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The Service Corp

by Jennifer Allison


World War III had just started.

The president ordered every male between the ages of 18 to 35 to register for the draft.

It had been over fifty years since the last person had been drafted.

In those fifty years the draft laws, rules and regulation had change from those used in the sixties and seventies. And One important rule that hadn't been changed.

One law didn't change and this was the law that effected me personally.

The law that was change.

A person could volunteer for the Service Corp instead of going into combat. This law was changed for men who were the only sons in a family so they could serve in the military without being in combat. Or for those people who were once consider 4F, or for religious reasons. Thus relieving someone else for combat duty.

The term for enlistment in the Service Corp was for four years instead of the normal two served by a draftee.

There were some major loopholes in this law, so many that anyone who wanted badly enough could qualify for the Service Corp.

The law that didn't change was the one 30% of the women wanted but didn't get.For a woman to be allowed to fight in combat.

I received my letter from the president today. Asking for me to serve in the Army.

I was ordered to report for my physical at the induction center in seven days.

There was no question I was going to use one of loopholes to be assigned to the Service Corp.

The reason I had to get myself assigned to the Service Corp was I couldn't stand the thought of killing any living creature. Regardless of the reason. My parents had to go to court to force my high school to give me a passing grade in biology after I refused to dissect a frog.

I didn't qualify for the only son rule because I have two brothers. My oldest brother would qualify for the Service Corp due to a football injury that tore his ACL and MCL in his left knee. Then there was my younger brother of fifteen who wanted to go and fight, but was to young.

I reported to the induction on the required date as I was ordered to.

The physical took most of the day. I passed with flying colors.

An announcement was then made as my group of inductees was finishing. "All those who wish to apply for the Service Corp. Please stay here. The rest of you may leave and await further orders.

Out of the whole group there were only two of us who stayed.

It took us over two hours just fill out all the paperwork, then another 90 minutes of waiting, just sitting around waiting.

Finally I was called into the office of the Commanding Officer of the Induction Center. One Lt Colonel John Smith.

"I have read your reason why you want to join the Service Corp but I would like hear it from you." said the colonel.

"I just can't stand the thought of killing any living creature," I said. I then went into more detail, explaining biology class, how I use to catch flies so I could let them go outside, instead of killing them. In then the end I said "I do not want to be responsible for the death of a member of my unit just because there was a chance I couldn't kill the enemy."

"I understand your feeling. But have you really thought your request through?" he asked.

"Yes I have. I haven't thought of anything else since I received my greetings from the President," I replied.

"What does your family think about all of this?"

"My parents understand. My older brother accepts it. My younger brother just can't see why I don't want to go and fight like he does. He will be here at the induction center the day he is old enough to volunteer," I answered.

"You do realize that enlistment for the Service Corp is for four years. Also the government will only guarantee that you will not be sent into combat. The job you are assigned you will be stuck with it the whole four years. The only out of the job will be volunteering for combat."

"I understand."

"Then welcome to the Service Corp. You have seven days to put your affairs in order and then report here one week from tomorrow at 0700. That is all. You are dismissed."

"Thank You." I said as I was leaving.

"Don't thank me yet. You really don't know what you are getting in to."

Not wanting to be late I reported to the induction center at 0630 a week later. The door hadn't been opened yet. There must have been at least forty men waiting in line and another twenty joined before 0700.

At exactly 0700 Colonel Smith walked out the door and announced. "Those of you reporting for active duty please report to room 104. Those of you reporting for the Service Corp report to room 110."

It took ten minutes for everyone in the line to go to their assigned room. Fifteen of us ended up in room 110. Including the man that filled out the paperwork with me the week before.

"I see you made it in the Service Corp too. My name is Anthony Beal," he said. "They call me Tony."

"I am Dean McLain." I replied.

A sergeant then walked in the door. "The following five men please stand by the door." Then he left.

Neither Tony's nor my name had been called.

A few moments later five more were called out of room.

"Tony what do you they will have us doing?" I asked.

"From what I have heard the Army doesn't like Service Corp to well. They feel too many men are using it to avoid combat. So I figure we will end up digging latrines for four years or something like that. So there might be a few of us who want out of the Service Corp so badly they would volunteer for combat," he answered.

"That is what I figure too."

It was almost an hour before Colonel Smith came into room 110.

"Sorry it took so long. My first priority is getting those who volunteered for Combat on their way. In a few minutes you will be taken to the bus which will transport you to the next duty assignment."

"What about the five who were call out of the room?" asked someone.

"They qualified for the Service Corp without using the loopholes. Their training will be different from yours. So they are being sent to a different training site."

We soon boarded the bus. It was a greyhound with a bathroom in the back.

It was an eight hour bus ride, we made several stops picking up other members of the Service Corp. In all we ended in a three bus convoy.

During those eight hours Tony along with Mike, Brian and I became very close friends.

Tony explained about how he qualified for the Service Corp.

"I heard that even the Service Corp wouldn't accept Homosexuals, so I said I was gay, Even though I donít have a gay bone in my body. I guess I was wrong."

It was dark by the time we reached our destination.

As we climb off the bus we had to say our name and was then given a number, then told to line up in numeric order. I was #29, Tony was #1. Then we were taken to mess hall for supper.

The mess hall had been divided into two sections. One section held the men, the other section to all of our surprise was all women. As we passed, the women eyed each of us.

I asked the others at my table "Did you know that there would be women station here?"

"No," were all the replies.

After supper we were escorted to the barracks. The same type buildings you see in the old war movies.

"The door will be locked when I leave, you are not allowed outside the barracks until we relieve you tomorrow morning. There will be an armed guard standing outside at all times, under my command," said a 1st Lieutenant with his left arm in a sling. "Just for your information. I was wounded in combat. When the doctors allow me I will be returned to my unit."

By the tone of his voice he hated the sight of us.

Mike asked, "why do we have to be guarded like this. We aren't going anywhere."

"Those are my orders," said the Lieutenant as he was leaving.

There must have been something in the food. I felt so tired I just had enough time to remove my clothes and fall into bed before I was asleep.

The sound of bugles woke all up at 0600 the next morning.

The same Lieutenant from the night before yelled. "You have thirty minutes to get washed and anything else you need to do done. I then want you outside and lined up by your number at 0630. I will then lead you back to the mess hall for breakfast." He then left.

At breakfast we didn't see the girls we had seen the night before.

A voice over a loud speaker gave us our next instruction. "Report to the building next door. For further processing."

None of us thought much of it.

Upon entering the building each of us was given a bag. In which we placed all of our clothes other than our briefs and boxers, upon the bag we wrote our assigned number.

After ten minutes of over a hundred men standing there in our shorts. A voice came over the loud speaker. "Will #1 please go through the lighted door on the stage," it said.

Ten minutes someone walked back thru the door. It wasn't Tony, it wasn't even a man, it a woman dressed in a teddy.

As the rest of us just stared at her with opened mouth. She asked, "What are all of you staring at?"

"You're a girl," I said.

"HAHAHAHA! That is a good one, Dean."

"Turn around and look in the mirror and take a look for yourself," I told him.

Tony let out a scream. Then yelled, "WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON?"

The voice was back. "You just found out that your job in the Service Corp requires that all of you become women."

As if by one accord we all rushed to the door. Which we found locked.

"LET US OUT OF HERE!!!" we screamed.

"We'll gladly let you out. But since it will be considered as a job refusal. It means combat for anyone who wants out." said the voice.

"That was not part of our deal," we said in unison. "We didn't agree to be women."

"This certainly is part of the deal agreed upon. If you remember. That the government guaranteed that you wouldn't be assigned to combat. Women are still not allowed in combat, so none of you will be sent into combat. You also agree to any job that the Service Corp assigned you too."

For ten more minutes we let out our steam. Every cuss word known to man was used and some new ones were made up.

Finally the voice was back. "Are you done? As I call your number please climb up on the stage and go through the door. Inside you will find five more doors. Please enter the door that is flashing your assigned number."

"What do we need to do decline your job offer?" asked someone.

"Instead of the door on the stage, go through the door in which you entered earlier. There are armed guards to make sure only one person comes through that door."

I needed to know, "How does this transformation work?"

"It isn't a transformation. It's a mind transference. Your mind will be switched with a woman who wants to go into combat, but can't because they were born female. You saw them at supper last night."

"Was it a randon pick, like names out of a hat," someone asked.

"We try to match people similar likes and dislikes. We try not to put people that might know each other."

"Why wasn't I allowed a choice of combat?" asked the female Tony.

"You tried to use the gay loophole. Even thought you weren't gay. You were not allowed the option."

"Will the transference be permanent?" I needed to know.

"Yes it is. Will the following number please step through the door." The voice read six more numbers. Mine wasn't included.

It was an hour before the #29 was called. By that time both Brian and Mike had already stepped through the door on the stage.

Really not having a choice in the matter I stepped through the door on the stage, where I found a room with three doors on each side and one at the end of the hall.

"Find the door with your number on it and enter." I did what I was told.

Nothing happened for a few minutes.

Then I felt like I was floating on air. I was swimming but not in water but in the air.

When the feeling of floating stopped I open my eyes. Since my head was tilted down the first sight to greet me was two breast protruding from my chest. Then I took inventory of my new body. My hair was almost black. My body was a little over weight, give or take ten pounds. My legs were not that long, but there was no mistaking them for anything other than belonging to the female of the species.

"Hurry up 29. There are others waiting."

I loved the feeling my teddy was causing as I walked to join the other girls.

It was afternoon before the mind transfers were all done.

Where there were over hundred young men earlier that morning stood over hundred young women.

"We are done with the first of your new job with the Service Corp. In a few minutes you will start the job you will be doing for the next four years."

"What is that?" someone in back of the room asked.

"Your job titles are, Pleasure Girls," said the voice.

"What is a Pleasure Girl. A whore or something?" I asked.

"A whore is right," answered the voice

"WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!" a hundred voice screamed in unison.


"The Military has found out over the years that it is a lot safer if the military runs the whore houses. It also gives us a place to put you, the draft dodgers, to work.

"Let us out of here!!!" most of us screamed as we rush to the door.

"It is to late for that. You had your chance to leave before the mind transfer. Even if you did get out of the door. It will be desertion, and most likely you will be shot.

"Now it is time for your first assignment. We have some new recruits who wish the pleasure of your company for some fun and games."

As the voice finish a door open and our old bodies entered. But now they were all naked with their love poles standing at attention.

"All Pleasure Girls are on duty until 0600. That is also the exact time the new recruits have to report to their buses for transportation to their training base."

We the girls tried to run or fight off the boys. But the boys had already planned everything that could happen. They worked in teams of three. While two held the girl down the third fucked her.

I was one of the first captured. As two boys held me down my old body took my cherry. Until that moment I was still a virgin.

As I was being fucked my old body kept saying. "You don't know how many nightmares I had over the years. Just dreaming of when I would be forced to let some man fuck me."

Right after receiving my first load of baby seed I was branded with a hickey. "That is to show that you have given one of us some pleasure."

No girl was fucked twice until everyone had been fucked once. Some the girls help capture the last of remaining ones.

I lost count on how many men I had that day. At first I tried to fight it, but eventually I realized it was a hopeless. I was going to get fucked regardless. So I laid down and enjoyed myself.

As each man finished I was given another hickey. I counted fifteen hickies the next day.

Just as the voice said. I worked in a government run whore house for my four years in the Service Corp. Thirty miles behind the front lines.

The Service Corp did give me a present after my four years of faithful service.

I can't open it for eight months.


A Baby Boy!




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