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Shore Leave

by Catherine Murray


Tom loved to be in control. It was a long flight home for Lance Corporal Tom Hayward. Fourteen hours on an Air Force transport. He knew that it would be long and cold but he just wanted to get home and out of that jungle forever. He had done his time in the rice paddies and triple canopy jungle. He had a purple heart with an oak leaf cluster and a silver star for valor. All he had to do was to hit Treasure Island for his seperation papers and he was home free. His four year stint as a recon marine was over. The best part was that by riding the transport home early it gave him five days in San Francisco to get used to being home again.

The rain suprised him. He knew that it rained everywhere sometimes but this was California and it was his first time here. He was soaked but his happiness was not diminished.

His trip from Travis AFB took longer than he expected but he found out from a lifer on the shuttle that he could check into Treasure Island transit company early and that would save him the hotel money he budgeted for the impromptu leave. He would not have meal expenses either. They were pretty leinent with returning vets pending discharge. He also got the names of three nightclubs in San Francisco that not off limits but probably should be.

He checked into TI and hit the post exchange to buy some civilian clothes. He had worn nothing but government issue for the past eighteen months. Jeans, tennis shoes and a casual shirt would tide him over until he got off base and into the city where he would spend his big money on clothes. This was one of the things he used to think about while dodging bullets and picking leaches.

The ride over the bridge was short. He had gotten a lift from a swabbie that picked him up at the shuttle stop. He asked about the clubs again and got two of the three mentoined again as good time clubs. The swabbie dropped him off at second and mission near a clothing shop that had been recommended.

He went inside and saw the most beautiful girl he had seen in months. She was around 5'5" and probably between 110 and 125 pounds. Her dark eyes looked like pools and her dark skin was just the tone that made his blood boil with lust. She had long hair slightly straightened. She wore a conservative blouse and skirt outfit. She noticed him staring and approached him asking if he needed help with anything.

He spent more on the clothes than he wanted to but the prices were right and he loved the feel of the new material against his 6'6" 260 pound frame and after four years in the corps it would take a long while for the hard muscle to soften. He had also talked the salesgirl, her name was Lorraine Thomas, into going with him to the "Kit Kat" club. When he mentioned the name of the club she said that she knew it well but she never went on thursday night but she would make an exception just for him.

He smiled to himself. Things were finally going the way he wanted them to go. Party hard with a beautiful girl for a few days, and then discharge. He had just enough time to hit TI, catch a shower, change into his new clothes and head back to meet Lori for a nice dinner at a pizza house in North Beach that Lorraine liked then to the dance club.

The dinner was very enjoyable, he found that there was none of the painful silences or misunderstandings. Lori seemed to be on the same wavelength as he was. She wanted to hear more about his Overseas duties but what wasn't classified he really didn't feel like dredgeing up again. He did find out that Lorraine was from a small college town about 150 miles south of San Francisco. She was only two semesters from her degree in business from SF State College. She said that her grades were not good enough to get into the school close to her home.

They walked into the club holding hands. Things were slow, but it was thursday night. He was glad he had a date. There were not many girls and a lot of guys. Lorraine was way prettier than any of the girls there. They found a table, ordered drinks and hit the dance floor. The dances were different than Tom was used to but he was a very quick study and an excellent dancer. Soon they were dancing like they had been together for years. Tom loved the feel of Lori in his arms. He held her close every chance he got which was a lot. Lori seemed to melt into him like they were born to be with each other.

They closed the club and Tom took Lori to her apartment. He knew that he could have gone upstairs with her and spend the night. She invited him up to talk but he knew she had an early class on friday. He gave her a long goodnight kiss and waited until he saw the lights in her apartment go on before he left. They made plans to meet at the club on Friday so Tom knew that She would make it worth the wait. He smiled again as he remembered kissing her as he buttoned her blouse before she went inside.

The next night was special. Tom met Lorraine in the club at seven. On Fridays the club was hopping. If she hadn't been standing by the door it might have taken a while to find her. They kissed like lovers, then they hit the dance floor. Lorraine was dressed in a silk top and a black leather mini. She was hot and Tom appreciated every move she made. She didn't have a bra on but she did have what she called a cami because the blouse was see through. Tom thanked her for her wanting to save that for him later. Lorraine just winked and smiled.

The night wore on. They danced most of the time but when they didn't they just sat and talked. Tom did notice that Lorraine could not hold her liquor very well. The last slow dance Lorraine reached down and rubbed Tom through his pants and whispered in his ear that she wanted to leave.

Tom got a taxi and poured Lorraine into the back seat. He rememberred the address from the previous night. When they got to her apartment she just handed him the keys. He unlocked the door and got them inside.

What he saw of the place was nice. Lorraine didn't have a lot of money but she was clean and neat. He turned and kissed her, while he unbuttoned her top. Her nipples were hard and firm. Lorraine was not wasting any time she had his pants unzipped and was stroking his very erect penis. She started to go down on him but he stopped her. They kissed again and she started to go down on him again. He pulled her up a second time and unbuttoned her mini skirt. "Save that for a little later honey, I have to see you naked first". He told her as he pulled down her panties and .......

"Wait a minute! What the hell is this?" Tom asked, knowing what the answer was already. He did know a cock and balls set when he saw one.

"I wanted to tell you last night but I was afraid I would never see you again." "I can still make you happy ." Lorraine was starting to cry.

Tom answered "You are damn right you would have never seen me again." He knew he could kill her with very little effort. He knew how to be quiet when he did it also. He started to think of all the things he had touched. Then he realized all of the people that had seen them together.

He took another look at her. She was real good, he had never even thought of this possibility. The boobs were real enough, the figure was great but there was this little tiny dick there. All the black guys in the Marine Corp were hung like mules. "You know that is the smallest dick I have ever seen." I have seen bigger dicks on little children." Lorraine was sobbing and not knowing what to say she just stayed quiet. "You know my dick is five times that size." Lorraine was just crying and hoping he didn't hurt her. Tom started to feel sorry for her. She was very beautiful and he could just imagine how it was like growing up as a male looking that much like a girl, and that had to be the smallest dick on earth.

"Get on your hands and knees." Tom ordered. He was suprised at how fast she did as he instructed. He looked at her profile. Her breasts looked real good swaying under her and her ass was just as round and soft. He did talk her up at the base and some of the swabbies wanted to meet her. As horny as he was it was either beat her up or fuck her. The tiny dick made up his mind. He got on the bed behind her.

He didn't use any lubricant and he wasn't gentle. Tom was real well endowed for a white guy and he knew how to fuck for a long time, but other than the sobbing and a little moaning she didn't complain at all. He shot his load in her ass and leaned over to squeeze her breasts.

They stayed coupled for a long time. When Tom's cock fell out Lorraine went into the bathroom. She came out with a wash cloth and cleaned him up. "Don't hate me Tom." was all she said. He watched her hands washing him. Her nails were long and maniured perfectly. He knew she did them herself. He suprised him when she took his semi erect penis in her mouth. Tom had been given blow jobs before but never like this. His cock responded and he ended up shooting a load in her mouth. He was totally relaxed by this time and started to fall asleep. Lorraine just curled up next to him.

She was gone when he woke. He found a note in the bathroom. She wanted to meet at the club again that night.

Lorraine was standing near the door when Tom walked in. As usual everyone moved out of his way. Lorraine knew he had no idea how much he intimated everyone. At the pizza resturant there was a line but they were seated first. They always had a waitress hovering near them. The impossible to find tables in the club just seemed to become vacated when Tom wanted to sit. As a lover he was the best she had ever been with.

She walked up to him and said "Hey Marine, wanna buy a girl a drink?" He muttered something she didn't hear, but he came back with a vodka cranberry for her. He walked away, but he looked over his shoulder. Lorraine smiled and winked at him. He would be back, she could tell. Tonight would be better for them both after all the nastiness last night. Lorraine loved to be in control.




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