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A Sissy Lifestyle

by DJ711


I woke up and shuffled out of bed immediately putting on my makeup. I yawned loud and I swore as my moms voice echoed up the stairs.

"Michelle! Get ready for school!" She said and I called back with the usual. "Alright!" But things weren't always like this once my room was painted white instead of pink. I had many basketball trophies and track trophies on my vanity instead of earrings and makeup. I was once also a boy. My name was once Michael. I changed when I was fourteen when I was sent to a sleep away camp called Emerald Lake. There the owner a goddess mistress feminized all us boys into sissy slaves. My best friend in the whole wide world Jenny and I were given shots, which turned us into females. I am a lipstick lesbian because I still don't want to have sex with a guy. Jenny is like that too. Of course we were laughed at and felt uncomfortable at first but we got used to it. Now we are full-fledged girls. I'm 17 now. I ran down the stairs passing my two other sisters as well. Who completely ignored me? That's weird but whatever. I ran out, a couple of boys falling off their bike. Yeah I'm that hot. I continued to walk faster and toward high school. I laughed as I approached Jenny's house. Jenny's mother was outside reading a book.

"Michelle!" She cried putting the book down. Suddenly in a wave of brunette hair Jenny burst out. Wearing a juicy top and a pink juicy skirt. She had her coach bag over her shoulder.

"Girl is that real!" I cried. I guess you can call it feminine intuition. She nodded and walked up to me giggling

"I cannot believe you have that! I have been begging my mom for one!" I cried louder and She and I walked away talking fast. We approached Henry high. A bunch of hot girls walked up to us. One was new.

"Hey fags think you could help us with our makeup." Said one and the others quickly shushed her. We were forcibly feminized not to mention tortured. Man I've the scars on my back for that. So I turned and slapped her across the face. Jenny and I walked away laughing. Almost hysterically laughing. I finished and walked into the girls room. Jenny hated going in there. The girls picked on her for being a he-she. She was a geek unlike me who was a jock. Let's just say her mom's aunt sent him there now she's in prison. My best friend before emerald lake walked up to me. He's still in denial.

"What sup! Dude! I've got my hands on the brand new covert ops game! Angel guns. Dude this game rocks. I've invited some friends over and my dad stocked up on some beer. How about it you in?" He asked. He was a typical jock. He wore his football jacket and he was popular. His jeans were ripped and covered with mud. He had black hair with bright green eyes. I shook my head no.

"Sorry dude I'm scheduled for a mani and a pedi at Olga's sorry. I've got a date. Jenny's double dating with me too so she's coming along." And with that I shut my locker leaving my old best friend defeated as I walked to math.

School was over quicker than I thought. Jenny and I walked out in a hurry. We took a nice short cut through the park. Someone was moaning and loud. The park was empty. Jenny and I crept along looking around. We came across a boy. His face was covered in makeup and he wore a maid uniform and he was tied to a tree. A ball gag was fixed in his mouth tight. We started to untie him when a strange odor filled the air as we went for the ropes. Jenny fell to the ground eyes shut. I fell back eyes blurring. Then I heard a voice that made my skin crawl.

"Well, Well, Well. Look who we have here. If it isn't the boys who shut down Emerald Lake." 'That voice no! It's Mistress Snow!' I thought as I blacked out.

I awoke to the sweet smell of perfume. I was tied down to a chair in the middle of the room with a woman in a guard uniform. She was beautiful.

"Hello there and welcome to the goddess H.Q." She said and smiled. The goddesses were a group of women who went around feminizing and enslaving males. Celeste Ganesta created the Goddess Mistress organization. She was a woman who was abused by her brothers and fathers. Since she created it she has been at fault for plenty of murder, Rape and feminization. The Goddesses were discreet but everyone knew about them, for they were behind a lot of kidnappings. The girl got up and approached me a smile on her face.

"Aren't you a pretty one?" She said smiling and came close and whispered in my ear

"It'll be in for a fun night girl." She said and nibbled at my ear. I froze as she began to feel me up. She started touching my breasts and squeezing them to her hearts delight. She smiled and undid my shirt.

"Let's have some fun!" She said and laughed and I cried out. She slipped something on me and I blacked out again

I woke up in pain. I had been stripped of everything. My ass felt like it was stretched two sizes and I had a funny taste in my mouth. The guard was completely gone. There was a mirror and that's it on was on my knees ankles tied together and arms behind my back. The ropes were hurting me. The full-length mirror was shining a reflection of a pitiful girl who just got raped. My makeup was ruined and my hair was a mess. There was everything a guy could fear in here. Gags of all shapes and sizes and shackles and whips. There were dildos and cock cages and an iron maiden stood in the far corner. A substance was in the corner by a bunch of chains. Cum. Thousands of mental pictures rushed through my mind as I saw this. I screamed in fear. Mistress Snow came in along with a Hispanic woman and an Asian waltzed in. Smiles on their faces as they approached me.

"You look so pitiful. You're naked and in a torture chamber. So Michelle welcome to the Goddess H.Q. You're going to pay dearly for shutting down my camp!" Mistress Snow said and kicked me in the chest.

"You were raped weren't you? The guard who did it to you was under our control. SO then as a result of treason against you Mistresses and your superiors you will be our maid/slave for the rest of your pitiful life. You may have a female body but you lack our soul and superiority!" She said and kicked me again. I coughed and groaned. The Hispanic grabbed me and held me up to my feet so she could see me. She threw me down

"He's hardly fit to be my slave. How about you Wu? Snow?" She said and kicked me again this time the Asian picked me up and looked into my eyes.

"I don't know Francesca. I could dye his lips and eyes and shave him down to size he'd make a good slave. If not I'm sure our fags would love to have a sissy sex toy. How about it Michael I'm sure you'd enjoy this. Being pumped full of cum everyday for the rest of your life in various outfits." She said and laughed and pushed his head into the wood slamming it down. I whimpered at that thought. The Goddesses circled their victim like vultures. It didn't long before the boy was being beaten to a pulp. I whimpered. They continued to beat him until a small brunette girl who carried in a plate of food.

"Ah. Hello Jenny." Goddess Francesca said and took the food spilling the burning hot food on my back.

"SON OF A BITCH!" I shouted. Mistress Snow brought me back and gagged me with a penis gag. I shouted in protest. Jenny had tears streaming down her face.

"Mistresses please release my friend. She doesn't deserve this punishment I-" Her words were drowned out by a fierce whip crack. Jenny fell backwards spilling burning hot food and drinks all over her. Francesca was holding it.

"You'll speak when spoken to Sissy boy. You both shut down our camp and you're going to pay. Now then listen be a good little maid and keep your mouth shut." She said and whipped her again. I struggled and cursed at them and received a very painful kick to the face. I swore I heard something crack. My Jaws were hurting from the gag. Jenny was whimpering softly.

"I've never seen more pathetic slaves. You're auction is tomorrow we have a lot more toys for you boys. We also have a lot of punishment to administer before you are sold to the high goddess bidder." Goddess Wu said and she kicked Jenny hard. She cried louder. I began to tear as she picked her up by her hair and slapped her across the face. A beautiful woman walked in. She had long flowing raven hair. Her face was covered.

"Who is this disgusting male! Why is he blessed with a female body?" She asked with a thick Spanish accent

"Hello Goddess Celeste. This is my camper James. I tried to turn him into a goddess by your orders but the police found us. That in the corner is Michael. Another camper who ratted us out." Snow said. Celeste bent down to jenny her thick leather suit shining showing her cleavage. She picked her up by the hair.

"And Goddess he shall be. Prepare the Psychological chamber. We might be able to turn him to her." She said and Wu left. She walked over to me her high heels clicking against the floor and echoing around the large circular room. She walked over to me and bent down.

"You think this is a joke boy! You screwed around with a force higher than you. Males are meant to be slaves to us. But your kind abuses us and forces us down!" She said and whipped me in the back.

"With the proper surgery and drugs you'll make a fine Goddess as well." She said and smiled and walked out returning with a hospital gurney. She dragged me over and placed me on it and strapped me down and wheeled me out. She wheeled me into a hospital with a bunch of surgery tools. I could hear begging and screaming coming from the next room as well as a drill. She smiled. She undid the gag and threw it far.

"I wont beg." I said defiantly and she picked up a scalpel.

"Oh but you will. They all do. You will beg bitch! I guarantee it." She picked held it as if she was going to stab me. She picked up a sharpie and began to draw disconnected lines around my pelvis, Lips, Eyelids and cheeks.

"Alright let's do this." She said and her hands clenching the scalpel.

"DROP IT!!" Said a commanding voice as a bunch of men in bulletproof vests burst in brandishing guns. She dropped it and she was handcuffed. I the straps were taken off. I grabbed one of the guns and pointed it at her.

"Go ahead and shoot. But we'll still find you." She said and smiled and I dropped the gun and Jenny was being brought out crying. Tears streamed from my face a policeman embraced me and shushed me

"Please stop. It's all right. It's all over." He said and I nodded.

3 weeks later.

I walked out with Jenny. Looked at myself in the full-length mirror. I was wearing a blue American eagle shirt with Abercrombie Jeans. My hair was short again and my male figure was back.

"It's all over." I said to James in my male voice. He was wearing a basketball jersey and jeans. His male figure was back as well and he smiled.

"I couldn't agree more." He said and laughed and spun a basketball between his fingers. The sex change was a success and everything was returning to normal.

"Angel guns?" Called a voice from down stairs followed by a belch.

"You know it!" James and I shouted back. James walked out laughing

"I'll be there in a minute." I called and opened a black suitcase and looked at my makeup kit. I applied some blush and lipstick and some eye shadow. Then I wiped it off and sprayed my self with axe. I placed it into the suitcase with a girlish outfit. Then I opened a trap door and slid it in

"It'll be our little secret." I said to the cat and giggled then I ran down stairs

"I shot Sword gunner." I said and ran down stairs.

This is the end of my tale. The goddesses are gone for good and I am free. I still cross dress on occasion. Thanks for reading. I'm Michael Sky. So long!

This is the last entry of Sissy Summer Camp. I'm confused I write forced fem but when I cross dress I don't feel a thing can someone tell me what I am?




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