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Note: This is about the dark side of forced fem and how you can't get away with it all the time. In this story the boy turns the tables on his captors and the females who were feminizing boys get their just desserts.


The Sissy Spy

by DJ711


"Hands behind your back." Ordered the sweet and innocent voice of a teenage girl.

"Yeah." Came the voice of a teenage boy. The girl was a brunette about five feet and was dressed in mostly pink and white. The boy had long blonde hair and was about five foot 4. He had on a basketball shirt with ripped blue jeans and sneakers. The girl was quickly and expertly tying his hands behind his back with pink ribbon. Although the boy fidgeted the boy laughed softly. Something shining silver was in his sleeve. It was a revolver on each arm below his elbow. Another was the gleam of two dark green switchblades. The girl had a shotgun hidden expertly in her pants. Something attached to a string hung on their necks. It was a photo I.D it read. Agents of the C.I.A and F.B.I secret agents child division. James Sky and Brittany Smith.

"Our mission is bust the Roses. Do not and I repeat do not kill anyone. We have to have enough evidence to kill. Now these women and girls turn unruly boys into sissy slaves and fairies. You will be offended I'm sure James. But you cannot hurt a damn female." She said and placed a pink silk blindfold over his eyes. We are getting out of the car. Remember I am your older sister and you are my younger brother. Show a hell lot of protest. When I give the signal you will cut free of your bounds and kill every female in the room except for the owner." Brittany said getting out of the corvette and pushing him forward. They were in a abandoned parking lot a white washed building which looked a couple of years old stood in front of them which they made their way towards. She entered the building where a metal door. She took out a card and slipped it through a slot. The door opened easily now and she pushed James forward more. Slowly the sweet smell of floral perfume and soft music played. Some woman stood behind a desk. They're was a pink theme to the room and in a floral display it read "the sissy shop". Disgusted by the area as his blind fold was removed now his acting really came into play

"Where am I?" He asked in a confused tone. Brittany began to laugh and slapped him.

"Shut up! You're going to wish you hadn't played all those pranks on me!" She shouted. Trying to withstand the strong feminine aura. Suddenly a beautiful Hispanic woman paced towards them. He shook. She must be the owner.

"I'm Mistress Shlieth." She said

"You must be Brittany and this must be your pesky younger brother. Come follow me. We will be in room three." She said and started to walk away. The bonds were extremely tight suddenly three girls grabbed him and dragged him forward. They entered a large room. There was a chair and a vanity with a makeup table. Which surface was covered with makeup kits and nail polish. What looked like a horse and a closet? James struggled as he saw something that got him really mad. It was a boy about twelve he was strung up and dressed like a schoolgirl. He had a gag in his mouth. He clenched his fists.

"That's Lacey. She kept resisting but today she gets her punishment. She will become a full girl today at three. Of course we can't have you resisting. Now of course you I hope will be easier. Lacey's last sights are going to be your entrance to the sisterhood!" Said Mistress Shlieth said and laughed. Suddenly they began stripping him of his clothes. First they stripped his pants. Then they stripped him off his shirt. The revolvers were quite visible to the women and girls in the room.

"He's armed. Quickly bind him!" Mistress Shlieth screamed. It was too late as Brittany nodded James launched himself forward and grabbed his pants fishing around for his switchblade knives. Finding the knives he flicked the open and with ease cut his bounds. He threw his pants and shirt on. He laughed as the revolvers flew up and into his hands. He cocked the guns

"Where do you think you are going ladies?" He said cruelly. Mistress Shlieth backed up.

"On the ground now!" He ordered. The females were on the ground.

"You sicken me! Turning boys into fags for your own amusement!" He said and kicked a girl in the face hard. He began to untie Lacey. He groaned and fell. James using a universal solvent from his pocket and dissolved the glue on the gag and wig. He groaned louder

"My name is Louis. Not Lacey. My mother did this to me. The makeup is permanent along with the nail polish." He said and rubbed his wrist.

"We have to get out of here. So how do you have all those weapons?" He asked.

"I can not tell you." James said and got up pulling out a bunch of handcuffs and handcuffing the girls. He quickly grabbed some gags and super glue and placed it in their mouths then super glued it in. Then he handcuffed the girls' legs together and started to walk out guns cocked and ready.

"Louis. Stay here. I'll go get." He said and was cut off by a fierce kick to the head. Two women that were wore casual clothing that was pink and white.

"Rose bound the blonde. I'll take care of Lacey." The woman with shimmering light brown hair and was at least five foot four. She grabbed Louis and threw him back against the wall and using the ribbon to bind him. Rose who had raven hair and shimmering brown eyes and was five foot five grabbed James and threw him in front of the vanity. Using the rope underneath the table to bind him tightly to the chair.

"Celeste. Use the solvent to dissolve the gag and use his key to take off the handcuffs." Rose said and Celeste the brunette followed her orders to the letter. She placed her hand on her hip and smiled.

"I'm sorry we forgot to introduce ourselves we are the owners of the Sissy shop and it will be a pleasure transforming you from being a useless and unruly boy into a beautiful and obedient sissy slave!" Celeste said and laughed.

"So let's get to work." She said and opened up a makeup kit and laughed putting on a light foundation. After she finished she began to paint his nails as Rose took out a tube of bright red lipstick and slowly traced it over his lips. Then she took out some pink blush and swirled it on his cheeks. Then she picked up some spray.

"Well boy. Why are you so armed? This spray in my hand makes the makeup on you permanently." Celeste said as Rose finished his nails and was placing topcoat on it and spraying it to make the nails permanent.

"My name is James Sky. I know about your sick operations. That's why I was armed." He said and Celeste placed the spray down and began to untie him. The girls threw him over the horse. Tying his legs and arms beneath it. A girl with bright blonde hair smiled and lifted up a penis gag.

"Say ah fag!" She said and placed it in his mouth using super glue to keep it in. Obvious struggle and muffled protest came from him as Celeste unfurled a concealed whip and began to whip him hard.

"Give him some shots. We need him to look like a girl." Celeste barked out and three girls returned with syringes. James knew it was hormones. His partner Brittany stood in shock as the cruel women and girls laughed at his dismay. He was untied and the shots were administered. They stripped him of his underwear and a long bars and a drain rose from the ground. Before James knew what was going on he was stretched over the bars and secured tightly. Water drizzled on his body and Rose took out a pink shampoo bottle. She rubbed her hands together so it became foam and began to spread it all over his stretched and tortured body. Soon she stepped away. The pink foam began to heat up. James screamed in pain as his skin burned. Suddenly all his body hair fell from his body and down the drain. He looked in utter horror as the last remnants of his masculinity fell down the drain. He was administered a wig as they super glued it to his head and began to straighten it. He couldn't help but feel some sexual pleasure as Rose slipped on the silk panties. His skin was soft and smooth. Slipping on a pink diamond choker and the he fell, as he was untied. Brittany gasped and

"Celeste I'm going to go to the bathroom." Brittany said and Celeste nodded and Brittany quickly exited. She ran into the bathroom where many sissy slaves were fixing their makeup or being used as toilets. She happened to be the only one there because as soon as she entered many left. She pulled out a pink razor and furiously dialed in a number. A strong male voice answered.

"Agent Brittany this is a emergency line what is it?" He said.

"We are in the Sissy shop and they are feminizing James. I need a invasion and S.W.A.T now!" She barked into her phone. Brittany walked back out as men in bullet proof armor was arresting women and freeing slaves. The busted down the door to room three. Where Lacey and James were being tied to the wall. Scared to death by the men they screamed.

"On the ground now!" The S.W.A.T member barked. Celeste and Rose dropped, as did the others as they were handcuffed. Lacey and James were untied. A man in all black walked in.

"Good job agent James. As for you Rose and Celeste you are late for your plastic surgery." He said as Rose and Celeste were raised and helped up.

"By midnight tonight. You will be males." He said and Celeste cried in protest as they were dragged out.

"For the rest of you. You're going to jail." He said and walked out.


James came back to that spot two weeks later. He was a male once again. Though he now could think like a female. They were detonating the place with TNT. James smiled and pulled the trigger and watched the hellish place explode. He walked away hoping never to talk about this mission again. He became known for these words.

"If you are to transform someone you might as well be transformed yourself." Celeste or Charlie and Rose or Ronald now live great lives in jail being raped everyday. Two male hating women were transformed into the whores of prison. James never cared about them. They were sentenced to life sentences. When you transform other people you may be transformed yourself.




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