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The Show Must Go On


Heather Alexander


The lights lit up the stage and the crowded waited as the music filled the theatre. Suddenly two lines of dancers appeared from the top and they stepped down, to the stage. A voice filled the theatre and a vision in pink appeared at the top of the staircase and then walked down the stairs being helped by the dancers on either side of the singer, who was actually miming to the song. As he stretched out his right hand the dancer to his right took it and pulled him into her and dipped him. She brought him back out and spun him out. He moved down the live of female dancers who were all dressed in black evening suits with white bow ties, waistcoats and a red sash and a black top hat. While he was dressed in a long pink strapless dress matching full-length evening gloves and stiletto-heeled shoes. He had platinum blonde hair and diamond earrings and necklace and a bracelet. He danced with all the dancers, when the song finished he collapsed only to be caught and carried by the dancers.

They let him down he moved to the front of the stage and took the applause from the audience. He took the bow then walked off the stage.

Rushing off to he dressing room, he was past by the show boys in their sexy little school uniforms as they headed up to do one of their numbers.

He entered his dressing room 'only one more number to go' he said to himself. Taking off the jewellery then the gloves, he unzipped the dress and let it fall to the floor. He stepped out of it and picked it up and hung it up on the hanger. Then he kicked off his shoes and sat at the dressing table, he fixed his make-up and then went and put on the white dress, which was basically the same as the pink dress white shoes and gloves.

He walked out to the wings and waited for his call to go on. Beside him were a group of eight male and female dancers. The women were still in their evening dress, while the men had got changed out of their school uniforms and into their one-piece bodysuit with feathers attached.

Watching from the wings of the stage he saw the female star of the show, she was finished her solo routine so that the dancers then he could go on to the stage.

Once the announcement was made the dancers rushed past him and out onto the stage, where the meet another group of eight men and women dancers coming out from the other wing. He watched them as they lined up ready to beginning the number. Then his name was called, a stagehand thrust a microphone into his hand and he walked out onto the stage. The crowed were applauding.

He joined the female star in the middle of the stage and she would go through her usual routine, which they had done dozens of times, he would laugh at her jokes. Then the music would start and they would sing a duet together, usually romantic first then there would be a big dance number to end the show, where he would end up in her arms. They would take a couple of curtain calls then that would be it over for another night until they did it all again the next night.

Inside his dressing room, he looked at the clock on the wall, it read 9.30pm he was eguasted and needed sleep, unfortunately the company manger had arranged a little after show party for several of he local areas more influential and richest members. He and the female star would have to perform a little cabaret act and play host to this evening. It was all about generating more income to the company so that it could continue to perform, as ticket sales alone didn't covered it.

Sitting there he rubbed his tired feet, then washed his face and applied some new make-up, then put on the dress given to him for tonight by the boss. It was a short low-cut figure-hugging green dress. He slips it on and smoothes it down so that it accentuates every curve of his body. Then he slips his feet into a pair of matching green satin stiletto heeled shoes. There's a nock on his dressing room door. "In a minute," he says trying to keep the annoyance out of his voice as he does so, he runs a brush through his hair then gets up and walks over to the door. He plasters on his best fake smile, for he knows exactly who will be on the other side of the door. He opens it and there she is.

"Wow you look fantastic this evening. There really going to love you out there," she said. He stepped out and they walked out of the building together.

When they exited the door of the theatre, there were a group of fans and press waiting, there was an explosion of light as all the flashguns went off. They stopped and spoke to the fans and signed a few autographs before she gently ushered him into the back of a car, which then drove off heading for the party.

They sat pensively in the back of the car he turned to her. "Look tonight no funny stuff. I'm really tired and I can't put up with any of your shanigans," he said.

"What me," she replied in mock astonishment "what me act up. You have too high a regard for yourself boy. Don't you forget it's my name on the top of that bill board," she said jerking her thumb backwards as she did so. The rest of the trip was done in complete silence.

The party was being held at the country house of one of the companies' major beneficiaries. The car drove up and parked outside the main entrance. The driver got out and went round and opened her door first. Since there were press there she reached her hand inside and helped him to exit the car gracefully. They turned and waved to the cameras that in return answered them with the dazzling flushes of several flashguns going off in unison.

He again plastered on the fake smile as she placed her hand in the small of his back and led him into the mansion.

The hosts greeted them for the evening, Ms. and Mr. Julie Ross and the head of the company Nicola Johnson. They then enter the packed ballroom to the sounds of rapturous applause and go to their seats at the top table.

After Nicola had made her request for more funds. "Thank you for your indulgence as I go on about our future plans. Now we come to the highlight of the evening and the reason that we must be allowed to continue. The stars of our show Clair Lawrence and James Alexander will now perform for your entertainment," Nicola said. We stood up and walked out to the dance floor, where we would perform the cabaret act. Clair pulled out a chair and sat down in the middle of the dance floor. I walked out and sat on her lap. The music started, the song that we would perform was: How Did You Believe Me When I Said I loved you, when You Know I've Been A Liar All My Life, it was an old show tune but it allowed for a good duet and dance moves.

When we were finished the audience applauded and we walked back to the table.

The party ended after 1am and I got a taxi and went straight back to my flat.

I collapsed onto my bed and fell asleep straight away. I woke up when the alarm went off. The clock read 7.30am, I couldn't even get up, I forced myself up and took off my clothes for last night that I was still wearing and went into the bathroom and stepped into the shower and turned on the hot shower. The water hit me hard, it made me feel alive. Another day had begun.


The End




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