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Sissy Summer Camp

by DJ711


The bus ride there was rough. My hands severely tied to a pole by my seat. Girls were chatting or playing games. The counselors exchanged gossip and crushes and excitement for the summer. My 7 friends each on a different part of the bus arms tied up like mine. I sighed and shut my eyes. We were leaving New York and heading towards Pennsylvania. 'Maybe this was a prank or something I mean we were tied up maybe its initiation.' I thought and breathed in deep. We were heading towards Camp Emerald Lake. Supposedly the lake at camp was had a green tint due to nature and was crystal clear and beautiful like an emerald. When my mother had given me the brochure for this camp I smiled and laughed. It is like a four star hotel with bunks and wilderness and cabins. It was the nicest camp on the east coast. So I smiled again eagerly waiting for the bus to arrive at camp. The girls behind me were playing cards and talking.

"So what do you think this year will be like?" Said the blonde on my left and placed down a queen of hearts.

"I hope they will have good maids like last year. The activities will be promising too. I heard that the owner of the camp you know Sarah has brought in a lot more than last year." Said the Brunette on my right placing down 4 aces.

"I win." She said and laughed. I opened my clear crystal blue eyes and felt the warmth of the sunlight pouring through my window. The birds chirped and sung as we passed. The coach was comfortable as it was luxurious. It seemed the camp spared no expense when it came towards the campers. Though I thought there was an ominous feeling in the air? I sighed and look out of my window. The bus arrived in camp. A couple more had already stopped and the girls piled out laughing and talking. The counselors had rushed off to the huge cabin on top of the hill. A tall woman with long light brown hair walked out. She was beautiful so beautiful I took another look. She strode up welcoming the new girls and talking to the counselors. Could she be the owner? But I shook that off and struggled with my ropes and looked up as the girls behind me untied me.

"Thanks." I said and they smiled

"No problem." The blonde girl said and I looked at her and grabbed my backpack and ran out. The beautiful women approached us.

"Jamie! Alana!" She cried and hugged them

"Hi Sarah! So this year looks good already." The blonde said and Sarah laughed

"Right you are Jamie." She said

"Hello what's your name?" She asked me and I looked up at her

"Michael Sky Miss." I said

"Well Michael I'm Sarah Snow. I am the owner and Head counselor of Emerald Lake. Please take a seat over there." She said pointing towards a podium on a stage in front of 30 or more seats. The girls stood but all the boys made there way over to the seats.

Sarah walked over to the podium tapping on the microphone a couple of times to make sure it was on.

"Welcome to Camp Emerald Lake!" She said and everyone cheered. "Now then each boy will be assigned to a cabin. Michael Sky. You will be assigned to cabin 7." She said and I smiled eagerly and got up. "Now before we start assigning maids. I'm going to teach you guys your place. Girls?" She said with a cruel smile it was in that moment Jamie the girl on the bus and a group of younger girls had grabbed me and brought me onto the stage. Forcing me against a wall. Jamie picked up a wooden staff behind the podium and smiled. She cracked it against my ribs and legs and shoulders.

Each hit I screamed in pain. She spun it and slammed it into my back. I was let go and I fell over in pain. She smiled. As I was rolled over and one girl sat on my stomach and applied all types of makeup like lip gloss and lipstick and mascara and blush and eye shadow and more I didn't even know about. They laughed as they stripped me and forced me into a pink maids uniform filled with frills and lace. Placing a super glued wig on my head and then a tiara that went with the uniform. Placing fake finger nails on me then untying me shoes and socks and painted my nails and toenails. Replacing the socks with silky socks that went up to my knees. They quickly waxed my chest and legs and underarms and strapped stilettos to my feet. One placed a pink ribbon around my neck and sprayed me with perfume.

"Wait." One said the girls laughing terribly as she whispered something the girls that held my arms and legs down cracked up. With expertise the girl slipped off the skirt and top. She ran off. The girls were still laughing. I was scared as thoughts raced through my head. She returned with a hanger. They stood me up and laughed. I saw what it was and struggled. It was a bra and a thong! Filling the bra with balloons to look like breasts. They put it on me closing the strap. I was shoved down my hair in my face. As something slipped off my legs. There I lay half naked from the waist down.

"Look how small it is!" One cried as one though it was a great idea to kick me straight into my pelvis and a place where the sun don't shine. I cried in pain. Something silky was being slipped up my legs. I heard the elastic snap and they placed back on the uniform. Then they stood me up laughing. Sarah smiled

"This is the sissy punishment the more you resist us the more feminine you become. Girls you may start with your maids and remember boys call every female mistress and bow to them." Sarah said the shocked boys were grabbed and dragged off and the girls laughed. I struggled and started to run. My adrenaline was pumping. The shoes were horrible and the maids skirt was extremely tight and was hard to take large steps. The thong was chafing my legs. I was the star of the track team yet this was hard to run. I fell flat on my face and Sarah helped me up the laughter of cabin nine echoing through my ears. She smiled

"You didn't think I'd let you run now did you?" She said

"I-I-I don't understand." I said

"That's right! You're kind only understands one thing in this world and that's sex! Don't deny it! I saw the way you looked at me in the beginning. You little ass! When I'm through with you and your mistresses are you'll never think of hurting a woman again in fact you'll be serving them for the rest of your life!" She screamed at me. I was shocked

"What do you mean?" He asked

"Oh you didn't know this is a place where future mistresses and dominant women come to feminize and destroy the masculinity of the future Sissy maids. That's you. A sissy maid is a man or boy dressed like a French maid and does domestic work. But you my friend aren't sissy maids. No you're sissy slaves. Men who serve a woman's every request." She said to me.

"Slavery is illegal." I said

"Oh but it's all the rage! In fact at the end of each year I give you a special gift that keeps you obedient and feminine forever!" She said and giggled

"Sissy Michelle. That will be your name. Now girls let's show our little princess her room." She said and Jamie grabbed me and dragged me off.

We walked down a dirt road towards rows of large log cabins. I was still in shock. We entered the cabin, which had a fireplace, and a couple of couches near them were rows of nicely made beds. I looked around. In a glass cabinet was a bunch of whips and staffs as well as some shackles. Hanging in the middle of the room was shackles about 6 feet of the ground. I looked around in fear. There were a couple of vanities including one, which had a large amount of makeup. But there were places to tie someone up on the chair. I looked in fear. They dragged me into a damp and dark back room and used the shackles hanging from the wall to tie me up and hang me from my arms then using some chain they tied my legs together. I looked around and there were syringes and whips and wigs and girls clothes and a couple of other torture devices. They laughed hard

"This is your room. You're going to pay for trying to run away princess." Jamie said and laughed and shut the door. I got scared and panicked before falling asleep.

The sounds of chains rattling woke me up. Jamie and the girls were untying me. They each had on nightgowns.

"Oh we woke up princess." Jamie said in a mocking tone. Jamie placed the key into the two holes on my shackles and I fell.
"Get up!" A girl ordered me and kicked me in the face. I got up only to be dragged out and into the center. I was stripped to nothing but the thong. Lowering the shackles and placing me in them they suddenly rose and my feet were tied down.

"Now then you've been a very bad girl now haven't you?" Jamie said circling him with the whip.

"I-I'm a boy." I said trying to gain courage but with no avail. I started to shake

"Oh someone's confused. Why Michelle you're always that girly girl that we know and love. But you tried to run. We can't have that now can't we?" She said cracking the whip across my bare legs. I screamed in pain and agony. The girls were holding something over a lighter. It was glowing red. It was a needle. I struggled

"Please don't pierce my ears!" I screamed and they whole cabin laughed

"We have something better than that. We'll get to that later." Jamie said and the girls started etching a design in my skin. It burned and my blood flowed onto the wooden floor. I screamed loudly. A couple of knocks came from the door and another Cabin filled with girls piled in. They threw a boy in a light red uniform instead of pink at my feet.
He was crying. He grabbed at my clothes

"Just kill me." He said and the counselor gave him a sharp kick to his back and he feel over.

"Brittany!" Cried Jamie and hugged her. The counselor smiled

"Hi Jamie." She said grabbing the chair at the vanity and pushed him in and locked him up to it.
"Stop crying! You'll ruin your pretty makeup job!" She said and slapped him. They smiled and held up a vial of blue liquid and injected it into my neck I went out cold.

"What." I said quietly. I opened my eyes. My hands and the boy's were tied together as well as legs. We were naked! We were bruised and our ears were pierced. I struggled and my tongue felt something wet and warm. I was kissing him! We struggled and broke apart.

"Nasty!" I cried. The campers snapped a couple of pictures and they laughed. They snapped a couple more.

"This will look great on our blog!" One said and laughed

"Looks like the gay couple woke up." Brittany said causing laughter. They untied us. Placing our clothes back on

"Come on James!" Said Brittany and dragged the boy out. When I thought it was over Jamie gave me a fierce slap in the head with a mop. She threw a pail of water at me. Luckily I caught it.

"Get cleaning! I want all these blood stains out in ten minutes!" She shouted and I did as I was told.

It's been two weeks of camp so far. I got to know James a lot better. Although a lot of pain has been going on. Jamie and Brittany have started to eat in front of us. Telling us we can't have any cause we need to watch our girlish figure. They give us three slim fast shakes and a piece of bread a day. It was part of a plan to make us weak. I was in Sarah's large house cleaning. When I came across something strange. It was a sealed letter addressed to Goddess mistress Snow. I remembered my mom talking about a bunch of women who called themselves the Goddess Mistresses. Beautiful women who tortured men then turned them into females or slaves. I opened the seal and pulled out a cell phone. I opened it. The message read

Dear Mistress Snow,

Your camp idea is working like a charm. Sissy Summer Camp a breeding place for our future maids and slaves has produced the finest slaves and maids the Goddesses have ever seen. Women are lining up to buy them. Sending unruly boys to an all female summer camp and brain washing them was a perfect idea. But we are running low on members choose two boys and give them the drugs we will send you shortly. This will develop feminine features like breasts in them. The other will give them a female mindset. Turning these boys into the perfect Goddesses. Despite that this may be your best work ever. We caught the idiot writer of the underground male magazine the one who said we were ugly feminist lesbians. We are holding his punishment in my home. Be sure to make it. It will be the first of august. Bring the newly made girls with you. We have much training to put them through. Oh for the writers punishment. Bring some whips. We decided to torture him with out mercy till he begs then we will feminize him. As for the rest of the boys use normal drugs. We need some new maids and slaves. Nature accidentally killed one of her slaves any way. Seems he hit her daughter the idiot. Well I have to go I hope to see you on the first we have much catching up to do.

Your old friend and partner,

Mistress Nicole Smith

P.S: Bring a present it's Wu's daughter's 5th birthday.

I stood in shock. I placed the phone back in the envelope and sealed it again and placed it back.

"Surprised I'm a Goddess." Sarah said and walked towards me I backed up. A package slipped through the door. She opened it and took out two syringes. She got me into a corner.

"Welcome to the goddesses society." She said and injected me with it. She injected me with the other one. I feel over and went unconscious.

The sounds of sirens woke me up. I looked at a policeman who was helping me up. James was in an ambulance, which shut its doors and drove away. The policeman helped me up.

"Seems the woman who was identified as Mistress Sarah Snow got away with the others. Hey is this kid a guy or a girl?" Said a medic

"Hey he's going out. Let's get him to the hospital stat!" My eyes shut and I fell into a deep sleep. I woke up in a hospital bed. I awoke my mother and 2 sisters standing over me.

"Thank God you're alive!" She shouted and hugged me. I pushed her off

"You sent me to that hell!" I shouted my voice was different. It was high pitched. My hair was long.

"We couldn't remove the drugs." Said the doctor.

"Your stuck like this I'm sorry. You're a girl now." He said sadly

"I always wanted another little sister who I could relate too but not like this." My oldest Sister Lindsay said.

"I'm so sorry. It's just you were so masculine and perverted I thought sending you there would help you get in touch with your feminine side. Michelle." My mother said. A girl walked in

"Michael! Come on if were stuck like this we better get some clothes and makeup!" She said and I laughed
"Your right James!" I shouted and we ran out in our hospital gowns

"Guess I have three daughters now." My mother said and my sisters laughed

"Come on let's go paint her new room pink. I can finally burn all his annoying and sexist clothes." My youngest sister said and they ran out laughing.

"Maybe some good can come out of this." My mother said and walked out shutting the lights and door behind her.

So I got used to my female life style. Sarah got way but other than that life has been great. I'm the most beautiful girl on the block. I'm a les cause I don't want to be gay. James or Jenny is still my best friend. Everything turned out all right. No one ever made fun of me again. My story was all over the news and I got instant fame. Life is good.


I'm thinking of making a sequel if this is a big hit!




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