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Sissy Slut

by Caroline Richards


I was naked and kneeling in the corner of the room furthest from the door. My head was bowed and my forehead touched the floor. I was shivering in anticipation because I had been that way for what I guessed to be more than half an hour, although it is hard to tell in such circumstances.

Finally I heard the door open and the sound of stiletto heels on the painted concrete floor. They came towards me but I did not dare to look up. I knew that to do so would be very costly. A booted foot was thrust under my nose.

"Show me how a slave greets a Mistress."

I raised my head just enough to kiss the toe of one boot and then the other. I kept kissing until told to stop a few minutes later.

"Stand up and spread your legs and raise and spread your arms. Get your legs wider slut. You can do better than that."

I was encouraged by a hit on the inside of each thigh with a horsewhip. I stretched to the limits my body could take and already my arms and legs were getting tired.

"Hold that pose for me slave while I inspect you."

Mistress walked around me slowly but I did not dare turn or move in any way to look at Her, and I certainly did not look at Her face. If I dared to do so the punishment would have been swift and severe.

She then stopped in front of me and took a leather thong from Her belt. My cock and balls hung down in the gap between my legs and She tied the thong tightly around my scrotum above my balls. Immediately I could feel my cock starting to rise but She quickly slapped it down with her whip.

"So, you want to be a sissy slut do you? Well I think I can help you with that."

She then took a posture collar from the rack on the wall and fastened it tightly around my neck. It was very uncomfortable, but She had made it clear that She was not concerned about the level of discomfort I was experiencing. A pair of nipple clamps was then attached and, although they hurt I knew from that they would hurt even more as they were removed.

"Stand up straight for me now."

I was relieved to be able to move and stand normally.

From a bench near the wall she gave me a pair of red and black panties to put on and then a black bra. The nipple clamps were still on and She eased them under and into the bra cups. Next a pair of black fishnet stockings with elastic tops that came to mid thigh, and finally a pair of what She called "fuck me" shoes. Black and 4"heels. I tottered on them struggling to find any balance.

"Now bend over the bench for me slut and pull your panties down a little."

She greased my arse and inserted a butt plug that was so large that it took Her almost a minute to get it inside me.

"Stand up."

She sat in a black wood and metal chair in one corner of the room and lit a cigarette.

‘Walk for me slut. Look at yourself in the mirror and walk up and down for me. If you are going to be a sissy slut you need to be able to walk like one.

I started to walk, finding it very difficult in such high heels.

"Swing your hips and your butt you useless slut. Do it now."

I tried to do as I was told and eventually I got some semblance of rhythm, encouraged by the occasional hit on my thighs with the horsewhip.

"Keep walking slut, but next time you are near me you are to kneel in front of me and open your mouth."

I did as I was told, and knelt before Her with my head back as far as my collar would allow, and my mouth open. She flicked the ash from her cigarette into my mouth.

"Walk again slut and kneel again after you have been up and down the room again."

She used me as Her ashtray until the cigarette was finished. I was surprised how little I could taste the ash but the impact of being treated this way for the first time was extraordinarily exciting and it showed.

"So my little slut is turned on is she. Good. Come with me."

I was tied over a horse in the middle of the room with my arms and legs restrained to the legs of the horse. The paddle struck me time after time on each buttock making me grunt with pain. She knew I was hurting but She did not stop until I finally begged for mercy.

"You will have to learn to take more than that my dear. We will work on your tolerance for pain from now on."

Behind me I heard her go to the wall and take something down. She came back to me and with a gloved hand removed my butt plug. She pushed Her body close to mine and I could feel a dildo starting to probe me.

"A good slut should be able to take this easily girl. Now relax and enjoy it like you want too."

Gently at first She pushed the head into me and then gradually, using more force, pushed it deep inside me. I grunted first with pain and then with pleasure as it moved around inside me.

"Good. I can see that my slut likes this doesn’t she. Answer me."

"Yes Mistress I like it."

"Tell me what you want girl. Tell me now and quickly."

"I want you to fuck me Mistress. Please, please fuck me."

And She did. She used me until I was erect and begging for Her to allow me to release. But then She stopped.

"That was for my pleasure girl, not yours."

I was released from the horse.

"Clothes off and sit in the corner"

I undressed and sat down on the cold concrete.

She walked over and stood above me, legs apart, and without saying a word pulled down her panties from under her leather skirt. Her pussy was only inches away from my face.

She began to piss on me. First a little on each thigh and then on my chest before finally moving to my face.

"I want you to cum for me now girl. Stroke yourself and come for your Mistress."

I was hard instantly and stroking my cock as She commanded.

"As you come I want you to drink my nectar slave. Open your mouth wide."

I did as She told me and I stroked furiously as I swallowed the piss gushing from Her beautiful pussy. I came in great spurts all over my belly.

"Good girl. My what a good slut you are going to be. Now shower and clean up. Then I want you back in your original position."

An hour later I heard the door open but I knew I could not look up. A boot appeared in front of my face.

"So you want to be a sissy slut do you? Show me how a slave greets a Mistress," said a new voice.




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