect you home by eleven Lynn, have fun you two."

"We will Mom."

Rex walked Lynn to the Chevy Tahoe and helped her in and soon they were at the dance. Mr. Shipley left the couple off in front of the gym. Rex and Lynn walked into the room. When they did, all conversation stopped. The other boys were in awe when they saw Lynn and couldn't believe Rex's luck to have such a beauty for a date. The other girls noticed too but mostly they saw the reaction their dates had toward the beautiful girl. Almost to a couple the boy's dates swung their elbows into their ribs and the whoosh of air being pushed out of their lungs filled the room.

Lynn looked around the room and spotted Mindy with her date and a group of other students.

"Rex, there's Mindy, come on I have to talk to her," said Lynn excitedly.

Lynn took Rex's arm and pulled him across the floor to where Mindy was standing.

"Mindy, oh my God, I love your dress, you look so hot."

Mindy did look good in her strapless red knee length dress. Mindy had developed a large bust over the last year and loved showing it off in low cut dresses like this. Mindy had also gone to the salon and had a make over that day and as she stood in her red four-inch heels the boys couldn't help but notice her beautiful shape, she was a show stopper.

"Wow you should talk, I love your dress, where did you find it, it's perfect."

"At Macy's with my Mom, let's see if we can find a table."

The couples walked to a table in the back of the room. Rex and Charlie were in their second year of high school so that meant that they were on the lower pecking order when it came to functions like this. The Senior's had first choice of tables and then came the Juniors and then after that it was first come first serve.

The music started and Rex escorted Lynn to the dance floor for their first of many dances. The first five were fast and Lynn was having fun dancing and swiveling her hips like the rest of the girls. Finally there was a slow song and Rex swept Lynn into his arms. Lynn saw the other girl put both hands around they're dates neck so Lynn did the same. Rex pulled Lynn tight to his body and Lynn laid her head against his shoulder. This was a new feeling for Lynn as the couple's bodies rubbed against each other. Her last dance was the homecoming dance and at that dance she had become infatuated with her dance partner and had gotten lost in the femininity of dancing close to a boy. She had become somewhat aroused but only because she had never had sexual contact with anyone before. She felt like a beautiful girl in a romantic setting with a handsome boy and loved the way she had felt at the time, it was almost like a romance novel. But now something else was happening to Lynn, she was becoming aroused sexually. She was feeling romantic but now she felt something else, she felt lust. The hormones she was taking were making her feel like any other teen aged girl going through puberty, she wanted Rex and not just to kiss, she wanted something else, she was hot. Rex was also feeling the effects of puberty and he was getting an erection while he held Lynn tight. All he could think was that he hoped she couldn't feel what she was doing to him. Oh but Lynn did feel what was happening and she loved that she was having this effect on Rex so much so that she rubbed her pelvis against his embarrassment. Why did I just do that she wondered, not knowing that her high amounts on hormone were taking control of her sub-conscience sexual desires, she was becoming a woman.

The music ended and the couple walked back to the table, Rex had to try to make his tented pants go down. If one were to see Rex walking with Lynn there would be no doubt as to what he was trying to hide. Most men don't walk with they're girl friends hand on their arm and they're other hand held in front of their crotch, it's a dead giveaway. Rex seated Lynn and asked her if she wanted a soda to drink and went to get one for her.

Rex no sooner left when a boy sauntered up to the table.

"Hey, what's up?" he asked.

"Nothing," Lynn replied.

"What's a fox like you doing all by yourself?"

"I'm not by myself, I'm with my boyfriend."

"Do you mean that little sophomore?"

"He's not so little."

"But he is a sophomore and a girl as pretty as you shouldn't be wasting your time with someone like that, you should be with a senior like me."

"I don't think so."

"And why not?"

"Because you're rude and obnoxious, you know I'm with someone else and you try to hit on me, you're an ass," stated Lynn.

"Well fuck you bitch, you had your chance."

"Nice come back," replied Lynn.

The boy turned around to confront Lynn just as Rex was returning to the table.

"Lynn is there something wrong?" asked Rex.

The boy looked at Rex and decided that trying to start a fight with a boy larger than himself would be foolish so he turned back around and walked away.

"Everything is fine now that you're back," Lynn said as she took Rex's hand in hers.

Rex and Lynn drank their sodas and returned to dancing. The fast ones were fun but the slow ones became more and more intimate as the evening wore on. The last dance finally arrived and Lynn pulled Rex tight to her body, feeling every ripple of his muscles that she could through his suit, Lynn wanted Rex in the worst way. She couldn't control her feelings any longer and pulled Rex's lips to hers and locked into a kiss that was rocking her world. She saw sparks and she felt a glow in her groin and instinctively she knew where she wanted Rex's erection to be, deep inside of her, she was becoming a woman. Lynn parted her lips as though by instinct and Rex's tongue entered her mouth. She felt the soft sensual touch of his tongue as it made love to her mouth, Lynn was on fire. The music ended and Lynn and Rex broke their passionate embrace, both looking at the other, their eyes saying all that needed to be said, I love you.

Rex's father was waiting for the couple when the dance ended and drove Lynn home so as to make her curfew. When they arrived Rex walked Lynn to the door and kissed her goodnight. Even as innocent as this kiss was it moved something inside Lynn and made her wonder what was happening to her.

Susan was waiting for her daughter and of coarse had to know everything because that's what moms do.

"Hi honey, did you have fun?"

"Oh Mom, it was so wonderful and Rex is so nice, we had so much fun."

"Was Mindy there?"

"Yes and she looked so hot, her dress was gorgeous, it was strapless, I wish I could wear something like that."

"Don't worry you will, it won't be long, although I doubt that you will be as large as Mindy, she's very busty."

"Why not?"

"Because Mindy is larger than normal and our family runs about average when it comes to bust size but that shouldn't stop you from wearing dresses like that when you get a little older."

"I can't wait."

Lynn went to her room and removed her dress and makeup and went to bed. She dreamed about her Rex again only this night she wasn't his princess, she was his wife and on her honeymoon. Rex was kissing her deeply and she was becoming aroused. She wasn't sure of what he was doing to her but what ever it was it was making her crazy with lust. She looked into his eyes and said, "take me," as she felt his erection rubbing against her stomach. Rex lifted her hips and at that moment Lynn swooned and woke from her sleep. My God, my God she thought, what was he going to do to me as she felt an emptiness inside of her body.

The next morning Susan woke Lynn to tell her that Mindy was on the phone.

Lynn picked up the phone and said, "Hello."

"Lynn, tell me all about last night, I saw you and Rex kissing, God I didn't think you would ever stop."

"Oh my God Mindy, it was so wonderful, I was so hot."

"I could tell, you were moving all over him, did he have a woody?"

"A woody?"

"You know was he hard?"

"God yes, I thought he would burst his pants," giggled Lynn.

"How did it feel?"

"I wanted it so bad, if I could have I would have ripped his clothes off."

"Wow girl, it sounds like you've got it bad."

"God Mindy, I don't know what's happening to me, I feel so weird."

"You're going through puberty. When I started I was like you too, all I would do is watch boys and their butts and my dreams were well you know wild. Every night some boy was seducing me in my dreams, my mom and dad told me I was boy crazy and I guess that's what you're going through now, do you like it?"

"Yes, but I feel so empty at times."

"Don't worry, you get over it and eventually you'll learn how to satisfy yourself."

"How do you do that?"

"I'm not going to tell you now, maybe later on, I have to go, call me later."


Lynn hung up the phone and went to ask her mother if she could visit Mrs. Mac Lain.

"Mom, would it be okay if I visited Mrs. Mac Lain? I want to show her the pictures from last night."

"Sure honey, I made extra copies when I down loaded them this morning, you can give her copies of each."

"Thanks Mom."

Lynn went and showered, being careful not to wet her hair. She decided to wear a skirt and blouse because Mrs. Mac Lain liked girls to dress like girls and not wear pants all the time. Lynn didn't mind because she liked wearing skirts and dresses, they made her feel feminine.

Lynn entered Mrs. Mac Lain's room and kissed her on the cheek. She had been "resting her eyes" as she called it when she napped.

"Lynn, what a surprise, it's so nice to see you."

"Hi, Mrs. Mac Lain."

"What brings you here today, dear?"

"I wanted to show you the pictures from the dance I went to last night."

"Let me see sweetheart, oh you look lovely, so pretty, my, my, you're such a young lady, and your date, my he's handsome."

"Thank you."

"I remember when I was young like that, when you're my age you forget many things but when you first date a boy, it's something you remember forever, almost like it was yesterday. My first formal date was with a young man named Bruce Tollaver. He was such a handsome boy. He made my heart flutter every time I saw him. I remember my mother helping me get ready for the dance. My dress was very full and I had to wear many layers of petticoats with it. When I walked you could hear the swish, swish sound from them and when Bruce saw me he blushed, the whole night was magical. When the last dance came Bruce kissed me, it was my first kiss, I remember it to this day, his lips found mine and I quivered when we touched, I think it was one of the most special times in my life."

"How did you feel when he kissed you?"

"It did something to me, like someone had lit a fire inside of me, why do you ask?"

"Because Rex kissed me last night and I melted. It gave me a need that I couldn't fill. I can't describe it, I felt as though I wanted him to do something to me but I didn't know what it was."

"Oh my dear, come sit next to me," Mrs. Mac Lain said as she patted the bed. "What you were feeling was what all women feel when they want to give birth to a child and the man they are with makes them feel that way. You wanted to make love to him, you wanted him inside of you to make that baby, honey it's part of being a woman. Right now though you are too young to have a man bed you and although it's hard sometimes you have to stay in control of your body and not let just any man take you to bed, wait until you're married. I know more girls that didn't wait and then they found themselves pregnant and wished they had never done what they had. Take it from an old woman, wait until that special person comes along. I waited until I was married and I'm glad I did, Mr. Mac Lain was my first and he was my last, I only wish that we had tried to make a girl before he died, but at least I have you to dote on, I hope you can humor an old woman."

"Oh Mrs. Mac Lain I love coming to see you, you've become very special to me, I'm glad you want me to visit."

"I love having you here too dear."

Lynn spent several more hours visiting, helping Mrs. Mac Lain to walk into the garden and then back to her room. Lynn was beginning to love her as though she was her grand mother.

"My Mom's here so I have to go, you can keep the pictures, I brought them for you."

"Thank you sweetheart, give me a hug now and be off with you."

"Lynn hugged Mrs. Mac Lain and kissed her on the cheek. Lynn loved the stories she told her about when she was young and even though it was a different time all the basics were the same, the feelings, what was right and wrong, Lynn was learning important lessons.

Two weeks past and Lynn excitedly returned to the home to visit Mrs. Mac Lain again.

Lynn walked into her room and found the bed made but the woman wasn't there. Lynn walked to the nurse's station to ask where she was.

"Excuse me, could you tell me where I could find Mrs. Mac Lain?"

"Mrs. Mac Lain, are you a relative of hers?"

"I'm a friend, I visit her every other week."

"I'm sorry dear, but Mrs. Mac Lain passed away last week, the funeral was Thursday, who did you say you were?"

"I, I, I'm Lynn Collins, she was my friend, she was like a grandmother to me , we were," Lynn said as her voice faded off and the room went black as she fainted.

Lynn saw the light growing brighter as she regained consciousness.

"Are you alright miss, you fainted," said the nurse as she laid a wet cloth on Lynn's forehead.

Lynn was in a bed having been placed there by an orderly. Why had she fainted, then she remembered, Mrs. Mac Lain had died, tears came to her eyes as she sobbed. The nurse had been aware enough to look in Lynn's purse and found Susan's phone number and was able to have her come back to pick her up.

Lynn was able to walk to the car without incident. When she sat the tears returned. I t was all Susan could do to calm her child.

"It's alright honey, let it out, it will make you feel better."

Susan comforted Lynn until she gained some control of her emotions. The nurse told Susan why Lynn was so distraught, so she was at least able to try to talk some sense to Lynn.

"Honey, I'm so sorry for your loss, but Mrs. Mac Lain was very old and she had lived a full life and I know you're going to miss her but she wouldn't want you to cry like this."

"But I didn't even get to say goodbye to her."

"I'm sure she knows you would have wanted too and I'm sure she sees your sorrow now and it's alright to grieve, everyone does when they lose someone they love. Just remember the good things about her and remember what she told you about life and that way she will never die in your head, she will always be with you."

"Thanks Mom," Lynn sniffled as the tears fell from her eyes. It would take a while for Lynn to come to grips with her loss but she eventually found solace in her school work, she would become the student Mrs. Mac Lain would be proud of.

Lynn returned to school and several weeks past. She was called to the councilors office. What did I do now she wondered?

Lynn walked into the office and was greeted with smiles.

"Lynn, I have some really exciting news for you," said Miss Benson.

"You do?"

"Yes, do you remember when you visited the convalescent hospital after the homecoming dance and you met a woman named Mrs. Mac Lain?"

"Yes, I visited her every two weeks after that."

"You did, why did you do that?"

"Because she was my friend and I found her to be very interesting and she taught me may things about being a woman."

"I wasn't aware of that, what a wonderful thing for you to have done, so maybe that explains what I'm going to tell you. As you know Mrs. Mac Lain was a very wealthy woman and because you befriended her she set up a scholarship trust that will be used by any girl that was a queen or princess for homecoming and she named it The Lynn Collins Scholarship Fund. The fund will pay for any girl who has completed high school and is admitted to a four year university and was a queen or princess. Depending on how well the girls do with their studies and if they don't have grades good enough to qualify then the funds are carried over to the next year or if two or three girls qualify then they all get the scholarship. School must have been very important to her."

"It was, she was a very special person in my life."

"She must have been and you in hers for her to bequeath this money to our school."

"I loved her very much."

"Everything she talked to you about must have made an impression, you have one of the highest grade point averages as a first year student."

"She did, I have to return to class, thank you Miss Benson."

"Lynn, I'm the one who should be thanking you for this and everything you have done for me, you're a very special girl."

"Thank you Miss Benson."

Lynn was so proud of what Miss Benson had told her that she knew she would qualify for the scholarship, she couldn't let Mrs. Mac Lain down.

The school year past and finally it was summer vacation time. It was time for fun and Lynn and Mindy had fun, shopping, flirting, swimming, flirting, flirting, hey she's a girl now and that's what girls do.

August came and Lynn had a question to ask her mother.

"Mom, Vanessa is having a slumber party for her birthday and hers is two days before mine and she asked if I could go. Mindy is also invited, can I go, please?"

"As long as her parents are going to be there you may go."

"Oh thank you, thank you, I love you Mom," Lynn said as she raced to the phone to call Vanessa with the news.

The bailiff walked across the hallway to the bench where Susan Collins was sitting.

"Mrs. Collins, the judge just said that if the jury can't come to a verdict by five o'clock he is going to send them home for the evening," he said.

"Thank you bailiff, does it look like they might be done today?"

"It's hard to say, usually with a case like this the jury should have had a verdict by now, its pretty obvious what happened, but the way the DA spun the case the jurors might be confused, I just hope they make the right decision."

"So do I, thank you."

Susan returned to her thoughts of Lynn's first slumber party.

It was the day of the party and Lynn was beside herself.

"Mom, what am I going to wear, what do they do at these parties, maybe I shouldn't go."

"Don't be silly every girl goes to at least one slumber party in they're lives, relax, the only thing you'll be doing is putting on makeup and talking about boys. Wear your long flannel nighty and you'll be fine."

"Should I wear my forms, my breasts have been growing and they are kind of sensitive when I put on the glue."

"Let me take a look at your breasts to see how much you've grown."

Lynn raised her blouse and Susan removed her bra and forms. Lynn hadn't glued them on because the bra held them firmly and she didn't like the discomfort when she had to remove them. Susan looked at her daughter's breasts and was pleased with they're growth, Lynn was developing like a girl her age should. It takes a little while for growth to start but when it does it seems to happen over night or maybe it just seems that way, one day flat the next stacked.

"Lynn you're growing very nicely, I think you're almost an A cup. If you'd like I can take you to the store and buy you a padded bra that will make you look almost as big as you are now but will be able to take it off when you go to bed. Don't worry, I'm sure some of the other girls will have the same kind of bras and their development won't be much more than yours, after all you're fourteen and fifteen year old girls."

"What about Mindy?"

"Mindy's an exception, large breasts run in her family, look at her mother, the poor woman must feel like she's carrying melons around all day long," laughed Susan.

"Mom, you're so silly," answered Lynn.

Susan loved this kind of interaction with her daughter, one that wouldn't have happened if Lynn had decided to remain a boy after the homecoming incident, maybe good things do come by accident she thought.

"Lynn grab your purse so we can run to the mall, we have to hurry because I'm supposed to drop you of at Vanessa's in an hour."

"Okay Mom."

Susan brought her daughter to the lingerie section at Macy's to buy her some new bras. She bought two, one padded and one not. Both where white, the padded one had a little lace and when Lynn put it one it pushed her breasts together and created a small amount of cleavage, wow. I look hot she thought. The other was a plain white cotton bra, nothing fancy but practical, one a woman would wear everyday.

"Mom, do I have to get this one, can't we buy this lacy bra instead?" Lynn asked as she held up a bare wisp of sexy black lace.

"Lynn, I'm not going to buy something like that until you're older and besides you would grow out of it in another few months and did you see the price of that? That kind of bra is for when you want to seduce a man and I won't allow you to do that, don't worry after your development stops I'll allow you to have pretty things like that."

"Yes Mom."

"Susan and Lynn returned home and Lynn put on her new bra and packed to go to the party. She liked the new sensations she was getting from the bra, her forms had pretty much insulated her breasts from any sensation but now she felt ever so slightly any movement of fabric against her nipples. Wow, she thought, this is so cool. She would soon discover that her non-padded bra would feel even more intense but that would wait for another day.

Susan drove Lynn to the party and Vanessa answered the door.

"You made it," She said as they hugged and gave the typical air kiss, "Hurry you're the last one here, the other girls are in the family room, bye Mrs. Collins," said Vanessa as she waved goodbye to Susan.

"Bye Mom," said Lynn as she waved goodbye.

The girls closed the door and went to join the other girls.

"Lynn, you're here," screamed Mindy.

The whole group ran over and gave Lynn a group hug and took her bag and placed it with the others in the corner of the room. Vanessa had been allowed to have ten girls over for her party but with all of them talking it seemed like twenty.

"I'm hungry," stated Jennifer. Jennifer was one of those girls that was forever eating but looked like she was a waif starving in the streets, she never gained weight.

"God Jen, don't you ever stop eating, if I ate like you I'd look like a blimp," said Brenda. Brenda was a tall girl but had to watch her weight, she would gain five pounds just walking by a restaurant.

"You're just jealous," answered Jennifer.

"Come on, my Mom made some sandwiches in the kitchen and there are sodas in the fridge, let's eat," said Vanessa.

The girls invaded the kitchen and when they had finished eating returned to the family room and turned on the stereo to listen to some music and learn how to dance the latest dances. The girls finally tired of dancing and decided it was time to make each other over. Vanessa decided she wanted cornrows in her hair and asked her best friend Shauntay to do them for her. Shauntay was one of the few black girls in the school. She was extremely pretty, looking much like Vanessa Williams and very popular with the boys.

"Vanessa, that takes a lot of time, are you sure you want me to do it?"

"Please, it's my birthday."

"Alright sit here so I can get started."

"Lynn I want to do your makeup," stated Ashley, "I saw a way to make your eyes look bigger."

"My eyes look big enough already," giggled Lynn.

Ashley was a sweet girl that everyone loved, she was short, maybe and inch or two shy of five feet but had a bubbly personality and seemed to be going a hundred miles an hour all the time, "Come on Lynn, sit," she ordered.

Lynn sat next to Ashley and allowed her to remove her makeup so she would have a fresh pallet to work from. Mean while Mindy and the rest of the girls decided to do their nails. The room looked and smelled like a salon on a busy day.

Ashley finished Lynn's makeup and awaited approval of her work.

"Well?" she asked.

"Oh my God, Lynn, you look so hot, do me next please?" asked Brandi.

Brandi was the wild card in this mix. She was very pretty but when it came to brains well like the old saying goes, when they said brains, she thought they said trains and missed hers, but she would never do anything to hurt her friends and would stand by them to the end.

Lynn did look hot, for a hooker, but then again these girls were trying to discover what being a woman was all about and the only way was to experiment. Brandi took Lynn's chair and then Lynn went to do Sarah's toenails.

Sarah was the quiet one of the bunch. She was very studious, was on the girl's track team and seemed to excel in what ever she did. Sarah was a person you could trust with your life and would always be there for you.

Lynn placed cotton balls between Sarah's toes and asked her what color she wanted.

"Blue," she said.

"Blue, are you sure, you'd look so hot with red."

"I'm sure, blue, I want to look retro, that's me."

"Okay," Lynn said as she started to paint.

Slowly over the next few hours the girls were made up, painted and they're hair was styled although Vanessa was the only one to have cornrows as they were just too much work to do. Now the girls went into the next phase of the evening, the tell the truth phase.

"Has anyone ever done it, you know gone all the way?" asked Vanessa.

"Eww, no," answered Sarah.

No, no, I haven't, not me and so on until they came to Brandi.

"I did it, when I was with Tim," she answered.

"You did?" asked Jennifer.


"What was it like?" asked one of the girls before one of the others could ask.

"It was, I don't know, it was kind of like well, you know, like, God this is so hard to explain. You know when you kiss a boy and you feel empty and don't know what to feel, well when Tim did it to me I felt, God I hate this, I felt so complete."

"Did it hurt?"

"At first, but then God it felt so good."

"Did you only do it once?"

"No, after the first time I did it all the time with Tim."

"Are you still with Tim?"


"Why not?"

"Because he broke up with me."


"He found a new girl friend."

"Have you done it with anyone else?"


"I would never do anything like that," said Shauntay.

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want to get pregnant."

"Brandi, aren't you worried about getting pregnant?"

"Are you kidding, I've been on the pill since eighth grade, what about the rest of you, don't you at least want to experiment?"

"Not me," said Jennifer.

"Nor do I," answered the rest of the girls.

"Why not?"

"Because, I'm not ready for that yet," said Mindy.

"What about you Lynn, I saw you and Rex at the dance and I could tell you were ready to do it?"

"Have you forgotten that I was born a boy?"

"Oh God, I'm sorry, I've forgotten over time that your not like one of us, I'm so sorry."

"You were born a what?" asked Sally.

Sally was the brainiac in the group. She never stopped studying. She was a nice looking girl but wasn't one to try to accentuate her looks. She had a steady boyfriend and really never got into school social structure.

"I was born a boy, but now I'm a girl."

"How can you do that?"

"I was a girl on the inside and now I'm becoming a girl on the out side."

"I'm sorry but color me stupid but how can you become a girl?"

"I'm taking hormones."

"I'm sorry but that's creepy."


"Because, if you're a boy, you're a boy, and if you're a girl, you're a girl, you can't change that."

"When you first met me did you see a boy or girl?"

"A girl."


"I don't know, it just doesn't seem right."

"Why not?" asked Shauntay.

"Because, I don't know, God this is so confusing."

"Let me ask you this, when you look at me what do you see?" asked Shauntay.

"My girl friend."

"What else?"

"What do you mean, what else?"

"What else?" asked Shauntay with exasperation in her voice.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"What color am I?"



"Shauntay, you're making me crazy, what are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about Lynn, when you look at her what do you see?"

"A pretty girl."

"Now do you understand what I'm saying? When you look at me you see your friend, not your black friend and when you look at Lynn you see a girl, not a boy that looks like a girl, but a girl, now do you get it?

"Yes, I'm sorry, some times I'm so dense," said Sally as the room erupted with laughter.

The girls were thirsty and all wanted to have a drink so it was soda time once again. When they finished they returned to the family room and spread out their sleeping bags or blankets which ever they brought to sleep in. The girls removed their clothing down to their panties and everyone had to stare at Lynn. Did she have boobs, were they fake, finally Sarah said, "Don't stare, it's not nice."

Lynn was unaware that she was the center of attention until Jennifer asked, "Lynn are your breasts real?"

"Of coarse they are, I'm a girl."

"I'm jealous, they're bigger than mine," said Ashley.

"Ask your Mom for implants," said Mindy as the girls all giggled.

"Maybe I will, I hate being flat." responded Ashley.

"Be careful what you wish for or you might look like Mindy," said Vanessa.

"Fuck you," laughed Mindy.

Mean while all the girls had to feel Lynn's breasts and they found that they felt just like theirs, Lynn was indeed one of them.

It was after midnight and the girls were settling down. Vanessa put the question out to the group, no one in particular but asked, "What do you want to do after high school?"

"I don't know yet," said Ginger, "Maybe a nurse."

Ginger was the quiet one of the bunch. She was shy and unlike the rest of the girls, she had a full figure and because of this she kept to herself other than hanging with Sally. She and Sally were best friends and both were honor students. When she spoke first all the girls looked her way, as this had been the first peep out of her mouth all night.

"A nurse, how come?" Vanessa asked.

"Because you have to study hard and be strong enough to be able to lift patients."

"That makes sense, I just want to get married," said Brandi.

"I want to be an attorney," said Sally, " And go to Hasting School of Law."

"My Mom's an attorney," said Shauntay.

"I thought your mom was a stay at home mother," said Vanessa.

"She is, my mom and dad made the decision for her to stay at home until I go to college."

"Wow, that's so cool, I wish my mom could have stayed at home," said Brandi.

"I'm not sure what I'm going to do just yet, I have some other things to take care of first, if you know what I mean," laughed Lynn.

"What are you going to do?" asked Mindy.

"When I'm eighteen I'm going to have surgery to make me complete and then I'll go to college," answered Lynn.

"Aren't you afraid?" asked Sarah.

"No not really, I'm more afraid of not being accepted as a girl than having the surgery, at least after that no one will know that I was ever a boy."

"What about you Shauntay, are you going to be an attorney like your mother?" asked Jennifer.

"No way, every time I read something in the paper about lawyers it's negative and I'd hate to have people talk about me behind my back. Can you imagine what that would be like, eww she's a lawyer, no thanks. I want to go to Stanford and get my MBA from their business school and become the first woman CEO for AT&T."

"Why Stanford?" asked Jennifer.

"Because my father went to medical school there and Condoleezza Rice taught there."

"Who's Condoleezza Rice?" asked Brandi.

"Are you kidding me Brandi, don't you ever watch the news or read the newspaper?"

"I never read the paper and if the news is on MTV I might see it, so who is she, I think I did hear her name once, isn't she in that rap group from Detroit?"

Shauntay just rolled her eyes, "God Brandi sometimes I think you just crawled from a cave, She just happens to be the smartest woman I know of. She's the Secretary of State and travels all around the world for our country. She's done everything on her own and got where she is by being smart."

"She's black too, isn't she?"

"Yes, but I think most people see her as a very smart woman and not as being black. That's the way I want to be, I want people to think of me as a smart girl and not as a smart black girl. It was like when Sally said that I was her girl friend and didn't think of me as being black, she just thought of me as being me because I'm just like all of you only a little darker. The only people that have a problem with me are my cousins that live in Oakland. They call me an Oreo, you know brown on the outside and white in the middle. They tell me that I'm turning by back on the black experience and that I should be more like them. I explain to them that I am proud of my black heritage but I want to make something of myself and the only way is with an education. I ask them, what would you have me do, be like Rochelle and have a baby at fifteen or Tyrese and be in jail for selling drugs, I know if I work hard there are better things for me so don't tell me about the black experience and don't use it as an excuse not to try."

"Whoa, what did they say when you said that?" asked Lynn.

"They pretty much called me a bitch, well actually they called me an uppity white bitch and that I thought I was better than them."

"Wow that's weird, you would think they would want to do well."

"I think they do but there is a lot of pier pressure from their friends and there is a gang mentality in that neighborhood that instead of trying to lift themselves up they are brought down by thugs that run everything where they live. Once a person gets away from that kind of life they do better. I'm really lucky to have my parents, my dad's a doctor and my mom stays at home for me and my brothers. Both of them are in college and when I graduate, I'm going to be also."

"Wow Shauntay, I never knew you had relatives like that," said Lynn.

"Everyone does, most people just don't talk about it."

"I have an uncle that's in prison," stated Brandi.

"Brandi," all the girls shouted in unison and then they all threw their pillows at her. The pillow fight lasted until the girls fell in exhaustion. That's when they played the last game of the evening, who would fall asleep last, Ashley won.

Susan picked Lynn up the next morning and when Lynn got home she wet directly to bed. It seems that the girls had stayed up until four AM.

After that night Lynn was part of the gang and did everything they did from shopping to going to the movies, Lynn was now truly a girl.

School started once again and the girls were no longer lowly freshmen. As far as everyone in school was concerned Lynn was a girl and most of their memories of Lynn the boy had disappeared. One day two weeks after seeing a movie with the girls Lynn felt pain in his scrotum. It persisted for several days so Lynn mentioned it to her mother.

"Mom, I hurt down there," she said pointing at her crotch.

"I'll make an appointment for you to see the doctor."

The next day Lynn was being examined by her doctor. She had her feet in the stirrups and her legs were spread wide. Her doctor touched and felt her in ways she had never been felt before.

"Does this hurt Lynn?" she asked.


"What about this?" she asked as she squeezed Lynn's testicles.

"Ouch, that hurts," Lynn said loudly.

"I'm sorry dear but this must be done."

The doctor continued the examination poking and prodding and was almost finished. The doctor had Lynn remove her feet from the stirrups and lay on her side.

"Lynn I have to examine one more thing. It's going to be uncomfortable but it must be done. I have to check your prostate gland and the only way is from your behind. I have to stick my finger inside of you to make sure it is okay so please lay still, ready?"


The doctor lubed her glove finger and inserted it into Lynn's rectum. Lynn sucked air into her lungs when she did. There was discomfort but not as bad as Lynn thought there would be, luckily Dr. Burns had small fingers.

"There, I'm all done, you can get dressed if you'd like," said the doctor.

Lynn and Susan joined Dr. Burns for a determination as to what Lynn's problem could be.

"After examining Lynn I found some growths on her testicles. These aren't normal and I'm not sure if they are from the hormones or something else, perhaps they are changing because of the drugs you are taking and maybe not, there is no way to be sure at this point. If we were to stop your therapy maybe the growths would disappear but if they are what I think they are stopping the hormones won't do any good. In young men one of the most common cancers is testicular cancer and although Lynn would seem to be too young for this kind of cancer, it is possible. Because of what Lynn is doing at this point in her life and what she has done with hormones I would recommend removing her testicles. This is a relatively simple operation and I wish the law would allow us to complete her reassignment at the same time, but I'm afraid we can't, that will have to wait until she is eighteen. After the operation we will be able to stop the testosterone blockers and lower her estrogen intake, it will actually be better for her in the long run. Let me know as soon as possible because we will have to run tests to make sure if it is cancer that it hasn't spread to her lymph system."

"Is there anything else we can do besides surgery?"

"You can stop the hormones and if she is cancerous go into chemo therapy. Even after having chemo she might have to have the operation anyway. If you would like I can schedule her for a needle biopsy to be sure it is cancer and then you will know for sure what you might want to do."

"Lynn and I will go home and discuss it and decide what we feel would be best."

"Please let me know as soon as possible, this is something that can't wait too long."

"Yes doctor, and thank you."

Susan and Lynn returned home to have the most important discussion in Lynn's young life.

"Mom, what should I do?" asked Lynn.

"I don't honey, there is a lot to think about."

"What if I have cancer, I don't want to die," Lynn said as her lip quivered.

"I don't want you to die either. The things they want to remove are some of your boy bits. They are the things that turn you into a man. I just worry that you might change your mind one day and want to be a boy again and if you remove these things then you won't be able to have children as a father."

"I don't want to be a boy ever again."

"You will have to be sure because after they are gone there is no putting them back on."

"I'm absolutely sure Mom, I love being a girl and besides remember what they told us when I started my hormones, that I probably wouldn't be able to have children anyway after this amount of time. Mom, I don't want to stop my hormones, look I'm really starting to grow, see," Lynn said as she pointed at her chest. Lynn still hadn't reached an A cup, but was close and she was proud of her development.

"You are looking very feminine sweetheart, but I just worry, remember I've known you since you were born and raised you as a boy and its hard to lose something you've known all your life."

"I know Mom but I'm a girl now and why keep something from the past that might kill me?"

"You're right Lynn, that's the way moms are, we never throw anything away that our babies did. I'll call Dr. Burns and schedule your surgery."

Lynn had her surgery one week later on a Friday so she would have the weekend to heal. She returned to school the following Monday. When she arrived Mindy came running up to her with an announcement to make.

"Lynn, Lynn, guess what?"

"What, tell me."

"It's time to register for homecoming princess again, you're going to run again aren't you?"

"I hadn't thought about it, it was fun and look what happed last year, maybe if I do it this year I'll turn into a prince."

"Yuk, I hope not, come on let's do it again."

"Okay, I guess I will, but you have to help me again."

"I will, I promise."

Lynn registered again for princess and awaited the outcome. This year the results were to be announced at a general assembly by the school principal.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention. I wish to announce the results of the election of King, Queen, Price and Princesses. Before I do though I would like you to give a big round of applause to a former princess, Lynn Collins who because of her devotion to her duty as a princess secured a scholarship fund for our school which will go to any disserving female member of the court forever. Please stand Lynn. Lynn stood and couldn't help blushing nor could she help smiling, she was so proud at this moment. The auditorium burst into applause and continued until regained her seat.

"Now for the business at hand, I would like to introduce you to our incoming court, Prince and Princesses first. For the Freshman class your Prince is Quinton Bradley and his escort will be Princess Ashley Steele, for the sophomore class we have somewhat of an unusual situation, out prince again this year is Bill Jones and this lucky young man is going to escort two princesses, we have a tie and the two girls are Lynn Collins and Shauntay Miller." The auditorium erupted once again with shouts of joy, as both girls were loved by most of the students. After the assembly quieted down the principal continued, " Junior class Prince this year is Ralph Garcia with Brittany Atherton retuning as Princess and This years King and Queen are, drum roll please, Stephanie Smithson and Sean Murphy. That concludes today's assembly, you may all return to class."

Lynn found Shauntay and gave her the biggest hug. Lynn had voted for Shauntay and considered her one of her best friends.

The homecoming came off without a hitch as there was no longer a boy to try to disguise so as not to embarrass the school. Miss Benson sighed with relief as everything fell into place, life is good she thought.

The school year past, Lynn's operation healed and she found her panties fit her better without the small bulge to interfere with her clothing. Her penis had never grown and was small even for a boy when she was younger so now she was pretty much all girl.

Only two things of note took place this year, Lynn past her test for a learners permit to drive and she finally grew enough to fill the B cups of her bras. Because Lynn wasn't allowed to date until she was sixteen she and Rex could only see each other at the mall but that didn't keep them from their romantic interludes, if one were to call them that. Heavy petting at the mall was pretty much impossible but they did find time for themselves and plenty of kissing ensued but it never went much farther than that.

Her Junior year started pretty much like her previous years, only now she was one of the top students in her class. Sally was still clinging to valedictorian but she still had two years to go before that would be accomplished. Lynn was in honor classes so she had an occasional senior in her classes. One such student was Brendan McCullough. Brendan was a very handsome boy and came from one of the richest families in town. Unfortunately his home life was broken. His mother had left his father when he was eight years old. The split was very bad for both he and his father.

It seems that Mrs. McCullough, Liz was a kept woman. He husband was never home as work consumed most of his time and she didn't want to be bothered with young Brendan. She spent most of her time at the gym doing aerobics and flirting with the hunks like the single girls did. She however was gorgeous having won many beauty contests in her younger days. Not to be deterred, she began hanging out with the wrong sort of people. Even though she was in her mid thirties her friends were in they're early twenties. This led to sex and drugs, she was hot and the guys loved her. There wasn't anything she wouldn't do for them, she was a sex machine and she loved it. Multiple partners, no sweat, she would take a man's penis anywhere it would fit, and she was very good when she did it. Her downfall was drugs, crystal meth to be exact, it wasn't long before she was hooked. Brendan's father didn't miss the money, hell she had an allowance that would make most people pale when they heard the amount she spent each week. There is however a down side to meth, it fucks up your looks. Brendan's father looked at his wife one day and noticed that her appearance had changed, she looked haggard.

"Liz, what in the hell are you doing to yourself?" he asked.

Liz's brain was also rotting.

"None of you fucking business," she retorted before she could think of an answer that would make sense.

"What did you say?" he asked.

"You heard me and if you don't like it, I'm out of here." she screamed. Liz was looking for an excuse to leave, she wanted her drugs and she felt she could live with the man that was supplying her.

Shamus McCullough's manhood was being challenged by his wife, there were many things he could overlook but not that, Shamus was a powerful man and there was no way he would put up with this.

"Alright then go, I hope you have a way to make money because I'm not going to give you a cent."

"You will after my lawyer is done with you."

"Fine we'll see."

Liz went and packed her bags and just had to open her mouth one more time but this time to both Shamus and Brendan.

"I'm leaving now, but before I do I want you to know that you've never satisfied me when we fucked and I'm leaving that boy with you so when he grows up he'll know he will never be a man either, both of you are pathetic," Liz screamed as she slammed the door shut.

What she had done was make Shamus angry, but more to the point she had destroyed her son. Brendan became withdrawn for years until he went to counseling and the was able to communicate with people. As he grew he became very handsome but had a dark side to him. He had grown to hate all women, he would date them, bed them and then discard them, as he was pretty much a prick.

After the first day of California history, Lynn was smitten by the handsome young Irishman. Their instructor assigned them a project to finish in two weeks. Lynn was given the influence of the Comstock on California history. Brendan had seen Lynn around school and knew she had been a princess two years running. He too was impressed by Lynn's beauty as were most of the boy's in school. Lynn still saw Rex but was unable to date him as she had just turned sixteen the month before. Lynn had been asked out many times by boys in her school and had to decline because of her age. Brendan was unaware of this so he asked her if she would like to come to his house and study.

"Lynn, may I ask you something?"

"Sure Brendan, what?"

"My father has a large collection of California history books and I'd like to know if you would like to come over and study?"

"Wow. I'd like that, my Mom wouldn't let me before but now that I'm sixteen, she might, I'll ask and let you know tomorrow."

"Cool, I hope she says yes, see you."

Lynn asked Susan if it would be okay to study with Brendan the next day at his house.

"What kind of boy is Brendan?" Susan asked.

"He seems nice, his dad has lots of money and they live over in the highlands."

"My, my," Susan said, "My little girl is impressed by money already?"

"No Mom, it's just that he seems to be very nice that's all."

"I guess it would be alright, but I'll drive you and pick you up. It would be a good time for you to practice driving."

"Thanks mom," Lynn said as she hugged her mother.

The next day Lynn informed Brendan that she could come over to study that night.

Susan allowed Lynn to drive the car to Brendan's house as she still had her learners permit and needed as much practice as possible since her driver's test was scheduled for the following week.

"Here's the address," said Susan, "My goodness, what a big house."

Brendan and his father lived in one of those monstrosities that were built during the Dot-Com boom when people that had just made a lot of money wanted to show it off and what better way than with a house that was big but showed very little class. This pretty much exemplified Shamus McCullough, a big man in business but one with little substance in life.

"Make sure you study and don't get into trouble," giggled Susan as she teased Lynn as she walked to the door.

"Oh Mom, you know me better than that," replied Lynn.

Susan would have never said anything like that if she knew what was about to happen to her daughter, in fact if she were clairvoyant Lynn wouldn't even be here.

Lynn rang the doorbell and waited as she heard the sound of feet running down the hallway to answer the door.

"Hi, glad you could make it," said Brendan as he opened the door to greet Lynn.

Susan watched as her little girl went into the house. Susan like the way Brendan looked, well dressed, none of those hang off the butt jeans, and a nice shirt. Lynn waved goodbye to her mother, as did Brendan. He seemed like a nice boy, perhaps Lynn was right, she needn't worry, but for some reason she felt uneasy, maybe she was just over reacting leaving Lynn with a boy, I have to learn to let go thought Susan.

Brendan escorted Lynn to the library. The room was lined with books on all four walls. This room was just another faux room as most of the books had never been read but it made Shamus feel intelligent having these books in the room that doubled as his office. More than once clients had remarked on the volume of reading material and how it was amazing that he found time to read all these books. It was hard but he managed he would respond as he puffed his chest.

"Wow, look at all the books," Lynn said as she scanned the room.

"Yeah, my dad has lots of them," Brendan said as he looked at the pretty young girl.

"Where are the books about the Comstock?" asked Lynn.

"On the upper shelf, we'll have to climb up to get them. I'll hold the ladder since you know which ones you want," said Brendan as he looked at Lynn's legs.

Lynn had come home and had a little something to eat and was still wearing the same clothes she had worn to school. She had decided to wear a cute little skirt that stopped two inches above her knees and a tank top since the weather was still quite warm. Lynn was showing a modest amount of cleavage which girls her age did on a daily basis, nothing obscene. Brendan knew he would get an eyeful when Lynn climbed the ladder and hurried to get it from the storage area.

"Here you go," he said.

"Thanks, don't look," giggled Lynn. Lynn really didn't mind if he looked as she had what would be termed as nice legs and she did kind of like Brendan in a boyfriend girlfriend sort of way.

Lynn climbed the ladder and Brendan watched every move she made. Lynn was reaching for different books and not paying attention to what Brendan was doing. Brendan was looking up her skirt and was becoming aroused. God what a fine ass he was thinking, would I like some of that, he dreamt to himself. Lynn found three books and started down the ladder. Brendan shook it enough for Lynn to lose her balance and she fell into his arms. Brendan held her tight feeling her breasts against his chest, God they're so firm he thought as his erection grew. Lynn felt what was happening to Brendan and felt flattered. It was kind of scary to have that kind effect on a boy, yet there was something erotic about it too.

"Oh my, you saved my life," said Lynn with a smile.

"I'm sure I should receive a kiss as a reward," stated Brendan as he pushed his lips against Lynn's mouth.

Lynn wasn't expecting this and jumped back.

"Brendan, please don't do that."

"Why not, you're a hot little bitch, I want another," Brendan said as he smashed his mouth against hers.

"Mmpfh, mmpfh," Lynn huffed as she pushed Brendan back.

"I'm calling my mother to pick me up," shouted Lynn.

"The hell you are, I'm not done with you yet," shouted Brendan as he ripped Lynn's top from her breast.

"Stop," screamed Lynn.

"Shut up you bitch," Brendan yelled as he slapped Lynn across the face causing spit to fly from her lips. Several second later Lynn could taste the blood that was streaming from the cut inside her mouth.

"Please don't do this," pleaded Lynn as Brendan pushed her over the back of the sofa. Brendan pushed her down so he could control her every move with his arm on the back of her neck. With his other hand he reached under her skirt and ripped her panties off. He then raised the back of her skirt dropped his pants and pushed his erection against her bottom. Because there was no lubrication he was unable to enter her so he spit into his hand and rubbed it on the end on his penis and then was with some difficulty able to push himself inside her.

"I hope you like this bitch," he said as he pushed in and out of her. Lynn was screaming, both in fear and in pain. The assault seemed to last a lifetime to Lynn, tears were streaming down her face as he raped her. Brendan didn't take long to finish, not much more than a minute and then he pulled out. Lynn collapsed on the floor in tears. She was finally able to compose herself enough to talk.

"You bastard, you fucking bastard, you're going to pay for this," Lynn shouted.

"Shut the fuck up and get out of here," said Brendan, feeling happy that he had ruined this girl's life.

"I'm calling the cops on you, you bastard," said Lynn as the pain overwhelmed her.

"The fuck if you will," shouted Brendan as he leaped over to Lynn and pulled her to her feet.

Brendan then hit the side of her face with his fist causing Lynn to fall back against Shamus's desk. Lynn groaned with the pain searing through her face.

"You're not going to tell anyone you whore," screamed Brendan as he leapt on top of her. He wrapped his hands around Lynn's neck and began to squeeze, tighter and tighter until the pressure closed her airway.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Collins, I forgot you were out here, the judge dismissed the jury a half of an hour ago and sent them home for the evening. He instructed them to be back here at Nine AM tomorrow and hopefully they will have a verdict by then."

"Thank you bailiff, I'll see you tomorrow," said Susan as she rose and wearily walked to her car for another sad ride home. With times like these Susan felt as though she just couldn't go on and she pleaded, "Please God let there be an end to all of this, please make things right," as she dissolved in to tears.




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