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Princess Lost




Susan returned to court the next morning and couldn't help thinking of what had happened to her daughter.

Lynn was pushed back on the desk facing Brendan while his hands grew tighter around her neck. The air had ceased to flow and yet he squeezed tighter and tighter. It had been several seconds since her airway closed and her mind was racing.

How can I escape she thought, I have to make him let go before I pass out. The pressure around her neck increased and as Lynn saw the rage in Brendan's face she had the strangest thought, why was he squeezing my neck so hard, it was hurting now, when my breath stopped it didn't hurt but now it does, wasn't killing me enough, why does he have to hurt me too?

Lynn thrashed her arms straight out to her side trying to push up, she tried to kick with her legs but to no avail, and then she felt something hard with her hand, it was the handle of the letter opener that had been left on the desk by Brendan's father.

Shamus McCullough was proud of the letter opener having purchased the object while in Germany twenty years prior. In reality it was an antique dagger with an eight-inch blade and a jewel encrusted handle once owned by a German fellow known for using the piece of steel as an assassination tool. Shamus had found the piece while walking in Hamburg and for some unexplained reason was drawn into an old shop that specialized in war memorabilia. The dagger was almost hidden from sight because of all the clutter in the shop. When he touched it he knew that he had to purchase the killing instrument, especially after the shopkeeper told him of the assassin and his evil deeds preformed with the knife. Unfortunately for Shamus the knife had one more person to kill, his son.

Lynn wrapped her fingers around the weapon and swung her arm around Brendan's back plunging it deep into his body. Unfortunately for Brendan, Lynn missed his ribs and the dagger found its way to his heart, Brendan died instantly, his grip loosened around Lynn's neck and she felt the breath of life return to her lungs. Lynn pushed the now dead Brendan from on top of her and he fell with a thud onto the floor.

Lynn looked at the unmoving body and thought, what have I done, oh God please don't be dead.


Lynn reached for the phone and dialed 911 and screamed into it, "Oh God, I think I just killed someone, please send an ambulance."

"Where are you located?" the voice asked.

"In the library," Lynn answered as though the voice would know where the library was.

"I need an address," the voice said firmly.

"I'm at 739 Elm St.," said Lynn.

"I want you to stay on the line with me and try to remain calm, who do you think you killed?"

"Brendan McCullough, he just raped me, God I hurt so bad," Lynn said as her voice fell away as she started to go into shock.

The operator knew what was happening to Lynn and tried to keep her alert.

"Stay with me miss, tell me what happened."

"Brendan raped me and then tried to kill me," Lynn said as her voice rose with anger, "if I didn't stab him I would be dead right now."

The fire station was located several blocks from the McCullough residence and the ambulance arrived within minutes. Lynn had opened the front door and the paramedics rushed to Brendan's side. They felt for a pulse but it was too late, Brendan was dead. Looking at Lynn they realized that she too needed medical attention, her face was battered and bloody from the cuts in her mouth. The first medic looked at Lynn and saw her face go pale as she started to black out, the shock finally getting to her.

"Miss, lie down on this blanket," he said. No use having her pass out right now he thought.

Lynn laid on the blanket and was soon covered by another. By this time the police had arrived and quickly contained the crime scene.

"I'm Sergeant Goodfellow miss, are you able to tell me what happened?"

"He attacked me and raped me and then he tried to kill me."

"What's your name miss?"

"Lynn Collins."

"How old are you?"


"Does your mother know where you are?"

"Yes, I came here to study with Brendan and he attacked me," Lynn said as she broke down in tears.

"Medic, you had better take her to the hospital, we can question her later and see if you can get a hold of her mother. Tell the ER nurse that we will need a rape test done on her when she arrives," said sergeant Goodfellow.

Lynn was loaded into the ambulance and taken to the nearest hospital. The admitting nurse asked Lynn for Susan's phone number and called her.

"Mrs. Collins, this is Nurse Best at community hospital. We need you to come here right away as your daughter has been injured."

"Lynn, is she alright?"

"She'll be fine but she was raped and we need you to sign a release so we can treat her since she's a minor."

"I'll be right there."

Susan put on the first clothes she could find and was off to the hospital. Who could have done such a thing she wondered, she was with Brendan and his family was well connected, it couldn't have been him that raped her little girl, could it have? Susan tried to obey the speed limit but couldn't, she just had to get to the hospital and quickly at that. Susan parked her car in the emergency parking spot and ran into the hospital.

"My daughter was just brought here, may I see her?" Susan asked the admitting nurse.

"What's her name?"

"Lynn, Lynn Collins, she was raped, where is she, I have to see her."

"Oh Mrs. Collins, she's right back there, come with me. I have some papers for you to sign but that can wait until you see your daughter."

The nurse led Susan to Lynn's bedside.

"Lynn, my baby, what happened?" asked Susan as tears filled her eyes. Susan could hardly believe what she saw when she looked at Lynn's face. The bruises were starting to turn dark where the blood vessels had broken under her skin when Brendan had slammed Lynn's face against the desk. Bruising was also taking place where he had squeezed Lynn's neck when he choked her. Susan reached down and hugged her baby to her breast. Lynn felt relief as her mother held her, she felt safe.

"I'm sorry to bother you Mrs. Collins but you have to sign these papers so we can treat Lynn as soon as possible. We also have to examine her to see if there was any damage from the rape that might have occurred," said nurse Best.

Susan reached for the papers and signed them. She wanted her daughter treated with the utmost haste.

"Would you please close the curtain nurse," asked Dr. Sheila Belle.

"Lynn, I'm Dr. Belle and I'm sorry but I to have to take a swab from your rape, it's the law. I'll try to be as gentle as possible sweetheart."

"Is it okay if my mother stays?"

"Of coarse she can."

"Thank you Dr."

"Dr. Belle, there is something you should know about Lynn before you examine her," Susan said in hushed tones, "She was born a boy."

"Really, I would have never know by looking at her, but I'm sure I would have found out after she removed her clothes. Lynn, this is going to be uncomfortable but we have to remove you clothes now. Your mom can help you with your skirt and panties but you will have to unbutton your blouse so it can be removed, okay honey?"

"Yes Dr."

Lynn lifted her bottom so her mother could remove her panties and skirt. It was the first time anyone had looked at her bottom since the rape. There was blood on her panties and on the inside of her skirt. Susan gasped when she saw it.

"Lynn, I'm going to place your feet in these stirrups so I can examine you better," said Dr. Belle.

The nurse helped Dr. Belle place Lynn's feet in the stirrups. When they did Lynn felt a cold breeze on her bottom and then she felt dirty and alone.

"Lynn, I have to take a sample from you, this won't hurt but you will feel it when the swab touches you."

The doctor tore the paper from the swab and rubbed it around Lynn's anus. When it touched Lynn she sucked air into her lungs not knowing whether it would hurt or not. The Dr. finished taking the sample and placed it in a sterile container. She then examined Lynn more closely.

"Lynn does this hurt?" she asked as she touched the cuts on Lynn's sphincter.

"Ouch, yes," Lynn said, as she felt as though she was being violated again.

"That bastard did some significant damage when he did this to you," stated Dr. Belle.

Dr. Belle was acutely aware of what Lynn was going through as she had been raped in college and the bastard had gotten away with the crime. This made her even more caring as she examined Lynn and being careful not to do anything that might compromise the evidence. When Melissa Belle had been raped the nurse that took the swab carelessly had laid it on the table and it had touched a blood droplet contaminating the sample and so when they went to trial the DNA was thrown out and the rapist was released because the trial became a he said, she said affair. Melissa still remembers the smirk on the face of her attacker as he left the courtroom.

Dr. Belle tried to comfort Lynn as she continued the treatment, "You'll be alright Lynn, I know how you feel, I was raped too. Did they get the guy?"

"I killed him."

Silence filled the room, God the rape was bad enough but now Lynn would have to live with the thought that she had killed another human being, the poor girl thought Dr. Belle.

"Lynn, I'm going to have to stitch your sphincter so I have to numb it first, I'm sorry honey but it will hurt a little until the Novocain takes effect."

All Dr. Belle could think about was this poor girl, violated and ripped apart like a piece of meat, God, she was so glad the son of a bitch was dead. Melissa had been working in the ER for three years and had seen rape cases come through every month or so but this one really hit her hard, Lynn was such a pretty girl and she was young, most of the rapes were to women older than Lynn and to see the look in her eyes broke Melissa's heart, the innocence that was there was now gone and replaced with the look of terror, the same look the Jews had as they went to the showers.

Dr. Belle injected Lynn with the drug and stitched her injury. When she finished she wanted to hug this poor girl, she wished she could provide more comfort.

Lynn was moved to a room to rest, but that wasn't to be because the police were there to question her, at least they were kind enough to have her questioned by a female detective.

"Lynn, I'm Sergeant Linda Carlisle and I have to ask you what happened tonight."

"Brendan raped me and tried to kill me," Lynn said as tears formed in her eyes.

"I know this is hard but why were you at his house."

"He asked me to study with him."

"And then what happened?"

"We went into his father's library and he attacked me."

"Why did you kill him?"

"I didn't mean to, I found the letter opener and, and," Lynn broke down in tears before she could finish.

"I think you're finished here, Sergeant Carlisle, Lynn is too upset to talk right now, I think you should leave," said Susan as she thought of how insensitive the police were to make her baby answer questions so soon after her rape.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Collins but it had to be done, I'll have to talk to Lynn again, maybe she will be able to after she rests. I would like her to come to the police station after she's released from the hospital."

"Alright, maybe tomorrow she will be able to tell you what happened."

Meanwhile Shamus McCullough had arrived at home and found police crawling all over his house.

"What the hell is going on here?" he asked the first officer he reached.

"And you are?" asked the officer.

"I'm Shamus McCullough, the owner of this house and why are you people here?"

"I'm afraid there has been a terrible accident," replied the officer.

"What, what happened?"

"I think you had better wait for the officer in charge to speak to you, I'll contact him."

The officer went on the radio phone and spoke to his commanding officer, telling him that the boy's father had just arrive home and didn't know what had happened.

"Mr. McCullough, Ben Patterson will be right down to explain what is going on."

Ben Patterson was a robust man, standing six foot three inches tall and weighing two hundred fifty pounds, weight gained when he was put into his office job of investigating crimes. He still ate like the patrol officer he once was and hence the weight gain. Bob was a straight forward sort of man, looking at evidence and coming to a logical conclusion as to what had happened at a crime scene. There was one thing he hated and that was telling someone that they had lost a loved one during the commission of a crime.

Shamus McCullough was a self made man. His father came from Ireland in the mid thirties and labored in construction to provide a home for his family. He remembered his father coming home covered with dust and complaining that the dust was making his nose bleed. Shamus's father was working with asbestos and didn't realize at the time that he was killing himself. Shamus remembered the day his father started coughing all the time until he was unable to remove himself from his bed and the times his mother would stay by his side until death finally came to free his father from his pain.

Shamus made a decision that he would never have to put up with that kind of misery. He went to college and received a business degree and found that if he invested his time and money in a project he could make a large return on his investment. Once in a while he would do things that were unsavory and would bend the law a bit but was never caught. He had a reputation of being a very tough business man, one you didn't want to trifle with and he had power in the community so what he did went a long way and now he was about to learn his son had been killed.

"Mr. McCullough, I'm Ben Patterson, the officer in charge here, could you come with me?"

"What's happened, where's my boy?" Shamus asked.

"I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your son is dead."

"Whwhat, Brendan's dead, no, no don't tell me that, it can't be, he's all I have." Shamus said as his eyes clouded with tears.

"I'm so sorry sir, there was nothing we could do."

"But how, who would do such a thing."

"Apparently he was with a girl and she killed him."

"Why would she kill him, this makes no sense at all?"

"There was a claim that your son raped the girl and tried to kill her and she was defending herself."

"My son would never do anything like that, she's lying."

"The girl was beaten pretty badly and there is evidence that something did happen."

"Nonsense, my son would never be party to harming a girl, may I see my son now?"

"Yes sir, he's in the library," Ben said as he led Shamus to see his son.

Shamus entered the library and saw his son lying face down with the dagger sticking out of his back. Shamus rushed to him and reached down towards him.

"Stop, you can't touch him until the crime scene investigators arrive, I'm sorry Mr. McCullough but you will have to wait back here."

"Oh my God, I can't believe it, my boy is dead and killed with that knife, I knew it was evil but just had to have it, even the merchant I bought it from said something about it having a curse but I thought that was just a bunch of hog wash, God I've been so stupid. I'm going to go to my room, please let me know when I can touch my son?" said Shamus with a quivering voice.

"Yes Mr. McCullough, I will," answered Ben.

The CSI people came and investigated the scene, removed the dagger and rolled the boy's body over and saw that his pants were unzipped and although his penis was inside his underwear there was evidence of some kind of sexual activity in that there was some blood and semen visible on his shorts. The technicians took samples and covered the body with a blanket. Shamus McCullough came down and visited his son one last time before the coroner came to take the body away for autopsy.

Shamus was heart broken and he vowed to get even with the person that did this to his son. Sadly Shamus was unaware of what a creep his son was as he was always away on business and his nannies really didn't care what young Brendan did as long as they got paid, so they pretty much let him do what ever he wished as long as he didn't burn the house down.

The following day Lynn was released from the hospital and Susan figured that they might as well take care of the police on the way home. Susan called to make sure Sergeant Carlisle was available for the interview.

Lynn and Susan were escorted into the interview room and were seated at a table.

"Good morning Lynn, I hope you're feeling better this morning. I'm sorry I have to ask you these questions but I'm afraid it has to be done, would you like something to drink, some water or coffee?" asked Linda Carlisle.

"Maybe some water," answered Lynn.

"I'd like some coffee please, with just a little sugar," said Susan.

The attending officer left and returned with the beverages and handed them to the women.

"Thank you," said Lynn.

"Thanks," said Susan.

"Let's get started, how did you end up at the McCullough home Lynn?"

"Brendan asked me to come over to study with him. I'm doing a report on the history of the Comstock and Brendan said his father had a lot of books about it in his library."

"Why didn't you go to the public library instead of Brendan's home?"

"He said that they had more books about it than the library and besides Brendan was always nice to me at school so I trusted him."

"What happened after you arrived at his home?"

"We went into the library and he closed the door."

"Didn't you wonder about that?"

"No. I just thought he wanted it quiet when we studied."

"And then what happened?"

"Brendan had me climb a ladder to get the books and then when I was coming back down he shook the ladder and made me fall down into his arms. Then he made me kiss him as a reward for saving me and I told him to stop. He said not yet and he forced his lips on mine again. I told him to stop and to leave me alone. That's when he slapped me and told me to shut up. I screamed at him to stop but he wouldn't and he started swearing at me and calling me names and hitting me again. That's when he started tearing my clothing off and then he grabbed me and threw me face down on the back of his father's couch. I tried to stand back up but he slammed my face back down and then he raped me," Lynn said as she broke down in tears. Several minutes passed until Lynn was able to control herself.

"There was nothing you could do to stop him?" asked Linda.

"No he was too strong, I tried but he just kept hitting me until he had his way with me."

"Then what happened?"

"I was crying and when he finished he pulled out of me and kept swearing at me. I pushed up from the couch and turned to look at him and told him that he wasn't going to get away with what he had done to me, that I was going to tell the police. He looked me in the eye and said "the fuck you will," and then he lunged for me and grabbed my by the neck and started to choke me. I fell backwards onto his father's desk and I couldn't breathe, I found the letter opener and grabbed it. I swung it around into his back, I wanted him to stop choking me, I didn't want to kill him, it was an accident, I just wanted him to stop," Lynn said as she dissolved into tears.

"Isn't this enough?" asked Susan as she comforted Lynn.

"I'm sorry but I have to ask her one more question, Lynn after you stabbed Brendan, what did you do?"

"I pushed him off of me and called 911."

"Did you try to help him?"

"God no, I didn't want to touch him, he just raped me, I just wanted to get away from him."

"Okay Lynn that should be enough for my investigation, you're free to go, if I have any other questions I'll give you a call, and I really am sorry for what happened to you, but it is my job and I have to ask you these questions, I wish I didn't have to but it is necessary for the report. I'm going to give you a phone number for a rape support group and maybe it will help you come to terms with what happened to you, you're a sweet girl Lynn and I hate seeing something like this happen to someone as nice as you."

"Thank you Officer Carlisle," Lynn said as she and Susan rose to leave.

Lynn and Susan returned home and Lynn went to bed to rest. She fell asleep and was soon in the world of nightmares. She awoke screaming and was quivering with fear when Susan rushed to her room.

"What's wrong honey?"

"I had the worst dream Mom."

"It will be alright, I'll stay with you."

"Thanks mom."

Lynn fell back asleep but even with her mother holding her, the results were the same, the nightmares continued. Unfortunately for Lynn this pattern of sleep continued for weeks.

After several days Lynn returned to school and of coarse everyone had heard of Brendan's death and the circumstances revolving around it. All Lynn's friends wanted to know what happened and she just wanted to be left alone to forget that horrible night. Luckily for Lynn the student's interest past as it always does in two days and moved on to more important things like who was dating whom. All of this had an effect on Lynn though, she went from being an out going, popular young woman to an introverted with drawn little girl. Lynn just wanted to be alone, even rejecting Mindy's support, even though having interaction with her friends would have been the best thing for her. Lynn would just have to work this thing out for herself.

During this period of time Shamus McCullough was a busy man, concentrating all of his efforts on revenge for his son's death. He read the police reports and contacted his attorney as to what could be done to punish Lynn. He couldn't believe what was said about his son in those reports, lies, nothing but lies, he said, I'll make that little bitch pay for what she has done.

After talking to his attorney Shamus contacted the District Attorney and reminded him that he had been on his election committee and had contributed a considerable amount of money to his successful election campaign. His plan was to have Lynn tried as an adult and have her charged with second-degree murder, he wanted revenge. The District Attorney tried to talk Shamus out of such an action.

"Shamus, I don't think this murder thing is such a good idea, we might lose the case."

"I don't care, I want retribution for my son, I want this little whore to pay for what she did."

"You'd better be careful with this girl, from what I've seen about her she's a really nice young woman, she was one of the homecoming princesses two years in a row."

"I don't fucking care if she was the Queen of England, I want her in jail."

"Have you read the police reports on this?"

"Yes I have and I expect you to prove them wrong, I want this bitch in jail."

"How are we going to make the rape and bruises go away."

"Make her out to be some kind of slut, you know a sex fiend, hell you're the DA, make it happen, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Mr. McCullough."

It was five in the afternoon when Susan heard the knock at the door. She opened it and saw two uniformed police officers standing with a paper in their hands.

"Lynn Collins?" asked the first officer.

"I'm Susan Collins, Lynn's my daughter, what do you want with her?"

"Mrs. Collins, we're here to arrest your daughter Lynn for murder, she'll have to come with us."

"What, there must be some mistake, Lynn hasn't murdered anyone."

"I'm sorry Mrs. Collins but the District Attorney has issued a warrant for her arrest and she will have to come with us. Please don't make this more difficult than it already is, could you get her please?"

"Would you please come in, this is embarrassing enough without drawing too much attention as to why you are here. Who's making the accusation that Lynn did this thing?"

"I'm sorry but we're not at liberty to say, now would you please get your daughter."

Susan was panic stricken, how could Lynn be charged with murder, all she did was defend herself, where were they going to take her, what would happen to her baby?

"Lynn could you come here please?" Susan shouted towards Lynn's room.

Lynn walked out into the front room in her bare feet, wearing shorts and a blouse.

"Yes, Mom?"

"Honey, you have to go with these police officers, they have to ask you some questions,"

"About what?"

"Miss you have to come with us, please turn around, we have to handcuff you, its the law."

"Hand cuff me, what did I do?" Lynn said as fear ran through her body.

"You murdered that poor boy now turn around."

"I didn't murder him, he raped me and was trying to kill me, all I did was protect myself."

"Murdering that boy seems to me to be way beyond protecting ones self."

"I didn't mean to kill him, it was an accident."

"Maybe so but you still have to come with us to be booked. Your mother can make arrangements to have you released."

The officers led the now handcuffed Lynn to their cruiser, opened the door and placed her inside.

"Mrs. Collins, she will be at the police station. I would suggest that you get an attorney before you come to have her released."

"An attorney?"

"Yes Mrs. Collins, an attorney."

The officers drove off leaving Susan standing in the street feeling as though she had just been robbed.

Susan didn't know any attorneys, she had never had a need for one until now, who could she call?

"District Attorney Weldon's office,"

"Is Bob Weldon In?"

"Yes, whom should I say is calling?"

"Shamus McCullough."

"Shamus, how are doing?"

"I'm doing fine, but that's not why I called, I want to know what's happening with that girl that murdered my son?"

"We arrested her this very afternoon and she's going to be booked for second degree murder just like you asked us to do."

"Good, I'm a little worried about this case so I'm going to have my lawyer consult with you on this, I want no slipups do we have an understanding?"

"Yes Shamus, we do." answered Bob as he hung up the phone.

God what an asshole, thought Bob, the evidence proves that the girl was raped and was defending herself, why does he hate her so much?

Lynn sat in the most uncomfortable fashion, hands behind her back and unable to sit in a way that didn't hurt.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked.

"I'm sorry miss but all we do is follow instructions and we were told to arrest you."

"But I didn't do anything wrong," Lynn said as her tears began to flow.

Lynn was brought to the local police station and booked. She was placed into a holding cell until it would be time for her to be transported to the Juvenal Detention Facility. She was finger printed and photographed, but even worse she was treated badly. There was no, "I'm sorry we have to do this," or, "would you like something to drink sweetheart," but instead she was treated like a common criminal.

"Why are you being this way toward me?" asked Lynn.

"Because you're a murderer, that's why, now be quiet and do as you're told, it will make it easier for you," said the booking sergeant.

Lynn was placed back into her cell to await her outcome.

Susan was frantic, she had no idea as to what she should do. It isn't everyday that your child is arrested for murder but at least she knew she had to find an attorney. Unfortunately Susan had never needed one except briefly when her husband left her and Lynn years ago, in fact she couldn't even remember the lawyers name. Finally she remembered something Lynn had said, that Shauntay's mother was an attorney.

Susan dialed Shauntay's number and waited as the phone rang.


"Shauntay, hi this is Lynn Collins' mother."

"Hi, but this isn't Shauntay, I'm her mother Belinda, everyone makes that mistake, would you like to talk to her?"

"No, actually I called to talk to you. My name's Susan Collins and Lynn had mentioned that you were an attorney and I really need your help right now," Susan said as she began to cry.

"What's happened, what's wrong?"

"Lynn's been arrested for murder."

"Oh my God, let me think of what we might be able to do. I past the bar years ago but only practiced for a couple of years until I had children so I don't know how much help I would be but I do know an attorney that specializes in these kinds of cases, let me get his number for you, this is so upsetting, Lynn is such a nice girl, I can't believe she would be capable of doing anything like that."

Belinda Miller found the phone number of the criminal attorney and gave it to Susan.

"Thank you so much Belinda you're a life saver."

"If there is anything else I can do for you just call."

Susan called the number Belinda had given her and listened while the phone rang.

"Jack Masters."

"Mr. Masters, my name is Susan Collins and I need your help."

"How did you get my private cell number?"

"Belinda Miller gave it to me. Her daughter and mine are friends and my daughter has been arrested."

"Belinda gave it to you, Belinda is a very dear friend and for her to give out this number must mean that it is very important for you to talk to me, now tell me what has happened with your daughter."

"The police came to our house and arrested her for murder."

"For murder, and how old is your daughter."


"She's only sixteen and she's been charged with murder, this is serious, do you know where they took her?"

"I imagine the local police station."

"Okay, let me see what I can do to get her out of jail, that's no place for a young girl to be, you've caught me at a bad time, I'm on the golf coarse. I'm going to give you the number to my office and I want you to call my secretary and give her all the information you can about the case and I will call her from the police station and see what I can do."

"Thank you Mr. Masters."

Susan wrote down the number and called Jack Masters', office.

"Jack Masters' office, Tiffany speaking."

"Hello Tiffany, Mr. Masters asked me to call you with as much information that I can give so when he calls you will be ready. My name is Susan Collins and my daughter Lynn was just arrested for murder. She's only sixteen and I'm worried about what might happen to her in jail."

"Can you tell me why she was charged and any other pertinent information?"

"I don't know why she was charged, she accidentally killed a boy several weeks ago but only after he raped her and then tried to kill her. There is something else you must know and I'm sure you would find out anyway, Lynn was born male but has transitioned into a girl and if any of the people in jail find out about that she'll be past around like meat."

Susan told Tiffany about how Lynn had killed Brendan and why.

"Let me have your phone number so I can call you back. I need to get this information to Jack right away so he doesn't take his time getting to the jail, don't worry Mrs. Collins everything will be alright, Jack's a very good lawyer, I'll call you back in a little while," Tiffany said as she hung up the phone.

Tiffany called the police station to ascertain whether Lynn was there or not. When she found out that she was being held in a cell and what the charge was, she called Jack.

"Jack, it's Tiffany, we have a real problem with your new client, as you know she's a minor but the DA wants to prosecute her as an adult. To make matters worse this girl is transgender, she was born a boy and that's pretty much all I can tell you for now."

"She's a boy, shit, that's all I need right now, if the papers find out about this, they'll lynch the poor child, now tell me more about the charge against her."

"According to her mother she killed a boy in self defense. Apparently the boy raped her and then tried to kill her so she wouldn't tell the police about the rape. She was almost ready to pass out when she found a letter opener and stabbed the boy in self defense and that's about all I know."

"If it was self defense why is she being charged?"

"They wouldn't say at the police station, you know how they are, the wall of silence."

"Okay, call Mrs. Collins back and tell her I'm on the way and have her meet me at the police station. If I can get her released they will want the mother there to bring her home."

"Okay boss."

Tiffany rang Susan and told her to meet Jack at the police station as soon as possible.

Susan rushed to her car and drove to the station house and nearly beating Jack there. She parked her car and ran to the front desk in the station.

"Excuse me officer, you have my daughter here under arrest. Her name is Lynn Collins, may I see her?"

"Since you're her mother I guess that would be alright. She's with her attorney in the lockup and since you're the mother I'm sure it would be alright, but first I have to see some identification to prove that you are her mother."

Susan showed the officer her driver's license and was escorted to the cell. Jack had just started talking to Lynn to get a better feel for the case. The officer unlocked the door.

"Mommy, oh God Mommy please take me home, I'm so afraid," said Lynn in a quivering voice.

Susan went to her daughter and held her, "I will as soon as I can, baby."

"Mrs. Collins, I'm Jack Masters and I'm going to do all I can to get Lynn out of here tonight but first I have to find out why this is all happening. The DA usually doesn't charge minors with crimes like this without a reason and after talking to Lynn about the circumstances this vendetta makes no sense to me at all."

"Can you get her out of here?"

"I'll talk to a judge and see if we can. It's important that we do or Lynn will be booked into jail for the night and if she is, she will be strip-searched and that's the last thing we will want. If that happens the news of her sex will spread like wild fire and as usual some big mouth will tell the news papers and the trial will be like a circus. Lynn this is important, how are your grades in school, if they are good the judge will be more inclined to release you."

"I have straight A's. I want to win a scholarship for homecoming princesses and part of that was being a good student. That's why I was at Brendan's house that night, to study."

"I have a good working relationship with Judge Greenwood, I'm sure we can work something out."

Jack Masters found Judge Greenwood and explained what was happening and why Lynn should be released from custody and was able to do so without mentioning her sex. He agreed that she should be released but only after Susan posted one hundred thousand dollars bail. Susan found a bail bond person that was more than happy to earn ten percent to put up the bond. Susan and Lynn left the jail and were soon on there way home. Jack meanwhile called the district attorney to get all the facts.

"District attorney's office."

"Bob Weldon please."

"Who may I say is calling?"

"Jack Masters."

"Oh hello Mr. Masters, Bob's on the other line, I'll transfer you when he gets off."

Several minutes past and Jack was getting antsy, one thing had to be said about Jack Masters, he was an impatient man, he liked his ducks in a row and he hated it when they wandered because it took time to get them straight again and he didn't have time to waste.

"Bob will take your call now," said the secretary.

"Jack how you doing, how's the golf game? Sorry I couldn't make it today but something rather important came up, so what do I owe the honor?"

"Damn it Bob don't make nice with me, I'm calling about Lynn Collins and what in the hell is going on about with this girl?"

"She's been arrested for murder, that's why I couldn't play golf today."

"Jesus Bob, she's only a minor, what's with the adult charge against her."

"Those were my instructions."

"Bob you never do things like this, who's pulling the strings?"

"I can't tell you that and it's not important anyway, the point is that the girl is going to be tried as an adult and that's all I can tell you."

"Well, I'm representing Miss Collins so I'll need everything you have on this case, I'll expect to see everything in the morning."

"I'll have it for you, take care Jack."

"You too Bob."

As soon as Bob hung up the phone he dialed Shamus McCullough's number.

"Shamus here."

"Shamus, Bob Weldon, I have news for you and most of it bad as far as you're concerned. The girl has been released from jail and Jack Masters is her attorney."

"Jack fucking Masters, damn, that sleazy fuck gets everyone off, I'm calling in the big guns on this one. I'm calling my lawyer and ask him what we can do, I don't want to lose this case, I'll talk to you tomorrow."

Shamus called his attorney Bryant Turner to see what could be done. Bryant was on staff for Shamus because of all the litigation involved in most of his dealings. As had been stated earlier Shamus was a tough business man and most of it was a bit crooked and Shamus learned at an early age that it would cost less to hire an attorney full time than to hire a law firm on a case to case basis, Shamus didn't get rich the old fashion way he cheated.

"Bryant, this is Shamus. I need you to find a lawyer that will do almost anything to win a case. I don't want you doing it because I don't want my name linked to this trial other than as the grieving father."

"Shamus, I have just the man in mind, Myron Snard, he's a real son of a bitch, in fact I can't think a man hated as much as he is, I'll give him a call."

Bryant looked through his phone index and found the number he was looking for.

"Myron, Bryant Turner here, I have something for you that will pay you very nicely, are you interested?"

"I'm always interested in making money Bryant, who do I have to keep out of jail this time?"

"Myron, you're not going to believe this but we want you to help put someone in jail."

"You want me to work with the prosecution, I don't know if my heart will stand the shock, you actually want me to do good?"

"Don't worry, you won't be doing good, you can still be the same old mean son of a bitch you always are," laughed Bryant.

"Good, you had me worried for a minute, now tell me what I have to do."

"My client's son was killed by a sixteen year old girl and he wants her put away for the killing. The problem is that the girl is claiming self-defense and unfortunately she has a pretty good case. It seems that the boy raped her and then tried to kill her and to make it worse there is evidence to back it up so there is a lot of work to do before trial, are you interested?"

"If the money's right, I am."

"Does a blank check sound okay?"

"Yes, pretty much what I had in mind, I'll see you next Wednesday, I have a few things to clear up before then."

"Good talking to Myron."

Bryant called Shamus back and told him of the good fortune to have Myron working on the case for them, he would almost assure victory for the prosecution. Shamus smiled his first smile in weeks, it felt good to be able to ruin someone else's life for a change.

Jack Masters was in his office when the paper work he had requested arrived for the Lynn Collins case. He opened the envelope and read everything that had been sent by the DA and came to the conclusion that Lynn and been raped and almost killed by Brendan. How the DA could charge Lynn with murder made no sense, there had to be something else in play, so Jack called Bob Weldon to see what the real problem was.

"Bob, Jack Masters here, I received the package you sent over and read every word. I don't get it, you have no case here so why are you going after this girl the way you are?"

"Thanks for calling Jack, the reason I want to prosecute her is that we think she is lying."

"Bob, did you look at the evidence, Brendan bet the shit out of her and raped her besides, you must have more."

"We're going to prove they were defensive injuries from when Brendan fought back while she was trying to stab him."

"Get real Bob, Brendan was six-foot two inches tall and played on the football team and Lynn is what five-foot three and weighs maybe one hundred ten pounds, her wounds were a hell of a lot more than defensive, now tell me what's really going on?"

"There's nothing going on Jack, I just want to see justice done."

"Bob, you're so full of shit sometimes and this is one of them, I'll figure out the real reason for this thing and then maybe you will come to your senses."

Jack put the phone down and reread the evidence trying to make sense of this travesty. It took four times of going over the evidence before the light went on in his head, this was Shamus McCullough's son and now he knew why Bob was making such a big deal about this case, everyone knew that Shamus owned Bob Weldon. This was going to make the case a bit more interesting, the evidence was cut and dried, Brendan raped the girl and then tried to kill her, there was no doubt about that, but how would they spin it, Lynn was the picture child of a nice wholesome girl, hell she even had a scholarship named after her, I don't get it, there must be something I missed.

"Susan, Jack Masters here, I talked to the DA and he is adamant about proceeding with this trial and I figured out why, Brendan was Shamus McCullough's son and right or wrong he will want retribution so I'll be up front with you and tell you that this is going to get nasty. Shamus will do anything to win, cheat, lie, even buy witnesses, he's a real piece of work. We have the truth on our side but even so it's going to be a lot of work. Now, I need you to tell me everything you can about Lynn, the good things and the bad, you can't leave anything out because you can count on the DA trying to find out about these things too."

"Jack, Lynn's never done anything wrong other than a few harmless pranks and even those weren't that bad. There is one big thing though and I don't know if they will find out but you should know that Lynn was born a boy, she's transgender and a few people remember her as a boy but I don't think they would say anything."

"That could present a problem with our defense, if it becomes an issue maybe I might be able to have her sex set aside because rape is rape irregardless of who it is done to, lets just hope they don't find out, where are her records kept that chronicle her transition?"

"Only at her doctors and at the school. The records at the school are kept in a separate file in Lynn's councilor's office so no one is privy to them."

"That helps, maybe we can pull this off, Bob Weldon is a nice man but he also doesn't dig too deep when it comes to things like this, it helps that he is on their side."

"I thought he was a really good prosecutor, I read about him all the time in the paper?"

"Bob's a really good politician but he really isn't a very good lawyer, he just tells the papers that he is"

"I hope not, thanks for calling," Susan said as she hung up the phone.

Lynn was sitting with Mindy and Shauntay when the subject of the homecoming came up.

"Lynn we have to register you for princess soon, there are only two days left."

"I don't want to run this year, I just don't feel right about it."

"I'm sure you'll win," said Shauntay.

"I don't care I don't want to do it," Lynn said as her eyes began to water.

"Why not?" asked Mindy, seeing her girl friend's discomfort.

"I just can't, not after what happened, I'm sorry Mindy," answered Lynn, trying not to cry.

"Lynn, you're my best friend in the world and I hate seeing you like this, have you been seeing councilor?"


"Maybe you should or you'll never get over this thing."

"Maybe you're right, I'll ask my Mom for advice."

When Lynn arrived at home Susan was there because it had been a slow day at work.

"Mom, I think I should see someone about what happened, I don't want to do anything and that's not like me."

"I think you're right, you've been so depressed lately, I think you could use some help. What was the name of that man you used to see?"

"Dr. Jackson?"

"Yes, that's it, I'll call him tomorrow and see if he can fit you in."

"Thanks Mom, can I please have a hug?" Lynn asked. She really needed one.

Susan took her daughter into her arms and held her tight.

Shamus McCullough was sitting in his office when his secretary came through the door.

"Mr. McCullough, Mr. Turner is here with some gentlemen to see you."

"Who are they?"

"Mr. Turner said that it's Myron Snard and his body guards."

"Please show them in."

"Mr. McCullough will see you now."

Bryant Turner walked in ahead of Myron and his entourage. Bryant is a man that keeps himself in shape by going to the gym every morning before he comes to work and it shows. His clothes are tailored to fit and he looks sharp at all times. Myron however is the opposite. Myron is a puffy obese man. He stands five foot three, has a pasty pink complexion, squinty pig eyes and jowls that quiver when he walks. Shamus could hear him wheezing as he took his breaths when he walked into his office. Small beads of sweat had formed on his forehead because of the exertion from walking the short distance from his car to the office. The other two figures were something else to behold. Todd Melvin was a six foot four inch black man that was once a professional football player. He would still be playing if he hadn't blown his knee out several years earlier helping his wife with some dumb project around the house. He had told her to hire someone to do the chore but she begged him to do it for her as a show of love, well that show of love cost him his playing career and millions of dollars. The other man was Blackie Craig, a white man standing six foot six and weighing two hundred forty pounds. Blackie had a shaved head and several tattoos on his neck and face. Blackie was once an ultimate fighter in a sport where almost anything goes, you just can't gouge eyes or bite. Blackie could have been a champion at this sport because of the mean streak he had. He had no fear and could take almost any blow from his opponent, hence the scars over most of his face. Blackie loved fighting, both giving and receiving but kept forgetting the rules, you don't bite and you don't gouge. In his last fight he did both. He was a man possessed, his opponent had connected with a blow to the head and Blackie went crazy. He grabbed the other man by his eye sockets, bent his head back and bit half of his nose off, after that he wasn't allowed to fight again and that's why both he and Todd worked for Myron as bodyguards.

"Shamus, I'd like you to meet Myron Snard, Myron, Shamus McCullough," said Bryant introducing the two men.

"It's nice to meet you Myron, and who are these two men?"

"They're my bodyguards, don't pay attention to them, let's just say that I'm in need of protection these days, for some reason people want to hurt me," Myron said with an evil laugh, "Now tell me what you want me to do."

"Myron, this girl Lynn Collins killed my son and I want the little bitch to pay for what she did. The DA thinks he might have some trouble convicting her so that's why I asked Bryant to have you help us."

"I don't come cheap."

"Money isn't an issue right now, vengeance is, I want her put away for a very long time."

"Why can't your local DA handle the case?"

"Because there are some bullshit rape charges that need to go away."

"I see, okay here's what I'll do for you, I'll destroy the girl and every one around her and by the time I'm finished with her, people will think she's the second coming of the black plague. Now for your part, I'll want a fifty thousand dollar retainer and I charge one thousand dollars per hour because what I'm going to do isn't cheap, do we have an understanding?"

"I'll have Bryant draw a contract for your services. You'd better succeed though or your bodyguards won't be enough to stop me from doing harm to you, now do we have an understanding?"

"Yes we do, have Bryant give me everything on this girl so I can get started, oh and see if you can have the trial scheduled for the middle of December, I want the jury pissed off because her trial will take them away from their holiday cheer."

"I'll get started right away," said Bryant.

Myron studied Lynn's file and determined that this wouldn't be as easy as he thought it would be. This girl's a Mother Theresa for God's sake, there has to be something I can find out about her.

"Bryant, this is Myron, is this all you have for me on this girl? Where is her school records, what about any run ins with the police, does she have any enemies that would like to get back at her for something, does she have any fetishes?"

"She has nothing we can use that I could find and to be perfectly honest with you Myron, if I was married and had a daughter I'd want one just like her, she's a beautiful kind person."

"Don't let your feelings get in the way Bryant, we have to destroy this girl and since you don't have anything I'll have Blackie find something on her, talk to you later."

"Blackie, come in here, I have something for you to do."

Later that night a tall figure skulked slowly towards a window in the rear of the high school. Blackie held a towel over the glass light to both muffle the sound and keep from cutting his hand as he broke the glass. After he broke the glass he opened the window and pulled himself inside and walked to find his target, the admissions office. Finding the door locked he pulled a pry bar from his coat and slipped it between the door and jamb. With some exertion he was able to break the jamb and gain entry into the office. Blackie found the file cabinet marked A thru G. He broke the lock on this one too and grabbed several files making sure he had the one marked Collins, Lynn. Myron had told him to take at least ten files or they might trace the burglary back to them if they were only to take Lynn's file. By the time Blackie had finished his task and returned to Myron with the files it was well past three in the morning.

"Burn these files Blackie, this is the one I want, I'll read it tomorrow."

When the head custodian arrived at school at seven in the morning he was surprised to find the broken window. Then he discovered the door to the office and it was rendered useless. He called the police to make a report. The attendance secretary had arrived just before the police.

"Can you tell us if anything is missing?" asked the officer.

"The only thing missing are several of the students files, they didn't even touch the petty cash."

"Do you know whose files are missing?"

"Not just yet but I'll make a list and fax them over to you."

"Thank you," said the officer, " now I have to finger print the window and door and hope the thief was stupid enough not to have worn gloves."

The secretary made the list and faxed it off to the police and then went into Miss Benson's office.

"Miss Benson, one of the files that was stolen was Lynn Collins'."

"Was it really, it's a good thing that I keep her personal information locked in my office. The only thing the thieves will get from her file is her grades, I wonder what they were looking for?"

Myron awoke late as was his usual custom and went to look at Lynn's file.

"Son of a bitch," he muttered, "What the hell is this, there is nothing here but grades, Blackie, where are the rest of those files from last night."

"You told me to burn them."

"Were they as thin as this one?"

"No, they were thick, that one must have something missing."

"Damn, I can't have you go back to find the rest of it and if it wasn't there someone must be hiding something, I'm going to have to dig a little deeper."

Myron began his search, looking for anything he could on Lynn Collins, female. Luckily for Lynn she was born in a little town in Indiana while her parents were on vacation and so the birth documents were in Indiana and so with little more than Lynn Collins female to go on Myron was unable to find a birth certificate. Being unable to find anything substantial Myron devised another ploy, innuendo.

Meanwhile Bryant approached the DA and asked him to schedule the trial for the middle of December. When Jack heard this he went through the roof.

"What do you mean we can't go to trial until then, Bob, what in the hell has gotten into you, schedule a hearing with the judge, I want this to be over as soon as possible," said Jack.

"Okay, I'll see if he can hear us next week," replied Bob.

The following week the two attorneys were in court to set a date.

"Your Honor, the District Attorney is asking that we postpone trial on this matter until the middle of December and we're asking that you schedule it for no later than the beginning of November. There's no good reason to stall this thing any longer than that. All the evidence is in and it isn't fair to such a young girl to have this travesty hanging over her head any longer than is necessary," said Jack Masters.

"We need more time your Honor," replied Bob Weldon.

"What do you need more time for Bob?"

"We're still looking for more evidence."

"After reviewing what's here Bob, I can't see that there would be anything else to find so I'm scheduling trial to start November second."

"Yes your Honor."

Lynn had just past her driving test one week earlier and was on her way to see Dr. Jackson for her first appointment in a year and a half. She wasn't sure of what to expect as she parked the car and walked inside.

"I'm here to see Dr. Jackson," Lynn said to the receptionist.

"Lynn, you've come back to visit us, let me look at you, my but you've become a beautiful young woman," said Bernice. Bernice had been Dr. Jackson's receptionist for years and loved watching his girls become women and Lynn was his finest example. "I'll show you right in, Dr. Jackson is expecting you."

Lynn was escorted into Dr. Jackson's office.

"Lynn, it's so nice to see you, how have you been?" asked Dr. Jackson.

"Not so well Dr."

"Tell me what's bothering you?"

"It's, it's, gosh, it's so many things, I don't know where to start."

"You haven't changed your mind about being a girl have you?"

"Oh my no, it's just that, God I feel so dirty saying this, I was raped," Lynn said as she crumbled in tears.

"Oh my God you poor thing," responded Dr. Jackson, "Bernice, could you block out the rest of my afternoon, Lynn needs me for the rest of the day."

"Yes, Dr."

Lynn composed herself and continued, "That's not the worst of it, I could eventually get over the rape but I killed someone and I'll never forgive myself for that."

"My God Lynn, tell me what happened so I can make some sense of this."

Lynn proceeded to tell Dr. Jackson of the rape and death of Brendan McCullough and how she felt responsible for everything that happened.

"Tell me Lynn, why do you feel responsible for what happened?"

"If I hadn't gone to his house this would have never happened."

"Well of coarse not but you also didn't expect to get raped either so you shouldn't feel responsible for a very bad act, that was Brendan's fault, you had nothing to do with that other than being in the wrong place with the wrong person. It would have happened to any girl that happened to be with him so it's not your responsibility and you're not being fair to yourself by taking the blame."

"But if I wasn't there none of this would have taken place, I wouldn't have had to kill him."

"Lynn the last thing you should feel guilty about is that. You might feel sorrow for his death, but he brought that on himself, what were you supposed to do die, you were just protecting yourself."

"But it's all my fault, I should have just gone to the library instead."

"Lynn, there is nothing greater than hindsight when it comes to things such as this. Of coarse you could have gone to the library and this wouldn't have happened, but you didn't know it would. This wouldn't have happened either if you hadn't become homecoming princess and discovered your true self, would you want to take that away?"

"No, it's just that I feel so bad because of what I've done."

"I'm not saying that you shouldn't feel bad, I'd be disappointed if you didn't but you need to put it in perspective, you would be dead if you didn't protect yourself."

"But I wouldn't have had to protect myself if I didn't go to his house."

"You wouldn't have had to protect yourself if he wasn't a rapist, don't forget that."

"I know, but still, God I'm so confused."

"Lynn what happened wasn't your fault, what happened, happened, there is no changing that and we have to work to get you past that. Let's say you wanted a friend of yours to bring you to the mall with her when she went shopping and she was killed in an accident on the way to pick you up, would you feel responsible for that too?"

"I don't think I would because it was an accident."

"But your friend died on the way to pick you up."

"I know but that was an accident, nobody planned it."

"That's the point, nobody planned it, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you hadn't asked her for a ride she would have still been alive but you couldn't foresee the accident and it happened, it's just like the rape, you couldn't foresee that either but it happened and it was something you had no control of. Brendan's death was unfortunate but he brought it on himself. If he hadn't tried to kill you he would still be alive, so that was something he brought on himself, you were the victim in all this so you shouldn't feel guilty, sorrow maybe, but guilt no."

Lynn spent the next three hours with Dr. Jackson and was finally able to come to the realization that she shouldn't feel guilty and that she shouldn't stop living because another person tried to ruin her life. Lynn felt as though a great weight was lifted from her shoulders, she felt like living again. Little did she know that Myron Snard was going to try to make her life a living hell.

Bob called Bryant who in turn called Myron to inform them that the judge moved the trial up to November second because there wasn't any more evidence to be found.

"How does he know that?" asked Myron, who was thoroughly pissed at that revelation. Myron needed more time to find dirt on the poor girl.

"Jack Masters made the point that it wasn't fair to the girl to have to wait much longer for trail and the judge agreed," stated Bryant.

"Okay, I'll just have to accelerate what I usually do, here's the plan. I'll have Blackie search the Collins home for anything damaging and even if he doesn't find anything we can still damage the evidence at trial. What we will do is make the girl out to be a sex freak and Brendan was just doing what the girl asked by making love to her."

"What about the bruises?"

"That will be a little harder, we have to convince the jury that the girl liked to be choked to unconsciousness, you've seen stories about the sexual rush kids get from that and that's how she got the bruises."

"That would explain her neck but what about the cuts and bruises on her face?"

"I'll think of something, maybe she tripped, yeh, that's it, she tripped."

"I hope this works or Shamus will really be angry if we fail."

"Trust me it won't fail and by the way get me everything on the doctor that treated her at the hospital, we have to discredit her too, in fact get me something on everyone that's come in contact with her, the cops, everybody."

"You've got it Myron."

There were only two weeks until trial so Myron's plan had to be rushed.

"Blackie, I want you to search the Collin's home for some kind of clue as to the girls past, do it today," said Myron.

"Okay boss," answered Blackie.

Blackie drove to Susan's home and watched to make sure there was no activity in the neighborhood. He exited the car and walked to the front door and rang the bell. When there was no answer he walked to the rear of the house and pried open the rear door. Entering he wandered through the house looking in drawers for anything that might be of help for Myron.

Susan was at work when she remembered that she had left some paperwork at home so she drove there to get it. She parked her car, noticing a strange vehicle parked several doors away. She walked to her front door and pushed her key into the cylinder. Blackie heard the noise and hid behind the door to the living room. As Susan walked past the door Blackie struck her on the head knocking her out. Blackie ran from the house and roared of in his car. Susan was unconscious for several minutes and then called the police as soon as she woke up.

"911 operator."

"This is Susan Collins at 745 Britton Road, I was just attacked in my home and my house was broken into, please send someone."

"Do you need an ambulance?"

"No, just the police."

The police arrived and the investigating officer was Ben Patterson.

"Mrs. Collins, I'm Ben Patterson, can you tell me what happened?"

"Yes, I had forgotten something at home so I drove here from work and when I walked in here I was struck on the back of my head."

"Did you see anything?"

"No nothing, other than a strange car several doors down."

"Do you know what kind of car it was?"

"No, not really, it was a blue American car but I don't know what kind."

"Do you know how they entered your house?"

"I think through the back door, it seems to have been pried open."

"Hmm, that's interesting, do you know if they took anything?"

"Not that I can see."

"I just happened to realized that your Lynn Collins mother aren't you?"

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"Because I was the investigating officer at the McCullough home the night she was attacked. There have been some strange things happening with regards to this case that didn't make sense until now. First the school was broken into and some file were stolen. We thought maybe it was a prank but one of the files was Lynn's and now your house is broken into, I think there is more than meets the eye with this. I have to go make some calls, are you going to be alright?"

"Yes, my head just hurts, I'll go see my doctor just to be sure everything is okay."

"I'll get back to you as soon as I know anything Mrs. Collins."

"Thank you officer."

Ben Patterson returned to his office and called Bob Weldon.

"Bob, Ben Patterson calling, what the hell is going on with the Lynn Collins case?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Because there have been two break-ins related to the case and that's more that a coincidence."

"Well our office had nothing to do with that."

"But I'm sure you know who does."

"That ridiculous Ben, breaking and entering is against the law and this office would never have anything to do with that."

"Well someone is doing it and I'm going to find out why, I'll be talking to you later."

As soon as Bob hung up the phone he called Bryant Turner.

"Bryant, this is Bob Weldon, you had better call of your dogs before something serious happens, the police have some kind of idea as to what we're doing so tell Myron to lay low or we will all be in hot water if we're caught."

"Okay, I'll tell him to quit doing things that might put us in jail, I'll talk to you in a few days."

Bryant called Myron and told him to stop doing illegal things because the police were getting wise to what they were doing and that they would have to be careful.

Jack Masters was informed of the two break-ins and had put two and two together. He knew Shamus McCullough was the person behind what was happening to Lynn but there was nothing he could do about it, Shamus owned Bon Weldon. Jack had his own problems, he had to find someone to discredit Brendan and began his search. He finally found a girl who had dated Brendan and discovered that she also been raped only she never reported it because she feared for her life and with good reason, she would be his ace in the hole so to speak.

The days past with Myron drilling Bob Weldon on what to ask and what to avoid until Bob would be able to ask questions in his sleep. During this period of time Myron hired a jury consultant, he wanted to be sure his ducks were in a row and the jurists would be the most likely to vote in favor of the prosecution.

It was the night before the trial was to begin and Susan decided to take Lynn out for dinner to a new restaurant that specialized in steaks and seafood.

"What should I wear Mom?" asked Lynn.

"I was thinking that pink angora dress we just bought. Wear your pink heels with it."

"Okay Mom."

Lynn knew what dress her mother was talking about. The angora was so soft and the dress followed her new curves to perfection. The top was cut just low enough to expose the slightest amount of cleavage and the straps went over her shoulders down to the square cut back. Her shoulders were exposed adding to the sexuality of the garment. Lynn rolled on a pair of nude pantyhose and found her white lacy bra that pushed her now B cup breasts up and in to create more cleavage. She lowered a slip down over her head and then did the same with the dress.

"Mom, could you zip me please?"

"Sure honey, I'll be right there."

Susan zipped the dress and looked at her daughter and was amazed at how shapely she had become over the past year. Lynn's waist was tiny and her hips curved out nicely, she was trim, not buxom, she was an incredibly beautiful girl, Susan was proud of her baby.

Lynn found her pink pumps with the two-inch heels and put them on. She added a little more makeup than she usually wore and went to join her mother. They rode to the restaurant with Lynn driving and allowed the valet to park the car. The boy was all eyes when he opened the door for Lynn. He lowered his hand to hers and helped out of the car.

"Be careful with my car," flirted Lynn. Lynn was finally able to lower her guard a little since the rape and it felt good.

"I'll protect it with my life." He responded with a smile.

Susan and Lynn entered the restaurant and were seated in a rear booth. The restaurant was nice, having rolled napkins and several silverware settings. The waiter opened the napkins for the ladies and put them in their laps.

"Would you like something to drink before dinner?" he asked.

"I'd like a glass of red wine and my daughter would like some ice tea with lemon please."

The waiter left and brought the beverages back to the table.

"Are you ladies ready to order?"

"I'd like the pan seared salmon please," answered Lynn.

"I'd like the petrale sole, how is that cooked?"

"Over mesquite charcoal."


The waiter left and the girls lost themselves in conversation until the food arrived. Lynn's salmon was served on a leaf of red leaf lettuce with garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables. Susan's was served on a platter with pasta covered with pesto sauce and charcoal seared asparagus. The girls began eating and were almost finished when Myron Snard and his bodyguards entered the restaurant. They were seated on the other side of the room so they really didn't see each other and would only if they tried to look at each other. Myron had never seen Lynn and Blackie had only seen the back of Susan's head briefly as he knocked her out. Myron was creating a stir in his immediate area because of his disgusting appearance. He was sweaty, and because of the exertion of walking, a pinkish red color. The patrons were becoming very uneasy in his presence and when he began to eat they almost fled the restaurant, Myron had ordered the largest steak on the menu and couldn't shovel the food in his mouth fast enough. As he ate he made slight but distinguishable guttural sound, that and the sight of his squinty pig eyes was revolting.

Lynn and Susan had finished eating and were waiting for their change. Just as the waiter returned with the cash Myron sucked his breath in and swallowed a chunk of steak down his windpipe. Myron was choking and making a regurgitation sound and stood up from his chair. All the people watched him as he flailed trying to clear his throat. The people just stared and because of the disgusting nature of the man didn't want to touch him. The waite staff didn't have a clue as to what they should do, Heimlich training was supposed to take place next week. Myron was in distress now, his pig eyes were bulging out and he was turning reddish purple.

"Mom, they're letting that man die," said Lynn as she bolted across the room to aid the disgusting man. Lynn had been a boy scout and had earned his first aid merit badge and knew what must be done to save the man. She arrived at the table and tried to put her arms around the robust man but he was much too large.

Lynn looked up at Blackie and said, "Quick put your arms around his stomach and make a fist and I'll guide you."

Blackie did as instructed and then Lynn placed her hands over his and guided them into position. "Now pull in and up at the same time real hard, go," she said. Blackie did as instructed and nothing happened. "Quick do it again," she said and Blackie pulled as hard as he could. Suddenly the food popped up and out of Myron's throat. It traveled out of his mouth onto Lynn's left breast staining her dress. Myron collapsed onto his chair trying to regain his breath.

"You saved my boss's life," said Blackie.

"You did all the work," replied Lynn, "He should be alright now."

Lynn walked away from the table and joined her mother.

"Baby, you saved that man's life, I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks Mom, it was nothing."

"Yes it was, no one else even tried to help him, you should be proud of yourself."

"Oh Mom, you're going to make me blush, let's go."

Lynn and Susan left the restaurant before Myron was able to thank Lynn for saving his life, what kind of person would do that and ask for nothing in return. People never did anything for Myron without asking for something in return, he was hated that much.

"Blackie who was the person that saved me?" asked Myron.

"It was this beautiful young girl. She took my hands in hers and softly guided them to where they had to be. They were soft like velvet but she was able to move my hands like they were her own. After I pulled the second time your food popped out all over her dress. It had a big stain after she wiped the food off, I'm sure it was ruined."

"See if you can find out who she is, the least I can do is replace her dress."

Blackie asked the host who the girl was but nobody knew. The only clue they had was the name Susan on the reservation book and that was no help at all.

Myron was in awe of this girl. What kind of person helps another person without even thinking of some kind of reward. This girl is very special thought Myron, I just wish I could find her. Myron had never been touched like this before.

Myron never attended the trials he was involved with except briefly so he never had any real sense of the people he was dealing with. No face to look at and it was like dealing with an object not a person's life. The unselfish act performed by this girl though was reaching him deep within his brain, Myron might become a human being after all, not.

Morning came and Susan and Lynn were off to court. Jury selection was to start at nine o'clock and Jack wanted them to be there before eight-thirty. He had Lynn and Susan come to an empty office so he could give them an idea of what was going to go on.

"Lynn, today we're going to pick a jury. I know Bob Weldon has a team working with him and will probably have a consultant for the jury but if we get lucky they will see what is going on and you will be acquitted. I might ask a jurist some strange questions and if I excuse him or her it's for a reason so this might take a while, maybe even all day or even into tomorrow. Just stay patient everything will be okay. It's time to go in now and don't worry, I'll be right beside you."

Jack, Lynn, and Susan went into the courtroom and seated themselves at the defendant's table. Bob Weldon was at the other table and Myron had equipped him with a hidden microphone so he could listen in and send instructions to Todd who was sitting just behind Bob.

"All rise, his Honor Ralph Garcia presiding." said the bailiff.

Judge Garcia walked to his bench and was seated.

"Please be seated," said the bailiff.

The court was seated and the judge began, "We're here in the matter of the state versus Lynn Collins for the murder of Brendan McCullough, are all parties present?"

"Yes your Honor," replied both Jack and Bob.

"We will begin jury selection at this time, bailiff would you please escort the first group into the court?"

"Yes your Honor."

Todd looked at Lynn and thought, what a shame, she sure is a pretty girl and then he gasped, oh my God, that's the girl that saved Myron's life, I have to get to him. Todd rose and left the court and pulled his cell phone from his pocket.

Myron answered the phone, "Hello."

"Boss, you're not going to believe this but the girl on trial is the girl that saved your life last night."


"I swear to God, it's her."

"Aw shit, what am I going to do now, I owe her and I know she's innocent, the least I can do is try to fix the jury in her favor. I wish I could take away the prosecutions case, but it is too late for that, I just hope Jack Masters is a good lawyer. Go back into the court and I'll do what I can to save the girl, give my instructions to the DA when he picks the jury."

It appears that Myron Snard had a heart after all.

The jury selection took two days to complete. Bob Weldon wondered why Myron was approving the jurors he was but knew Myron had his reasons. Jack on the other hand was wary of the selections, they all seemed to be in his favor and he wondered why, it had to be a trick so he dismissed several because they seemed to good to be true. During this time Bob asked the judge to keep Lynn in the juvenal detention facility claiming she might run away. Not knowing the girl the judge agreed so Lynn had to spend the remaining time in custody until her fate was decided.

The trial began with Bob calling the first police officer on the scene.

"Can you tell us what you found when you arrived at the McCullough home?" asked Bob Weldon.

"I found the defendant sitting on the couch and Brendan dead on the floor with a knife in his back," answered Sergeant Goodfellow.

"Did you check him for signs of life?"

"The paramedics already did that."

"Did you have any conversation with the defendant?"

"Yes, the usual stuff, I asked her for her name and age, if she was okay and what had happened."

"Thank you, that will be all."

"Mr. Masters?"

"Thank you your Honor, Sergeant Goodfellow, what was the defendant's response when you asked her what had happened?"

"She said that she had been raped and that Brendan had tried to kill her."

"And what did the defendant look like when you arrived?"

"Her face was bloodied and bruised."

"Thank you Sergeant, that will be all."

"The prosecution calls Linda Carlisle."

"Officer Carlisle, you interviewed Miss Collins the day after the incident, did you not?" asked Bob Weldon.

"The night before and the day after."

"What did she tell you?"

"That she had been raped and had defended herself when the boy tried to kill her."

"Other than Miss Collins description of the events there really isn't any other witness is there?"


"Miss Collins could be telling a lie couldn't she?"

"Objection your Honor."

"Sustained, you know better than that Mr. Weldon, keep to the facts."

"No more questions."

"Miss Carlisle, was there any reason not to think Miss Collins wasn't raped?"

"No sir, she was very emotional at even the mention of rape and the bruises on her face proved that something happened."

"Thank you, no more questions."

"The prosecution calls Dr. Sheila Belle."

"Dr. Belle, you were the attending physician the night in question in the ER at county hospital?"

"That's correct."

"Did you examine Miss Collins after she had been brought to the hospital?"


"What did you find?"

"There was blood and sperm from where the boy had raped her."

"Objection your Honor, there is no proof she was raped."

"Sustained, strike rape from the records please."

"So, Dr. Belle, you found sperm from intercourse and what did you do with it?"

"I took a swab of it and placed it in a sterile container for DNA testing, it's called a rape kit."

"Please your Honor would you instruct the witness to stop using the word rape during her testimony?"

"Mr. Weldon, the kit the Dr. is referring to is called a rape kit and not an intercourse kit so I see no harm in her testimony."

"Did you also treat her for bruises?"

"Yes, the bastard beat her face."

"Your Honor?"

"Please Dr. Belle, just answer the questions without editorializing."

"I'm sorry your Honor."

"Dr. Belle, isn't it true you were allegedly raped and this is your way to get back at the man who got away with it, that in fact Miss Collins was just a little upset because she lost her virginity?"

"Objection your Honor, Dr. Belle isn't on trial here, what happened in the past has nothing to do with what happened to Miss Collins," stated Jack Masters.


"No more questions your Honor."

"Dr. Belle, why do you think Miss Collins was raped?"

"Objection your Honor, the witness is being asked to make a conclusion."

"Over ruled Mr. Weldon, there has been a claim of rape and the attending physician should be able to help answer that question, go ahead Dr. Belle."

"When I first examined her I noticed an excessive amount of blood in her skirt and panties, when she removed them I noticed that her sphincter had been ripped in several spots. During normal intercourse there might be a small amount of bleeding but not to this extent, the pain would be too severe to continue so this was obviously a forced entry."

"Are you telling me she was raped in her rectum?"

"Yes, many times rapists can't wait to do it any other way, they just want to hurt the girl, it's not the pleasure of sex but the pleasure of hurting the girl."

"You mentioned that you treated her bruises?"

"Yes, you don't get that kind of bruising during some sort of bondage act, she was definitely beaten."

"Thank you Dr. Belle."

"The prosecution calls Dr. Denton."

"Dr. Denton, you're the coroner for our county?"

"That's correct."

"You examined Brendan McCullough both at the crime scene and in the morgue, could you tell us what you found?"

Upon arriving at the McCullough residence I found young McCullough lying on his stomach with a dagger in his back. He had been dead for several hours so I had him brought to the morgue. After his examination I determined that the dagger had penetrated his heart causing instant death."

"No more questions your Honor."

"Dr. Denton, during your examination did you notice at what angle the entry wound was?" asked Jack.

"Yes the wound entered his back just to the right of his spine and at a slight angle."

"You mention an angle, was it angled from the top down or from the side?"

"Definitely from the side."

"In other words the person swinging the knife would have had to bring it around the person's body to achieve such an angle?"

"That's correct. If a person were to strike someone from behind the knife would enter in an up and down line and not side to side."

"If then, Brendan was on top of Miss Collins as she claims the entry wound would be consistent with his position on her chest."

"That's correct."

"No more questions your Honor."

"Redirect your Honor."

"Dr. Denton, you're saying that the girl couldn't have stabbed the boy in the back from behind?"

"Yes, that's right."

"Couldn't she have swung her arm around and stabbed him while standing to his side and had the same entry wound?"

"The entry angle would be the same except the girl is too short to have swung high enough to penetrate the boys back where she did, the wound would have been just above his hip."

"No more Questions your Honor."

"The prosecution calls Dr. Stanley Burton."

"Dr. Burton can you explain your expertise to the court."

"I have a doctorate in sexual studies."

"Objection your Honor, what do sexual studies have to do with this case?"

"Mr. Weldon, would you like to explain?"

"Yes your Honor, we want to prove that Miss Collins was caught up in a sex game and then felt remorse so she killed the young man."

"I'll allow the questioning."

"Dr. Burton you've seen the evidence in this case and have you come to any conclusion as to what may have happened?"

"Yes, well today's youth seems to go towards bigger thrills than what was accepted several years ago. Girls these days want to be virgins when they marry so they engage in oral and anal sex so they technically remain virgins. Another darker thrill is strangulation. Teens are choked to unconsciousness, which apparently gives them a sexual thrill, one which I never understood. From what I have seen from this case the bruising on the girls neck was from sexual strangulation and the torn sphincter from love making, it was all just in fun."

"You liar, I was raped," screamed Lynn.

"Mr. Masters, would you keep your client quiet please," said the judge.

"No more questions, your Honor," said Bob Weldon as he walked away with a smirk on his face.

Jack walked up to the witness stand and look Dr. Burton in the eye and asked, "Do you seriously think the damage done to this little girl was the result of love games, do you?"

Dr. Burton shifted uneasily in his chair and answered, "They could have."

"So let me get this straight, you claim the bruising on the neck was caused by sexual strangulation, don't they usually use a cloth around the neck just so you don't have injury?"

"I guess," Dr. Burton answered softly.

"You guess, come on Dr. you know darn well that people don't use their hands and leave bruises because they squeezed hard enough to break blood vessels during sex games. And you say that the anal sex injury was the result of fun, don't people use lubrication and go slowly so as to adjust to the act just so this kind of injury won't happen?"


"So tell us Dr, how do these types of injuries occur?"

"Objection your Honor, councilor is asking my witness for a conclusion."

"Over ruled, I want to hear this myself, answer the question."

"From a rape."

"No more questions."

"The prosecution rests."

"We will adjourn for today, Mr. Masters you can begin your defense tomorrow, court adjourned." Said the judge as he hit his gavel on the desk.

The following morning Jack started his defense by calling Lynn to the stand.

"Miss Collins we've heard previous testimony in regards to the night in question, could you tell us in your own words what happened?"

"Yes, that day Brendan asked me to come over to his house to study. My mom said it would be okay but that she would drive me. When I arrived Brendan brought me into the library and told me that I would have to climb a ladder to get the books. He got the ladder and I climbed up to the row with the books I needed. He was holding the ladder for me and when I started back down he shook it so I would lose my balance. I started to fall and he caught me then said that I owed him a kiss for saving me. I said no but he didn't listen and kissed me anyway. I told him to stop and that's when he got really mad and hit me and threw mw against the couch. After that he lifted my skirt and raped me. I told him that I was going to call the police so he threw me on the desk and started to choke me. I couldn't breath and my hand found the dagger so I swung it to try to make him let me go. I didn't mean to kill him. I just wanted him to let me go, I'm so sorry," Lynn said as she broke down in tears.

After Lynn had gained control of herself, Jack asked, "Did you do anything to provoke the attack?"

"No, I just wanted to study."

"No more questions."

"Miss Collins didn't you think it was a little strange for Brendan to ask you over to study?" asked Bob Weldon.

"No, he said he had the books and I could tell he liked me."

"He liked you?"

"You know, he flirted a lot."

"And did you like that?"

"I was flattered, but I did nothing to lead him on."

"So you liked him, what did you wear when you went to his house, something sexy to arouse him?"

" No, I wore the same skirt and blouse I wore to school."

"I see, and you climbed the ladder with a skirt on?"


"And Brendan was watching you climb the ladder?"


"You're a very attractive young woman Miss Collins, why wouldn't you expect Brendan to be excited about you, especially after looking up your dress while you were on the ladder?"

"Looking at a girls legs is no excuse to rape her."

"You claim it was rape but I see something else here. You teased the boy because you wanted something else, you wanted him to make love to you and when he did you cried rape and then you murdered him, isn't that true Miss Collins?"

"No, he raped me."

"Nonsense Miss Collins you came to Brendan's house to seduce him didn't you?"


"And he did just as you wanted him to do didn't he, you wanted to make love to him and he complied and then you felt guilt so you stabbed him didn't you?"

"No, he was trying to kill me."

"No he wasn't, you wanted him to strangle you for the thrill didn't you?"

"No, no, it wasn't like that he tried to kill me, all I wanted was for him to stop," Lynn cried.

"Tell me the truth Miss Collins, you murdered Brendan McCullough didn't you, you buried the dagger as deeply as you could, you wanted him dead, no more questions." shouted Bob.

Lynn sat in the witness box until she stopped crying. Jack went and helped her back to her seat and called his final witness.

"I call Cindy Crenshaw to the stand."

Cindy was a student at the same school as Lynn. She was a tall girl and did modeling part time and wanted to become a full time model after graduation.

"Miss Crenshaw, you're a student at the same school as Lynn and Brendan."


"Did you know Brendan McCullough?"


"How well did you know him?"

"I dated him a few times."

"Why did you stop dating him?"

"He raped me?"

"He raped you?"

"Yes sir."

"Did you make a police report?"


"Why not?"

"Because he threatened to kill me if I did."

"And you believed him?"

"Yes, if you had seen the look in his eyes you would have believed him too."

"Have you ever told anyone about this?"

"No, not until now. I read what was happening to Lynn and had to tell someone, it's not right, Lynn is the sweetest girl I know."

"No more questions."

"Miss Crenshaw, how do we know your telling the truth?" asked Bob Weldon.

"You will have to take my word for it."

"Your word, please, were talking about rape here and the boy can't defend himself, personally I think you're lying Miss Crenshaw."

"I'm not, he did rape me, I wish I had gone to the police so the same thing wouldn't have happened to Lynn."

"It's only your word Miss Crenshaw, no more questions."

"Do you have anymore witnesses Mr. Masters?" asked the judge.

"No sir," responded Jack.

"Mr. Weldon would you like to start your summation?"

"Yes your Honor. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you've heard many hours of testimony concerning this case. Now you have to weigh what you have heard, is it true or is the truth being bent by the defense. Lynn Collins is a pretty girl but don't let that persuade you, she's a cold-blooded murderer. You heard the testimony, the Dr. in charge of the ER has an agenda against men and now she can get even by getting Lynn Collins off. The coroner stated that the girl could have swung from the side and Dr. Burton stated that Lynn Collins was a sexual freak, she wanted to get raped and strangled. The only reason Brendan McCullough is dead is that Lynn Collins wanted the thrill of killing him so I ask you to find her guilty."

"Mr. Masters?"

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I can't believe what I just heard from the District Attorney, the only thing I can agree with is to look at the truth. Make your decision on fact and not innuendo. Even Dr. Burton said that Miss Collins was raped. Brendan McCullough was an evil boy and had it not been for the fact that Lynn Collins found the letter opener she would be dead right now. When you go into the jury room read the facts and find Lynn Collins not guilty of this travesty."

"Bailiff, would you take the jury to deliberation?"

"Yes sir."

It was the second day of deliberation when the bailiff found Susan Collins in her familiar place in front of the courtroom.

"Mrs. Collins, the jury has made a decision."


Susan slowly rose to here feet and walked to a seat behind her little girl. She wanted to be with her one way or the other. Susan was weary and it showed, her face was drawn and her hair wasn't the usual every hair in place. Susan had on minimal makeup hoping to hide the bags under her eyes.

"Has the jury come to a decision?" asked the judge.

"Yes your Honor."

"And how do you find on the count of murder in the second degree?"

"Not guilty, your Honor."

Susan Collins heard "not" and fainted. She opened her eyes and saw Lynn standing over her.

"Mommy, we can go home now, it's over."


Susan pulled her baby into her arms and held her tight.

Luckily for Myron Snard he had asked for his final payment before testimony began and had cashed the check for the additional seventy-five thousand dollars bringing the total to one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars and received payment before the trial was over and was long gone.

Shamus McCullough raised holy hell with Bob Weldon and Bryant Turner and swore he would get even with them for failing to convict Lynn.

Several days had past when there was a knock at Susan's front door.

"I have a delivery for Lynn Collins," stated the delivery man, "Sign here."

Susan signed her name and took the envelope.

"Lynn there's something here for you."

"What is it Mom?"

"An envelope."

Lynn came from her room and took the envelope from her mother. She opened the top carefully. On the inside was a note and a check. Lynn read the note.

"Dear Miss Collins you don't know me and we met just once. You would remember me if I told you who I was so I won't but let me say that no person has had an impact on my life as you have. Until I met you all I would ever do is find fault in everyone I met, yet you influenced my life, no questions asked, no revulsion, you just took me as I was. You have caused me to take a long hard look at myself and I didn't like what I found, a disgusting human being. You opened my eyes to something else, kindness, and for that I am sending you an anonymous gift. You won't be able to find me so there will be no way for you to return it, use it for your future and please never change, a friend."

Lynn opened the cashiers check and saw her name and the amount one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars. Myron Snard was truly a changed man.

'Mom, look," screamed Lynn.

"Oh my God," replied Susan.

"Mom, you're not angry that I couldn't be princess this year are you?" laughed Lynn.

"Honey, next year you can be Queen," said Susan as she took her daughter in her arms and held her tight.




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