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Role-Over                  by: Julia Manchester



Dale Morton had become an unrepentant male chauvinist and an outrageous sexist, at least his wife Sandy thought so, and sometimes she wondered why she had ever married the guy. Then she remembered he hadn’t been like that when she married him, at least not like now, but he’d gotten much worse in the eight months since their wedding. She put it down partly to the fact that Dale was somewhat insecure. He wasn’t a large guy, only about 5’ 9" tall and 160 pounds, which wasn’t much larger than her 5’ 7 " and 135 pound frame, and he wasn’t a great athlete, which was a problem in his line of work—sporting goods sales.

His job was also part of his problem, she was sure. Every day he had to associate with jocks who made him feel inferior, and their opinion of women was incredibly low, based entirely on physical abilities. They would constantly put down women and ridicule them based on their physical attributes. At the same time the jocks Dale associated with thought they were God’s gifts to women and bragged about their "conquests." In order to gain acceptance Dale had gradually adopted more and more of his customers’ attitudes, much to Sandy’s embarrassment. It had started gradually with a few snide remarks and off-color comments but it gradually come to the point where Dale had begun to humiliate her in public with his sexist statements.

Sandy endured Dale’s behavior silently, but inside she seethed with resentment. His increasingly condescending attitude, overblown ego, and constant disparagement of her gender made her long for revenge. She fervently wished Dale could find out what women had to go through, what they had to endure at the hands of guys like him, and lately she had even begun to dream of being able to turn the tables. She was growing tired of his sexual demands at all hours of the day and night. He thought nothing of waking her out of a sound sleep to use her for his personal enjoyment, and he wanted her to do things that she felt were degrading. Her resentment had grown to the point where she had actually begun to consider a divorce, but she hated that idea too, though she could see no other alternative since her fantasy of turning the tables on him was just that—a fantasy. So she hesitated while she tried to think of what to do.

Friday, Jan.21 -- After making another lewd comment regarding the female anatomy, specifically one involving flat-chested women, Dale got up and swaggered towards the mensroom. Sandy, whose own bustline was quite "modest," was once more humiliated by Dale, and this while they were out at a local nightclub with another couple. After Dale had gone Sandy felt the weight of her husband’s friend’s eyes fall on her bosom and she knew exactly what he was thinking. Red-faced, she excused herself and left to seek refuge in the ladies room. Once inside she locked herself in a stall, hiked up her skirt, pulled her pantyhose and panties down and sat down, once again wishing that she could humiliate Dale the way he embarrassed her. She would just love to turn the tables on him.

In the next room Dale had just finished combing his hair and stepped over to one of the urinals. He unzipped his fly, hooked his thumb under the waistband of his briefs, and grasped his penis, absently pointing it in the direction of the urinal as he read some advertising posted on the wall. He’d had a lot of beer and was feeling pretty good, but his bladder was full and he really had to go.

Suddenly he felt his penis slipping backwards through his fingers, back into his pants and an instant later he lost his grip on it. Before he could stop himself he had wet his pants and underwear.

"SHIT!" He cursed, looking down at the damage. He quickly reached into his pants to reacquire his elusive member only to feel it shrink to nothing and disappear into his lower abdomen.

"SONOFABITCH!" Dale howled as he probed his crotch, desperately trying to find his lost phallus. What he felt sent a frigid chill down his spine and he nearly passed out from shock! He glanced around nervously—fortunately he was alone in the roon—then he ran into a stall, slammed the door and hurriedly unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants. He sat down on the stool and yanked his briefs down and stared at his pubic area.

"OHH NOOOO!" He wailed as he saw a sight that nearly unhinged his reason. A smooth, featureless expanse of skin occupied the area where his penis and scrotum had been, and further down, between his legs, Dale saw what appeared to be a, a ... vagina!

"OHH FUCK! OHH SHIT!" He screamed. "What the fuck is going on—What has happened to me?"

He probed cautiously between his legs telling himself this wasn’t real, it couldn’t be happening, then his index finger felt something that seemed terribly wrong, and at the same time Dale felt the touch of his finger through his, his labia! It was REAL!

"Oh God—What’s happened to me?" He wailed again, his voice choked with sobs.

With morbid curiosity Dale probed the strange opening in his body. The insides of his cleft were baby - soft, moist and warm, and then his finger grazed across a small protrusion above his vagina and Dale felt a sudden, intense sensation shoot through his entire body. He jerked his hand away as if he’d been burned as he gasped in shock.

"Ohmigod! It’s fucking real!" He breathed as the incredible, pulsing sensation subsided.

Just then the door to the men’s room opened and two guys walked in. Dale quickly pulled his trousers up to conceal most of his crotch and sat deathly still while the newcomers heeded the call of nature. He was terrified of being discovered and desperately wanted to get out of there, but he had to clean himself first and he didn’t dare move now.

Meanwhile, in the ladies room, Sandy felt an odd sensation in her groin and she looked down at herself. As she did her labia suddenly began to swell and, incredibly, she felt, then SAW her clitoris grow and expand right out of her vagina at an incredible rate. She watched in disbelief as her labia kept growing and swelling until they actually began to hang downward, resembling a man’s scrotum. Meanwhile her clitoris kept expanding, growing in length and thickness, until it extended an incredible distance from her abdomen. In a matter of a few moments it was transformed into something that looked EEXACTLY like a man’s penis, and confirmation that it was a penis came a moment later when a stream of urine erupted from it!

Sandy was too stunned to scream, but she touched her new member and discovered it was actually sensitive to her touch. She gasped in disbelief. The thing looked ENORMOUS, and as she held it, it grew erect, expanding to an unbelievable length and rising up until it contacted the edge of the toilet! Sandy suddenly felt very dizzy and faint, and she had to brace herself against the walls of the stall to keep from falling over. Eventually the dizziness passed, but not the shock. When she asked herself what the hell had happened she immediately recalled her wish about turning the tables on Dale and realized that, somehow, her wish had been granted—at least part of it. But now that she seemed to have a full set of masculine "equipment" she was fairly sure she didn’t want it. She had only been half serious about her wish anyway—hadn’t she?

It was bizarre in the extreme! How was she supposed to function with a penis and scrotum attached to her pubis? Then it occurred to her that, by definition, she was no longer a woman—and that gave her another strange shock. She just couldn’t think of herself as a man no matter how hard she tried. Whoever heard of a man with breasts, wearing a skirt, nylons and high heel shoes?

Sandy stood up and tried to pull her panties over her new penis and found it rather difficult, even though it had softened and receded. She managed to cover it but it was a tight fit , and her pantyhose also gave her a problem. When she pulled it up to her waist her penis and scrotum felt cramped and pinched. But there was nothing she could do about it and she decided the best thing to do was to get home quickly. Fortunately her full, pleated skirt concealed her incredible new addition, but she knew that until she returned to normal she would have problems with her clothes. She opened the stall, walked to the sink and washed her hands. Her mind raced as a thousand thoughts and impressions competed for her attention. Strangely enough, as she looked into the mirror she appeared just as feminine as when she walked into the room. No sign of her new potency was visible but she felt different somehow, more alive, more ... vital, and though she was very nervous about walking out of the ladies room with her masculine equipment she wasn’t afraid of the "thing" itself. She even smiled slightly as she thought of the power concealed beneath her skirt, though her smile faded when she realized that sooner or later Dale would have to know. She left the ladies room and when she returned to the table she was surprised to find that Dale had not yet returned.



Dale hadn’t returned yet because he was still in shock and terrified. He was barely able to maintain his grip on reality. Aside from that he had a real mess to attend to and cleaning himself up wasn’t easy under the circumstances. When the room was clear he quickly left the stall and ran to the sinks where he grabbed two fistfuls of paper towels. After wetting one of the wads of towels he rushed back to the stall, slammed the door and removed his pants so he could pull off his briefs. He set his jockey shorts on the floor near the back of the stall and, after washing down his legs, he began to work on his pants. He dampened them then dried them as much as he could with the dry towels and put them on again. They were still damp, and they smelled slightly of urine, but there was only so much he could do. Fortunately the dark color hid the wet spot pretty well.

He was interrupted in his efforts when another guy walked into the room, and again he sat very still while he waited for the guy to leave. When he was alone again he went to the sink, washed his hands and stepped over to the hand dryer. He chose the low-mounted dryer, intended for use of wheelchair - bound patrons and adjusted the air flow towards the dampness on his pants. After several cycles he was satisfied that his pants were dry and he went over to the after-shave dispenser, inserted two quarters, and used the scent to mask the odor.

Dale felt awfully funny as he walked back to the table. His crotch felt "empty" without the familiar swinging organ, and his slacks were also too loose. He also sensed that there was something wrong with the way he was walking but he did not know just what it was. When he rejoined Al, Judy and Sandy he did his best to act like nothing was wrong, but he was too preoccupied to follow the conversation and it was obvious that he was distracted. He caught Sandy looking at him strangely, as if she sensed something was wrong and he nearly panicked, barely managing to calm himself. He also did not feel like drinking anymore. He needed to think straight to figure out what was happening and more booze wouldn’t help.

From the moment Sandy saw Dale she suspected that something had happened to him too, and when she saw his face and the way he was walking, and noticed the absence of a bulge at his crotch she was practically certain of her guess. Her husband seemed nervous and distracted—even scared—and she decided it was time to get him home and discover the truth. After a few moments she announced that she didn’t feel very well and when she asked to go home Dale seemed eager to oblige her.

On the way home Dale was strangely silent, which suited Sandy just fine. She had had enough of his big mouth for one night and she needed some time to think anyway. When they got back to their apartment Sandy grabbed her nightgown and robe and went into the bathroom, leaving the bedroom for Dale. She quickly undressed and got her first real good look at her new phallus. It looked even larger than it had in the ladies room, at least as large as Dale’s—maybe larger—and there was no doubt that it was real. Both her penis and her scrotum were incredibly sensitive, and even her pubic hair looked masculine—long and thick compared to her former, short and curly hair.

The more she examined herself the more fascinated she became. She’d only touched two other penises in her life, Dale’s and that boy in high school, and that was always in the dark where she had felt it more than seen it. This was completely different. For one thing it was her penis, and she took the time to examine every inch of it from different angles, even looking at herself in the mirror. She discovered that it grew hard and erect with literally no effort at all, and she stared at it in fascination as she watched it quickly double in size and harden to absolute rigidity for the second time that night.

The sight of a stiff penis sticking straight out from her crotch was amazing and strangely compelling, and Sandy was unable to take her eyes off it. A few minutes later, after it had receded, she felt the need to relieve herself and instinctively turned around to sit on the toilet, but as she did it occurred to her that she didn’t have to sit down! Now she could stand up, like guys did, and the idea intrigued her. It was just too good an opportunity to pass up so she turned and faced the toilet and lifted the seat. At first she held herself carefully with both hands, like little boys do, but after a moment she found she could direct the stream with one hand and soon she was tracing patterns in the toilet bowl and she giggled with delight as she moved the stream back and forth. The sound was a lot louder than when she sat down but it was also a lot more interesting.

Sandy heard a soft knock at the door followed by Dale’s voice. "Hon, I need to get in there," he said in a subdued voice. She replied, "I’ll be out in a minute," and shook herself dry and began to dress. She put on her sexy black silk nightgown and wrapped herself in her robe then opened the door. "It’s all yours," she said as she passed him in the hall, and Dale nodded but did not look her in the eyes as he passed her and closed the door.

Sandy waited outside the door for a moment until she heard the sound of the toilet seat being lowered. Now she was positive that her husband had also undergone a major metamorphosis. She smiled to herself and went into the bedroom where she stole a clean pair of Dale’s jockey shorts and a pair of his old blue jeans. She put the jeans in her dresser then stepped into Dale’s jockey shorts and pulled them on. They were just a touch loose on her but actually fit quite well. Though Dale’s waist was 31 " and hers was only 27 " the shorts were 30-32 and the elastic hugged her waist just a little lower than her own panties had. But at least the briefs were designed for the type of "equipment" she now possessed and they were a lot more comfortable than her panties. They even provided a modicum of support for her new penis and scrotum.

Dale relieved himself from a seated position since there didn’t seem to be any other way considering his situation. He too examined himself, but unlike Sandy he wasn’t fascinated by what he saw—he was horrified. He spread his legs apart to get a good look at his new vagina and when he did there was no doubt that it was real—he’d seen enough of them to know. Between the labia majoris there was another, smaller pair of pinkish lips that guarded the gate to his vaginal canal, and even his masculine pubic hair had been replaced by a small, triangular patch of short, curly feminine fuzz. He already knew he had a clitoris and he shrank from any further inspection.

"A fucking cunt!" He muttered to himself in disbelief. He was mystified at how this had happened to him, outraged that it Had happened, and completely mortified—all at once. He was also determined that nobody, absolutely nobody would ever find out what had happened. For one thing it would make him a laughingstock—He could already hear the things his "friends" and acquaintances would say about him if they found out—and his ego simply could not stand that! The other reason this had to be a secret was Dale was convinced that if the government somehow found out they’d turn him into some sort of a lab rat for experiments, if not to find out what happened then as part of some "gender experiment." That would be equally intolerable. Then there was the chance that some bastard would want to rape him and Dale didn’t want to have to go through life fighting off perverts!

Dale grabbed a fresh pair of briefs and his pajama bottoms from the dresser but before he changed he needed a shower. He stilled smelled faintly of urine and he had also noticed a strong "fishy" smell emanating from his vagina, which was worse than the urine as far as Dale was concerned. He checked to make sure the door was closed and locked then turned on the shower and stepped in. He had absolutely no idea how to wash a vagina and after some deliberation he decided to use soap on a washcloth and simply rub the cloth over his pubis. When he was finished Dale dried himself and quickly pulled on his briefs. He stared mournfully at the empty "pouch" of his jockey shorts that hung limply between his legs and just shook his head, then pulled on his pajama bottoms and left the bathroom.

The humiliated man could hear his wife in the living room but he did not feel like joining her. He was afraid that Sandy would sense that there was something terribly wrong and pry until she discovered his shameful secret. Sooner or later she was bound to suspect something was wrong—she was his wife after all—but Dale didn’t want to have to deal with that tonight. He needed to be alone, so he went into the bedroom and got into bed. In a few minutes he had drifted off.

Sandy heard Dale go into the bedroom and when he hadn’t emerged after twenty minutes she assumed he had gone to bed. She was sitting in the recliner, in front of the television, armed with the remote control and watching something she wanted to see, for a change. She was in no hurry to join Dale because she wasn’t the least bit tired. On the contrary she was excited as she considered the implications of their transformation! For one thing, now that she had a penis it was damned certain she wouldn’t have to worry about her periods anymore, or getting pregnant either. And any guy that tried to rape her was in for a hell of a shock! As she contemplated these things Sandy felt a growing sense of freedom and autonomy. Menstruation had always hit her hard and she hated that time of the month. Not having to worry about her period or getting pregnant was wonderful. She could toss her birth control pills—or perhaps save them for Dale, she thought with a mischievous smile. Now he could worry about tampons, douches, PMS, and maybe even pregnancy, but she really wasn’t sure how far the change had gone. Did he have a uterus? If so he’d need the pills or he could be the first man in the history of the world to give birth! She really did not think the changes had gone that far, though. That hadn’t been a part of her wish and she assumed that all this was simply a little indulgence for her from a particularly playful God. It was probably a temporary situation too, and if so Sandy intended to take full advantage of it while she could!

An hour later Sandy turned off the television and lights and slipped quietly into the bedroom. After confirming that Dale was sound asleep she hiked up her nightgown and removed her jockey shorts and climbed into bed next to her husband. She could barely contain her excitement and realized that she hadn’t felt this way since her wedding night. She had planned what she wanted to do carefully but there were a few unknowns and she had guessed about several important things. She wasn’t sure this would work but she was willing to risk it and there was an incredible exhilaration in being the aggressor!

Dale was curled up with his back to her and Sandy began by kissing his cheek and ear very softly while she stroked his thigh lightly. Dale did not wake up but he rolled onto his back, which was Sandy had hoped for, and she kissed his ear again and put her arm across his waist. Dale turned towards her and she caressed his shoulder and ran her hand down his side to his hip. Then Sandy moved lower. She breathed warmly on one of Dale’s nipples before flicking her tongue across it while she caressed his bottom.

Sandy was betting that despite Dale’s overall masculine appearance he would respond to the same stimuli that a woman would—otherwise there would be no way to seduce him because she knew a guy’s sexual gratification is centered in his cock—and Dale didn’t have one of those anymore. So unless the power that transformed them also saw to it that Dale would respond like a woman the whole thing would be pointless—he’d be essentially frigid—but somehow Sandy didn’t think that was the case.

Dale opened his eyes, though he was still mostly asleep. In his foggy state he felt something wonderful and after a while he realized Sandy was hovering over his chest running her tongue across his nipples. It felt really nice and he smiled to himself and lay absolutely still, content to simply let her continue. The events of the previous evening were completely forgotten and Dale did not have any idea why Sandy was doing what she was, but it felt so good he didn’t care.

Then Sandy straddled him in her nightgown, bent over him and kissed him deeply. Dale responded avidly and as they kissed he felt her hands on his chests, kneading his pectoral muscles gently and occasionally grasping his nipples and playing with them. That too felt great, and Dale sighed softly, wondering why Sandy had never done that to him before, and why he never realized how good it felt. His whole body seemed unusually sensitive tonight and when Sandy bent low and sucked on his nipples he gasped as an electric sensation spread from his chest to his belly and thighs, all the way to his toes. His back arched upwards and his arms found Sandy’s neck and he pulled her down onto his chest.

Sandy was thrilled! Her guess was right on, and Dale was responding just like a woman! She felt her new phallus grow hard as a rock and it took all her self-control to go slowly and give Dale the full treatment. She wanted to savor every moment, not sure that they wouldn’t immediately revert to their usual forms after she had her way with him. If she had only one "shot" at it she was determined it would be memorable!

Dale felt Sandy gently sliding his briefs down his legs, caressing him lightly as she eased them off, and he felt a shivver of delight at her sensuous touch. He looked up at her pretty face hovering over him and smiled dreamily, content to let her take the initiative. He decided to let her handle the preliminaries, then he would roll her over at the right moment and finish the job. There would be plenty of time for that—later—but for now he felt too good to interrupt her. Sandy’s touch felt heavenly, and when she traced her hands along his thighs lightly Dale moaned with delight. Her fingers felt as light as feathers and it was just wonderful! He felt Sandy kneel between his legs and was surprised when they automatically parted. He was breaqthing heavily now and as Sandy’s fingers inched ever closer to his groin he felt a curious sensation, almost a dampness, between his legs. His knees flexed slightly and Dale was puzzled for a moment, but he was quickly distracted by his wife’s hands moving to his shoulders and gliding down his chest in an erotic massage.

Sandy gazed down at her feminized husband and studied his appearance. She realized that Dale’s nipples were slightly larger than normal and as erect as they could be for their size. Even his areolae were a little larger, a shade darker and more convex than they had been. They weren’t exactly feminine, and a casual observer would never notice the difference, but there was a change. She allowed her long hair to brush across Dale’s miniature titties and grinned when he gasped and arched his back. She leaned forward and kissed him, holding his head in her hands while she carefully held her penis away from him. He still didn’t know what was happening, but he was about to get an education!

Dale was confused by the incredible, new sensations that threatened to overwhelm him. The marvelous feelings seemed to come in rapid succession, leaving him no chance to interpret one sensation before another wonderful experience took its place. He was dimly aware that something was very strange, very wrong, but he felt too fantastic to worry about it. He was completely aroused now, yet he felt no desire to take control. He was perfectly content to let Sandy continue touching him. She seemed to know exactly what to do to please him, and something influenced him to remain passive.

Suddenly, Dale felt Sandy’s hand begin to caress his groin, and as she moved closer to his crotch he felt a completely unique and foreign sensation. Her fingers seemed to consciously avoid his masculine "equipment" somehow and touch something that shouldn’t—couldn’t possibly—exist! At that instant the events of the evening came back to him in a rush and Dale gasped when he realized that Sandy now knew his shameful secret! Then, before he could do anything, he felt something hard pushing against the vertical slit that had majically replaced his penis and scrotum! It was hard, but warm and felt like velvet covered steel. Dale tried to react, to push Sandy away, but she was too fast and too strong for him! She pinned his shoulders to the bed, and before Dale knew what was happening, he felt his labia being forced apart and his vagina being entered by HIS WIFE! Somehow SHE now had a PENIS!

Dale cried out in terror and confusion, unable to comprehend what was happening even as Sandy drove deep within him! Dale felt a brief, tearing sensation and a sharp pain, and he gasped as he felt his vagina being stretched and dilated by his wife’s huge phallus!

"NOOO!" He cried as he felt Sandy fill his void fully and completely. He tried to move, to squirm and twist away, but he was absolutely impaled by Sandy’s cock, and for some reason he couuldn’t seem to get enough leverage to throw her off! He gasped for air and pushed up on Sandy’s hips but she ground down on him and Dale felt as if she would split him in two or drive her member right through him!

"STOP! PLEASE DON’T..." He begged, his eyes filling with tears from the pain and the shame.

But Sandy was relentless! She withdrew slightly only to plunge into him again, and again! Dale felt the incredible, completely foreign sensation of her penis moving within him and the friction it created against his vaginal walls. The pain eased quite suddenly and Dale felt a dampness develop inside him that allowed Sandy to glide back and forth effortlessly. A strange yet wonderful warmth seemed to spread through him, and then Dale felt an electric pulse spark from his groin and flood his entire body!

Another, stronger pulse followed rapidly, then another and another, each stronger and more pleasurable than the last! Dale moaned and felt his hips grind upwards to meet his wife’s thrusts! He had no contol at all! Sandy was the one in command and she was drilling him mercilessly, nailing him to the mattress. Dale’s moans grew louder and he began thrashing about beneath Sandy, yet she was able to control him easily and continue her assault on his newly-acquired vagina. Dale was lost and confused, but he could not help responding to Sandy. Finally he felt an incredible eruption within him and a thunderous, explosive orgasm struck like a force of nature! Dale screamed with pure ecstacy and wrapped his legs around Sandy’s, completely unaware he was panting YESSS! OH YESSS!

Dale lay dazed and stunned, to weak to move, marvelling at the glorious sensations that seemed to continue long after his volcanic orgasm. He was only vaguely aware that Sandy had withdrawn from him, and he turned onto his side and squeezed his legs together in a very feminine posture as he drifted off to sleep.



The next morning Dale awoke with a sticky sensation on his inner thighs and bottom. After a moment of disorientation he remembered what had occurred the previous night and he tore the covers off himself and sat bollt upright. Gazing down between his legs he saw the void where his manhood had once resided and a white sticky goo congealed on his thighs and the sheet beneath him. Then he noticed that there was also a trace of blood and he screamed. When Sandy entered the room Dale was shaking with fear and rage.

"What did you DO to me last night?" He asked frantically when Sandy casually came into the room.

"I thought that was rather obvious," his wife replied dryly as she glanced at her Dale’s feminized groin and noticed the sticky residue on his thighs.

Dale blushed furiously, something Sandy had never seen before. He covered his crotch with both hands in a vain, almost maidenly attempt to preserve his modesty. "I mean, HOW did this happen? Are you some kind of a witch or a sorceress?" He asked fearfully.

Sandy laughed. "Not hardly!" She smirked. "If I was you’d have a lot more changes than just a vagina!

"No, I didn’t do this, but I did wish that you could find out what women have to go through at the hands of male chauvinists like you! I’ve had it with your condescending attitude and crude remarks! Last night I was very embarassed by your comments and felt an overwhelming urge to turn the tables. Some . . .Power . . . must have decided to grant my wish.

"Wish us back to normal!" Dale demanded. "Right this instant!"

"Heehee! Not on your life sweetie! This is fantastic! I plan on taking full advantage of this while I can. Besides, you haven’t even begun to learn your lesson."

A desperate rage came over Dale and he lunged at Sandy and grabbed her shoulders. "Damn you—Wish us BACK—This instant!" He demanded furiously. Sandy was caught by surprise by his sudden outburst and flinched, but then she brought her arms up and easily dislodged Dale’s hands from her shoulders. She grabbed his arms and twisted one of them behind his back in a hammer-lock and marched him over to the bed. Dale was stunned by his wife’s strength, and despite his best efforts he was unable to break her hold on him. Suddenly she seemed incredibly strong!

"Ouch! You’re hurting me!" He wailed, tears coming to his eyes as his wife held his arm in a vise-like grip.

"Too bad. You deserve to feel some pain after that stunt you just pulled!" Sandy snarled angrily.

When she reached the bed with Dale in tow she sat down on the edge without releasing her hold on her husband. Then, to Dale’s complete humiliation, she pulled him down across her knees and began spanking him! Dale cried and sobbed as Sandy spanked his bottom repeatedly. It felt like it was on fire, and Dale squirmed and twisted as he attempted to get away, but Sandy held him easily with one arm as she continued to paddle him with her free hand.

"Please stop!" Dale begged. "Please . . ."

Sandy paused, her hand poised for another slap. "Okay, but we’re gonna get a few things stright right now," she said in a commanding voice as she held Dale in place.

"First, there will be no more attempts at physical intimidation. I’m stronger than you now, and—face it—you haven’t got the ‘balls’ for it anyway. Is that understood?"

"Y-yes Sandy." Dale whimpered, looking fearfully over his shoulder at her poised hand.

"Okay, next, you will treat me—and ALL women—with respect. No more off-color comments about tits, asses, or other body parts."

Dale just nodded silently as Sandy glared at him.

"Next, you’re going to begin doing some housework around here," Sandy stated in an uncompromising tone. "I work too, yet you don’t do a damn thing around here to help me. Well, those days are over! Are you clear on that?"

"Yes." Dale replied reluctantly.

"Finally, and this is Not negotiable, From now on I am the boss, the head of this household, and what I say goes! I’LL be handling the money too—Frankly, you’ve never been very good at it anyway. You’ll turn your paycheck over to me every week, and in turn you’ll get an allowance, just like you’ve been giving me."

"Now, wait one minute!" Dale objected. "I’m the . . ."

"The WHAT?" Sandy demanded. "The man?" She snickered and pulled him to his feet and turned him to face her.

"Sweetie, you don’t look much like a man to me," she remarked sarcastically, "and you didn’t react like a man last night, in bed. Aside from that what kind of a man gets tossed around and spanked by his wife?

"Now, get this straight—I’m the ‘man’ around here now and you’ll do as you’re told or I’ll let your buddies in on your little secret. Is that clear?"

Dale sighed heavily and lowered his head in submission. "Yes," he replied softly. He knew he had no choice but to go along with whatever Sandy wanted, at least until she tired of her game and asked for a re-swap of their ‘equipment.’

"Good. Now I have to go to work and, since you don’t, I expect you to clean the house and do the laundry today. I don’t want you sitting around watching sports on the tube."

Sandy worked as a clerk in a locally owned department store and this was her week to work on Saturday. She alternated between the womens and mens departments, and marked prices, set up displays, helped customers, and straightened the merchandise. It wasn’t a particularly good job but she enjoyed the work and liked meeting people.

The only problem was concealing her new "equipment." Usually she wore slacks to work, but when she tried on a pair it was instantly obvious they wouldn’t do. Her womens slacks allowed no room for her new penis and scrotum, and they actually hurt when she tried to get into them. She thought about wearing a pair of Dale’s pants, but aside from the fact that the waist was far too big her "bulge" would still be evident. After trying on several outfits she discovered that only a flared skirt would hide her bulging organs and feel comfortable. A pair of pantyhose also helped flatten her profile and keep everything tucked away.

After Sandy left for work Dale limped into the bathroom. He hurt in several places. His new vagina felt sore from his initiation to the female side of sex, and his bottom still burned from Sandy’s spanking. He also had a pounding headache to go along with the rest of his hangover. In his lousy condition he decided on a bath instead of a shower, and he spent fifteen minutes just soaking because it felt so good. As he sat in the tub he thought about the incredible turn of events that had victimized him, trying to find a way out of his predicament, but he was completely stumped. In the end he realized he had no other choice but to go along with Sandy. He would apologize for his past behavior, convince her he had learned his lesson, and beg her to wish them back to normal. It was the only way out of this mess.

Dale dressed, trying to ignore the way the pouch of his jockey shorts hung loosely on his flat groin, and made himself a cup of coffee. Sandy never worked a full shift on Saturday because the store closed early, and Dale realized he had to get the house cleaned and laundry done by 3:00 or face his wife’s wrath. After a quick breakfast he washed the dishes and set to work.

He had never thought of housework as physically challenging, but of course he never did much of it. He had always considered it "womens work," and left it to Sandy. As Dale vacuumed, washed windows, carried baskets of laundry and performed all the other tasks he discovered that housework was a lot more tiring than he had realized. Doing the chores also confirmed that he had lost a lot of strength. The laundry baskets seemed almost too heavy to lift and he could barely move some of the furniture when he tried to vacuum. The muscles in his arms also ached from washing the windows and scrubbing the sinks. By the time he was done he could barely lift his arms.

Meanwhile Sandy was experiencing something quite different. When she reported for work there were several large boxes of clothes sitting in the back room of the womens department, stacked four high, right in front of the tagging machine. Normally Sandy would have called for a stockboy to come and move the boxes, but today she discovered she could lift them easily, even the ones stacked as high as her shoulders! It was a great feeling, and she was astounded when she discovered she could actually lift three of the forty pound boxes at once! Her new strength was even more amazing when she considered that her arms looked no different than before she acquired her new equipment. No one saw her move the boxes and no one looked at her strangely or mentioned anything to her.

When Sandy returned home she found the house was spotless and the clothes were all washed and hung up or put away. Dale was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper, with his legs crossed in a very feminine manner. When Sandy mentioned it to him he looked down at himself with a surprised expression and immediately assummed a more masculine posture. Later, during dinner, Sandy noticed Dale sitting with his knees locked together and, once again, called his attention to his feminine pose.

"If you want to keep your little secret you’ll have to remember to sit like a man," she chided Dale, adding: You look awfully feminine when you walk too."

"I’m not doing it on purpose!" Dale groaned. "It just . . . happens!"

Sandy nodded. "There’s nothing down there to remind you to sit like a man or give you that masculine swagger when you walk," she agreed. Then she had a thought.

"Come with me," she ordered, and led her emasculated husband into their bedroom. Sandy went Dale’s dresser and pulled out a pair of socks and one of his jock straps. "Strip," she ordered.

"What are you planning to do?" Dale asked.

"You’re going to start wearing a male ‘falsie,’ a . . . codpiece, if you will, to remind you how to sit and help you walk normally," she answered.

In a few moments Dale had removed his pants and underwear and pulled on the jockstrap.

"Okay now stuff this in the pouch," Sandy directed , handing Dale the pair of socks she had rolled into a ball. Dale complied and Sandy was delighted to see that the socks seemed to mimic a normal male’s equipment quite well. They had just the right amount of bulge, and after she had Dale replace his underwear and slacks she was sure no one would notice anything unusual.

"That looks about right," she judged. "Now, walk around a little. I want to see if your ‘falsie’ does anything to stop your mincing."

Once again Dale did as he was told, and again Sandy noticed an immediate improvement.

"Not bad. Not bad at all. How does it feel?" She asked.

"A little weird, but comfortable," Dale admitted.

Sandy took her husband into the living room and had him sit on the couch again. His posture was much more masculine, though she knew the test would come when he was distracted and not thinking about how he sat.

The next morning Dale awoke to a horrible, gut-wrenching cramp in his stomach, and he practically doubled over in pain. He felt completely terrible, with a headache, muscle aches, a general soreness all over, and a weird, bloated feeling. Sandy had already arisen and he could hear her moving around in the kitchen, so Dale went into the bathroom to find some aspirin and relieve himself. He found the aspirin in the medicine cabinet and popped two in his mouth and washed them down with some tepid water. When he pulled his pajamas down he was suddenly confronted with the sight of blood on his legs, around his inner thighs!

Sandy heard a frightened scream coming from the bathroom and she rushed into the room without knocking. When she pushed the door open she was confronted by the sight of her husband standing neaqr the bathtub with one hand over his feminized groin and a look of pure terror on his face.

"Oh Sandy, help me! I’m BLEEDING!" Dale moaned.

Sandy looked at Dale’s legs and immediately noticed the rivulets of dried blood beneath his new slit, and a broad grin came to her face.

"Sweet mother of ... You’re menstruating!"

"I’m WHAT?"

"Menstruating. You know, having your period, as in ‘That time of the month.’"

"Ohmigod—NO!" Dale screamed. "Not that! This is TOO much!"

"Oh this is really getting interesting!" Sandy laughed callously. "Now you’ll get a chance to see what women have to go through every month."

"Please—wish us back to normal!" Dale begged his wife. "I promise I’ll be more considerate!"

"I bet you will," she smirked, "but . . . Not just yet. I think experiencing a period will be good for you. You’ll acquire a true appreciation for what women have to put up with in this world. You might gain a little insight, and the memory will prevent backsliding later on."

Sandy had Dale clean himself off draw a bath while she went back to their room and obtained everything her husband would need to deal with his period. As he soaked in the tub she gave him the same lecture her mother had given her many years ago. Over the next 20 minutes Dale learned everything there was to know about the symptoms of menstruation, tampons, pantyshields, maxi-pads, medications, feminine deodorant, douching, and everything else he needed to know. Ten minutes after he stepped out of the tub Dale stood naked before Sandy and stared down at himself mournfully. A length of string from his tampon hung between his legs and proclaimed to all who might see that he was "on the rag."

Sandy returned to the kitchen while Dale dressed and poured herself a fresh cup of coffee. She chuckled as she recalled the expression on Dale’s face when she told him he was having his period, and she was delighted with this new development. Then it occurred to her that if Dale was menstruating it was entirely possible that he could get pregnant! That was a sobering thought and Sandy made a mental note to tell Dale that he needed to take precautions. He could begin taking her contraceptives. She had just refilled her prescription and wouldn’t need to see the doctor for another year. All she had to do was get more pills from the pharmacy. But the chance of Dale getting pregnant was something she hadn’t considered. The situation had gone beyond her desire for a little playful revenge, and she wondered if it hadn’t gone too far.


To be continued . . .



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