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Sissy Tec

by Missy Crystal


"Well, now, is Nana Margaret's little sissy awake after her nappy-poo? Isn't Stephanie just the most darling little baby girl in her pretty pink party dress with all the frilly petticoats? Your Mommy Penny dressed you just like a little doll. All those lovely blonde curls under that great big bonnet. And such cute frilly white ankle sox and Mary Janes. It's too bad our little sissy can't walk, but all your muscles are sooo weak from the drugs Auntie Jessica puts in Stephie-wephie's formula. Oh, and you can't talk either, can you my sweet poopie panties. Auntie Jessica's training program has reduced you to an infant. All you can do is sucky-wucky on your pacifier and say goo-goo and gah-gah.

Oh, don't look at me like that with those big blue eyes. I know that you remember how you used to be Mommy Penny's husband, Steve. You weren't much of a man. She told me and Auntie Jessica all about your tiny pee-pee. It's so cute now, tucked inside your big fluffy diapee underneath the rows and rows of lacey ruffles on your pretty rhumba panties. I could just eat it up. Maybe I will later. You like Nana Margaret milking your sissy cream. It's not good for much else. It was too weak to make babies. Mommy Penny told me and Auntie Jessica all about that too. I told her to divorce you, but Auntie Jessica said no. If you couldn't make babies, then you could be a baby. That's when Auntie Jessica got the idea for her new company, SissyTec. She was always so good at business and she knew there must be lots and lots of women who would like to turn their worthless husbands or disgusting little boys into sissies. All they needed was the right sissy technology and you were just right to test it on.

Mommy Penny is pretty, but Auntie Jessica is a knock out. She always dresses in tight black skirts and high spike heels with her great big boobs popping out of her sheer blouses. She knew how you couldn't say no to her. When she asked you to help with the research for her new company's training program, you never even asked about it. You just started taking the special drink before bed and listening to the tapes while you slept. The hypnotic sedative Auntie Jessica used worked so well. Each night you slipped more and more into babyhood. You didn't even know it.

After a few nights, you started wetting the bed. You couldn't understand what was happening to you. Mommy Penny said she talked to the doctor and it was probably just a bladder infection. She told you he wanted you to take some pills and wear a diaper at night. You couldn't know that the tapes made you want to be a baby. A little girl baby. So you let her put you in a diaper and rubber pants. Pink rubber pants with little hearts and flowers. She told you that was all she could find and you let her because the tapes were making you more and more submissive. Penny was your mommy and little sissy baby girls always do what their mommy tells them.

Mommy Penny wanted you to wear a pretty baby-doll nighty too. It was pink to match your rubber pants and had lots of ruffles around the hem and puffy sleeves. You looked so adorable. You didn't know that I came over to see you after you fell asleep. You were all curled up and sucking on your thumb. The tapes made you want to act like a baby. And the pills from the doctor. They were really a diuretic and very powerful laxative. They would make sure that you filled your diaper while you slept and that there was quite a stinky load when you woke up.

Mommy Penny pretended to be very angry and you were humiliated when she invited me over and discussed your problem with me right in front of you. She said that you had to wear your diaper and nighty all day, so there wouldn't be any more accidents. She even left me there when she went shopping so you would get used to Nana Margaret babysitting you. You weren't very happy when I told you that the doctor thought you might have a stomach bug and wanted you to eat soft foods. That big bowl of mush I gave you, it was full of special drugs that Auntie Jessica was developing. Powerful hormones to stop your body hair from growing and give you a girlish figure and a mild tranquilizer to take away what was left of your will power. From then on, you had no choice but to obey us. When you had bad stomach cramps and wanted to use the bathroom, I told you no, only grown ups use the bathroom. You had to go in your diaper. Now you have no control over your poo-poo or pee-pee any more, do you sweety-kins? You wet and make icky in your diapee all the time for Nana Margaret like a good iddle sissy baby girl.

After a few weeks on Auntie Jessica's sissification program, you transformation was complete. You were sucking on your pacifier, drinking from a baby bottle, lost your ability to walk and talk and wore a diaper and plastic pants all the time. Auntie Jessica was so pleased. You made such a wonderful tester that she couldn't wait to try out all of the other SissyTec products she was working on. Do you remember the vibrating butt plug. It was sooo big, we weren't sure it would fit in your tight little rosebud, but Nana Margaret lubed it up with a big gob of petroleum jelly and worked it right in, didn't she snookums-wookums.

Baby Stephie liked Nana Margaret sticking that great big butt plug up her ass and wiggling it around. We left it vibrating in you for ten minutes. Your little pee-pee almost got stiffy and you dribbled out sissy cream. I spooned it up and fed it to you. Wasn't it delish? Mommy Penny says that one of these days she's going to bring her little sissy baby girl home a whole condom full of real man's spermies. Yum, yum. And Auntie Jessica has lots of other products to test on you. Oh, don't fuss so. I know that some of them hurt, but not every mommy wants to treat her sissy as nicely as Nana Margaret and Mommy Penny treat their little sissy baby girl. Auntie Jessica needs to know if the products work before she offers them in her catalog. After all, she has become very rich thanks to you and she wouldn't want to disappoint her customers. You know her company slogan, "Better sissies through technology."

Oh, my, is Nana Margaret's sweet babykins wet? You can't control yourself anymore, can you my darling sissy baby, and from the smell you have stinky poopies in your diapee too. That big baba full of Auntie Jessica's special sissy formula that Mommy Penny gave you before she went out did the trick. Don't cry my little baby doll. Nana Margaret is going to change you. I know you still remember when you were a big strong man, but Auntie Jessica and Mommy Penny took care of that. All of the hypnotic therapy and drugs Auntie Jessica has used on you turned you into a sissy baby girl and the changes are permanent. You will be sweet little Stephanie forever. I'm sure if Auntie Jessica hadn't injected that paralyzing drug into your vocal cords you would say thank you to Nana Margaret for being such a good sissy baby sitter instead of making baby sounds.

There, there, Miss poopie panties. Lets get your dirty diapee changed. Isn't this SissyTec convertible just the bestest invention It's a great big crib for adult babies with strong metal rails to hold them in. Mommies need to keep control of their sissies. The leg and arm restraints built into the mattress see to that, don't they honey bunny. And whee, see how the mattress moves up, up, up when I push this button. The crib becomes a changing table. Now, lets pull down your frilly willy rhumba panties and undo your diapee. Ewww, you are a smelly baby girl. And look darling sissykins, the shackle to which your leg restraints are attached is on the end of a pole that comes up from the mattress when I push this other button and pulls your adorable little bottom into the air. That way mommies can wipe and slide a clean diapee underneath their sissy's bum bums without releasing them. Hasn't Auntie Jessica just thought of everything to make it easy for mommies to handle their sissies. Men are such useless creatures and boys grow up to be men if you let them. I don't know why every woman doesn't do it. There doesn't Stephie Wephie feel like a new baby girl with her nice clean diapee.

Now it's time for another baba. You know that you have to be feed every hour, so you will keep you diapee nice and full. Auntie Jessica always tells the mommies who buy her SissyTec products that it is very important for them to remind their sissy babies that they have no control over themselves by always having a great big stinky squishy load in the panties. Drink it all up sweetie pie and don't fuss so or I will have to tell Mommy Penny that you didn't behave. All that castor oil that Auntie Jessica mixes into her special formula is supposed to make it taste bad and give you cramps. You remember the last time that you didn't do what you were told. Mommy Penny put you in the SissyTec paddle whacker machine. That was one of Auntie Jessica's best inventions. Mommies got sooo tired from swatting their little sissies butts and disciplining them wasted sooo much of their time. Now all a mommy has to do is pull down her sissies panties, strap her over the discipline bench and turn on the rotating paddles. She can even set the controls for how many strokes and to alternate cheeks, like a hand or hairbrush spanking, or both at the same time for a real strapping. I'll bet you remember how your little cheeks got pinky, then rosy red and how you cried when the leather paddles kept going whacky, whacky, whacky until it felt like your behind was on fire. Auntie Jessica says that one or two sessions with the paddle whacker and a sissy baby will never disobey her mommy again.

Oh, the telephone. Don't move my darling sissy. Ha, ha, you can't, can you? No. You're completely helpless. Nana Margaret will be right back. Guess what Stephie. That was Auntie Jessica. She has some new products she wants to videotape you using, so she can demonstrate them. Won't that be sooo much fun. While we're waiting, I want you to play with your rattle for me.

Oh, don't give me such a sad face. You look so adorable holding your baby rattle. Now we have to put you back up on the changing table to put in your conditioning plug. That is one of Auntie Jessica's most popular SissyTec products. It gives a sissy quite a big electric shock to help her learn how to behave. You remember how it works. There's something in the rattle that activates the plug if you don't keep it moving. First the pretty chime to get your attention if you stop and then, oh my! I can still see the tears in your eyes and your little body shaking when it went off. It didn't take too many of those before you learned to keep rattling. Auntie Jessica says that's called conditioning.

There, Nana Margaret has Stephie's plug all slippery slidey and ready to stick in. Here we go. Oh, you took it like such a nice sissy. Lets put our diapee and pretty rhumba panties back on and here's you rattle, my darling. White with pink bunnies and Auntie Jessica even put you name on it. See, it says, "Sissy Baby Stephie." Oh, of course, you can't read. You're just a baby now. But that's what it says. Shakey, shakey, shakey, rattle, rattle, rattle. That's my good little sissy baby. I'll be back when Auntie Jessica gets here in about an hour. Auntie Jessica says that's the best thing about her SissyTec conditioning system. Mommies don't have to waste their time watching their sissies and correcting them. The sissies punish themselves if they're bad. Bye bye, baby. Don't stop or you know what will happen!

Wasn't that the funnest. You have been playing with your rattle for almost an hour. You must be a very tired little girl. I know what. While we're waiting, we can use the SissyTec Milkamatic! Auntie Jessica says it's one of her best sellers. Mommies love the convenience of being able to milk their sissies without getting messy. Okay, up on the changing table and Nana Margaret will take off you panties and diaper. There's that adorable little pee pee. See, the cuff on the end of the suction tube slips nice and tight over your little pricklet to catch all the dribbles. Ohhh. Stephie weffie's little dicky doodle is all soft, but Nana Margaret's going to take care of that. First we have to take out the conditioning plug. Then I'm going to put on the SissyTec Rub-a-Glove with the tushy tickler finger and stick it way, way up your tight little ass. There see, a great big gob of jelly and up, up, up, all the way in. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. In and out. In and out. Isn't that soooo nice. Sissy babies like their poopers massaged, don't they honey buns. Give Nana Margaret a great big sissy baby smile and say goo goo, gah gah or she won't start the milking. Yes, that's it. Let me hear that sweet sissy baby talk.

Okay, here we go, sucky wucky, sucky wucky goes the pump. Yes, yes. That's such a good little sissy baby. Make nice milkies for Nana Margaret. See, it all goes down the tube and gets collected. Mommies can set it on auto-cycle and milk their sissy babies all day long. Then when they come back they have ever so much milkies to give them. And you know the best part, don't you? Yes you do, snookums wookums. We can fill up your SissyTec Nursing Pacifier, so that little sissy babies like you can enjoy the taste of their own spermies all day long. Mmmm, you can't wait can you, my little cum lover. But I think you're going to have to. I hear Auntie Jessica's car. And look. Oh, you can't look can you? Well, if you could, you'd see that Auntie Jessica is bringing in a great big box and I'm sure it's a wonderful new SissyTec product for you to try. Hi Jessica dear. You sissy baby niece and I are ever so curious to find out what you have in the box.

Hi, Mom. I see you have Stephie all ready for her video demo. I can't believe how much money this useless sissy has made for me. Not to mention how much pleasure I get from his total transformation from Penny's macho husband Steve into a helpless baby who has no control over his bladder or bowels. Does Stephie weephie like to make poopies and pee pee in her diaper. Ohh, you're so adorable now. Do you remember what life used to be like before I took control of you? No, you're just my ickle biddy babby, aren't you? Yes, diddle dums you are! Well, Auntie Jessica has some nice new SissyTec products for you to try. We have two new conditioning products I want to shoot. Patty should be here with them and the video equipment soon, but while we wait, I want to try out one of SissyTec's newest specialty products. This is the Auto DiaperWiper.

I don't think it's something Penny will let me try on Stephie. She still cares for the jerk, even though she let me use my SissyTec products to turn him into a mindless sissy baby. But we've had requests from some mommies who don't think that sissification is enough for their husbands or sons without extreme humiliation and punishment for whatever they've done. Hopefully, Stephie has a full diaper and I can show you how it works. No? You just changed her. Well, here, I brought a big jar of SissTec baby food. It's loaded with laxatives. A bowl full of that and Stephie will poo her brains out. Go ahead and feed her while I set it up.

There. And she's finished her whole bowl like a good little sissy baby. Why don't you give her a big bottle of formula too. I want a really full diaper to test. Oh, look at her face all scrunched up. Yes, dearest Stephie, go ahead and make a great big squishy mess in your diaper for Auntie Jessica. Okay, now Mom, take off her diaper, open it up and place it with the messy side up in the cleaning compartment. Close the door and the machine starts automatically. See the series of lights. That tells the mommy that the machine is processing. The first yellow light is the removal stage. The diaper is pressed against a screen that forces the contents out. Then the second yellow light is the collection stage. A vacuum squeegee sucks it all up and drains it into a collection chamber. The third yellow light indicates that the poo and pee is being sterilized and homogenized. Finally, the green light comes on when the mixture is ready. Ahh, see. Just the perfect consistency for force feeding the disgusting concoction. One mommy has been mixing it by hand and putting it into mini ice cube trays. Then she puts pacifiers in and freezes them. When they come out, the pacifiers have a thick coating that slowly dissolves in her sissy baby's mouth. She has already placed an order for the first production model of the Diaper Wiper to keep up a steady supply of what she calls her poosicles.

I wonder if Penny would care if I gave the precious little sissy a feeding from her dirty diaper.  A spoonful or two of poopies and peepees.  Doesn't it look ever so tasty, Stephie? Oh, don't make such a face. Even if you could talk, you wouldn't tell on your Auntie Jessica, would you?  Not if you know what's good for you.  She just might put you on the nice Paddle Whacker machine and forget to come back for an hour or two.  Would little miss fussy like to have her bottom blistered so she can't sit down for a week?  No?  I didn't think she would.  Then open wide.

Oh, Mom.  You always spoil my fun.  Well, Stephie, there's lots more where this came from and Nana Margaret won't always be around.  One of these days Auntie Jessica and her sissy baby niece are going to have a nice little party, just the two of us and a great big bowl of special din-din for ickle widdle baby Stephie to eat awllll uppp.  And when you finish it, a great big bottle of Auntie Jessica's morning potty juice to wash it down.

That reminds me, Mom.  We are adapting the Diaper Wiper technology to an automated Punishment Potty.  Most of our mommies like to watch the expression on their baby's face while they're being fed their diaper dinner, but this new system will let them strap the sissy into a potty chair which will collect all of her poo and pee, prepare it, combine it with a nutrient liquid and then pump it through a feeding pacifier. The best part is that the pacifier is equipped with our latest SissyTec computerized micro system.  It monitors the flow of the mixture, which controls the pump.  The sissy has to suck and swallow at a constant rate.  If she stops or slows down, the pump forces more into her mouth and she has to swallow it or gag.  After a few sessions of choking and having the disgusting stuff dribbling out their nose, they get the idea and after that they can be fed endlessly.

You see, the whole problem of turning a useless husband or nasty little boy into a simpering sissy was how much time the mommy had to spend on training and management.  SissyTec makes it easy for her.  All she has to do is use one of our automated products and go about her business.  Like the Punishment Potty.  We can provide a closed-circuit television system so that she can watch her sissy suffer from anywhere in the house while she relaxes or invite a few girl friends over to enjoy the sissy's total submission and humiliation live or on videotape. Speaking of videotape, where is that Patty, she was supposed to be here by now with the new products.  Oh well, little Stephie babykins isn't going anywhere, are you diddle dum?




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