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Sissy Bobby

by Catherine Murray


I was sitting on the swing in the yard. I was still sobbing. My father just spanked me again. I didn't hear any reason other than I was acting to much like a girl again. I didn't like my father to much and he made it plain that he didn't like me. My mother was wonderful. I loved her. One day I took some of her pills so I could be like her. She didn't yell or tell my father, but, I was not able to find the pills again.

I looked across the yard. The spring rain we had last night took the last of the snow. All that was left were the piles of dirt that had accumulated with the huge piles of snow I saw Louise playing out back. She wasn't allowed to play with me since her brother lied to her parents about what we were doing in the woods. I knew if I said anything or went over to see her she would just go into the house. I let the idea go.

I was in fifth grade. My eleventh birthday had just passed. It was warm enough to be outside without a jacket. Spring was my favorite time of the year. The buds were on the trees and the grass was turning green after the long freeze. It was saturday afternoon. I was going to ride my bike to the eight o'clock mass tomorrow. I was scheduled to be the alter boy. I liked to go to 9:30 then I would get to visit with Mary Anthony. I could stay late and get to say hello to her as she went in.

There was no television for me this weekend so I decided to go to the library and get some books. I had no friends and was usually grounded from TV because I was to much like a girl. That was OK I loved to read. My older sisters both got Teen Magazine. I would read it cover to cover when they had finished. I read all of the Nancy Drew mysteries and I read some westerns. I was starting to read about Julius Ceaser. That was in latin. I found that it was like reading and doing a puzzle when you read in a different language. As I said I was an alter boy so I knew some latin anyway.

The ride to the library took me almost thirty minutes. It was mostly up hill. There were some boys playing baseball in the school yard. Two of them were in my class, but as is the case in a small town, I knew all of them and they all knew me. They called me a sissy and threw rocks but none came close. I parked my bike in the rack and went into the library.

I found two romance novels that looked interesting. I had to hide those, otherwise I would be beaten for reading girls books. I was looking for a latin text book, I was having a time translating several words in the third chapter of Julius Ceaser when a man approached me. "Hello young man what are you doing in this section." I explained about Julius Ceaser. He raised his eyebrows and said. "You must be Bobby Collins." I was suprised that this man knew my name, I didn't remember seeing him before. "I am Father Riley. You are my alter boy at mass tomorrow. The priest wasn't listed for that mass. That meant that it wasn't one of the regular priests. "I was wondering who was saying Mass. Pleased to meet you Father." I stuck out my hand to shake. Some people liked to shake my hand and some didn't there was only one way to find out.

He had to be a football player or something. He would have made my father look small. My father makes me look small so you can imagine. I came up to his ribcage in height and in weight I could not even guess. He had a full head of black hair with green penetrating eyes. My hand just vanished in his as we shook. He squeezed but not enough to hurt. Just enough to let me know that he could hurt if he wanted to. It turned out he grew up in town and was visiting his mother. That was the reason he was saying mass at our church. We chatted a little about latin and foreign languages. He recommended that I try french or spanish when I learned latin better. He asked if I had read many romance novels. I told him about some of the ones I had read but he didn't recognize any. I said that I would see him at 7:45AM sharp. "I am looking forward to it Bobby. He patted my bottom as I left to check out my books.

On the way home I could have gone home two ways. The shortest was past the school. There were six boys playing there when I went by before and it would be hard to sneak past from this direction. The longer way was past Thompsons house. They had a farm with two big dogs. They never tied them or let them in the house. I had been bitten the previous year. I chose the school.

I could tell the game was over, I was trying to get past as fast as I could but one of the boys was on the sidewalk ahead. He grabbed my bike and made me stop. "Where are you going in such a hurry sissy. "I am going home." I replied. His name was Dennis. He was fourteen years old, getting ready to go to high school. He played football in the intermediate league in town. Of all the kids in town I couldn't think of many that treated me worse than Dennis did.

"I think you are going to come over to the bleachers with me before you go home Bobby. I could feel the fear shiver through me. "I can't." I said, pretending it was a request. "Don't give me any trouble Bobby or you will regret it." He pulled my bike with him. I almost fell over, but managed to maintain my balance. I walked with him to the back of the bleachers trying to think of a way out of this. I wish I had chosen the dogs.

"Jack told me you sucked his cock is that true?" Jack was the worst kid ever. He used to hang around with Louise's brother Peter. Jack and Peter were both six years older than me. They had caught me and Louise in the woods. They chased her off and got her in trouble for being with me. They striped my clothes of and made me suck their cocks. "No, I never sucked anyones cock!" I lied and tried to stop my voice from cracking. "Shut-up liar. I know you did. Now you are going to do it to me." "No! I am not."

Whap. I was lying flat on the ground. I felt myself pee in my pants. I squeezed it off as soon as I could. "Am I going to hit you again or are you going to suck my cock sissy girl." He opened his pants and pulled out his cock. It wasn't hard but it had a lot of hair and it was long and fat. "Get over here Sissy girl." I got up to my knees. I knew I would never be able to get out of this. I walked over to him on my knees. When I got close enough he grabbed my hair and pulled me the rest of the way.

I saw his cock start to rise. He held my hair with one hand and his cock with the other. He forced it between my lips and against my teeth. "Open up bobby." He let go of his cock and slapped my on the head. He tried a second time. This time I opened my mouth and let him slide into my throat. I closed my lips on his fat cock and let him fuck my face. His cock just got bigger and fatter. I had a hard time keeping my teeth off of it. If I bit him I would have been beaten to death.

It seems like it took a long time for him to come. I am sure that it was faster than it seemed. He filled my mouth with his cum. I couldn't hold it all some trailed down my chin and dripped off. "Swallow it all sissy girl, you know you love it." He said after he quit moaning. He pushed me down flat on my back again. Zipping up his pants he said; "You are lucky thats all I want sissy. I know what Jack and Peter did with you." He pushed my bike over and walked away. He knew I would not tell. Everyone would think it was my fault anyway.

I got my bike and went to the drinking fountain. It wasn't on yet. I rode home with the taste of Dennis' cum in my mouth.

When I got home my father was yelling at me for being late. They were half way through dinner. We always had burgers and beans on Saturday night. Mine was cold. I made a sandwich and started to eat. "Bobby, did you see anyone in the library?" My mother asked. I told her that I had met Fr. Riley and he was going to say my mass tomorrow. "He is such a nice man." My mother said. You could do worse than to be a priest like Fr. Riley." Somehow my mother had come up with the idea that I would grow up and become a priest. I agreed to finish the conversation. "No Television for you Bobby. You go to your room after supper." My father added to the dialog. "I know." I said as I finished the last of my beans.

I had my own room being the only boy. I did have some privacy. I undressed for my shower and looked at myself in the mirror. My dark red curls were getting long again. My high cheekbones made my brown eyes the center of my face. I didn't have any blemishes on my skin like some kids in my class. My skin was white after the long winter. My nipples were swollen. They had been sore lately. I hoped that was a sign I was starting to grow up. My hips flared out. I turned to the side and looked at my bottom. It was round and firm. Not flat like boys. It had always been big but it seemed to get rounder as I got older. There was no hair at all under my arms or on my genitals. My penis was as small as ever. I thought about Dennis's cock and mentally compared it to my own. I was way smaller. My penis had always been the same size. Extra small. I rubbed it and my little ball sack. The whole package barely made a bump in my underwear. I showered and brushed my teeth. I went to my dresser to get my pajamas and on the top of the pile was the April issue of teen magazine and two Archie comics. I don't know who put them there. It was probably my mother. She knew I loved reading them. I had plenty to keep me occupied until I went to sleep. I set my alarm and reached for My new teen magazine.

I was dreaming of lipstick and mascara when the alarm woke me. I jumped out of bed, brushed my teeth and got dressed. I would have some tooast for breakfast after mass. I got my bike out of the garage and off I went to church. No one was in the school yard at this time. It would stay empty until after noon on Sunday. I arrived at the church at 7:40.

The sacristy was empty when I walked in. I got on my cassock and surplus and set the water and wine out. Fr Riley walked in and I helped him get ready for mass.

After the service as I was getting off my cassock Fr Riley asked if I had any luck with Julius Ceaser. I told him that I looked at it a little before bed last night but I didn't get into it very deeply.

"Why don't you let me help you with it. I remember the third chapter is one of the hardest in the whole book. Once you are past that it is a breeze." I thought some help would be nice. "Thank you Father that would be nice." "OK come on by my mothers house say around four this afternoon. Would that be OK? See will be off at her friends house so we can concentrate. I even have the books we need there." OK Father see you then. I ran out just as Mary was getting out of her car. I walked her into church.

I spent the day on homework. I spent a lot of time studying. I was doing real well in school. After I finished my homework I got out Julius Ceaser and reviewed it and got some questions ready. By this time my parents were telling me I spent to muchh time in my room so I was glad it was time to go.

I hopped on my bike and rode into town. It was just after four when I got to Mrs Rileys house. Fr Riley answered the door. "Hello bobby just on time. I have everything set out so we can start. We hit the story hard. He answered the questions that I had and showed me some grammer forms that I didn't even know I was mistranslating. By the time we had finished I could go all the way through the third chapter without any problems. "There that should get you a leg up on this thing. I wish someone had helped me like that, but I had it as a school assignment not as recreational reading. Would you like to relax and have a soda with me Bobby?" Sure father, I am thirsty.

"Lets move onto the sitting room, we will be more comfortable". I heard the rattle of glasses as he poured the sodas. He said "I saw you walking Mary Anthony into church today. I went into the room first and settled on the couch. He came into the room carrying the glasses. He sat next to me and handed me a glass. I took a long swallow, I was real thirsty. "Have you known her long?" "Yes", I said. "I have known her for as long as I can remember." The soda burned as it went down I swallowed more. "She is a very nice lady." "Pretty to. He said. "I remember when she moved to town from New York. People around here don't take kindly to strangers and there was talk around town about her not very nice talk I might add, have you heard any of it Bobby?" I thought for a second, my mother was always gossiping around the neighborhood. "No I can't say that I have."

He reached up and stroked my hair. "You have such nice hair and skin, I bet you get teased a lot." I wondered what he heard about me around town. "Yes, I get it sometimes." He laughed. "Sometimes, I bet you get it all the time. You are as pretty as a girl, and not one blemish." I must have blushed because he laughed again. His hand went from my hair to my leg. "Those big brown eyes of yours and the dark red curls. You could put on a dress and everyone would think you were a girl." This time I laughed, "They would not. I don't look that much like a girl." "Oh yeah," He said. "You think, stand up and turn for me." I stood up and turned for him. When My back was to him he grabbed my sholders and stopped me. He put both hands on my bottom, like I was going to sit on his hands. "See what I am saying, with this bottom you are a girl for sure." He pulled me on top of his lap and tickled me for a second. I laughed and tried to get away. but he was so strong there was no moving until he let me up.

We wrestled for a time until I knocked a glass of soda on me. "No harm done. He said as he picked up the glass. Take off your clothes in the bathroom, I will get you something to put on. We can have those washed and dried in a half an hour or so. I went into the bathroom and took off my pants and shirt. It had soaked through to my underwear. "Better give me those to we can do one load it won't take any longer. He handed me the robe. "It is my mothers. He had his robe on. I must have gotten his clothes wet because he had them over his arm. I stripped off my undies and handed them to him. As I put the robe on I could hear the water in the washer start. The robe was a heavy terry cloth. It was big on me and it was red with pink roses on it. I went back into the sitting room to make sure that there was no more mess. Fr Riley came in with more sodas.

We sat on the couch again. "You sure look pretty in that robe Bobby." He teased. He asked about how I get teased in school. I tried to make light of it but he kept asking me the same question in a different way. Finally I said "I get called a sissy a lot." He smiled and said, "I thought so. Do you get beat up a lot?" His eyes were staring at mine and my head was a little fuzzy. I took a sip of my soda and said, "Yes I get beat up by everyone even the girls beat me up." He laughed again and reached over and picked me up like I was a baby. He put me on his lap and said "Well I would never beat you up and if I was in your class no one else would either. His arm was around my sholder and my head was against his chest. I could feel the muscles moving under his robe. "Has anyone ever touched you sexually Bobby?" I was happy he couldn't look into my eyes when he asked that question. "Yes, they have." I answered. "Well, what have they done?" Gee, I thought, he wants to know everything. "They have taken off my clothes and they make me suck them." I blurted out. "Is that all they have done to you Bobby?" He asked. "No, they have stuck their cocks in my butt." By this time I was crying. He rubbed my hair and kisserd me on the forehead and said "Don't cry Bobby. It makes me sad also. "What do you mean?" I asked. "That they did all of that to you with no regard to your feelings and they hurt you when they did it. It doesn't have to hurt you know. It can be done gently with great affection."

This was confusing me. I thought that he was going to tell me it was wrong what had happened to me. "What do you mean father?" "Well Bobby it is like when a man and a woman get married, they have sex a lot and they have babies and they stay together even sleep in the same bed. There is what is called consentual sex, when both people want to have sex and they just do it. Oral sex is part of that." His left hand moved from the top of my calf to the tie on the robe. He kind of tugged at it to loosen it and he stuck his hand inside the robe and rubbed the puffy part around my nipple. "See you even have breasts like a girl." He said. His erection was uncomfortable so I moved a little on his lap. He kissed me on the lips and put his tongue in my mouth. "That is called a french kiss bobby. Do you like it? Has anyone kissed you like that before?" He didn't wait for an answer. His tongue was in my mouth again, then in my ear. He pulled the robe open and lowered his tongue to my nipples. His face which looked cllean shaven was scratchy. I could feel his raspy tongue as he licked and sucked my nipples. He sucked them into his mouth. Both of my nipples were so hard they hurt. I could feel tingles in my toes and my lips were tinkling so bad I had to either rub them or kiss him again. He made the choice. I felt his hand move in the robe down to my little penis. I felt him shiver. He lifted me off his lap and laid me on the couch next to him. He took my tiny penis into his mouth and he sucked it.

He asked me to get on my knees in front of him. His robe was open and there was the biggest cock I ever saw. I reached out and grabbed it with my hand. My fingers couldn't get around it. "Would you like to suck it bobbie?" I answered by taking the head in my mouth. I pulled away annd then I tried again. This time I got more in. I don't know why I wanted to swallow the whole thing but I kept trying. He kept rubbing my head and my back while I was doing it. I had his cock in my throat. I could feel it pulsing. He moaned, I felt his come shooting down my throat. I sucked until he stopped pulsing and then I sucked some more. He pulled me up and kissed me again. His tongue exploring my mouth. He went around me and put his finger in my butt. It went in easily. I could feel it wiggleing in there. Then he stuck a second finger in then a third. I remembered how big those fingers were. I turned around and saw the tube on the table. Somehow I knew he was being nicer than anyone else had ever been.

He pulled his fingers out and I could feel his cock going into me. As big as it was it slid in without a pause. It filled me up and felt good. I pushed against him to get more of it in me. He pulled out and pushed into me again. This time as he pushed , so did I. On the next stroke, I felt his balls hit me. He reached around me with both arms. One hand went to my little penis and the other went to my nipples. He pumped into me again and again. He kept rubbing my penis and pulling my nipples as he pumped into me. He was right, it didn't have to hurt. It felt better and better. He came in my butt and I know that I came also. I had no come but I did have the feeling, the pulsing. I knew why everyone wanted to have sex.

We washed each other and I got dressed in my clean warm clothes. He kissed me goodby. The ride home ended to soon.




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