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Satin Love

by Georgina


Part 2


Tessa and Katie
(and Pippa too.)


Chapter 1


Life went on its wonderful way for a good few months and my knowledge and desires grew apace. Mother, Claudine and I were a happy trio of love struck bunnies as we romped and made mad, passionate love whenever we could. Even Claudine, that professed master/mistress of love, she was French, of course, seemed awe-struck at my abilities, but I did have the advantages of youth. Cecile, my aunt and Paula were to be away in America for a whole year, setting up a branch of our company in New York, then San Francisco, so when Claudine at last had to go away for a fresh tour, in San Francisco of all places, that left me bereft of my deeply loved soulmate, though auntie and Paula would get one. Claudine was going to join them. I wasn't jealous though, I still had mother, all to myself. After six months of very intensive training I was now a happily confident girl, even going out on my own about town, happy, carefree and confident in passing under all circumstances. Six months had turned me into a sophisticated and beautiful young lady, dressed in the gorgeous fashions of the autumn of 1953. I was still as sensually excited and as sexually aroused as ever, but I had learned to control and direct my desires so that there were never any incipient crisis to trouble me. Men paid a lot of attention to me, both in looks and suggestions, but I managed to parry them all successfully and without exciting any suspicion at all. The fifties were a different age and where we lived, and the circles we moved in, were as different then as could be imagined. To-days life is dangerous and full of nasty people who have no scruples. It was so then but we were cushioned in our life, they all kept to their own patch and didn't bother us at all. Now you daren't walk down the street wearing a Rolex watch, even in Chelsea, you wouldn't have it for long, or your hand and wrist for that matter.

Just before Christmas mother and I were out shopping for the festivities and we were in Harrod's store, a far more elegant and exclusive place than the Fayed bastardisation of today. While I was there, looking through the lingerie department, my favourite place, for a new slip and other fripperies, I spotted a young boy with his elegant and beautiful, blonde mother. He was an ethereal whisp of a child, even more so than I at his age, slim, blonde and exceedingly pretty, yet he was a boy. I judged his age at fourteen but he looked a delicate twelve but what struck me was the intense way he looked at, and fondled caressingly, the row of satin slips I was also interested in. His mother had left him to his own devices, or so I thought, as she went to make her own purchases. Instantly I was struck with an immense heat, a flush of such desire as to leave me standing, almost trembling with a need to meet this gorgeous creature. I recognised instantly a fellow creature with the same desires, needs and wants as I. Slowly, gliding softly in my high heeled court shoes, aware as always of the sexy and perfumed clothes I was wearing, I approached the rack of slips. My body, by now usually quiescent, started to tremble and erect under its satin imprisonment of my Roussel corset to pulse against my belly and my breasts seemed to swell within the confines of my soft satin brassiere, nipples tender, hard and sensitive. I had trained myself to have a certain control over my body, through mother's help of course, but this was something far beyond any of my control. I was quite thankful that I was wearing a lovely flowing skirt with a full petticoat underneath as I was sure that if I had been wearing a tight pencil skirt my long bulge may have been evident under it as it pulsated against my belly. I was just behind him and beginning to reach over his shoulder when I heard a voice, throaty and mellifluous, call "Castor!"

I was just inches away from him, just to his right side, and the voice was to my right. He turned, totally unaware of my presence, towards the voice, and full into me. For one brief moment I felt his entire body against me and, under his coat, his erect and hard body as it pressed against my thigh. Then I fell onto the floor in a froth of petticoat lace and satin. I was dazed and shaky as I lay on the floor, dimly aware of people coming over to help me, but I was truly only aware of the young boy gazing hotly at my exposed limbs, sleek and smooth in their sheathing of fine, dark tan, nylon, seamed stockings and their attachment to my corset suspenders, along with the exposed crotch of my black, as always that adorable colour, satin french knickers. Never was I more thankful of the concealment of a firm corset panel as I was that day. I sat up, still dazed, and pulled down my skirts then felt both my, and the boy's mother at my sides. At their queries, I assured them I was alright and they let me sit quietly for a few minutes as they recognised each other.

"Lady S------!!"

"Countess de P---------!!"

They both said, in unison.

At the name, I recognised the lady who was the boy's mother. There had been an enormous scandal, for those days at least, when her husband had been arrested for homosexual oportuning, as the papers would say, and an acrimonious divorce had followed. The court case had been sensational, claim and counter claim, she accused of lesbian affairs, he of affairs with both men and women. In the end, and this had been only two months previously, she had won her case with custody of her son Castor.

I was still all a dither and was very shaky so we retired to the tea room, as a foursome and Lady S----, whose first name was Alicia, and my mother were soon in earnest conversation while Castor and I sat quietly and sipped our tea, burning glances passing occasionally at each other. I was aware that he found me totally enchanting but he was, as I, exceedingly shy. I turned my attention back to the two mothers and saw that they were in a conversation of some deep significance. From their body language I could deduce that the stories I had heard about Alicia were in fact true as I saw the way she glanced at mother as she leaned forward occasionally to emphasise some point and Alicia gazed down at mother's décolletage in a way I would have done. Mother too returned the look as Alicia did the same and I could see the delicate flush of arousment on them both. This, I thought to myself, was almost too good to be true. Alicia was a very beautiful woman with a superbly slim, yet delicately curvaceous body and was dressed in a lovely slim fitting dress of heavy, shantung silk. It was in a lovely shade of aquamarine blue that matched her eyes perfectly. Three quarter sleeved, with a shirt neck that descended low enough to show a hint of her cleavage, it had a mid calf pencil skirt that had a long slit at the back to just knee level. A small, part gauze veiled, chapeau, in black moiré satin, adorned her elegantly coiffured head and a matching pair of black, kid leather, elbow length gloves, the right hand one she had taken off and placed on the table, along with a slim pair of black suede court shoes completed her ensemble. Her natural complexion of smooth peaches and cream was enhanced with a gorgeously sensual, glossily kissable, carmine lipstick and her eye make up was elaborately understudied, yet eminently effective. She was, to put it bluntly, stunning.

Mother was also stunning in an elegant dress of dark blue, silk jacquard. Sleeveless, with a deeply scooped neck, it was matched with a lovely bolero jacket, also with three-quarter length sleeves and, as Alicia, her accessories were in black. her chapeau though was a flirty little bow of black velvet and a net veil that fell to just the level of the bridge of her nose. Her boldly applied make up was as effective as Alicia's and the pair of them could excite a corpse to life, but they only had eyes for each other, all else was excluded. I knew then, with absolute certainty, that this meeting would lead to a new adventure. I looked back at Castor and saw that he was also gazing at our mothers and his wistful gaze was a reminder of my own deeply incestuous looks that I gave my mother. Suddenly I became aware that mother and Alicia had stopped talking and were gazing at us. Then mother spoke.

"Alicia has invited us to a little soiree at her place tonight. it is Castor's fifteenth birthday today and we have been asked to come as an apology for Castor's clumsiness." She smiled softly, then said. "I think that the new cocktail dress we bought last week would suit, don't you think, Tessa?"

I nodded, it was a stunning sexy confection of crimson taffeta, shirringly sensual and full skirted swishiness, with a strapless bodice and, as was the rage that year, a close fitting bolero jacket to keep it sensible for the trip to the party. I adored it from the moment I had seen it and mother had instantly obliged me and bought it. This was to be its first outing, I was thrilled. To me it seemed like Christmas, birthday and Easter all rolled into one.

We went our separate ways after that and soon mother and I were cavorting in the bath and playfully exciting ourselves to a pitch of happy and carefree arousment. Recently, mother had gone through her wardrobes and had found that she had over ten mink coats and had decided to have some of them remade into something that we both found exceedingly exciting. our bed now sported a magnificent mink bedspread and it was such a luxuriously sensual article that we could never resist its allure. Still damp and shiny from our bath, we tumbled onto that exquisite spread and laughing, giggling like two little schoolgirls, we playfully tussled as our excitement grew. My feminine body was alive as we rolled over the luxuriant surface, the soft tickle of the fur on our skin arousing us to a fever pitch till, at last, I lay above her, couched between her thighs with my hardness butting at the very opening of her hot and ready body. I paused. mother moaned with want and her hands slid down to my buttocks and tried to draw me in. I resisted and she pouted up at me, eyes hot and dewy.

"Take me," She panted hotly, her face a mask of pure passion. "Take your mother!"

"No," I whispered back. "Not till you promise me that I can watch you make love to Alicia."

"How do you know" She asked.

"It was obvious, mother." I laughed. "You two were almost eating each other raw in the tea room. It's a wonder the fire alarms didn't go off."

"What about you and Castor?" She teased back. "Do I get to watch too?"

"Watch, mother." I smiled back at her. "You get to join, and Alicia too if we can arrange it."

"What makes you think she will?"

"What makes you think she won't?" I teased back, all the time my buttocks softly easing, fraction by fraction of an inch, my hard and erect body into the molten cavern of my beloved mother. She moaned at each tiny movement and her breathing became hot and ragged.

"Castor seems willing." I panted as I started to slowly slide in and out of my mother. "And his mother does touch him a lot and seems very protective. Whenever I looked at Castor she looked very jealously at me."

Mother just moaned as the sensations of our lovemaking started to overwhelm her, as they did me and soon our cries and moans filled the air as we, mother and boy/girl child loved and writhed, panted and cried out our forbidden love. Once or twice I glanced across at our wall mirror to see our feminine bodies, conjoined, loving, writhing out their arabesques of pure and unadulterated, incestuous desires. Ohhh, was it exciting. We were fast approaching our climax and I bent down and kissed her deeply. I loved kissing my mother, her hot lips soft, wet and clinging, suckingly exciting and deeply sensuous, Her hands reached up and fondled, caressed my titties, nipping and twirling the hard nipples, driving me ever higher to my peak. I was close, so very close and as I felt my orgasm break she stiffened beneath me.

"You aren't wearing a Durex!" She panted, her eyes wild and stricken as her own orgasm overwhelmed her. "It's the wrong time, you will make me pregnant!"

"Too late, mother." I panted back. "I'm comming, mother, I'm comming in you mother, I'm making a baby in you, mother, Ohhhhhhh Gooooooodddddd!"

The pleasures increased at the thought. I wanted it so much that it hurt and I spurted my hot seed into my receptive, wildly orgasming, and willing mother.



Chapter 2


Mother had packed two overnight bags for us as Alicia and Castor lived out in the countryside north of London and we had to stay there after the party. We left London at six pm and arrived at the small village of Stansted-Mountfitchet at half past seven, traffic was extremely light in those days. Alicia lived in a lovely manor house about a mile on the north side of the village, standing on its own in a large patch of land that was probably over six acres in extent. There were several other cars there but our Bentley was the grandest of all, apart from the Rolls-Royce that was parked in the garage. We were met by a pert maid who smiled sweetly at us and showed us up to our rooms, mine a small bedroom that was attached directly to the one mother was to use. I knew that one would not be used. mother and I never slept apart unless we could help it. The maid, who introduced herself as Suzie, primly informed us that dinner would be at eight. As she left the room with a saucy swish of the full skirts of her black satin of her maids dress I thought some quite risqué thoughts. the house had a wonderful atmosphere of sensuality, a genteel beauty. To put it fairly, I felt instantly at home. We spent the hour getting ready. This wasn't a full evening dress do, more an informal, cocktail dress or short evening dress affair that suited what seemed to be a very select and invited group, and from the sounds of boyish and girlish laughter that filtered through the house, a young affair as well.

I loved dressing up and this was no exception. My lingerie I had chosen carefully and well, so I thought. The stockings I chose were of the finest nylon, sheer, shiny, seamed and smooth, by Aristoc, of course. These were attached to a sumptuous, deep suspender belt, a waist cincher in fact and mother tied the lacing quite tightly to both pull in my waist and also push up my, already high, titties. I did not wear a brassiere. The boned strapless bodice gave me enough support and I adored the feel of taffeta against my, always ready, nipples. My unruly member was underneath the front panel of the satin cincher, but could be easily exposed if the situation required. I was so hot while dressing that I almost went and took mother again, but common sense and discipline prevailed, just. My hair was now quite long and styled in a very pretty pageboy style. Smooth and glossy, thick and full, it was my pride and joy. Before anything else, I sat down and did my make-up, creamy pale and sexy, with carmine lipstick and bold eye make-up. I looked a treat, even if I say so myself. Oh, the vanity of youth. I then slid on the full and rustling, black, satin taffeta, lace and net petticoat and then the gorgeous, rustling, heavy, crimson, silk taffeta, cocktail dress. I didn't bother with the bolero but slid on a lovely and sexy pair of long, black satin, opera gloves that matched the tiny, black, feather and velvet, half veiled, evening chapeau and black satin, high heeled, evening pumps. A gorgeous, black satin, evening stole and I was ready, and for anything at that. A foil wrapped Durex, slipped into a tiny pocket in the side bow of the dress completed everything.

I went into mother's room and sat on the double bed, admiring her as she completed her dressing. She was resplendent in a richly luscious, dark plum, slim, sheath dress of the plushest and softest silk velvet. I noticed, as her back zip was still undone, that all she was wearing was a softly gleaming, black, silk-satin, full slip, no brassiere, she never needed one, and a suspender belt to hold up her own nylons. She looked especially radiant tonight and I knew that she was looking forward to the evening, probably even more than I. When she was ready she asked me to do up her back zip and I stood up and moved up to her. A sudden devilment overtook me and instead of doing up the zip I slid my satin gloved hands inside her dress and my palms glided smoothly over the rich satin of her lingerie.

"Stop it, darling." She breathed, But did nothing to stop me. Instead she leaned forward to rest her hands on the dressing table and giving me more freedom to pillage her unresisting body. My palms glided over the soft swell of her breasts, sliding over her turgid and hard nipples, to leave her panting softly with desire. She pushed her body back against me and at the same time arching her back. Looking at the image of her in the mirror, I slid one hand down, slipping softly to her belly, and below. She was not wearing anything beneath the slip and my questing, satin gloved, finger slid over her creaming, wet, aroused body, the dampness soaking through the two layers of perfumed satin. She shuddered as I slid into her, pushing the satin fabric between her labia and bringing her to a short, but, evidently for her, a satisfying orgasm. I kissed her perfumed shoulder and then nipped her delicate, shell like, ear and she gave a small, panting moan before slumping forward again in a state of temporary satiation. Stepping back, I zipped her up and we went down to dinner.

There were eight of us for dinner, Alicia, Castor, mother, myself, three male friends of Castor and the mother of one of his friends. She, her name was Margaret was a plain lady, fairly plump and a bit overawed by the proceedings, though very flattered. Enough though said, she was only there to be a taxi driver at the end of the party and played no part in the latter part of this story. After a typical meal as desired by rambunctious fifteen year old boys we retired to the large drawing room where a radiogram, yes, one of those wind up ones, played a whole mass of the contemporary rock and roll records. We four ladies were whirled around the room as we rocked and rolled, in between dances the boys drank, Ugh!!!! Coca Cola, while we four sipped delicately from flutes containing decent champagne. We had great fun and all the boys jostled each other trying to get me into a clinch, they were just too shy to try it with Alicia or mother. They might have had a pleasant surprise, I thought, if they had tried. I successfully fended them off, apart from Castor, who managed, so he thought, to get more than a peck. Several times I gave him a very hot, open-mouthed kiss, much to the envy of his friends. He was in such a state after that that he had to retire for a while. The hardness I felt pushing against my belly must have been almost painful to him. Soon it was after midnight and, regretfully, Margaret gathered them all up and, with many protestations from them, took them back to their respective homes.

This was the time that we four had been awaiting and now, with the servants and our guests gone, we settled down for a more sedate end to the party, though, I hoped, far more intense. Alicia dimmed the lights low and brought another bottle of chilled Lanson vintage champagne with Castor joining us this time. Alicia and mother sat down on one of the elegant chaise longues that dotted the room and chatted softly, their intent expressions and closeness evidence that intimacy was more than a probability. We had changed the records to something less raucous, a bit of what mother called, "Eine Kleine Smooch Musik." Castor and I drew together and danced, cheek to cheek, swaying together, bodies drawing closer together till we were in a soft and sensual clinch. Over his shoulder I saw mother and Alicia sitting very close together, bodies touching, arms around each others waists as they looked at us. They were a symphony of beauty, Alicia coolly beautiful in a beautiful, short, full skirted evening dress of royal blue duchesse satin and mother in her sensational velvet sheath. They became aware of my gaze and they lifted their glasses to us, then took a sip and put them down. Castor, quite handsome in his dinner jacket, bow tie and trousers had his back to them and missed what happened next. Alicia turned to mother and took her into her arms. Their beautiful faces came closer till their full, glistening lips touched softly, then meshed passionately in a full-blooded, lesbian kiss. It was a very arousing spectacle, especially when mother's hands slid up the satin bodice of Alicia's dress to cup and fondle her full and sensual breasts. My hardness was twitching against my belly and, senses on fire, I also kissed the elfin boy in my arms.

He melted into me and his hard body pulsated against my belly, right on the cushioned length of my own trembling erection nestling under the satin panel of my waist cincher. My satin gloved hands slid inside his dinner jacket to glide over his shirt which, to my surprise, I had noticed earlier was not cotton, but heavy duchesse satin. He protested and tried to pull away, but I shushed gently into his ear and held him close, and soon he relaxed once more into me. My tender breasts, aching for him to caress were pressed against his chest and the nipples, pointed, hard, stabbed him with their aroused need. It was then that I had the second surprise of the evening. My searching hands felt the outlines of another garment beneath his shirt and they were those of either a camisole or cami-knickers.

"Pretty!" I cooed into his ear as I delicately traced the lines of his shoulder straps with my satin gloved hands. "I want to see."

He shook his head.

"Mother might see." He whispered. "She wouldn't understand."

"Later then," I whispered back, thinking, she would more than understand. "In your room. I like pretty boys in lingerie."

"Daddy did too," He blurted. "Daddy bought these cami-knickers for me, and other things." he added and I sensed the he was blushing hotly.

My hand slid down his chest, feeling the lace at the bust, my own senses inflamed at the thought of what must have gone on between his father and himself.

"What did your daddy call you?" I asked. "When you were dressed as a girl?"

"Sissy" He replied. "Daddy called me Sissy."

My hand slid down further till it reached the fly of his trousers. Deftly I slid open the buttons and slid it into his trousers. My satin gloved fingers found the incredible hardness of his erect body and gently caressed the turgid length. I found that, though quite long, about six inches, I guessed, and extremely hard and throbbing, it was decidedly slim. Quite delectable, I thought. I could feel that he was close to comming into the sleek satin of his cami-knickers as the wetness of his pre-orgasmic state dampened my fingers.

While gently working his erection out from under the satin I glanced across to where his mother and mine were deep in the throes of their tryst. Alicia was divested of her gorgeous dress to leave her in dishabille, a gorgeous white satin guiperre, strapless, almost backless, I coveted it immediately. Her nylons, beige, sleek and shiny were held up by no less than eight suspenders and she was lying back on the chaise-longue, arms, still clad in her satin gloves, also white, flung over head, writhing as mother kissed and caressed her hard nipples through the satin cups. Mother had shed her dress and was dressed only in her satin slip. They were now totally unaware of anything but themselves. I turned back to Sissy, as I now knew her as, he was a she.

"Did daddy do this to you?" I asked as I gently caressed him, moving the glans over my taffeta skirts. "Did you like it?" I added.

"No!" He murmured. "He was rough and hurt me."

"Do you like what I am doing?"

"Yes." He nodded. "You are soft and gentle, not like daddy. I hated him."

"What about your mother?"

"She doesn't know."

I kissed him then, my lips clinging to his trembling lips. I bet she does, I thought to myself, and doesn't know how to take advantage of it.

"Would you like her to do to you what I am doing?"

There was no answer but his body shuddered in my arms and his trapped body trembled.

Sissy was close, very, very close to spurting his seed in a wild orgasm. I glanced across at the two mothers and now mother had exposed Alicia's hot, depilated, I noticed, body and was kneeling between her outspread thighs, licking and sucking from the honeyed depths. Alicia was writhing in the final throes and actually on the verge of a stunning orgasm. I wanted Sissy to see this. I knew, instinctively that not only had he never seen his mother in her lingerie, he had never seen her in ecstasy either. This was going to be interesting. I kissed him once more, languorously and drew slowly away, still holding his trembling body in my satin gloved hand. He protested at first, then, when he espied his mother in the throes of orgasmic ecstasy he stood rigid, surprised and incredibly excited at that first view of his own mother in a state of unbridled passion.

They were, I noticed, both on the very precipice, I did not have much time left to do what I had to do, and that was to make him my slave. I knelt down before him with a sibilant rustle from my taffeta skirts, my own body aching for release, but that would have to wait. Cupping the hardness in the satin palms of my hands I leaned forward and opened my mouth. I took his body deep into my mouth and closing my lips, sucked gently, at the same time lashing the sensitive end with my hot tongue. I was just in time. The shock of what I was doing sent him into an immediate climax at the same time as his mother screamed out her own orgasm. Their cries melded into one and his hot, creamy, glutinous seed, pungent, salty, spurted so violently that I could not keep all of it in my mouth and some escaped out of the corner to dribble down my chin. I swallowed it all, I loved it and, as he slowed, then stopped I pulled away and scooped up the rest and slid it into my mouth. He looked at his mother first, watching her writhe and scream through another climax, then looked down at me, eyes shining with abject devotion and fulfilment. As mother had me, so now I had Sissy. Leaving them to their lesbian loving, Sissy and I, hand in hand went upstairs to his room. We had more exploring and loving to do, I had not yet had all my fun, neither had he.



Chapter 3


The first thing I noticed on entering his room was how feminine it looked. It was quite a large room and had a pair of lovely mullioned windows, now darkened with the night outside. the soft lighting came from two small wall mounted candle type lights and the walls were a delicate shade of peach. The double bed was canopied in pink, heavy, dully gleaming, duchesse satin and I noticed that the pillows were of a matching shade and in the same material. I hoped fervently that the sheets were the same. I led him, still dazed as he was, to the bed and sat him down. He gazed wordlessly up at me as I stood before him and smiled down at him. He was truly beautiful, an androgenous child who looked at least three years younger than his real age. I slowly sat down beside him and started to slide off his male clothes as he, compliant and passive, let me take possession of his body. Soon, as socks followed trousers, followed shirt, etcetera. He was lying in the centre of the bed, dressed only in the lingerie he had worn under his male clothes. I was surprised to find that Sissy was far more advanced than I thought as, underneath he had worn not only cami-knickers but a pair of stockings, sheer, seamed, white nylon stockings, attached to a sexy little whisp of a garter belt. His cami-knickers, also white, were as luxuriously expensive as you could buy, his father obviously had taste, if nothing else. Rich silk-satin, glossy, gleaming in the dim light of just one bedside light, they were marred by the fact that he had no titties and the cups were slightly loose on the bust, but, he had incredible nipples, large, fat and hard, they were about the size of a large peanut and my mouth watered in anticipation of nibbling at them. I hoped, for his sake, that they were as exciting to him as mine were to me.

He was excited again, his erection hard and visibly trembling under the slinky satin. I was still fully dressed and with a swish of my taffeta skirts, I lay down and took him into my satin gloved arms, pulling him towards me so that he lay fully against me. I gazed at his delectable face and its fineness and beauty was beyond belief. For a fifteen year old boy, who liked to be a girl, he was incredibly beautiful, close up. His skin was amazingly clear and blemish free, pale and had the smoothness of fine parchment, a skin any woman would die for. The bone structure was finely moulded to give high cheek bones and the rest of his body was as finely built, slim and delicate. With long hair and make-up, he would have been a very attractive girl. With his present crew cut, he was a handsome boy. His androgenous look was totally perfect. His lips were full, yet not excessively so, and now, as he looked at me they trembled slightly. I imagined them glossy and carmined, lusciously kissable, locked to mine and I knew that I had to have him fully with me as my new boy-girl lover and friend. Though we were both highly aroused I knew instinctively that I had to take this very slowly an carefully. From what he had told me, his father had so abused him that he had grown to hate him for what he did, though probably loved him as his father. It does happen. Love and hate do exist, hand in hand, as do lust, pain and violence. We gentle souls, the ones who straddle the genetic divide, in spirit as well as body, recognise each other and do gravitate. We are few and far between, a rarity in this world, and our sexuality, though often potent in the extreme, is only fulfilling in its softness and all-encompassing gentleness. He was one of us.

I kissed those delectable lips, softly sucking, on the lower lip, touching tongue to tongue, then parting for a moment, then joining in wet and panting embrace once more. He melted in my arms and moaned into my mouth. I slid my gloved hand onto his body, just above the waist then glided it, satin on satin, up towards his chest. I paused just before I reached his hard nipples and drew back, our lips unlocking with a deliciously wet sound. I looked at him again, his sweet face calm, eyes closed and lips parted. The intensity of our kissing had transferred some of my lipstick to his lips and I had been right, that extra colour was already changing his face from boy to girl, amazingly so. Even though it was now nearly two in the morning, we were not tired and I decided to have some real fun.

"Wait here." I whispered to him. "I'm going to my room to make myself more comfortable, then I will come back to you."

He just nodded passively as I got up and tiptoed out of the room.

The corridor leading down to the room where I was staying was long, lit only by one light and all the other rooms on that floor led off from it. The door to the room opposite Sissy's was slightly ajar and a low gleam of light came from it, as did the whisperingly sexual sounds of a woman in ecstasy. I had to see. Very slowly, so as not to make a sound, I slid it slightly open and saw the bed. On it two totally naked ladies were locked in a deep and passionate embrace. Mother and Alicia were consummating their wild affair and, though I would have loved to join them, I knew that Sissy needed my attention all the more so, regretfully, I pulled the door shut and went down to my bedroom. There I quickly divested myself of my finery and, slipping on a guiperre, my favourite in black satin, attaching my stockings to its suspenders, I then slid on my night-gown, also in black. This was a new one with a full, flowing skirt and ecru lace at bust and in panels down its bodice. It also had cross over straps. The guiperre had half cups only, exposing my hard nipples to pillage, Sissy had not yet dared to touch my body and I was determined to get him to do so now. Over this I slid on a matching peignoir and I left my erection free as well. He was soon to find out what kind of a girl I was, the sooner the better for both of us. Sometimes, when I wanted to look a little more full in my breasts I used to wear a pair of augmenting inserts in my brassiere. I had brought these with me and I took them now, along with a brassiere I had brought with me, a tiny whisp of a shortie in white satin, I knew it would fit his slight frame. Finally, when I wanted to change colour, I wore a wig and I had also brought with me a lovely blonde one, long, shoulder length, made from real hair and full, the most expensive that money could buy. I took this with me as well, along with my make-up case. We were going to create a perfect girl, then we would love.

I had taken off my gloves, but still carried them with all the rest, they would be an encumbrance at first, left my room and, in my heels, went, or should I say, glided back to his. I had just left my room when I saw that a softly gleaming, naked shape was peering through the half open door to his room. At first I thought it was mother but then noticed the gleam of blonde hair in the dim light. It was Alicia, naked as the day she was born, spying on her son. I drew back, round the corner and silently watched. I don't know what Sissy was doing, but his mother was very intently watching. I stayed quiet and still, just peaking round the corner, watching as another naked figure joined Alicia. It was mother and she came up behind Alicia and pressed her body against her back, looking intently at what was happening in the room. Mother slid her hands around Alicia's torso and gently fondled her breasts and, even in that dim light I could see that she was delicately nipping and rubbing the pert little nipples on Sissy's mother's breasts. Alicia threw her head back, panting softly as mother excited her, but she still had eyes only for what was happening in her son's room. Mother's hand slipped down and cupped her between the juncture of her thighs and she almost cried out, stopping herself by clenching her left hand and pushing it against her mouth. Within a few seconds Alicia found it too much and she turned in mother's arms and they embraced, face to face, kissing hotly. Mother then pulled Alicia back to her room and closed the door, firmly.

I glided back down the corridor, blessing the fact that the rich carpet absorbed the pressure of my high heels, and stopped at the door, seeing what the two mother's had seen. The little minx had a secret hoard of lingerie and had taken advantage of my absence to change into a more sensual ensemble. Sissy was lying back on the satin pillows, dressed in a gorgeous little set of brassiere, suspender belt, nylon stockings, court shoes and french knickers, all in a sexy shade of black. He was so pretty, especially as he was fondling, very delicately, his erect body through the satin that swathed it. I gently pushed open the door and slid into the room. Unlike mother, I only pushed the door against the catch, I knew that later there was a possibility that she would be looking. He gasped as I glided into the room and stood before the bed.

"You are so beautiful, Tessa!" He murmured and his slim arms reached out to me. I took them and allowed that elfin child to draw me onto the plush bed, melting into his body and dropping what I was carrying. I looked down his body and saw that he had filled the brassiere cups with fluid filled balloons and they gave him a a very realistic bust. We kissed and, for the first time, his hands slid up to caress my eager breasts, his fingers feeling for, and finding, my tender nipples. I groaned at the deliciously decadent feelings of a like minded, fellow transvestite friend. As we lay on our sides, facing each other, our erect bodies were almost touching and, as Sissy nipped my sensitive nipples, I couldn't help myself. I groaned my pleasure and, of its own volition, my body surged forward to meet his so that our bellies touched and our rampant harnesses met and caressed each other's length. Sissy froze in shock and sat up.

"Tessa!" He almost squealed. "You are like me, you are a boy."

I looked up at his adorable face and saw that the shock was quickly replaced by a look I could only describe as, incredibly excited. He fell back down on my body, his lips searching for mine in a panting eagerness that could only be described as frenetic. His hands slid down the satin of my peignoir and gown to fondle my own rampant body and the slip-sliding feeling of satin on satin was aphrodisiac incarnate on the sensitive tube of hard flesh and engorging blood.

I pulled my lips away from his.

"Soon, baby, soon." I panted. "I want to pretty your face even more."

Even though it was extremely early, three in the morning, we were not tired and it took a few minutes to calm the hot little sexpot and sit him down in front of his dressing table. I started to make him up, using all my acquired expertise and while I did so we chatted and soon, I found out that his father had found him, playing dress up with a cousin, at the age of nine. Sissy had become the sexual plaything of rather sadistic man and he had not liked that part though, when his sexuality awoke a few years later, grew to love the sensual feelings of fine fabrics and his latent transvestite feelings grew in intensity till now, he could hardly bear not to wear his lingerie under his male clothes. His father had stopped seeing him after the divorce but the large amount of feminine clothes that he had given Sissy were treasured possessions. At last, I finished making him up and I slid the long, blonde wig over his head and the long gloves up his slim arms. The wig was a perfect fit and was firm on his head. I had been between him and the mirror and now, with a final teasing out of the luxuriant tresses, I moved aside and he saw his feminised image for the first time. He looked truly beautiful. He became a she. Sissy gazed, totally entranced, at her image. I drew her to her feet and pulled her delectable body to mine and we touched with every inch of our feminised bodies, from lips to toes as we gloried in a meltingly delicious, kiss.

We fell onto that bed and our passions grew. Sissy had told me that her father had brutally sodomised her and I was not going to force her to accept the same. If we loved all the way, it would be a mutually agreed decision to do so, both of us wanting the same. Instead, our hands came into play and we caressed each others bodies. Sissy was so excited that she was soon panting and moaning into my mouth and I was doing the same. She then totally surprised me by pushing me over onto my back and sliding astride my body. Who is enslaving who, was the irrational thought that flashed into my mind. Sissy reached down and uncovered my trembling hardness and then she leaned down to take me into her hot, lipsticked mouth. I arched my back as that sexy little child made devastating oral love to me, and a total expert, she was. Time after time, she brought me to the very peak of orgasm, then held me there for infinite minutes before allowing me to cool down and for her to start afresh. I couldn't stand it for long and I asserted my gentle dominance by pulling her off my body and reversing her so that we were in a perfect soixante-neuf. Uncovering her sweet and tender flesh to my gaze, I reciprocated and soon, with mutual groans of sheer passion and delight, Sissy and I were spurting each others hot seed into our respective mouths. This intense, and it was, piercingly so, orgasm completely shattered us and exhausted, after slipping between the duchesse satin sheets, we slept, curled up together, totally entwined, two satiated, love bunnies.



Chapter 4


I awoke when the sun was high in the morning sky, alone in that sensuous, satin sheeted, bed. A discreet knock on the door had awoken me and I sat up as it opened. Sissy was back to being Castor and had showered and replaced his finery with mundane boys clothes. He was carrying a small bed tray and the smell of delicious smoked bacon made me realise that I was ravenous. Behind him Suzie, the very pretty maid, came in with coffee and cups, then left. Sitting up, my back against the pushed up pillows, I indulged in the greatest luxury on earth, a full English breakfast, in bed. We chatted away excitedly and I told him my secrets, as he told me his. He became exceedingly excited when I told him that I slept with mother as he had had those same desires himself. He was though, unaware that I had seen his mother spying on him and when he said that he didn't think his mother would approve of his 'little', as he put it, fetishes, I smiled softly to myself. I knew that under my, and mother's, influence, he would taste the total ecstasy of forbidden love. Talking about such close secrets made me excited too and soon we were kissing. Just then Suzie entered and admonished us gaily. her laughing voice reminding us that we were not alone anymore.

I got out of bed, still in all my lingerie, and shoes. Suzie's eyes opened wide as she gazed at my figure and I noticed that there was more than a spark of interest in her eyes. My hardness was hidden in the flowing folds of satin, yes, I was hard again, and so she did not guess my true gender. She was a tiny chit of a girl, extremely slim and, dressed in her satin, maid's outfit, extremely sexy. In passing I, out of Castor's sight, pursed my lips and blew her a kiss, then parted them and ran my tongue sexily over them in a very suggestive way. her eyes widened and she blushed very prettily, in a very enchanting way. I knew that if this little escapade led to more, then we would have some new playmates. It seemed that Alicia had gathered some very eclectic staff, all young and pretty, all female. Even her chauffeur was a woman, and a strikingly beautiful one at that. I knew mother and her ability with people. It was a foregone conclusion, I thought.

I reached my room, next to mother's, and found that Castor had brought all my things back and placed them on the un-slept bed. I was going to go for a bath when I heard movement next door, in mother's room. I knocked on the connecting door and when she answered, went in. She was sitting on the bed, still in her dishabille, smiling softly at me, a very knowing look in her soft, sensual gaze. I sat down on the bed beside her and leaned over to give her a hot and lingering kiss on her full, pouting lips. Within seconds we were lying down kissing hotly and our hands roamed over our aroused bodies. She was caressing my titties and I was bending down to tenderly suckle at her nipples. She groaned, then pulled me away from her.

"Not now, not yet." She panted hotly. "Wait till we get home. I have lots to tell you."

"What, mother?" I asked, I hated surprises.

"Would you like to stay here for Christmas?" She asked, lifting her eyebrow in query, knowing full well what my answer would be. "And, New Year?"

I just nodded.

"Well," She said. "We have been invited for the entire festivities and Alicia says that it will be a very select affair, just one other couple and us."

"Who is that, mother?" I asked.

"A friend and confidante of Alicia."

"I'll tell you more later." She whispered . "We will have all the time later, now, hurry up and have your shower, I have a Directors meeting this afternoon. I have already packed your things. Have your shower now, then say good-bye to Castor and Alicia."

After my shower I went and got dressed in my clothes. Mother had left out for me a lovely dress I had never seen before. It was a pretty silk day dress in primrose yellow, delicately patterned with a floral design. Its figure hugging bodice was straight across the bust and it was held up with two pretty spaghetti straps and, with a calf length, flowing skirt. Greatly daring I wore nothing underneath but a pair of pretty, lemon, silk french knickers, suspender belt, stockings and a sexy net and lace, lemon silk, can-can petticoat. No brassiere or slip to hide my titties. My nipples were quite visible through the fabric as they traced merry points of sexy arousal for all to see. Mother noticed and laughed, calling me a sexy little slut. I liked that. When we were ready we went down to say our good-byes to Alicia and Castor. Mother spent quite a while chatting to Alicia so Castor and I went into the rose garden to say ours. We were a little more involved as we sat on the bench and embraced

"Ohhh." He whispered to me as we kissed. "I wish I was like you, able to dress all the time."

"Shhhhhh." I whispered back, then nibbled his ear. "I want to do something for you now."

"What's that?" He asked.

"The bad days with your daddy are finished." I said. "From now on Castor is going to be called Katie."

I dipped my fingers into the pool of the small fountain and gently dropped a few drops onto his astounded features.

"I Christen Thee," I intoned in sepulchral tones. "Katie, In the name of sex, sensuality and lust."

We fell back into each other's arms, laughing gaily and kissed, giggling all the time.

Soon, I heard mother and Alicia calling for us. We went and joined them and Alicia came to me for her good-bye kiss. Just for a moment, as her lovely breasts brushed mine, she kissed me on my lips, a hot little smooch that was a promise of more to come. We got into our Bentley and drove away, their farewells still audible as we drove down the long drive , and out onto the A11 and Knightsbridge, London.



Chapter 5


We spent the next few days in a fervent and frenzied bout of loving and shopping. There were presents to buy and cases to pack. We were, after all, going to be away for nearly a fortnight. For Alicia, mother bought a gorgeous silk-satin, nightgown and negligee, in a superb shade of crimson lake. For Katie I got a gorgeously sensual, turquoise satin, cocktail dress with a full, swirling skirt and a slim fitting bodice with a delicately scooped neck and three-quarter length sleeves. With it came a lusciously fringed, matching satin stole and satin, high heeled, court shoes. Fully packed, loads of clothes and lingerie, we set off for Stansted on the morning of the 23rd, arriving just on twelve. We were given the same connecting rooms and settled down to unpack and then make ready for lunch, where we would also meet the other guests who had arrived before us. They were a mother and her son, she was also divorced, and her name was Joanne, Jo for short. She was a stunningly voluptuous redhead with a curvaceous figure to die for. Full, pouting breasts and a firmly corseted waist, flowing into a superb curve of hips, thighs and long, elegant calves, ending in the finest ankles and feet I have ever seen. Her skin was parchment in quality, smooth and unwrinkled, white, yet not colourless, emphasised by her exquisitely applied make-up. Her hair was more auburn than red and she gave off an aura of total poise, allied with an intense sexuality that made me tremble with desire. Dressed in a fine linen suit, pencil skirted, wearing a gauzy blouse of sheer voile, we could only see the delicate collar as she had her jacket closed, she was the very epitome of sensual womanhood. A beautiful, truly beautiful, woman.

Her son, Philip, on the other hand, was a very slim child of sixteen. Painfully shy, blushing whenever I, or the other ladies, tried to engage him in conversation, he had a gamin innocence about him that was totally endearing. The one thing he did have of his mother was her colouring, a deep and rich auburn tint to his unfashionably long cut of hair, and her parchment skin. A friend of Castor, they were soon up to their boyish chatter as we ladies partook of our lunch. Alicia, mother had told me, was still unaware of my true gender but from what mother had observed, she would be more than receptive, Jo was, as mother had also gleaned in conversation, not above partaking in trysts of a lesbian nature and had had an affair with Alicia that was still on an active, though sporadic, level. Mother told me, a smile on her face, that she was looking forward to a threesome. I retorted that I was looking forward to a sexsome, the double entendre was not lost on her. Jo was very attentive to me that afternoon and we talked a lot about fashion and life in London. As it was quite warm, and we were alone, mother and Alicia had retired to their respective boudoirs, so they had said, Jo took off her suit jacket and reclined back on the sofa. I admired her lush figure, especially her full, firm and unsupported breasts. She was not wearing a brassiere, she didn't need one, and all she had on under the almost transparent voile blouse was a lovely, full white satin, slip. Her nipples were prominent for all to see, even colour showing through the fine fabrics as a delicate brown shaded shape of aureole, with a plum tinge of hard nipple. My mouth watered to suckle on those hard nipples so much that I almost trembled.

Jo noticed my interest, and smiled, parting her richly lipsticked lips in a sensual way, then, leaning back, she stretched, throwing her breasts out to a fuller prominence. Her nipples punched out the satin and voile and her nipples hardened and visibly darkened with lust.

"You like, Tessa." She murmured softly.

I nodded, speechless, dry-mouthed with desire.

"Come then," She lifted her hands to her breasts, sliding them over the full, luscious curves, teasing her hard nipples. "Come to me, little girl, come and suckle my hot titties."

I stood up from my seat and went to her. I was dressed in a filmy, floating, day dress of diaphanous, pure silk, gauze. The full skirt of which consisted of about seven layers, making it floaty and sexy as I walked. I was wearing no brassiere so my own titties, throbbing and excited jiggled slightly as I walked over to her. My nipples, hard points of excited arousal traced messages of raw sexuality to her watching, hotly dewy eyes. As gracefully as I could I sat down beside her and she took me into her welcoming arms, drawing my face down to those full and waiting breasts.

"Kiss them, baby." She whispered hoarsely, her body trembling. "Kiss auntie Jo's titties, you dirty little girl and make auntie Jo scream."

I did not need a second entreaty and my hot lips fastened onto the turgid nipple as it punched out the satin and voile that covered it. At the perverse contact she moaned again and her arms tightened around my head, crushing me to her bosom. My left hand slid up the front of her blouse and captured her other full breast, my nails scraping over her prominent nipple. She almost screamed, but stopped herself by crushing her fist against her mouth. My own body was hard and it was pulsating under the satin panel of my corset. She was such and incredibly voluptuous woman and I ached to slide my hardness deep into her dripping, hot body. The time though was not quite yet.

Out of the corner of my eyes, and out of sight of Jo's reclining body I was aware of two pairs of hot, excited eyes staring at our love tryst. No, it wasn't Alicia and mother, it was Castor and Philip who crouched outside of the window and gazed hotly at us. I could see their right shoulders moving in a rhythmic way and knew that they were masturbating hotly to the lewd scene before them. I wondered idly what Castor had told Philip about me, but whatever it was it didn't stop his hot gaze from lashing my body so much that I felt his arousal flow into me. But he was also looking longingly at the superb entity that was his mother and the raw hunger to lay with his own mother was totally apparent to me as well. I decided to give those two little perverts a show they would never forget and I turned my full attention back to that gorgeous female before me. With amazingly steady fingers I unbuttoned the filmy blouse the, pulling her forward, I slid it off her body. She made no protest as I then slid down the zip of her pencil skirt. She even helped me to remove it by lifting her superb derriere up to facilitate my removal of her skirt, all the time panting her lusts, eyes closed and unaware of the young audience beyond the window. She sprawled totally on the sofa, arms and legs akimbo, as I renewed the assault on her body, scraping and nipping her nipples as I swept up the hem of her glossy, lace trimmed, slip, exposing her lithe limbs, smoothly sheathed in extremely fine, seamed, nylon stockings. They were held up by a simple garter belt, also white satin, like her slip, and she was absolutely naked under all that. She wore no knickers and, with her legs slightly parted, the depilated centre of her passion, neatly sculpted, showed as a delicately pink, gash.

In a welter of gauzy fabrics, my own body afire, I slid down her body and nestled between her parted thighs. My hands still caressed her firm breasts as I lowered my face to her dripping, moistly gleaming, sex. My breath wafted over her tenderness and she arched her back, attempting to bring those excited parts of her body to my mouth but I teased her, by drawing away slightly. She moaned her frustration and her hands reached down to cup my head and bring it in contact with her sex. I resisted that and just slid out my tongue to lick gently along the moist furrow. She cried out, then stifled it quickly, releasing me in the knowledge that I would not keep her frustrated for long. She was right, I didn't. Within minutes I had her bucking and writhing against my rapaciously insinuating tongue and soft sucking lips, driving her higher and higher till, when I finally captured her aroused clitoris between my lips, sucking it into a wild, hard, miniature version of my penis, an inch long to be precise, she climaxed so much that her thighs clamped around my head and her wild scream of fulfilment echoed throughout that large house.

As her climax abated, she flopped motionless on the sofa. I stood up, a little unsteady on my feet, and gazed down at her sprawling body. She was still in the after-effects of her emotional explosion, and she kept shuddering and shaking as if in a high fever. Eyes still closed, she seemed unaware of my presence, but, as I turned to leave, she opened her eyes and gazed adoringly up at me.

"You are amazing," She whispered. "truly amazing!"

She held out her hands to me.

"Let me make love to you."

"Later." I shook my head.


"No, later." I replied, putting force into my words.

"I love you."

"I know," I said, nodding my head. "We will, later."

She fell back on the sofa, aware that she had a new mistress, little realising that it was a new master in her life. I turned on my heel, glanced out of the window and saw that the two scamps had gone, but they had left a little present. On the outside of the glass, two rivulets of white, glutinous, sticky sperm, slid slowly down the pane to pool on the ledge. I left the room and went upstairs to mine. On the way I passed Castor's room and saw the two boys lying on the bed, their door was ajar. They were asleep. What excited me was the fact that both had their trousers unbuttoned and Castor was wearing a lovely pair of beige satin knickers, and Philip a pair cream ones. I knew then, with total certainty that this period of festivities would be satisfying and exciting beyond belief. I only wished that Cecile, Paula and Claudine would be there to share it. I went past Alicia's room, and there was silence there. I gently opened the door a fraction and saw two, entwined, bodies softly undulating beneath the richly sexy, heavy, black, duchesse satin counterpane. Mother and Alicia were otherwise engaged. Slightly sad, my desires un-assuaged, I slid into my room and, undressing, slid between the satin sheets for a mid-afternoon nap.



Chapter 6


It was mother who woke me, at six pm that evening. She sat on the edge of the bed, dressed sexily in just a burgundy satin slip. She looked, as always, scrumptious.

Wake up, sleepyhead," She whispered as she tenderly stroked my cheek. "What on earth did you do to Joanne? Her scream nearly brought the house down about our ears."

I smiled a dreamy smile, and mother laughed.

"Come on," She said, standing up and pulling the sheet off my naked body. "We have a formal dinner at seven and we ----------------."

Her voice trailed into silence as my naked body, supine on those exquisite satin sheets, lay open to her gaze. It was seldom that I saw mother blush, but this was something awesome to behold. My girlishly curved, femininely breasted body was dominated by my erection as it throbbed against my belly.

She had seldom seen me naked, I was usually garbed in some form of dress or lingerie, and this was the first time I had lain so open to her gaze. She flushed, from face to belly and I could sense a great heat of arousal, sheer perverted lust, total desire flash through her body. Her powerful arousal communicated itself to my body and my penis leaked a small drop of clear, viscous pre-cum. I looked at it in amazement, it had never happened before. erection had never been so hard, or aroused, to the point that my foreskin had retracted so much that it totally exposed the purple glans in its entirety. Mother and I gazed at this new phenomenon, watching that drop grow larger till gravity took over and it slid onto the skin of my belly, just a fraction of an inch below my navel.

"Pretty." She softly breathed. "Very, very pretty, little one. Didn't mother's little baby have his hotties then?"

I shook my head.

"Then mother must do something about that."

She shrugged her slim shoulders and, amazingly, the slip just slid off her body to leave her standing before me, magnificent in her nudity.

"What shall we do with this then?" She asked, as she slid onto the bed to kneel astride my thighs, almost directly over my trembling, aching erection. She reached down and took it in her hot hands, lifting and aiming it at her own sex.

At that precise moment, Castor, dressed in a dressing gown entered the room, saw us both, and froze. We both turned our heads towards his stunned form. I was gently smiling, mother, I noticed had an enigmatic look on her face. For long seconds we looked at each other. Castor was blushing at the obviously erotic sight we presented and his penis rose and thickened, tenting out the terry towelling of his dressing gown. Mother spoke first. I had told mother what name I had given to him and she used it now.

"Come in, Katie," She whispered throatily. "Shut the door, sweetie, and join us."

He reached behind him and shut the door, then slid the bolt into its catch. He still seemed paralysed and mother lifted her hand to him and beckoned him nearer with the crook of her finger. Slowly, wordlessly, he moved to the side of the bed.

"Don't you think you are a bit overdressed?" She asked him as she reached across and pulled the cord that fastened his dressing gown closed. He blushed and held it to his body. Mother gave a soft laugh.

"I know, Katie." She said. "I have seen you, and Tessa tells me everything."

Katie dropped her arms, letting the gown fall open and mother gently pushed it off his shoulders to leave him standing before us, resplendent in a sexy, black satin, brassiere, my falsies, and a scrumptious pair of black satin, cami-knickers. Still holding my trembling erection in her left hand, mother took Katie's hand in hers and drew her onto the bed, then leaned across and kissed her. Katie melted into mother's embrace and It excited me immeasurably to see them kissing. I reached up and gently caressed Katie's hardness and she moaned, broke the kiss and collapsed beside me. Mother looked down at us and smiled. Katie's eyes were drawn down to where mother was holding me and she, with a smooth motion, drew the head of my wet penis down the folds of her labiae, parting them slightly, but not taking me in just yet. Katie, mesmerised at the lewdly perverted sight of a mother toying with her transvestite son, groaned with excitement.

"Haven't you seen a mother taking her baby?" Mother teased. "Do you want to see?"

I was still, quiescent as mother gently teased Katie. She squirmed with lust and want.

"Would you like your mummy to do this, Katie?" She asked. "Would you like to stick your hard dicky into your own mummy?"

Katie nodded, then took her own erection into her sweaty hand, gently fingering herself through the satin, mouth open, panting with lust.

"Watch this then, you dirty little girl." Mother pouted as she let me slide into her a fraction of an inch. "Watch a hot and sexy mother take her little baby deep into her body and make her scream with pleasure. Watch me as I make my own baby cry with ecstasy."

With those words still hanging in the air, mother slid smoothly down onto me and Katie and I saw my body disappear into her hot, clasping, clinging depths. I moaned, closing my eyes. Mother groaned, throwing her head back as the incestuous pleasures wracked her body. Katie gasped at the perverted sight of a mother coupling with her own child.

Mother started to lift herself up and down, eyes heavy with desire, taking her pleasure from the, utterly forbidden, act. All the time she was talking to Katie.

"Watch me, Katie," She almost babbled. "Watch me make incestuous love to my son-daughter-lover, Katie. Would you like to be in Tessa's place, Katie."

Katie groaned at her words then, suddenly galvanised, jumped up and slid behind mother and embraced her, her little hands capturing and fondling her breasts. Mother was as surprised as I and she fell on top of me. Her Breasts squashed deliciously against mine and I felt her nipples, prominent, excited, hard, stab mine, sliding sexily over them. I should have known, I thought to myself. Katie had been totally abused by her father, she knew what to do. She did.

As mother felt Katie's hardness against her tight rosebud, she relaxed and Katie pushed, sending her body deep into the depths of mother's body. I felt it and it gave me an enormous pleasure as she started to thrust in and out of the clinging depths. Mother had stopped talking now and just gave vent to long, sighing moans as he lay still against me. Katie was like a mad woman, her haunches flashing, pistoning frenetically, her penis gliding over my own trapped body, giving me ecstatic jolts of pleasure. It was as if she was massaging me to orgasm. Mother was crying out now as her orgasm overwhelmed her and to quieten her I kissed her. Over her shoulder I could see Katie, her face a savage mask of pure pleasure, beautiful to behold, as she brought us to our climax. Katie froze, her head thrown back in ecstasy. Mother clamped down on me as her orgasm broke. I felt Katie's body suddenly swell, then shudder as she came deep inside mother. Mother's body fluttered around my erect body as she exploded into her climax, a scream rent from her throat and I spurted in a deep and powerful climax, sending my seed deep into her with many long and powerful jets that never seemed to end.



Chapter 7


We went down to dinner at seven. Surprisingly, the whole episode with Katie had taken a mere ten minutes, but what an intense ten minutes that was. After we had disentangled ourselves, Katie had gone back to her room to become Castor again and was now dressed in dinner jacket and dickey-bow tie. Philip was similarly dressed, but where he wore a cotton, evening, shirt, Castor had the same, rich, gleaming duchesse satin, shirt on and I knew he was wearing lingerie underneath his male clothes. Philip I didn't know, but, from what I had seen that afternoon, I wouldn't have deemed it unlikely that he was any different. Anyway, I thought, It would be fun to find out. We four ladies were resplendent in long evening gowns. Alicia was wearing an opulent gown of royal blue, moiré satin. Full skirted and strapless, she matched it with a pair of white, kid leather, gloves and a blue taffeta stole. Joanne was magnificent in a plum coloured, silk-velvet sheath that did full justice to her voluptuous body, with a straight neckline and velvet straps. She was gloved in burgundy satin to match the gown. Mother wore her favourite, and mine for that matter. This was a long, full skirted ball-gown in rich, heavy and lustrous, black satin. Backless, strapless, it was matched with a pair of shoulder length opera gloves, similar to the pair Rita Hayworth wore in the film 'Gilda' , her stole of pure, Russian sable. Underneath, all she wore was a pair of long, black, sheer, seamed, nylon stockings and a garter belt, also in black satin. Before this though, we all had to get dressed and I was to be a princess.

I. well, tonight I was virginal in pure white, richly smooth, dully gleaming, heavy, duchesse satin. It would be a very beautiful wedding gown if it wasn't for its plainness, but undeniably, it was eye-catching. It was a simple A line dress with a flowing skirt, held out by a gorgeous underskirt of taffeta and masses of lace. The strapless bodice was close fitting and corset figured so my breasts were nestled n the bodice as if it was a basque. The boning helped to push my breasts up slightly and showed me to have a decidedly visible cleavage. There was only one layer of fabric between my nipples and any caresses, so their excitement showed as two tiny pebbles tracing points of desire through the cloth. I also wore a lovely, white satin, side zip corset that fitted me like a second skin. It should have, it was made to measure for me by Spencer's of Banbury, to mother's design and she had personally measured me for it. We actually had Spencer's franchise for London at the time. There was a strapless, long line, white satin brassiere to go with it but, as I said before, I decided to do without it. This evening I had decided to put on a precious, they were so expensive, pair of sheer silk stockings, but they were so wonderful to wear and they swished softly against the taffeta of the underskirt as I walked about the room. This was added to by the swish of the taffeta against the satin of the skirt and made me rustle delightfully. I knew what effect that would have on the two boys. White satin evening gloves, long and sensuous, clung sleekly to my arms, right up to my armpits and a delightful pair of white satin court shoes, with three inch stiletto heels, completed my ensemble.

I had taken especial care with my make-up tonight and and, in opposition to the purity of the white, it was colourful and bold, as sexy and hot as I could make it without it being sluttish. My hair was full and flowing, it had grown well and this I pinned back in a delightful chignon, held strategically by just one tortoiseshell comb and two jewelled pins. I felt good as I knew that may pleasures would be sampled tonight and many secrets uncovered. I was ready and I turned to the full length mirror at the side of the door and, for the first time since starting my toilette this evening, looked at my full persona. I am, and was from the beginning, an incredibly narcissistic creature and have always taken great pleasure in looking at my feminine self. This evening I looked especially stunning, especially with my bold and sexy make-up and the sensual design of the gown contrasting with the pure, virginal white. I twirled around, relishing the soft brushing of taffeta and lace over my silk stockings and the shirring rustle of whispering fabrics brushing together. A sudden devilment overtook me and I decided I needed no constriction tonight. I wanted to be totally free.

I heard mother as she left the room next to mine and went down the stairs. I quickly lifted my voluminous skirts and unclipped the stockings from the suspenders, then unzipped and took off the Corset, replacing it with a deep, sexy, garter belt and a pair of gorgeously scrunchy, silk-satin, french knickers. That felt much better and my body was now free and comfortable, though hard. I just popped it under the front panel of the belt where it was out of the way, yet could be easily freed. At last I was ready and, smoothing my skirts down, I left the room. I glided, rather than walked, down the corridor , the hissing and rustling of my garments susurrating around me, keeping my arousal at a pleasant peak. As I walked along that long corridor, heading for the grand staircase, I gave myself a final tease by rubbing the satin gloved palms of my hands over my titties, exciting my nipples to further prominence so that they stood out prominently through the sensual satin of my strapless bodice. I felt so alive, so sexy, so utterly aware, so complete. I was man, I was woman, I was a sexual entity, designed, moulded and ready for anything sexual and sensual that I was to meet.

I reached the top of the stairs, and paused, bathed in the soft wall lights that glowed a soft light over the head of the stairs. The rest were grouped below, in the ante-room, having a glass of champagne, dressed as I had described them at the beginning of this chapter. For a moment they did not see me poised at the top of the stairs, and I admired their beauty. Then they saw me and all gasped, I could see their eyes shine as they saw me and I wished I could see what they saw, such vain creatures are we, but their admiration was palpable as a wave of desire and lust. I did feel good as I lifted my skirts slightly, exposing my feet and ankles slightly, and delicately wafted down the stairs. I t excited me even more to see the two boys hurriedly adjust their sudden erections, moving them to a more comfortable position, and Joanne's suddenly excited nipples as they peaked under the plush velvet of her gown. Their conversation had ceased on sighting me and, in the silence, the whispering rustle of my dress and lingerie was like a mountain stream in its aural effect. The two boys rushed to my side as I reached the last three steps and took each of my hands in theirs, escorting me down the final, few, steps. I smiled down at them and they glowed with their gratitude at my attention to them.

I joined the group and the maid, Suzie, gave me a glass of champagne. As I looked at her she seemed to shudder and her eyes glowed. Castor had told me that Suzie and his mother were lovers, she in a subversive capacity, but that the relationship was free and easy. His mother took her when she wanted to, but otherwise, Suzie and Patty, the chaufette were a partnership. I could see though, that Suzie desired me and, as I smiled at her, she blushed, almost dropped the tray, turned and fled back to the kitchen. My mother moved behind me and, leaning forward so her lips brushed my ear, murmured, "You hot little slut. Don't you ever stop?"

I shook my head and she laughed, then turned away, back to the other two women.

After our drink was finished we went into the dining room for dinner. Alicia sat at the top end of the table, with Mother on her right side and Joanne on the other side. Philip sat next to mother while Castor sat next to Joanne. The ladies chatted easily together and the boys incessantly plied me with questions about my life, without any of them giving any reference to my biological gender, just treating me like a real girl. During a slight lull in the pre-dinner gathering, Philip had leaned in to me, so that the mothers could not hear, and told me that Castor had told him about me and that he too liked to wear girl's clothes. He also blurted out that he and Castor played 'girlies' together when they were alone, and would I like to join them. So, I wasn't surprised when I felt caressing hands slide over my satin sheathed thighs during dinner and soft , nimble fingers insinuating themselves between my thighs and over my belly to stroke the hard length that nestled against my belly. By the time dinner was finished, we were in a state of high excitement, giggling away due to the alcohol we had consumed.

After dinner we went into the drawing room for coffee and the ladies sat near the open fire while the boys and myself went into the other room, which looked like a miniature ballroom and put some smoochy music on the radiogram. First one, then the other danced with me and it was wonderful to be waltzed around the room. The dim lighting made it very cosy, and also. discreet as all the ladies in the drawing room would only see silhouettes in the gloom, if they glanced through the open double doors. After a while I said I was tired and wanted a rest. I lay back on a chaise longue and watched the two of them dance together. It was quite exciting watching two, very pretty, boys dancing cheek to cheek, then actually kissing. I had never seen this before and it turned me on in a weird way. The action got hotter as The music played and soon they had slid their hard and throbbing erections out from their trousers and were fingering themselves. I couldn't allow that as I wanted them for myself, so I stood up from my chaise longue and glided over to them. They were so wrapped up in their homosexual tryst that they were totally oblivious to my nearness. I embraced them both and then led them back to the door of the drawing room.

The view that met our awed gaze was incredible in its sensual impact. While we three had been enjoying a relatively innocent episode of love, our respective mother's had been seducing each other and were now lying on the large bear skin rug in front of the fire, en-dishabille, just garter belts and stockings, and writhing wildly as they pleasured each other orally. It was such a hot sight that my two boys went over in a spontaneous orgasm, spurting their seed so violently as to actually splatter their mothers' skin. With a startled cry, they came apart and sat up to see us standing in the doorway, barely four feet from the nearest body. Wordlessly, they gazed at us, Alicia eyeing her son's still erect body as it dribbled the last of its seed onto the carpet and Joanne, mouth opened in astonishment, as was mother's, at the incredible size of her son's erection. I let them go and the boys stumbled to their mothers. They both sank down onto their knees and into the welcoming arms. All thoughts of right and wrong were gone from their minds as hot mouth clasped hot mouth in wild, incestuous passion. Youth always recovers quickly, especially under such primary stimulation as the, deeply repressed, sexual desire of child for mother and mother for child. The fact that both parties had been caught, 'en flagrante delicto' was enough to burst the barriers of civilised society and morality.

Mother and I looked at each other, aware that we were only voyeurs to this episode, and looking forward to seeing others break the last sexual barrier, that of incest. As the passionate embraces grew ever hotter, hands came into play as sons caressed their mothers' breasts, then leaned down to suckle on them, as they did when they were babies, and mothers stripped there sons' bodies, cooing with astonished pleasure as they were left in their fine lingerie, Katie, as she became when en-femme, in cream silk-satin, and Pippa, as I christened her, in sensuous pink, but both in sleek, shiny, seamed, black nylon stockings. Pippa, whose erection had grown even more awesome, a full eight, fat and throbbing, inches, was first to be couched between her mother's curvaceous limbs, hard body unerringly finding the very place from where she had been birthed. With a wild and abandoned scream of, long repressed, desire, Joanne grasped her son's, knicker clad, buttocks with her, still satin gloved, hands, wrapping her long, stocking clad limbs about his waist, her stiletto shoed feet pressing on his satin knickered buttocks, pulled him deeply into her spasming and already orgasming body. She screamed again as he drove into her, then out, pistoning wildly into the maternal body, kissing her lips as no son should ever do, but attaining his wildest dream of taking that beautiful woman as his own. The beautiful, androgenous child, having gained stamina from his orgasm of barely minutes before, was able to send her mother into wild paroxysms of unearthly delight.

I moved across to mother and sat down beside her on the chaise-longue, my eyes fixed, fascinated on the wildly copulating couple of mother and transvestite son. We were both breathless and on fire with desire, excited by both the sight and the sounds of the wild pair of lovebirds before us. I tore my gaze away from Joanne and Pippa to focus on what Alicia and Katie were doing. Unlike the wild cavorting to my right, Katie was far more ladylike and restrained. Her gorgeous, satin cami-knickerd body, was undulating on Alicia's slim and sexy body in a slow and delicate dance of love. Her long, yet slim, erection slid, softly, slowly and lovingly into her mother's wet sex, as his mother, wrapping her begloved arms around his neck, brought her angelic features down to her beautiful ones, and kissed her long and deep. As their final orgasms brought them both to wild fulfilment, the two couples, totally unaware of our presence, sank down into a dreamy, satiated doze, still locked together at lips and thighs. Mother and I slowly got up, awed and excited by what we had seen, and went up to our room, where she made devastating love to me, till we slept, exhausted, until morning.



Chapter 8


It was morning when I awoke, mother was still asleep beside me, still dressed and gloved, in her lingerie. I went, had a shower and dressed in a slip, nylons and garter belt, all in sensuous, dove grey, silk satin. My make-up was simple and sensuous, coral pink and cream, with pale blue and light pink eye-shadow to contrast with the bold mascara of my lashes and eyebrows. My hair, loose and tumbling, brushed my shoulders, caressing them as I walked. I put on a pair of dove grey mules and, because there was a slight chill to the air, I slid into my lovely, silky, warm and sexy, mink coat, another present from mother. I opened the door and went downstairs, hunting for a cup of coffee. The doors to both Alicia's and Joanne's rooms were closed, but not latched and I was curious to see how the night had gone. Gently, I first peeked into Alicia's boudoir. Alicia and Katie were entwined, Katie resting her head on her mother's breast, softly fluttering lips an inch away from her mother's turgid nipple as Alicia, awake, cuddled her beloved child's head. She saw me and gave a soft, gentle smile of full satisfaction.

I then closed the door, after blowing her a kiss, that she reciprocated, and went on to Joanne's room. There, a different sight met my eyes. Pippa was dressed in a gorgeous satin basque, black and sexy, the cups were filled with a pair of breast enhancers, they were the ones I had left with Katie. Her limbs, smooth and sleek in sexy, black nylon stockings and patent black, court shoes were tied to the two bedposts by nylon stockings while her arms, gleaming in black satin opera gloves were tied to the bed head by the same means of restraint. Her mother was kneeling beside her on the silver satin counterpane, dressed in scarlet from head to toe, full slip, nylon stockings and satin opera gloves. Her hair, let loose, came down to below her waist in a cascade of shimmering beauty that made me hungry to run my own hands through. She had obviously gone to town on Pippa because she had changed her into one of the most beautiful girls she had ever seen. A lovely brunette wig, tousled and wavy adorned Pippa's head and her gamin features were expertly made-up and sexily at that. Pippa's erection, powerful, hard and weeping with desire was held in her mother's gloved hands, both of them could barely contain its trembling power, and even so, a good three inches peeped over the top of her, barely closed, fists. Leaning down, she was crooning softly to it, unaware of her audience.

"Naughty, nasty thing," She was whispering as her head bowed, almost in supplication, over the leaking head, clear fluid oozing from the winking eye in the purple glans penis. "Evil, wanting to go into mummy. What am I going to do to make it go down? Does mummy's little girly-boy want mummy to suck her big clitty?"

I started to erect at those words and, unfettered and free, my body tented out the glossy satin of my slip and also, the rich fur of my coat. I slid my hands into the deep pockets and grasped it through the silk lining and satin slip, gently sliding, silk on silk-satin to excite myself further. Slowly, ever so slowly, the wanton mother bent down and parted her lush, lipsticked lips, breathing hotly over Pippa's overlarge clitty. Pippa turned her head from side to side, then spotted me in the doorway. I smiled at her and she smiled shyly back, then arched her back as her mother engulfed her in her hot and clasping mouth. Limbs writhing and body trembling, she gave herself up to the expert ministrations of her wanton, incestuous mother. Her head bobbing up and down, Joanne brought her gorgeous child to, peak after peak, of ecstasy, only to stop her going over at the last moment. Soon she had Pippa pleading for release, and still she held off, then stopped. Pippa was in an agony of frustration and she writhed as her mother, almost sadistically, left her alone to cool down. Then, when Joanne judged it was right, she straddled her lover-child's body and, lifting up the glistening satin hem of her slip with one hand, she grasped her child's erect body with the other and aimed it at the very centre of her desires.

It seemed far too large to slip into that trim, tight furrow that was the maternal slit, but she gently parted the folds of her labiae with the massive head and then, as he felt it enter her channel, arched her back, twisted her head from side to side and, with a cawing sound of mixed pain and ecstasy, slid her body down to meet his body as it arched up. Leaning forward, her hands planted on the bed, either side of Pippa's head, she started to move her haunches back and forth, up and down, twirling them in a circle, panting and moaning with her pleasure. Her full, gorgeous breasts, their brown nipples engorged and hard were a scant inch from Pippa's carmined lips and she took advantage of this by reaching up and ducking hotly on the sensitive nubbins of tender flesh, moving from one to the other at will. Even as she did this, Joanne orgasmed, once, twice and again, short, sharp, intense flashes of ecstasy and she cried out each time. As her haunches slowed, then stopped, Pippa took over, humping her body deep into her beloved mother, taking herself up to a massive climax. The hissing susurration of their satin garments, writhing over the rich, satin counterpane was audible above the wet, slurping sounds of their coupling. With a scream, Pippa arched her back, driving that hot clitty deep into her satin sheathed mother, froze, and came. Joanne joined her transvestite son in his climax and screamed with him, then muffled it by leaning down and kissing him/her on her panting and parted lips. I too was spent, my climax so powerful and intense that I was weak at the knees, and my fluids soaked my slip and the lining of my fur coat pockets, to lay, wet and cold, against my skin. I abandoned any thoughts of coffee as I needed to go back to my room to clean up and change.



Chapter 9


It was after ten thirty when I went down for breakfast. A few minutes before I had heard movement across the corridor and from mother's room. I was fully dressed now, in a silk day dress that floated about my body in a most unseasonal way, but it was a favourite of mine so I didn't mind that it was a bit too light for the season of winter that was with us. I went into the dining room and stopped, dead in my tracks, at the view that met me. The three mothers were sitting at the breakfast table, chatting as normally as you please as Suzie served breakfast to the two boys, but they were boys no more. Suzie was smiling as she served then their breakfast, and I understood why, they were both dressed in exquisite lingerie, of the most sensual kind. Katie, a lovely blonde wig on her head, was dressed in a sumptuous, cream satin nightgown and negligee, along with a pair of sheer nylon stockings in the sexiest, deepest, black. Her make-up was beautifully applied and, from the fond and doting expression on her mother's face, it was applied with love and desire. Pippa, on the other hand, was gowned in a fantastic satin dressing gown in midnight blue. It was not an item in her mother's size so I assumed it normally belonged to Alicia. At the opening I espied a touch of ecru lace, matching the colour of the dressing gown, along with the sheen of, dark beige, nylons and a pair of blue, high heeled, mules, and, of course the brunette wig I had seen her in before. They were quiet, but not unhappy at the change. Their manner and behaviour was much more ladylike and genteel and they ate with a delicacy that was very pleasant to behold.

With a soft whisper of silk on nylon I approached the table and sat down. Katie and Pippa looked up at me and smiled, shyly, yet happily. I wasn't surprised, they were not virgins any more, and from what I saw, they were well content with what had happened. I looked forward to more. Just then mother turned to me.

"Tessa," She said. "We three are going up to London this morning. As you can see, we have two new ladies staying with us."

I looked smilingly at them, they smiled softly back.

"You and Suzie are in charge." She continued. "I want you to teach them ALL you know."

The significance of that remark was not lost on me. The other two ladies missed it, but then, mother knew lots of things about me that they didn't. Soon after, the three mothers left in Alicia's own car, her Rolls-Royce.

I took them both upstairs to my room and then got Katie to bring in her secret horde of girl clothes. She staggered in a few minutes later with two large suitcases that she usually hid in the loft. Placing them on the bed, she opened them and showed us the enormous amount of garments that her father had bought her over the four years he had dominated and taken her. It was, as I admitted to them, a very elegant cache. It was all clean and neatly pressed, courtesy of Suzie, Katie told me, who had been a willing accomplice to her father at the time. There were masses of silk and satin lingerie, some, but not many, too small for her, but they would fit Pippa perfectly as she was on the small size. As I started to go through this glorious treasure trove, Katie excused herself and went out, only to come back with about a dozen dresses, also in the same, sumptuous, fabrics. I espied a couple of extremely pretty cocktail dresses and two, absolutely divine, evening dresses as well. This was riches indeed. I laid out a set of lingerie for both girls, consisting of sexy guiperes, french knickers, nylon stockings, half slips and shoes. I found another two pairs of breast forms, these far more realistic as they were made of soft latex, with what looked like thick gelatine inside. They weighed, and felt, like real breasts and were a find indeed. I sent them off to have a shower, and warned them not to indulge in any sexy mischief as I had other designs on them.

When they came back from their showers. giggling happily like two little schoolgirls, I got them to stand naked before me. They were not excited just then but when I got them to put on the guiperes, they both reacted to the coolness of the satin as it enveloped their bodies in a sexy and sensuous embrace. I then slid the breast forms into the full cups of the strapless garments and it instantly changed their figures, and their appearance. I had to remind myself that I was the same age as them, but I had been a full time girl for over seven months now, and part time girl for over six years. I admit that they had had more sexual experienced than I, with the same gender of course, but I had seen far more of life than they. After they had donned the guiperes, I sat them down and showed them how to slide on, without tearing or damaging, the long, sheer, seamed, nylon stockings, and how to fit them to the long, dangling suspenders. While they were doing this, I fitted them with two new wigs I had taken out of the cases. Pippa, I had in a lovely pageboy wig, thick, glossy, and black. It suited her complexion perfectly. Katie, I had in an ash blonde, medium length wig that framed her face to distraction. They then slid on a pair of two inch heeled, court shoes and slid on a matching pair of French knickers. I must add that Katie's father was very singular in his colour choice, they were both in sinful, sensuous, black.

They were both extremely excited at this time and as they walked about, admiring each other, their aroused bodies made a most unladylike bulge in their french knickers. While they were so engaged, I picked out two gowns for them to wear. For Katie, I chose one of my dresses, a heavy, cream, duchesse satin gown. Strapless and sexy, she would look a total knockout in it. Especially when I teamed it with a gorgeous, matching, stole and black satin, opera gloves. For Pippa, who was much smaller than either of us in size, but much larger in other ways, as I have mentioned before, I picked out a dress from Katie's younger days. his was one that her father must have got her and it was just the right size for Pippa. It was a lovely, ballerina length, black silk-satin, evening dress, with a full, swirling skirt and slim, satin straps. This would be teamed with a black satin stole and elbow length, black kid gloves. I, before they donned their finery, made up their faces, showing them how to put on make-up to achieve the boldest, yet un-slutty, effect.

It was surprising how time had flown, it was now almost three in the afternoon. I knew that our mothers would be back about six and we would have our Christmas eve dinner at about eight in the evening. I wanted them to be ready for when Alicia and Joanne walked in through the door. I too, would have to get ready, so to forestall any hanky-panky between these two little lesbian sluts, they had been trying to touch each other, and me, all day, after I had finished, dressed in all their finery, I got Suzie and the chef to keep an eye on them while I went and prepared myself for the evenings festivities. I went up to my room and cleared up all the mess, taking Katie's hoard of clothes through into her room, and laid it out in her drawers, throwing out a lot of her male clothes into a corner, and hung up the dresses in her wardrobe. I raided her lingerie unashamedly, she had stacks of gorgeous stuff, and it was in my size. It was now five, so I ran a hot bath and slowly sank into it, the steaming hot water relaxing me as I lay there, soaking, happy and content.

The whole episode was turning out better than I had ever thought it would. I ran back in my mind what Katie had told me of her life with her father and how he had treated her. I felt sorrow for her, she was one of God's gentle creatures, and did not deserve to be hurt. It had, she had told me, tears running down her cheeks, been awful. It was only a chance introduction by a friend that had led her to meet, and totally befriend, Pippa. The two had instantly recognised a kindred spirit in each other, as we all tend to do, like always recognises like. They had soon found out that they loved the feel of silk and satin next to their skins, and everything else followed from that. Soon, mutual dressing-up games followed and then, shows of affection, leading to full love-making, usually when dressed in lingerie. It was there as a retreat from the brutality of Katie's father, and the loneliness of Pippa's life, her father had died early in the war, and she had been brought up by her mother. They told me, and I believed them, that their true orientation was towards females and that their mutual trysts were really a display of love and affection between them, and they had no inclination to have other men. As for transvestites, well they were girls really, especially if they were as pretty as I!!??.

They both adored their mothers, to the point that they were deeply and carnally in love with them. It was also the fact, proved last night, that their mothers reciprocated their love. Pippa had also told me that her mother had been seduced by Alicia, who had fallen into Katie's mothers arms after a series of disastrous love affairs. The fact was that several of Joanne's suitors had been just as interested in Pippa as they had been with her mother. Pippa too had been aware that her mother knew about her fetish for feminine finery and though not acknowledging the fact openly, had provided her child with pretty lingerie on a regular basis. After Alicia's seduction of Joanne, life had become far better for all concerned. My meeting with Katie had really been a total accident and not, as I had thought, engineered by mother. In fact we had become the catalyst by which the dam of everyone's emotions had burst and freed them to do what their hearts, and bodies, desired.

I got out of the bath, it was half past five, dried myself and prepared myself for the evening. I had remained remarkably relaxed and quiescent all day, but now, when I started to dress and make myself up for the evening, my body started to awaken and my mind buzz with anticipation of the evening to come. Firstly though, I had to check on the girls to see if everything was as it should be. I slid on a satin peignoir over my naked body and pulled on a pair of satin french knickers, hiding my true gender from Suzie. She and the two mothers still didn't know. Slipping on a pair of sexy mules, I went downstairs, the lovely fabrics clinging sensuously to my still damp body, cool chills coursing through me as the dampness dried from the heat of my perfumed skin, surrounding me with the scent of the expensive bath oils I had used. I need not have worried. They, and Suzie were sitting in the drawing room, talking quietly and drinking, delicately, from cups of tea. Personally, I can't stand the stuff. It reminds me of a cup of foul and putrid mud and I bless the day that America emptied a whole cargo of the despicable stuff into Boston harbour. It was the best days work they ever did.

I went back upstairs and got ready for the evening. Tonight I was going to be demure and chaste, or at least give the appearance of it, so it was corseting and cover-up. After I had finished doing my hair, pulled back into a tight bun at the back of my neck, severely sleeked, tightly pulled back, hair, I put on a gorgeous corselette that I had found amongst Katie's hoard. It was slightly tight around my waist and it pulled me in to give me a definite curve to my hips and waist. It was by 'English Rose' and was in a lovely shade of sky blue. It was in a lovely type of extremely glossy satin called slipper satin and It was the first time I had felt, or worn, a garment made from it. It was heavenly and my body responded so much that I had to sit down for a moment to cool off, otherwise I might have exploded. At last I was quiescent enough to slide its length under the front panel of the corselette, where it snuggled deliciously against my belly. Over this I put on a fantastic floor length slip, again from Katie's hoard, in the same shade and of the same material. I found the secret of slipper satin then. Any other type of satin slips with the weft of the cloth, but catches on the warp. Slipper satin glides, one layer over the other, without any catch or hindrance. It was a fantastic feeling, and since that day all my dress and gown linings have been of this material, as has most of my lingerie, I had it all made to measure from that day on.

My evening gown was a luxurious confection of dark blue, silk velvet. The skirt, though not full, was not quite a sheath and it was slim bodiced with a boat neckline and three-quarter sleeves. A pair of soft, blue, kid leather gloves completed the ensemble and I wore, as was usual with me, no jewellery apart from a lovely, twenty two carat gold, figaro chain that was a present from mother. A pair of matching, blue, high heeled, court shoes and a small, matching velvet, chapeau, with a delicate gauze veil that came down to just the level of the top lip, was the final garnish. I was ready to meet the mothers as they came back from their trip to London.



Chapter 10


They arrived back at seven, the car totally laden with bags and parcels, Suzie had to make six trips in all to empty the vehicle of all its contents. Meanwhile, our three mothers went up to their respective boudoirs to get ready for the evening. Katie, Pippa and I waited, gin and tonic in hand and chatting gaily. They both wanted to know how I had evolved into Tessa, and both found it quite hilarious that their two mothers were unaware of the secret I held between my thighs. I was looking forward myself on how to show them that Tessa, that female sex-pot, was actually a fully paid up member of Transvestite Trio Incorporated, aka 'Us Three.' I too was intrigued at their own friendship and how their fun had started, and so we spent a happy hour learning more about each other.

If I seem to dwell on evenings and dinners, this was, in the fifties, the usual entertainment of the upper classes, we did not go out to disco's or drink in bars. Disco's had not been invented yet, bars were for men, cinema's were for afternoons, television was still in its infancy, we didn't mix with the village people, and all entertaining was done at home, usually in discreet parties where many escapades were enacted and rules in dress were strictly enforced. So the emphasis on dress, manners, deportment and the right of like minded groups to have fun in whatever manner they pleased. Our particular fun was sex, pure, unbridled, sensuous, illicit, highly so in fact, fetishistic, trans-gender, sex. It did go on then, possibly even more so than now, where conventions have been so relaxed that it has taken some of the fun out of it. It was never casual, always within a couple or group, never strayed far from the established parameters, and far more enjoyable because it was secret, illegal and unbridled desire.

At last, the ladies came down to join the girls. As always, a description is mandatory to set the scene for the evening. Alicia, as matron of the house deserves first crack at the whip, no pun intended. She was also the first down the stairs. She seemed to glide down in an enthralling symphony of embroidered, crimson, silk satin, her ash blonde hair flowing in waves down to below her shoulders, glistening and silky, glowing in the light. Her gown was a long cheong-sam, smooth, glowing richly, tight and close-fitting, with a slit up to the thigh to show us a glimpse of her, tightly suspendered, hose top. She had a superbly slim figure and it was obvious to us all that apart from the stockings and suspender belt, she wore no other lingerie. This, the most exquisite of Chinese garments, suited her to perfection. On her feet were the most sexy and strappy stiletto heeled sandals I had ever seen in my life. With their four inch heels they were a bomb and we all coveted them immediately. She wore a lovely pair of opera gloves, in crimson satin, and she positively basked in our admiration.

Next to come down was Joanne, and she too was stunning, this time in a fantastic ball gown in shimmering, iridescent, emerald green taffeta, shirring and whispering its sexy, swishing song of lust to our receptive ears. Its full and flowing skirt brushed the ground, affording us a brief glimpse of the matching, emerald satin, court shoes she wore. The gown was strapless and, as Alicia was demure and covered, so Joanne's magnificent bosom was a joy to behold, her cleavage a deep valley in which a person could drown. She too, was not wearing a brassiere and her prominent, large, nipples begged to be kissed and fondled. her arms, gloved up to the armpits, in emerald green satin, brushed against her skirts, adding to the rustling swish of her movement. Her dark hair too swirled around her shoulders in a soft, perfumed, luxurious cloud.

Finally, mother arrived at the head of the stairs and was she dressed up this evening. Her magnificent beauty was enhanced by what could only be classed as a court gown. She looked like a queen, especially since her hair, that magnificent mane I used to love to brush out, was swept up, and held in place by a magnificent tiara. Her gown was of white, embroidered and be-jewelled, slipper satin. Backless, strapless, full and flowing, teamed with long, white satin gloves, She was the very epitome of grace and elegance. The gown was actually Alicia's, she had worn it to the coronation, and as they were the same size, had lent it to mother. Her stole was something else. it was a long, sensuous and richly sumptuous article that took my breath away. In fact, it took all our breaths away. It was a gorgeous fur stole in cream, and was of the finest cream mink that money could buy, and it was trimmed with ermine as befitted a countess, which she was as of a right, not of marriage. In fact she had married below her station, her husband had only been a Baron. Her white court shoes peeped from under the hem as she lifted it slightly to ease her delicate way down the stairs. her make-up was perfect, creamy and rich, with dark red lipstick and fine mascara eyeliner and delicate shading to her eyelids. She was stunning.

We all went into the dining room together, arm in arm and this time Alicia gave mother the chair of honour at the head of the table and sat, with Katie beside her, on mother's right. Joanne took mother's left side, with Pippa beside her, and I sat at the foot of the table. Cathy, the cook, and Tina, her assistant, had excelled themselves. Suzie, with a helping hand from Patty, Alicia's chaufette, served the meal. it was a superb five courses of exquisite food and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. At last, when the final dishes had been cleared, all the staff sent away, we retired to the drawing room for coffee and drinks. None of us had overeaten and we were still awake and alert. The entertainment was about to begin. Mother was the maitresse-de-ceremonie and she arranged the seating around the large fireplace that, burning merrily, dominated the room. We had had a little chat and mother elected that all of us would have to perform either a song or do something interesting. She called on me to start.

I got up and walked over to the radiogram and put on a record. It was pure, stripper music, and that is what I elected to do. Alicia sat on the chaise-longue to my left, reclining back gracefully, the hem of her slinky cheong-sam slipping down to expose the long, filmy, seamed, black nylon stockinged, limbs to our avid gaze. Katie sat on the floor beside her and Alicia idly caressed his body, making him tremble with excitement. Joanne did the same on my right, resplendent in her emerald taffeta, and Pippa sat beside her, almost lying on her body and her hand idly caressed her beautiful mother's full breast, titillating, in passing, her hard and prominent nipples. Mother, resplendent in her queenly gown sat in front of me and between me and her was a low, backless, ottoman couch. Slowly, as the music started, I began to writhe, my body swaying to the erotic music. As I did so, my kid gloved hands started to slide up and down my bodice in a totally suggestive fashion. The atmosphere grew thick with desire as they watched my sensual gyrations. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. As the music built up my hands slid over my neck and I unsnapped the hook and eye that held the neck of the dress together. I returned back to caressing my body, exciting myself as well as my audience. I slid them over my sensitive breasts, touching my hot and hard nipples, teasing them into greater prominence. The two couples on either side of me also started to caress each other's bodies as they watched me. I slid my hands behind my back and slowly drew the zipper down to its full extent, then slid my hands back to cup my breasts, at the same time holding up the bodice of my gown.

Mother was watching me most avidly, but she still kept her eyes on the couples on either side of her. I knew that she was excited by the fact that she was watching two mothers indulging in carnal lovemaking with their own sons. her satin gloved hands were gliding up her own body, exciting herself as she watched the action, and knowing that her time would soon come, we had arranged it all. Still writhing and swaying, my head moving from side to side, eyes half closed, wildly excited as my movements transmitted themselves to my trapped, incredibly hard erection, I let my hands loose, allowing the velvet gown to fall with a sensual, whispering hiss, to the floor. I was now clad in my satin slip and corselette. I glanced across to Alicia and Katie. Katie had her satin gloved hands delving under the satin cheong-sam and I knew that she was searching for the hot centre of her mother's sex. I knew she had found it when Alicia threw her head back, trembled and moaned, a hot flush reddening her cheeks. On the other side Joanne was sliding her satin gloved hand under the frothy petticoats of Pippa, then exposing Pippa's huge clitty to all our gaze, throbbing and hard, weeping a small, clear drop of pre-cum.

I shrugged my shoulders and the, slipper satin, slip slid off my shoulders. again with the accompaniment of that sexy hiss that characterises the soft sibilance of satin on satin. I was left in just my satin corselette and and the two mothers, Alicia and Joanne, gasped as they saw, for the first time, the outline of my fiercely erect body as it nestled under the, glossy satin, front panel of my corselette. Alicia turned to mother.

"How wonderful, darling!" She cried, hands to her mouth with delight. "You pair have fooled us all!" She then turned back to me. "Let me see. Oh please, let me see."

I blessed the fact that the front panel was cut quite high and when I slid my hand underneath and slid out my tumescence, it stuck straight out, hard, vibrant and trembling with arousal. Still on my high heels, dressed only in black nylons, corselette and soft, kid leather, gloves, I swayed in time to the music. my hands had returned to caressing my satin sheathed body and they watched, totally rapt with fascination as my erect clitty twitched each time my hands slid over my hot and turgid nipples. I moved around suggestively, flaunting myself shamelessly, and, every so often, when I came within reach, a hand, exquisitely gloved in satin or kid, would reach out and softly stroke the silken skinned, steel hard shaft, giving me even more pleasure.

They were thoroughly enjoying my shameless display. Katie had slid up her own skirts to expose her own hard clitty and was softly sliding her gloved fingers over the silken skin while, at the same time, she had totally exposed her mother's creaming body and had slid three gloved fingers of her other hand deep into her, making Alicia writhe with sheer lust. Joanne was slowly caressing Pippa's monstrous clitty and Pippa was writhing against the taffeta gowned body of her mother, lips fixed to her hard nipple, but still gazing hotly at the lewd show I was putting on. Mother was leaning back on the chaise-longue, one hand teasing her breasts while the other one was deep up her skirts and, from the frenetic movements I could discern under the satin and lace, was titillating her own tender nubbin that nestled at the top of her own, excited, slit. I glided across to the satin covered ottoman and lay down on it, relishing the coolness of the satin against my fevered skin, my head resting on the roll cushion at one end and my legs placed straight out so that, when I moved them, they would whisper sexily over the fabric and excite us all even more.

I found that the soft kid leather of the gloves was extremely pleasurable and, as my pre cum oozed out of the end of my penis, wetting the sensually soft, supple leather, it became even more pleasurable. I used both hands now, delicately gliding my damp fingers over the sensitive skin, bringing more of my clear, pre-orgasmic fluids, to the tip, to ooze in slow, fat globules from the winking hole, sliding down to wet my leather sheathed fingers even more. My body was wracked with jolts of fire and ice. The pleasurable sensations took over my entire persona and I was enjoying the fact that I was putting on such a show as they had never seen before. I had never done this in front of anyone either and the perversity of my actions was profoundly stimulating to my senses, as were the sounds of their pleasure that I could dimly discern through the roaring in my ears.

Suddenly, I felt my orgasm explode around me. My loins contracted violently, spasming and I felt my life's fluids burst out of the end of my trembling body to spurt high into the air, to land back all over my body. One large globule of my sticky, glutinous seed landed on my parted lips as my cry joined their orgasmic cries. They too had come in unison with me. As the orgasm ebbed, then stopped, I moaned with pleasure. I licked my lips, enjoying the taste of my own seed, pungent and salty, then opened my eyes and looked about me. Mother was lying back, her garments in disarray, a dreamy smile on her lips. Joanne and Pippa were kissing hotly, while Joanne's, satin gloved, hand still milked the wilting body of her son, smearing the large amount of his seed that had soaked her gloved hand. Alicia and Katie had actually coupled and Katie was still couched between her mother's limp thighs, her softening clitty still deep within her mother's incest craving body. I got up slowly from the ottoman, unnoticed by all, and picking up my discarded garments, went upstairs to clean myself up and repair my make-up.



Chapter 11.


After a quick shower, I dressed myself for comfort and reapplied my make-up. I slid on a pretty garter belt in a lovely shade of royal blue and a pair of sleek, black nylons. Then I slipped into my favourite garment, a full slip, of course, this was in matching silk-satin and, underneath it, I had on a pair of sexy, silk satin, knickers. Over this I just threw around my shoulders a lovely matching peignoir. If I ever got a set of lingerie, I always insisted on a full set, including nightwear. This set was exquisitely made, by hand, and mother had bought it for me in Paris a month ago, but this was its first outing. It was a lovely design with the bodice panelled with lace inserts and the cups delicately panelled and edged with fine lace. A pretty satin bow adorned the dip between the breasts, drawing the eye to my cleavage. While I was getting ready I heard the others come upstairs to refresh themselves. The night was young, and we had time for more fun and games. I took my time and heard the others go back downstairs. I was determined to make my entrance this time.

When it was quiet, I left my room and, on my stiletto heels, I kept on those shoes, I sashayed down the corridor and stopped at the top of the stairs. I stood amazed. They, apart from mother, had all had the same idea as I and were lolling on the chaise-longues in their own, sensuous lingerie and nightwear. We all burst out laughing. I sauntered nonchalantly down the stairs, my peignoir swirling around my stockinged limbs, tied under my bust by a bow. It was now someone else's turn and mother, with a graceful motion, looking incredibly imperious, pulled Katie to her feet. Katie looked stunning in her lingerie, a lovely, dove grey negligee, in slipper satin, a fabric I had just discovered, and stood in the centre of our gathering. She pointed to her mother and bade her stand up.

"You are my prop." She whispered. "You are to stand perfectly still and not move. If you do, then you will pay a forfeit of having no pleasure for twenty four hours." She turned to us. "Do you agree to that?"

We all nodded and Alicia saw that we meant it. We were intrigued, what was the little minx up to. We soon found out as she put on some sensuous music and re-entered our circle.

Firstly, she undid the button that held Alicia's fine lace peignoir together and slid off her shoulders, leaving it lying on the floor. I quickly leaned forward and retrieved it. Her mother stood there, resplendent in sensuous lemon satin, a lovely camisole slip that ended at mid thigh and showed her lithe limbs, in dark grey stockings, off to perfection. Then, Katie took off her own negligee and was also extremely pretty in a black satin, guiperre and matching french knickers. She was, as we all were, excited again and her clitty was hard and engorged, tenting out the soft and glossy fabric. Her breast enhancers were so lifelike that they jiggled softly as she moved, very realistically in fact. Her lithe limbs, just like her mother's were sheathed in black nylon and on her feet was a pair of, exceedingly high heeled, evening sandals. her blonde wig had been changed to a long, swirling, dark brown mane that glistened in the soft lighting, the waves of hair bouncing on her shoulders. Katie started to dance in front of her mother, a sinuous dance of enticement and seduction that made our mouths dry up and our own arousal to increase. God know what it did to her mother, I know it made me very hot. Dancing around the still figure of her mother, Katie reached down and picked up a pair of black satin opera gloves. Doing a strip with opera gloves can be extremely sensuous, Rita Hayworth proved that, but putting them on I found even more exciting than I could ever imagine. The way Katie fitted her hands into those gloves and smoothed the slinky material up her arms was incredible.

Her mother watched her, and never moved, but she was obviously excited by the sight of her Katie, dancing like a middle eastern hourie in front of her master. Every so often she gave a small pant of arousal, and her eyes flashed her desire. Katie moved around her mother, getting closer and closer all the time. Sometimes she would even sink down to the floor and, kneeling, gaze up at her still mother and offer her body to her, daring her to move. All the time, her hands flicked out to fleetingly caress some part of her mother's body, running an extended finger up a trembling leg, or down her arm, all the time arousing her with devilish softness. It was torture of the most gentle kind. Soon, Katie was so close that she was brushing her body against Alicia, fleeting, soft, caressing touches by breast or shoulder, back of hand or satin covered clitty, touching, all the time, touching. Alicia was almost sobbing now with the incredible strain of not moving. Katie ended up in front of her mother and proceeded to writhe her body so close, arching her back, as to bring her hardness into direct contact with Alicia's belly. All the time Katie was crooning to her mother, telling her what she would do to her, then reminding her that she was not to move.

We were spellbound at the eroticism that this tableaux conjured in our eyes. It was incredibly thrilling to see. I was so excited that, without even touching myself, I was on the verge of creaming into my slip. Mother, sitting opposite me was caressing her satin covered nipples, eyes half closed and panting hotly, as her other hand busied itself between her parted thighs, having delved deep underneath the masses of gown and lace petticoats. Joanne and Pippa were similarly employed and were caressing each other as they sat side by side on the ottoman and, cheek to cheek, watched that unbelievably exciting performance. Katie bent her legs slightly and slid her hardness between her mother's parted thighs, having lifted the hem of her short slip, and uncovered herself by the simple expedient of sliding her hand underneath the hem of her knickers, and sliding it out. Sitting forward I watched closely as Katie, holding herself, slid the creaming tip against the soft furrow of her mother's sex, moving back and forth along the line of her labia. Incredibly, eyes tightly shut, sobbing and moaning, Alicia moved no an inch, though she did clench and un-clench her hands rapidly.

I took pity on her in the end and stood up. "Enough," I said as I took hold of Katie and pulled her away. "Lay down on the couch." I ordered her and Katie, dazed herself obeyed me, laying herself supine on the satin ottoman. I turned to Alicia who had slumped gracefully to the floor and looked up at her daughter who lay there head turned to her mother. Kneeling down I lifted her to her knees and gently kissed her luscious, panting mouth. The gentle savagery of that painless torture had almost shattered her, but she was made of stern stuff and started to recover rapidly. Still holding her close to me, breast to breast, feeling the pounding of her heart, my hardness pulsating against her trembling belly, I almost succumbed myself. I wanted to take her there and then, right in front of her sadistic child, but I had a better idea.

"Katie," I said to her. "Now it's your turn. One move of your body and the same conditions apply. Alicia," I kissed her parted lips. "Now it's time to show that insolent daughter of yours who is boss!"

Alicia looked at me with gratitude, her body still trembling with the aftermath of her delicious torture. Now she could repay her little transvestite son and I knew that she would, as we all would, relish the experience. I released her and she stood up. I went back to my seat and sat down next to mother. She leaned across to me and whispered softly. "You machiavellian little imp. I love it." I just chuckled and snuggled up to her, enjoying the feelings that her luscious fabrics engendered in me as they brushed over my skin, settling down to watch a mother's sweet revenge on her child.

Alicia went over to where Katie was lying and slowly slid her chemise slip off her body to leave her naked except for a gorgeous yellow satin garter belt, sheer black nylons and her lovely stiletto shoes. She teased out her gorgeous ash blonde hair with her hands, emphasising her beautiful body at the same time. Katie looked up at her mother with adoration and lust in her eyes, and her hard body twitched and juddered as she gazed up at her. The ottoman was quite narrow and Alicia had no trouble straddling it at the level of her transvestite son's erect clitty. Slowly, she sat down till she was sitting on Katie's thighs with Her pussy a scant half inch from her boy-girl's throbbing body. She started to slowly caress her slim, yet curvaceous body with her hands, giving us all a thrill. especially when she started to gently caress her own firm titties and play with her hard nipples, teasing and nipping them with her long, scarlet varnished, nails. Katie stared up at her mother, mesmerised and, as the caressing continued and Alicia's face became flushed with her arousal we could see the intense efforts she made not to move her hands which were lying down by her side. It was obvious that she dearly wanted to get in on the action. Slowly, Alicia's hands slid down her body and her long, supple fingers slid through her trimmed, ash blonde bush, to tease the erectile nubbin of her clitty, at the same time brushing her boy-girl's throbbing, steel hard, erection with the back of her hand. He moaned at the delicate touch and almost arched his back, but stopped himself.

Alicia smiled down at her lovely transvestite child. "Almost," She whispered. "You almost moved. He looked at her, at pleading look that almost broke her mother's heart, but she caught herself. "No, child," She whispered. "No, stay still, not yet, not just yet."

"Mother," He pleaded. "Please mother, I need to come. Please, make we come."

Her hands left her clitty, just as she herself was about to have an orgasm and, she leaned down over his supine, guiperre clad, body and softly stroked his satin sheathed belly. She slid her slim, elegant hands up to cup Katie's titties and she stroked the soft, jelly filled, shape and it was obvious that the soft vibrations were transmitted through to his nipples, and that he was enjoying those sensations. Alicia leaned down lower and she started to kiss his soft skin, just above the cups of the guiperre, licking and nipping the tender flesh. She had moved her body and now Katie's hardness was rubbing along her belly, smearing her tender skin with the droplets of his pre-cum. She reached his neck and her soft lips kissed his throat and then his lips, her teeth nibbled at his lower lip and then she slid her tongue into his panting mouth. At the same time her belly writhed against Katie's trapped erection It was too much for Katie and she screamed into her mother's panting mouth and she spurted her seed in a massive climax that made her almost faint, but, she did not move. With a secret smile, Alicia lifted herself from her child's trembling body and went to his head. Once more, elegantly, she straddled his person, this time over Katie's face and lowered herself down onto her lips. "Kiss me, Katie," She panted. "Kiss your hot mother, Katie, Kiss your mummy and make mummy come."

She then screamed into an almost instant climax, followed seconds later by another as Katie stuck her long, almost prehensile tongue deep into her mother's aching, wanting and creamy pussy, and lashing her hard little clitty.

After they had disentangled themselves, mother had decided to call time on our games. it was late and it really was time for bed. Alicia told us that she had a special bedroom for all of us and, greatly intrigued, we followed her up the stairs to the second floor. There were only two doors, one on either side of the small landing, and she opened the door to the left and we all trooped in and stopped, amazed at the sight. The room was enormous, running the whole length of the house and, as it was the attic, it had rows of small, dormer windows set in the sloping ceiling, a row running each side of the room. The lighting was dim, and sensually soft, but what amazed us was the enormous circular bed that dominated the centre of the room. Entirely sheeted, pillowed and canopied in gold, slippery satin, it would fit all six of us in total comfort, and more besides. But, we were tired and we all slid off our peignoirs and corsetry, donned totally matching night-gowns of scarlet satin, including mother whom we lovingly undressed, and slid in between the covers, to drift off to sleep, all in each others arms. I dreamed strange and wonderful dreams. One of them came true, and what follows is that story of my dream coming true.


End of Part 2


To be continued.



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