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A Real Girl For A Night

by Danielle Jones


Me and my new girlfriend Paula are going to finally go out for a big night in town, we have checked at a "transvestite" friendly club on the internet and it looks ideal. Being our first time out in public we want to do this right and we have booked ourselves a room at a nearby hotel which will give us plenty of time to get "tarted" up and possibly entertain later!!

Paula and I met in the usual "trannie" circumstances, the internet, after countless emails, then text messages and phone calls we finally met a few months ago. It was so amazing to meet another girl like me, have someone to talk to, dress with and provide hints and tips and have someone to have some with fun with. We had had a few meetings at either Paula's or a hotel and it was just fun dressing up like a slut for the night but we both knew we wanted more than just messing around as two girls in a hotel room, we wanted to live as women in the real world (well as realistic as we could get), even for just one night, we wanted to go out in public, meet people, have men checking us out and buying drinks, dancing in our 5 inch stilettos (hopefully in the clutches of a gorgeous man). We wanted to be a real girl for a night!!

I have decided to wear my favorite black basque with matching thong and black seamed stockings, over the top I have a tight white blouse on which shows of my cleavage (the joys of breast forms!!) just enough to get people interested and then I have a tight, little leather mini skirt which just covers my stocking tops. I have a long black straight wig on and my make consists of heavy foundation, mascara, dark eye shadow and false eye lashes all finished with big red lips and the have matching false nails (more like talons) to complete it off. I attach some classic hooped earrings and then I step into my 5 inch stilettos (black, open toe sling backs). I get dressed before Paula and she is looking equally as stunning in a tight red pvc dress and I instantly get aroused just looking at her, Paula is virtually dressed and just attaching her stockings to the suspenders. The shortness of the dress is riding up over her thighs. I cant help my self as I get to my knees and part her legs, pull her red pvc thong to one side and start licking her gorgeous cock, despite trying to get ready she is getting harder and harder and I slowly take her cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, she gives up on finishing getting dresses and lays back on to the bed so I can access her wonderful erection. My red lips are all over her cock whilst I stroke her balls with one of my red talons. I can feel her tensing and I relish feeling her hot cum in my mouth but she pulls away which leaves me confused and desperate. Being the little minx that she is she wants us to cum together and order me on to all fours on the bed, she gets behind me and lifts my skirt over my knickers and pulls my tiny thong to one side, I feel her rock hard cock covered in my saliva prodding my arsehole, I push backward as she push's deep into me and she grab my hips and slowly starts pumping me harder and harder, faster and faster, her cock feels so good in me and I am screaming to feel her cum inside of me, she is calling me so many names and I love being her slut, my own cock is rock hard now and she knows that but she stops me from wanking myself as she countinue's to pound me and then I feel her tense, her sharp nails digging into my flesh as she unleashes her hot cum into me, The feleling of hard cock in your cunt is the amazing feeling but when you have felt hot cum being pumped into you then there is nothing like it. As she pulls her cock out of me , with her cum glistening I'm straight onto my knees and I have that gorgeous cock in my mouth again, cleaning up all of the cum of it like the desperate slut that I am. As I clean her cock I'm wanking myself off franticly and I come all over her red patent stilettos, without being told, I'm on all fours licking it all off like the good whore that I am and get up off my hand and knees and kiss her passionately, passing my cum into her mouth. I now let her finish getting ready as I "re adjust" my stockings and thong and re do my make up!! Right ready to go out on the town!!

We jump in the taxi and the driver gives us an odd look but we can both see that despite his "hetro male" thoughts, he can't keep his eyes of our stockinged legs so we snuggle a little closer and I start running my nails up and down Paula's legs, I'm gradually pushing her skirt up showing the taxi driver a good view of her stocking tops, we just look at each other laughing as you seem him getting flustered, we have a little kiss to just for effect and before we can go any further we here at the club!!

As we get out the taxi it feels so good as we walk arm in arm across the road to the club, our heels clicking in the night, the gentle breeze on our legs, we feel like a million dollars and boy are we gonna have fun tonight!!

We get in the club and it's a good mixture of "ladies" and men, whilst there some dirty old men there are some cute younger men in there and the women are just gorgeous!! We get a few drinks and sit down and take the whole club in, its heaven, a club for girls like me and Paula, we sit there drinking and laughing just like two normal girls on a night out but as the drinks starts hitting us we start become a little more risqué, Paula looks so hot tonight that I'm finding it hard to keep my hands of her and I start running my hands over those legs of hers again but unlike in the taxi I'm not interested in showing some taxi driver her stocking tops, I want to feel her hot cock in my hands and no surprise as I trace around her panties her cock flinches and pops to life. As I stroke her cock through her panties I put my lips to hers and she opens her mouth and eagerly accept my tongue as we kiss passionately, with in seconds her hands are all over my chest and then up in under my skirt and her hand is too on my cock, as we kiss and wank each other as discreet as we can be though we suddenly stop upon hearing a cough and reality hits us, we look up and there is a waiter with drinks for us from the four gentleman on a nearby table, after initial shock and embarrassment we gratefully accept the drinks and acknowledge the men, probably early to mid thirties and three out of the four are quite nice, we look at each other, laugh, we both know what we have to do, we pick up our drinks and our hand bags and go over and join them. They make room (but not much room for us) and we now have the company of Mark, Mick, (the not so fit one!) James and Tom, it seems like they come here every couple of months, almost as a secret men's club to pick up on desperate sluts like ourselves!! The men are quite charming and funny which is helped by the supply of champagne, everyone is relaxed and having a good time. Paula and I look at each other smiling; both thinking when are they going to make a move!! We didn't have long to wait as I felt James whisper in my ear "lets go to the bathroom I'm gonna fuck you senseless" now as much as I wanted to feel his cock inside me I was a bit taken back by his forwardness so I tried to be cool and I lent over to him and gently kissed him ( I did also have a quick stroke of his crotch!) and then whispered in to his ear " I wont do anything without my girlfriend Paula" whilst a temporary blow out, his eyes still lit up with the potential in what I said!! Whilst I was trying to set a pace and play a little hard to get Paula had different ideas, Mark and Mick were all over her like a pack of wolves and she was loving every minutes of it, she had both of their cocks out and as she wanked them off the two men were groping her tits, Mark had his hand up her skirt and Mick had his tongue down her throat. This was giving me the raging horn but I wasn't willing to play the complete slut yet so I promptly downed my drink, grabbed my handbag told James and Tom that I'll be back and left the table. Paula didn't even notice I had gone as she was so engrossed with the Mark and Mick, I went to the bar and ordered another drink. As I sipped on my drink I glanced over a saw Paula licking cum of her fingers, she is such a dirty whore I couldn't believe her but hey she was having fun!!

I perched onto a stool at the bar, I crossed my legs and my skirt rose up my things leaving little to be desired, I swung my ankles back and forth just looking at my gorgeous stilettos. It seemed someone else was also keen on my legs and high heels too as I felt myself being watched by a group of three girls and one guy. I caught the eye of one of the girls and she smiled and beckoned me over, now I was in a dilemma, I said I would go back to James and Tom and I didn't want to miss out on what they had to offer, nor did I want to leave Paula on her own but she wasn't on her own, she was now the plaything for four horny guys so I thought lets be social and say hello!

I dropped off the high stool and walk as effeminate as possible across to their table, they ask me to sit with them which I gladly do. It turns out that they were two couples, Sarah and Russell and the second couple were Sara and Jo , it was all there first time here too and I think they felt a little left out (they had probably seen mine and Paula's little show we put and thought we were veterans). Sarah and Russell looked very uncomfortable and even more so when I joined them, they made some excuses and disappeared off, that made me feel instantly uncomfortable but Sara re-assured it was nothing I had done, this club just wasn't there scene. It turns out that Sara and Jo have been going out for a couple of years and that tonight they finally made the plunge in coming to a club where here boyfriend Ian could become Jo for the night. Whilst Jo hadn't said a word so far you could tell that she was nervous and daunted by it all and she sat there looking pretty sexy but left me and Sara to talk and chat like old friends. Now Sara was mid 20's, blonde, great body with great legs, she was dressed in a black dress that was about 4 inch's above the knee so not tarty but it gave you enough view of her fine legs. She was wearing black fishnet stockings with 4 inch open toe stilettos (it turns out that she was admiring my heels when we caught each others eye!). Despite Jo's quiet nature her outfit was far from it, a black rubber halter neck dress that was so tight and short it made Paula's dress look like an evening gown, black suspenders and stockings were clearly visible and all topped of with black thigh high boots. As we continued to chat and drink I had forgotten about Paula, I looked over to the table and whilst the guys were there, she was not, I adjusted my angle and there I could see the dirty slag sucking James off under the table, I was not angry with her I was jealous but I was also so enjoying the company of Sara.

It was now about 11.30 and the club had really filled out and it was such a wicked atmosphere but it had got to the stage in the night that I was dreading, going to the ladies toilet, it just felt strange and despite looking totally feminine I was nervous, I got up and told Sara and Jo that I had to go the ladies, Sara jumped up and said she would join me! I was now taking my first trip to the ladies with a real women, I think I was just as nervous as when I first walked in the club!!

We walked to the ladies, walked straight past the men's and in we went, it felt so strange but also such a rush, I don't know why I was so worried, once in there I realized that most of the "ladies in there were just like me and in fact Sara was the odd one out!! I walked towards a cubicle and walked in, locking the door behind me. Hmmmm I hadn't though about how this would work but I guessed I must be lady like and do things properly and lifted up my tiny skirt, I pulled my thong to my knees and sat down and did what I had to do. Once I had my thong back where it belonged and my skirt looking as respectable as it could be I went out to the sinks and looked into the huge mirror and did what came naturally, did my make up!! I couldn't see Sara then I heard a cubicle door open and a quiet yet distinct "psssst", it was Sara, "come here" she whispered. I trotted over, the sound of my heels on the hard floor turned me on but here I was being beckoned into a cubicle by this gorgeous woman!! I went and she shut the door behind, she put her finger to my mouth as in be quiet and pushed me against the wall, she sunk to her knees and lifted up my skirt and pulled my thong down to my knees and took my rapidly hardening cock in between her gorgeous lips. As she sucked my cock her spare hand was stroking by balls and then she slipped a finger round, down and towards my arsehole, with me being the dirty whore that I am I didn't bother cleaning up after Paula had fucked me only a couple of hours before so she cum was still inside my and made for an ideal lubrications as she gently fingered me. Sara sucked cock expertly and she knew she had me in her mercy, she slowly removed her fingers (she had got to three) from my wet arsehole and I saw her hitch up her skirt, she had hold up stockings on, no knickers and she was completely shaven. She took my cock out of her mouth, her timing was impeccable as I was just about to shoot my load but she stood up and faced to wall of the toilet, placing her hands against the wall she stuck her asre out and said "fuck my arsehole Danielle" without needing to be told twice. I got behind her and nudged my cock up against her arsehole and my already lubricated cock slowly eased into her, I went in slow but as far as I could until I could feel my swollen balls up against her cheeks I then slowly started pounding her, gradually building up rhythm until I was fucking her as fast and as hard as possible. As I hammered her arsehole I was grabbing at her tits through her dress and she was fingering herself, she knew I wouldn't last long due to the quality of her blow job and as I sped up with my cock throbbing within her she knew that I was going to shoot my hot cum deep inside her. After I had cum inside her I pulled out, she grabbed my semi erect cock bent down to it and sucked it clean of our juices then standing up she kissed me shortly but very passionately so we could both taste each. We parted and she pulled down her dress and pulled my thong up, tucking my cock inside and then pulling my leather skirt down over it. We walked out, looked in the mirror and decided a bit of touch up on the make up was required and then strolled out like nothing had happened. My first visit to the ladies as a lady was certainly an eventful one!!

I told Sara that I must go and see if Paula is okay as I didn't want to neglect her, I thanked her for what had just happened and said I would come over in a bit to see her. I found Paula, actually in a very respectable position if a little drunken state. She was with just James and Tom now and despite what I had seen early they looked like a normal group of friends having a drink and a laugh. I joined them and grabbed a glass of champagne whilst it was still on offer, Mark and Mick had decided to leave early than usual so it was now the four of us now. Now we were not being out numbered by the men they were far more gentleman like and didn't try it on so blatant, yes I bet they still wanted to fuck us senseless if given the chance (well I think Paula was a dead fire bet to take them both on with or without me!) but now it seemed like they actually enjoyed the company of us rather than just "something to stick your dick in". We sat and talked for about 20 minutes then the old classic, the erection section came on and what song started it off, lady in red by Chris De Burgh. Now with Paula in that red pvc dress you didn't have to be a genius to work out that someone was going to ask her to dance and Tom took his luck and she accepted. Now I would have been disappointed if he hadn't of asked me but he didn't let me down and James whisked me off to the dance floor too. I slid into his arms, he was quite a hunk, pretty good looking, chiseled definition, firm, broad body and well dressed. He held me close and then closer and I must admit I melted into his body. His hands started on my back but were gradually working themselves lower onto my arse cheeks, his firm hands felt so good there and I wanted him to go further and place his hands on my stockinged legs and then up into my dress but it seems like he lost his bottle. Disappointed I felt I had to take charge and as I looked over to Paula for help I realised that I wasn't going to get any help there as she had her tongue down Tom's mouth, her hand inside the fly of his trousers and his hand up her skirt. I started to nuzzle on James necks, his aftershave smelt good and that drove me on, he realized that I was all his if he wanted and he pricked up, he looked at me, our faces already so close and we kissed, at first slowly then deeper, more passionate. His hands came back to life and he started rubbing my arse cheeks and then as if I had told him what I wanted, he hands slipped down the tops of my stockings and back up, his hand slowly passed the tops of the stockings, lingering on the straps connecting then to the basque then as he circled the fleshy gap between thong and stocking top I could feel my cock springing to life in my thong, he moved his hand first onto it and rubbed it through the satin material then he pushed the flimsy material to one side and let my now erect cock fall into his had. As he slowly pumped my cock between our tight embrace and the continual french kissing I run my nails through his and hair and over the small of his neck. I wanted to hold his cock in my hand too but I was enjoying his touch so much I stayed selfish and let him do all the work, with my cock now solid as ever I wanted to fuck but we were on the dance floor but even before my mind started about where I could take this stud the song ended, the lights came up a little and the normal music was back on. James looked startled, our lips separated, almost like he had been lost in the moment, He put my cock back into that tiny thong as best as possible and he broke our tight embrace, he muttered something about the toilet and disappeared. I stood on the dance floor feeling sorry for myself, yes I was dressed like a slut but now I truly felt like one. I actually don't mind being used like a slut if I get to cum or be fucked but I felt cheated by James. I spun round to look for Paula and Tom but they too had gone. My night had gone form the amazing to rock bottom, no girlfriend, no man but then I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was Sara. She asked if I was okay, she had seen how that guy had ditched my on the dance floor. I said I was okay just a bit taken back by the way he treated me, without hesitation Sara replied "welcome to the real world, you know now why us girls have the saying, cant live with them, cant live without them" I smiled, she grabbed my hand and walked me towards their booth. Sara went on to explain that she never has liked real men, she likes men like myself and her Ian/Jo who have a feminine side to them. As we got closer to the booth I was taking back by what was going. Sarah and Russell were back and I don't know what had happened but they really had changed there opinion of this place as Russell was snogging Jo whilst she was wanking him off and Sarah was on her knees sucking Jo's cock. I was stunned, not by what I was actually seeing but by who was doing it. Sarah and Russell seemed so out of place just a couple of hours ago and Jo seemed like she wouldn't say boo to a goose but now the three of them are sucking, wanking and kissing each other like there's no tomorrow. I sat down opposite to them with Sara, I asked what have you given them to make them change so much? "nothing" she replied, nothing?? "let me fill you in about what tonight is really about for us, ready!!". "I love my Ian being a trannie, when he's dressed up as Jo he has admitted he fancies his mate Russell as well as other men and trannies, a bit of slut like you by the sounds of it!!, Sarah wants to see with Russell with another guy but he would only go with a trannie and I know that Jo has always had a thing for Sarah, it all fitted into place". Slightly bemused I ask so how come in such a short space of time have they decided to get it on?? "I told Jo that you had fucked me up the arse earlier and unless she got her act together and pulled Russell then I would be going home with you tonight" I didn't know what to say "I hope you don't feel used" she asked "I so wanted you to fuck me, there was no plan to make Jo feel guilty it just came about that way" I looked at her, how could I get upset when a virtual strange had just given me the most amazing head and then let me fuck her up the arse. I smiled and said I'm glad I helped the situation come about and now talking of cum, I wouldn't mind some!! Sarah smiled at me, we hugged, then kissed and then her hands found her way up inside my skirt and she released my semi erect cock again. She guided me over to the others, whilst the booths are technically public, there is so much you can get away in one of them and the clubs does have a great tolerance too, we stood there, Sara wanking me now for all to see, I wanted to at least finger her pussy and arse but she said no, just let me wank you. By the look on Jo's face she was ready to cum and as she pulled away from Russell's kisses and opened her eyes to look at Sarah as she swallowed her cum she saw her girlfriend wanking my off right in front of them, this only heightened the experience for her and she came everywhere. Sarah did so well to swallow the majority but she had Jo's cum over her forehead, cheeks and dribbles down her face. Sara stepped over to Sarah and stared licking the cum of her cheeks then her lips, then as Sarah opened her mouth she transferred Jo's spunk into her mouth, they continued to kiss and then they started to grope each other. With Jo having shot her load she lost interest in Russell, Jo's selfishness will be my opportunity, I came over to Russell and got down between his legs and without hesitation I took his impressive cock into my mouth. I swirled my tongue round his helmet and lapped at his manhood before dropping down and taking his cock deep into my throat. As I sucked harder on his cock his hands got harder and stronger on my head and neck, he was fucking my face and I was loving it. Sarah and Sara had carried on with there own show and as Sarah sat on Sara's lap you could see both girls had there dresses round there waists and at least 3 if not 4 fingers in each others pussies. Jo was content; she had come and enjoyed watching the show we were putting on. I had managed to get my hands and mouth on cock tonight but I wasn't finished with Russell yet!! I could sense he was going to come and despite his strength I managed to break away from his cock, I stood up and sit on his lap with my back to hi chest, leaning back I kissed him gently and said I want your cock in my cunt now. I lifted myself up and I felt Russell grab my hips and slowly guide my arsehole over his raging hard-on, I love the reverse cowboy position as you get so much penetration and it's down to the other person to control how far you get penetrated. Russell didn't mess around and I was sunk on his cock. Buried as far as my cunt would take He guided me by the hips up and down on that great cock of his, I held on to the him as he fucked me like I had never been fucked before, I felt close to orgasm and I wanted us to come together. Sarah and Sara were both bringing each off too, there fingers covered in each others pussy juices, I looked to the right of me and Jo had perked up too, her cock was hard again, I took one hand off of Russell and reached down and started to wank her cock for her. Our booth must have reeked of sex however no one had really even commented on our actions let alone stopped to watch. Sarah and Sara were the first to come the brought each other off and finished with a passionate kiss, they then broke off, Sara knelt down to Jo's cock and replaced my hand with her mouth and Sarah knelt in between my legs and took my throbbing cock into her mouth. How she coped I don't know as Russell was fucking me so hard I was like a bucking bronco but so give me excellent head and I shot my load into her mouth moments before Russell pumped his hot cum into my arsehole, I had never been fucked like that before or come like that!! I slowly raised myself of his cock and bent down and cleaned his cock of cum for him, Sarah then pulled me up, kissed me hard and yet again I was had cum passed back into my mouth. As soon as I had swallowed one load, Sara beckoned me over and asked me to finish Jo off, with just a couple of strokes of my lips over her cock she then sprayed my face with hot fresh cum. I ran my tongue round what I could get and then Sara helped to remove the rest.

With everyone quite literally fucked we sat back in our chairs, tidied ourselves up as much as we could and smiled. The others got drinks but I declined, I had to find Paula, I did however get Sarah's and Sara's phone numbers as we would all like to do this again. I gave everyone a slow long kiss goodbye (plus I had to have a grab of Russell's amazing cock through his trousers) and left in search of Paula, I couldn't see her anywhere nor James and Tom, I reached into my handbag for my mobile and I saw a text message, I opened it and it was from Paula. It read;

"Didn't wanna disturb u babe, looked fun though!!c u back at the hotel. x.x.x..

She was okay so it was time for me to leave and meet her, I came to the club looking like a slut and hoping to behave like one, I left looking like a complete slut with patchy make up, cum in my hair, laddered stockings, a very loose arsehole from Russell's cock and my thong covered in cum.. A great night if you ask me but now it was time to go back to Paula and get some much needed sleep. I hailed a taxi outside I didn't care what I looked like and told him where I wanted to go. 10 minutes later I was back at the hotel and as I entered our hotel room expecting to see Paula asleep in bed Instead I find her being spit roasted by James and Tom.

Do you think I got any sleep??

That's another story!!




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