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Sissy Billie : Auntie's Pet

by Sissy Billie

Part One: Auntie's Pet


Billie knocked on the door of the drawing room. Inside his beloved Auntie was waiting. He was excited and nervous and not a little out of breath, having rushed home from work and quickly changed out of his business suit into the clothes laid out for him by Auntie in his bedroom. He checked the outfit before entering: a white satin blouse with a large lacy collar, a pair of tight pale blue velvet shorts that zipped up the side, some high white stockings topped with flouncy bows, and black patent leather pumps. Over this he had remembered to fasten a short apron of starched and frilled silk, which Auntie always insisted he wear when serving her tea. As he knocked, his penis grew stiff inside the cruel silver cage that Auntie compelled him to wear. The cage had been made for him by a jeweller friend of Auntie's, and being fitted for it was just about the most embarrassing time of Billie's life. Auntie is so strict with me, he thought. I'm twenty five now, but she controls me totally. And it was true - although Billie would occasionally argue with Auntie - and receive a severe spanking for his trouble - he was so totally overwhelmed by her beauty and her authority it seemed only right that Auntie always had the last word.

Billie's life had changed out of all recognition since he moved to lodge with Auntie so that he could attend a business course at the nearby college. As his step-mother was planning to move abroad with her new husband, her sister offered Billie the spare room in her large house which she had to herself since her divorce. Billie had always thought his Auntie to be the most beautiful and elegant woman he had known, and the chance to move in with her seemed a dream come true. However when Auntie discovered Billie's collection of panties - most of which were hers - in his wardrobe along with some very embarrassing magazines he expected to be thrown out of the house and to be reported to his step-mother, now living several thousand miles away. But Auntie's reaction surprised him. She insisted that if he enjoyed wearing ladies' panties so much he should have his own and that he should NEVER steal from her. She marched the mortified young man into town and together they toured the department stores and specialist underwear shops, picking out a breathtaking selection of satin, lace and ribbons, with Billie at first shyly expressing his preferences, and then, with Auntie's encouragement, becoming more confident in admitting his love of delicate lingerie. Once home this froth of feminine clothing was installed in a drawer in Billie's bedroom and for the first time Auntie selected a pair of panties, in pale pink satin with cream lace edging (Billie would never forget them), and ordering him to strip, pulled the panties up his trembling legs…

"Come in, my darling", Auntie's voice called out from behind the door, and Billie came in, carrying a tray of tea things and a special surprise present for Auntie. He had saved up for this from the tiny allowance Auntie gave him after his salary was paid directly into Auntie's account. Billie's Auntie turned to smile at him, and he could see her heavy breasts pushing through the thin silk dressing gown. Billie's penis trembled again in its cruel prison.

"So how is my favourite sissy boy?" she asked, "I've missed you this afternoon. My, you certainly look gorgeous in that sweet little outfit". Billie blushed as he put down the tray, curtseyed as he had been trained, and went over to his Auntie. She pulled him down to her perfumed neck and gave him a deep hug, pulling his face into her considerable cleavage. His eyes were dazzled seeing those glorious breasts up close - oh, his penis was getting even more swollen, pushing against the metal of the chastity cage!

Billie breathed deeply, and then, with an impulse he regretted immediately, he kissed Auntie's cleavage! Her breast was so soft to his lips. SLAP! "Shame on you, you bad boy!!" Auntie grabbed Billie's hair in her hand and pulled him away from her breasts. "You are a very naughty boy." Shame came over Billie's face, and tears began to well up in his eyes.

"I-I'm sorry, Auntie." Auntie looked very angry, and her dark eyes snapped as she stared at her blushing nephew. "What a bad boy you are! You have really disappointed me Billie." This made Billie's lower lip tremble even more, but he forced his head up, and he tried hard not to look into Auntie's breasts any more. This was difficult, as Auntie was toying with the silver chain around her neck from which hung the tiny key which could unlock him from the torment of the chastity cage.

"Have you remembered what night it is tonight, Billie? She asked severely. Of course Billie knew what she meant. He had thought of nothing else for days. Friday nights were their Special Night, when Billie was allowed to stay up past his usual bedtime of eight o'clock and was sometimes allowed other privileges.

"I had been thinking that since you've been such a good boy this week as well as letting stay up later than your normal bedtime, I was going to suggest you might like to sleep in my bed tonight as a special treat. I was even thinking I would use this key for your little silver cage and let you out for the evening". Billie's heart leapt at hearing this and his trapped penis became agonizingly painful. "BUT...with your dreadful behaviour just now, I don't know how I can allow you to have any special favours", Auntie said moodily. "I may just have to spank your little bottom and send you to bed early." Billie's tears began falling freely as he howled with anguish. He remembered that last Friday night had been a disaster after he had made a careless mistake when hand-washing Auntie's lingerie and had ruined a pair of her favourite panties. It had now been over two weeks since he had been released from the chastity tube apart from being bathed, and he was a seething mass of frustrated longings.

"Please Auntie, I am so sorry – it won't happen again. And look, I've got a present for you" Billie said, still sobbing and holding the carefully wrapped package out to her. Auntie paused, then looking suspiciously into his eyes, she unwrapped the present. Out came a beautiful ivory hairbrush. "Look Auntie it's got your initials in a monogram on the back"

Finally Auntie's stern look disappeared, and she smiled at her hopeful nephew. "So it has. What a lovely, thoughtful present - I am so proud of my boy – you can be so considerate," she said. "I think I will give you your treat, tonight after all, my darling." With that, Auntie pulled the comb out of the back of her hair, releasing the long golden locks around her shoulders. "You can start be pouring my tea and brushing my hair with this lovely new brush".

Auntie seemed not to notice Billie's staring as she pulled the hair completely out of the bun. Billie was absolutely obsessed with the wonderful sight of Auntie's hair dropping on her shoulders like a waterfall, and the curve of her full breasts as she bent over.

"You like playing hairdressers don't you Billie?" Auntie chuckled as he brushed. "And you love giving me manicures and pedicures too, you sweet boy." Billie flushed, but he kept brushing. "I wonder whether you wouldn't rather work in a beauty salon rather than that nasty boring office, Billie." "No Auntie! I wouldn't!" Billie snapped, rather alarmed at the direction the conversation was taking.

"I'm not so sure, my little cherub. My friend Mrs Orton runs that lovely beauty salon in town. I might have a word with her for you. You could work there on Saturdays".

Billie gulped but managed to continue brushing Auntie's beautiful golden hair in long, swift strokes, gently so he didn't tug any strands. Billie knew how angry Auntie could get if her hair was pulled. And he knew only too well what would happen if he objected to any of Auntie's plans!

Billie stroked Auntie's soft hair with his fingers, and then went on brushing it heavily, while Auntie made soft appreciative murmurs. "Most boys just aren't as dedicated as you are, Billie. You know how to treat your Auntie". As Billie looked over Auntie's shoulder, he saw the swell of her generous breasts again, and watched her long red nails toy with the key for the chastity cage.

"Not this Saturday obviously", continued Auntie, "Because we have an appointment at the dressmaker's tomorrow, don't we, Billie?" Billie groaned. Auntie had been talking about taking him to her dressmaker for a while, but recently Billie had dared to hope that she may have forgotten about this particular project. "Now don't sulk, my sweetheart. You really do need some new outfits if you're going to always look your best for Auntie. Try to be a brave little sissy boy and Auntie will be so proud of you when you meet Mrs Wainwright and her assistant. We're going to fit you out with a completely new wardrobe of pretty dresses and special frilly things to wear"

"But I'm forgetting - you're not the only one with a present for a special person. Here is a little something for you my darling" With that she reached behind her chair and brought out a small shopping bag bearing the name of the most exclusive lingerie shop in town. Billie's eyes widened and he reached out to take the gift. But Auntie quickly snatched the bag away, "You can open it later on – after I've given you your bath. Now off you go like the well-behaved sissy maid you are and get supper ready - and after supper I'll give you a lovely deep bubble bath and then you can open your present. How does that sound?"

"It sounds wonderful Auntie".

* * *

After a delicious meal lovingly prepared and served by Billie, and accompanied by a bottle of a good white wine, Auntie led the besotted sissy upstairs to the bathroom. Having turned on the bath taps and added the perfumed bubble mixture Auntie turned to Billie and began, slowly and silently, to undress him until he stood before her naked – except for his shiny silver chastity cage. Then she knelt down in front of him and used the key around her neck to unlock the tiny padlock that held it in place. With exquisite gentleness Auntie then eased the cage from Billie's straining penis – which immediately sprang erect and bobbed in front of her face. "My word, this little man is certainly happy to be set free, isn't he Billie?" Billie nodded dumbly.

Taking Billie by the hand, Auntie led him over to the foaming bath and helped him in. "Now let's give you a good soaping all over. I want you to be squeaky clean before you try on your present", Auntie smiled. She took up the soap and began to wash Billie standing amid the bubbles, his erect penis jiggling in the air in response to Auntie's thorough ministrations. At one point Auntie complained that Billie was splashing too much, and had wet her gown. She took off the wet gown and was then in just her little black bra and panties as she continued soaping every part of Billie's body.

Then she reached for a lady's razor from the cabinet and made Billie stand up perfectly still in the tub so that she could shave off the hair from Billie's legs and from under Billie's arms and around his penis, "But Auntie, I'm supposed to have hair down there…I'm a grown man". But Auntie kept insisting in a gentle reassuring voice as her razor sliced through the little curls, "Darling you're not really a grown man are you? You're a beautiful little sissy and Auntie wouldn't have it any other way. All this hair just isn't right for you. That's better – you're lovely and smooth all over".

And when Billie's crotch was totally bald, she put Billie back in the bath to soap and scrub his penis even more, her long fingers with their red nails sliding and slipping all over his hard penis with its bulging veins. She continued at this for several minutes as Billie panted and Auntie gave him warning glances that meant that he was to control himself. Auntie was very strict that Billie should only be allowed an orgasm as a special reward and only when she gave him permission; any unauthorized 'squirts' were punished severely. "Oh Auntie, please stop or I'll squirt" Billie pleaded.

Auntie finally relented and hauled Billie unceremoniously out of the bath by his ear before wrapping him in an enormous warm fluffy towel. When he was dry and she had dusted him liberally in talcum powder the naked Billie was ordered to follow Auntie into her bedroom, where lying on the big pink satin coverlet of the bed was the bag from the lingerie shop! "You can open your present now my poppet", Auntie said.

With trembling fingers Billie opened the bag and ripped off the delicate tissue paper wrappings. "It's a nightie!" Billie gasped. But what a nightie! - a white chiffon baby doll nightie trimmed on the hem and bodice with fluffy white maribou and with matching white panties decorated at the back with a tiny tuft of maribou. "Oh Auntie it's beautiful. Thank you so much", Billie gushed. "Can I try it on now – please"

"Of course you can, darling. Here let me help". With that Auntie dropped the practically weightless nightie over Billie's head and helped him step into the panties, drawing them up over his straining penis.

"What an angel you look! Do you know you've got a little bunny tail at the back here", Auntie remarked, her eyes narrowing as she stroked the tiny tuft of maribou on Billie's rear. Auntie then began to twirl Billie round and round so that the nightie flared out revealing the panties and Billie became giggly and breathless as he was whirled faster and faster.

Eventually Auntie slowed Billie down and pushed him on to her bed. "You really are an exquisite creature Billie. Just lie there for a few minutes to get your breath back while I have a very quick shower and put on my new nightie – I bought a new one for myself when I was buying your present" With that Auntie went back to the bathroom leaving an breathless Billie to roll about on the bed in a dreamy ecstasy.

No more than ten minutes later Auntie reappeared in the bedroom doorway. Billie looked over at her and gasped. Auntie's new nightie was very different from Billie's. It was a full-length pale cream affair in heavy liquid satin, very low cut at the neckline and beautifully embellished with lace. This combined with her long blonde hair flowing over her shoulders made Auntie look her most magnificent and awe-inspiring.

Auntie reached for a roll of broad white ribbon from her dressing table. "Now Billie I'm going to tie your hands ever so gently behind your back. We can't have them getting in the way where you are going – can we?" Billie didn't understand but he knew better than to object. Then she began to wrap Billie's hands and wrists into a neat package, topped with a big flouncy bow, leaving him face down, helpless and squirming on the big bedspread.

"Stay just where you are" commanded Auntie as she clambered on to the bed and got herself into position with her back against the arrangement of deep satin boudoir cushions. She spread her nightie primly over her legs and down towards her devoted sissy as he lay at the bottom of the bed.

"Now my precious little darling," she soothed, her face beaming with contained excitement, "you're going to play a lovely little game with Auntie - would you like that?" Billie nodded his head, speechless with embarrassment. "I want you to wriggle your way inside my beautiful new nightie. But there must be no horrible slobbers and definitely no sissy squirts or Auntie will be very cross. Understand?" Billie blinked and managed a choking "Y-yes, Auntie", before, at Auntie's urging, his head, then shoulders disappeared into the slippery satin folds of the nightie. Eventually all that could be seen of Billie was his pantied bottom with its fluffy tail and his smooth legs stretched out across the bed.

Auntie's mouth lolled open and her lips slackened and trembled uncontrollably as she stroked her playmate's head through the satin between her strong thighs. "Oh ye-e-e-es," she gasped, "Oooohhh, that's gorgeous….Oooooohhh, that's so good, Billie….Oooooooohhhh!.." And her thighs squeezed and slithered and parted and slid about inside her nightie, with the helpless shape of Billie hidden beneath as he slid about in the special magical world created for him by his wonderful Auntie.

But eventually, after half an hour or so, Auntie lifted the hem of her nightie to reveal the form of her nephew gripped between her thighs. His face was glistening with juice and his maribou baby doll was soaked, while his cheeks were crimson with excitement and exertion. Auntie reached down to check that Billie had been able to prevent any forbidden squirts. "Good boy, Billie, you did very well", she panted, her own face flushed and beaded with perspiration, "So you deserve a very special treat. Let me take this silly ribbon off for you my little angel and then come to Auntie for a cuddle."

Soon Billie was snuggled against Auntie's ample bosom, his soaked hair plastered back and his cheeks still glowing bright pink. "Now what are we going to do with this?" Auntie asked archly, as her hand encircled his stiff and throbbing penis. Her eyes met Billie's and challenged him to respond but all he could do was look back submissively and wait for her to decide. "I know what little sissy boys like" she murmured, and reached for the lacy neckline of her nightie. Her perfect breast tumbled out against Billie's hot face and her hand steered the nipple towards Billie's mouth. "You suckle there my darling", she whispered, "Auntie is going to make you do a big squirt – would you like that?" Billie could only nod as his mouth was full of Auntie's erect nipple. "But we're not in a rush, are we? So you lie there and suck away and Auntie will play with her little toy down here. I think we need a little drop of baby oil, don't you? " Billie groaned as Auntie began gently rubbing his penis. "And we can think about all the lovely treats Auntie has planned for her little pet in the future….Does that feel nice?…We can think about going to the dressmakers tomorrow and all the frilly clothes that you love so much…Do you like it when I do this?…You're going to have a special pink satin party dress with puff sleeves and lots and lots of petticoats. You're going to look so pretty my darling. And you want to look pretty for Auntie, don't you my cherub?"

Billie nodded again. "And I want you to look your best for the ladies in my Book Group when they come round for a meeting here next week. I've told them how you love wearing ladies clothes around the house, and they are so looking forward to seeing you in your new maid's uniform which we will pick up tomorrow. I thought you might like to answer the door and serve the refreshments for our guests. Would you like to do that my cherub?"

Again all Billie could do was nod feebly as a thrilling mixture of shame and excitement raced through his body. "Oh, I do believe I can feel my little toy throbbing", Auntie teased, "Do you think I should give it another rub - like this – and see what happens?"

"Oh Auntie…Oh…Oh…Oh…OOOOOOOOH!

The End


Look out for Part Two: Baby Doll Husband – coming soon




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