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The Sissy Whorehouse

by Veronica Vasodra


Hey you! My name is Candy and I'm a sissy slut. I used to be a male, but now a days I enjoy dressing up in sexy lingerie while I suck men's cocks and let them fuck me in my ass pussy. Yeah, I know that's a crazy change, but the story of how it happened is even crazier.


Chapter 1 – The Capture

Before I became a girl I was a lonely boy with no friends. I couldn't seem to make friends with anyone. I hated myself and I hated my life. One day I decided to take a walk and try to get away form my troubles. It was early in the morning, the sky was a pretty pink, and no one else was out. But then, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a black van with heavily tinted windows coming down the street. It slowed down beside me and as it did I got a little scared. I was alone on a deserted street after all. There was an attractive yet manish blond woman in the passenger seat. She called to me.

"Hey do you know where the …

At that point I calmed down. At least they had a legitimate reason for stopping; they wanted directions. But, then came the end of that sentence. …. Sissy she-male sex slaves are?"

"Oh a wise-ass. This is so stupid." I thought to my self.

"Umm, gee, no. I don't" I said sarcastically.

"Ha! Yeah well you're about to!," she said.

Just then the side door to the van slid open and two tall blondes jumped out. I tried to run. Each of them grabbed one of my arms and dragged me in the van kicking and screaming.

"Hey what the hell is this?" I shouted.

They tossed me in the van, slammed the door shut and locked it. I was scared out of my mind. What was going to happen to me?! I started to struggle but they forced me to the floor and pined me down. "We are going to have to tie her up," one of them said. "What?!," I thought to my self as the fear filled me. "Why did they just call me she?"

Then I had a realization.

"The woman in the passenger seat said something about sissy sex slaves, and I was just referred to as a female. This must be some kind of sexual abduction.

Dear God." I thought to myself.

They tied me up and I stopped struggling. There was no way I could get out of the ropes they put me in so I figured I should save my strength for resisting whatever perverse things they had in store for me. The three of us sat there breathing heavily from our struggle in the back of the van. Then one of the two blondes, she had purple eye shadow (as opposed to the other one who had pink) called to the women in the front. "What do you think of this one girls?"

"She will be a lovely addition, Crystal. That was a good job spotting her."

"Thank you, Sissy"

"Addition to what? Was I going to be ok? Oh my God. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God," I just kept repeating in my head.

The one called Crystal came over to my tied up helpless self, straddled me and wrapped her arms my shoulders.

"Yes I think she will do very nicely." Crystal said as she gave me a kiss and slipped me a little tongue. As scared as I was I must admit that I was a little attracted. There was a cute girl being close with me, kissing with me. Her lips where so soft… Then I felt it. A hardening bulge against my waist. It was a cock! This girl had a cock! This wasn't a girl at all. I started to struggle again. They all laughed, as they knew what I had figured out. Crystal leaned close to me and whispered softly in my ear "You'll soon get used to feeling these."

Oh no, I think I had an idea what I was in for.

Chapter 2 – The Induction

I wasn't there only recruit. There were about 20 of us all in the late teens accept for one guy who looked like he was in his twenties. We were in a large room with lots of showers on one side and on the opposite side was just a door that looked like it led to an office. We were forced at gun point to take our clothes off and line up like some kind of perverted army. They had us line up with one naked boy in front of each shower. I was pissed at this point. I knew they didn't want to harm me just force me to do perverted humiliating things. We waited like that for about 5 minutes while sexy guards with guns stood watch. Then a woman (although I suspected that she probably wasn't really a woman) stepped out of the office. Like everyone else she had blond hair and wore an excessive amount of make up. She was wearing a short sexy black dress with black lace trim and black 5 inch heals. She looked to be about 30 years old. I would have been very attracted to her if I had not known she was really a man. She walked back and forth looking at us up and down. She started to speak to us.

"Welcome to the first day of the rest of your effeminate lives."

I wanted an explanation as to what was going to happen to me so I listened up.

I didn't have much choice anyway. She continued. "My name is Electra and this my transgender whorehouse. Gentlemen, today ends your lives as males and begins your lives as females. From this point on you will be little sissy she-male prostitutes. You will live your lives as females. You will wear female clothing and make up. You will conduct yourselves in a manner becoming to a pretty young slut. The only sexual pleasure from this point on in your lives will come from men. You will be sucking their cocks for them, and you will be getting fucked up the ass. The best thing to do to deal with this is just to learn to enjoy it. Your assholes might be a little sore some times but it's a small price to pay for feeling like a woman. You'll learn to love it. Frankly, you don't have a choice in the matter. Those who don't adapt well to their new situations will find them selves in a lot of pain."

"Wholly shit!!!", I thought, "This is insane! These people want me never to see my family again and spend the rest of my life as some kind of gay whore. This is ridiculous! No Way! I had to do something about this. I had to get away. I had to…" Just then one of the other prisoners, the one who looked a little older than the rest of us, spoke up with what we all must have been feeling. "Hey Fuck you guys, there is no way your gonna turn me into some kind of fairy. There is nothing you can do to make me. Fuck this shit." "I'm sorry you feel that way, but I'm afraid there is something we can do" "Oh yeah, what they hell are you freaks gonna do?" "Ladies," she said to the guards, "I believe you know what is in order" "Yes." One of them said.

They grabbed the resistor, dragged him across the floor and threw him into the office. We couldn't see him anymore. The guards stood in the door way and fired there guns as the resistor screamed. I was in shock. Well it looked like I didn't have much choice anymore. I was gonna have to suck cock or be killed. Hell of a life.

"Now that we understand each other, I think we can proceed with out any further problems" Electra said to us. The guards handed us each purses with names on them. The names were whores names, like Sparkle, Glitter and Missy. Mine said Candy.

"In these you will find some things necessary for your transformation into willing cock sluts. Your new names are also on the purses. Inside, among other important items, is some hair removal cream. You will now step into these showers ladies, and when you come out you are expected to be completely hairless below your shoulders. I believe you know what will happen if you don't.

"Die or live as a woman, and a whore no less. Unbelievable." I thought. I had not yet accepted it then, but I soon would accept it and, as Electra said, learn to enjoy it. As I stepped in the shower I was pissed beyond anything, but a time would come where I couldn't live with out dick. As I fumbled through the purse to find the hair remover, I noticed the other things in the bag. There was a blond wig, a make up kit, eye brow tweezers, breast forms, a vibrating dildo, a butt plug, sexual lubricant, and the hair remover. I took the bottle of hair remover out, hung the purse up on a hook on the wall and stepped into the shower. I rubbed the hair cream all over my body, then turned the water on. Soon the hair was dissolving and being washed away by the water.

"Five Minutes left girls." I heard shouted from outside the shower. I was already finished, so I just relaxed and let the warm water hit me. I took the time to think. How was I ever going to get used to being a girl? I was gonna have to suck a man's dick? I have to have sex in my ass? Man!, how the hell was I going to do this. It didn't matter how because it's not like I had a choice in the matter anyway.

"OK, time is up sluts. Step out of the shower and line up your new hairless feminine bodies."

I stepped out of the shower and saw all the other hairless boys lining up like we were told so I did the same.

"Now that that ugly old hair has been removed and your bodies are nice and girly, we will begin the second phase of your transformation. The makeovers." Said Electra.

All the boys made angry faces when she said this. They Hated this. They didn't want to be hairless and feminine. They didn't want makeovers and they didn't want to be sissy cock-suckers. Neither did I at that time, but so far I was dealing with the hairless thing.

Chapter 3 – The Physical Transformation

They made us line up for the makeovers in their own personal beauty solon just down the hall from the shower room.

"Ok girls, here come your makeovers. Pay close attention because you will have

to be applying makeup every morning." Electra said as everyone made faces and

grumbled as much as they could with out getting a glance from the armed


I waited in the line until it was my turn. I still couldn't believe what was happening to me.

"Next." Said the stylist to me, as it was finally my turn. "My name is Fanny, what's yours?!" The stylist said to me in an over exited feminine voice.

"Michael" I said.

"Te he he. No silly. Let me see your Purse. Te he. It says here your name is Candy. Hi Candy! Welcome to he Family!"

"Umm, yeah." I said

I thought to my self, "At least someone here is friendly." "OK!! Lets make you pretty!!!!, I'm gonna put some make-up on yooooou, and I'm gonna give you the prettiest little dress to parade your cute little butt around iiiiiin, and I'm gonna put you in some sexy lingerie. When I'm done with you, every guy on earth will want you sucking on his cock." "Well at least she was being friendly about it, instead of pointing a gun up my ass like these guards. Up my ass…there was going to be a lot going up my ass in the future." I thought to myself.

Fanny worked on me for a while. She turned me into a woman! She helped me put on the blond wig. The makeup was piled on to look like a complete slut. She gave me sky blue eye shadow, soft pink lip stick, and a healthy amount of blush. My eyebrows were tweezed into thin feminine arcs and my eyelashes were elongated by a ton of mascara. I really looked like a sexy girl. Then Fanny had me stand up so she could dress me. The clothes started with under wear. She put a pair of thong panties on me. They rode up my ass. Then she laced me up in a corset that reduced my waist to a classic hour glass shape. She inserted the jelly breast forms into the cups included on the corset. She grabbed them and jiggled them around as she smiled at me.

"Ooo, he he he. Very nice." Fanny said

She continued to dress me. She slipped my legs into some slutty looking fishnet stockings. Then I was squeezed into a body hugging pink mini dress. The dress was very short and did a good job of exposing my now smooth fishnet clad legs. It was so short it even left the bottom half inch of my ass exposed. Then, she slipped my feet into pink 5 inch high heels that matched my dress.

Then it was time for the nails. I could barely walk over to the nail table in the heels. I sat down. As I did a guard pointed a gun at me and told me to sit with my legs crossed. I did it. The catch phrase of this place could have been "comply or die."

"Oh don't mind them." Fanny said as she attached fake nails to each of my finger tips and painted them each a different color. One finger of blue, red, yellow, green, and orange on each hand. My fingers made a rainbow. "They are just a precaution," she continued. "You'll find that most people around here aren't that mean. The girls here are really nice. They will be more than willing to welcome you into our family, that is if you are willing. Those guards insure compliance. It's a little rough here on the first day but I'm sure you'll fit in nicely and learn to love this place . . . and cocks. Ok! You're all done sweet heart. Here! Take a look in the mirror." She walked me over the mirror and I was amazed at what I saw. There standing before me was a sexy young seventeen-year-old slut. This girl defiantly looked like a cock-sucker. It looked like she loved to eat dick and wash it down with semen, and this girl was me! I couldn't believe what I had become. I was a woman! I couldn't believe something else too….I think I was enjoying myself. I couldn't deny it, I actually thought it was cool that I was dressed up like this.

"No." I thought to myself. "No this couldn't be. I was man. Men didn't wear dress, nor did they enjoy it when they are forced to. This can't be. I'm such a sissy. I don't wanna be like this. I feel so ashamed. Oh, I hate myself. But, wait a second. If I like it when they made me wear dresses, was I going to like it when they made me have sex with men? What if I like sucking on a cock? What if I liked it when I get fucked in my asshole? NO! I definitely won't. I'm not going to let them turn me into a "sissy slut" like the wanted to. No matter what happens I will not allow a penis to enter my ass nor my mouth. And that is that!!"

When everyone was done being forced to cross-dress like whores the guards marched their twenty new unwilling slutty looking girls into a big empty room and had us line up in 5 rows of five, kind of like gym class.

Electra came in and said "Oh my! You ladies look lovely! It is so amazing. You

were once worthless as boys, but now you are sexy young sluts ready to


They all grumbled and made faces. Electra acknowledged this as she continued " and if you are not willing to please that will now be remedied."

Chapter 4 – The Psychological Transformation

Now that your Physical Transformations are complete we will now begin your psychological transformation into willing female man-pleasers." Electra said. "Think of the next several hours as a class. I will give you instructions and you will follow them. Failure to comply will result in a similar fate as our previous resistor. Now, reach into your purses and take out your dildos and lube" And so it was. 20 men forced to cross-dress like sluts with 5 inch heals and glorious manes of flowing blonde hair reached into their purses with their names on them and pulled out dildos and sexual lubricant. What a scene "Now, drop to your knees and kneel with your knees more than shoulder with apart. Take the lubricant and pour a generous amount on your hands. Then reach behind you, find your love holes and lube them up." Everyone complied.

"Very good girls. Now lube the inside of your ass pussies by inserting your fingers inside at least up to the knuckle" The guards actually went around and checked that we all had our fingers in our asses. This was insane.

"Excellent. If you liked that you are going to love the vibrating dildo.

Ladies, bring the dildos to your assholes but do not insert them yet."

Everyone complied.

"OK little sluts, repeat after me. As I insert this dildo into my ass…" "As I insert this dildo into my ass…" We all repeated. "I am becoming a sissy slut."

"I am becoming a sissy slut."

"As a sissy slut, I pledge to…"

"As a sissy slut, I pledge to…"

"Suck cock and get fucked up the ass…"

"Suck cock and get fucked up the ass…"

"For the rest of my life, and love it!"

"For the rest of my life, and love it."

"Insert the dildos now and begin fucking yourselves. Remember what you have promised to do" We all inserted the dildos and moved them back and forth. I felt a strong pressure in my ass as fucked myself. It was like I had to go to the bathroom very badly.

"Now turn on the vibration to full power, ladies." Electra instructed.

We all did and the room hummed with the sound of the vibrating dildos. "Ah I love the sound of vibrating dildos in sluts' asses." Electra said Some of them started crying at this point, but not me. I refused to admit it to myself then but I actually felt pleasure. I told myself that it was the pleasure of a faggot and that it was not for me. Ha ha ha. Those thoughts seem so laughable now.

"Those of you who are crying stop now." Electra said, "Ok, for the next portion of your training all of you sweet little cock sluts will repeat whatever I say ten times. The first phrase you will repeat is I enjoy the pleasure of a cock" They repeated "I enjoy the pleasure of a cock" ten times. She continued making us repeat phrases like that for hours. All the while the guards still stood around us reminding us that we had no choice in what were being told to do. She made us continue to fuck our selves in the ass while we had to repeat the same types of things ten times each. She made us say things like, "I am a sissy cock-sucker, " "I want to get fucked in my ass hole," "My assholes main purpose is no longer shitting, but having sex," "I want to swallow cum," "I feel empty with out a dick inside me," "I worship the cock," "I am a submissive whore," "I want a man to take control of me," "I am a fairy butt-sex slave," "I eat cock for breakfast, lunch and dinner," and "I want sex in my ass." They were trying to brain wash us, but it wasn't going to work on me I thought. It went on for hours.

"OK faggots," Electra said, "I think that is enough. By now you should know exactly what you are and what you function in life is now. I know you all are very eager to start acting like sluts, and you will get that chance later tonight, but you can't please a man, like I know you all want to, unless you know the proper techniques. Listen closely."

Then for the next hour she taught us proper cock sucking technique and made us practice on our dildos. The dildos that had just been in our asses no less. After the cock-sucking lesson we were finally finished. Electra said, "Congratulations girls. We are finished. You now have the skills and knowledge you need to go out into your new lives and begin sucking cock and having ass-sex with your partners. But your are not full fledged sissy sluts yet. You must put your skills to the test by pleasing a real man. If you are able to pass your test you will be full fledged and official sissy sluts. You will have an opportunity to test your new skills tonight. Until then you all can meet the rest of our little family and relax with them. Take a good rest before tonight, I'm sure you're all exhausted from your training. Believe me you'll be needing the rest for when you are paired with your men. Before you leave go into your purses and get out your butt plugs. Insert them into your sissy twats and leave them there until tonight as a reminder of who you are now. After your butt plugs are in your asses you may proceed to the dormitories to meet the other member of the family and rest up for tonight.

Chapter 5 – My New Friend

I was in shock and judging by the looks on other faces covered in slutty make up, the other boys were shocked too. But, our ordeal was finally over. I found the butt plug in my purse, inserted it into my ass and started to leave, as did everyone else. As I began to walk I immediately noticed the presence of the butt plug. It provided a forbidden pleasure as it swished around in my asshole with every step I took. It was a pleasure that I resisted with resentment at that time.

Right across the hall from the training room was a very large square room with bean bag chairs and pillows everywhere. Along the walls were doors. There were about 40 doors in total. On each of the doors there were stars with names in them like a Hollywood dressing room. The names were whores names again, such as Spice, Glimmer, Platinum, Sassy, and Sugar. There was one with my name on it too, Candy.

There were 15 girls sitting in there when we walked in. They were dressed in the same way we were forced to dress, like filthy sluts. These were the whores that were already part of the operation. As soon as they saw us they jumped up and starting jumping up and down and screaming. "Ahhhh, our new friends are here!" One of them shouted. The were obviously exited to see us. I assumed these were men too. They came over to greet us and started to try to mingle with the unwilling group of newbies. This group perplexed me. These were men right? And they probably became what they were the same way we in the new group had. So why were they acting like complete fairies all on their own? They were jumping and screaming and getting so freaking exited over us. They were acting even more feminine than real girls would. So how did they go from normal guys to this? Was this what was going to happen to me somehow? What did they do to these guys? They continued to fawn over us until they settled, then everyone sat down on the bean bags and the pillows and relaxed. Everyone was there, Electra, the guards that had forced us to become slutty perverts at gunpoint (I guess they figured we weren't going to try anything anymore, and if we did they could run and get their guns), and Crystal, the one that had slipped me tongue in the van was there too. She eventually made her way over to me. "Hi," She said, "I'm Crystal, I see from your purse that your name is Candy. Hi Candy! Its good to see you again." She said as she blushed. I guess she was a little shy now that I was not tied up in ropes. "Hi." I said.

"Are you making the adjustment alright?" She said with a tone of concern as she put her hand on my fishnet clad knee.

"Just great." I responded sarcastically as I pushed her hand back off. "Well if its any consolation you look great. I love what Fanny has done to you. You're so cute with your rainbow nails." "At least Crystal was calmer than the others. She was being really nice to me." I thought to myself as I decided that she wasn't that bad. "Well, umm, around here, we all need friends. I guess what I'm saying is I could be a friend to you." she said as she took my hand and held it then kissed me on the cheek.

"Aww." I felt to myself. She was fumbling over her words. I felt sorry for her. I liked the affection she was giving me. Despite the fact that she had a dick in her panties, she looked like a sexy woman and that created an attraction. She just sat there looking at me. I was scared and alone so I didn't push her away.

"Thanks" I managed to get out with a blush.

She smiled at me, moved closer to sit next to me so that our legs were touching and continued to hold my hand. She didn't try to talk to me anymore because she knew I had had a shocking day and wasn't ready to talk comfortably yet. She just sat there, being with me. We were bonding. It so was cute. I knew this was wrong, I was so scared and confused. Holding crystal's hand calmed me so I did it. I really needed someone so I settled for Crystal; the girl with a cock. We sat together holding hands like that until the night came. Until it was time for the test.

Chapter 6 – The Test

When the clock struck ten Electra said, "OK new girls, I hope you are well rested because you've got a busy night ahead of you." She gave a coy smile and continued. "The time has come for your tests of womanhood. You will now have the opportunity to fulfill your dreams and become sissy sluts by pleasing a real man. I believe all of you know what is expected of you. Now you will go in those rooms and when each of you comes out in the morning you will either be a cock sucking anal sex whore or you will dead like our friend from this morning. OK whores, find the rooms with your names on them and go in. Wait inside, and your man will be along shortly. Go ahead girls, and good luck tonight. Or should a say good suck?"

I couldn't believe it. She thought this was all a joke. I was being forced to please a man in ways only a woman was meant to and she was making stupid rhymes that weren't even funny. Anyway, everyone got up, found the rooms with their names on them and went inside.

I walked into my room and stood in the door way in shock. It was about the size of my room at home but that's where the similarity ended. All the walls were painted pink. In the center of the room was a big heart shaped bed. Against the wall to the left was a vanity mirror and desk for make-up. Against the wall to the right was a love seat with a small end table next to it. There was a radio on the table. On the far wall was a closet with a mirror hanging on it.

I walked over to the bed, feeling the butt plug in my ass that had been there all day, and sat down. I thought about what that butt plug represented. It was a symbol of servitude. A reminder of the cock slut I was supposed to be. I couldn't do what they wanted me to do. I remembered the promise I made to myself earlier in the day. I swore that I would not let a cock enter my ass or my mouth. I really didn't want to become a faggot, but if I didn't I would be shot and killed. It was really a simple decision. If I didn't do it I would die, so shouldn't I have just been ready to do it confident in the fact that I was only doing it because of the death threat? No, I was so aggravated from the idea because I was scared I might enjoy it. I knew it was a possibility. I had secretly enjoyed getting dressed up like a girl and putting on make up. I looked so pretty and I loved the way I looked. But playing dress up was one thing and eating cock was something else. Wearing a dress didn't mean I was a fairy. At least that's what I told myself.

The man still didn't show up after 5 minutes. I didn't like waiting. It made me nervous, so I decided to try to find something to keep myself busy. I got up off the bed and took a few dainty steps in my high heels over to the closet. I figured I would check out what was in here until he came. I opened the door and I saw a closet full of slut's cloths. There was a rack of dresses running along the top. All of them were very short and sexy. There was a French maid's uniform, a cheerleader's outfit, a catholic school girls uniform, and plenty of other dresses all slutty as hell. I didn't see a pair of pants in there. There was also a set of drawers in there. I opened them up to find a cornucopia of lingerie. In the first drawer there was a ton of panties and bras. There were thong panties, frilly ruffled panties, and there were even pairs that had words written on the ass. There was one that said slut, one that said ass candy, and one that said enter here with an arrow pointing to where the ass-hole would be when they were worn. I was rummaging through the panties when I heard the door open. I spun around and standing in the door way was a big, tall, handsome, muscular man. "Enjoying your new wardrobe?" The man said to me. "Uhh…" I said. The unfeminine sound I let out was in contrast to the feminine way I was dressed. I was in fishnet stockings, a short skirt, and high heels, topped with a full mane of blond hair. It made me feel so small and weak to have him look at me dressed this way, knowing what he wanted to do with me. "Hi, my name is Roger, and I believe you are Candy? He said in a deep masculine yet friendly voice.

"No!, I said my name is Michael. I'm not Candy, and I don't want to. . . to do what . . . I'm expected to do!" I tried to sound as masculine and tough as I could to try and make up for the way I was dressed. "Ha ha ha." He let out a hearty masculine laugh as he walked over to the couch and sat. "Don't worry about a thing. Why don't you come over here and have seat? And we can talk. Just talk."

He seemed kind of friendly but, I just stood there. "Please don't make me get the guards." He said in a threatening voice. His friendliness had its limits.

I figured it would be ok. So I made my way over to the couch. I moved across the room in the small dainty steps that the high heels forced me to take. I felt so embarrassed as he watched me walk across the room like that. I was dressed like a slut so it was pretty obvious who was going to feel like he was in control and who was going to feel subservient. So much for being masculine. I sat down next to him on the couch.

"So Candy, lets get to know each other. As I said my name is Roger. I am a mechanic. I work over at the auto repair shop on Main street. I enjoy mountain climbing, weight training, and watching the Looney Tunes." "This guy wasn't a Mechanic he was pervert. He was here because he wanted a 17 year old boy dressed like a sexy girl to suck his cock. He was trying to act nice to me so I would actually do it. Although that Looney Tunes thing was kind of sweet. NO! No thoughts like that. Forget it. He is trying to make you suck him. You have to hate this guy." I told myself. "How about you?" he said in a masculine yet sweet voice. I figured I better play along with this. I didn't want him calling in those guards. So I said in an annoyed voice "I am in my senor year of High School over at Saint Frank's Public School. I like Star Wars, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and I don't like sucking cocks!"

"Ha ha, well did you enjoy any of your experiences today?"

I hesitated. "umm, no" I said.

"Hmm well I think I understand."

He had seen right through me. He knew I was resisting my true feelings. "Say Candy why don't we try something?" He said in a gentle yet firm voice as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his penis. "How about I let you look at my cock for a little while and if you like what you see and you want to suck it, then I will let you."

There it was. I sat there with my eyes fixed upon it. It was about 7 inches long and fully erect. He had figured it out. I might have tried to lie to myself but there was no lying to this man. He saw right through me. He knew I liked being a girl. I watched his beautiful dick throbbing. It was a symbol of power and he had power over me. He was the big strong man and was the weak little girl. He was wearing the pants and I was wearing the panties. He knew I wanted to try it. I wanted to see what it was like to suck cock and he could see it in my eyes.

"Are you going to sit there on your pretty little pantied rear, dressed like a complete slut with your three pounds of make-up, your fishnet stockings and your cute rainbow nails, and tell me that you don't want to feel this man meat in your mouth.? Huh slut?"

He had me, and he knew it. I broke down in tears and put my head on his muscular chest. "Yeah its OK Candy go ahead and suck my cock. It will be OK just go ahead and suck it.

I continued to sob. He placed his hand firmly on the back of my head and slowly forced my head down from his chest to his crotch. "Go ahead sweetheart."

I did it. I gave him the blow job. He leaned back in pleasure.

"Oh baby." He said. "Oh you little girly girl you are good at that."

"Mmmmmmm" I said with a mouthful of his cock. "You horny little slut. You know you love it. Shake your head yes to tell this man you like sucking on his cock.

I nodded my head. I had a rock hard erection. I loved that he was saying these things to me. I loved that I was his little girly girl and I was being allowed to suck his cock. I was so grateful that he liked it and I was proud of my self. I admitted my true feelings to myself. I was a faggot and I loved it. I wanted to be a sissy cock sucking whore. I wanted to prance around in short skirts and get on my knees for a big strong man. The subservient role was the one I belonged in. I needed a man to take control of me and make me suck him. I loved to please. I was now a willing transgender cock sucking slut. And I loved it.

Now that I admitted that to myself I was free to really get into the blowjob. I loved his cock. I worshiped it and I showed my love by slowly and softly caressing it with my tongue all the while maintaining a constant suction. His penis was a symbol of power and I showed how I loved his power over me by making love to his cock. I gave it the servitude it deserved. "Wow look at you go. You really do love it don't you?, but I wanna see you on your knees like a slut should be.

I was more than happy to oblige. It turned me on when he gave me orders and it turned me on even more to follow them. I slid of the couch and got on my knees between his legs all the while never letting the treasure out of my mouth. My long blond hair swished as I bobbed my head back and forth faster and faster on along his shaft. He was my master now. He owned me. And I was more than willing to be his slave.

I remembered the butt plug was still in my ass and now that I admitted I was a total and complete sissy its forbidden pleasure was no longer forbidden to me. I began to swish my ass back and forth to enhance the pleasure of my cock sucking experience.

"Oh baby! Are you shaking that sweet ass for me, honey? "I have a butt plug in there." I managed to mumble with a mouth full of man meat.

"Oh I see! You like it in the ass, Candy? Well I'll show you anal pleasure. Stop sucking my dick, get the lube and get on the bed. But before you do . . " he said as he grabbed my face with one hand. "I wanna hear you say that you are my bitch. Say it now.

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and said, "Oooo Roger I am your bitch. I'm not a boy any more I am your sissy whore. You are the man and I am your bitch. I want you to throw your weak effeminate sissy on that bed like a big strong man and fuck my brains out. Rape my ass and show me who is boss, Roger. I want you to make me your bitch."

Roger looked surprised. All he was looking for me to say was "yes I am your bitch." But I went into this whole speech about how I was an effeminate boy-girl slut that wanted him to dominate me. I couldn't believe I said all that it. It was the truth though. I couldn't believe that either. "Wow, Candy it looks like you have really discovered your true self. I'm glad. Now get the lube and get your candy ass on that bed! Move it girly!" He shouted as he slapped my ass while I was walking away. Hoohoo! I liked that. He was treating me like a little bitch and that's defiantly what I was now. Roger took off his clothes and got on the bed while I scampered over to the make up desk where I had put my purse and got the lube. Then I scampered back over to the bed and handed it to my man. "Ok little girl, take off your panties, lay down on your belly, spread your knees wide apart, and put you're ass up in the air." I did what my master commanded me to do. My whore's dress was too short and when I bent over I exposed my naked ass. I lay there on the bed with my naked ass hanging out feeling cold exposed to the air. This was a very submissive position and I felt scared.

He took the butt plug out and said "You wont be needing this anymore." He began to lube up my butt hole. The chilly lube felt good as he invaded my hole with his fingers.

"Oh yeah baby," I said in a soft sexy feminine voice. "Come on you manly mechanic, give me a jiffy lube."

"Ha ha ha, you are funny, sweetheart."

I loved that he liked me. I was pleased that he was pleased. I was amazed at what was happening to me. I was flirting with a guy while he oiled my butt. It was unbelievable, the change that was happening to me, but I was enjoying myself too much to think about it.

I felt him move his cock head to my sphincter. I was about to become an official sissy penetrated by a real man.

"Candy, honey, you said you wanted to be my bitch right? You told me that you were a sissy whore. Well, to be a true bitch you must surrender every ounce of manhood that you have and I am going to take it from you. I'm going to fuck you Candy. And when I'm done you will be a lowly sissy whore with all traces of masculinity removed from her. When I fuck you, Michael will be dead, and you will be Candy. Any last words before I fuck you, sweetheart?" "Yes, I want it baaad. Fuck me, Roger."

"Spoken like a true whore!" He said. "Ok here I come." He forced his way into my asshole and began fucking his little sissy. First he slid his cock head past my sphincter. Then he began pumping my behind slowly at first, but he increased the speed gradually. I felt the same pressure I did earlier as if I had to go to the bathroom very badly, but I soon loosened up and enjoyed the pleasure of the friction on my sphincter as he screwed me. I was amazed. I felt as though his cock was not just filling the hole in my ass but also the hole in my new found womanhood. It was a void that only a man and his penis could fulfill. So this is what it feels like to become a woman. I loved it. I didn't want to be a boy anymore. This is who I am. As I felt Roger inside me, I knew it meant that I was becoming a possession, a bitch with out a will of her own. I wasn't a boy any longer. I was still a little sore from my harsh anal training earlier today, but I was still dieing for him to continue making me his girl.

"Is your name still Michael? What's your name bitch? What's your name?" "Oh god, its candy! I'm your ass candy, baby. Fuck me. Fuck me and make me into your bitch."

His rock hard cock slid back and forth relentlessly on my sphincter.

"You are my bitch. What are you? Say it! Say you're my bitch!" "I'm your bitch! I'm so lucky to be your bitch. You're my master. You're my Daddy. Love me in my asshole Daddy!

"Your damn right I'm your master, and now I'm gonna do you in the ass and show you who's boss!"

"Yes daddy, I am not a real man anymore, I'm just a sissy and I need a real man like you to fuck me. Oh yes! Fuck me, baby. Oh I love it." I shrieked like a girl. "Deeper! Deeper!! Go deeper into my candy ass! You complete me." He went deeper and I felt his rock hard peck exploring the deep reaches of my soft feminine insides. He was all the way in now and fucking me hard. "Yeah you need a real man like me to complete you. You weren't strong enough to make it as a real man so you had to take a cock up your ass." That struck a nerve. I was too weak as a guy and that was why I had to assume the role of a real man's bitch. Oh well, it was too late for doubts now. This was it, I was in a dress, getting fucked up the ass and loving it. I was a sissy.

"Oh you big strong mechanic. Dip your dipstick into my tailpipe! Ride me like a car! Rear-end me with your hotrod!

I bucked my hips back wildly to meet his thrusts.

"Do you want my cum, bitch?"

It felt like I had a jack hammer inside me now. I was being made into a woman.

"Yes honey! give me your cum. I want your cum." "I am going to give you my cum because I am a real man and you are just a sissy with my cock in her ass."

"Yes I am and I love it Roger! I love it too much to be a boy. I don't wanna be a boy anymore. I just wanna be your pretty girl, daddy." "Beg me for my cum, baby girl. Beg me to make you a woman."

He continued to pound away. I felt truly effeminate. "Please give me your cum you big man. I need it. Please. I need it. Give it to me. Please cum in my ass and make me into girl. I don't want to be a boy, make me a girl!! Oooh!

He reached between my legs and grabbed what only could be called my clit and began to jerk me off. Then he began pumping my butt really hard. "You like that, Candy?"

"OOOOOO," I moaned in a feminine whine. "Oh Roger! Oh Roger!! Please give it to me! Oh please. Oh please! Oh please!

He was about to have an orgasm and I was too. I felt his cock grow harder and bigger. He drove his stick deep into my ass as he fired his cum into my bowels. I yelped. When he shot his load the feeling of this man climaxing in my butt was such a turn on that I let out more cum then I ever had before right into his hand.

"Oh Roger.. that felt soooo good"

My head was spinning. I was full of a sense of completion and it overjoyed me. I may have been a boy that morning, but now I was a girl. And I felt satisfied in a way only a girl could. I had become Candy. "I'm Glad you liked it honey." He said as I turned around and showed him the huge grin that stretched across my face. His cock still in my ass. After he his peck grew soft he took it out of my pussy. I was sad to see it go. He rolled me over on my back and lay down on top of me with his chest pressed against mine.

He looked me dead in the eye and said, "Candy, now you are my bitch. Every last bit of masculinity has been fucked out of you. Don't think of your self as a boy any longer because you're a sissy slut now, My sissy slut, and you will do what I tell you from now on. When I say "suck" you will say "how hard?" When I wanna fuck you, you will bend over. I hope that makes you happy Candy, but if not, it doesn't matter anymore because you're my bitch." I grabbed him and kissed him long and hard. It made me very happy. "I'm glad serving me tonight pleased you that much, but your duties are not over, sweetheart."

He stood up and instructed me to get on my knees in front of him. I willingly and lovingly obeyed.

"Ok candy, my bitch, I want you to clean up my cock and my hand that you came on with you mouth" I started with the hand. It turned me on so much that he was making me get before him on my knees and lick up my own cum that I got another erection. When his hand was all clean I started on his cock. It stunk of the smell of my pussy, and tasted terrible, but I was more than willing to do this subservient task for him. It was the duty of a bitch.

After I was finished cleaning him up he put on his cloths and brought me up off my knees to stand in front of him.

He handed me $150 dollars and said, "This is for Electra." Then you hand me another $50 and said "This is for you. Buy your self something pretty."

"OK" I said.

"Thank you for a lovely evening" he said as he put his fingers under my chin and brought my lips up to meet his.

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders while we stood there for 2 minutes with our tongues swirling around in each others mouths. After our kiss he smiled at me and turned to leave.

"Wait!" I said as I spun him around right before his hand touched the door knob and hugged him.

I broke down and said to him, "Thank you sooo much. Thank you for making me into a girl. I loved it. You made me realize that I don't ever want to act like a boy again. I want to prance around in panties and a short skirt. I want to be pretty. I want to be pretty for you, Roger. I want to be your sissy slut forever. I don't want you to go."

I started to sob as I lost control of my emotions like only a sissy would.

"Aww Candy. Sweetheart, you are so cute."

I looked up into his strong smiling face, and he looked down at his weak sissy with tears filling her eyes.

"Don't cry, honey, we'll be seeing lots of each other. Just remember that you will always be my little girly girl."

He made me feel better. He kissed me good bye for the second time and left. I was alone now and things were a lot calmer than they were when I was having sex. I took the time to think. I needed to think because a huge change had just taken place. I plopped down on the bed with a long sigh.

Chapter 7 – My New Home

It struck me with amazement as I began to talk to myself about the fantastic change that had taken place inside me.

"This morning I had been a boy," I thought, "A regular 17 year old boy. I had been attracted to women. But now look at me. I'm in a dress and I just finished having sex with a man. I should be ashamed with myself, but I'm not. I'm very happy. I have never felt so at peace before. Could this have been what was missing in my life? Was this why I was so miserable all the time, and had trouble making friends? I know this is wrong, but I don't care. There is no turning back anyway. I loved sucking his cock. I loved getting fucked in the ass. I had turned into a transgender whore. But that's wrong! Ah, screw it. If this is what makes me happy then this is what I'm going to do. I'll just accept it. I'm a slut and I like it and that's all there is to it. Its not like anyone here is telling me not to do this. They are encouraging me to. No, they are forcing me to."

I suddenly remember how I got here and what this place was all about, as I continued the conversation with myself. "They kidnapped me. They forced me to do perverted things. I just got very lucky that it turns out I like them. But what about the other boys? It turned out I loved dressing like a slut and sucking cock, but I'm sure they don't so I'm sure they aren't having as much fun as I am. I wonder if anymore of them resisted and got killed. This was ridiculous. I was a slut now and I wanted to suck cock, but not in place where people get killed. Nor in a place where I wasn't allowed to see my family. O my god. My family. What would they say if they found out about this? What would my parents say if they found out their son just sucked a man's dick, and then got fucked up the ass, and loved it more than anything in his life? If they saw me dressed the way I am now in fishnet stockings, a short mini-dress that couldn't even cover my ass, and a long blond wig I would just die. Being dressed like a slut isn't the type of thing a young man shows to his parents. I don't know if I could ever go back to them. If I ever got the chance to leave this prison, that is."

"But maybe its OK if I don't. Where would I go? I certainly don't want to go back home and start living as a boy again. I was a confirmed sissy now. And I couldn't go back home looking and acting like I do now. I was trapped here even if I could leave. I never liked my family anyway. I always spend my days locked away in my room. People never treated me with much respect so I isolated myself. So I guess that means my family isn't that much of a loss. But those days of loneliness are over. I had found my passion. I am free to suck and fuck everyday now. And I'm sure that I'll make friends with the other whores now that I was one of them. compared to a promising new life of getting dolled up like a sexy little prostitute, eating dick, and getting my ass plugged, the loss of my old life isn't so bad. This is my new home now. The only thing left to do now is to relax for the rest of the night and get used to the change, because it is a big one."

Just then I heard the door open. A girl was walking in. It was crystal. She trotted in with dainty feminine little steps and threw herself on the bed next to me. I was glad to see her.

"Hi Candy! I heard what you have been up to all night. I'm in the room right next to you! So you have undergone quite a transformation, haven't you?!" Crystal said as we both started giggling like school girls. "Well…" I said as a blushed. "I guess your right. I never dreamed I would love it this much you know?

"Yeah I know, hun. It's a big change for you I'm sure"

"Yeah it is. Its crazy. I'm going to be sucking cocks now. I'm going to be having anal sex. I always thought I was straight, but I love it so much. "I heard how much you loved it through the wall." She said as she began to make fun of me. "Oh Roger! Oh Roger! You big strong mechanic. Dip your dipstick in my tailpipe! Ride me like a car!" She started to crack up.

"The best was Rear-end me with your hotrod." She laughed.

"Hey! You heard all that?!" I said with embarrassment. "Ha Ha, Yep. You were screaming pretty loud in here. Ha ha. Ride me like a car…" I hit her playfully out of embarrassment. She hit me back. We started giggling like school girls again. It made me forget I was ever a boy. We flirted like that back and forth for a while until we stopped and looked each other. Crystal moved her face closer and closer to mine until she kissed me. She started slipping me tongue again. "I think she likes me." I said jokingly to myself.

I started kissing her back. Then I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight. She began stroking my hair lovingly as we kissed. It felt so warm and sweet. Roger was great too. He had fulfilled me sexually as a man does to a woman, but he had left me all alone afterwards. I broke our soft loving kiss and said, "Crystal, would you stay here with me tonight?"

"Of course Candy. I knew you would probably be lonely after Roger left, so I came into comfort you. I know how it feels after a man has sex with you and just leaves. They all do it around here. They all have to go back to their wives."

"Wait. Wives? These guys are married?" I asked

"Yeah, most of them are married and they come here because we she-male whores are a lot more willing to please than a lot of females. But after they get what they want they usually just leave. I figured if I came in here then we both wouldn't have to be lonely anymore. Everyone around here has a bed partner that they usually spend their nights with." "Well I'm glad you decided to come in… bed partner." We smiled at each other and started kissing again. We made out for while, then we started cuddling. We wrapped our selves around each other and fell asleep in each others arms. It was so cute. She really made me feel like this was my new home.

Chapter 8 – Revelations

In morning I woke up with Crystal drooling on my arm. I didn't care though, because I felt so happy to spend the night with someone. She felt me moving around and woke up too.

"Mmmmm. That was so nice to spend the night with you." She said. "Yeah, I have never slept better in my life. Your drool is a small price to pay." I said.

"What?" She said as she looked at my arm and smiled. "I'll lick it off for you." She began licking my arm like a cute little kitty cat.

"I'll help you." I said as I joined her in licking my arm. We both made sure our tongues did plenty of touching in the process. Only true friends would be licking up drool together. Pretty soon we forgot about that and just started making out again. It felt so good to hug her while our mouths mushed together and became one.

"Oh no!" she said as she ended our kiss with a smack, but kept her arms around me. "What time is it Sweetheart?"

"8:09" I said looking at the clock on the radio next to the couch. "We have to line up outside at 8:10, we better go" I grabbed her, hugged her tight then said "OK, now we can go." "Aren't you just the sweetest little thing? Come on honey." Crystal and I came out of my bedroom and into the common room. Crystal told me that I had to line up with the rest of the new whores and she was supposed to sit down. After all the Newbies were lined up Electra came in followed by a line of handsome men. I saw that one of them was Roger. I figured that these must be all of the men we sissies we forced to screw with last night. Then I saw among the men that resistor that was shot and killed! He was alive! I wondered what the hell was going on here.

Electra began to speak. "I hope last night was fun for you ladies. It was my dearest hope that you all be cock hungry she-male whores. If you are not we are about to find out now. Gentlemen, its up to you now. Those of you men who had the pleasure of being served by a willing sissy slut. Please step forward. Once again, please step forward if you mate from late night was willing." I wondered to myself if those who had not complied would be killed now. I looked at the line of men and my Roger was the only one who had stepped forward. Electra turned to me and smiled.

"Well, well. It looks like one of our new girls enjoyed herself last night. Very good. I'm sure Roger was pleased about that. As for you other gentlemen, I'm sorry you all got stuck with duds last night, but we do appreciate your help. And to show our appreciation you will all be given free services for the next three nights."

I wondered to myself, "What did she mean she appreciated their help? What did they do? Why was that guy alive? What is going on here? Electra began to explain. "As for you new girls who didn't work out, we are very sorry we had to put you through all this. I'm sure you wondering what is going on here and why you were not forced to have sex last night if you said no. The truth is that this has all been an elaborate rouse to try to find another willing sissy slut that actually enjoyed pleasing a man. Forced whores don't make for good sex. We wanted to find young sexy girls for our customers, however there is a problem with that. Most boys your age that are actually willing to suck cock and take it up the ass aren't willing to admit it to them selves let alone others. They bury their feelings. When they are pushed in this way then they usually break down and accept what they truly are. Step forward Chris. I believe you all recognize the resistor from yesterday morning. We didn't really kill him. We gentle sissies would never do something like that. He was planted among you to act like a resistor, so that we would have an opportunity to make our death threat seem real. If we did not create that reality, it would have been difficult to make our true sissy feel like there was no other choice but to let her feelings come out. I don't think we would have been able to find our new girl if it were not for that illusion. So . . . with out further a-do I give you our new sissy slut, Candy!" She came over and gave me a big hug. All the whores jumped up and down in excitement and screamed and clapped. I was shocked I couldn't believe it. They had tricked me into sucking cock and having anal all on my own. If I had said "No" then they would have let me go. But they got me to beg for it. I just accepted it and acknowledged that if that trick is what I need to become a sissy man pleaser then I was grateful for it. I hugged Electra back. Then something bad started to happen. The newbies that had realized they had been tricked were getting mad.

One of them said. "Hey if we aren't gonna get killed why the fuck are we still standing here in dresses? Lets kick some sissy ass." They started to come after the whores. Then Roger grabbed one of them and threw them against the wall. He punched him in the face and he fell to the floor as blood started to drip from his nose. "EVERYBODY FREEZE!!!" He shouted in a commanding tone.

Everybody stopped dead in their tracks.

"Thank you Roger." Electra said. "Would you gentleman please show these poor excuses for ladies to the door."

"It would be our pleasure" Said Roger as he and the other men dragged the would-be-sissies out of the room.

WOW! That was my man. He was a real man. He was the kind of strong person that could be a protector, unlike me. I was a weak little sissy now. I was better suited for a role as the protected rather than the protector and I was to pay for that protection with a cock up my ass. That arrangement suited me just fine. I loved to show my gratitude for men. I would be doing it a lot.

Chapter 9 – A little More Cock.

Well, that was it. I was a sissy slut; a fairy cock-sucker; a she-male sex salve. I was happier than any other time in my life. The rest of my second day I spent with crystal. We girl talked and grew closer and closer by the second. I was happy that I finally had a real friend. We did our make up, tried on cloths, and cuddled together on my bed. Roger was going to come again that day to claim his free services and I wanted to look as slutty as I could for him, so I asked crystal to help me get ready.

When we were done I walked over to the mirror. I was completely feminized; a vision of sluttiness. We had chosen the French maid's uniform. It was black and had girly lace trim around the neck and puffy sleeves. I also had a petticoat on so that the bottom of the dress flared out and I looked extra dainty. Fishnet stocking were always a classic look for a slut so I had thrown a pair of those on too. The shoes were high heels of course. This time they were black six inch stilettos. Crystal had helped me with my make up and nails. I had ruby red nails to match the ruby red lipstick I was wearing. I blinked as a noticed how my eyelashes had been extended by the mascara to a pretty feminine length. She gave me dark eye shadow and way too much blush. I looked like a complete slut. I was a girl and ready for a little more cock. The time had come. Crystal left and wished me luck. I wanted to show Roger how thrilled I was to be his bitch for the night so I engineered a little surprise for him. I waited in front of the door on my knees. That way I could start sucking his cock the instant he walked in the door. I thought that when he saw that he would know how willing to serve I was. I saw the knob starting to move. I got ready to tear his pants down and start sucking, but Electra walked in with a surprised look on her face. "I just wanted to come and wish you good luck tonight. Ha ha ha, but if you are a big enough whore to be willing to wait on your knees like this you'll probably be so good at turning him on you wont need luck. Welcome to the family! Have fun tonight sissy!"

She left. Electra thought I was good at being a whore! I was so proud of myself that I got a new eagerness to please. I just couldn't wait for my lips to touch that cock. Then I saw the door knob moving again. I wanted it bad, I was ready to bury his dick in my throat. But then Crystal came in. This was getting ridiculous!

She looked surprised to see me there and said, "Why are you on your knees like tha . . . Oh! You little cock slut! Well aren't you something! Didn't want to waste any time huh?"

"What is it??" I said annoyed. "I'm waiting for Roger."

"I just wanted to see if you needed a touch up on your make up."

"No. He is going to be hear any second!!"

"OK, OK little sister. Keep your panties on…. that is, until Roger gets here.


"Stop kidding around!"

"Alright, have fun tonight. Luv ya! Buh bye!"

Crystal left.

"How many more people were gonna see me like this?" I asked myself.

The door knob started moving again.

"Who was it going to be this time? The Pope? Coming to tell me anal sex and cock-sucking was a sin? Rocky Balboa?! Hey, I would suck his dick." I thought to myself.

It was my Roger, finally.

"Just the cock I have been waiting for" I said in as sultry feminine voice. Before he could say anything I grabbed his ass with my red tipped fingers and pulled his crouch before my face. I unzipped his fly and tore down his pants and boxers. Then I shoved my face into his crotch and began licking. I was like a dog thrilled to see her master. He had an erection in no time and as soon as he did I was engulfing it in my willing mouth. "Wow" he said as I continued to blow him. "You are some kind of super slut!

You could star in your own comic book series."

He grabbed the back of head and forced my head across his cock back and forth.

I loved being a bitch.

"O baby yes! O baby! Oh Candy, you filthy whore, you are so good. I love it. You were born to suck! There is no way a boy could do this. You are definitely a girl. You are definitely my bitch." Then he pushed my head into his crotch with both his big strong hands forcing his cock all the way down my throat. Then I felt his hot load shooting out inside me.

"Do you like that, Bitch?"

"MMMMMMM" I said.

I couldn't swallow fast enough and it went from my throat up into my mouth. It tasted so salty. I loved it because I knew it was a treat only sissy sluts got to enjoy. I gulped every last drop of cum and when he was finished cumming, I sucked out more. I need it. I felt him start to grow soft in my mouth. He pulled his cock out and I felt incomplete with out it inside me. "That was an excellent blow job my little slut." Roger said as he looked down at me, his effeminate servant in a short French maid's uniform and dainty petticoat. "How did you like swallowing my cum?" "Oh daddy, I loved it. I loved it like a true slut would."

"I'm sure you did. Cum is like a bitch's reward for serving her man properly.

Keep that in mind for the future."

"Ok honey, I will"

He got completely naked, tossed his cloths in the corner and moved to the couch to sit down. He turned on the radio on the end table next to the couch. "Candy, baby, get off your knees now, and stand in front me."

I did what I was told.

"I want you to put on a little tease for me. You know, do a little dancing, and then give me a lap dance. Lets try to make my cock ready to give you some more cum ok?"

I started to dance to the music. First I swayed my hips back and forth. Then I turned around, stuck my ass out and shook it for him. He reached up my dress and grabbed my raging hard clit and massaged it while I was continued to shake my ass for him. The feeling of a man's big strong had reaching up through all the frilly layers of my petticoat and stroking my clit turned me on so much. "Oh Roger, that feels sooo nice." I cooed.

After he stopped I sat with my ass crack directly on his crotch. In my pretty dress I felt like a small girl on her daddies lap. I swished my ass around and felt his hard rod in my crack. He was hard again.

"Get on your knees. Candy"

"Oh yeah baby" I said as I slid off the couch and on to my knees in front of him. "I love it when you tell me what to do like a real man. Don't give me a choice about it."

I started sucking on his balls and licking up and down the underside of his penis.

"Yeah Bitch I know you love it, the only choice you have is whether you want me to fuck you in the ass or in the butt.

I stopped licking momentarily to say. "He he he. Sweetheart I don't care where you fuck me, I just want you to do me all night long." "Well then get your slutty ass on the bed he said as he picked me up by the waist and gently tossed me on to my heart shaped place of love making." "Oh baby, are you gonna to fuck your little sissy now?"

"What do you think? Bend over, honey."

I assumed a doggy style fucking position with my ass up in the air, while Roger went into my purse and got the lube. Then he climbed up between my legs, pulled down the back of my panties and lubed my ass. "Tell me what you want, bitch."

"I want you to fuck me in my ass pussy, baby."

"How do you want me to fuck you? Candy"

"Long and hard, like your cock."

"Tell me what you are"

"I'm a girl. I never want to be a boy again. You have completely changed me into a willing slut. I need your cock in my butt. Give it to me, baby!" He pushed his cock inside me.

"OOOOO, baby that feels so nice." I said.

He started fucking me back and forth.

"OOO Candy. Your ass is so soft. I'm going to fuck your little candy ass and make you my girly girl.

"Yeah baby I need a big strong man to make me a girly girl. Do me in the ass.

Pack my fudge. OOOOO Yeeeeeeessss"

Back and forth. Back and forth. His cock slid in and out of my slippery ass. "You little slut. This is a reminder that you were a failure as a man and had to become my little girl. Say it! Say you're my little girl! I rocked back and forth in rhythm with his fucking, which was getting faster and faster by the minute.

"Oh daddy I'm your little girl. I failed as a man and now I just wanna be your bitch. I'm your slut! I'm your Whore! Fuck me in the ass and show me what I really am. I'm your bitch. I'm your sissy candy ass girlfriend." He leaned over to lay his chest against my back and wrapped his arms around me. I felt so protected, safe, secure and loved as he continued to fuck me in this new position. Then he started to nibble on my ears. I love it when I get kissed on the ears!

"Oh baby yeah! I love that!," I whined in a feminine tone. I was so completely dominated with his body enveloped on top of mine as he rocked me back and forth with his rigid cock straight up my ass. "Oh God Candy you are the hottest bitch I have ever fucked! Are you ready for my cum girly girl?

"I'm ready big daddy. Give it to me! Give it to me! Make me your girl! PLEASE!


He rammed his hips against my ass checks and shot his load deep into my bowels for the second time. It made me explode into my panties without him even touching my clit. I had had a completely anal orgasm. I felt good all over. We both Collapsed, Roger still on top of me. We just lay there breathing heavily with his softening cock still in my butt. Once again I was fulfilled in a way only a true woman could be fulfilled.

Life continued along that path. The days flew by. I had lots of butt-sex, sucked lots of cocks and was a bitch to lots of different men. My favorite always remained roger, though. Crystal and I continued to grow closer. We spend our days being girly girls together, We spent our evenings as whores and We spent our nights after our men left cuddling each other to sleep. As for my old life I never missed it. It was bliss.

So that's how it happened. I was transformed from a seemingly average teenage boy into a sissy slut. I guess I had had the feelings of a girl my whole life, but it wasn't until I was tricked in the way that Electra tricked me that I found out. Now I'm a happy member of her sissy whore house, spending many happy days fucking and sucking. Crazy right? Its been six months since my transformation and I'm sure there will be many more happy days to CUM. Yes I just had to slip a pun in before I went. Buh bye sweetie!


**A Word from the Author**

Hi Hun, I'm Veronica the author of this story. How ya doin? If you enjoyed the Story and its your type of thing why not drop me a line? Wife4Life4u is my screen name for AIM. Similiarly is my email. I'm particualry interested in hearing from you if you are dominant individual confident that you have the ability to act as a "Roger" like from the story and change me into your own personal "Candy." Happy Readings on Storysite! I'll see you all around. ; )




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