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by Jennifer White


When Mike graduated from college (with honors), he was able to get a job right away. He was thrilled that instead of being in the little town he grew up in, he'd now be working in Chicago, a big city with all the excitement he craved. Nightclubs with live music and dancing. Pro sports teams. Museums, art galleries, music festivals, fine dining, and everything.

He was hired by a large insurance company located downtown, and offered what he thought was a very generous starting salary. His first order of business was to go and find a nice apartment. He located a place that was walking distance to work, with a great view, and easy access to all of the things he liked about the city. He signed up for a 2 year lease.


But about three months into his lease, Mike was having a problem. Money. He had bought himself all the things he had been wanting for all those years growing up. A big screen TV and a huge stereo with surround sound for watching moves. A guitar and amplifier. Not to mention that being his first apartment, he needed couches, tables, a bedroom set, dishes, glasses, a microwave oven, and so on.

So three months into his new job, even though he was making good money, he suddenly found himself barely able to afford the rent. Laden with credit card debt, he knew that he couldn't keep things up for too long. He needed more money. Or to change his lifestyle.

But what good was it to live downtown if you couldn't enjoy yourself? He didn't want to give up having fun. He thought and thought, and finally he came up with a great idea: get a roommate.


Mike's apartment was fairly large. He was set up in one bedroom, while the other bedroom was being used mostly for storage. All the cardboard boxes he had promised himself to unpack, but had never gotten around to working on. He could clear the room out, and get someone to stay with him.

He went out and put ads in the paper. He was ready for the flood of phone calls, but there were very few. One guy who he met was really scuzzy, and Mike didn't want him hanging out at his apartment. Another one was either on drugs or outright crazy. Again, a reject.

Now Mike was getting desperate. He stared at the piles of bills, not knowing how he was going to handle them. That's when the phone rang.


"Hello, this is Mike" he said.

"Hi Mike, I'm Allison" said a woman's voice. "I'm calling to answer your ad in the paper for a roomie."

A woman as a roommate? Mike's face lit up. That would be awesome! He'd have a chick there with him. If she was hot, maybe they'd fall in love. Once she got to know him, she'd like him for sure.

They talked on the phone for ten minutes, and things sounded promising. He agreed to meet her at a local bar that evening, to see each other in person, and determine if they were compatible.


Mike was wearing a red shirt, so he would be easy to spot. Right on time, there was Allison. She was a hottie! She had long dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. She had a very athletic body, including a pinched in waistline, strong legs and nice arms. And she was well endowed as well. Mike liked her right away.

Allison's personality was as nice as her body. After five minutes of talking, Mike knew she was just fine.

"You're in" he said. "When can you move in?"

"How about tomorrow?" she said.


They shook hands. Mike had found his new roommate.


* * *


Mike helped Allison carry her things up to the apartment. The toughest were the mattresses, but otherwise it wasn't too bad. He helped her get it all set up in her room. There were lots of boxes. It would take her some time to unpack.

"Now that I'm here, I want to be very open about something" said Allison.

"Sure" replied Mike.

"I'm here because you need a roommate, and I need somewhere to stay. I'm not looking for a relationship with you. Just an apartment."

"I understand" said Mike.

He had anticipated this. It would take time for her to warm up to him.


* * *


A month later, Allison was all settled in, and Mike had gotten used to having a woman living with him. A few times, she had brought a girlfriend from work over with her, to watch TV, have dinner or something. Mike had told her that of course it was all right to have a friend over to visit. Why not? She was paying for the apartment too.

Her girlfriend April had shoulder length red hair, and wore lots of makeup. Mike thought that she was pretty hot too. Seeing the pair of them sitting together on the couch made him smile. He had fantasies about the two of them coming on to him, and going to bed to have a 3-way. But of course such a thing never materialized.


But over time, Mike was starting to noticed something about April and Allison. They seemed very close. Perhaps too close. Once when he walked in on them, they were looking each other in the eyes, smiling. After that, he paid attention to how they watched each other, how they were always near each other, and how they seemed almost intimate with each other. Along with the fact that Allison never brought home any of her other friends, and never mentioned a boyfriend, Mike began to wonder about her.

One day when he got home from work, the two of them were sitting together on the couch.

"I think you've started to suspect" she said.

Mike noticed that April was holding her hand as she spoke.

"We're not just friends" said April. "We're lovers."

"We did want to hide it from you anymore Mike" said Allison. "I'm sorry I kept a secret like this from you, but I hope you can understand why. We get lots of reactions from guys when they find out about us. Some are disgusted, and tell us that what we're doing is sick and wrong. Most of the others think its hot. I've had guys actually ask me if they could watch as we made out and had sex!"

Mike shook his head. He was too embarrassed to tell them that he had thoughts of being in bed with the two of them, from the first time he had seen them together.

"That's terrible" he said sympathetically.

"But I could tell that you're one of those rare guys who would take it the right way. I feel like I can trust you in telling you this."

April moved closer to her, and leaned in towards her.

"You're very brave for telling him" she said to Allison.


Mike was sort of shocked by the revelation, but on the other hand, he had seen the little things, and he half suspected it anyway. So while it was still a surprise to hear, it wasn't as earth-shattering as it might have been otherwise.

"I can understand" he said, trying to be sympathetic. "Look, you told me on day one that you weren't staying here because you wanted to be in a relationship. I can understand that. Plus, who would I rather have hanging out here. Some guy, or someone nice like April."

"Aw, that's so sweet" said April.

Mike smiled. He was trying to be nice to them. It wasn't like he could be mad at them for being lovers. If that was what they did, then he was fine with it. Although, really, he did want to watch.


* * *


So things were a little different around Mike's apartment now. April still came to hang out with Allison, but now they could be open. So Mike might see them hugging, kissing, or holding each other on the couch as they watched a movie. It *was* hot to see two beautiful young women like that being together. But all he could do was to watch longingly, and try not to be rude by staring.

By now, he was looking at April as a friend too, so that diminished his initial desires. He got to know them better, and they opened up to tell him more about themselves, and their relationship.

"My parents *hate* it that I'm dating a woman" said Allison. "They've kind of disowned me I think. When I brought April home to meet them, it didn't go very well."

"I had to drive back, because she cried all the way" said April. "It was very hard on her."

"They seemed to think that something is wrong with me, and I need to be cured" she said. "I doubt it if they'll even send me a birthday present."

"When is your birthday?" asked Mike.

"Next month. On the 15th."

"Look" he said. "If they won't take care of you, I will. Block that date off. I'm taking the two of you out to dinner. Then you can go dancing, or whatever you want to have some fun."

"Aw Mike, you're so sweet" said Allision.

"You're so nice that if you weren't a guy, I might actually find you attractive."

"April!" said Allison.

"I meant it as a compliment" she replied.

Mike just laughed, but he didn't feel very comfortable with a 'compliment' like that!


* * *


The day of Allison's birthday, Mike had everything all ready. He had a reservation at a good seafood restaurant lined up. He had a small present for Allison as well: a bottle of her favorite wine. She arrived home from her job, and looked through the mail that she had just brought up to the apartment.

"I can't believe it!" she said.

"What?" asked Mike.

"Mom and Dad send me a present this year!"

"Wow" said Mike. "That is hard to believe. Open it!"

"I want to wait until April is here to see it" she replied.


Allison went to her room to change into something fun for the evening. As Mike drank a beer, April hit the buzzer to be let into the front door. A few minutes later, she arrived. April was wearing a black skirt and a pink top. She looked really hot. Her hair had been done up special, and Mike had never seen her looking prettier.

Allison ran out of her room, wearing tight white pants and a pink top. She didn't usually dress too 'girlie', but with this being a big occasion, she did her self up a little more than usual. April was the really feminine one.

"Oh no, we match!" she said as she saw what April had on. Now she had to go back into her room, and pick out something else to wear!

"Isn't it fun living with a girl?" laughed April, as Mike stood there shaking his head.


When Allison was finally ready for real, at long last she was ready to open the gift from her parents. She sat down, and carefully took off the bow. Then she pulled off the ribbon, and started to carefully undo the tape.

"Hurry up already!" said April. "Just open the thing!"

"Its not like you're going to use that bow again" said Mike.

Allison laughed. She had always opened gifts like this, even since she was a little girl.


Once the bow was off, the ribbon was off, and Allison had finally removed the tape, she finally looked at the contents.

"It's a DVD" she said, looking at the title.

"Um, babe, its a *lezzy* DVD" said April.

"It is!" she said in amazement. "Follow Bunny, as she romps through her sorority with...."

"I can't believe it" said April. "They sent you something that's right up our alley."

"Maybe this is how they're trying to show you that they've accepted it" said Mike helpfully.

"That would be nice" said Allison, "but I just can't imagine they would change their minds. But it *was* a nice gesture. Lets go eat now. I'm starving!"

"Okay" replied Mike. "We're all set. Lets go....."


* * *


The dinner was great, and they had a lot of fun. After Mike had the cab drop the girls off at a dance club they liked, he rode home. When he arrived, the new DVD was sitting on the table.


A thought entered Mike's mind: they'd be gone for hours. He could watch the DVD, and see some lezzy action on his big screen TV. He had been thinking about girl-on-girl scenarios since April and Allison had come out. And now he could sneak a peak at some. Allison would never know. DVDs didn't wear out.

Mike took it out, and put it into his player. He grabbed a beer, and sat back to have some fun and watch the show.


The movie was *hot*. One real cutie was named Bunny. With a flimsy story, she was 'inspecting' the rooms in her sorority house. And in each room, she'd run into other little hotties. One thing would lead to another, and they were in bed together.

It was so good that he watched it twice in a row, mesmerized by the awesome images of the girls making out and then getting into bed with each other.


But as Mike watched the video, he didn't realize what was actually happening. He didn't realize why it was so mesmerizing. He didn't know the true purpose of the DVD.

In the first part of the movie, there were hidden frames of video interlaced visual content. They were in such a way that you couldn't see them, and didn't notice them with your conscious mind. They were targeted at you *unconscious* mind instead. As Mike watched the first few minutes he was put into a trance by the movie.

And now that he was in a trance, the hidden secret frames started to put messages into his mind. There were barely audible words being whispered in the background of the film. But in his state, those words seemed load and clear to his subconscious mind. Little by little, the programming worked on him. And he felt compelled to watch the DVD a second time straight through, which reinforced the subliminal programming.

The commands were being programming into Mike's brain. The DVD was working on his mind, altering him to another purpose.

"You don't want to be with a woman" said the voice. "You want to be with a *man*."

"You don't feel right unless you are looking pretty" said another voice. "You want to be in skirts."

"The idea of being with a girl turns you off. You feel attracted to *guys* only."

"You want your hair to be long and lush, so you can be pretty for your man."

"You want to be very feminine. You want to be pleasing to your man."

"You don't want to be with a woman. You want to be with a *man*."


Mike's mind was barraged for hours with these messages. Yet all his conscious mind could remember was how hot the video was. Over the next few weeks, whenever he was alone, he felt compelled to watch it over and over.


* * *


"I saw you had my video out" said Allison one day.

"I'm sorry" said Mike. "I was just curious about how it was."

"That's okay" she said. "I'm not really interested in watching it. Why don't you just keep it?"

"You don't want it?" he said.

"Look" she replied. "Guys get off watching other people 'do it'. But that never had any appeal for me. Not even watching girls doing it. So no, I don't want it. You can have it."

"Gee, thanks" said Mike, feeling relieved that she was cool with him watching her video.



On Saturday night, Allison was out on a date with April, leaving Mike home alone. He didn't know why, but he decided to watch the video. *Again*. He never thought to wonder why he'd be so obsessive about watching it. But he was. And so, once again, he put it on. And once again, without him realizing it, the commands were put into his head, again and again, their messages becoming more firmly rooted in his mind.

After the second time through, Mike had a new idea for some reason: go into the menu, and look at the special features. He pressed the button, and sat back to watch.


The special features with this DVD were very special indeed. They contained the trigger. The thing that would turn on all of the programming that had been put into his mind by the repeated viewings of the video material. Mike didn't realize what he was about to do to himself.

As the features rolled across the screen, the programming in his brain that had been built by all the previous viewings was activated. He wasn't even aware when it kicked in. His behavior seemed normal to him. That was how he had been programmed to feel.


* * *


Allison came home, and when she looked inside the livingroom, she almost felt like she was going to faint. Her mouth was hanging open in amazement.

"What are you doing!!!!???" she demanded.


Mike was sitting on the couch, watching TV, as if everything was normal. However, there were a few things that weren't quite right. First of all, he was wearing a skirt. And a blouse. And a bra, stuffed to the bursting point. And makeup. And he had somehow crammed his feet into a pair of her shoes, even though her feet were tiny compared to his.


"What do you mean?" replied Mike, in a soft voice that Allison had never heard before. It was as if he was trying to *sound* like a girl when he spoke.

"I mean, look at how you're dressed!" she said.

"You like my outfit?" he said, seeming glad to get praise from her.

"You're in my clothes!" she said, feeling angry that he would invade her privacy by taking and *wearing* her clothes! No doubt he was in her panties as well.

"I'm sorry, but I just didn't have a thing to wear. So I borrowed an outfit from you. But don't worry, after tonight, when I go shopping, I'll have lots of pretty clothes for myself, so I won't have to trouble you again."

"And just why do you want pretty clothes?" said Allison, who was now exasperated.

"Oh you silly!" said Mike. "I need them so that I'll look pretty!"

"You want to look pretty?" said Allison in amazement.

"Of course. How else will I ever find myself a man?" replied Mike.

Now Allison felt like she needed to sit down. And to have a drink. This was too much. He had completely gone off the deep end. She was about to yell at him, and try to get him to come to his senses, when the doorbell rang. Mike stood up, and hurried to the door, taking little dainty steps.

"Pizza guy" he said as he looked through the peephole. "I didn't have time to cook, so I made us dinner."

The pizza guy looked somewhat shocked to see a guy dressed up as a chick answering the door. And Allison was shocked that Mike wasn't even ashamed to be seen like that. In fact, he seemed to be trying to flirt with the delivery guy!

"Were you flirting with him?" asked Allison, as Mike put the pizza on the counter.

"Of course!" he replied, grinning. "He was really cute. Did you see his legs? Wow."

"Since when do you care about a guy's legs?" asked Allison.

"What girl doesn't?" said Mike, in a matter-of-fact tone, as if he had been a girl all his life.

"Well," started Allison, "for one, *I* don't. I go for chicks, remember?"

Mike just smiled and laughed, as he opened the pizza box. Allison hated when he ordered pizza, because he'd get so much greasy fatty stuff on it like bacon and sausage, that it would ruin her diet. But she was really surprised to discover that this time, he had ordered a veggie-only pizza. It was even somewhat healthy (if you didn't eat all the crust, and all the cheese). He was definitely not himself!


As they ate, Allison marveled at how even Mike's manners had changed. He was taking small bites now, and not talking with food in his mouth anymore. Instead of *eating* like a guy, he was doing even that like a girl. And instead of beer with his pizza, he was drinking juice.

When they were on their second piece, there was a noise at the door. A key turned, and the door swung open. April walked in, not knowing what was going on.

"Hi Allison. Hey Mike" she said as she put her purse and her keys down. She hadn't noticed Mike's state yet, since he was sitting with his back to her. She grabbed a piece of the deep dish pizza, and sat down to join them for dinner.

"Oh, you turned him into a chick" said April, as she took a bite of her food.

"No, he did it to himself" replied Allison.

"Ah. He saw the light, and came over to *our* side of the fence" she said in return.

"Why *did* you do that to yourself?" asked Allison.

"What do you mean?" asked Mike.

"You're all dressed up like a girl. You're acting like a girl. You are not being yourself. And you ask what do I mean? What is wrong with you Mike."

"I'm not comfortable with that name" he replied.

"How so?" asked Allison.

"Its such a *male* name. I want you to call me Shelby. Thats a much better name for a woman."

"But you're not a woman" protested Allison.

Mike glared at her with anger in his eyes.


"He really thinks he's a chick" said April. "More power to him."

She continued to eat, as if Mike had just told her that he preferred to wear a blue shirt instead of green. She was completely unfazed, but Allison was alarmed. Something wasn't wrong. Guys didn't just spontaneously turn themselves into chicks. Something was wrong.

She thought about what was different today than in the past. What had changed? Nothing as far as she could tell. She went to the livingroom, to see if there were signs of him having used some kind of drugs to get high. He was out of his mind. Maybe he took some bad acid or something.

But she found nothing there, except for one thing: the DVD that her parents had sent her. The lesbian movie that Mike had been watching.

All of a sudden, she turned white. It had been so unlike her parents to send that DVD. Now she suspected that something was amiss. She took the DVD out of the player, and took it over to her computer.

She had the software on her PC that would let her look at movies from DVDs, and you could even capture still images. She cued up the start of the movie, and moved it forward one frame at a time.

There. She found it. Interlaced with the video of two women getting it on, was a series of frames that did not belong. They would flash up so fast that the conscious mind wouldn't even notice them. Maybe a slight flicker at the most. But over time, they could very well form an image in the subconscious mind.


"Mike's gone mad" asked April, as she entered the room. "He insisted on cleaning the table and doing the dishes."

"He thinks he's a woman now" replied Allison.

"What's up with *that*?" asked April, looking on at the computer screen.

"Its this DVD that my parents gave me. Look at these interlaced frames. I think that watching this DVD must have altered his mind. He thinks he's a woman because of this. He thinks that he wants to be pretty, and be with a man. How do we fix him, and get him back?"

"Hmmm" said April. "How about we try to scare him to his senses?"

"What do you mean?"

"Lets go out with him. Let him be a woman in public. If he survives that, lets get him set up with a guy. I bet that will scare his rocks off, and jolt him into becoming his old self again."

"That's a great idea. You're so smart. I love you" said Allison, giving April a kiss.

"And I love you too" she giggled, kissing back.


* * *


The girls ran to a second-hand store a few blocks away, and returned with a load of things for Mike. They dressed him up from head to toe, in an outfit that was appropriate for his body size and shape. With the right padding here and there, along with an old corset they found, they were able to create the illusion that he had curves. They put him into a heavily padded bra, and stuffed it full.

After using all of their skills to make his hair look cute, the turned to applying makeup onto his face, and polish onto his nails (after gluing on extensions to make them look longer). They had bought a bunch of cheap vintage "paste" jewelry; it looked like diamonds, but it was all fake. They gave him a necklace, bracelets, rings, and for a crowning touch, clip-on earrings.

They had found a pair of heels that were close enough to Mike's size that they were able to squeeze his feet into them. They showed him how to walk in heels, then made him practice walking, turning, then sitting, crossing his legs at the knee. After a while, he was starting to get the hang of it.

"There Shelby" said Allison. "Now you look like the woman that you are."

"I feel so wonderful" said Mike, throwing his hands up in the air. "I'm so happy that I'm a woman. I love being female. You and April so such good friends"

Mike came over to them and hugged, touching cheeks and making a kissing sound. April and Allison looked at each other, and had to cover their mouths with their hands to try and hide their giggling.


Now they went out for dinner, at a nice local restaurant. As they ate, Allison and April started to scope out the guys.

"That guy is cute" said Allison. "Look at his buns. What do you think, Shelby?"

"Oh yes" replied Mike. "I'd love to meet a man like that."

"How about going out on a *date* with him?" said April.

"A date? That would be *so* cool" replied Mike, licking his lips. "But I'm so plain. He would never go for me. Plus, I'm sure he's already with someone."

"I don't see a ring" said Allison.

"Me neither" added April.

Allison smiled, and stood up. She walked over to the guy, and Mike's heart beat faster as he saw the guy turn his head and look over, as Allison pointed to their table.


"That's my friend Shelby" she said to the guy, as she pointed. "She's a really cool girl, and I'm sure you'd like her. She thinks you're cute, and she's too shy to come over and meet you."

"Yeah?" said the guy, chuckling.

"Yes. Why don't you come over and sit with us? Just talk to her for a while. It won't be too bad sitting at a table with three girls at the same time, will it?"

"I don't know" he said.

"We won't bite. If you don't like her, you can just leave. But I think that you two fill find that you have a lot in common."

"No, you've got me wrong" said the guy, as he laughed. "You see, I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings. You see, I'm not the kind of guy who dates girls."

Now Allison smiled. She was right when she thought that his hair was just a little too perfect, his posture just a little wrong for a guy, his shoes just a bit too shiny.

"So I was right" she said. "That's what I thought about you from my first glance."

"You can tell that easily?" he said, seeming disappointed.

"I can. You see, I'm the kind of girl who doesn't date guys. April over there is my girlfriend. So I'm used to hanging out with guys like you. So yes, I can tell pretty easily by now."

"That's cool that you have a girlfriend" he said.

"Are you seeing anyone?" asked Allison.

"Not really" he said. "I just broke up."

"Then why don't you come over and meet Shelby?"

"I told you. I don't date girls."

"I understand" said Allison. "That's why I picked you."

"I don't get it" said the guy.

"Shelby is really a *guy*" said Allison. "His real name is Mike. He has all the right equipment for you under his skirt. And he's out here looking for a nice boy to date."

Now the guy's face picked up.

"Really? With the lighting in here, I thought he was a chick."

"My girlfriend April and I made him up."

"Well, you're good at it. So tell me, what does he, I mean, *she*, like to drink?"

"Why don't you bring her a glass of white wine? And please don't call her 'him' or 'he'. She'll be insulted."

"Got you. I'll be right over."


"So?" said Mike when Allison returned to the table.

"I don't know" she said. "He said you look really cute, but he wasn't sure if you're his type of girl."

Mike's face sagged as his hopes lowered. But a minute later when the guy arrived at the table with four drinks on a tray, Mike's face lit up twice as much as before.

"Hello again Allison. You must be April" he said, as he handed them each a glass of white wine. "And you must be Shelby. Allison told me a lot about you. I'm excited to meet a girl like you."

Mike seemed positively giddy as the guy handed him a glass of white wine.

"I'm Brian. It's nice to meet you Shelby."

"It's nice to meet you Brian" replied Mike.


In no time, they were all talking, laughing and drinking. Allison and April maneuvered things so that the conversation kept coming around to Brian and Mike. Soon, the new couple was talking, leaning in towards each other, and they didn't even notice when Allison gave a little nod as a signal. She and April stood up and walked off, while Mike was rapt in his conversation with Brian. They went back home, leaving the couple together alone.


* * *


It was Friday, and Allison was busy cleaning her apartment. April was there as well, helping out. The reason for the flurry of activity was that Allison's parents were coming into town that night for a visit.

"They'll be here to see how the video effected me" she said to April. "Imagine when they see what it did to Mike! They'll just die."

"I can't believe he hit it off so well with Brian. You're a great match maker."

"They're in love. What can I say?"


When Allison's folks came over, she led them in, and sat them on the couch.

"So, what have you been up to?" asked her father.

"Have you been dating any boys?" asked her mother.

She was always the impatient type, and not very good at being subtle.

"I'm living with a boy now" said Allison, who had not told them about her arrangement with Mike.

"That's wonderful dear!" said her mother, lighting up.


They chatted about their family and friends for a while. Then they heard a key in the door. In walked Mike, wearing a tight black skirt and a top with very thin straps. By now, he was wearing realistic looking breast forms, and you could see the distinct outline of a nipple through the black fabric of his shirt.

"Mom, dad, this is Shelby" she said.

"Mom! Dad! It is *so* wonderful to finally meet you! Allison has told me all about you" said Mike.

He came over and gave each of them a hug.

"I need to go change clothes. I'll be back in a few minutes" he said.


"That was, a.... a man" said Allison's mother, as Mike closed the door to his room.

"Yes. He moved in with me to share the rent."

"Why couldn't you get someone *normal*?" asked her mother.

"He *was* what you call 'normal' mom" replied Allison. "Until he watched that video you sent me."

"He watched it? No! That was supposed to be for you!"

"Well I don't get off watching that kind of thing. But he sure did. He watched it over and over. You sound so disgusted with him. But *you* did that to him."

Allison's mother covered her face with her hands, as she realized what she had done.

"He thinks he is a woman. He's even dating a man now. Just like you programmed him to do. *You* did this to him, so unless you know how to fix it, I suggest that you treat him as if he really was a girl."

"There is no way to fix it" said her father. "Once a person has been reprogrammed, there is no way to get them back. He's stuck like that forever now."


Mike came back out of his room, now dressed casually in a flowing yellow skirt and a cream white top. He took a seat, and crossed his legs. Allison's folks were so ashamed of what happened to him, that they tried their best to act as if he really *was* a woman. They were very uncomfortable around people who they didn't consider 'normal', so this was hard for them.

The doorbell rang, and Allison went to get it. In the door walked April and Brian, who had given her a ride.

"At last, a normal couple" whispered Allison's mom to her husband.

He nodded in response. They would feel much more comfortable, now that there were regular people there, as well as them. Their smug comfortability melted away though, as Mike stood up. Brian rushed over to Mike, and the two kissed and hugged each other. At the same time, Allison kissed April, then held her hand.

"Mom, dad, this is my girlfriend April."

"And this is my boyfriend, Brian" said Mike. "These are Allison's parents."

"Nice to meet you sir" said Brian, extending a hand to shake. "You have a very special daughter. She is the one who set me up with the love of my life."

"Aw, that's sweet" said Mike.

The two kissed again, as Allison's folks squirmed with uncomfortability. They were surrounded by their daughter, who was still dating a girl. And now they had created a man who dated other men. It never occurred to them to notice that Mike and Brian were perfectly happy together, just as Allison and April were. Both couples were deeply in love with each other, and both had found the happiness that all people want and deserve.


Mike excused himself to go to "the little girl's room", and Brian walked over to Allison's parents.

"I understand that I have you to thank, in a way" he said. "Allison told me how you were the ones that started Mike down the path to becoming a woman. You were the ones who made him want to act and think like a woman. You were the ones who made him want to date guys. So from the bottom of my heart, I wanted to thank you for all that you have done. You were responsible from turning him into the man who I love."

When Mike returned to the room, he saw that Allison's parents were blushing for some reason. He smiled at them, and sat down on Brian's lap. Brain put his arms around Mike's body, and they kissed one more time. Allison's folks had no choice but to look on, and to see what they had created.


When the night was done, they argued with each other as they went to bed.

"This is all your fault Gladdys. You always have these big ideas, and you always get us into a fix."

"At least I'm trying to do something! You would just let her go on dating girls, and not try to fix it!"

"Well, if you had been a better role model for her, maybe she wouldn't have turned out like that."

"Don't start with that role model stuff again!!"

"Well I'm just saying."

"Saying? You're the one who usually says nothing. You just sit there and don't say anything!"

Their usual argument started up again, as it did almost every night. They stayed together because that's what they thought was the right thing, but both were really miserable.


Meanwhile, Allison and April were laying in each other's arms, in the afterglow from their love making session. They were very much in love, and very happy together. And over at Brian's house, it was the same for himself and Mike. They were a very happy couple. Because they communicated the same way and liked the same things, they found that it was very easy to get along. This just deepened their love for each other, and gave them the greatest inner satisfaction the could ever know.


The End




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